TOP 200 Finnish Names For Boys And Girls: Origin, Meaning, Variations And Pronunciation

Finnish Names

Finns are a Finno-Ugric people with a total population of about 6.5 million. Most (about 5 million) live in Finland, constituting the main population of the country. The rest live in the USA, Canada, Sweden, Russia, and other states. The national language is Finnish, belonging to the Baltic-Finnish subgroup of the Finno-Volga group of the Finno-Ugric language family. The state religion is Lutheranism, and religious minorities include Orthodox, Catholics, Jews, Muslims.

Finnish names can be divided into national (traditional) and loan names of various origins.

In Finland, giving names is regulated by law. People can be given no more than three names and they cannot be named offensive words. Siblings should not have the same first name, children’s first names can’t be last names, and girls can’t be named boys’ names and vice versa.

Historically, Finnish people gave names to newborns in the ways that people of other countries did by giving children the names of things in the world (Ilma – “air”, Villa – “grain”). All pagan names are linked to words from the Finnish language (Seppo – “blacksmith”, Pilvi – “cloud”).

In some cases, the name represented positive feelings (Love – “Lempi”). In other cases, the name represented the behavior of a person (Noble – “Jalo”). Some people have even believed that a strange or scary name could ward off trouble.

When Sweden conquered Finland at the start of the 12th century, Christianity was introduced to Finland for the first time in the form of Orthodox Catholicism. Finland was declared Lutheran by the Swedish king in 1536.  Religion added more biblical names of Orthodox and Catholic saints of Greek, Latin, and Jewish origin to the list of names commonly used by Finnish people. Some of these names did not change but some were modified to the Finnish language (Peter – “Pietari”).

The reason that a Finn can have more than one name is that, when Christianity became the main religion, people refused to baptize children with pagan names. At this point, Latin, Greek and even Jewish names came into play.

Another group of names consists of borrowed names, many of which were considered Finnish after being adapted to the Finnish language. These are Scandinavian names that were introduced to Finland through the Swedish language (Nuuti – from Swedish “Knut”), and Swedish forms of church names (Penti – which is from the Swedish form “Bengt” of the Latin name “Benedict”).

Elias Lennrot published ‘Kalevala’ in the 19th century,  which is based on the imagination of the people living in the present Republic of Karelia. The resurgence of traditions in the 19th and 20th centuries reinvigorated Finnish names.

The Finnish naming system is similar to the naming systems of other European countries. People are given a first name and a surname. The first name is not inclined and appears before the last name. Although Finland has borrowed names from many countries, they preserved a bit of their own culture.

If you are looking for a baby name, the following list of Finnish names could be the right place to look!

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Top 100 Finnish Names For Boys

Finnish Boy Names

With the introduction out of the way, we shall start with some of the popular Finnish names for boys.

Traditional Swedish Names For Boys

Traditional Finnish names are exotic but nuanced and representative of the country’s heritage. Hopefully, these names will inspire and inform you on some great names for boys. 

1.  Aatos

How to pronounce: AH-tos
Origin: Finnish
Meaning:Thought, idea 
Alternative spelling: Atski
Interesting Facts:This name may also be derived from the Greek name Athos became well-known due to Alexandre Dumas’ older work The Three Musketeers [1]. 
Famous Persons: Aatos Tapala is a Finnish opera singer. 

2.  Ahti

How to pronounce: AH-tee
Origin: Finnish
Alternative spelling: Ahto
Interesting Facts:Ahti appears in ancient Finnish mythology as the god of water.
Famous Persons: Ahti Antero Jokinen is a Finnish actor.

3.  Aimo

How to pronounce: AY-moh
Origin: Finnish
Meaning:Excellent, quite good
Alternative spelling: Aippa, Ami
Interesting Facts:In Lapland, the name Aimo was used as early as the 16th century.
Famous Persons: Aimo Hallberg is a Finnish bank manager, lieutenant colonel, and municipal politician from Kotka.

4.  Armas

How to pronounce: Ar-mas
Origin: Finnish
Meaning:Dear, beloved
Alternative spelling: Ami
Famous Persons: Armas Uno Rankka was a Finnish architect.

5.  Aulis

How to pronounce: AH-oo-lees
Origin: Finnish
Meaning:Caring, helpful
Female version of the name:Aulikki
Alternative spelling: Auli, Aukki
Famous Persons: Aulis Kotaviita is a Finnish singer.

6.  Auvo

How to pronounce: AH-oo-woh
Origin: Finnish
Meaning:Joy, happy
Interesting Facts:This name appears in the language of poetry. In the Kalevala, however, Auvo means honor and beautification. Sometimes this name is given to a girl. 
Famous Persons: Auvo Elis Nuotio was a Finnish singer, choir director, and actor.

7.  Heimo

How to pronounce: HEY-moh
Origin: Finnish
Meaning:Tribe, clan
Alternative spelling: Hemppa
Interesting Facts:The name was introduced during the National Romantic period in the 19th century. It is known that the first person named Heimo was Heimo Helminen, born in 1878 in Jyväskylä, one of the centers of national hobbies.
Famous Persons: Heimo Aaltonen is a former Finnish baseball player.

8.  Ilpo

How to pronounce: EEL-poh
Origin: Finnish Ikka
Alternative spelling: Ilppo
Interesting Facts:Ilpo appears in the Kalevala as one of the names of the Nordic mistress Louhe. In Eastern Finland, Ilppo has been used in some places as a variant of Ilmar.
Famous Persons: Ilpo Murtojärvi is a Finnish guitarist, composer, arranger and music producer.

9.  Jalo

How to pronounce: YA-lo
Origin: Finnish
Interesting Facts:The meaning of this name reflects the character traits sought for the child given it.
Famous Persons: Jalo Lesche was a Finnish actor.

10.  Kauko

How to pronounce: KA-oo-koh
Origin: Finnish Kauas
Alternative spelling: Kake
Interesting Facts:The spread of this name dates back to the Finnish National Romantic period.
Famous Persons: Kauko Pertti Juhani Heikkinen is a  Finnish gymnast.

11.  Kauno

How to pronounce: KAH-oo-noh
Origin: Finnish
Interesting Facts:Kauno has been in the Finnish Almanac since 1929.
Famous Persons: Kauno Kaarlo Rafael Wirtanen (Virtanen) was a Finnish pianist and music teacher. 

12.  Keijo

How to pronounce: KEY-yoh
Origin: Finnish
Alternative spelling: Kepa, Kepo, Keppa, Keka, Keke
Interesting Facts:Alf is a fairy, a small, humanlike magic figure in Scandinavian mythology.
Famous Persons: Keijo Olavi Koivumäki was a Finnish rower.

13.  Mies

How to pronounce: MEE-yes
Origin: Finnish
Meaning:Free man
Interesting Facts:This name originated as a Finnish translation of the Germanic name Karl.
Famous Persons: Mies Mauri Antero Numminen is a Finnish musician and artist.

14.  Oiva

How to pronounce: OY-vah
Origin: Finnish
Meaning:Wonderful, excellent 
Alternative spelling: Oivi
Interesting Facts:This name belongs to a well-established type of name in the late 19th century, where the name given reflects the traits sought for the child.
Famous Persons: Oiva Väinö Arvola was a Finnish writer and teacher [2].

15.  Ohto

How to pronounce: OH-toh
Origin: Finnish
Alternative spelling: Otso
Interesting Facts:Ohto was a rather rare name in the 20th century, but has clearly become more common recently.
Famous Persons: Ohto Antero Kaarle Oksala was a professor at the Helsinki University of Technology. 

16.  Seppo

How to pronounce: SEP-poh
Origin: Finnish
Alternative spelling: Sepi, Sepe
Interesting Facts:In Ostrobothnia, Seppo may be understood as a variation of the name Sepeteus.
Famous Persons: Seppo Vesiluoma is a Finnish screenwriter.

17.  Ukko

How to pronounce: uk-KO
Origin: Finnish
Meaning:Finnish god Ukko
Alternative spelling: Uko
Interesting Facts:This name is derived from the name Ukko, an ancient Finnish supergod mentioned in the Kalevala [3]. 
Famous Persons: Ukko Havukka was a Finnish dance critic and playwright.

18.  Urho

How to pronounce: UR-ho
Origin: Finnish
Alternative spelling: Urkki, Urkka
Famous Persons: Urho Kaleva Kekkonen was the eighth President of the Republic of Finland and a Finnish politician.

Finnish Boy Names With Greek And Latin Origins

Exploring these Finnish names with Greek and Latin origins is just one way to discover some of the personality and history involved in naming in Finland. 

19.  Aleksanteri

How to pronounce: ah-lek-SAN-teh-ree
Origin: Ancient Greek Ἀλέξανδρος
Meaning:Man’s defender
Female version of the name:Aleksandra
Alternative spelling: Ale, Santu, Santeri, Aksu, Aleks
Variations in other languages:Alexander (English), Oleksandr (Ukrainian)
Interesting Facts:The name, with its various variations, has been in use since ancient times.
Famous Persons: Aleksanteri “Aksu” Huovinen is a Finnish motor athlete.

20.  Aleksi

How to pronounce: ah-LEK-see
Origin: Ancient Greek Ἀλέξιος
Alternative spelling: Aleksis, Ale, Ali
Variations in other languages:Aleksey (Russian), Oleksiy (Ukrainian)
Interesting Facts:Also sometimes used as a short form of the name Aleksanteri.
Famous Persons: Aleksi Huuskonen is a Finnish basketball player.

