TOP 200 German Names For Boys And Girls: Origin, Meaning, Variations And Pronunciation

German Names

Known for its technological achievements, Germany is the most industrialized country in Europe as well as the country in Europe with the largest population, with some of the most famous European composers, philosophers, and poets being from Germany. 

Germanic names are usually composed of a family name preceded by more than one first name given by the parents. Many feminine, masculine, and unisex names of Germanic origin are used in Germany as well as German-speaking Switzerland and Austria.

Similar to English, the German alphabet consists of 26 letters, although the German language also includes three umlauted vowels (ä, ö and ü) and combined letters. 

If you want a German name for your son or daughter, the list of common German names below will help you find the right name. The list does not just contain names with Old High German roots, but Greek or Hebrew roots as well, helping you to find the right name for your needs. 

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Top 100 German Names For Boys

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If you are currently looking for the best German name for your darling, you might find inspiration with us!

Traditional German Names For Boys 

If you give your child a traditional German first name, you are definitely not doing anything wrong. The most popular German first names often have a religious background and come from Old German, Scandinavian, Celtic etc. 

1.  Albert

How to pronounce: AL’-bert
Origin: Old German Adalberht
Meaning:Noble and bright
Female version of the name:Alberta
Alternative spelling: Albrecht, Albertchen, Albrechtchen, Al, Ali, Bert, Berti, Brecht
Interesting Facts:In addition to being popular in German-speaking countries, this spelling is also popular in French-, Polish- and English-speaking areas and is utilized as a family name.
Famous Persons: Known for being one of the best physicists of all time, Albert Einstein was a theoretical physicist from Germany.

2.  Alfred

How to pronounce: AL’-fred
Origin: Old German Alfrad
Meaning:Nature spirit and counselor
Female version of the name:Alfreda
Alternative spelling: Alf, Fred, Freddy, Fredi
Variations in other languages:Alfredo (Italian)
Interesting Facts:The English version of this name originated from the British Isles largely because of the legacy of Alfred the Great among other things. The English version later found its way into Germany.
Famous Persons: Alfred Biolek was an entertainer and television producer from Germany.

3.  Alois

How to pronounce: AH-lois
Origin: Old German Alawis
Meaning:Very wise
Female version of the name:Aloisa
Alternative spelling: Aloys, Aloisius
Variations in other languages:Lojzo (Slovak), Alajos (Hungarian) 
Interesting Facts:This name is widespread in Bavarian.
Famous Persons: Alois Senefelder, from Germany, invented lithography in the 1790s.

4.  Anselm

How to pronounce: AN-sel’m
Origin: Old German Ansehelm
Meaning:Standing under the protection of the gods
Female version of the name:Anselma
Alternative spelling: Anshelm, Anselmus, Ancel, Ansel
Famous Persons: Anselm Kiefer is a German mixed-media.

5.  Arnold

How to pronounce: AH-nold
Origin: Old German
Meaning:Eagle and power
Alternative spelling: Arne, Arno, Arni, Arnie, Noldi
Interesting Facts:The -nold component of this name may have a different origin.
Famous Persons: Arnold Schönhage is a German computer scientist and mathematician.

6.  Arthur

How to pronounce: AR-toor
Origin: Celtic Arto
Alternative spelling: Artur, Art, Arti, Turl
Variations in other languages:Arturo (Italian)
Interesting Facts:King Arthur was a legendary figure who led Britain in the 5th and 6th centuries [1].
Famous Persons: Arthur Schopenhauer was a significant philosopher from Germany.

7.  Arwed

How to pronounce: AR-weed
Origin: Old Norse Arnviðr
Meaning:Eagle and forest
Alternative spelling: Arwid
Famous Persons: Arwed Messmer is a German artist and photographer.

8.  Berthold

How to pronounce: ber-TOL’D
Origin: Old German Berhtwald
Meaning:Bright and power
Alternative spelling: Bertold, Bertolt, Barthold, Bert, Berti
Variations in other languages:Bertil (Swedish)
Interesting Facts:This name had a surge in popularity in the 19th century due to romantic poetry and literature, but it is less common nowadays.
Famous Persons: Berthold Auerbach was a German-Jewish influential novelist and poet.

9.  Bruno

How to pronounce: BROO-noh
Origin: Old German Brun
Female version of the name:Bruna
Interesting Facts:This name may be a short form of other names containing the element brun-, such as Brunold.
Famous Persons: Bruno Cassirer was a German publisher and gallery owner who also bred horses.

