TOP 200 French Names For Boys And Girls: Origin, Meaning, Variations And Pronunciation

French Names

France is a country with a long history and cultural heritage. There are clearly traced links with the Roman Empire. Numerous dialects add national flavor to the everyday life of the country. There they are respectful of their history.

France borders with Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Monaco, Italy, Spain, Andorra. This neighborhood has influenced the culture of the country, including the formation of names. Therefore, in France, borrowing proper names from neighboring cultures has been practiced since ancient times. During the wars of conquest, new unusual names were “brought” into the country, which were called ‘newborns’.

As in many Catholic countries, it is a custom in France to give children several names (initially to provide the child with as many patron saints as possible). In everyday life, only one is usually used (the so-called ‘prénom usuel’ or “everyday name”). For example, if a child has “Antoine Michel Nicolas” on his birth certificate, then at home and at school he will simply be called Antoine (or rather, Tony or Titi). Many French people consider this custom very practical: if a person later wants to change their name, they can be called by any of the names given to them at birth, without needing to bother with lengthy official procedures.

By the way, double names that are written in documents with a hyphen (Jean-Claude, Jean-Pierre, Marie-Laure) are officially considered one name. Many modern celebrities (film actors, musicians, and artists) have double and triple names. Among them are Jean-Claude Van Damme, Jean-Paul Gaultier, and others.

Another feature of this French use of names of past centuries is universality. This means that both boys and girls were often given the same names. The names Corentin, Michel, and some others serve as examples of this.

As in other countries, French parents carefully choose a name for their child. Let’s start our journey into the world of French names!

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Top 100 French Names For Boys

French Boy

A large proportion of male names in France have Latin or Greek roots and came to the country through the adoption of Christianity. In fact, there are very few native French names. Let’s see which male names the French themselves consider the best and most popular.

French Boy Names With Greek And Latin Origins

In the list below, we have provided some popular baby names with ancient roots for boys.

Names With Greek Origins

1.  Alexandre

How to pronounce: A-LUG-ZAHNDR
Origin: Ancient Greek Ἀλέξανδρος
Meaning:Man’s defender
Female version of the name:Alexandrine
Alternative spelling: Alex
Variations in other languages:Oleksandr (Ukrainian), Aleksandr (Russian), Alexandr (German), Alejandro (Spanish), Alessandro (Italian)
Interesting Facts:In Greek mythology, this was another name for Paris. This name also appears in the New Testament. However, the most famous bearer of this name was Alexander the Great, who was king of Macedon. 
Famous Persons: Alexandre Vauthier is a fashion designer.

2.  Andre

How to pronounce: AH-DREH
Origin: Ancient Greek Ἀνδρέας
Female version of the name:Andrée
Alternative spelling: Dédé, Andruet, Androt, Andrin
Variations in other languages:Andrew (English), Andrey (Russian), Andrés (Spanish), Andrea (Italian)
Interesting Facts:This name became popular in the Middle Ages.
Famous Persons: André Zwoboda is a French producer, director, and screenwriter.

3.  Christophe

How to pronounce: KREES-TAWF 
Origin: Ancient Greek Χριστόφορος
Meaning:Bearing Christ
Alternative spelling: Chris, Cricri, Cristou, Tophe, Totophe
Variations in other languages:Christopher (English), Krzysztof (Polish)
Interesting Facts:This name used to mean that the bearer carried Christ in their heart. In the Middle Ages, it came to refer to Saint Christopher, the patron saint of travelers, who carried Jesus across the river when he was young.
Famous Persons: Christophe Dumaux is an opera singer from France.

4.  Damien

How to pronounce: DA-MYEH
Origin: Ancient Greek δαμάζω 
Meaning:To tame
Variations in other languages:Demyan (Russian), Damian (Spanish), Damiano (Italian)
Interesting Facts:Saint Damien, along with his brother, was a patron saint of physicians. He and his brother were martyred. 
Famous Persons: Damien Boisseau is a voice actor.

5.  Denis

How to pronounce: DU-NEE
Origin: Ancient Greek Διονύσιος
Meaning:Dedicated to the god Dionysos
Female version of the name:Denise
Alternative spelling: Denys, Deniseau, Deniset
Variations in other languages:Dionisio (Spanish), Denys (Ukrainian)
Interesting Facts:According to Greek mythology, Dionysos, the son of Zeus and Semele, is the god of wine, fertility, dance, and revelry. He was the son of Zeus and Semele.
Famous Persons: Denis Villeneuve is a French-Canadian writer and film director [1].

6.  Georges

How to pronounce: ZHAWRZH 
Origin: Ancient Greek Γεώργιος
Female version of the name:Georgine, Georgette
Alternative spelling: Jojo, Georget, Georgin, Georgel, Georgelet, Georgelin, Georgeton
Variations in other languages:George (English), Georgiy (Russian), Djordje (Serbian), Jorge (Spanish), Giorgio (Italian)
Famous Persons: Georges Gorse is a French diplomat and politician.

7.  Gilles

How to pronounce: ZHEEL 
Origin: Ancient Greek αἰγίδιον 
Meaning:Young goat
Female version of the name:Gillonne
Alternative spelling: Égide, Gillet, Gillot
Variations in other languages:Egidio (Italian)
Interesting Facts:Saint Giles was the patron saint of the crippled. 
Famous Persons: Gilles Leroy is a writer.

8.  Jerome

How to pronounce: ZHEH-ROM 
Origin: Ancient Greek Ἱερώνυμος
Meaning:Sacred name
Alternative spelling: Gérôme, Jéjé, Gégé, Gé, Géromet
Variations in other languages:Jerome (English), Jeronimo (Spanish), Geronimo (Italian)
Interesting Facts:In the 5th century, Saint Jerome created the Vulgate, the Latin translation of the Bible.
Famous Persons: Jérôme Anthony is a television presenter.

9.  Jules

How to pronounce: ZHUYL
Origin: Ancient Greek ἴουλος
Female version of the name:Julie
Alternative spelling: Julot, Julou, Jujules
Variations in other languages:Giulio (Italian), Juliusz (Polish)
Interesting Facts:This was the name of a prominent patrician family of Rome, who stated they descended from Julus, Aeneas’ son.
Famous Persons: Jules Verne was an author. 

10.  Lionel

How to pronounce: LYAW-NEHL
Origin: Ancient Greek Λέων
Female version of the name:Léonelle
Alternative spelling: Léonel
Interesting Facts:This is a French diminutive of ‘Léon’. In Arthurian legend, this is the name of a knight who was Sir Bors’ brother. 
Famous Persons: Lionel Poilâne was an internationally renowned French baker and entrepreneur.

11.  Nicolas

How to pronounce: NEE-KAW-LA 
Origin: Ancient Greek Νικόλαος
Meaning:Victory of the people
Female version of the name:Nicole
Alternative spelling: Nico, Coco, Nicolet, Nicolin, Colas, Colin, Colinot, Colinet, Collin
Variations in other languages:Nikolay (Russian), Mykola (Ukrainian), Niklas (Swedish), Nicola (Italian)
Famous Persons: Nicolas Sarkozy is a former president of France [2].

12.  Pacome

How to pronounce: PA-KOO-ME
Origin: Ancient Greek Παχώμιος
Meaning:Thick, tight
Famous Persons: Pacôme Rupin is a politician.

13.  Philippe

How to pronounce: FEE-LEEP 
Origin: Ancient Greek Φίλιππος
Meaning:Fond of Horses
Female version of the name:Philippine 
Alternative spelling: Pipo, Philou, Phil
Variations in other languages:Philip (English), Felipe (Spanish), Filippo (Italian)
Interesting Facts:In the New Testament, Philippe (Philip) was an apostle.
Famous Persons: Philippe Russo is a singer.

14.  Pierre

How to pronounce: PYEHR
Origin: Ancient Greek Πέτρος
Female version of the name:Pierrette
Alternative spelling: Pierrin, Perrin, Perin, Pierrel, Pierron, Pierrou, Perrinel, Perriquet, Périnel, Pernel, Pernin, Périneau, Périnet, Pérignon
Variations in other languages:Peter (English), Pedro (Spanish), Pyotr (Russian), Pietro (Italian)
Interesting Facts:This has been widely used as a name in France since the 13th century.
Famous Persons: Pierre Affre is a sculptor.

15.  Stephane

How to pronounce: STEH-FAN 
Origin: Ancient Greek Στέφανος
Meaning:Crown, wreath
Female version of the name:Stéphanie
Variations in other languages:Stepan (Russian), Stephen (English)
Interesting Facts:Acts in the New Testament tells the story of Saint Stephane, a deacon who was stoned to death. He is believed to be the first Christian martyr. 
Famous Persons: Stéphane Sednaoui is a French actor, film producer, director, and photographer.

16.  Theodore

How to pronounce: TEH-AW-DAWR 
Origin: Ancient Greek Θεόδωρος
Meaning:God’s gift
Female version of the name:Théodore 
Alternative spelling: Théo 
Variations in other languages:Theodore (English), Teodor (Polish), Fyodor (Russian)
Famous Persons: Théodore Cornut was an 18th-century French mathematician and architect for the military.

17.  Timothee

How to pronounce: TEE-MAW-TEH
Origin: Ancient Greek Τιμόθεος
Meaning:Honoring God
Variations in other languages:Timothy (English), Timofey (Russian), Timoteo (Italian)
Interesting Facts:Saint Timothee, who accompanied Paul on his missionary journeys, was the recipient of some of Paul’s epistles in the New Testament. 
Famous Persons: Timothée Chaillou is an art critic from France.