21.  Alpi

How to pronounce: AL-pee
Origin: Latin Albus
Alternative spelling: Alpo, Alvi
Interesting Facts:The names Alpi and Alvi are based on the Roman name Albinus.
Famous Persons: Alpi Alexander Pasma was a Finnish Jaeger lieutenant.

22.  Antero

How to pronounce: AN-teh-roh
Origin: Ancient Greek Ἀνδρέας
Meaning:Man, masculine
Alternative spelling: Andreas, Anteri, Antti, Tero, Atte, Anska
Variations in other languages:Andrey (Russian), Andrew (English)
Interesting Facts:The Kalevala name Antero Vipunen was based on the apostle Andreas [4]. 
Famous Persons: Antero Manninen is a Finnish cellist known as a former member of the band Apocalyptica.

23.  Anton

How to pronounce: AN-ton
Origin: Ancient Greek ἄνθος
Alternative spelling: Antto, Antsu, Toni
Interesting Facts:Also possibly origin from ancient Greek word ἀντάω, “to meet, collide”.
Famous Persons: Anton Elving is a Finnish landowner, businessman, and CEO.

24.  Ari

How to pronounce: AH-ree
Origin: Latin Hadrianus
Alternative spelling: Atro
Interesting Facts:This name is related to the northern Italian town of Adria.
Famous Persons: Ari Korvola is a Finnish journalist.

25.  Asmo

How to pronounce: AS-mo
Origin: Ancient Greek Ἐράσμιος
Interesting Facts:This name may come from a Scandinavian name, Asmund, meaning protection of the gods, or it may be an abbreviated form of the name Erasmus. 
Famous Persons: Asmo Samuel Jaaksi is a Finnish architect.

26.  Aukusti

How to pronounce: AU-kus-tee
Origin: Latin Augeo
Meaning:Multiply, increase 
Alternative spelling: Aku, Aki, Kusti
Interesting Facts:Aukusti comes from the Latin abbreviation for the name Augustus, originally an honorary title meaning ‘venerable’.
Famous Persons: Aukusti Simojoki was a Finnish doctor of philosophy, teacher, author, translator and lyricist.

27.  Eemil

How to pronounce: EH-meel
Origin: Latin Aemilius 
Female version of the name:Emilia
Alternative spelling: Emil, Eemeli, Ema, Emu, Emppa, Emppu, Eppu
Interesting Facts:This is a variation of the name of the Roman supreme family Aemilius.
Famous Persons: Eemil Helander is a Finnish endurance runner and cross-country skier.

28.  Ilari

How to pronounce: EE-la-ree
Origin: Ancient Greek ἱλαρός
Meaning:Cheerful, joyful
Female version of the name:Hilary
Alternative spelling: Lari 
Interesting Facts:Ilari is a Karelian variant of the name Ilarion.
Famous Persons: Ilari Aalto is a Finnish non-fiction writer and archaeologist.

29.  Julius

How to pronounce: YOO-lee-oosh
Origin: Latin 
Meaning:From the Roman generic name Julius
Female version of the name:Julia
Alternative spelling: Julle, Juli
Interesting Facts:Possibly derived from ancient Greek ἴουλος (iulos) meaning “fluffy, curly”.
Famous Persons: Julius Alakortes is a Finnish basketball player.

30.  Konstantin

How to pronounce: KON-stan-teen
Origin: Latin Constans
Alternative spelling: Konsta, Konsti, Konstu, Koso, Kost
Interesting Facts:This name was popularized by Constantine the Great, the first Christian emperor of Rome.
Famous Persons: Konstantin Wikman was a Finnish major general.

31.  Kristian

How to pronounce: KREES-tee-an
Origin: Latin Christianus
Meaning:The christian 
Female version of the name:Kristiina
Alternative spelling: Krisse, Kristo, Risto
Variations in other languages:Christian (English)
Famous Persons: Kristian Johnsson was a Finnish judge.

32.  Kuisma

How to pronounce: KOO-ees-mah
Origin: Ancient Greek Κοσμᾶς
Meaning:Orderliness, order, lawful
Alternative spelling: Kuosma
Interesting Facts:The name Kuisma is rooted in the holy name Kosmas. Kosmas  and Damianos (in English, Cosmas and Damian) were twin brothers born around 270 in Cilicia, now Turkey. They were Christian doctors who took no charge for treatment. Thus, they caused many to listen to the gospel of Jesus. They experienced martyrdom in Sicily around 303. 
Famous Persons: Kuisma Korhonen is Professor of Literature and Comparative Literature.

33.  Lasse

How to pronounce: LAH-seh
Origin: Latin Laurentius
Meaning:Dedicated to the Laurent city
Alternative spelling: Lassi, Läde, Laukki, Lati, Lare
Variations in other languages:Lawrence (English), Lavrenty (Russian), Lorenzo (Italian)
Interesting Facts:This name is a variation of the names Laurentius and Lauri.
Famous Persons: Lasse Heikkilä is a Finnish composer.

34.  Lauri

How to pronounce: LAH-oo-ree
Origin: Latin Laurus
Female version of the name:Laura
Alternative spelling: Lalli, Läde, Laukki, Lati, Lare
Interesting Facts:In Finland, Lauri has been one of the most common men’s names for many decades.
Famous Persons: Lauri Allan Törni was a Finnish soldier and knight of the Mannerheim Cross.

35.  Leo

How to pronounce: LEH-oh
Origin: Ancient Greek Λέων
Alternative spelling: Leon, Leka, Leksa
Famous Persons: Leo Juhani Kontula was a Finnish playwright, director, and translator.

36.  Luukas

How to pronounce: LOOH-kas
Origin: Ancient Greek Λουκᾶς
Alternative spelling: Lukas, Lucas
Variations in other languages:Luke (English)
Interesting Facts:The name was popularized in Christian countries by Luke, a biblical physician said to have authored the Acts of the Apostles and the Gospel of Luke.
Famous Persons: Luukas Levänen is a Finnish baseball player.

37.  Markku

How to pronounce: MAR-ku
Origin: Latin Martius
Meaning:Dedicated to the god Mars
Alternative spelling: Marko, Markus, Make, Maku
Variations in other languages:Mark (Russian)
Interesting Facts:The Markku Association, founded in 1996 and with around 1700 members, is Finland’s largest first name association.
Famous Persons: Markku Pauli Hakulinen was a Finnish hockey player.

38.  Martti

How to pronounce: MAR-ti
Origin: Latin Martius
Meaning:Dedicated to the god Mars
Alternative spelling: Masa, Masi, Make
Interesting Facts:Mars is an Ancient Greek and Roman god of war. 
Famous Persons: Martti Gunnar Heikura was a Finnish architect.

39.  Mauno

How to pronounce: MA-oo-noh
Origin: Latin Magnus
Meaning:The great
Alternative spelling: Maunu, Manu, Maukka
Interesting Facts:The name has been used as an additional name for Charles the Great.
Famous Persons: Mauno Valdemar “Butta” Hurme was a Finnish pole vaulter.

40.  Mauri

How to pronounce: MAH-oo-ree
Origin: Latin 
Alternative spelling: Maukka
Interesting Facts:Mauri is an abbreviation of the Latin name Mauritius. St. Mauritius was a martyr who died in 302, and is the patron saint of Switzerland.
Famous Persons: Mauri Alanne is a Finnish baseball player.

41.  Nestori

How to pronounce: NEH-sto-ree
Origin: Ancient Greek Νέστωρ
Meaning:Returned home
Alternative spelling: Nestoor, Nesto
Interesting Facts:In Greek mythology, Nestor was a hero who, in his old days, took part in the Trojan War and gave advice to younger warriors.
Famous Persons: Nestori Lampi was a Finnish actor.

42.  Niilo

How to pronounce: NEE-lo
Origin: Ancient Greek Νικόλαος
Meaning:Victory and people
Alternative spelling: Nipa, Nippe, Nisse, Niko
Interesting Facts:Niilo is a Finnish form of the name Nikolaus (Nikolaos).
Famous Persons: Niilo Liakka was a Finnish politician. 

43.  Paavali

How to pronounce: PAH-va-lee
Origin: Latin Paulus
Meaning:Modest, humble
Female version of the name:Paula
Alternative spelling: Paavo, Pauli , Paul, Pate, Pati, Patu, Papu, Paukka, Paukku, Pasi
Variations in other languages:Pablo (Spanish), Paolo (Italian), Pavel (Russian), Pavlo (Ukrainian) 
Interesting Facts:Paul’s Name Day is January 25, which has long been celebrated in the territory of Christianity on the anniversary of the conversion of the apostle Paul.

44.  Pasi

How to pronounce: PA-see
Origin: Ancient Greek Βασίλειος
Variations in other languages:Basil (English), Vasily (Russian)
Interesting Facts:This name is a Finnish form of the name Basil. St. Basil the Great was an influential father of the early Orthodox Church in the 300s.
Famous Persons: Pasi Haaranen is a Finnish photographer.

45.  Severi

How to pronounce: SEH-veh-ree
Origin: Latin Severus
Meaning:Strict, stern
Alternative spelling: Seve
Variations in other languages:Severyn (Ukrainian)
Interesting Facts:In Mikael Agricola’s first almanac from 1544, the name was written as Sewerinus. 
Famous Persons: Severi Tikkakoski is a Finnish baseball player.

