TOP 171 Biblical Names For Boys And Girls: Origin, Meaning, Variations And Pronunciation

Biblical Names

It’s not easy finding the perfect name for your child. It can sometimes take months to find the right name, and you may not even know where to look if you want to find biblical names for your child. 

To help you, we have put together a list of 171 biblical names for boys and girls, and provided their meanings.

Parents may want to find a bible name [1] for their child for a lot of reasons, including:

  1. Some families like to give their children biblical names so that their children are connected to the family’s moral and religious values.
  1. Some families like following the trend of giving their children biblical names.
  1. For some parents, it is important that their children have names that their friends can easily distinguish so as to avoid creating confusion. 

If you want to give your child a bible name for one of the reasons above – or even for an entirely different reason – check out the list of names below to find the perfect name you’re your child.

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TOP 100 Biblical Names For Boys

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Popular Biblical Boy Names

The following biblical baby names are not just incredibly popular, but have great meanings too, giving you a lot of different boy names to choose from.

1. Aaron 

How to pronounce: A-ron
Original: אַהֲרֹן
Meaning:High mountain, mountain of power
In the Bible:Exodus 6:20 [2]
Alternative spelling: Aron, Arron
Interesting Facts:Aaron was Moses’ elder brother and functioned as a prophet and the first Jewish high priest throughout the Old Testament.
Famous Persons: Aaron Sorkin is a famous screenwriter, film director and playwright.

 2. Adriel

How to pronounce: AY-dree-eel
Original: עדריאל
Meaning:God is my help
In the Bible:1 Samuel 18:19
Interesting Facts:In the Old Testament, King Saul’s daughter, Merab, is married to Adriel, a nobleman.
Famous Persons: Adriel Favela is a Mexican-American singer-songwriter.

3. Andrew

How to pronounce: AHN-drew
Original: Ancient Greek Ἀνδρέας
Meaning:Courageous, brave
In the Bible:Matthew 4:18 
Alternative spelling: Andreas, Andre, Andres, Andy, Drew
Interesting Facts:In the New Testament, Andrew the Apostle (or Saint Andrew) was the brother of apostle Simon Peter.
Famous Persons: Andrew Garfield is a famous American actor.

 4. Asher

How to pronounce: AH-sher
Original: ‏אָשֵׁר
Meaning:Happy, blessed 
In the Bible:Genesis 30:13
Alternative spelling: Aser, Ashir, Ashyr, Ashor
Interesting Facts:In biblical times, Asher was one of the 12 tribes of Israel that made up the people who eventually became the Jewish people.
Famous Persons: Asher Angel is an American actor.

 5. Benjamin

How to pronounce: BEN-jah-min
Original: בנימין‏
Meaning:Happy son, son of the right hand
In the Bible:Genesis 35:18
Alternative spelling: Ben, Benji, Bennie, Benny
Interesting Facts:Benjamin was the youngest of Jacob’s 12 sons. He was the full brother of Joseph (by Rachel) and the half-brother of the others.
Famous Persons: Benjamin Franklin was one of the United States’ Founding Fathers and the first United States Postmaster General.

 6. Caleb 

How to pronounce: KE-leb
Original: ‏כָּלֵב‏
In the Bible:Joshua 14:6 [3]
Alternative spelling: Kaleb, Cal
Interesting Facts:Caleb was one of 12 spies sent by Moses to spy on Canaan for 40 days. With Joshua, Caleb was certain of being victorious and spoke well of the land.
Famous Persons: Caleb Swanigan is an American basketball player. 

7. Daniel 

How to pronounce: DA-nyel
Original: דָּנִיֵּאל‎ 
Meaning:God is my Judge 
In the Bible:Daniel 1:6
Alternative spelling: Dan, Dannie, Danny, Dani
Interesting Facts:Daniel serves in King Nebuchadnezzar’s court and interprets his dreams in the Book of Daniel, which is set during the Babylonian captivity of the Jewish people. 
Famous Persons: Daniel Radcliffe is a famous British actor. 

8. David 

How to pronounce: DEI-vid
Original: ‏דָּוִד
In the Bible:1 Царств 16:13
Alternative spelling: Dave, Davey, Davie, Davy
Interesting Facts:Israel’s second king, David [4], turned Jerusalem into the capital of the United Kingdom of Israel, and it became the City of David.
Famous Persons: David Copperfield (Kotkin) is a famous American illusionist and TV presenter. 

9. Elijah

How to pronounce: ih-LY-je
Original: ‏אֵלִיָּהוּ‏‎ 
Meaning:My God is Yahweh
In the Bible:1 Kings 17:1
Alternative spelling: Eliya, Elias, Ilias, Eli
Interesting Facts:Elijah was a prophet of the Old Testament. Elijah, instead of dying, was taken to heaven on a chariot of fire, later appearing to Jesus in the transfiguration along with Moses.
Famous Persons: Elijah Wood is a famous American actor. 

10. Ethan 

How to pronounce: EE-tan
Original: איתן
Meaning:Firm, enduring, strong and long-lived
In the Bible:1 Kings 4:31
Alternative spelling: Eithan, Etan, Eitan, Eytan
Interesting Facts:A few minor characters in the Old Testament are referred to with the name ‘Ethan’. For example, Ethan the Ezrahite was known for his wisdom. He is also believed to be the author of Psalm 89.
Famous Persons: Ethan Hawke is a famous American actor. 

11. Gabriel 

How to pronounce: GAH-bree-el
Original: גַבְרִיאֵל
Meaning:God is my strength
In the Bible:Daniel 8:15
Alternative spelling: Gabriele, Gabe, Gabi, Gavril
Interesting Facts:Appearing in both the Old and New Testaments, Gabriel was an archangel who was sent by God to deliver messages to Mary, Daniel, and Zechariah.
Famous Persons: Gabriel García Márquez was a Colombian screenwriter, novelist and journalist. 

12. Gideon 

How to pronounce: GEEH-de-ohn
Original: גדעון
Meaning:Hewer, great warrior
In the Bible:Judges 6:13
Alternative spelling: Gideone, Gedeon, Gidon, Gidion
Interesting Facts:Gideon, in the Old Testament, was chosen by God to be a military leader. Gideon outwitted a superior Midianite force by making them believe that he had more troops than they did.
Famous Persons: Gideon Emery is a famous British actor and singer. 

13. Immanuel 

How to pronounce: h-MAN-yoo-el
Original: עִמָּנוּאֵל
Meaning:God with us
In the Bible:Isaiah 7:14
Alternative spelling: Emmanuel, Manny, Manuel
Interesting Facts:‘Immanuel’, in the prophecy of Isaiah in the Old Testament, was the name given to the promised Messiah [5].
Famous Persons: Immanuel Quickley is an American professional basketball player.

14. Isaak 

How to pronounce: AI-zek
Original: יִצְחָק‎
In the Bible:Genesis 21:1
Alternative spelling: Ike, Isaak, Issac, Itzhak, Yitzhak
Interesting Facts:Isaac was the son of Abraham and Sarah, born when Sarah was 90 years old. Abraham’s faith was tested by God when He commanded him to sacrifice Isaac, but God stayed his hand at the last second.
Famous Persons: Isaak Newton was an English mathematician, physicist, astronomer, and theologian.

15. Isaiah

How to pronounce: ee-SAI-yah
Original: ‏יְשַׁעְיָהוּ
Meaning:Yahweh is salvation
In the Bible:Isaiah 1:1
Alternative spelling: Isiah, Isaias, Esaias, Isaija
Interesting Facts:Isaiah, who is believed to have authored the Book of Isaiah, was one of the four main prophets of the Old Testament.
Famous Persons: Isaiah Thomas is an American basketball player.  

16. Jacob

How to pronounce: JAY-cob
Original: יַעֲקֹב
Meaning:Supplanter, seizing by the heel
In the Bible:Genesis 25:26
Alternative spelling: Jaycob, Jaceb, Jakob, Jake, Jeb, Jacques, Coby, Kobe, Koby
Interesting Facts:In Genesis, Jacob was eventually called Israel [6], his 12 sons forming the 12 tribes of Israel.
Famous Persons: Jake (Jacob) Gyllenhaal is a famous American actor and producer. 

17. James 

How to pronounce: JAY-mes
Meaning:Supplanter, seizing by the heel
In the Bible:James 1:1
Alternative spelling: Jaymes, Jay, Jim, Jae, Jimmie, Jimmy
Interesting Facts:Derived from Latin and Greek, James is the anglicized version of Jacob, with two of the 12 apostles having this name. 
Famous Persons: James Cameron is a famous Canadian screenwriter, producer and film director.

18. Jason 

How to pronounce: JAY-sen
Original: Ancient Greek Iásōn
In the Bible:Acts 17:5
Alternative spelling: Jayceon, Jayson, Jay, Jayce, Jae, Jaxon, Jaxson
Interesting Facts:Jason was one of the first Jewish converts to Christianity in the New Testament.
Famous Persons: Jason Momoa is a famous American actor. 