18.  Ulysse

How to pronounce: UY-LEES 
Origin: Ancient Greek ὀδύσσομαι
Meaning:To hate
Interesting Facts:This is a French version of ‘Odysseus’. In Greek mythology Odysseus was a Greek hero who fought in the Trojan War. 
Famous Persons: Ulysse Gémignani is a sculptor from France.

19.  Zephirin

How to pronounce: ZE-FEE-RAN
Origin: Ancient Greek Ζέφυρος
Meaning:West wind
Female version of the name:Zéphirine
Alternative spelling: Zéphyrin
Interesting Facts:Although it was widely used in the 1800s and 1900s, this name is mostly only used in French-speaking African countries now.
Famous Persons: Zéphirin Camélinat was a French politician and trade unionist.

Names With Latin Origins

20.  Adrien 

How to pronounce: A-DREE-YEH
Origin: Latin Hadrianus
Female version of the name:Adrienne
Alternative spelling: Didi, Didou, Adri, Adrie
Variations in other languages:Adorjan (Hungarian), Jadran (Serbian), Adriano (Italian)
Interesting Facts:This name is often interpreted as meaning “a man who comes from Adria”, Adria being an ancient port city.
Famous Persons: Adrien Auzout is an astronomer from France.

21.  Amedee

How to pronounce: A-MEH-DEH 
Origin: Latin Amare and Deus
Meaning:Love of God
Variations in other languages:Amadeo (Italian), Amadej (Slovene)
Famous Persons: Amédée Faure was a portrait painter [3].

22.  Antoine

How to pronounce: AH-TWAN
Origin: Latin Antonius
Meaning:From the family of the Antonias
Female version of the name:Antoinette
Alternative spelling: Titi, Toine, Toinou, Titouan, Titoine
Variations in other languages:Antonio (Italian)
Interesting Facts:This name was, in antiquity, a surname used by a noble Roman family which came into use as a first name over time.
Famous Persons: Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was a French aviator, aristocrat, journalist, and poet [4].

23.  Aurelien

How to pronounce: O-REH-LYEH
Origin: Latin Aureus
Female version of the name:Aurélie
Alternative spelling: Aurèle
Interesting Facts:This name was in use as a surname in antiquity. Marcus Aurelius was an emperor of Rome who bore a variation of this name.
Famous Persons: Aurélien Passeron is a road racing cyclist from France.

24.  Benoit

How to pronounce: BU-NWA 
Origin: Latin Benedictus
Female version of the name:Benoite
Variations in other languages:Benedict (English), Benito (Italian)
Famous Persons: Benoît Tréluyer is a racing driver from France.

25.  Camille

How to pronounce: KA-MEE
Origin: Latin Camillus
Meaning:A youth employed in religious services
Female version of the name:Camille
Alternative spelling: Mimi, Cam
Variations in other languages:Kamil (Czech), Camilo (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:In the English-speaking world, this name is generally considered feminine rather than masculine.
Famous Persons: Camille Lacourt is a swimmer from France.

26.  Claude

How to pronounce: KLOD
Origin: Latin Claudus
Meaning:Lame, crippled
Female version of the name:Claudie
Variations in other languages:Klaudijs (Latvian), Klaudiusz (Polish), Claudio (Italian)
Interesting Facts:This name has been in use in France since at least the 7th century, in which it was borne by a famous saint.
Famous Persons: Claude Debussy was a composer from France [5].

27.  Desire

How to pronounce: DEH-ZEE-REH
Origin: Latin Desideratum 
Female version of the name:Désirée
Interesting Facts:This comes directly from the French word that means ‘desired’ or ‘wished for’.
Famous Persons: Désiré Charnay is an archaeologist from France.

28.  Dominique

How to pronounce: DAW-MEE-NEEK  
Origin: Latin Dominicus
Meaning:Of the Lord
Female version of the name:Dominique 
Alternative spelling: Domi, Dom , Dodo
Variations in other languages:Dominic (English), Domenico (Italian)
Interesting Facts:This name has traditionally been used for babies born on Sunday.
Famous Persons: Dominique Lapierre is an author from France.

29.  Emilien

How to pronounce: EH-MEE-LYEH
Origin: Latin Aemilius
Female version of the name:Émilienne, Émilie
Alternative spelling: Emilien, Amélien, Milien, Mimi, Milou, Émile
Variations in other languages:Emilio (Italian)
Famous Persons: Émilien Jacquelin is a biathlete from France.

30.  Fabien

How to pronounce: FA-BYEH
Origin: Latin Faba
Female version of the name:Fabienne
Alternative spelling: Fabie, Fabi, Fab
Variations in other languages:Fabian (English), Fabiano (Italian)
Famous Persons: Fabien Yves Jérôme Corbineau is an actor and model from France.

31.  Fabrice

How to pronounce: FAB-REES
Origin: Latin Faber
Female version of the name:Fabricienne
Alternative spelling: Fabricien
Variations in other languages:Fabrício (Portuguese), Fabrizio (Italian)
Famous Persons: Fabrice Lhomme is an investigative journalist from France.

32.  Francois

How to pronounce: FRAH-SWA
Origin: Latin Franciscus
Meaning:Frankish, French
Female version of the name:Françoise
Alternative spelling: Francisque, Francis, Fanfan, Fafa
Variations in other languages:Franz (German), Franciszek (Polish), Francisco (Spanish), Francesco (Italian)
Interesting Facts:This name could be derived from the Franks, a Germanic tribe, who were named as such based on a spear that they used.
Famous Persons: François-Xavier Roth is a conductor from France.

33.  Fulgence

How to pronounce: FUL-ZHONS
Origin: Latin Fulgens
Variations in other languages:Fulgenzio (Italian), Fulgencio (Spanish)
Famous Persons: Fulgence Bienvenüe, a famous French civil engineer, was known for the construction of the Paris Métro. He is frequently called “Le Père du Métro” (Father of the Metro). 

34.  Honore

How to pronounce: AW-NAW-REH 
Origin: Latin Honoratus
Meaning:Esteemed, distinguished
Female version of the name:Honorine
Interesting Facts:At least 7 saints have borne this name, including the patron saint of bakers, a 6th-century bishop of Amiens.
Famous Persons: Honoré de Balzac was a French playwright and novelist.

35.  Laurent

How to pronounce: LAW-RAH
Origin: Latin Laurus
Female version of the name:Laurence 
Alternative spelling: Laurie, Lolo
Variations in other languages:Lorenzo (Italian), Laurence  (English)
Interesting Facts:In ancient Rome, laurel leaves were used to make victory garlands, giving this name a favorable meaning.
Famous Persons: Laurent Fabius is a former Prime Minister of France.

36.  Lucien

How to pronounce: LUY-SYEH
Origin: Latin Lux
Female version of the name:Lucienne
Alternative spelling: Lulu
Variations in other languages:Luciano (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:This was an extremely popular name in antiquity, being borne by many prominent Romans and two Etruscan kings.
Famous Persons: Lucien Revolucien is a hip-hop artist from France.

37.  Marcel

How to pronounce: MAR-SEHL
Origin: Latin Marcus
Meaning:Dedicated to the god Mars, warlike
Female version of the name:Marcelle
Alternative spelling: Marceau, Marcile, Marcelet, Marcelon, Marcelot, Marcelou, Marcelin
Variations in other languages:Marcello (Italian)
Interesting Facts:
Famous Persons: Marcel Achard is a French screenwriter and playwright.

38.  Martin

How to pronounce: MAR-TEH
Origin: Latin Martis
Meaning:Dedicated to the god Mars
Female version of the name:Martine
Variations in other languages:Martino (Italian),  Martyn (Ukrainian)
Interesting Facts:Saint Martin of Tours, a 4th-century bishop, is the patron saint of France. When, according to legend, he came across a cold beggar in winter, he ripped his cloak in two and gave the beggar half of it. 
Famous Persons: Martin Fourcade is a biathlete from France.

39.  Maurice

How to pronounce: MAW-REES
Origin: Latin Maurus
Meaning:Dark-skinned, Moorish
Female version of the name:Mauricette
Alternative spelling: Maur, Rice, Momo, Mauriceau, Mauricet
Variations in other languages:Mauro (Italian)
Famous Persons: Maurice Blanchot was a French literary theorist, writer, and philosopher.

40.  Maxime

How to pronounce: MAK-SEEM
Origin: Latin Maximus
Meaning:The greatest
Female version of the name:Maxette, Maxime
Alternative spelling: Max, Maxou
Variations in other languages:Maksim (Russian), Maksym (Ukrainian), Massimo (Italian)
Famous Persons: Maxime Minot is a politician from France.

41.  Octave

How to pronounce: AWK-TAV  
Origin: Latin Octavus
Alternative spelling: Octavien
Variations in other languages:Ottavio (Italian), Octavio (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:The first Roman emperor, Augustus, originally bore this name as his family name before changing it during his reign. 
Famous Persons: Octave Dayen is a cyclist from France.

42.  Olivier

How to pronounce: AW-LEE-VYEH
Origin: Latin
Meaning:Olive tree
Alternative spelling: Oli
Variations in other languages:Oliver (English)
Interesting Facts:This name is also the word for “olive tree” in French.
Famous Persons: Olivier Weber is a French reporter and novelist.

43.  Pascal

How to pronounce: PAS-KAL
Origin: Latin Paschalis
Meaning:Relating to Easter
Female version of the name:Pascale
Alternative spelling: Pascalou, Calou  
Interesting Facts:The same Latin word was used for both Easter and Passover due to them occurring at a similar time of year. 
Famous Persons: Pascal Thévenot is a politician from France.

44.  Patrice 

How to pronounce: PA-TREES 
Origin: Latin Patricius 
Female version of the name:Patricie 
Alternative spelling: Pat, Patou
Variations in other languages:Patrick (English), Patricio (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:This is the French form of ‘Patrick’. 
Famous Persons: Patrice Coirault is an ethnomusicologist from France.