46.  Tapani

How to pronounce: TAH-pa-nee
Origin: Ancient Greek Στέφανος
Female version of the name:Stepanie
Alternative spelling: Tahvo, Teppo, Tapi, Tapsa
Variations in other languages:Stepan (Russian), Steven/Stephan (English)
Interesting Facts:This is probably also a translation of the Hebrew name Cheliel, which means crowned by God.
Famous Persons: Tapani Ilmo Sakari Parm is a Finnish television director.

47.  Vihtori

How to pronounce: VEEH-to-ree
Origin: Latin Victor
Alternative spelling: Vihtoori, Viki, Viktor
Variations in other languages:Vittorio (Italian)
Interesting Facts:In Finland, the name has been commonly used since the 19th century.
Famous Persons: Vihtori Johannes Ylinen was a Finnish painter.

Swedish Names For Boys With Hebrew Origins

Now you can check our exclusive list of Finnish boy names with Hebrew origins.

48.  Aapo

How to pronounce: ah-AH-poh
Origin: Ancient Hebrew אַבְרָם
Meaning:Father is glorified
Alternative spelling: Aappo, Aapukka, Abraham
Interesting Facts:Aapo is the Finnish abbreviation of the Hebrew name Abraham.
Famous Persons: Aapo Ahola is a Finnish hockey defender for the team Mestis.

49.  Akseli

How to pronounce: ak-seh-LEE
Origin: Ancient Hebrew אַבְשָׁלום‎
Meaning:Father of peace
Alternative spelling: Aksel, Ake, Aake, Akke, Aksu, Aki, Akki
Variations in other languages:Axel (Danish)
Interesting Facts:Akseli is a Finnish form of the Danish name Axel, which changed to the more Finnish spelling in the almanac from 1858.
Famous Persons: Akseli Gallen-Kallela was one of Finland’s most significant painters.

50.  Asser

How to pronounce: AS-ser
Origin: Ancient Hebrew אָשֵׁר
Alternative spelling: Asseri
Interesting Facts:In the Bible, Asser was one of the patriarchs of Jacob’s sons and a descendant of the tribe of Israel.
Famous Persons: Asser Rafael Wallenius was a Finnish speed skater.

51.  David

How to pronounce: DAH-veed
Origin: Ancient Hebrew דָּוִיד
Meaning:Admired, loved
Alternative spelling: Daavid
Interesting Facts:The name has been widely popularized by David, the ancient king of Israel from the Old Testament.
Famous Persons: David Karppelin was a Finnish farmer and statesman.

52.  Daniel

How to pronounce: DAH-nee-el
Origin: Ancient Hebrew דָּנִאֵל
Meaning:God is my judge
Female version of the name:Daniela
Alternative spelling: Dan
Variations in other languages:Daniil (Russian), Danylo (Ukrainian)
Interesting Facts:There are two characters in the Bible named Daniel, one of whom is described in the Book of Daniel.
Famous Persons: Daniel Katz is a Finnish author.

53.  Eelis

How to pronounce: EH-lees
Origin: Ancient Hebrew אֱלִיָּהוּ
Meaning:My God is Yahweh 
Alternative spelling: Elja , Elias, Elia
Variations in other languages:Elis (Swedish), Ilya (Russian), Elijah (English)
Famous Persons: Eelis Waldemar Jurva (December 12, 1873 Koski Hl. [1] – February 1, 1934 Helsinki [2]) was a Finnish music captain and military conductor [5].

54.  Esa

How to pronounce: EH-sah
Origin: Ancient Hebrew שַׁעְיָהוּ
Meaning:The salvation of Yahweh
Alternative spelling: Esaias, Jesaja
Variations in other languages:Isaiah (English)
Interesting Facts:Esa is an abbreviation of the biblical name Esaias, which in turn is the Greek equivalent of the Hebrew name Isaiah. Isaiah (c. 740–700 BC) was one of the most significant Old Testament prophets.
Famous Persons: Esa Hietanen was a Finnish politician and journalist.

55.  Gabriel

How to pronounce: GAB-ree-el
Origin: Ancient Hebrew גַּבְרִיאֵל
Meaning:God’s fighter
Female version of the name:Gabriela
Interesting Facts:In the Bible, Gabriel was one of the archangels.
Famous Persons: Gabriel Etholén was a Finnish major general in the army of the Russian Empire.

56.  Iisakki

How to pronounce: EE-sa-kee
Origin: Ancient Hebrew יִצְחָק
Meaning:He laughs 
Alternative spelling: Isaak, Iikka, Isko, Sakki
Interesting Facts:This name is a variation of Isaac, the father of Esau and Jacob and son of Abraham in the Old Testament.
Famous Persons: Isaak Mylri was a Finnish freestyle wrestler.

57.  Immanuel

How to pronounce: EE-ma-nu-el’
Origin: Ancient Hebrew עִמָּנוּאֵל
Meaning:God with us 
Female version of the name:Manuela
Alternative spelling: Immo, Manu, Manuel
Interesting Facts:In the Almanac, this name;s placement is due to an Old Testament prophecy which tells of a virgin who will bear a son and name him Immanuel.
Famous Persons: Immanuel Ilmoni was a professor at the University of Helsinki and a physician from Finland.

58.  Ismo

How to pronounce: EES-mo
Origin: Ancient Hebrew יִשְׁמָעֵאל
Meaning:God hears
Alternative spelling: Ismael
Interesting Facts:Ismo’s entry into the Finnish nomenclature was facilitated by the similar names Osmo and Asmo.
Famous Persons: Ismo Olavi Kanerva is a Finnish racing rower.

59.  Jaakkima

How to pronounce: YAK-kee-ma
Origin: Ancient Hebrew יְהוֹיָקִים
Meaning:Yahweh awakens 
Alternative spelling: Akim, Aki, Kim, Kimi, Kimmo
Interesting Facts:This name is a variation of the name Joakim from Hebrew.
Famous Persons: Jaakkima Kilpi was a Finnish researcher.

60.  Jaako

How to pronounce: YA-ko
Origin: Ancient Hebrew יַעֲקֹב
Meaning:Heel-grabber, supplanter 
Alternative spelling: Jaakob, Jaakoppi, Jaska, Jake, Jakke, Jakki, Jassu, Jasu
Variations in other languages:Iakov (Russian), Jacob (English)
Interesting Facts:This is an old Western Finnish form of the biblical name Jacob who was born holding the heel of his twin brother Esau.
Famous Persons: Jaako Niskavaara is a Finnish hockey player.

61.  Jeremias

How to pronounce: ye-REH-mee-as
Origin: Ancient Hebrew יִרְמְיָה
Meaning:Yahweh exalted
Alternative spelling: Jeremia, Jarmo, Jorma, Jarno
Variations in other languages:Jeremiah (English)
Interesting Facts:Jeremiah was an Old Testament prophet.
Famous Persons: Jeremias Wallén was a Finnish lawyer, member of parliament, and governor.

62.  Jesse

How to pronounce: JES-se
Origin: Ancient Hebrew יִשַׁי
Meaning:Yahweh remains 
Interesting Facts:In Finland, the name Jesse has only become common since the 1980s.
Famous Persons: Jesse Ahonen is a Finnish footballer.

63.  Joel

How to pronounce: YOH-el’
Origin: Ancient Hebrew יוֹאֵל
Meaning:Yahweh is God
Alternative spelling: Jooel
Interesting Facts:In the Old Testament, there are 13 people named Joel.
Famous Persons: Joel Granvik was a Finnish-Swedish journalist, politician, author, and elementary school teacher.

64.  Johannes

How to pronounce: yo-HAN-nes
Origin: Ancient Hebrew יוֹחָנָן
Meaning:Yahweh is merciful 
Female version of the name:Johanna
Alternative spelling: Juhani, Juhan, Juha, Juho, Jukka, Jussi, Janne, Jani, Jonne, Hannes, Hannu
Variations in other languages:John (English), Ivan (Russian) 
Interesting Facts:This has been the second most used man’s first name in Finland since the end of the 19th century.
Famous Persons: Johannes (Jukka) Bärlund was an insurance adviser and director from Finland.

65.  Joona

How to pronounce: YOH-nah
Origin: Ancient Hebrew יוֹנָה
Alternative spelling: Joonas
Interesting Facts:The origin of this name is the Old Testament prophet Jonah.
Famous Persons: Joona Veteli is a Finnish footballer.

66.  Joonatan

How to pronounce: YOH-nah-tan
Origin: Ancient Hebrew יְהוֹנָתָן
Meaning:Yahweh gave
Alternative spelling: Jonathan 
Interesting Facts:In Finland this name became repopularized in the 1980s after not being used much since the 19th century.
Famous Persons: Jonatan Lillebror Johansson is a former football player and now football coach from Finland.

67.  Joosef

How to pronounce: YOH-sef
Origin: Ancient Hebrew יוֹסֵף
Meaning:God gives more 
Alternative spelling: Juuso, Jooseppi, Joska, Joopi, Jopi, Jooseppi
Variations in other languages:Joseph (English), Iosif (Russian)
Interesting Facts:This name has become known from the Bible, which mentions several people with this name.
Famous Persons: Josef Lefko was a Finnish goalkeeper and influential figure in the Finnish Jewish community.