10.  Burkhard

How to pronounce: BOOK-hard
Origin: Old German 
Meaning:Castle and strong
Alternative spelling: Burkhart, Butz, Busso
Interesting Facts:This name’s name day is the 14th of October, commemorating the eponymous bishop of Würzburg.
Famous Persons: Burkhard König  is a German professor and organic chemist.

11.  Detlef 

How to pronounce: DET-lef
Origin: Old German Theotleip
Meaning:Son of the people
Alternative spelling: Detlev, Detlefchen, Detlevchen, Delf, Det, Detti, Detty, Dimo
Variations in other languages:Detlof (Swedish)
Interesting Facts:This name is less common nowadays, but had great popularity in the early to mid 20th century.
Famous Persons: Detlef Laugwitz was a German historian and mathematician.

12.  Dietrich

How to pronounce: DEET-reeh
Origin: Old German Theoderic
Meaning:Famous ruler, famous people
Alternative spelling: Theoderich, Diederich, Diderik, Didrik, Didi, Dietz, Dimo, Thilo, Tilo
Variations in other languages:Teodorico (Italian, Spanish), Derrick (English)
Interesting Facts:The meaning of this name could also refer to a ‘lockpick’ or ‘keeper of the keys’.
Famous Persons: Dietrich H. W. Grönemeyer is an author, entrepreneur, and physician from Germany.

13.  Dieter

How to pronounce: DEE-ter
Origin: Old German Theudhar
Meaning:Brave people
Alternative spelling: Diether, Didi, Dimo, Thilo, Tilo
Interesting Facts:This name was the most popular in the immediate postwar era.
Famous Persons: Dieter Günter Bohlen is a German television personality, singer, songwriter, and producer.

14.  Dietmar 

How to pronounce: DEET-mar
Origin: Old German Theudemar
Meaning:Famous people
Alternative spelling: Ditmar, Dittmar, Dittmer, Thietmar, Theodemar, Teutomar, Didi
Interesting Facts:This name is analogous to the similar name Dietrich.
Famous Persons: Dietmar Dath is a German poet, novelist, journalist, and translator.

15.  Edgar

How to pronounce: ED-gar
Origin: Old English Eadgar
Meaning:Prosperity and spear
Alternative spelling: Edo, Eddo, Ede, Edy, Edi, Eddi, Eddie, Edd
Variations in other languages:Edgardo (Italian)
Famous Persons: Edgar Julius Jung was a lawyer from Germany.

16.  Edmund

How to pronounce: ED-moond
Origin: Old English Eadmund
Meaning:Happy and protect
Alternative spelling: Edo, Eddo, Ede, Edy, Edi, Eddi, Eddie, Eddy
Variations in other languages:Edmondo (Italian), Eamon (Irish)
Famous Persons: Edmund Gustav Albrecht Husserl was a highly influential mathematician who established the philosophical school of phenomenology.

17.  Egbert

How to pronounce: EG-bert
Origin: Old German Agabert
Meaning:Blade of a sword and bright
Alternative spelling: Eckbert, Egino, Egon
Interesting Facts:This can also be a surname as well as a first name.
Famous Persons: Egbert Kossak was a German city planner and architect.

18.  Elmar

How to pronounce: EL’-mar
Origin: Old German Adalmar
Meaning:Noble and famous
Alternative spelling: Elimar, Elmi
Interesting Facts:This is a short form of older Germanic names such as Agilmar and Eilmar.
Famous Persons: Elmar Jansen was an essayist, author, editor of art history, and art historian from Germany.

19.  Emmerich

How to pronounce: EH-meh-reeh
Origin: Old German
Meaning:Rich, powerful ruler
Alternative spelling: Emmo, Immo
Variations in other languages:Emery (English), Imre (Hungarian) 
Interesting Facts:This name may be made up from many similar-sounding names.
Famous Persons: Emmerich Smola was an award-winning conductor from Germany.

20.  Erich

How to pronounce: EH-reeh
Origin: Old Norse Eiríkr
Meaning:Eternal ruler
Female version of the name:Erika
Alternative spelling: Eric, Erik, Rik
Variations in other languages:Eiric (Irish)
Interesting Facts:This name appeared in the German-speaking world in the 19th century.
Famous Persons: Emil Erich Kästner was an author of satire, poetry, and screenplays.