19. Jesse 

How to pronounce: JESS-ee
Original: יִשַׁי
In the Bible:1 Samuel 16:3
Alternative spelling: Jessie, Jess
Interesting Facts:In the Old Testament, Jesse was David’s father. David became Israel’s second king.
Famous Persons: Jesse James was an American bank and train robber, guerrilla, and leader of the James–Younger Gang.

20. Johnathan

How to pronounce: JOHN-nah-tan
Origin: יוֹנָתָן
Meaning:Yahweh has gifted
In the Bible:2 Samuel 1:23
Alternative spelling: Ian, John, Johan, Johannes, Jonathan, Jonathon
Interesting Facts:In the Bible, one of the people called Jonathan was King Saul’s – a close friend of David’s – son.
Famous Persons: Jonathan Rhys Meyers is an Irish actor. 

21. Jonah

How to pronounce: JOE-nah
Original: יוֹנָה
Meaning:Dove, pigeon
In the Bible:Jonah 1:1
Alternative spelling: Jonas, Ionas, Yonah
Interesting Facts:Jonah, a prophet, attempted to avoid preaching by escaping on a boat, but he was eventually tossed overboard by a storm and swallowed by a giant fish. He was allowed to escape with his life, and finally followed the command of God.
Famous Persons: Jonah Hill is a famous American actor. 

22. Joshua

How to pronounce: JOH-shua
Original: יהושע‎
Meaning:The Lord is Salvation
In the Bible:Numbers 13:16
Alternative spelling: Josh, Jesus
Interesting Facts:Moses sent Joshua, one of the 12 scouts of Israel, to learn more about Canaan. After Moses died, Joshua led the Israelite tribes to conquer Canaan, and gave the land to the tribes. 
Famous Persons: Josh Brolin is a famous American actor. 

23. Joseph

How to pronounce: JOH-seph
Original: יוֹסֵף
Meaning:He will add, taken away or praise, fame taken away
In the Bible:Matthew 1:16
Alternative spelling: Jose, Yousef, Yosef, Josef, Giuseppe, Jo, Joe, Joey
Interesting Facts:Joseph was Mary’s husband and the earthly father of Jesus in the New Testament.
Famous Persons: Joseph Conrad was a Polish-British writer.

24. Josiah

How to pronounce: JOH-see-ah
Origin: אשִׁיָּהוּ
Meaning:God has Healed
In the Bible:2 Kings 22:1
Interesting Facts:Josiah, in the Old Testament, was the noble king of Judah from eight years of age after Amon, his father, was killed. 
Famous Persons: Josiah Bancroft is an American writer of fantasy. 

25. Jeriah 

How to pronounce: jer-RYE-ah
Origin: יריה
Meaning:Taught by God
In the Bible:1 Chronicles 23:19
Interesting Facts:Jeriah was Aaron and Moses’ cousin in the Old Testament.
Famous Persons: Jeriah Horn is an American basketball player.

26. Jadon

How to pronounce: JAY-dun
Original: יָדוֹן֙
Meaning:God has heard, thankful
In the Bible:Nehemiah 3:7
Alternative spelling: Jayden, Yadon 
Interesting Facts:Jadon the Meronothite, in the Old Testament, helped build the wall of Jerusalem.
Famous Persons: Jadon Sancho is an English football player. 

27. Jared

How to pronounce: JAH-red
Original: יָרֶד
Meaning:Descend, One who rules
In the Bible:Genesis 5:18
Alternative spelling: Yared
Interesting Facts:Jared lived for 962 years, and was a sixth-generation (out of ten before the flood) descendent of Adam and Eve.
Famous Persons: Jared Leto is a famous American rock-singer and actor. 

28. Jeremiah 

How to pronounce: je-re-MIAH
Original: ‏יִרְמְיָהוּ‏‎
Meaning:God will uplift
In the Bible:Jeremiah 1:1
Alternative spelling: Jeremias, Jeremy, Jerry
Interesting Facts:In the Old Testament, the name ‘Jeremiah’ refers to one of the main prophets. 
Famous Persons: Jeremy Bentham was an English social reformer, philosopher and jurist.

29. Kenan

How to pronounce: KEE-nan
Original: קֵינָן
Meaning:Luke 3:36-37
In the Bible:Possession
Alternative spelling: Cainan, Kaynan, Qenan 
Interesting Facts:Kenan was referred to in the Genealogy of Jesus Christ in the New Testament.
Famous Persons: Kenan Thompson is a famous American comedian and actor.

30. Matthew

How to pronounce: MAH-tew
Original: מַתִּתְיָהוּ
Meaning:Gift of God
In the Bible:Matthew 9:9
Alternative spelling: Mathew, Matt, Matthias, Matteo
Interesting Facts:Believed to be the author of the first gospel, Matthew was a tax collector who was called to be an apostle [7]. 
Famous Persons: Matthew McConaughey is a famous American producer and actor.

31. Michael

How to pronounce: MAY-kal
Original: מי כאל
Meaning:Who is like God?
In the Bible:Daniel 12:1
Alternative spelling: Micheal, Mikael, Michal, Mike, Mick, Mickey, Miguel, Mikhail
Interesting Facts:In the Old Testament, Archangel Michael appears in the Book of Daniel. In the Book of Revelation in the New Testament, Archangel Michael was the leader of the heavenly army.
Famous Persons: Michael Jordan is an American basketball player.

32. Nathan

How to pronounce: NAY-than
Original: נָתַן
Meaning:He has given
In the Bible:2 Samuel 7:2
Alternative spelling: Natan, Nate, Nathaniel, Nathanael
Interesting Facts:Nathan was a prophet in the court of King David in the Old Testament.
Famous Persons: Nathan Fillion is a famous American actor.

33. Samuel 

How to pronounce: SAH-myu-el
Original: שְׁמוּאֵל
Meaning:God has heard
In the Bible:1 Samuel 2:21
Alternative spelling: Sam, Sammy, Sami, Ismaiel, Ismael, Ismail, Ishmael
Interesting Facts:Samuel was Israel’s last judge [8].
Famous Persons: Samuel Jackson is an American actor and producer.

34. Simon

How to pronounce: SAI-mon
Original: שִׁמְעוֹן
Meaning:Listen, He heard
In the Bible:Genesis 46:10
Alternative spelling: Simeon, Shimon
Interesting Facts:Simon (spelled Simeon) was Jacob’s second son in the Old Testament.
Famous Persons: Simon Cowell is an English entrepreneur, television personality, and record executive.

35. Thomas

How to pronounce: TOH-mas
Original: תאומא
Meaning:Twin, alike looking man
In the Bible:John 11:16
Alternative spelling: Tomas, Thom, Tommy, Toma, Tom
Interesting Facts:Thomas, in the New Testament, was one of the apostles. When Jesus came back from the dead, Thomas didn’t believe it, and required proof.
Famous Persons: Thomas Hiddleston is a famous British actor. 

36. Tobias

How to pronounce: TOH-bee-as
Original: טוֹבִיה
Meaning:God is good
In the Bible:Zechariah 6:10
Alternative spelling: Toviah, Tobiah, Toby, Tobijah, Tobey
Interesting Facts:Tobijah in the Old Testament was a Jewish man who traveled to Jerusalem from Babylon to gift Zerubbabel precious metal.
Famous Persons: Tobey Maguire is a famous American actor and film producer. 

37. Uriah 

How to pronounce: yer-RY-ah
Original: אוּרִיָּה
Meaning:Flame of God, God is my light
In the Bible:2 Samuel 11:3
Alternative spelling: Uriel, Uri
Interesting Facts:Uriah was a chief soldier in King David’s army in the Old Testament.
Famous Persons: Uriah Shelton is an American actor. 

38. Zechariah

How to pronounce: ze-HA-ree-ah
Original: זְכַרְיָה‎
Meaning:God has remembered
In the Bible:Zechariah 1:1
Alternative spelling: Zachariah, Zachary, Zachery, Zach, Zac, Zak, Zacharias
Interesting Facts:A book of and character within the Old Testament are named Zechariah.
Famous Persons: Zachary Levi is a famous American actor.

Latin And Greek Bible Names For Boys

In the New Testament [9], Latin and Greek names appear. Whilst New Testament names are more popular in modern America, there are still some more unusual options you can name your child with. Look at the list below if you want to give your child a Greek or Latin name from the New Testament.

39. Aristarchus 

How to pronounce: aris-TAHR-cus
Original: Ancient Greek Αρίσταρχος
Meaning:The best ruler
In the Bible:Acts 19:29
Alternative spelling: Aristarch
Interesting Facts:In the New Testament, Aristarchus was an early Christian who accompanied Saint Paul on his trip to Rome.
Famous Persons: Aristarchus of Samos was the first who presented a heliocentric model of our Galaxy. He was an ancient Greek mathematician and astronomer.

 40. Apollos 

How to pronounce: a-PO-los
Original: Ancient Greek Απολλως
Meaning:Manly beauty
In the Bible:Acts 18:24
Alternative spelling: Apollo
Interesting Facts:In the New Testament, the name ‘Apollos’ referred to a first century Alexandrian Jewish Christian who was the colleague of Paul the Apostle. He also played a very important role in the development of the churches of Corinth and Ephesus.
Famous Persons: Apollo Korzeniowski was a Polish translator, poet, playwright, and father of famous Polish-English novelist Joseph Conrad.