68.  Kaapo

How to pronounce: KAH-poh
Origin: Ancient Hebrew גַּבְרִיאֵל
Meaning:God’s fighter
Alternative spelling: Kaapro, Kaappo
Interesting Facts:Kaapo is a Finnish variant of the Hebrew name Gabriel.
Famous Persons: Kaapo Kähkönen is a Finnish hockey player.

69.  Kasperi

How to pronounce: KAS-pe-ree
Origin: Ancient Hebrew זְבָּר   
Meaning:Treasure keeper
Alternative spelling: Kassu, Kape, Kapu
Interesting Facts:This name originated in the times of the Old Testament and many variations of the name can be found across cultures.
Famous Persons: Kasperi Heikkinen is a Finnish musician.

70.  Matti

How to pronounce: MA-tee
Origin: Ancient Hebrew מַתִּתְיָהוּ
Meaning:The gift of God
Alternative spelling: Matteus, Mattias, Matias, Masa, Masi, Matu, Matukka, Matt
Interesting Facts:This is a Finnish form of the name of the apostle Mattias.
Famous Persons: Matti Jalmari Annila was an expert in agriculture.

71.  Mikael

How to pronounce: MEE-kah-el
Origin: Ancient Hebrew מִיכָאֵל
Meaning:Who is like God?
Female version of the name:Mikaela
Alternative spelling: Mika, Miika, Miikka, Mikko, Miko
Variations in other languages:Michael (English), Mihail (Russian), Miguel (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:This was the name of the biblical Archangel Michael.
Famous Persons: Mikael Ilves is a Finnish veterinarian and author.

72.  Moses

How to pronounce: MOH-zes
Origin: Ancient Hebrew מֹשֶׁה
Meaning:From water
Alternative spelling: Mooses, Mossi
Interesting Facts:This name was popularized by possibly the most important figure in the Old Testament, leader of the Israelites Moses.
Famous Persons: Moses Muurman was a Finnish major general.

73.  Taavetti

How to pronounce: TAH-ve-tee
Origin: Ancient Hebrew דָּוִיד
Alternative spelling: Taavi, Tatu
Interesting Facts:This is a Finnish variant of the Hebrew name David.
Famous Persons: Taavetti Rahikainen was a Finnish church builder who had an influence in Eastern Finland.

Finnish Names For Boys With German, Scandinavian, And Other European Origins

Finnish names are more quirky than those from other Scandinavian countries, splitting the difference between Baltic and Nordic names, with much crossover between Germany and Finland.

74.  Aarne

How to pronounce: AHR-neh
Origin: Old German Arn
Alternative spelling: Aarni, Aarno, Arne
Interesting Facts:This name had particular popularity prior to World Wars I and II, with the majority of people with this name being registered between 1900 and 1939.
Famous Persons: Aarne Nopsanen is a Finnish painter, graphic artist, and illustrator.

75.  Albert

How to pronounce: AL-bert
Origin: Old German Adalberht
Meaning:Brilliant in nobility
Female version of the name:Alberta, Albertina
Alternative spelling: Pertti, Altti
Famous Persons: Albert Gebhard was a Finnish painter, illustrator, and cartoonist. He was influential during the golden age of Finnish art.

76.  Allan

How to pronounce: AH-lan
Origin: Celtic
Alternative spelling: Allani, Alan
Variations in other languages:Alain (French)
Interesting Facts:Possibly the original form of this name was Alun which means ‘harmony’.
Famous Persons: Allan Gunthard Franck was a Finnish racing sailor and Olympic medalist.

77.  Alvar

How to pronounce: AL-var
Origin: Old Norse Alfarr
Meaning:Elf and soldier
Alternative spelling: Alvari
Interesting Facts:This name also can be a Swedish version of the name Ernst (‘serious’).
Famous Persons: Alvar Gullichsen is a Finnish visual artist and musician.

78.  Artur

How to pronounce: AR-tur
Origin: Celtic Artos
Alternative spelling: Arttur, Arrturi, Arttu, Arto, Aarto
Interesting Facts:The name was popularized by the mythical King Arthur of England, about whom there is uncertainty as to his status as a real person. [6].
Famous Persons: Arthur Heickell was a Finnish landscape painter.

79.  Arvi

How to pronounce: AR-vee
Origin: Old Norse Arnviðr
Meaning:Eagle and wood
Alternative spelling: Arvitti, Arvo
Famous Persons: Arvi Kalsta founded the National People’s Party of Finland and was a Finnish Jaeger captain.

80.  Aslak

How to pronounce: AS-lak
Origin: Old Norse Áslákr
Meaning:God + game
Interesting Facts:The name Aslak is a modern Scandinavian version of an ancient Norwegian name.
Famous Persons: Aslak Juuso, in Finnish Kaijukka, was a reindeer herder said to have owned up to 3000 reindeer.

81.  Bruno

How to pronounce: BROO-noh
Origin: Old German Brun
Alternative spelling: Bruuno
Interesting Facts:This name can also be an abbreviation of names like Brunolf or Brunwart, where Brun means ‘armored shirt’.
Famous Persons: Bruno Aspelin is a Finnish composer and visual artist.

82.  Edvard

How to pronounce: ED-vard
Origin: Old English Eadweard
Meaning:Guardian of property
Alternative spelling: Eetu
Variations in other languages:Eduard (Russian), Edoardo (Italian)
Interesting Facts:Edvard’s Name Day is March 18, the day of the death and remembrance of King Edvard Martin of England.
Famous Persons: Edvard Bergenheim was a Finnish landowner and parliamentarian.

83.  Eerik

How to pronounce: EH-reek
Origin: Old Norse Eiríkr
Meaning:Eternal ruler
Female version of the name:Eerika
Alternative spelling: Erik, Erkki, Eero, Eerikki, Eki, Eke, Eku
Interesting Facts:According to a 16th century volume of Swedish history by Johannes Magnus, Sweden had been ruled by at least 7 kings with this name.
Famous Persons: Eerik Kantola is a Finnish footballer.

84.  Eevert

How to pronounce: EH-vert
Origin: Old German 
Meaning:Strong as a boar
Alternative spelling: Eevertti, Evert
Interesting Facts:Eevert is the Finnish form of this name. In other languages ​​it appears in the form Evert.
Famous Persons: Evert Brynolf Jakobsson was a Finnish athlete.

85.  Einari

How to pronounce: EY-nah-ree
Origin: Old Norse Einarr
Meaning:Fighting alone
Alternative spelling: Eikka
Interesting Facts:Einari is a widely used name first in the Almanac in 1929.
Famous Persons: Einari Aaltonen is a Finnish translator and poet.

86.  Ernesti

How to pronounce: ER-noh
Origin: Old German Ernust
Meaning:True, severely
Alternative spelling: Ernesti
Interesting Facts:In Hungary, the name appears in the form Ernő.
Famous Persons: Erno Laitinen is a Finnish composer, arranger, guitarist, and producer.

87.  Esko

How to pronounce: ES-koh
Origin: Old Norse Ásketill
Meaning:Ace and ketil
Alternative spelling: Eko
Interesting Facts:The name Esko is a variation of the ancient Scandinavian name Eskil.
Famous Persons: Esko Sakari “Roope” Halme was a Finnish pilot.

88.  Harri

How to pronounce: HAR-ree
Origin: Old German Haimirich
Meaning:Domineer in the home
Female version of the name:Harriet
Alternative spelling: Harry
Interesting Facts:Harry comes from the name Henry.
Famous Persons: Harri Johannesdahl is a Finnish company director and entrepreneur.

89.  Heikki

How to pronounce: HEY-kee
Origin: Old German Heimerich
Meaning:Powerful leader
Alternative spelling: Hessu, Heka, Heke, Heku, Henkka, Hente, Henti
Interesting Facts:In the Finnish calendar, Heikki’s Name Day is January 19, St. Henry’s Day.
Famous Persons: Heikki Johannes Aaltoila was a conductor and composer from Finland. 

90.  Hermanni

How to pronounce: HER-ma-nee
Origin: Old German Heriman
Meaning:Military man
Alternative spelling: Herman, Hemma, Hemmi, Hemmo, Hemppa, Hemppo, Hemppu, Hermo, Hermu, Herkko
Variations in other languages:German (Russian), Armando (Spanish)
Famous Persons: Hermanni Rask is a Finnish dancer.

91.  Hugo

How to pronounce: HOO-go
Origin: Old German Hugh
Meaning:Soul, mind
Alternative spelling: Huugo
Interesting Facts:This name gained popularity in the 9th century due to Hugo Capet, founder of the ruling family of French captains.
Famous Persons: Hugo Wilhelm Ahlberg was a company director and television and radio presenter from Finland.

92.  Iivari

How to pronounce: EE-va-ree
Origin: Old Norse Ívarr
Meaning:A fighter with a bow made of berry spruce
Alternative spelling: Iivo, Iivu, Iippa, Iippo
Interesting Facts:This name came to Finland from Sweden in the Middle Ages.
Famous Persons: Iivari Halttu was a Finnish self-taught painter.

93.  Jalmari

How to pronounce: YAL-ma-ree
Origin: Old Norse Hjálmarr
Meaning:Soldier in a helmet 
Alternative spelling: Jari, Jami, Jali, Jalle, Jallu, Jammu
Interesting Facts:This name, highly popular early in the 20th century, remains common as a first name.
Famous Persons: Jalmari Karhula was a Finnish painter, architect, interior designer and furniture designer, museum director, and newspaper man, considered an important cultural figure. 