21.  Ewald

How to pronounce: EH-wald
Origin: Old German
Meaning:Infinity and power
Alternative spelling: Ewaldchen, Ewi, Waldi, Walli, Ewalt
Variations in other languages:Evaldas (Lithuanian) 
Interesting Facts:This was the name of two 7th-century missionaries who were martyred. 
Famous Persons: Ewald Kluge was a motorcyclist from Germany.

22.  Fritz

How to pronounce: FREETS
Origin: Old German Frideric
Meaning:Peace and famous ruler
Female version of the name:Fritzi
Alternative spelling: Fritzi
Interesting Facts:Previously, this name had significant popularity, to the extent that in some places it became synonymous with German people generally. However, nowadays it is less popular.
Famous Persons: Fritz Wepper is a German actor.

23.  Gerald

How to pronounce: GEH-rald
Origin: Old German Gerwald
Meaning:The one who wields the spear
Alternative spelling: Gerold, Gerwald, Gerhold, Geraldchen, Geri, Gery, Gerri, Gerry
Variations in other languages:Giraldo (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:This name has had significant popularity in Ireland and it is thought to have come to the British Isles via the Normans.
Famous Persons: Gerald Hambitzer is a German musician who plays the hammer piano, harpsichord, and clavichord.

24.  Gunther

How to pronounce: GOON-ter
Origin: Old German 
Meaning:Battle and army
Alternative spelling: Günther, Günter  Gunther, Gunter, Günti, Gunti, Günni, Gunni
Interesting Facts:The Burgundy King Gunther is a character in the Nibelungen saga [2], which is a 5th century Germanic heroic epic.
Famous Persons: Günther Förg was a German artist, sculptor, photographer, and graphic designer.

25.  Herbert

How to pronounce: HER-bert
Origin: Old German Heribert
Meaning:Army and bright
Alternative spelling: Heribert, Herbi, Herbie, Bert, Berti
Variations in other languages:Heriberto (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:This was a highly popular name at the end of the 19th century in Germany.
Famous Persons: Herbert Arthur Wiglev Clamor Grönemeyer is a German actor, musician, composer, producer, and singer.

26.  Helmut

How to pronounce: HEL’-moot
Origin: Old Herman Helmot
Meaning:Helmet and soul
Alternative spelling: Hellmut, Hellmuth, Helmi, Heli, Helli, Hele, Helle
Interesting Facts:This name gained popularity due to Helmuth von Moltke the Elder, an important figure in the Prussian Army in the 19th century.
Famous Persons: Helmut Josef Michael Kohl was a German politician who was the Chancellor of Germany for over a decade.

27.  Heinrich

How to pronounce: HEIN-reech
Origin: Old German Heimerich
Meaning:Home + power
Female version of the name:Henrike
Alternative spelling: Heinz, Heinzel, Heino, Heine, Hein, Heini, Heiner
Variations in other languages:Hinrik (Islandish) 
Interesting Facts:During much of the Middle Ages, this name was extremely popular.
Famous Persons: Heinrich Heine was a German literary critic and poet.

28.  Holger

How to pronounce: HOL’-ger
Origin: Old Norse Hólmgeirr
Meaning:An island and a spear
Alternative spelling: Holgerchen, Holgi, Hoggi, Holli
Variations in other languages:Hogge (Swedish), Hokki (Finnish)
Interesting Facts:This name has two name days: April 19 and December 20.
Famous Persons: Holger Czukay was a German musician, an important figure in early ambient music.

29.  Hubert

How to pronounce: HOO-bert
Origin: Old German Hugubert
Meaning:Bright soul
Female version of the name:Huberta
Alternative spelling: Hugubertus, Hubertchen, Hubi, Huppel, Hüp, Hüppe, Bert, Berti, Huppert
Interesting Facts:Hubertus von Liège was Bishop of Maastricht and Liège and is considered a saint [3]. 
Famous Persons: Hubert Berke was a graphic artist and painter from Germany.

30.  Lambert

How to pronounce: LAM-bert
Origin: Old German Landebert
Meaning:Bright (shining) land 
Alternative spelling: Lamprecht, Lampert, Lambi, Lammi, Bert, Berti
Variations in other languages:Lamberto (Italian), Lammert (Dutch) 
Interesting Facts:This is a highly common surname in French.
Famous Persons: Lambert Dinzinger is a sports journalist from Germany.