41. Cornelius 

How to pronounce: KOHR-neh-lee-us
Original: Latin Corn
In the Bible:Acts 10:1
Alternative spelling: Corny
Interesting Facts:In the New Testament, Cornelius was a God-fearing person who was always praying, full of deeds of alms and good works. 
Famous Persons: Cornelius Vanderbilt was one of the richest people in the USA in the 19th century. He was an American business magnate who built his wealth in railroads and shipping.

42. Demetrius

How to pronounce: de-ME-tree-uhs
Original: Ancient Greek Δημήτριος
Meaning:Devoted to goddess Demeter;Demeter is the Ancient Greek goddess of harvest and agriculture.
In the Bible:3 John 1:12
Alternative spelling: Demitri, Dimitrios, Dmitri
Interesting Facts:To the early Christian leader, Gaius, Demetrius was lauded as someone who defended the truth of the Gospel. Gaius was told that he was someone who should be provided for and welcomed.
Famous Persons: Dmitri Shostakovich was a Russian Soviet composer and pianist. 

43. Felix 

How to pronounce: FE-lix
Original: Latin Felicis
Meaning:Happy, fortunate
In the Bible:Acts 24:3
Alternative spelling: Feliks, Felics, Phelix, Felice
Interesting Facts:Felix, in the New Testament, was the Roman Procurator of Judea, and served at apostle Paul’s trial, often asking Paul to talk with him. However, when he left office, he left Paul behind in prison.
Famous Persons: Felix Mendelssohn was a composer who created the famous Bridal March.

44. Luke

How to pronounce: LYOOK
Original: Latin Lucas
In the Bible:Colossians 4:14
Alternative spelling: Lucas, Luc, Luca
Interesting Facts:Luke, a doctor, traveled with Paul in the New Testament. It is believed that he wrote the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles. 
Famous Persons: Luc Besson is a French film director.

45. Mark

How to pronounce: MARK
Original: Latin Marcus
Meaning:Dedicated to god Mars, to be warlike
In the Bible:Acts 12:12
Interesting Facts:The name ‘Mark’ refers to the figure who is believed to have authored the Second Gospel.
Famous Persons: Mark Zuckerberg is an American philanthropist, media magnate, and internet entrepreneur.

46. Nicodemus

How to pronounce: NEE-ko-de-mus
Original: Ancient Greek Νικόδημος
Meaning:Victory of the people
In the Bible:John 3:1
Alternative spelling: Nico, Noddy
Interesting Facts:Mentioned in the Gospel of John, Nicodemus was a member of the Sanhedrin and a Pharisee. 
Famous Persons: Nicodemo Scarfo was one of the members of the American Mafia who became the boss of the Philadelphia crime family.

47. Paul

How to pronounce: PAHL
Original: Latin Paulus
Meaning:Small, humble
In the Bible:Acts 27:1
Alternative spelling: Pauwel, Paulus, Pavel, Paulo, Pablo
Interesting Facts:Paul refers to the name given to Saul of Tarsus upon his conversion to Christianity. He wrote a lot of the epistles that constitute the books of the New Testament.
Famous Persons: Paul McCartney is an English musician and film producer who gained worldwide fame as the co-lead vocalist, co-songwriter, and bassist for the Beatles.

48. Peter

How to pronounce: PEE-tehr
Original: Ancient Greek Πέτρος
In the Bible:John 1:44
Alternative spelling: Piers, Petrus, Pete, Piet, Pedro, Pietro, Pierre
Interesting Facts:Peter the Apostle, in the New Testament, was one of the first leaders of the early Church as well as one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ.
Famous Persons: Peter Dinklage is a famous American producer and actor.

49. Philip 

How to pronounce: PHEE-leep
Original: Ancient Greek Φίλιππος
Meaning:Fond of Horses
In the Bible:Acts 8:26
Alternative spelling: Philipp, Filip, Phil, Felipe, Filippo
Interesting Facts:In the New Testament, Philip was one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ.
Famous Persons: Philipp Plein is a fashion designer who founded the Philipp Plein International Group.

50. Philemon 

How to pronounce: PHEE-lee-moh
Original: Ancient Greek Φιλήμων
In the Bible:Philemon 1:1
Interesting Facts:Philemon was Paul the Apostle’s friend in the New Testament.
Famous Persons: Philemon Masinga was a South African professional footballer.

51. Silas

How to pronounce: SAY-las
Original: Ancient Greek Σίλας
Meaning:Of the forest
In the Bible:Acts 16:25
Alternative spelling: Silvanus, Silvano, Si
Interesting Facts:A co-author of the letters to the Thessalonians, Silas went with Paul on his missionary journeys and was an early Christian leader.
Famous Persons: Silas Weir Mitchell is an American actor.

52. Stephen

How to pronounce: STE-phen
Original: Ancient Greek Στέφανος 
Meaning:Wreath, crown, royalty
In the Bible:Acts 6:8
Alternative spelling: Steven, Stefan, Steffan, Esteban, Steve
Interesting Facts:In the New Testament, Saint Stephen was stoned to death [10], turning him into Christianity’s first martyr.
Famous Persons: Stephen King is a famous American writer.

53. Timothy

How to pronounce: TIM-oh-thee
Original: Ancient Greek Τιμόθεος 
Meaning:Honored by God 
In the Bible:1 Corinthians 16:10
Alternative spelling: Tim, Timoteo, Timothee
Interesting Facts:Timothy assisted and accompanied Paul in his various journeys in the New Testament.
Famous Persons: Timothée Chalamet is a famous American actor.

Short Biblical Boy Names

The Bible is full of interesting names. If you are looking for a short name with a great meaning, look at the list below.

54. Adam

How to pronounce: AY-dahm
Original: ‏אָדָם
Meaning:Crafted from the red clay, man from the red earth
In the Bible:Genesis 2:25
Alternative spelling: Adamo, Adham, Adem
Interesting Facts:Adam was the first man made by God.
Famous Persons: Adam Driver is a famous American actor.

55. Amos

How to pronounce: AY-mos
Original: ‏עָמוֹס‏‎
In the Bible:Amos 1:1
Alternative spelling: Ames, Aymos, Amoss
Interesting Facts:Amos was the first Hebrew prophet to have had a book in the Bible named after him.
Famous Persons: Amos Whitney was an American engineer.

56. Abel

How to pronounce: A-bel
Original: הבל
In the Bible:Genesis 4:2
Alternative spelling: Hebel, Avel
Interesting Facts:Abel was Adam and Eve’s second son. He became the first person to be killed on Earth after being slayed by his brother Cain.
Famous Persons: Abel Tesfaye is a famous Canadian musician better known as The Weeknd.

57. Abdi

How to pronounce: A-bdi
Original: עַבְדִּ֖י
Meaning:Servant of God
In the Bible:1 Chronicles 6:44
Interesting Facts:Abdi is a popular name in Muslim culture and, biblically, refers to a Levite of the family of Merari in the time of King Hezekiah of Judah.
Famous Persons: Abdi Bile is a Somali former distance runner.  

58. Buz

How to pronounce: BUZ
Original: בוז
In the Bible:Genesis 22:21
Alternative spelling: Buzz
Interesting Facts:In the Old Testament, this is the name of a son of Nahor, Abraham’s brother.
Famous Persons: Buzz Aldrin is an American astronaut, engineer, and fighter pilot.   

59.  Boaz

How to pronounce: BO-az
Original: ‏בעז
Meaning:There is strength in him
In the Bible:Ruth 4:21
Interesting Facts:In the Book of Ruth, Boaz was a pious man. After coming to respect her noble behavior, he married Ruth, the widow of Elimelech’s son. In the New Testament, it is revealed that he is one of Jesus Christ’s ancestors.
Famous Persons: Boaz Weinstein was an American hedge fund manager and founder of Saba Capital Management.

60. Cain 

How to pronounce: KAIN
Original: קַיִן
Meaning:To create 
In the Bible:Genesis 4:1
Interesting Facts:Genesis specified that Cain was the first human born and the first murderer on Earth  [11].
Famous Persons: Cain Velasquez is a professional wrestler and mixed martial artist.

61. Dan

How to pronounce: DEN
Original: ‏דָּן‏‎
Meaning:To judge
In the Bible:Genesis 30:6
Alternative spelling: Dann, Dane
Interesting Facts:Dan was the founder of the Israelite tribe of Dan and Jacob’s fifth son with Bilhah.

62. Ezra 

How to pronounce: EZ-re
Original: ‏עֶזְרָא
Meaning:Help, helper
In the Bible:Ezra 7:1
Alternative spelling: Esdras, Ezras, Ezri
Interesting Facts:In the Book of Ezra in the Old Testament, Ezra the Scribe directed a group home from the Babylonian exile. He was also instrumental in enforcing the Torah in Jerusalem.
Famous Persons: Ezra Miller is a famous American actor. 