94.  Kaarle

How to pronounce: KAR-leh
Origin: Old German Karl
Meaning:Free man
Alternative spelling: Kaarlo, Kalle, Kale, Kallu, Karl
Variations in other languages:Charles (English)
Interesting Facts:The name, with its various variations, has been common among the rulers of many European countries since the Middle Ages.
Famous Persons: Kaarle Helenius was a Finnish poet.

95.  Kalevi

How to pronounce: kah-LE-vee
Origin: Estonian
Alternative spelling: Kale, Kalle, Kapu, Kassu
Interesting Facts:This is an Estonian version of Kaleva, inspired by the folk hero Kalev. 
Famous Persons: Kalevi Härkönen was a Finnish spear coach.

96.  Kustaa

How to pronounce: KOOS-tah
Origin: Old Norse 
Meaning:Staff of the gods
Alternative spelling: Kustavi, Kyösti, Kusti, Köpi
Interesting Facts:Kustaa is a Finnish variation of the Swedish name Gustav.
Famous Persons: Kustaa Heikki Juhani Vilkuna is a Finnish historian.

97.  Nuutti

How to pronounce: NUUH-tee
Origin: Old Norse knútr
Meaning:Proud, brisk
Alternative spelling: Nuuti, Nutti, Knuutti
Interesting Facts:Nuutti Day is a popular anniversary celebrated at the end of the Christmas season, January 13th.
Famous Persons: Nuutti Vuoritsalo was a Finnish teacher and author.

98.  Olavi

How to pronounce: oh-LA-vee
Origin: Old Norse Áleifr
Alternative spelling: Olli, Olle
Variations in other languages:Olaf (Sweden), Olav (Norway) 
Interesting Facts:This name, and its variations, were popularized by Olavi Pyhä (Norwegian Olav den hellige, originally Oláfr hinn Helgi), Norway’s first Christian king, across Nordic countries.
Famous Persons: Olavi Noronen is a Finnish architect.

99.  Oskari

How to pronounce: OS-kah-ree
Origin: Old English Osgar
Meaning:The spear of God
Alternative spelling: Okki, Okke, Oski, Osku, Kari
Interesting Facts:A character named Oscar can be found in Irish mythology. Oscar was the warrior son of Oisín and the female fairy Niamh.
Famous Persons: Oskari Paatela was a Finnish painter.

100.  Valto

How to pronounce: VAL-to
Origin: Old German Waldheri
Meaning:Famous ruler 
Alternative spelling: Vallu, Valtsu
Interesting Facts:This is a variation of the Scandinavian name Valdemar.
Famous Persons: Valto Veikko Tynnilä was a Finnish composer and lyricist.

Top 100 Finnish Names For Girls

Finnish Girl

In this list, we’re going to go over some of the most popular Finnish girls’ names, including details on their meanings and some interesting facts.

Traditional Finnish Names For Girls 

There’s so much meaning and history in Finnish girl names, so there’s sure to be one that piques your interest. Take a look at some traditional Finnish women’s names for inspiration.

1.  Aamu

How to pronounce: AH-moo
Origin: Finnish
Interesting Facts:The name, resonating with positivity and hope, was part of a trend of giving children native names in the early 20th century.
Famous Persons: Aamu Kerttu Alina Milonoff is a Finnish actress.

2.  Aino

How to pronounce: AY-noh
Origin: Finnish
Meaning:The only one
Alternative spelling: Aina, Aini, Ainukka, Ainikki, Nikki
Interesting Facts:In Kalevala folk poems, “aynol” has been sung, which may refer to being the only girl in the family.
Famous Persons: Aino Matikka is a Finnish ballet dancer.

3.  Aulikki

How to pronounce: AH-oo-lee-kee
Origin: Finnish
Meaning:Caring, helpful
Alternative spelling: Auli
Famous Persons: Aulikki Ristoja is a Finnish chess player and chess writer.

4.  Helle

How to pronounce: HE-le
Origin: Finnish
Alternative spelling: Helli, Hella, Hellin
Interesting Facts:This name appears in the Nordic countries and Estonia.
Famous Persons: Helle Kannila was an important developer of the Finnish library.

5.  Helmi

How to pronounce: HEL-mee
Origin: Finnish
Interesting Facts:This name has been used since the mid-19th century, dating back to the national romantic period.
Famous Persons: Helmi Tellervo Liukkonen-Seilo was a Finnish opera singer.

6.  Hilja

How to pronounce: HEEL-yah
Origin: Finnish Hiljainen
Meaning:Quiet, calm
Alternative spelling: Hilia
Famous Persons: Hilja Ilma Gestrin was a Finnish architect.

7.  Hilkka

How to pronounce: HEEL’-kah
Origin: Finnish
Meaning:A hat-like headdress 
Interesting Facts:At the end of the 19th century, this name appeared as a nickname in the Grimm Brothers’ fairytale before eventually becoming an independent first name.
Famous Persons: Hilkka (Hilja) Wilhelmina Finne was a Finnish artist, teacher, and illustrator.

8.  Ilma

How to pronounce: EL’-mah
Origin: Finnish
Alternative spelling: Ilmi, Ilmatar
Interesting Facts:This is a nature-themed name based on the Finnish word for air.
Famous Persons: Ilma Ikonen was a Finnish trotting director, actor and young writer.

9.  Ilta

How to pronounce: EEL’-ta
Origin: Finnish
Interesting Facts:This name has been found in Finland since the 19th century.
Famous Persons: Ilta Maria Liukku is a Finnish children’s and youth writer.

10.  Impi

How to pronounce: EEM-pee
Origin: Finnish
Meaning:Young girl
Alternative spelling: Immi, Imppu
Interesting Facts:The parallel form Immi refers to the queen of love in old Finnish religion.
Famous Persons: Impi Vellamo Sofia Sotavalta was a Finnish textile artist.

11.  Inari

How to pronounce: EE-na-ree
Origin: Finnish
Meaning:Inari Lake 
Interesting Facts:The name comes from the parish and Lake Inari, becoming a first name due to a romantic association with Lapland.
Famous Persons: Inari Niemi is a Finnish film director and screenwriter.

12.  Jasmin

How to pronounce: YAS-meen
Origin: Finnish Jasmiini
Meaning:Jasmine flower 
Alternative spelling: Jasmine
Interesting Facts:This name originates in Persian, taking the form Yasamin (یاسمین) which is also used as a name.
Famous Persons: Jasmine Tatjana Anette Valentin is a Finnish musician.

13.  Kukka

How to pronounce: KOO-kah
Origin: Finnish
Interesting Facts:This name is derived from a translation of the Latin name Flora, meaning ‘flower’ but also referring to the prosperity or power of youth.
Famous Persons: Kukka Laakso is a pioneering Finnish handball coach, as well as being a copywriter, author, columnist, and entrepreneur.

14.  Lahja

How to pronounce: LAH-yah
Origin: Finnish
Meaning:The gift
Alternative spelling: Lahjukka, Lahjuska
Interesting Facts:This name may also be a male name, which began being used at the end of the 19th century.
Famous Persons: Lahja Inkeri Salviander was a Finnish dancer, physical education instructor, and choreographer who founded and directed a school of dance and physical education.

15.  Laina

How to pronounce: LAH-ee-nah
Origin: Finnish Laine
Meaning:The wave
Alternative spelling: Lainukka, Laine
Interesting Facts:Laina became a name in the 19th century, intended to reflect ideas of the child as a heavenly gift but also as a responsibility.
Famous Persons: Laina-Annikki Rinne is a Finnish teacher and writer.

16.  Lempi

How to pronounce: LEM-pee
Origin: Finnish
Interesting Facts:This name belongs to the Finnish ancient names that came into use again in the 19th century.
Famous Persons: Lempi Linna was a Finnish writer.

17.  Maini

How to pronounce: MAY-nee
Origin: Finnish
Meaning:Brilliant, excellent 
Male version of the name:Mainio
Interesting Facts:Maini’s Name Day has been May 5 since 1950; earlier, 1929, the same day had been Mainik’s Name Day.
Famous Persons: Maini Maria Palosuo was a Finnish translator.

18.  Maire

How to pronounce: MAI-reh
Origin: Finnish
Meaning:Adorable, sweet
Alternative spelling: Maikki, Mairi
Interesting Facts:This name comes from the National Romantic Period.
Famous Persons: Maire Lindholm  is a Finnish archer and world champion.

19.  Melikki

How to pronounce: MYE-lee-kee
Origin: Finnish
Meaning:Darling; feeling; pleasure; mind, mood
Interesting Facts:This name was in common use in pre-Christian Finland, appearing in mythology and the Kalevala. Mielikki is the wife of Tapio, god of the forest.
Famous Persons: Mielikki Anna-Marie Ivalo was a Finnish writer.

20.  Minttu

How to pronounce: MEEN-too
Origin: Finnish
Meaning:A mint
Interesting Facts:This is a recent name, added to the Almanac in the mid-90s.
Famous Persons: Minttu Vettenranta is a Finnish baseball player.

21.  Orvokki

How to pronounce: OR-vo-kee
Origin: Finnish
Alternative spelling: Vokki, Orvo
Interesting Facts:Orvokki is based on the name of the flower. Like some other floral first names, such as Vuokko and Vanamo, it became common in the early 20th century.
Famous Persons: Orvokki Lea Mirjam Autio is a Finnish writer.