45.  Prosper

How to pronounce: PRAWS-PEHR
Origin: Latin Prosperus
Variations in other languages:Prospero (Italian)
Famous Persons: Prosper Sainton is a French conductor and violinist.

46.  Quentin

How to pronounce: KAHN-TEH
Origin: Latin Quintus
Variations in other languages:Quinto (Italian)
Interesting Facts:Traditionally, this name was either given to a child born in the fifth month of the year, or to the fifth child born in a family.
Famous Persons: Quentin Lafargue is a racing cyclist from France.

47.  Sebastien

How to pronounce: SEH-BAS-TYEH
Origin: Latin Sebastianus
Meaning:From Sebaste
Female version of the name:Sébastienne 
Alternative spelling: Séb, Sébas, Bastien, Baste, Bastou, Baba
Variations in other languages:Seppo (Finnish), Sebastian (Spanish), Sebastiano (Italian)
Interesting Facts:This name refers to those who came from Sebaste, a town in Asia Minor.
Famous Persons: Sébastien Agius is a singer who won the first season of the French version of the X Factor.

48.  Sylvain

How to pronounce: SEEL-VEH
Origin: Latin Silva
Female version of the name:Sylvaine
Alternative spelling: Silvain 
Variations in other languages:Silvio (Italian), Silas (Greek)
Famous Persons: Sylvain Longchambon is an ice dancer from France.

49.  Valentin

How to pronounce: VA-LAH-TEHN
Origin: Latin Valens
Female version of the name:Valentine
Alternative spelling: Val, Valou, Vava, Tinou, Tintin
Variations in other languages:Valentino (Italian)
Famous Persons: Valentin Roberge is a footballer from France.

50.  Vianney

How to pronounce: VYA-NEH
Origin: Latin Vivus
Female version of the name:Vivienne
Famous Persons: Vianney Bureau is a singer and songwriter from France.

51.  Victor

How to pronounce: VEEK-TAWR
Origin: Latin
Female version of the name:Victoire
Alternative spelling: Toto, Vic
Variations in other languages:Viktor (Russian), Vittorio (Italian)
Famous Persons: Victor Loche is a zoologist from France.

52.  Vincent

How to pronounce: VEHN-SAHN
Origin: Latin Vincere
Meaning:To conquer
Female version of the name:Vincente
Interesting Facts:Among early Christians this name was highly popular, due in part to its association with many early saints.
Famous Persons: Vincent Collet is a coach in basketball.

53.  Vivien

How to pronounce: VEE-VYEHN
Origin: Latin Vivus
Female version of the name:Viviane
Variations in other languages:Vivian (English)
Famous Persons: Vivien Brisse is a cyclist from France.

French Names For Boys With Hebrew Origins

In French culture many names have Hebrew and Biblical roots. You will see some in the list below. 

54.  Daniel

How to pronounce: da-NYEH-leh 
Origin: Ancient Hebrew דָּנִיֵּאל‎ 
Meaning:God is my Judge 
Female version of the name:Danièle
Alternative spelling: Dany, Danie, Dani
Variations in other languages:Daniil (Russian), Danylo (Ukrainian), Daniel (English), Daniele (Italian)
Interesting Facts:In The Book of Daniel, which takes place during the Babylonian captivity of the Jews, Daniel interprets the dreams of King Nebuchadnezzar. After being thrown into a den of lions, he was saved by an angel.
Famous Persons: Daniel Roullier is a businessman and billionaire.

55.  Emmanuel

How to pronounce: EH-MA-NWEHL
Origin: Ancient Hebrew עִמָּנוּאֵל
Meaning:God is with us
Female version of the name:Emmanuelle 
Alternative spelling: Manuel, Manou, Manu, Manue, Mano
Variations in other languages:Emanuel (Spanish), Emanuele (Italian)
Interesting Facts:In the Old Testament, this was the foretold name of the Messiah.
Famous Persons: Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frédéric Macron is the 25th President of France [6].

56.  Gabriel

How to pronounce: GA-BREE-YEHL
Origin: Ancient Hebrew גַבְרִיאֵל
Meaning:God is my strength
Female version of the name:Gabrielle
Alternative spelling: Gabie, Gabi, Gaby, Gab, Gabou
Variations in other languages:Gavriil (Russian), Havrylo (Ukrainian), Gabriel (English), Gabriele (Italian)
Interesting Facts:In the Old and New Testaments, Gabriel is an archangel who delivered messages from God to Daniel, Zechariah, and Mary.
Famous Persons: Gabriel Fauré was a late Romantic composer [7]. 

57.  Gaspard

How to pronounce: GAS-PAR 
Origin: Ancient Hebrew גִּזְבָּר
Variations in other languages:Jasper (English)
Interesting Facts:It is believed that one of the Wise Men of the Bible bore this name.
Famous Persons: Gaspard Dughet is a painter. 

58.  Jacques

How to pronounce: ZHAHK
Origin: Ancient Hebrew יַעֲקֹב
Meaning:Supplanter, seizing by the heel
Female version of the name:Jacquine 
Alternative spelling: Jacob, Jacquemin, Jacquou, Jacquot, Jacquet, Jacquelin, Jacquelyn, Jacquelinet, Jacquin, Jacquinet
Variations in other languages:Jacob (English), Yakov (Russian), Jaime (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:This is the French version of ‘Jacob’. 
Famous Persons: Jacques-Yves Cousteau was an underwater explorer [8].

59.  Jeremie

How to pronounce: ZHEH-REH-MEE 
Origin: Ancient Hebrew יִרְמְיָה
Meaning:Yahweh will exalt
Variations in other languages:Jeremiah (English)
Interesting Facts:In the Old Testament, this is the name of one of the important prophets.
Famous Persons: Jérémie Chardy is a professional tennis player from France.

60.  Lazare

How to pronounce: LA-ZAR  
Origin: Ancient Hebrew אֶלְעָזָ
Meaning:God helped
Female version of the name:Lazarine 
Variations in other languages:Lázaro (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:This is the name of a man who was restored to life by Jesus in the New Testament.
Famous Persons: Lazare Nicolas Marguerite was a French politician, physicist, and mathematician.

61.  Manuel

How to pronounce: MA-NWEHL
Origin: Ancient Hebrew עִמָּנוּאֵל
Meaning:God is with us
Female version of the name:Manuelle 
Alternative spelling: Emmanuel
Interesting Facts:It is likely that this version of the name was transferred from Byzantium to Spain, Portugal, and beyond, especially since the royal families were connected.
Famous Persons: Manuel Dubrulle is a badminton player.

62.  Matthieu

How to pronounce: MA-TYUU  
Origin: Ancient Hebrew מַתִּתְיָהוּ
Meaning:Gift of God
Alternative spelling: Matt, Titou
Variations in other languages:Matthew (English), Matvey (Russian), Mateusz (Polish), Matteo (Italian)
Interesting Facts:This is the French form of ‘Matthew’. ‘Matthew’ is the name of a tax collector in the Bible who became one of the apostles and is believed to be the author of the first gospel. 
Famous Persons: Matthieu Delpierre is a footballer.

63.  Michel

How to pronounce: MEE-SHEHL
Origin: Ancient Hebrew מי כאל
Meaning:Who is like God?
Female version of the name:Michelle
Alternative spelling: Michou, Mimi, Michon, Michot, Michaud, Michaudet, Michelet, Michelin, Michelon, Michelot 
Variations in other languages:Michael (English), Mikhail (Russian), Michele (Italian), Miguel (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:This is the French version of ‘Michael’. Archangel Michael, as well as featuring in the Book of Daniel in the Old Testament, heads the heavenly army in the New Testament in the Book of Revelation. 
Famous Persons: Michel Drucker is a French TV host and journalist.

64.  Thomas

How to pronounce: TAW-MA
Origin: Ancient Hebrew תאום
Female version of the name:Thomasine
Alternative spelling: Toto, Tom, Thomasset, Massenot, Masset, Massenet, Thomasson, Masson, Thomassot, Massot, Thomassin, Massin, Thomel, Thomelin, Thomelet, Thomelot
Variations in other languages:Tomasz (Polish), Tommaso (Italian)
Interesting Facts:This is the name of the apostle who doubted that Jesus had risen from the dead in the New Testament. When he saw Jesus, though, he examined his wounds himself.
Famous Persons: Thomas Pesquet is an astronaut.

65.  Raphael

How to pronounce: RA-FA-EHL 
Origin: Ancient Hebrew רְפָאֵל
Meaning:God heals
Female version of the name:Raphaëlle
Alternative spelling: Raph, Raphy, Fafa, Raphou
Variations in other languages:Raffaele (Italian)
Interesting Facts:‘Raphael’ is the name of an archangel according to Hebrew tradition. 
Famous Persons: Raphaël Jacquelin is a professional golfer from France.

66.  Tobie

How to pronounce: TAW-BEE
Origin: Ancient Hebrew טוֹבִיָּהוּ
Meaning:Yahweh is good
Variations in other languages:Tobias (English)
Interesting Facts:In the apocryphal book of Tobit, which appears in some versions of the Old Testament, this is the name of the main hero. 
Famous Persons: Tobie Nathan is a writer from France.

67.  Zacharie

How to pronounce: ZA-KA-REE 
Origin: Ancient Hebrew זְכַרְיָה
Meaning:Yahweh remembers
Variations in other languages:Zakhar (Russian)
Interesting Facts:In the Old Testament, many characters bear this name.
Famous Persons: Zacharie Heince is an engraver and painter from France.

French Boys Names With Different Roots

The following French boys’ names have different origins: German, English, and others. We believe you are sure to find something special here!