63. Elon 

How to pronounce: E-lon
Original: אֵילוֹן
Meaning:Oak tree
In the Bible:Judges 12:11
Alternative spelling: Ilan, Alon
Interesting Facts :Part of the Tribe of Zebulun, Elon served as a judge of Israel for ten years.
Famous Persons: Elon Musk is a famous American entrepreneur and business magnate.

64.  Eden 

How to pronounce: I-den
Original: עֵדֶן
In the Bible:Isaiah 51:3
Interesting Facts:Eden refers to a biblical paradise, and the name was first mentioned in the Book of Genesis.
Famous Persons: Eden Hazard is a famous Belgian football player. 

65. Gad

How to pronounce: GAD
Original: גָּד‎
Meaning:Luck. God is my fortune
In the Bible:Genesis 30:11
Alternative spelling: Gadiel
Interesting Facts:As mentioned in the Book of Genesis, Gad was Jacob and Zilpah’s first son and Jacob’s seventh son overall. He was also the founder of the tribe of Gad.
Famous Persons: Gad Elmaleh is a Moroccan-Canadian actor and stand-up comedian who achieved fame in the United States, France, and Morocco.

66. Levi 

How to pronounce: lee-VAY
Original: לֵוִי
Meaning:Attached, joining
In the Bible:Numbers 18:21
Alternative spelling: Levite, Levy, Lev
Interesting Facts:Levi, in the Old Testament, was Jacob’s third son. His tribe came to be the priestly class of the Israelites.
Famous Persons: Levi Strauss is an American businessman who founded the first company to manufacture blue jeans. 

67. Lael

How to pronounce: lah-EL’
Original: לָאֵל 
Meaning:Belonging to God
In the Bible:Numbers 3:24
Interesting Facts:Lael, in the Old Testament, was part of the house of Gershon.
Famous Persons: La’el Collins is a football offensive tackle for the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League.

68. Noah

How to pronounce: NO-ah
Original: נוֹחַ
Meaning:Repose, rest
In the Bible:Genesis 5:28
Alternative spelling: Noe, Noa, Noeh
Interesting Facts:Noah, in the Old Testament, built an ark so his family and two animals of each species could escape from the Great Flood.
Famous Persons: Noah Schnapp is an American actor.

69. Omar

How to pronounce: OH-mahr
Original: עומר
Meaning:Long-lived, flourishing 
In the Bible:Genesis 36:11
Alternative spelling: Omer, Umer, Umar
Interesting Facts:Although this name cannot be found in Jewish texts, and is not used in modern Hebrew, the similar name ‘Omer’ is a popular name in Israel.
Famous Persons: Omar Bradley was a US General of the Army after World War II.

70. Seth

How to pronounce: SET
Original: שֵׁת
In the Bible:Genesis 4:25
Alternative spelling: Shet, Sethe, Seath, Set
Interesting Facts:Seth, in Genesis, was Adam and Eve’s third son and Noah’s ancestor.
Famous Persons: Seth Rogan is a famous Canadian-American actor, comedian, writer, producer, and filmmaker.

71. Saul

How to pronounce: SA-ul
Original: שָׁאוּל
Meaning:Prayed for, asked for
In the Bible:1 Samuel 9:1
Interesting Facts:Saul, in the Old Testament, was the United Kingdom of Israel’s (Israel and Judah) first king [12].
Famous Persons: Saul Bellow was a Canadian-American author. 

Unique Bible Names For Boys

If you are looking for a traditional religious name that is still unique and interesting, look at the list of names below.

72. Abraham

How to pronounce: AY-brah-ham
Original: אַבְרָהָם 
Meaning:Father of many, father of nations
In the Bible:Genesis 17:5
Alternative spelling: Abram, Abe, Bram, Avram, Avraham
Interesting Facts:In Genesis, God changed Abram’s name to Abraham.
Famous Persons: Abraham Lincoln was the 16 th president of the United States.

73.  Azariah

How to pronounce: a-ZA-riah
Original: עֲזַרְיָה
Meaning:God has helped
In the Bible:2 Kings 14:21
Alternative spelling: Uzziah
Interesting Facts:Azariah was the Kingdom of Judah’s 10th king at the age of 16. Reigning for 52 years, his reign was compared to Solomon’s.
Famous Persons: Azariah Flagg was an American newspaper printer, editor, and politician. 

74. Abijah 

How to pronounce: A-bi-jah
Original: אֲבִיָּה
Meaning:My father is God
In the Bible:1 Kings 15:1
Alternative spelling: Abiel, Avijahu, Abiya, Aviya, 
Interesting Facts:In the Old Testament, Abijah was Jeroboam’s son.
Famous Persons: Abiel Holmes was an American historian and Congregational clergyman.

75.  Abimelech

How to pronounce: a-BEE-meh-leh
Original: ‏אבימלך
Meaning:Father-King, my father king
In the Bible:Genesis 26:8 
Interesting Facts:Abimelech was the name of a polytheistic king of Gerar who was mentioned in connection with both Isaac and Abraham in two of the three wife-sister narratives in Genesis.

76.  Bartholomew

How to pronounce: bar-THO-lo-mew
Original: בר תולמי
Meaning:Son of joy, son of the furrow 
In the Bible:Matthew 10:3 
Alternative spelling: Bartolomeo, Bartolo, Bartol, Bart, Bartlett, Mees, Mies
Interesting Facts:Believed to have evangelized in India and Armenia before being martyred, Bartholemew was one of the apostles in the New Testament.
Famous Persons: Bart (Bartholomew) Simpson is a main and fictional character in the American animated TV Show The Simpsons. 

77. Barak

How to pronounce: be-RAHK 
Original: ב-ר-ק
Meaning:To shine, lighting
In the Bible:Judges 5:1
Alternative spelling: Baraq, Barack
Interesting Facts:Barak was a general of Israel
Famous Persons: Barack Obama was the 44 th president of the United States. 

78.  Belshazzar

How to pronounce: BEL-sha-zahr
Original: Akkadian Bēl-šarra-uṣur
Meaning:Bel, protect the KingBel – patron god of the city of Babylon
In the Bible:Daniel 5:2
Alternative spelling: Balthazar, Baltazar, Balthasar
Interesting Facts:The last king of the Neo-Babylonian Empire, Belshazzar was the son of Nabonidus [13]. 
Famous Persons: Balthazar Getty is a famous American actor.

79. Ebenezer

How to pronounce: E-beh-neh-zer
Original: אבן העזר
Meaning:Stone of the help
In the Bible:1 Samuel 7:12
Alternative spelling: Eben
Interesting Facts:Eben-Ezer refers to the name of a biblical place where Samuel set up a stone to demarcate his victory over the Philistines. This came into fashion as a name for people afterwards.
Famous Persons: Ebenezer Howard was an urban planner and the founder of the garden city movement. He came up with the description of a utopian city in which people live harmoniously together with nature.

80. Ezekiel

How to pronounce: e-ZE-keel
Original: יְחֶזְקֵאל
Meaning:God Strength
In the Bible:Ezekiel 1:3
Alternative spelling: Ezequiel, Zeke
Interesting Facts:Ezekiel, a prophet when Jerusalem was conquered, foresaw the restoration of Israel.
Famous Persons: Ezekiel Elliot is a famous American football player. 

81. Eleazar 

How to pronounce: el-ee-AY-zar
Original: אלעזר
Meaning:God has helped 
In the Bible:Exodus 28:1 
Interesting Facts:Eleazar, Aaron’s son and the High Priest of Israel, is believed to be the first man who was given this name.
Famous Persons: Eleazar Contreras was a president of Venezuela.  

82. Eliel

How to pronounce: E-liel
Original: אל  אלה
Meaning:My God is God
In the Bible:1 Chronicles 5:24
Interesting Facts:The name Eliel refers to one of the family heads of Manasseh. They served other guards and were consequently deported by King Pul of Assyria.
Famous Persons: Eliel Saarinen was a Finnish-American architect. 

83. Enoch

How to pronounce: EE-nuk
Original: חנוך
In the Bible:Genesis 5:21
Interesting Facts:The Book of Genesis claims that Enoch lived for 365 years before being taken by God.
Famous Persons: Enoch Powell was a British politician, author, linguist, soldier, philologist, and poet. He gave the infamously racist Rivers of Blood anti-immigration speech, taking the name out of consideration for many parents in the UK.

84. Homer 

How to pronounce: HOH-mer
Original: גומר
Meaning:To complete
In the Bible:Genesis 10:2
Alternative spelling: Gomer
Interesting Facts:Gomer was Japheth’s son and thus Noah’s grandson.
Famous Persons: Homer Hickam is an American author, Vietnam War veteran, and a former NASA engineer who trained the first Japanese astronauts.

85. Ithiel 

How to pronounce: ee-THYE-l
Original: אִיתִיאֵל
Meaning:The words of God
In the Bible:Nehemiah 11:7
Interesting Facts:Mentioned as being among Jerusalem’s inhabitants in Nehemiah’s day, Ithiel was Jeshaiah of the tribe of Benjamin’s son in the Old Testament.
Famous Persons: Ithiel Town was a prominent American civil engineer and architect.