22.  Pinja

How to pronounce: PEEN-yah
Origin: Finnish 
Meaning:Pinia (a kind of pine tree)
Interesting Facts:The name was added to the almanac in 1995.
Famous Persons: Pinja Liisa Flink is a Finnish actress.

23.  Pulmu

How to pronounce: PUL-moo
Origin: Finnish
Meaning:Bunting (a bird from the bunting family)
Interesting Facts:This name comes from the name of the bird pulmunen, originating in the early 20th century.
Famous Persons: Pulmu Nousiainen is a Finnish translator.

24.  Rauha

How to pronounce: RA-oo-ha
Origin: Finnish
Interesting Facts:Rauha’s Name Day is December 29th.
Famous Persons: Rauha Susanna Virtanen was a Finnish youth writer.

25.  Saima

How to pronounce: SA-ee-mah
Origin: Finnish
Meaning:Name of the Finnish lake – Saimaa
Alternative spelling: Saimi, Saini, Sami
Interesting Facts:Saima was first introduced to Finland in the mid-19th century, becoming popular in the latter half of the century and during the early 20th century. 
Famous Persons: Saima Tigerstedt-Ylinen was a Finnish painter.

26.  Satu

How to pronounce: SA-too
Origin: Finnish
Interesting Facts:Satu and Taru are Finnish counterparts to the Swedish name Saga.
Famous Persons: Satu Kettunen is a Finnish illustrator.

27.  Sirkka

How to pronounce: SEER-kah
Origin: Finnish
Alternative spelling: Sirkku
Interesting Facts:This name likely originates from a 19th century fairytale book, Princess Snowdrop and Dwarfs.
Famous Persons: Sirkka Liakka was a pioneering surveying engineer from Finland.

28.  Taimi

How to pronounce: TAH-ee-mee
Origin: Finnish
Meaning:Sprout, young plant
Interesting Facts:This name began to be used in the late 19th century.
Famous Persons: Taimi Siitari was a Finnish high jumper.

29.  Talvikki

How to pronounce: TAL-vee-kee
Origin: Finnish Talvikit
Interesting Facts:This name may have ancient origins. It seems to refer to the child being born during the winter.
Famous Persons: Talvikki Eerola is a Finnish actress.

30.  Terttu

How to pronounce: TER-too
Origin: Finnish
Alternative spelling: Tepa, Tepu, Tetta
Interesting Facts:This name came about in 1879, becoming widespread by the time it was included in the almanac in 1929.
Famous Persons: Terttu Elin Kainuvaara was a Finnish sprinter and swimmer.

31.  Tuomi

How to pronounce: TOO-oh-mee
Origin: Finnish
Meaning:Chokecherry (type of bird-cherry tree)
Alternative spelling: Tuomikki
Interesting Facts:Tuomi is rare as a woman’s first name.
Famous Persons: Tuomi Elmgren-Heinonen was a Finnish singer, journalist, author, and anthroposophist.

32.  Unelma

How to pronounce: OO-nel-mah
Origin: Finnish
Interesting Facts:The word this name is derived from, meaning dream, also refers to an ornamental plant.
Famous Persons: Unelma Konkka  was a folklore scholar. She is also known as the poet Katri Korvela.

33.  Vilja

How to pronounce: VEEL-yah
Origin: Finnish
Meaning:Bread, grain, rye
Interesting Facts:In ancient Finland this was a man’s name, but came into use as a woman’s name in the late 19th century.
Famous Persons: Vilja-Tuulia Huotarinen is a Finnish author [7].

Finnish Girl Names With Greek And Latin Origins

Here’s another wonderful list of Finnish names with Greek and Latin origins. They also have interesting meanings and sound beautiful.

34.  Aleksandra

How to pronounce: ah-LEK-sand-ra
Origin: Ancient Greek Ἀλέξανδρος
Meaning:Man’s defender 
Male version of the name:Aleksanteri
Alternative spelling: Alexandra, Sandra, Sanni, Sanna, Sannu, Sassa
Famous Persons: Alexandra was a Finnish singer.

35.  Alma

How to pronounce: AL’-mah
Origin: Latin Almus
Interesting Facts:This name has the same origin as the ‘Alma’ in the Latin phrase ‘alma mater’, referring to the university at which one studied.
Famous Persons: Alma Siviä Aarni was a Finnish writer.

36.  Aune

How to pronounce: AH-oo-neh
Origin: Ancient Greek Ἄγνη
Meaning:Innocent, purity
Alternative spelling: Auni, Aukka, Aukke, Aunikki
Interesting Facts:This name comes from the name Agnes, which ultimately is derived from the Greek name Hagne.
Famous Persons: Aune Häme was a Finnish actress.

37.  Aurora

How to pronounce: AH-oo-ro-rah
Origin: Latin
Meaning:Morning star
Interesting Facts:Aurora’s Name Day is March 10th.
Famous Persons: Aurora Marthens is a Finnish opera singer.

38.  Emilia

How to pronounce: EH-mee-lee-ya
Origin: Latin Aemilius
Male version of the name:Eemil
Alternative spelling: Emmi, Milja, Miila, Miili, Milla, Milli, Mimmi
Famous Persons: Emilia Nyström is a Finnish beach volleyball player.

39.  Floora

How to pronounce: FLOH-rah
Origin: Latin
Alternative spelling: Flora
Interesting Facts:Flora is a Roman goddess of flowers and of the season of spring.For students at the University of Helsinki, Flora (or Flower) Day is traditionally a holiday.
Famous Persons: Flora Olivia “Viivi” Paarmio-Vallgren was a Finnish sculptor.

40.  Helena

How to pronounce: HE-le-nah
Origin: Ancient Greek Ἑλένη
Alternative spelling: Helinä, Elena, Elina, Eliina, Heljä, Heli, Hellu, Ellu, Elli, Lena
Interesting Facts:This name gained popularity due to Aino Räsänen’s book series Call me, Helena! published in 1945 [8]. 
Famous Persons: Helena Elisabet Brander was a Finnish MP, school principal, and craft teacher. 

41.  Iiris

How to pronounce: EE-rees
Origin: Ancient Greek Ἶρις
Alternative spelling: Iris
Interesting Facts:The Greek goddess of the rainbow was called Iris.
Famous Persons: Iris-Lilja Lassila was a Finnish actress.

42.  Irene

How to pronounce: EE-re-ne
Origin: Ancient Greek Εἰρήνη
Meaning:Peace, calm
Alternative spelling: Eirene
Interesting Facts:Irene the Greek goddess of peace.
Famous Persons: Irene Roivainen is a politician and a social scientist from Finland.

43.  Julia

How to pronounce: YU-lee-yah
Origin: Ancient Greek ἴουλος
Meaning:Fluffy, curly
Male version of the name:Julius
Alternative spelling: Juulia, Juli, Juuli, Juuliska, Liia
Variations in other languages:Yulia (Russian)
Interesting Facts:This name was borne by many members of the patriarchal Roman family Julius.
Famous Persons: Julia Haikonen is a Finnish defender in football.

44.  Kaarina

How to pronounce: KAH-ree-nah
Origin: Ancient Greek Αικατερίνη
Alternative spelling: Kaarin, Kaisa, Kaija, Kaisu, Riina, Karin
Interesting Facts:This is a short form of the name Katarina, itself coming from the Greek name Katrine.
Famous Persons: Kaarina Hazard is an actress and writer from Finland.

45.  Katariina

How to pronounce: KAH-tah-ree-nah
Origin: Ancient Greek καθαρός
Alternative spelling: Katriina, Katri, Kati, Katti, Kaisa, Kaija, Kaisu, Riina
Variations in other languages:Ekaterina (Russian), Katarzyna (Polish), Kateryna (Ukrainian), Kathrine (English)
Interesting Facts:This name may also come from the goddess of magic, Hekate, or else a Coptic name meaning ‘my consecration of your name’.
Famous Persons: Katariina Lonka is a Finnish cross-country skier.

46.  Klaara

How to pronounce: KLA-rah
Origin: Latin Clarus
Meaning:Light, bright
Alternative spelling: Klara 
Variations in other languages:Claire (French), Chiara (Italian)
Famous Persons: Klara Körmendi is a Hungarian pianist.

47.  Kreeta

How to pronounce: KRE-tah
Origin: Ancient Greek μαργαρίτης
Alternative spelling: Reetta, Reeta
Variations in other languages:Greta (German)
Interesting Facts:This is a Finnish form of the short form name Greta.
Famous Persons: Kreeta Salminen is a Finnish actress.

48.  Kristiina

How to pronounce: KREES-tee-nah
Origin: Latin Christianus
Male version of the name:Kristian
Alternative spelling: Kirsti, Kirsi, Krisse, Kikka, Tiina, Titta, Stiina
Interesting Facts:Kristina’s Name Day is July 24th.
Famous Persons: Kristiina Drews is a Finnish translator.

49.  Laura

How to pronounce: LAH-oo-rah
Origin: Latin Laurus
Male version of the name:Lauri
Alternative spelling: Lalli, Lalle, Lare
Interesting Facts:In Greek mythology, the nymph Daphne turns into a laurel tree when fleeing the god Apollo, from which this name is derived.
Famous Persons: Laura Eveliina Birn is a Finnish actress.

50.  Lilja

How to pronounce: LEE-lyah
Origin: Latin Lilium
Meaning:Lily flower
Alternative spelling: Lilli
Variations in other languages:Lilya (Russian), Lily (English)
Interesting Facts:This is a first name in many other languages, such as Lily in English.
Famous Persons: Lilja Lehto is a Finnish actress.