68.  Armand

How to pronounce: AR-MAH
Origin: Old German Hardman
Meaning:Strong man
Female version of the name:Armande
Variations in other languages:Armando (Italian), German (Russian)
Famous Persons: Armand Peugeot, a French industrialist who pioneered the automobile industry [9].

69.  Bernard

How to pronounce: BEHR-NAR
Origin: Old German Bernhard
Meaning:Strong bear
Female version of the name:Bernadre
Alternative spelling: Béber, Nanar, Bernardel, Bernardet, Bernardon, Bernardot, Bernardou, Bernardin
Variations in other languages:Bernhard (English), Bernardo (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:Many saints, such as 10th-century Saint Bernard of Menthon who built hospices in the Swiss Alps, had this name.
Famous Persons: Bernard Cottret is a French literary scholar and historian.

70.  Charles

How to pronounce: SHARL
Origin: Old German Karl
Female version of the name:Charline, Charlotte
Alternative spelling: Charlot, Lolo, Charlou, Charlie
Variations in other languages:Karl (German), Karol (Polish), Carlos (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:In Europe, this name became widely used due to the legacy of Charles the Great (742-814), commonly known as ‘Charlemagne’. He was a king of the Franks who came to rule most of Europe. 
Famous Persons: Charles Aznavour is a French-Armenian actor and singer.

71.  Edouard

How to pronounce: EH-DWAR 
Origin: Old English Eadweard
Meaning:Rich guard
Female version of the name:Édouarde
Variations in other languages:Edward (English), Duarte (Portuguese), Eduardo (Spanish), Edoardo (Italian)
Famous Persons: Édouard Vuillard was a painter from France [10].

72.  Frederic

How to pronounce: FREH-DEH-REEK 
Origin: Old German Frideric
Meaning:Peaceful ruler
Female version of the name:Frédérique
Alternative spelling: Fred, Fredou, Fredo
Variations in other languages:Frīdrihs (Latvian), Fredrik (Norwegian), Fryderyk (Polish), Federico (Italian)
Famous Persons: Frédéric Chopin was a French and Polish composer [11].

73.  Gaston

How to pronounce: GAS-TAW
Origin: Old German Gasto
Variations in other languages:Gastone (Italian)
Interesting Facts:In French, this is the name for Saint Vedastus, called ‘Vaast’ in Flemish. Starting from the 13th century, this name was also borne by several counts of Foix-Béarn.
Famous Persons: Gaston Michel is an actor from France.

74.  Gerard

How to pronounce: ZHEH-RAR 
Origin: Old German Gerhard
Meaning:Spear and brave
Female version of the name:Gérarde
Alternative spelling: Gégé, Gérardin, Gérardon, Gérardot
Variations in other languages:Gerrard (English), Geert (Dutch), Gerardo (Italian)
Famous Persons: Gérard Banide is a football coach from France.

75.  Guillaume

How to pronounce: GEE-YOM 
Origin: Old German Willihelm
Meaning:Will, helmet
Female version of the name:Guillemette, Guillemine 
Alternative spelling: Gui, Guigui, Guillaumel, Guillaumin, Guillaumet, Guillaumot, Guillet, Guillon, Guillin, Guillemin, Guillemet, Guillemot
Variations in other languages:William (English), Guillermo (Spanish)
Famous Persons: Guillaume Pellicier is a diplomat from France.

76.  Herve

How to pronounce: EHR-VEH  
Origin: Breton Haerviu
Female version of the name:Hervianne
Alternative spelling: Hervieu, Herviot, Hervelin 
Variations in other languages:Harvey (English)
Interesting Facts:This name was the name of a Breton hermit from the 6th century who is the patron saint of the blind.
Famous Persons: Hervé Bugnet is a French football player.

77.  Lambert

How to pronounce: LAHN-BEHR
Origin: Old German Landaberaht
Meaning:Bright land
Variations in other languages:Lamberto (Italian)
Famous Persons: Lambert-Sigisbert Adam was a sculptor from France.

78.  Louis

How to pronounce: LWEE
Origin: Old German Chlodovech
Meaning:Famous war, battle
Female version of the name:Louise
Alternative spelling: Ludovic, Lou, Loulou, Louison, Lulu, Ludo 
Variations in other languages:Luis (Spanish), Aloisio (Italian)
Interesting Facts:In the Middle Ages, this name was popular with royalty and moderately popular with the public. After Louis XVI was guillotined during the French Revolution, the name became less popular.
Famous Persons: Louis Vuitton was a fashion designer from France.

79.  Thibaut

How to pronounce: TEE-BO
Origin: Old German Theudobald
Meaning:Brave people
Alternative spelling: Thibault, Thibaud, Thiébaud, Thiébault, Thiébaut, Titi, Tib, Thib, Tibou, Thibaudeau, Thibaudot, Thibaudet, Thibaudin, Thibaudon, Thiébaudet, Thiébaudot
Variations in other languages:Teobaldo (Spanish)
Famous Persons: Thibaut Pinot is a road bicycle racer from France.

80.  Thierry

How to pronounce: TYEH-REE 
Origin: Old German Theoderic
Meaning:Rich ruler
Alternative spelling: Thierri
Variations in other languages:Tiidrik (Estonian)
Famous Persons: Thierry Mugler was a fashion designer from France.

81.  Tristan

How to pronounce: TREES-TAH
Origin: Celtic Drustan
Meaning:Noise, tumult
Female version of the name:Tristane
Alternative spelling: Titou
Interesting Facts:This version of the name first appeared in French tales from the 12th century, probably altered due to the connection with the Old French word triste meaning “sad”. 
Famous Persons: Tristan Murail is a composer.

82.  Xavier

How to pronounce: GZA-VYEH
Origin: Basque Etxeberria
Meaning:New house
Female version of the name:Xavière
Interesting Facts:This was the last name of the 16th-century Jesuit priest Saint Francis Xavier who was born in a village with this name. He is the patron saint of the Orient and missionaries and was a missionary to China, Japan, India, and other areas in East Asia.
Famous Persons: Xavier Armange is a French illustrator and writer.

Short French Male Names

If you are looking for short French names for boys, we are sure you will find one in the list below!  

83.  Adam

How to pronounce: A-DAH
Origin: Ancient Hebrew אָדָם
Variations in other languages:Adamo (Italian)
Interesting Facts:Genesis in the Old Testament states that Adam was created from the earth by God. Adam and Eve were  the first humans. Until they were banished from the Garden of Eden for eating the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, they had lived happily in the Garden.
Famous Persons: Adam Allouche is a French-Lebanese international competitive swimmer.

84.  Aime

How to pronounce: EH-MEH 
Origin: Latin Amatus
Female version of the name:Aimée
Variations in other languages:Amy (English)
Interesting Facts:In the Middle Ages, this was used as an English name infrequently. It was revived in the 19th century.
Famous Persons: Aimé Clariond is a French film and stage actor.

85.  Alain

How to pronounce: A-LEH
Origin: Gaelic
Female version of the name:Alaine
Variations in other languages:Alan (English), Alen (Slovene)
Interesting Facts:As early as the 6th century, this name was used in Brittany, and it possibly meant either “handsome” or “little rock” in Breton. Another theory suggests that it may originate from the tribal name of the Alans, an Iranian group of people who, in the 4th and 5th centuries, migrated to Europe.
Famous Persons: Alain Bensoussan is a mathematician from France.

86.  Guy

How to pronounce: GEE
Origin: Old German Wido
Female version of the name:Guyette 
Alternative spelling: Gui, Guidon, Guitou, Guiet, Guion, Guyon, Guyonet, Guyonnet, Guyonnot
Variations in other languages:Wit (Polish), Guido (German)
Famous Persons: Guy de Maupassant was a French journalist and writer [12].

87.  Hugo

How to pronounce: UY-GO
Origin: Old German Hugu
Female version of the name:Huguette
Alternative spelling: Hugues
Variations in other languages:Hugh (English)
Interesting Facts:This name has also been borne as a surname, as in the case of French author Victor Hugo [13].
Famous Persons: Hugo Nys is a tennis player from France.

88.  Jean

How to pronounce: ZHAH
Origin: Ancient Hebrew יוֹחָנָן
Meaning:Yahweh is gracious
Female version of the name:Janne
Alternative spelling: Jehan, Jeannot, Jeanick, Jeannick, Jeannotin, Jeannet, Jeanneton, Jehannin, Jehanin, Jeannin, Janin, Janiot, Jeanel, Janel, Janelet, Jeannicot, Jeannequin
Variations in other languages:John (English), Ivan (Russian), Juan (Spanish), Giovanni (Italian)
Interesting Facts:Since the 12th century, this has been the most used male name in France.
Famous Persons: Jean Reno is an actor from France. 

89.  Leon

How to pronounce: LEH-AW
Origin: Ancient Greek Λέων
Female version of the name:Léone, Léonne
Alternative spelling: Léo
Variations in other languages:Lev (Russian), Leone (Italian)
Interesting Facts:This Greek name was combined with the Latin cognate Leo in the Christian era. Because of this, the two different versions of the name are used somewhat interchangeably across Europe.
Famous Persons: Léon Gaumont is a French industrialist and inventor.

90.  Luc

How to pronounce: LUYK
Origin: Latin Lux
Female version of the name:Lucie
Alternative spelling: Lucas,  Lulu, Luce
Variations in other languages:Luke (English), Luca (Italian) 
Interesting Facts:Luca (Luc), likely of Greek ethnicity and considered a saint by many, was a doctor who traveled with the apostle Paul. He apparently authored the third gospel and Acts in the New Testament.
Famous Persons: Luc Besson is a French producer, film director, and screenwriter [14].