86. Ishmael 

How to pronounce: EES-mah-el
Original: שְׁמָעֵאל‏
Meaning:God will hear
In the Bible:Genesis 16:15
Alternative spelling: Ismael
Interesting Facts:Venerated by Muslims as a prophet, Ishmael was Abraham’s first son.
Famous Persons: Ishmael Beah is a human rights activist.

87. Jedediah

How to pronounce: jeh-DEH-dee-ah
Original: יְדִידְיָה
Meaning:Friend of God, beloved of the Lord
In the Bible:2 Samuel 12:25
Alternative spelling: Jed, Jedd, Jeddy, Jededish, Jedi, Jedidias
Interesting Facts:King Solomon, who was David and Bathsheba’s second son in the Old Testament, was named Jedidiah by God. God sent a message through Nathan that his name was to be such after Solomon was born.
Famous Persons: Jedediah Strong Smith was an American clerk, transcontinental pioneer, frontiersman, hunter, trapper, author, and cartographer.

88. Joachim

How to pronounce: wah-KEEN
Original: יְהוֹיָקִים
Meaning:Established by God
In the Bible:2 Kings 23:34
Alternative spelling: Joaquin, Yowakim 
Interesting Facts:Joachim was one of the last Judean kings in the Old Testament.
Famous Persons: Joaquin Phoenix is a famous American actor. 

89. Laban 

How to pronounce: lah-BAHN
Original: לָבָן
In the Bible:Genesis 24:29
Interesting Facts:Laban, in the Old Testament, was the father of Jacob’s wives, Leali and Rachel, and the brother of Isaac’s wife called Rebekah.
Famous Persons: This name was popular with Puritans in the 17th century but is rarely used today.

90. Malachi

How to pronounce: mah-LAH-hee
Original: מַלְאָכִי
Meaning:My messenger
In the Bible:Malachi 1:1
Interesting Facts:Malachi, in the Old Testament, was a prophet who wrote the Book of Malachi.
Famous Persons: Malachi Dupre is a football wide receiver in the USA, who is a free agent. 

91. Moses

How to pronounce: MOH-ziz
Original: משה
Meaning:Delivered from the water
In the Bible:Exodus 2:10
Alternative spelling: Mose
Interesting Facts:In the Old Testament, Moses was found in the bulrushes as a baby, and grew up to lead the Israelites out of Egypt to escape slavery.
Famous Persons: Mose Allison was an American singer, jazz and blues pianist, and songwriter.

92. Menahem

How to pronounce: MEH-nah-hem
Original: מְנַחֵם
Meaning:The comforter
In the Bible:2 Kings 15:14
Interesting Facts:In the Old Testament, King Menahem did not act in accordance with the meaning of his name, as he was one of Israel’s cruelest kings.
Famous Persons: Menahem Pressler is a German-born Israeli-American pianist. 

93. Nehemiah 

How to pronounce: ne-HE-mee-ya
Original: נְחֶמְיָה
Meaning:Comforted by God
In the Bible:Nehemiah 1:1
Interesting Facts:Nehemiah is the main figure in the Book of Nehemiah. This book recounts how he rebuilt Jerusalem during the Second Temple period.
Famous Persons: Nehemiah Persoff is an American actor and painter. 

94. Obadiah 

How to pronounce: oh-BUH-dye-uh
Original: עֹבַדְיָה
Meaning:Servant of God, slave of God
In the Bible:1 Kings 18:3
Alternative spelling: Obdios, Abdias
Interesting Facts:In the Old Testament, Obadiah was supposedly given the gift of prophecy due to protecting the hundred prophets from Jezebel’s persecution. Obadiah hid them in two caves so that the people in one cave could escape if the people in the other cave were discovered.
Famous Persons: Obadiah Parker is a singer-songwriter from Scottsdale, Arizona.

95. Ozias

How to pronounce: O-zee-as
Original: עֻזִּיָּהוּ
In the Bible:2 Chronicles 26:1
Alternative spelling: Uzziah, Ozzie, Oz
Interesting Facts:Ozias, in the Old Testament, was King Amaziah’s son. He was the King of Judah himself for 52 years, and was also known as Uzziah.
Famous Persons: Ozzie Guillen is a Venezuelan former baseball player and manager.

96. Reuben 

How to pronounce: ROO-ben
Original: רְאוּבֵן
Meaning:Behold, a son
In the Bible:1 Chronicles 5:1
Alternative spelling: Ruben, Reuven
Interesting Facts:Jacob’s oldest son, Reuben was the patriarch of one of the 12 tribes of Israel
Famous Persons: Reuben Fine was an American chess player, psychologist, university professor, and author of many books on both chess and psychology. 

97. Reuel 

How to pronounce: RUH-el
Original: רְעוּאֵל
Meaning:Friends of God
In the Bible:Exodus 2:18
Alternative spelling: Raguel 
Interesting Facts:Reuel, in the Old Testament, was the father-in-law of Moses.
Famous Persons: Reuel Colt Gridley, an American storekeeper, became famous in 1864 after continuously auctioning a sack of flour and raising over $250,000 for United States Sanitary Commission. The United States Sanitary Commission aided wounded soldiers in the American civil war. 

98. Solomon

How to pronounce: SOH-loh-mon
Original: שְׁלֹמֹה
Meaning:Man of peace
In the Bible:1 Kings 11:1
Alternative spelling: Sol, Salomon, Shalom, Slomo, Sulaiman, Suleiman
Interesting Facts:In the Old Testament, Solomon was King David and Bathsheba’s son. When he became the king of Israel, he was known for his wisdom [14].
Famous Persons: Solomon Burke was an American singer and preacher who become one of the founding fathers of soul music in the 1960s.

99. Samson

How to pronounce: SAM-sun
Original: שִׁמְשׁוֹן
Meaning:Man of the sun
In the Bible:Judges 13:24
Alternative spelling: Shimshon
Interesting Facts:In the Old Testament, Samson was the last of the judges of the ancient Israelites.
Famous Persons: Samson Hirsh was a German Orthodox rabbi.

100. Zebadiah

How to pronounce: ze-BAH-dee-ah
Original: זְאֵב
In the Bible:2 Chronicles 17:8
Alternative spelling: Zeb, Zebb, Zebulon, Zebedee
Interesting Facts:Zebadiah in the Old Testament was a Levite who was a teacher in the national education system set up by King Jehoshaphat.
Famous Persons: Zeb Wells is an American television writer/director and comic book writer.

TOP 71 Biblical Names For Girls

Girl Holding Holy Bible

Popular Biblical Girl Names

If you want a biblical girl name that is popular in modern day Europe and America, pick a name from the list below.

1. Abigail

How to pronounce: AH-bee-gail
Original: ‏אֲבִיגַיִל
Meaning:My father’s joy
In the Bible:1 Samuel 25:14
Alternative spelling: Abbigail, Abigal, Abby, Abbie, Gail, Abbey
Interesting Facts:Abigail, in the Old Testament, was King David’s beautiful, smart, loyal wife. 
Famous Persons: Abigail Spencer is a famous American actress. 

2. Bethany

How to pronounce: BETH-eh-nee
Original: בֵּית עַנְיָה
Meaning:House of affliction, house of figs
In the Bible:John 11:1
Alternative spelling: Betheny, Bethenny, Beth
Interesting Facts:At the foot of the Mount of Olives, Bethany was the town where Jesus resided in the week before his crucifixion. He stayed there with the sisters of Lazarus (who had been brought back from the dead), Mary and Martha. 
Famous Persons: Bethany Hamilton is an American surfer who survived a 2003 shark attack in which her left arm was bitten off and who ultimately returned to professional surfing.

3. Deborah 

How to pronounce: DE-boh-rah
Original: דְבוֹרָה‎
In the Bible:Judges 4:4
Alternative spelling: Debra, Debbora, Debora, Devora, Devorah, Debbi, Debby, Deb
Interesting Facts:Deborah, in the Old Testament, was a prophetess who put together an army to fight the Canaanites.
Famous Persons: Deborah Feldman is an American-born German writer.

4. Delilah

How to pronounce: de-LAY-lah
Original: דְּלִילָה
Meaning:Delicate, seductive
In the Bible:Judges 16:4
Alternative spelling: Delila, Dalilah
Interesting Facts:In the Old Testament, Delilah was a villain who forced Samson to reveal that his source of strength was his hair.
Famous Persons: Delilah DiCrescenzo is an American distance runner.

5. Dinah

How to pronounce: DYE-nuh
Original: דִּינָה
In the Bible:Genesis 30:21
Alternative spelling: Dina, Dyna, Dynah
Interesting Facts:Dinah, in the Old Testament, was Jacob and Leah’s daughter.
Famous Persons: Dinah Washington was an American pianist and jazz and blues singer who has excellent voice control.