31.  Leonhard

How to pronounce: leh-oh-NARD
Origin: Old German 
Meaning:Strong lion
Alternative spelling: Leonhardt, Leonhart, Leonard, Leon, Leo, Hardy
Variations in other languages:Leonardo (Italian)
Interesting Facts:Leonhard von Limoges is the patron saint of horses especially and cattle generally.
Famous Persons: Leonhard Fuchs was a significant botanist of the Middle Ages.

32.  Marvin

How to pronounce: MAR-veen
Origin: Old Welsh Mer
Meaning:Significant, excellent
Interesting Facts:This name is more common in the English-speaking world than the German-speaking world.
Famous Persons: Marvin Ducksch is a football player from Germany.

33.  Norman

How to pronounce: NOR-man
Origin: Old German Nordman
Meaning:Man from North 
Alternative spelling: Normi, Nörmi 
Famous Persons: Norman Becker is an athlete in diving.

34.  Robin

How to pronounce: RO-been
Origin: Old German 
Meaning:Bright fame
Alternative spelling: Rob
Interesting Facts:Although masculine in the German-speaking world, in many places this is also used as a first name for girls.
Famous Persons: Robin Alexander Schulz is a DJ, record producer, and musician from Germany.

German Boy Names With Greek And Latin Origins

The following boys’ names are our top picks for names with Greek and Latin origins which are popular in Germany.

35.  Andreas

How to pronounce: an-DREH-as
Origin: Ancient Greek Ἀνδρέας
Female version of the name:Andrea
Alternative spelling: Andi, Andy, Dreas
Interesting Facts:This name has been documented in Greece since antiquity, with variants going back as far as 688 BC.
Famous Persons: Andreas Gursky is a German digital artist.

36.  Alexander

How to pronounce: ah-lek-SAN-der
Origin: Ancient Greek Ἀλέξανδρος
Meaning:Man’s defender
Female version of the name:Alexandra
Alternative spelling: Alex , Lex, Ali, Ale, Xander, Sander, Zander
Variations in other languages:Oleksandr (Ukrainian)
Interesting Facts:The earliest appearance of this name is in the epic poem the Iliad. It is one of the names of one of the sons of Priam. 
Famous Persons: Alexander von Humboldt was an explorer and naturalist.

37.  Adrian

How to pronounce: AH-dree-an
Origin: Latin Hadrianus
Female version of the name:Adriana
Alternative spelling: Hadrian, Adi, Addi, Adri
Interesting Facts:This name can be interpreted to mean ‘man who comes from the city of Adria’.
Famous Persons: Adrian Nikolaus Zenz is an anthropologist from Germany.

38.  Anton

How to pronounce: AN-ton
Origin: Latin Antonius
Meaning:From the family of the Antonias
Female version of the name:Antonia
Alternative spelling: Toni, Tony, Antönchen, Antonchen, Tönchen, Tonchen
Interesting Facts:In ancient Rome, this was the surname of a well-known Roman family.
Famous Persons: Anton Alexander von Werner was a  Wilhelmine painter.

39.  August

How to pronounce: AH-goost
Origin: Latin Augustus
Meaning:Great, majestic
Female version of the name:Augusta, Agustina
Alternative spelling: Gust, Gusti
Variations in other languages:Agustin (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:August has a name day of the 28th of August.
Famous Persons: August Gaul was a German expressionist artist and sculptor.

40.  Christian

How to pronounce: KREES-tee-an
Origin: Latin Christianus
Meaning:The Christian
Female version of the name:Christina
Alternative spelling: Kristian, Christianchen, Chris, Tian
Interesting Facts:This name appears in the biblical book Acts as a general name for Christians. After this it spread as a first name.
Famous Persons: Christian Ahlmann is a horse-rider and jumper.

41.  Christof

How to pronounce: KREES-tof
Origin: Ancient Greek Χριστόφορος
Meaning:Bearer of Christ
Alternative spelling: Christof, Christophorus, Chris. Kristof
Interesting Facts:This name is based on the name of an early martyr and saint of those in need, Christophorus.
Famous Persons: Christoph Waltz is an actor [4].

42.  Damian

How to pronounce: DAH-mee-an
Origin: Ancient Greek Δαμιανός
Meaning:The mighty man
Female version of the name:Damiana
Alternative spelling: Damianchen, Dami
Interesting Facts:The feminine form of this name was the name of a Greek minor goddess of the earth.
Famous Persons: Damian Hieronymus Johannes Freiherr von Boeselager is a journalist, politician, and business consultant.