91.  Marc

How to pronounce: MARK
Origin: Latin Marcus
Meaning:Dedicated to the god Mars, warlike
Alternative spelling: Marquet, Marqueteau, Marqueton
Variations in other languages:Mark (English)
Interesting Facts:Marc is believed to be the author of the Second Gospel.
Famous Persons: Marc Andreu is a rugby union player from France.

92.  Noe

How to pronounce: NOEH
Origin: Ancient Hebrew נֹהַַ
Meaning:Peace, rest
Variations in other languages:Noah (English)
Interesting Facts:In the Old Testament, Noe (Noah) built the Ark that allowed him, his family, and two animals of each species (one male and one female) to survive the Great Flood. 
Famous Persons: Noé Willer is a singer from France.

93.  Noel

How to pronounce: NAW-EHL 
Origin: French
Female version of the name:Noële
Interesting Facts:During the Middle Ages, this name was used for children born on the holiday. 
Famous Persons: Noël Mamère is a French politician and journalist.

94.  Paul

How to pronounce: PAWL
Origin: Latin Paulus
Meaning:Small, humble
Female version of the name:Paule
Variations in other languages:Pavel (Russian), Pavlo (Ukrainian), Paolo (Italian), Pablo (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:When he converted to Christianity, Saul of Tarsus was given the name ‘Paul’. Paul wrote a lot of the epistles that constitute books of the New Testament.
Famous Persons: Paul Cézanne was an artist from France.

95.  Raoul

How to pronounce: RA-OOL
Origin: Old Norse Ráðúlfr 
Meaning:Advise and wolf
Variations in other languages:Ralph (English)
Famous Persons: Raoul de Godewaersvelde was a singer from France.

96.  Remy

How to pronounce: REH-MEE 
Origin: Latin Remigis
Meaning:Oarsman, rower
Female version of the name:Rémise
Alternative spelling: Rémi
Variations in other languages:Remigio (Italian)
Interesting Facts:This is the name of a 5th-century saint who converted and baptized the ruler of the Franks, King Clovis.
Famous Persons: Rémi Casty is a player in the French rugby league.

97.  Rene

How to pronounce: RU-NEH
Origin: Latin Renatus
Meaning:Born again
Female version of the name:Renée
Variations in other languages:Renato (Italian), Renat (Russian)
Famous Persons: René Simard is a singer.

98.  Yann

How to pronounce: YAN
Origin: Ancient Hebrew יוֹחָנָן
Meaning:Yahweh is gracious
Variations in other languages:John (English), Ivan (Russian), Juan (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:This is a French variation of ‘John’.
Famous Persons: Yann Tiersen is a musician from France.

99.  Yves

How to pronounce: EEV
Origin: Old German Ivo
Meaning:Yew tree
Female version of the name:Yvette
Alternative spelling: Yvon
Variations in other languages:Ivo (Italian)
Interesting Facts:Some believe that this name may actually originate from Celtic via a Celtic cognate.
Famous Persons: Yves Saint Laurent was a renowned fashion designer.

100.  Yvon

How to pronounce: EE-VAWN
Origin: Old German Ivo
Meaning:Yew tree
Female version of the name:Yvette, Yvonne
Alternative spelling: Yves
Variations in other languages:Ivo (Italian)
Famous Persons: Yvon Villarceau is an astronomer from France.

Top 100 French Names For Girls

French Girl Holding a Flag

French female names are some of the most beautiful and melodic names in the world. In Catholic families, women had to have three names, the last one referring to the saint who was commemorated on the day of their baptism.

French Girl Names With Greek And Latin Origins

Ancient Greek and Roman history and mythology lent many beautiful female names to French culture. In the list below, we will see many French names for girls that have been inspired by Ancient mythology.

Names With Greek Origins

1.  Angelique

How to pronounce: AHN-ZHEH-LEEK 
Origin: Ancient Greek ἄγγελος
Meaning:Angel, messenger
Variations in other languages:Angelica (Italian)
Interesting Facts:This name has been in use since around the 18th century.
Famous Persons: Angélique D’Hannetaire is an actress from France.

2.  Alexandrine

How to pronounce: A-LEHK-SAHN-DREEN  
Origin: Ancient Greek Ἀλέξανδρος
Meaning:Man’s defender
Male version of the name:Alexandre
Alternative spelling: Alex, Sandrine
Variations in other languages:Alejandra (Spanish), Oleksandra (Ukrainian), Aleksandra (Russian), Alessandra (Italian)
Interesting Facts:This name was used as an epithet for the goddess Hera in Greek mythology, and also as an alternative name for the Greek legendary prophetess Cassandra.
Famous Persons: Alexandrine Zola was writer Emile Zola’s wife [15].

3.  Antoinette

How to pronounce: AHN-TWA-NEHT  
Origin: Ancient Greek ἄνθος
Male version of the name:Antonin
Alternative spelling: Toinette, Toinon
Variations in other languages:Antonieta (Portuguese), Antonina (Russian)
Interesting Facts:This was used by Marie Antoinette, who was the queen of France who was guillotined during the French Revolution [16].
Famous Persons: Antoinette Feuerwerker was a fighter and jurist [17].

4.  Chloe

How to pronounce: KLO-EH 
Origin: Ancient Greek Χλόη
Meaning:Green shoot
Alternative spelling: Chlo, Clo, Chlochlo, Cloclo, Lolo
Variations in other languages:Khloe (English), Cloe (Italian)
Interesting Facts:This was used as an epithet for Demeter in Greek mythology.
Famous Persons: Chloé Georges is an acrobatic skier from France.

5.  Colette

How to pronounce: KAW-LEHT
Origin: Ancient Greek Νικόλαος
Meaning:Victory of the people
Male version of the name:Nicolas 
Alternative spelling: Nicole, Nicolette
Variations in other languages:Nicoletta (Italian)
Interesting Facts:This is the name of a nun and saint from the 15th century who gave away all her wealth to the poor.
Famous Persons: Colette Capdevielle is a politician from France.

6.  Corinne

How to pronounce: KAW-REEN
Origin: Ancient Greek Κόριννα
Alternative spelling: Coco
Variations in other languages:Corine (Dutch)
Famous Persons: Corinne Maury is a French film director and lecturer.

7.  Denise

How to pronounce: DU-NEEZ
Origin: Ancient Greek Διονύσιος
Meaning:Dedicated to the god Dionysos
Male version of the name:Denis
Variations in other languages:Denisa (Slovak)
Interesting Facts:Dionysos, from whom this name ultimately derives, is the ancient Greek god of wine, fertility, revelry, and dance.
Famous Persons: Denise Gence is an actress from France.

8.  Eliane

How to pronounce: EH-LYAN  
Origin: Ancient Greek ἥλιος 
Male version of the name:Elian
Variations in other languages:Eliana (Spanish)
Famous Persons: Éliane Radigue is a composer of electronic music.

9.  Irene

How to pronounce: EE-REHN
Origin: Ancient Greek Εἰρήνη
Meaning:Peace, calmness 
Male version of the name:Irénée
Alternative spelling: Renie
Variations in other languages:Irina (Russian), Iryna (Ukrainian)
Interesting Facts:This name comes from Eirene, the name of the Greek goddess of peace and springtime.
Famous Persons: Irène Jacob is a Swiss and French actress.

10.  Line

How to pronounce: LEEN
Origin: Ancient Greek Λῖνος
Male version of the name:Lin
Alternative spelling: Linette
Famous Persons: Line Papin is a novelist from France.

11.  Juliette

How to pronounce: ZHUY-LYEHT 
Origin: Ancient Greek ἴουλος 
Male version of the name:Julien
Alternative spelling: Juju, Lili 
Variations in other languages:Yuliya (Russian), Julija (Slovene), Giulia (Italian)
Famous Persons: Juliette Noureddine is a singer from France.

12.  Lydie

How to pronounce: LEE-DEE
Origin: Ancient Greek Λυδία
Meaning:From Lydia
Variations in other languages:Lidija (Slovene), Lidia (Italian)
Interesting Facts:This name refers to those who lived in Lydia, an ancient region in Asia Minor, named for Lydos, the legendary king.
Famous Persons: Lydie Salvayre is a writer.

13.  Madeleine

How to pronounce: MAD-LEHN
Origin: Ancient Greek Μαγδαληνή
Meaning:From Magdala 
Alternative spelling: Mado, Madou, Madelon, Magdelon
Variations in other languages:Maddalena (Italian)
Interesting Facts:This name refers to those who lived in the Magdala, an ancient coastal village.
Famous Persons: Madeleine Béjart is a French theater director and actor.

14.  Margaux

How to pronounce: MAR-GO  
Origin: Ancient Greek μαργαρίτης
Alternative spelling: Marguerite, Margod, Gogo
Variations in other languages:Margarete (German), Margarita (Russian), Margherita (Italian)
Interesting Facts:This name is a variation of ‘Margod’. This name comes from a town in France which produces wine.
Famous Persons: Margaux Pinot is a judoka from France.

15.  Monique

How to pronounce: MAW-NEEK
Origin: Ancient Greek μόνη
Meaning:The only one, alone
Alternative spelling: Momo
Variations in other languages:Monika (Polish)
Interesting Facts:Some believe this name comes from ‘moneo’ the Latin word which means to ‘remind’, ‘call’, ‘inspire’, or ‘predict’.
Famous Persons: Monique Haas is a pianist from France.

16.  Melissa

How to pronounce: MEH-LEE-SA
Origin: Ancient Greek Μέλισσα
Alternative spelling: Mémé, Mel, Méli, Lili
Interesting Facts:This name was borne by Procles’ daughter in Greek mythology and it was also used as an epithet of priestesses and nymphs.
Famous Persons: Mélissa Theuriau is an actress, journalist, and documentary producer.