6. Elizabeth

How to pronounce: e-LEE-zah-beth
Original: אֱלִישֶׁבַע
Meaning:My God is an oath
In the Bible:Luke 1:5
Alternative spelling: Elyse, Elyssa, Elyza, Lilabet, Lilibet, Lizbeth, Liz, Betty, Betsy, Bessy, Libby
Interesting Facts:Elizabeth, in the New Testament, was John the Baptist’s mother.
Famous Persons: Elizabeth II is Queen of the United Kingdom and 15 other Commonwealth realms.

7. Esther

How to pronounce: es-THER
Original: אסתר
Meaning:Hide, conceal
In the Bible:Esther 2:7
Alternative spelling: Ester, Estée, Ester, Ettie, Hester, Hettie
Interesting Facts:A Book of the Old Testament was named after Queen Esther of Persia [15]. The annual feast of Purim is dedicated to how she prevented the slaughter of Jewish people in Persia. 
Famous Persons: Esther Perel is a famous Belgian psychotherapist.

8. Elisha

How to pronounce: ee-LYE-shah
Original: אֱלִישָׁע
Meaning:God is my salvation
In the Bible:2 Kings 2:2
Alternative spelling: Alicia, Elysia
Interesting Facts:In the Bible, Elisha was a prophet. She was also the disciple and successor of Elijah.
Famous Persons: Elisha Cuthbert a Canadian actress and model.

9. Joanna

How to pronounce: JOH-ah-nah
Original: יוֹחָנָה‎
Meaning:God is gracious
In the Bible:Luke 8:3
Alternative spelling: Joan, Joann, Joanne, Johanna, Jane, Jean, Jeanne
Interesting Facts:In the New Testament, after she and Mary Magdalene went into Jesus’ tomb to anoint his body, Joanna was one of the first to find out that Jesus’ tomb was empty.
Famous Persons: Joanne Rowling is a British author, film and television producer, screenwriter, and philanthropist. She is best known for writing the Harry Potter fantasy series.

10. Judith

How to pronounce: JU-deeth
Original: יְהוּדִית
Meaning:From Judea
Alternative spelling: Judithe, Judyth, Judy, Judi, Jodi, Jodie, Giulia
Interesting Facts:Judith, the female protagonist of the Book of Judith, was a daring widow who saved Israel by decapitating Assyrian general Holofernes after infiltrating his camp.
Famous Persons: Judith Butler is an American philosopher.

11. Miriam 

How to pronounce: MEEH-ree-am
Original: מִרְיָם
In the Bible:Exodus 15:20
Alternative spelling: Myryam, Myriam, Mirijam, Miri, Mira
Interesting Facts:Miriam was Amram and Jochebed’s daughter, and Moses and Aaron’s older sister, in the Old Testament [16].
Famous Persons: Miriam Shaded is a Polish entrepreneur and human rights activist. 

12. Martha

How to pronounce: MARH-tha
Original: מַרְתָּא
Meaning:The mistress, the lady
In the Bible:John 11:1
Alternative spelling: Marta
Interesting Facts:Martha, along with her sister called Mary, catered to Jesus in their home. Whilst Mary was taught by Jesus, Martha cooked. 
Famous Persons: Martha Argerich is an Argentine-Swiss classical pianist. She is one of the greatest pianists of all time.

13. Magdalen

How to pronounce: MAG-dah-leen
Original: מגדל
Meaning:Woman from Magdala
In the Bible:Matthew 15:39
Alternative spelling: Magda, Madeline, Magdalena
Interesting Facts:Magdala, the birthplace of Mary Magdalene, was an ancient city on the Sea of Galilee’s shore.
Famous Persons: Madeline Caroll is an American actress.

14. Michaela

Original: מיכאלה
Meaning:Who is like God
In the Bible:1 Samuel 18:20
Alternative spelling: Makayla, Mikayla, Mekayla
Interesting Facts:The Hebrew name Michael is the masculine version of the feminine name Michaela.
Famous Persons: Michaela Coel is a British actress, singer, screenwriter, director, and producer.

15. Naomi

How to pronounce: NAH-o-mee
Original: נָעֳמִי
In the Bible:Ruth 3:1
Alternative spelling: Noemie, Noemi, Naomie
Interesting Facts:Naomi, in the Old Testament, is the mother-in-law of Ruth, who in turn was King David’s great-grandmother.
Famous Persons: Naomi Campbell is a famous  British model, actress and businesswoman.

16. Orpah

How to pronounce: OR-pah
Original: עָרְפָּה
Meaning:Neck, fawn
In the Bible:Ruth 1:4
Alternative spelling: Oprah, Orpha, Ophrah
Interesting Facts:Orpah, the daughter-in-law of Naomi and Chilion’s wife, was from Moab. She is mentioned in the Book of Ruth in the Hebrew Bible.
Famous Persons: Oprah Winfrey is an American actress, television producer, author, and talk show host.

17. Rachel

How to pronounce: RAY-chel
Original: רָחֵל
In the Bible:Genesis 29:6
Alternative spelling: Rachael, Racheal, Rachelle, Rachele, Rahel, Rae
Interesting Facts:Rachel was Jacob’s most favoured wife and Benjamin and Jacob’s mother in the Old Testament.
Famous Persons: Rachel Weisz is a famous British actress. 

18. Rebecca

How to pronounce: ruh-BEH-kuh
Original: רִבְקָה
Meaning:To tie, to bind
In the Bible:Genesis 24:15
Alternative spelling: Rebeccah, Rebeckah, Rebekah, Rebekka, Becca, Becky, Reba
Interesting Facts:Rebecca was Isaac’s wife and Jacob and Esau’s mother in the Old Testament [17].
Famous Persons: Rebecca Ferguson is a famous Swedish actress.

19. Sarah

How to pronounce: SAH-rah
Original: שרה
Meaning:Princess, noble woman, lady
In the Bible:Genesis 20:2
Alternative spelling: Sara, Sarai, Sadie, Sally, Sallie, Sarita, Kala, Zaria
Interesting Facts:Sarah was Abraham’s wife and Isaac’s mother in the Old Testament [18].
Famous Persons: Sarah Jessica Parker is an American producer and actress.

20. Susanna

How to pronounce: su-SAH-nah
Original: שושנה
Meaning:Lily, anemone
In the Bible:Luke 8:3
Alternative spelling: Susanne, Susannah, Susan, Sue, Susanne, Suzanne, Suzanna, Sanna, Susann, Sukie, Suzie
Interesting Facts:Susanna, in the New Testament, had connections with Jesus of Nazareth’s ministry.
Famous Persons: Susanna Hoffs is an American singer.

21. Tabitha

How to pronounce: TAH-bee-tah
Original: צְבִיָּה
Meaning:Gazelle, graceful
In the Bible:Acts 9:36
Alternative spelling: Tabatha, Tabby, Tibby
Interesting Facts:Peter, in the New Testament, brought a woman called Tabitha, whose name was Dorcas in Greek, back to life. 
Famous Persons: Tabitha King is an American author.

22. Tamar

How to pronounce: TAY-mar
Original: תָּמָר
Meaning:Date palm, palm tree
In the Bible:Genesis 38:6
Alternative spelling: Tamara, Thamar, Tamra, Tamera, Tammi, Tammie, Tammy
Interesting Facts:Tamar was an ancestor of Jesus and Judah’s daughter-in-law in the Old Testament.
Famous Persons: Tamar Simon Hoffs is an American filmmaker.

Latin And Greek Bible Names For Girls

In the New Testament, Greek and Latin names appear. If you would like one of these names, just pick from the list below.

23. Berenice

How to pronounce: behr-a-NEE-see
Original: Ancient Greek Βερενίκη
Meaning:Bearer of victory
In the Bible:Acts 25:13
Alternative spelling: Bernice
Interesting Facts:In the New Testament, Bernice was King Herod Agrippa I’s daughter and King Herod Agrippa II’s sister.
Famous Persons: Berenice Bejo is a famous French actress.

24. Candace 

How to pronounce: KAN-dis
Original: Latin Candidus
Meaning:White, pure
In the Bible:Acts 8:27
Alternative spelling: Candy, Candice, 
Interesting Facts:In Acts, Candace is the queen of the Ethiopians. Philip, the Apostle, baptizes her chief of the treasury.
Famous Persons: Candace Parker is an American basketball player.

25. Chloe 

How to pronounce: CHLO-e
Original: Ancient Greek Χλόη
Meaning:Blooming, fertility
In the Bible:1 Corinthians 1:11
Alternative spelling: Cloe, Chloë, Cloie, Cloey, Chloie, Kloe, Khloe, Khloé, Khloey
Interesting Facts:In the New Testament, Chloe leads Christian women in Corinth, Greece.
Famous Persons: Chloë Grace Moretz is an American actress. 

26. Damaris 

How to pronounce: DAM-a-ris
Original: Ancient Greek Δάμαρις
Meaning:Calf, gentle
In the Bible:Acts 17:34
Alternative spelling: Damaras, Demaris
Interesting Facts:According to the New Testament, Damaris, an Athenian woman, was converted by St. Paul to Christianity.
Famous Persons: Damaris Lewis is an American actress and model.