43.  Dominik 

How to pronounce: DOH-mee-neek
Origin: Latin Domenicus
Meaning:One who belongs to the Lord
Female version of the name:Dominika
Alternative spelling: Domenik, Domenic, Dominikus, Dominicus, Dom, Domi, Dome
Interesting Facts:Saint Dominic was the founder of the Order of the Preachers.
Famous Persons: Dominik Kuhn is a comedian, musician, and director. 

44.  Eugen

How to pronounce: OY-gen
Origin: Ancient Greek Εὐγένιος
Female version of the name:Eugenia
Alternative spelling: Eugenchen, Eugi
Variations in other languages:Evgeniy (Russian), Eugène (French)
Interesting Facts:This name has particular popularity in northern and central Europe.
Famous Persons: Eugen Felix Prosper Bracht was a lecturer and landscape and history painter.

45.  Fabian

How to pronounce: FAH-bee-an
Origin: Latin Fabianus
Meaning:The bean
Female version of the name:Fabiana
Alternative spelling: Fabi, Fabe, Fabianchen
Interesting Facts:This is the name of a pope and a venerated saint.
Famous Persons: Fabian Hambüchen is a gymnastics athlete.

46.  Felix

How to pronounce: FE-leeks
Origin: Latin
Meaning:Happy, successful 
Female version of the name:Felicia
Alternative spelling: Feli, Feliks
Interesting Facts:Previously this name was highly popular, but by the mid-20th century its popularity had declined.
Famous Persons: Felix Hausdorff was a significant founder of the mathematical field topology.

47.  Florian

How to pronounce: FLOH-ree-an
Origin: Latin Florianus
Female version of the name:Floriane
Alternative spelling: Florianchen, Flori, Flo
Variations in other languages:Florino (Italian)
Interesting Facts:The patron saint of Upper Austria bore this name. He is also the saint of soap makers, chimney sweeps, Poland, beer brewers, and the fire brigade.
Famous Persons: Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck is a director from Germany.

48.  George

How to pronounce: GEH-org
Origin: Ancient Greek Γεώργιος
Meaning:The farmer
Female version of the name:Georgine
Alternative spelling: Jorg, Jörg, Jürgen
Interesting Facts:Many derivations of this name are used as surnames.
Famous Persons: George Grosz was an artist who did caricature drawings and paintings of Berlin in the ‘20s.

49.  Justus

How to pronounce: YOOS-toos
Origin: Latin 
Alternative spelling: Just, Jos
Variations in other languages:Justo (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:This name had particular popularity in the early modern period.
Famous Persons: Justus Möser was a social theorist and jurist from Germany.

50.  Karsten

How to pronounce: KARS-ten
Origin: Latin
Alternative spelling: Carsten 
Famous Persons: Karsten Thielker was a journalist and photographer.

51.  Klemens

How to pronounce: KLE-mens
Origin: Latin Clemens
Female version of the name:Klementine
Alternative spelling: Clemens Klemi, Clemi 
Variations in other languages:Klemensas (Lithuanian)
Famous Persons: Klemens Schnorr is a German musicologist and organ player.

52.  Lukas

How to pronounce: LOO-kas
Origin: Ancient Greek Λουκᾶς
Alternative spelling: Lucas, Lutz, Luc, Luki, Luli, Lukaschen
Variations in other languages:Luke (English), Luca (Italian)
Interesting Facts:Saint Luke authored the Gospel According to Luke in Christian tradition, and authored other New Testament books as well.
Famous Persons: Lukas Josef Podolski is a professional football player born in Poland.

53.  Milan

How to pronounce: MEE-lan
Origin: Slavic or Latin
Female version of the name:Milana
Interesting Facts:This name is most common in Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia.
Famous Persons: Milan Marcus is a television actor.

54.  Markus

How to pronounce: MAR-koos
Origin: Latin Marcellus
Meaning:Dedicated to the god Mars
Alternative spelling: Marcus, Marke, Marks, Marx, Merk, Merkel, Merkle, Marki, Märki, Marxi, Kussi
Variations in other languages:Marcel (French), Marcos (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:March was the first month in the Roman calendar and this name would be used for people born in that month.
Famous Persons: Markus Lüpertz is a German artist in multiple mediums.