17.  Melanie

How to pronounce: MEH-LA-NEE 
Origin: Ancient Greek Μέλαινα
Meaning:Dark, black
Alternative spelling: Mémé, Mel
Variations in other languages:Melany (English)
Interesting Facts:A 5th-century Roman saint who gave all her money to charity bore this name.
Famous Persons: Mélanie Doutey is an actress from France.

18.  Penelope

How to pronounce: PEH-NEH-LAWP  
Origin: Ancient Greek  πηνέλοψ
Meaning:Teal (a kind of wild duck)
Variations in other languages:Pinelopi (Greek)
Interesting Facts:This is the name of Odysseus’ wife in the Homeric epic The Odyssey.
Famous Persons: Pénélope Bagieu is a cartoonist from France.

19.  Perrine

How to pronounce: PEH-REEN  
Origin: Ancient Greek Πέτρος
Male version of the name:Pierre
Alternative spelling: Pierrine
Variations in other languages:Petra (Finnish), Pietra (Italian)
Famous Persons: Perrine Delacour is a golfer from France.

20.  Sandrine

How to pronounce: SAHN-DREEN 
Origin: Ancient Greek Ἀλέξανδρος
Meaning:Man’s defender
Alternative spelling: Sansan, Sandy, Sandie
Variations in other languages:Sandra (English)
Interesting Facts:This is an independent French variation of ‘Alexandrine’.
Famous Persons: Sandrine Fricot is a French high jumper from France.

21.  Sophie

How to pronounce: SAW-FEE
Origin: Ancient Greek Σοφία
Alternative spelling: Soso, Fifi, Sophinette
Variations in other languages:Sophia (English), Zofia (Polish)
Interesting Facts:Sophia is the Greek goddess of spiritual wisdom. Once part of the Judeo-Christian heritage of the west, she has been largely forgotten about.
Famous Persons: Sophie Adriansen is a writer from France.

22.  Stephanie

How to pronounce: STEH-FA-NEE 
Origin: Ancient Greek Στέφανος
Male version of the name:Stéphane
Alternative spelling: Fannie, Fanny, Fanette, Fannette, Fanélie, Steph, Sté, Nanie, Nanou, Ninie
Variations in other languages:Stefania (Polish), Stefana (Serbian)
Famous Persons: Stéphanie Cohen-Aloro is a tennis player from France.

23.  Veronique

How to pronounce: VEH-RAW-NEEK 
Origin: Ancient Greek Φερενίκη
Meaning:Bringing victory
Alternative spelling: Bérénice, Véro
Variations in other languages:Veronica (English)
Interesting Facts:This name was borne by a legendary saint. She is said to have found Jesus’ face imprinted upon a towel after wiping him with it.
Famous Persons: Véronique Bonnecaze is a pianist from France.

Names with Latin Origins

24.  Adrienne

How to pronounce: A-DREE-YEHN
Origin: Latin Hadrianus
Meaning:From Hadria
Male version of the name:Adrien
Alternative spelling: Didi, Didou, Adri, Adrie  
Variations in other languages:Adrianna (English), Adriana (Italian)
Interesting Facts:‘Hadria’ was the name of two settlements in Rome. One of them (modern Adria) was a crucial Etruscan port town in northern Italy, and the other (modern Atri) is in central Italy, and was named after the northern town.
Famous Persons: Adrienne Horvath is a politician from France.

25.  Aimee

How to pronounce: EH-MEH 
Origin: Latin Amatus
Male version of the name:Aimé
Variations in other languages:Amada (Spanish)
Famous Persons: Aimée Barancy is a French poet, journalist, musician, and novelist.

26.  Amandine

How to pronounce: A-MAHN-DEEN 
Origin: Latin Amandus
Meaning:Lovable, worthy of love
Male version of the name:Amand
Alternative spelling: Amande, Didine  
Variations in other languages:Amanda (English)
Famous Persons: Amandine Henry is a French footballer.

27.  Aurelie

How to pronounce: O-REH-LEE 
Origin: Latin Aureus
Male version of the name:Aurèle
Alternative spelling: Auré, Aurèle, Réré, Ré, Rélie, Lélie, Lili 
Variations in other languages:Aurelia (Italian), Aurelija (Lithuanian)
Famous Persons: Aurélie Thiele is an engineer from France.

28.  Aurore

How to pronounce: AW-RAWR 
Origin: Latin
Variations in other languages:Avrora (Russian)
Interesting Facts:Aurora was the Roman goddess of dawn. This name has sometimes been used as a first name since the Renaissance.
Famous Persons: Aurore Jéan is a cross-country skier from France.

29.  Beatrice

How to pronounce: BEH-A-TREES 
Origin: Latin Viatrix
Alternative spelling: Béa
Variations in other languages:Beatrix (English), Beatriz (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:This name was widely used by early Christians.
Famous Persons: Béatrice Dalle is an actress from France.

30.  Blandine

How to pronounce: BLAHN-DEEN 
Origin: Latin Blandus
Interesting Facts:Saint Blandina, a 2nd-century slave from Lyons, was martyred and thrown to wild beasts.
Famous Persons: Blandine Rouille is a French yacht racer

31.  Camille

How to pronounce: KA-MEE
Origin: Latin Camillus
Meaning:A youth employed in religious services
Male version of the name:Camille
Alternative spelling: Lilou
Variations in other languages:Camila (Spanish)
Famous Persons: Camille Dalmais is a French musician and popular singer [18].

32.  Cecile

How to pronounce: SEH-SEEL 
Origin: Latin Caecilius
Male version of the name:Cécilien
Variations in other languages:Cecilija (Slovene), Cecilia (Italian)
Interesting Facts:Saint Cecile, the patron saint of music and musicians, was a 2nd- or 3rd-century martyr who refused to worship the Roman gods and was sentenced to death.
Famous Persons: Cécile Ousset is a pianist from France.

33.  Celine

How to pronounce: SEH-LEEN 
Origin: Latin Caelum
Male version of the name:Célien
Alternative spelling: Célinie, Cécé, Cel, Liline, Nini
Variations in other languages:Celina (German)
Interesting Facts:This name is sometimes also used as a short form of the name Marceline.
Famous Persons: Céline Bonnier is a Canadian and French actress.

34.  Claire

How to pronounce: KLEHR
Origin: Latin Clarus
Meaning:Bright, clear, brilliant
Alternative spelling: Clairette, Clairounette 
Variations in other languages:Chiara (Italian), Clara (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:This name was very popular throughout the 20th century, but in France it has since been eclipsed in popularity by the similar name Clara.
Famous Persons: Claire Julie de Nanteuil was a writer from France.

35.  Clarisse

How to pronounce: KLA-REES 
Origin: Latin Clarus
Meaning:Bright, clear, brilliant
Alternative spelling: Clacla
Variations in other languages:Clarissa (Italian)
Interesting Facts:This is an independent variation of ‘Claire’.
Famous Persons: Clarisse Agbegnenou is a judoka from France.

36.  Claude

How to pronounce: KLOD
Origin: Latin Claudus
Meaning:Lame, crippled
Male version of the name:Claude
Alternative spelling: Claudie
Variations in other languages:Klavdiya (Russian), Claudia (Italian)
Interesting Facts:While this name is mentioned in the New Testament, it was rare in the Christian world until the 16th century.
Famous Persons: Claude Jade is an actress from France.

37.  Carine

How to pronounce: KA-REEN  
Origin: Latin Carino
Meaning:Dear, beloved
Variations in other languages:Karina (Russian)
Interesting Facts:This name is also the name of a constellation. In this case, however, the name means “keel” in Latin, which references a part of Jason’s ship the Argo.
Famous Persons: Carine Tardieu is a French director, writer, and screenwriter.

38.  Coralie

How to pronounce: KAW-RA-LEE 
Origin: Latin Corallium
Alternative spelling: Coco
Variations in other languages:Coral (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:A Thracian saint and martyr from the 4th century bore this name.
Famous Persons: Coralie Balmy is a freestyle swimmer from France.

39.  Dominique

How to pronounce: DAW-MEE-NEEK 
Origin: Latin Dominicus
Meaning:Of the Lord
Male version of the name:Dominique
Alternative spelling: Domi, Dom, Dodo
Variations in other languages:Domenica (Italian)
Famous Persons: Dominique Blanchar is an actress from France. 

40.  Emilie

How to pronounce: EH-MEE-LEE 
Origin: Latin Aemulus
Male version of the name:Émilien
Alternative spelling: Mimi, Milie, Mélie, Lili, Emi
Variations in other languages:Emily (English)
Famous Persons: Émilie Vina is a cross-country skier from France.

41.  Fabienne

How to pronounce: FA-BYEHN 
Origin: Latin Faba
Male version of the name:Fabien
Alternative spelling: Fabie, Fabi, Fab
Variations in other languages:Fabia (Italian)
Famous Persons: Fabienne Serrat is a French world champion ski alpine racer.

42.  Fleur

How to pronounce: FLUUR
Origin: Latin Flos
Male version of the name:Fleury
Alternative spelling: Flore
Variations in other languages:Fiore (Italian)
Interesting Facts:This name was borne by Saint Fleur of Issendolus, a nun in the 14th century. 
Famous Persons: Fleur Mino is a soprano from France.

43.  Francoise

How to pronounce: FRAHN-SWAZ
Origin: Latin Franciscus
Meaning:French, Frankish
Male version of the name:François
Alternative spelling: Fanfan, Fanou, Fafa, Françou, Francette, Francine, France , Fanchette, Fanchon, Fanny, Fany
Variations in other languages:Franciszka (Polish), Francisca (Spanish), Francesca (Italian)
Famous Persons: Françoise Claustre is an archaeologist from France [19].