27. Drusilla

How to pronounce: DRUH-see-lah
Original: Ancient Greek Δρούσιλλα
In the Bible:Acts 24:24
Alternative spelling: Dru
Interesting Facts:Drusilla, as indicated by the New Testament, was Herod Agrippa’s – the King of Judea’s – daughter. 
Famous Persons: Drusilla Campbell is an Australian novelist.

28. Dorcas

How to pronounce: DOHR-cas
Original: Ancient Greek Δορκάς
In the Bible:Acts 9:36
Interesting Facts:Dorcas, in the New Testament, was known for her charitable works and mercy, particularly in sewing clothes for poor people.
Famous Persons: Dorcas Chopin is a French actress.

29. Eunice

How to pronounce: YOO-heehs
Original: Ancient Greek Εὐνίκη
Meaning:Good victory
In the Bible:2 Timothy 1:5
Alternative spelling: Unice, Eunike, Eunika
Interesting Facts:Eunice, in the New Testament, was Timothy’s mother. Timothy evangelized with Paul.
Famous Persons: Eunice Kathleen Waymon was an American songwriter, musician, arranger, singer, and civil rights activist.

30. Junia

How to pronounce: JUH-nee-a
Original: Ancient Greek Ἰουνία
Meaning:Born in June
In the Bible:Romans 16:7
Alternative spelling: June 
Interesting Facts:In the first century, as indicated by Paul the Apostle’s letters, Junia was a Christian.
Famous Persons: June Lockhart is an American actress.  

31. Lois

How to pronounce: LO-iz
Original: Ancient Greek Λωΐς
Meaning:The best, superior
In the Bible:2 Timothy 1:5
Alternative spelling: Louise, Loisa, Loise, Loisse, Loyce, Loys
Interesting Facts:
Lois was Timothy’s grandmother in the New Testament.
Famous Persons: Lois Sasson was a jewelry designer.

32. Lydia

How to pronounce: LYE-dee-a
Original: Ancient Greek Λυδία
Meaning:Woman from Lydia
In the Bible:Acts 16:14
Alternative spelling: Lidia, Lydea, Lyda, Lidiya
Interesting Facts:Paul, in the New Testament, converted a woman called Lydia to Christianity.
Famous Persons: Lydia Hall is a Welsh professional golfer.

33. Lystra

How to pronounce: LIST-ruh
Original: Ancient Greek Λύστρα
Meaning:That dissolves
In the Bible:Acts 14:6
Interesting Facts:Paul the Apostle went to a village called Lystra. In modern times, there is a village by Gökyurt called “Kilistra”. 
Famous Persons: Lystra Adams is an American model, entrepreneur, and property owner.

34. Maria

How to pronounce: mah-REE-a
Original: Ancient Greek Μαριάμ
Meaning:Of the sea, bitter, beloved
In the Bible:Matthew 1:16
Alternative spelling: Marea, Mariah, Marian, Marianne, Mary
Interesting Facts:
In the New Testament, Maria was Joseph’s wife and the virgin mother of Jesus. The name, along with Mariam, is derived from the Biblical Hebrew name of Miriam [19].
Famous Persons: Marie Curie was a Polish (French) chemist and physicist who conducted pioneering research on radioactivity.

35. Phoebe

How to pronounce: FEE-bee
Original: Ancient Greek Φοῖβος
Meaning:Bright, shining
In the Bible:Romans 16:1
Alternative spelling: Febe, Phebe, Pheebe, Phoebee, Phoeby, Phoebie, Pheobe
Interesting Facts:In the early Christian church, Phoebe was a deaconess. 
Famous Persons: Phoebe Tonkin is an Australian model, actress.

36. Priscilla

How to pronounce: PREES-cilah
Original: Latin Prisca
Meaning:Ancient, classical
In the Bible:Acts 18:26
Alternative spelling: Prisca, Priska, Priscille, Cece, Cissy, Scilla
Interesting Facts:Priscilla was one of the leaders of the early Christian church in the New Testament.
Famous Persons: Priscilla Presley is an actress and businesswoman. She was married to Elvis Presley.

37. Rhoda

How to pronounce: ROH-dah
Original: Ancient Greek ˁΡόδη
Meaning:Rose, woman from Rhodes
In the Bible:Acts 12:13
Alternative spelling: Rhode, Rhodah, Rodah
Interesting Facts:After Peter was let out of prison in the New Testament, Rhoda was the first person to see him. However, she wasn’t believed by anyone as people believed she was mad and judged her because of her lower social status. 
Famous Persons: Rhoda Griffis is an American actress.

38. Tryphena

How to pronounce: TRY-phe-nah
Original: Ancient Greek Τρυφαινα
Meaning:Softness, delicacy
In the Bible:Romans 16:12
Interesting Facts:In the New testament in Romans, Tryphosa and Tryphena were Christian women.
Famous Persons: Tryphena Anderson was a Jamaican-British nurse, the first black health visitor in the United Kingdom.

Short Biblical Girl Names

If you want a short and impactful baby name, the feminine baby names in the next list are short but have interesting meanings. 

39. Ada

How to pronounce: AY-da
Original: עָדָה
Meaning:Noble, nobility
In the Bible:Genesis 36:2
Alternative spelling: Adah, Aada
Interesting Facts:Ada was Esau’s wife in the Old Testament.
Famous Persons: Ada Lovelace was an English writer, mathematician.

40. Anna

How to pronounce: AH-hah
Original: חַנָּה
Meaning:Favor, grace, beautiful
In the Bible:Luke 2:36
Alternative spelling: Ana, Ann, Anne, Annika, Annette, Hannah
Interesting Facts:Anna, in the Gospel of Luke in the New Testament, was a prophetess in the Temple who preached that Jesus would redeem Jerusalem.
Famous Persons: Anna Pavlova was a Russian ballerina who is most recognized for her creation of the role of The Dying Swan. 

41. Abra 

How to pronounce: AH-brah
Original: אַבְרָהָם
Meaning:Father (mother) of many (of nations)
In the Bible:Genesis 17:5
Interesting Facts:Abraham is the masculine version of the feminine name ‘Abra’. 
Famous Persons: Abra Moore is an Irish-American songwriter.

42. Eve

How to pronounce: EEV
Original: חַוָּה
In the Bible:Genesis 3:20
Alternative spelling: Eva, Eave, Evie, Ava
Interesting Facts:In the Bible, Eve was the first woman and, therefore, was the first female name mentioned. 
Famous Persons: Eva Green is a famous French and Hollywood actress and model.

43. Jael

How to pronounce: ja-EL
Original: יָעֵל‎
Meaning:Mountain goat
In the Bible:Judges 5:24
Alternative spelling: Iael, Yael, Jaelle, Jayel, Jayil
Interesting Facts:In the Old Testament, Jael plays a crucial role in Israel’s war with the Canaanites. After the Canaanite army was defeated by Deborah, its captain took refuge in the tent of Jael’s husband, Heber the Kenite. Jael then slaughtered him with a tent peg.
Famous Persons: Yael Grobglas is an Israeli actress.

44. Leah

How to pronounce: LEE-ah
Original: לָאָה
In the Bible:Genesis 29:16
Alternative spelling: Lee, Leigh, Lia, Lea, Leea, Leeah, Liah
Interesting Facts:Leah was Jacob’s first wife and six of her sons eventually became the leaders of the 12 tribes of Israel. 
Famous Persons: Leah Remini is an American actress and activist.

45. Noa

How to pronounce: NOH-a
Original: נֹעָה
In the Bible:Numbers 27:1
Alternative spelling: Noah, Knoa, Nowa, Nowah
Interesting Facts:Noa was one of Zelophehad’s five daughters. In the Old Testament, she argued that his daughters should be able to inherit Zelophehad’s belongings even though this was against tradition. 
Famous Persons: Noa Lindberg is an American actress, writer, producer, director, and author of Israeli and European descent.

46. Ruth

How to pronounce: RUTH
Original: רות
In the Bible:Ruth 1:4
Alternative spelling: Rut, Ruta, Ruthe
Interesting Facts:In the Book of Ruth in the Old Testament, Ruth is the major female protagonist [20].
Famous Persons: Ruth Negga is a famous Ethiopian-Irish actress.

Unique Bible Names For Girls

Many biblical names for girls can be just what you need to give your daughter’s name an exciting twist. If you are looking for a name just like this, then take a look at the list of unique biblical girl’s names below.

47. Athaliah

How to pronounce: aa-THAEL-iy-aa
Original: עֲתַלְיָה
Meaning:The time of the Lord
In the Bible:2 Kings 11:1
Interesting Facts:Athaliah was a wicked queen of Judah in the Old Testament.
Famous Persons: Athaliah Molokomme is the first woman Attorney General in Botswana.

48. Carmel

How to pronounce: kar-MEL
Original: כַּרְמֶל
Meaning:Garden, fertile land
In the Bible:Joshua 15:55
Interesting Facts:In Judea, Carmel was an ancient Israelite town.
Famous Persons: Carmel Snow was the editor-in-chief of the American edition of Harper’s Bazaar from 1934 to 1958.