51.  Lyydia

How to pronounce: LEE-dee-yah
Origin: Ancient Greek Λυδία
Meaning:A resident of the country Lydia
Alternative spelling: Lyyli, Lyyti
Variations in other languages:Lidia (Russian)
Interesting Facts:The Bible mentions a Macedonian merchant named Lydia, who converted to Christianity and is considered the first Christian in Europe. 
Famous Persons: Lydia Lehtola is a Finnish singer-songwriter, poetry critic, and essayist.

52.  Marketta

How to pronounce: MAR-ket-tah
Origin: Ancient Greek μαργαρίτης
Alternative spelling: Margareeta, Maaret, Maarit, Marke, Reetta, Reeta
Variations in other languages:Margareth (English), Margarita (Russian)
Interesting Facts:Marketta was also the name of an Elanto store chain in the 1980s and 1990s [9].
Famous Persons: 
Marketta Tikkanen is a Finnish actress.

53.  Olivia

How to pronounce: OH-lee-vee-ah
Origin: Latin Oliva
Meaning:Olive tree 
Male version of the name:Oliver
Alternative spelling: Olivie
Interesting Facts:This name has gained significant popularity since the beginning of the 21st century.
Famous Persons: Olivia Bouyssou Merilahti is a French-Finnish composer and singer.

54.  Pauliina

How to pronounce: PAH-oo-lee-nah
Origin: Latin Paulus
Meaning:Modest, small
Male version of the name:Paavali
Alternative spelling: Paulukka, Liina
Interesting Facts:Paulina’s Name Day is in the Finnish almanac on June 22, as is Paulina’s Name Day in the Finnish-Swedish almanac.
Famous Persons: Pauliina Tuulikki Aalto is a Finnish discus thrower.

55.  Petra

How to pronounce: PET-rah
Origin: Ancient Greek Πέτρος
Alternative spelling: Pietari 
Interesting Facts:Petra is a female version of the name Pietari (Peter). 
Famous Persons: Petri Hakala is a Finnish folk musician.

56.  Roosa

How to pronounce: ROH-sah
Origin: Latin Rosa
Alternative spelling: Ruusa, Ruusu, Rosa
Famous Persons: Rosa Rusanen is a Finnish actress.

57.  Sohvi

How to pronounce: SOH-fee
Origin: Ancient Greek Σοφία
Meaning:Wise, knowledge, wisdom
Alternative spelling: Sofia, Viivi, Fiffi, Sofi
Interesting Facts:Sophia is a Greek goddess emblematic of spiritual wisdom and the Divine Feminine in women’s circles/
Famous Persons: Sohvi Korhonen-Pöllänen was a pianist and music educator.

58.  Sylvia

How to pronounce: SYL-ve-ah
Origin: Latin Silva
Male version of the name:Sylvester
Alternative spelling: Sylvi, Sylwia
Interesting Facts:This name was made popular by Topelius’ songs of Sylvia. There is a children’s animal welfare association called the Sylvia Association.
Famous Persons: Sylvia Juutinen is a Finnish writer.

59.  Teresa

How to pronounce: te-RE-sah
Origin: Ancient Greek θέρος
Meaning:Summer, harvest 
Alternative spelling: Theresa
Interesting Facts:Some believe that the name comes from the Greek word θηράω (therao) – to hunt. 
Famous Persons: Teresa Moorhouse is a textile artist.

Finnish Names For Girls With Hebrew Origins

The following female names have Hebrew origins and strong meanings. 

60.  Anna

How to pronounce: AN-nah
Origin: Ancient Hebrew חַנָּה
Meaning:Grace, favor 
Alternative spelling: Anne, Hanna, Hanne, Anu, Anni, Annikki, Annukka, Annuska, Ansa, Ansu, Ansku, Ankka, Hannukka, Hanni, Hanski
Interesting Facts:This name’s widespread popularity may be due to the fact that in both Islamic and Christian tradition, Anna is the name of the Virgin Mary’s mother.
Famous Persons: Anna Sofia Eriksson is a Finnish singer and artist.

61.  Eeva

How to pronounce: EH-vah
Origin: Ancient Hebrew חַוָּה
Alternative spelling: Eva, Eevi, Eevu, Eevuli
Variations in other languages:Ava (Swedish)
Interesting Facts:In the Bible, Eve was the first woman, created by God from the rib of Adam.
Famous Persons: Eeva Puukka is a Finnish volleyball player.

62.  Eliisa

How to pronounce: eh-LEE-sah
Origin: Ancient Hebrew אֱלִישֶׁבַע
Meaning:My God is an oath
Alternative spelling: Elisa, Elise, Ellu, Elli, Liisa
Variations in other languages:Elizaveta (Russian), Elisabeth (English)
Interesting Facts:This is a Finnish form of the name Elisabeth.
Famous Persons: A Finnish philosopher, Elisa Aaltola specializes in normative moral psychology, philosophical and ethical issues concerning animals, and environmental ethics.

63.  Esteri

How to pronounce: ES-te-ree
Origin: Ancient Hebrew אֶסְתֵּר
Alternative spelling: Ester, Essi, Essu, Esti, Estu
Variations in other languages:Esther (English)
Interesting Facts:In the Bible, Esther becomes the wife of Xerxes, King of Persia, as told in the Book of Esther.
Famous Persons: Ester Ahokainen was a Finnish teacher, editor and prolific children’s author.

64.  Eveliina

How to pronounce: EH-ve-lee-nah
Origin: Ancient Hebrew חַוָּה
Alternative spelling: Eveline, Evelina
Interesting Facts:The name Evelina is a variant of the name Eve.
Famous Persons: Eveliina Talvitie is a Finnish writer and journalist.

65.  Johanna

How to pronounce: yo-HAN-nah
Origin: Ancient Hebrew יוֹחָנָן
Meaning:God is merciful 
Male version of the name:Johannes
Alternative spelling: Hanna , Hanski, Jonna
Interesting Facts:In the New Testament, Johanna is a friend of Jesus and wife of the steward of King Herod.
Famous Persons: Johanna Enckell is a Finnish writer, playwright and director.

66.  Jutta

How to pronounce: YU-tah
Origin: Ancient Hebrew יְהוּדִית
Meaning:Woman from Judah
Alternative spelling: Judith
Interesting Facts:It is possible that the name evolved originally from the name for the Jews.
Famous Persons: Jutta Rantala is a Finnish footballer.

67.  Lea

How to pronounce: LEAH
Origin: Ancient Hebrew לֵאָה
Alternative spelling: Leea, Lessu
Interesting Facts:Leah was the daughter of Laban, sister of Rachel, and Jacob’s first wife in the Bible.
Famous Persons: Lea Toini Johanna Ignatius was a Finnish graphic artist.

68.  Maria

How to pronounce: mah-REE-ah
Origin: Ancient Hebrew מִרְיָם
Alternative spelling: Maaria, Marja, Mari, Marjo, Marjukka, Maija, Maiju, Maikki, Maisa, Maila
Variations in other languages:Mary (English)
Interesting Facts:Some believe this name comes from the ancient Egyptian name Mery, meaning beloved.
Famous Persons: Maria Andrea Kathrine Klemetz is a Finnish racing sailor.

69.  Martta

How to pronounce: MAR-tah
Origin: Ancient Hebrew מַרְתָּא
Alternative spelling: Martukka, Marta
Variations in other languages:Martha (English)
Interesting Facts:In the New Testament, Martta or Martha, is Lazrus’ and Mary of Bethany’s sister.
Famous Persons: Martta Hakala is a Finnish singer.

70.  Mikaela

How to pronounce: MEE-kah-eh-lah
Origin: Ancient Hebrew מִיכָאֵל
Meaning:Who is like God?
Male version of the name:Mikael
Alternative spelling: Michaela
Interesting Facts:In Finland, this name rarely occurs in the feminine form.
Famous Persons: Mikaela Wulff is a Finnish racing sailor and world champion.

71.  Milka

How to pronounce: MEEL-kah
Origin: Ancient Hebrew מִלְכָּה
Meaning:The queen 
Interesting Facts:Milka is Abraham’s brother’s wife in the Bible.
Famous Persons: Milka Peltokangas is a Finnish visual artist.

72.  Matleena

How to pronounce: mat-LE-nah
Origin: Ancient Hebrew Μαγδαληνή
Meaning:From Magdala (place)
Alternative spelling: Mataleena, Magdalena, Mallu, Leena, Leeni, Lennu, Leenukka, Lessu
Interesting Facts:Magdala was an ancient village on the shores of Lake Galilee.
Famous Persons: Matleena Kuusniemi is a Finnish actress.

73.  Raakel

How to pronounce: RA-kel
Origin: Ancient Hebrew רָחֵל
Meaning:Sheep, lamb
Alternative spelling: Raku, Raaku, Rakel
Variations in other languages:Rachel (English)
Interesting Facts:In the Bible, Rachel is the name of the second wife of Jacob.
Famous Persons: Rakel Jalas was a Finnish physician.

74.  Rebekka

How to pronounce: re-BE-kah
Origin: Ancient Hebrew רִבְקָה
Meaning:Snare, trap
Alternative spelling: Repekka, Reetta, Bekka, Reppa, Repe
Interesting Facts:In the Bible, Rebekah was Jacob’s mother.
Famous Persons: Rebecca Kindstedt is a Finnish footballer.