44.  Floriane

How to pronounce: FLAW-RYAN 
Origin: Latin Flos
Male version of the name:Florian
Alternative spelling: Florianne, Fleuriane, Flo, Floflo
Variations in other languages:Floriana (Italian)
Famous Persons: Floriane Soulas is a French novelist specializing in science fiction.

45.  Justine

How to pronounce: ZHUYS-TEEN
Origin: Latin Justus
Male version of the name:Justin
Alternative spelling: Juju, Titine, Tinou
Variations in other languages:Justyna (Ukrainian)
Interesting Facts:This name may have been popularized by the titular character of the 1791 work Justine, by Marquis de Sade [20].
Famous Persons: Justine Braisaz-Bouchet is a biathlete from France.

46.  Laetitia

How to pronounce: LEH-TEE-SYA 
Origin: Latin Laetitia
Meaning:Joy, happiness
Variations in other languages:Leticia (Spanish), Letizia (Italian)
Famous Persons: Laëtitia Philippe is a French footballer.

47.  Laurence

How to pronounce: LAW-RAHNS 
Origin: Latin Laurentius
Meaning:From Laurentum
Male version of the name:Laurent
Alternative spelling: Laure, Lol
Variations in other languages:Lauren (English), Lorenza (Italian)
Interesting Facts:This name refers to those who resided in an ancient Italian city, Laurentum.
Famous Persons: Laurence des Cars is a French art historian and curator.

48.  Liliane

How to pronounce: LEE-LYAN 
Origin: Latin Lilium
Male version of the name:Lilian
Famous Persons: Liliane de Kermadec is a French screenwriter and film director.

49.  Lucie

How to pronounce: LUY-SEE
Origin: Latin Lux
Male version of the name:Luce
Alternative spelling: Lulu
Variations in other languages:Liucija (Lithuanian)
Famous Persons: Lucie Boissonnas is a writer from France.

50.  Oriane

How to pronounce: AW-RYAN 
Origin: Latin Aurum
Alternative spelling: Orianne, Ori
Variations in other languages:Oriana (English)
Interesting Facts:This was the name of a medieval legendary figure who married Amadis the knight.
Famous Persons: Oriane Bertone is a French and Italian climber.

51.  Pascale

How to pronounce: PAS-KAL  
Origin: Latin Paschalis
Meaning:Relating to Easter
Male version of the name:Pascal
Alternative spelling: Pascaline
Variations in other languages:Pasqualina (Italian), Pascuala (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:This name is from Hebrew פֶּסַח (Pesach) which means “Passover”. Passover is the Hebrew holiday that celebrates the liberation of Jewish people from Egypt. 
Famous Persons: Pascale Garaud is a French and American astrophysicist.

52.  Patricia

How to pronounce: PA-TREES
Origin: Latin Patricius
Male version of the name:Patrice
Alternative spelling: Patricie, Pat, Patou,  Patti, Tricia
Variations in other languages:Patricie (Czech), Patrycja (Polish), Patrizia (Italian)
Famous Persons: Patricia Kaas is a singer and actress from France.

53.  Paule

How to pronounce: POL
Origin: Latin Paulus
Meaning:Small, humble
Male version of the name:Paul 
Variations in other languages:Paula (Spanish), Paola (Italian)
Famous Persons: Paule Maurice is a composer from France.

54.  Renee

How to pronounce: RU-NEH
Origin: Latin Renatus
Meaning:Born again
Male version of the name:René
Variations in other languages:Renata (Russian)
Famous Persons: Renée Doria is an opera singer from France.

55.  Solene

How to pronounce: SAW-LEHN 
Origin: Latin Sollemnis
Alternative spelling: Solange, So, Soso, Sosso, Sol
Interesting Facts:This name was borne by a woman who became a saint. She was a shepherdess slain by her master.
Famous Persons: Solène Rigot is an actress from France.

56.  Valerie

How to pronounce: VA-LEH-REE
Origin: Latin Valere
Meaning:To be strong
Male version of the name:Valère
Alternative spelling: Val, Valou, Vava  
Variations in other languages:Valeriya (Russian)
Famous Persons: Valérie Lacroute is a politician from France.

57.  Yolande

How to pronounce: YAW-LAHND
Origin: Latin Violante
Alternative spelling: Iolanthe, Yoly
Variations in other languages:Jolanta (Polish)
Interesting Facts:Some believe that this name actually has Germanic origins.
Famous Persons: Yolande Folliot is an actress from France.

French Names For Girls With Hebrew Origins

These female names with Hebrew and Biblical origins are also popular in France. 

58.  Axelle

How to pronounce: A-KSEHL  
Origin: Ancient Hebrew אַבְשָׁלוֹם
Meaning:My father is peace
Male version of the name:Axel
Interesting Facts:This name is a feminine and French variation of ‘Absalom’.
Famous Persons: Axelle Lemaire is a politician from France.

59.  Daniele

How to pronounce: DA-NYEHL  
Origin: Ancient Hebrew דָּנִאֵל
Meaning:God is my judge
Male version of the name:Daniel
Alternative spelling: Danie, Dani, Dany
Variations in other languages:Danielle (English), Daniela (Italian)
Famous Persons: Danièle Huillet is a filmmaker from France.

60.  Deborah

How to pronounce: DEH-BAW-RA 
Origin: Ancient Hebrew דְּבוֹרָה
Variations in other languages:Debora (Italian)
Interesting Facts:This is the name of a prophetess in the Old Testament who aids the combatting of the Canaanites by forming an army.
Famous Persons: Déborah Münzer is a cultural figure and politician from France.

61.  Emmanuelle

How to pronounce: EH-MA-NWEHL 
Origin: Ancient Hebrew עִמָּנוּאֵל
Meaning:God with us
Male version of the name:Emmanuel
Alternative spelling: Manuelle, Manu, Manue
Variations in other languages:Manuela (Spanish)
Famous Persons: Emmanuelle Seigner is an actress from France.

62.  Gabrielle

How to pronounce: GA-BREE-YEHL
Origin: Ancient Hebrew גַּבְרִיאֵל
Meaning:God’s warrior
Male version of the name:Gabriel
Alternative spelling: Gabie, Gabi, Gaby, Gab, Gabou
Variations in other languages:Gabrijela (Croatian)
Famous Persons: Gabrielle Bonheur “Coco” Chanel was a renowned businesswoman and fashion designer [21].

63.  Jacqueline

How to pronounce: ZHAK-LEEN
Origin: Ancient Hebrew יַעֲקֹב
Meaning:Holding on to the heel
Male version of the name:Jacques
Alternative spelling: Jacquette
Variations in other languages:Jacoba (Dutch), Žaklina (Serbian)
Famous Persons: Jacqueline Pagnol is an actress from France.

64.  Jeanette

How to pronounce: ZHA-NEHT
Origin: Ancient Hebrew יוֹחָנָן
Meaning:God is gracious
Male version of the name:Jean
Alternative spelling: Jeanne
Variations in other languages:Janina (Polish), Juana (Spanish), Ivanka (Ukrainian)
Famous Persons: Jeannette Bougrab is a French politician and lawyer.

65.  Joelle

How to pronounce: ZHAW-EHL
Origin: Ancient Hebrew יוֹאֵל
Meaning:Yahweh is God
Male version of the name:Joël
Alternative spelling: Jo, Jojo
Variations in other languages:Joella (English)
Famous Persons: Joëlle Ceccaldi-Raynaud is a politician from France.

66.  Josette

How to pronounce: ZHAW-ZEHT 
Origin: Ancient Hebrew יוֹסֵף
Meaning:Yahweh will reward
Male version of the name:Joseph
Alternative spelling: Joséphine, Josèphe, Jo, Jojo
Variations in other languages:Giuseppa (Italian), Józefa (Polish)
Famous Persons: Josette Dagory, known as Josette Day, was an actress from France.

67.  Lea

How to pronounce: LEH-A 
Origin: Ancient Hebrew לָאָה
Alternative spelling: Lélé
Variations in other languages:Leah (English)
Interesting Facts:Lea was a Biblical figure. She was the mother of 6 men who came to be the leaders of the 12 Israelite tribes.
Famous Persons: Léa Drucker is an actress from France.

68.  Manon

How to pronounce: MA-NAWN
Origin: Ancient Hebrew מִרְיָם
Interesting Facts:This is an independent French variation of ‘Marie’.
Famous Persons: Manon Arcangioli is a tennis player from France.

69.  Marielle

How to pronounce: MA-RYEHL 
Origin: Ancient Hebrew מִרְיָם
Alternative spelling: Mariette
Interesting Facts:This is an independent French variation of ‘Marie’.
Famous Persons: Marielle Gallo is a Member of European parliament.

70.  Michele

How to pronounce: MEE-SHEHL 
Origin: Ancient Hebrew מִיכָאֵל
Meaning:Who is like God?
Male version of the name:Michel
Alternative spelling: Michou, Mimi, Michon, Micheline
Variations in other languages:Michela (Italian)
Famous Persons: Michèle Sebag is a computer scientist from France.

71.  Noemie

How to pronounce: NAW-EH-MEE 
Origin: Ancient Hebrew נָעֳמִי
Alternative spelling: Naomi, Nono, Mimi, Noé, Nomie, Nao, Nana
Interesting Facts:This was the name of Ruth’s mother-in-law in the Old Testament who returned to Bethlehem with Ruth after her husband and sons died. 
Famous Persons: Noémie Nadaud is an acrobatic gymnast from France.

72.  Rachel

How to pronounce: RA-SHEHL
Origin: Ancient Hebrew רָחֵל
Alternative spelling: Rachelle, Rara, Lili
Variations in other languages:Rakel (Danish)
Interesting Facts:Rachel was the favored wife of Jacob in the Old Testament.
Famous Persons: Rachel Legrain-Trapani is an actress, beauty queen, and television host.