49. Hagar

How to pronounce: ha-GAR’
Original: הָגָר
Meaning:Flight, forsaken
In the Bible:Genesis 16:1
Alternative spelling: Hagir, Hajar, Agar, Haggar, Hagur
Interesting Facts:Sarah’s servant, Hagar, was given to Abraham for the purpose of bearing him a child. Ishmael, her son, is believed to be one of Muhammad’s ancestors.
Famous Persons: Hagar Wilde was an American screenwriter and playwright. 

50. Helah

How to pronounce: HE-lah
Original: חלא
In the Bible:1 Chronicles 4:5
Interesting Facts:Helah was one of Asshur’s two wives in the Old Testament.
Famous Persons: Helah Kirpop is a Kenyan professional long-distance runner.

51. Jemimah 

How to pronounce: JE-mee-mah
Original: יְמִימָה‎
In the Bible:Job 42:14
Alternative spelling: Jemima, Yemimah, Gemima, Jamima, Jemma, Gemma
Interesting Facts:Jemimah was one of Job’s three daughters in the Old Testament.
Famous Persons: Gemma Arterton is a famous British actress.  

52. Jerusha 

How to pronounce: JEH-ruh-shah
Original: יְרוּשָׁה
In the Bible:2 Kings 15:33
Alternative spelling: Yerusha
Interesting Facts:Jerusha is King Uzziah’s wife in the Old Testament.
Famous Persons: Jerusha Hess is an American filmmaker.

53. Kayla

How to pronounce: KAY-lah
Original: מִיכָאֵל 
Meaning:Who is like God?
In the Bible:1 Samuel 18:20
Interesting Facts:Kayla is a feminine form of the name “Michaela” from Latin. In the Bible, Michael, an archangel, was the one who was closest to God. 
Famous Persons: Kayla Harrison is an American judoka and professional mixed martial artist.

54. Kezia

How to pronounce: KEH-zee-a
Original: קְצִיעָה
Meaning:Cinnamon, cassia tree
In the Bible:Job 42:14
Alternative spelling: Keziah, Kasia, Ketziah, Keshia, Keisha, Keshea
Interesting Facts:Kezia was Job’s second daughter born after his suffering in the Old Testament.
Famous Persons: Kezia Burrows is a Welsh actress.

55. Keren 

How to pronounce: KEH-ren
Original: קרן‎
Meaning:Strength, power
In the Bible:Job 42:14
Interesting Facts:Keren-happuch is the youngest of Job’s three daughters, born after Job is made prosperous again. 
Famous Persons: Keren Woodward is an English songwriter and pop singer. 

56. Keturah 

How to pronounce: ke-TUH-rah
Original: קְטוּרָה
In the Bible:Genesis 25:1
Interesting Facts:In the Old Testament, the name Keturah referred to Abraham’s second wife.
Famous Persons: Keturah Orji is an American athlete specializing in the triple jump.

57. Michal

How to pronounce: MEE-chal
Original: מיכאלה
Meaning:Who resembles God
In the Bible:1 Samuel 18:20
Alternative spelling: Mychal, Mikhal
Interesting Facts:This name is a feminine version of the name Michael. In the Old Testament, this name referred to the first wife of David who was King Saul’s younger daughter. 
Famous Persons: Michal Negrin is an Israeli Jewelry artist.

58. Malka

How to pronounce: MAL-kah
Original: מַלְכָּה
Meaning:Queen, ruler
In the Bible:Genesis 24:15
Alternative spelling: Malkah, Milka, Milcah
Interesting Facts:Milkah, in the Old Testament, was Rebecca’s grandmother and the wife of Abraham’s brother.
Famous Persons: Milka Ternina was a Croatian dramatic soprano who enjoyed a high reputation in major American and European opera houses.

59. Mehitable

How to pronounce: ME-hee-tab-le
Original: מהיטבאל
Meaning:God benefits
In the Bible:Genesis 36:39
Alternative spelling: Mehitabel, Mehetabel
Interesting Facts:Mehetabel was the wife of one of the kings of Edom called Hahad.
Famous Persons: Mehitable E. Woods was the heroine of the American Civil War.

60. Neriah 

How to pronounce: NEH-ree-yah
Original: נֵרִיָּה
Meaning:Lord is my lamp, candle
In the Bible:Jeremiah 32:12
Alternative spelling: Neriya
Interesting Facts:This name is now gender-neutral, but in the Book of Jeremiah of the Hebrew Bible, this name referred to the father of Baruch and Seraiah ben Neriah.
Famous Persons: Neriah Fisher is an American YouTube blogger.

61. Peninnah

How to pronounce: pe-NEE-nah`
Original: פְּנִנָּה
Meaning:Pearl, coral
In the Bible:1 Samuel 1:2
Alternative spelling: Penina, Feninah
Interesting Facts:Briefly referred to in the first Book of Samuel, Peninah was one of Elkanah’s two wives, along with Hannah.
Famous Persons: Penina Petersen is an Australian author.

62. Rahab

How to pronounce: ra-HAB
Original: רָחָב
In the Bible:Joshua 2:3
Alternative spelling: Rachab
Interesting Facts:In the Old Testament, Rahab lived in Jericho in the Promised Land and helped the Israelites subdue and capture the city by hiding two people who had been sent to spy on the city before the assault. In the New Testament, she was heralded as the prototype of a saint who lived by faith, and was considered noble and righteous.

63. Salome

How to pronounce: SAH-lom
Original: שָׁלוֹם
In the Bible:Mark 15:40
Alternative spelling: Salomea, Salomee
Interesting Facts:In the New Testament, there were two people named Salome. The first was the mother of John and James, who were apostles, and she was also one of only three women to find out that Jesus had come back to life. The second was King Herod’s stepdaughter, who had wanted John the Baptist to be beheaded. 
Famous Persons: Salome Jens is an American actress and dancer. 

64. Selah

How to pronounce: SE-lah
Original: סֶלָה
Meaning:Unknown, but possibly this is a musical term meaning to pause
Alternative spelling: Sela, Seela, Seelah
Interesting Facts:Although it was not used as a name in the Bible, the name Selah was used many times at the end of verses in Psalms (Old Testament).
Famous Persons: Selah Marley is an American fashion model and singer. 

65. Shiloh

How to pronounce: SHAI-loh
Original: שִׁלֹה
In the Bible:Judges 21:19
Alternative spelling: Shilo, Shilow, Shyloh
Interesting Facts:Referred to in the Old Testament, Shiloh was one of Samaria’s ancient cities. 
Famous Persons: Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt is the first biological daughter of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

66. Talitha

How to pronounce: tah-LEE-tah
Original: טלל
Meaning:Little girl
In the Bible:Mark 5:41
Alternative spelling: Talita, Thalita
Interesting Facts:Talitha, in the New Testament, was a child that Jesus raised from the dead. 
Famous Persons: Talitha Bateman is an American actress. 

67. Tirzah

How to pronounce: TER-zah
Original: ‎תִּרְצָה
In the Bible:Numbers 26:33
Alternative spelling: Thirza
Interesting Facts:Tirzah was one of Zelophehad’s five daughters in the Old Testament.
Famous Persons: Tirzah Mastin is an English singer and songwriter. 

68. Vashti

How to pronounce: VASH-tee
Original: וַשְׁתִּי
Meaning:Unknown, possibly beautiful
In the Bible:Esther 1:11
Alternative spelling: Astin, Vashtie, Vashtee, Vashty, Washti
Interesting Facts:The Queen of Persia, and a figure in the Purim story, Vashti was replaced as the wife of King Ahasuerus by Esther in the Book of Esther in the Old Testament. Astin is the Greek version of her name.
Famous Persons: Vashti Cunningham is an American athlete specializing in the high jump.

69. Zillah

How to pronounce: ZEEL-lah
Original: זילה
Meaning:Shade, shadow
In the Bible:Genesis 4:19
Alternative spelling: Zilla, Zilah, Zila
Interesting Facts:Along with Adah, Zillah was one of the two wives in the first polygamous relationship in Genesis.
Famous Persons: Zillah Eisenstein is one of America’s most prolific anti-racist feminist writers and activists of her time.

70. Zilpah

How to pronounce: ZEEL-pah
Original: זִלְפָּה
In the Bible:Genesis 30:9
Alternative spelling: Zilpa, Zilpha, Zylpah, Silpa
Interesting Facts:A slave in his house, Zilpah gave birth to Jacob’s sons called Gad and Asher. Some believe that she was buried in the Tomb of the Matriarchs in Tiberias. 
Famous Persons: Ziplah Wadsworth Longfellow was the mother of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (American “Fireside” Poet).

71. Zipporah 

How to pronounce: zee-POH-rah
Original: צִפּוֹרָה
In the Bible:Exodus 4:24
Alternative spelling: Tzipora, Sepphora, Seffora, Sephora
Interesting Facts:Zipporah was Jethro’s daughter and Mose’s wife in the Old Testament.

Bottom Line

As you can see, there are many names for boys and girls in the Bible. All biblical names for males and females have a deep meaning and contain a fairly complete description of their first carriers.

Hopefully, you have found our article useful and interesting whilst choosing a name for your little one! 

©️ By Marina Kaverina