55.  Marcel

How to pronounce: mar-SEL’
Origin: Latin Marcellus
Meaning:Dedicated to the god Mars
Female version of the name:Marcella
Alternative spelling: Marcellus, Marzell, Marzel, Marcell, Marcel, Marzi, Marci
Interesting Facts:This name is a French variation of the name Markus.
Famous Persons: Marcel Reich-Ranicki was a literary critic born in Poland.

56.  Martin

How to pronounce: MAR-teen
Origin: Latin Martinus
Meaning:Son of Mars
Female version of the name:Martina
Alternative spelling: Martinchen, Marten, Mertin
Variations in other languages:Martyn (Ukrainian)
Interesting Facts:St. Martin of Tours of the 4th century is why this name is popular in the Christian world.
Famous Persons: Martin Niemöller is a prominent German pastor and theologian who founded the Confessing Church.

57.  Moritz

How to pronounce: MOH-reets
Origin: Latin Mauricus
Alternative spelling: Mauritius, Moritzchen, Mori, Mo
Interesting Facts:Moritz is the Germanized form of a Latin name, Mauritius. Saint Mauritius is usually depicted as being black.
Famous Persons: Moritz Hans is a climber and participant in Ninja Warrior Germany.

58.  Nicholas

How to pronounce: NEE-koh-las
Origin: Ancient Greek Νικόλαος
Meaning:Victory of the people
Female version of the name:Nikol
Alternative spelling: Nikolaus, Niki, Nicki, Nicky, Nick, Niko, Nico, Kläuschen, Klaus, Claus
Variations in other languages:Nikolay (Russian), Mykola (Ukrainian)
Interesting Facts:This was a highly popular boys’ name in the late 20th to early 21st centuries.
Famous Persons: Nicholas Bussmann is a German artist, musician, and composer.

59.  Oliver

How to pronounce: OH-lee-ver
Origin: Latin
Meaning:Olive tree
Female version of the name:Olivia
Alternative spelling: Oli, Olli, Ollie
Interesting Facts:This name has a common root with various Scandinavian names which remain popular in Iceland.
Famous Persons: Oliver Rolf Kahn is a former football player and current football executive from Germany.

60.  Philipp

How to pronounce: FEE-leep
Origin: Ancient Greek Φίλιππος
Meaning:Horse friend
Female version of the name:Philippa
Alternative spelling: Filipp, Philippus, Philippchen, Phil, Phili, Fili, Fips, Phipsie, Fipsie, Flips, Lipp, Lips
Interesting Facts:This name was uncommon throughout Western Europe until the High Middle Ages.
Famous Persons: Philipp Gerstner is a German writer and actor.

61.  Patrick

How to pronounce: PAT-reek
Origin: Latin Patricius
Female version of the name:Patricia
Alternative spelling: Patritius, Patrizius, Patriz, Patrick, Patric, Pat, Pati
Interesting Facts:This was one of the most popular first names during the 1980s, but has become less popular.
Famous Persons: Patrick Süskind is a German screenwriter and novelist, known for the 1985 work Perfume: The Story of a Murderer.

62.  Sebastian

How to pronounce: se-BAS-tee-an
Origin: Ancient Greek Σεβαστός
Meaning:Sublime, venerable
Female version of the name:Sebastiane
Alternative spelling: Bastian, Basti, Seb, Sebe, Sebi, Sebo
Variations in other languages:Sebastiano (Italian)
Interesting Facts:Sebastian is the name of an early martyr in the Christian tradition.
Famous Persons: Sebastian Koch is a German film and television actor.

63.  Stefan

How to pronounce: STE-fan
Origin: Ancient Greek Στέφανος
Meaning:The crown
Female version of the name:Stefania
Alternative spelling: Stephan, Ste, Stef, Steff, Stefchen, Steffchen, Steffi
Variations in other languages:Stepan (Russian), Steven (English)
Interesting Facts:Stefan is the name of a Saint who is first mentioned in Acts, the fifth book of the New Testament.
Famous Persons: Stefan Anton George was a German poet and translator.

64.  Victor

How to pronounce: VEEK-tor
Origin: Latin
Female version of the name:Viktoria
Alternative spelling: Victor, Vik, Vicki, Vicky, Viki, Vico, Wikko
Variations in other languages:Vittorio (Italian)
Famous Persons: Victor Klemperer was a German diarist and scholar.

