About Us

     Hi there! We’re so excited you want to know more about us!

     This resource was created by moms for moms who do their best to create a safe and healthy environment for their children. We hope our site will become a guide for conscious parents. 

     Do you feel overwhelmed with “useful” product reviews and parenting tips and tricks? Are you looking for answers on natural alternatives and eco-friendly products? Are you lost in all that maternity “must-have” stuff found online? Want to save time and avoid the stress of endlessly figuring out what to choose? Need safe, organic, and non-toxic baby product advice? Want to be conscious and confident parents? 

     If that resonates with you, welcome to the Green Baby World!

Personal Experience as an Inspiration

     We are Mary & Nataly, Co-Founders at Green Baby World.  From groupmates at the university, we became soulmates once we entered the maternity world.

     When we came across multiple children’s food intolerance and non-food allergy problems, we decided to deep dive into the topic of baby nutrition. At the very beginning, we couldn’t even imagine how carefully we should select each product for our kids. We didn’t understand the importance of organic and locally-grown fresh fruits and vegetables from trusted suppliers. We had no clue about antibiotics, GMOs, and harmful chemicals widely used in the baby food industry. We consulted with various pediatricians and naturopaths. We did a lot of research. That is how we revealed the truth about the hidden harm of particular ingredients in baby food and their influence on kids’ health. Some of them should never be used in child nutrition! But, unfortunately, they are used very often. That was just the beginning. After that, we went further into other topics like toxins, heavy metals, plastic, etc. Discovering more and more shocking facts, we realized how badly low-quality products affect our health. As a result, we have a generation of kids suffering from allergies. 

     We don’t have a Ph.D. in Pediatrics or specific skills in nutritional or ecological sciences, but we are passionate about keeping our little ones happy and healthy and our planet green. We’re here to provide honest advice about it. We have strong confidence in two things:

  • Lack of knowledge isn’t an excuse when it comes to our kids’ lives.  Our task, as parents, is to be aware of everything around our children. 
  • We are creating the world we want to live in. Neither we nor you can change this world dramatically. But every step we make today can impact our children tomorrow and force companies to offer us better, cleaner, and more eco-friendly products!

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”

                                                Robert Swan

     Our kids’ births changed our mindset 360 degrees. Searching for a way to protect our children and raise them happy and healthy in the green eco environment became our primary goal. 

Why Should You Trust Us?

     The answer lies in our G-R-E-E-N values.

G – Genuine attitude to be as transparent and honest as possible in everything we promote here. We carefully select products that we think are of the best quality and are relevant for most people. 

R – Responsibility for the content we post (responsibility for goods’ quality lies on their manufacturers). Everything we do here is in service of helping people. We test many products we recommend. We don’t promote suspicious goods. We contact manufacturers to clarify questionable things. 

E – Eco-friendly approach. Sustainable businesses are essential for us as much as their products. We look for socially conscious companies. 

E – Educated decisions and scientific data to help you make safe and informed choices. We dive deep into up-to-date research and scientific reviews from trusted sources to provide the best information available. 

N – Natural, organic, and recycled materials in products, we’re reviewing. 

Our Mission – Helping Parents to Make a Difference

     We aim to:

  • Inspire you to make simple changes today for a better life tomorrow.
  • Help you select the right product for your baby and find relevant research just for your case.
  • Connect you with truly sustainable brands that offer the best solution for you.
  • Share data about toxins’ and chemicals’ harmful influence on our health and our planet, and keep your baby safe from them.
  • Spread the word about the advantages of natural living.
  • Explain complicated subjects in a simple way.

Our Vision – Your Trust

     The choices we’ve made here took weeks or months of research. That’s something we are deeply passionate about. We use these products ourselves; moreover, we recommend them to our families and friends. 

     Our vision is to be recognized as a trusted space and a place where you can feel safe to reach out for support. 

     We hope you enjoy the content we worked so hard to put together. And what’s more, that you’ll really like it. 

The Green Baby World Team