75.  Ruut

How to pronounce: ROOT
Origin: Ancient Hebrew רוּת
Alternative spelling: Rut
Variations in other languages:Ruth (English)
Interesting Facts:Root is mentioned in the Gospel of Matthew among 4 other women in the   genealogy of Jesus.
Famous Persons: Ruth Maria Hedvall was a lecturer and literary Swedish-language scholar. 

76.  Saara

How to pronounce: SAH-rah
Origin: Ancient Hebrew שָׂרָה
Meaning:Noble woman
Alternative spelling: Sara, Sari, Saija, Sasa
Variations in other languages:Sarah (English)
Interesting Facts:In the Bible, Sara was the sister and wife of Abraham.
Famous Persons: Saara Marjatta Nevanlinna was a famous Finnish philologist.

77.  Susanna

How to pronounce: su-SAN-nah
Origin: Ancient Hebrew שׁוֹשַׁנָּה
Meaning:Water lily
Alternative spelling: Susanne, Sanna, Sanni, Sannu, Susa
Interesting Facts:Susanna’s Name Day is August 11. This date is also a day of remembrance for St. Susanna who was martyred in 295.
Famous Persons: Susanna Maria Kuparinen is a Finnish theater director and journalist.

Finnish Names For Girls With German, Scandinavian, And Irish Origins

As withSweden, Denmark, and Norway, there is a lot of crossover between Scandinavian titles and Finnish names.

78.  Aada

How to pronounce: AH-dah
Origin: Old German Adalheidis
Alternative spelling: Ada
Interesting Facts:The name could potentially have a Hebrew origin with the variant Adah עָדָה, meaning “adornment”.
Famous Persons: Ada Kukkonen is a Finnish actress.

79.  Aili

How to pronounce: AY-lee
Origin: Old Norse Helga
Meaning:Sacred, holy
Alternative spelling: Aila
Interesting Facts:This name is a Sámi variant of the Old Norse name Helga which became popular among Finnish people late in the 19th century. 
Famous Persons: Aili Adele Siniluoto was a Finnish children’s author.

80.  Aliina

How to pronounce: AH-lee-nah
Origin: Old German 
Alternative spelling: Alina, Alli, Liina
Interesting Facts:This name could also be derived from Arabic, also meaning ‘noble’.
Famous Persons: Alina Frasa was a Finnish dance artist.

81.  Aliisa

How to pronounce: ah-LEE-sah
Origin: Old German Adalheid
Alternative spelling: Alisa, Alli, Liisa
Variations in other languages:Alice (English)
Interesting Facts:The name was first used in the Finnish almanac in 1880.
Famous Persons: Alisa Aalto is a Finnish sprinter.

82.  Amalia

How to pronounce: ah-MAH-lee-yah
Origin: Old Norse
Alternative spelling: Amalja, Amaalia Ama, Maali, Maala, Maalia
Interesting Facts:This name has been popular among royals in Denmark and northern Germany.
Famous Persons: Amália da Piedade Rodrigues was a Portuguese fado singer and actress who has been called the Queen of Fado (“Rainha do Fado”) [10].

83.  Bertta

How to pronounce: BER-tah
Origin: Old German Berecht
Meaning:Bright, brilliant
Alternative spelling: Berta, Bertha
Interesting Facts:This name may come from the feminine version of various names ending in -bert (Robert, Albert etc.)
Famous Persons: Berta Carolina Edelfelt was a Finnish author who wrote in Swedish.

84.  Eerika

How to pronounce: EH-ree-kah
Origin: Old Norse Eiríkr
Meaning:Eternal ruler
Male version of the name:Eerik
Alternative spelling: Erika
Interesting Facts:This name comes from the male name Erik, referring to administrative territory in Ancient German.
Famous Persons: Eerika Jouppila is a Finnish trampoline gymnast.

85.  Eine

How to pronounce: EY-neh
Origin: Old German Enewald
Meaning:Dominating with a sword
Male version of the name:Eino
Alternative spelling: Eini
Interesting Facts:This name was added to the Almanac in 1929.
Famous Persons: Eine Lahja Laine was a Finnish actress, theater director and lyricist.

86.  Eleonoora

How to pronounce: eh-leh-o-NOH-rah
Origin: Old German Aldenordis
Meaning:Noble north
Alternative spelling: Eleonora, Ellu, Elli, Noora, Nora
Interesting Facts:The starting form is the Arabic name Ellinor, which means “God is my light.”
Famous Persons: Nora Raikamo is a Finnish freelance actress.

87.  Elvira

How to pronounce: EL’-vee-rah
Origin: Old German Allovera
Alternative spelling: Elvira, Elvi, Viira, Ellu, Elli
Interesting Facts:This name may also derive from an Arabic word meaning ‘sublime’ or ‘mistress’.
Famous Persons: Elvira Willman was a journalist and playwright from Finland integral to the early labor movement.

88.  Emma

How to pronounce: EM-mah
Origin: Old German 
Meaning:Huge, comprehensive
Alternative spelling: Emmi
Interesting Facts:This name gained popularity after the Norman conquest, having existed since the4 Middle Ages.
Famous Persons: Emma-Sofia Helistén is a Finnish tennis player.

89.  Heidi

How to pronounce: HEY-dee
Origin: Old German Adelheid
Variations in other languages:Haidi (German)
Interesting Facts:This name’s worldwide popularity is due to Johanna Spyrin’s Heidi books.
Famous Persons: Heidi Silja Krohn is a Finnish actress.

90.  Helka

How to pronounce: HEL-kah
Origin: Old Norse Helga
Meaning:Holy, sacred
Interesting Facts:It is a Finnish form of the name Helga.
Famous Persons: Helka Maija Satukangas was a Finnish high jumper.

91.  Helvi

How to pronounce: HEL-vee
Origin: Old German Heilewic
Meaning:Combat and war
Alternative spelling: Hillevi, Hellevi
Interesting Facts:Most of the Helvees were born in the early 20th century.
Famous Persons: Helvi Lemmikki Leiviskä was a Finnish composer.

92.  Henriikka

How to pronounce: han-REE-ka
Origin: Old German Heimerich
Meaning:Rich, powerful ruler 
Male version of the name:Henrik
Alternative spelling: Henna, Henni, Riikka
Famous Persons: Henrika Tandefelt is a researcher at the Swedish Literary Council.

93.  Heta

How to pronounce: HE-ta
Origin: Old German Hedwig
Meaning:Combat and war
Interesting Facts:Heta’s name day is celebrated on October 15, which used to be St Hedwig’s day.
Famous Persons: Heta Äijänen is a Finnish basketball player.

94.  Iida

How to pronounce: EE-da
Origin: Old German 
Meaning:Diligent, hardworking
Alternative spelling: Iitu, Iitukka, Iituska, Itukka, Iippa
Interesting Facts:This name can be spotted within the name Idunnor, the goddess of eternal youth.
Famous Persons: Ida Bois is a Finnish singer, composer and lyricist.

95.  Inka

How to pronounce: EEN-ka
Origin: Old Norse Ing
Meaning:One of the names of the Scandinavian god Freyr
Alternative spelling: Inkku, Inkeri
Interesting Facts:Inka is a short form of the names Inger and Ingrid.
Famous Persons: Inka Ronkainen is a Finnish baseball player.

96.  Inkeri

How to pronounce: EEN-ke-ree
Origin: Old Norse Ingriðr
Meaning:Beautiful god Freyr
Alternative spelling: Inkku 
Interesting Facts:This is an ancient name in Finland, as you can see from place names like Inkerinmaa.
Famous Persons: Inkeri Pilkama is a Finnish television director.

97.  Karoliina

How to pronounce: KA-ro-lee-nah
Origin: Old German Karl
Meaning:Free man
Male version of the name:Karol
Alternative spelling: Karo, Karu, Karukka, Liina , Lill
Interesting Facts:Karoliina was the sixth most popular female name in Finland throughout the 90s.
Famous Persons: Karoliina Korppoo is a Finnish game designer.

98.  Kerttu

How to pronounce: KER-tooh
Origin: Old German Gertrud
Meaning:Spear + power
Alternative spelling: Keke, Kepa
Variations in other languages:Gertrude (German)
Interesting Facts:Kerttu is the oldest known Christian name in Finland.
Famous Persons: Kerttu Mustonen was an author and songwriter from Finland.

99.  Matilda

How to pronounce: ma-TEEL-dah
Origin: Old German Mahthild
Meaning:Awesome fighter
Alternative spelling: Tilda 
Interesting Facts:The wife of King Henry I, Mathilde was a well-known benefactor who founded several monasteries, among other things.
Famous Persons: Matilda Seppälä is a Finnish composer.

100. Pirkko

How to pronounce: PEER-koh
Origin: Irish Brigh
Meaning:Power, strength
Alternative spelling: Pirjo, Pirita, Piritta, Pike, Piko, Pirre
Variations in other languages:Bridget (English), Brigitta (German)
Interesting Facts:This is a Finnish form of the name Brigitta. Another potential meaning for this name is”exalted one”.
Famous Persons: Pirkko Hannele Kontkanen is a Finnish violinist.

Bottom Line

As the above lists should demonstrate, Finnish people are very creative in naming babies. Whatever you are looking for, you’re sure to find a great Finnish name. These lists are worth looking at even if you’re not planning on naming a baby soon, just so you can learn about some delightful names and their origins.

©️ By Marina Kaverina