65.  Vincent

How to pronounce: VEEN-sent
Origin: Latin Vincens
Female version of the name:Vincentia
Alternative spelling: Vinzens, Vinzent, Vinz, Zenz
Interesting Facts:The name days for this name are December 20th and January 22nd.
Famous Persons: Vincent Keymer is a chess grandmaster from Germany.

German Names For Boys With Hebrew Origins

A lot of German names have roots in Biblical tradition. Here’s our list of gorgeous German names with origins in Hebrew.

66.  Aaron

How to pronounce: AH-ron
Origin: Ancient Hebrew אַהֲרוֹן
Meaning:The name of God is Great
Alternative spelling: Aron 
Interesting Facts:Aaron was the older brother of Moses in the Old Testament.
Famous Persons: Arón Piper is a German–Spanish singer and actor.

67.  Benjamin

How to pronounce: BEN-yah-meen
Origin: Ancient Hebrew בִּנְיָמִן
Meaning:Son of the second hand
Alternative spelling: Ben, Benni, Benny, Benne, Beni
Variations in other languages:Veniamin (Russian)
Interesting Facts:Benjamin was one of the 12 sons of Jacob in the Old Testament. He was the youngest.
Famous Persons: Benjamin Bara is an actor from Germany.

68.  Daniel

How to pronounce: DAH-nee-el’
Origin: Ancient Hebrew דָנִיֵּאל
Meaning:God is my judge
Female version of the name:Daniela
Alternative spelling: Danielchen, Dani, Dan, Danni, Dannie, Dann
Variations in other languages:Daniil (Russian), Danylo (Ukrainian)
Interesting Facts:Daniel was an important Old Testament figure who was a seer and interpreter of dreams. He prophesied the apocalypse and that an eternal Kingdom of God would follow.
Famous Persons: Daniel Brühl is a German-Spanish producer, film director, and actor.

69.  David

How to pronounce: DAH-veed
Origin: Ancient Hebrew דָּוִיד
Variations in other languages:Davut (Turkish), Daavid (Finnish)
Interesting Facts:David is one of the most frequently mentioned names throughout the Bible.
Famous Persons: David Alexander Beckmann is a racing driver from Germany.

70.  Elias

How to pronounce: eh-LEE-as
Origin: Ancient Hebrew אֱלִיָּהוּ
Meaning:My God is Yahweh 
Alternative spelling: Elija, Elia  Ellis, Eli
Variations in other languages:Ilya (Russian), Elijah (English)
Interesting Facts:Elias has only become a popular name in Germany since the start of the 21st century.
Famous Persons: Elias John Michael Harris is a basketball player from Germany.

71.  Gabriel

How to pronounce: GAH-bree-el’
Origin: Ancient Hebrew גַּבְרִיאֵל
Meaning:God’s warrior
Female version of the name:Gabriela
Alternative spelling: Gabrielchen, Gabi, Gaby, Gabr
Variations in other languages:Gavrylo (Ukrainian), Gavriil (Russian)
Interesting Facts:Association with archangel Gabriel has caused this name to be popular and widespread.
Famous Persons: Franz Gabriel Welter was an archaeologist from Germany.

72.  Gideon

How to pronounce: GEE-deh-on
Origin: Ancient Hebrew גִּדְעוֹן
Meaning:The one who chops away
Alternative spelling: Gedeon
Interesting Facts:Judge Gideon is a figure from the Old Testament.
Famous Persons: Gedeon Burkhard is a German actor.

73.  Jakob

How to pronounce: YAH-kob
Origin: Ancient Hebrew יַעֲקֹב
Female version of the name:Jakoba
Alternative spelling: Jacob, Jakobus, Jacobus, Jakobchen, Jaki
Variations in other languages:Yakov (Russian), Jacobo (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:Jacob was born holding the heel of his twin brother Esau in the Old Testament.
Famous Persons: Jakob Busch founded an important European traveling circus of the ‘30s.

74.  Johann

How to pronounce: YOH-an
Origin: Ancient Hebrew יוֹחָנָן
Meaning:God is gracious
Female version of the name:Johanna
Alternative spelling: Johannes 
Variations in other languages:John (English)
Interesting Facts:John is considered the favorite disciple of Jesus according to Christian tradition and is considered to be the author of the Gospel of John.
Famous Persons: Johann Sebastian Bach was a German musician and Baroque composer.