73.  Raphaelle

How to pronounce: RA-FA-EHL
Origin: Ancient Hebrew רְפָאֵל 
Meaning:God has healed 
Male version of the name:Raphaël
Variations in other languages:Rafaella (Italian)
Famous Persons: Raphaëlle Bacqué is a journalist from France.

74.  Simone

How to pronounce: SEE-MAWN
Origin: Ancient Hebrew שִׁמְעוֹן
Meaning:God has heard 
Male version of the name:Simon
Alternative spelling: Simonette 
Variations in other languages:Jimena (Spanish), Simona (Italian)
Famous Persons: Simone Téry is a journalist from France.

75.  Suzette

How to pronounce: SUY-ZEHT 
Origin: Ancient Hebrew שׁוֹשַׁנָּה
Meaning:Water lily
Alternative spelling: Suzanne, Suzelle, Suzèle, Suzon, Suson
Variations in other languages:Zuzanna (Polish), Susan (English)
Interesting Facts:A woman who is falsely accused of adultery in the Apocrypha of the Old Testament bore this name.
Famous Persons: Suzette Defoye is a French theater director, stage actor, ballet dancer, and opera singer.

76.  Zoe

How to pronounce: ZAW-EH
Origin: Ancient Greek 
Alternative spelling: Zozo, Zouzou
Variations in other languages:Zoya (Russian), Zoey (English)
Interesting Facts:This name has been adopted by Hellenized Jews as a version of the name ‘Eve’.
Famous Persons: Zoé Félix is an actress from France.

French Girls Names With Different Roots 

The following French names for girls have beautiful and diverse meanings. In this list, you will see names with French, German, and other origins.

77.  Amelie

How to pronounce: A-MEH-LEE  
Origin: Old German Amal
Male version of the name:Amélien
Alternative spelling: Mimi, Mémé, Mélie, Lili
Variations in other languages:Amelia (English), Amálie (Czech)
Interesting Facts:Some people confuse this name with Emilia, but these names are not etymologically related and have different origins.
Famous Persons: Amélie Diéterle is a French opera singer and actress.

78.  Anais

How to pronounce: A-NA-EES 
Origin: Persian
Meaning:Immaculate, undefiled
Alternative spelling: Naïs
Interesting Facts:This is a French version of ‘Anahita’. This is also the name of the Persian goddess of water and fertility. 
Famous Persons: Anaïs Perrière-Pilte was a composer from France.

79.  Berengere

How to pronounce: BEH-RAHN-ZHEHR 
Origin: Old German Beringer
Meaning:Bear and spear
Male version of the name:Béranger
Famous Persons: Bérangère Nau is an ice dancer from France.

80.  Bernadette

How to pronounce: BEHR-NA-DEHT
Origin: Old German Bernhard
Meaning:Strong bear
Male version of the name:Bernard
Alternative spelling: Bernarde, Bernardine
Variations in other languages:Bernardetta (Italian)
Famous Persons: Bernadette Menu is an Egyptologist from France.

81.  Blanche

How to pronounce: BLAHNSH
Origin: French
Meaning:White, fair
Variations in other languages:Blanch (English)
Interesting Facts:This name has many cognates across many languages but every one is derived from the Germanic word blanc
Famous Persons: Blanche Gardin is a French writer, actress, and comedian.

82.  Brigitte

How to pronounce: BREE-ZHEET
Origin: Celtic Brigantī
Meaning:The exalted one
Variations in other languages:Bridget (English), Brigida (Italian)
Famous Persons: Brigitte Bardot is a French singer and actress [22].

83.  Chantal

How to pronounce: SHAHN-TAL
Origin: French
Variations in other languages:Chantel (English)
Interesting Facts:This is from a French last name that originated from a place name meaning “stony”, originally given to honor Saint Jeanne-Françoise de Chantal who, in the 17th century, founded the Visitation Order. 
Famous Persons: Chantal Chawaf is a writer from France.

84.  Charline

How to pronounce: SHAR-LEEN 
Origin: Old German Karl
Male version of the name:Charles
Alternative spelling: Charlotte
Variations in other languages:Carlota (Spanish), Carola (Polish), Charlize (Afrikaans)
Interesting Facts:This is a diminutive, independent, French, feminine variation of ‘Charles’.
Famous Persons: Charline Picon is a windsurfer from France.

85.  Charlotte

How to pronounce: SHAR-LAWT
Origin: Old German Karl
Male version of the name:Charles
Alternative spelling: Lolo, Lotte, Lolotte, Charlou, Loulou, Charlie
Variations in other languages:Carla (Italian), Carlota (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:Towards the end of the 20th century, this name gained popularity in both France and England.
Famous Persons: Charlotte Perriand is a French designer and architect.

86.  Edwige

How to pronounce: EHD-VEEZH 
Origin: Old German Hathuwic
Meaning:Battle and war
Alternative spelling: Hedwige, Vivi, Eddie
Variations in other languages:Hedwig (German)
Famous Persons: Edwige Pitel is a cyclist from France.

87.  Elodie

How to pronounce: EH-LAW-DEE 
Origin: Old German Aljaaud
Meaning:Foreign and riches 
Alternative spelling: Alodie, Didie, Didi , Didou, Lolo, Élo
Famous Persons: Élodie Navarre is an actress from France.

88.  Genevieve

How to pronounce: ZHUN-VYEHV 
Origin: Old German Genovefa
Meaning:Family and wife
Alternative spelling: Gé, Gégé, Gigi, Gen, Ginette, Genevote
Variations in other languages:Genovaitė (Lithuanian), Genowefa (Polish)
Interesting Facts:This name may have Gaulish origins instead.
Famous Persons: Geneviève Mulmann was the president of the Miss Prestige National Committee and the Miss France Committee.

89.  Gisele

How to pronounce: ZHEE-ZEHL  
Origin: Old German Gisal
Meaning:Hostage, pledge
Alternative spelling: Giselle
Variations in other languages:Gizella (Hungarian) 
Interesting Facts:Originally, this name was in use as a descriptive nickname for children given as a pledge to foreign courts.
Famous Persons: Gisèle Biémouret is a politician from France.

90.  Geraldine

How to pronounce: ZHEH-RAL-DEEN
Origin: Old German Gerwald
Meaning:Rule of the spear
Male version of the name:Gérald
Alternative spelling: Gégé
Famous Persons: Géraldine Maillet  is a French columnist, model, novelist, screenwriter, and director.

91.  Louise

How to pronounce: LWEEZ
Origin: Old German Chlodovech
Meaning:Famous war
Male version of the name:Louis
Alternative spelling: Lois, Loïs, Loïse, Lou, Loulou
Variations in other languages:Lovisa (Swedish)
Famous Persons: Louise Labé, also nicknamed “Louïze Labé Lionnoize” and “la Belle Cordière” was a French Renaissance poet [23].

92.  Mathilde

How to pronounce: MA-TEELD
Origin: Old German Mahthildis
Meaning:Strength in the battle
Alternative spelling: Math, Mat, Mathou, Matou, Thildou, Mathi, Mathy, Dédé, Mathounette, Matounette, Maud, Maude, Mahaut, Mahault, Mahaud
Variations in other languages:Matylda (Polish)
Interesting Facts:This name has popularity in part due to the Australian folk song Waltzing Matilda.
Famous Persons: Mathilde Ollivier is a French producer, model, and actress.

93.  Mireille

How to pronounce: MEE-RAY
Origin: Occitan Mirar
Meaning:To admire
Interesting Facts:The first documented use of this name was in 1859 by Frédéric Mistral in a poem. 
Famous Persons: Mireille Johnston is a French-American author and chef.

94.  Noelle

How to pronounce: NAW-EHL
Origin: French
Male version of the name:Noël
Alternative spelling: Noëllie
Variations in other languages:Noelia (Spanish)
Famous Persons: Noëlle Boisson is a film editor from France.

95.  Oceane

How to pronounce: AW-SEH-AN 
Origin: French
Alternative spelling: Océanne
Famous Persons: Océane Dodin is a tennis player from France.

96.  Odette

How to pronounce: AW-DEHT
Origin: Old German Odilia
Variations in other languages:Otilia (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:This name is borne by the princess in the 1877 ballet Swan Lake [24]. 
Famous Persons: Odette Herviaux is a politician from France.

97.  Odile

How to pronounce: AW-DEEL 
Origin: Old German Odilia
Alternative spelling: Odille, Othilie
Variations in other languages:Otilia (Spanish), Odelia (English)
Famous Persons: Odile Lesage is a heptathlete from France.

98.  Roseline

How to pronounce: ROZ-LEEN  
Origin: Old German Roslind
Meaning:Horse and soft
Alternative spelling: Roselinde, Roselyne
Interesting Facts:This name’s spelling was shifted in the Middle Ages due to the Latin phrase ‘rosa linda’ which means “beautiful rose”. 
Famous Persons: Roselyne Bachelot is a French radio host, television host, and politician.

99.  Violette

How to pronounce: VYAW-LEHT 
Origin: French
Variations in other languages:Viola (Finnish), Wioleta (Polish)
Interesting Facts:An alternative potential origin for this name is that it comes from the Latin word viola
Famous Persons: Violette Huck is a tennis player from France.

100.  Yvette

How to pronounce: EE-VEHT
Origin: Old German Ivo
Male version of the name:Yves
Alternative spelling: Yvonne
Famous Persons: Yvette Chauviré is a ballet dancer from France.

Bottom Line

As you can see, the sounds, origins, and meanings of French names are very interesting. We think that is why French baby names are worth looking into if you are searching for a beautiful name for your baby. Perhaps you will find it here!

©️ By Marina Kaverina