75.  Kaspar

How to pronounce: kas-PAR
Origin: Persian or Hebrew
Alternative spelling: Caspar, Kasparchen, Casparchen, Kaspi, Caspi
Interesting Facts:This is the name of one of the three wise men of the Bible as written in the Gospel of Matthew. Their names were Caspar, Balthazar, and Melchior.
Famous Persons: Kaspar Brüninghaus was a German radio play announcer and actor.

76.  Michael

How to pronounce: mee-HAH-el’
Origin: Ancient Hebrew מִיכָאֵל
Meaning:Who is like God?
Female version of the name:Michaela
Alternative spelling: Michel, Michi, Mich
Variations in other languages:Michail (Russian), Michele (Italian), Miguel (Spanish), Mikko (Finnish)
Interesting Facts:Michael is a biblical archangel who fights Hell’s dragon and the Devil.
Famous Persons: Michael Andreas Helmuth Ende was a German fantasy writer and children’s writer.

77.  Manuel

How to pronounce: MAH-noo-el’
Origin: Ancient Hebrew עִמָּנוּאֵל
Meaning:God with us
Female version of the name:Manuela
Alternative spelling: Immanuel
Interesting Facts:According to the prophet Isaiah in the Old Testament, Immanuel will be the name of the Messiah.
Famous Persons: Manuel Peter Neuer is a professional footballer from Germany.

78.  Matthias

How to pronounce: mah-TEE-as
Origin: Ancient Hebrew מַתִּתְיָהוּ
Meaning:Gift of God
Alternative spelling: Matti, Mati, Mathias, Mattis
Variations in other languages:Mateo (Spanish), Mateusz (Polish)
Interesting Facts:Matthias is chosen by the apostles to replace Judas Iscariot following his death in the New Testament.
Famous Persons: Matthias Schweighöfer is a German film director and producer, actor, and voice actor.

79.  Simon

How to pronounce: SEE-mon
Origin: Ancient Hebrew שִׁמְעוֹן
Meaning:God has heard 
Female version of the name:Simone
Alternative spelling: Simeon, Simi, Simmi, Sim, Simönchen, Simchen
Variations in other languages:Semyon (Russian), Semen (Ukrainian)
Interesting Facts:The names Simeon and Simon are common throughout the Bible.
Famous Persons: Simon Raphael Stickl is a freestyle skier from Germany.

80.  Samuel

How to pronounce: SAH-moo-el’
Origin: Ancient Hebrew שְׁמוּאֵל
Meaning:God has heard
Alternative spelling: Samuelchen, Samu, Sam, Samy, Sami
Variations in other languages:Samuli (Finnish)
Famous Persons: Samuel Scheidt was a German Baroque composer, teacher, and organist.

81.  Thomas

How to pronounce: TO-mas
Origin: Ancient Hebrew תאום
Alternative spelling: Tom, Tomi, Tomm
Variations in other languages:Foma (Russian)
Interesting Facts:The popularity of this name from the Middle Ages derives from the apostle Thomas from the New Testament. He doubted the resurrection of Jesus Christ, leading to the phrase ‘doubting Thomas’ still used today. 
Famous Persons: Thomas Mann was a German writer of essays and novels.

82.  Tobias

How to pronounce: TOH-bee-as
Origin: Ancient Hebrew טוֹבִיָּהוּ
Meaning:God is kind
Alternative spelling: Thobias, Tobiaschen, Tobi, Tobbi, Tobsi, Tobbsi
Interesting Facts:Tobit is a figure from an apocryphal biblical book. His son Tobias is aided by Gabriel the archangel in healing him from blindness. 
Famous Persons: Tobias Artmeier is an athlete in ice hockey.

Short German Male Names

The following German names are short, have different origins and beautiful meanings. 

83.  Axel

How to pronounce: AK-sel’
Origin: Ancient Hebrew אַבְשָׁלום
Meaning:My father is peace 
Alternative spelling: Axi
Variations in other languages:Akseli (Finnish)
Interesting Facts:In the Tanakh, Absalom (the Hebrew version of this name, which is Scandinavian) is one of the sons of David.
Famous Persons: Axel Cäsar Springer founded the largest European media publishing firm.

84.  Bernd

How to pronounce: BERNT
Origin: Old German
Meaning:Strong Bear
Alternative spelling: Berndt
Interesting Facts:This name is an independent short form of the name Bernhard.
Famous Persons: Bernd Clüver was a singer from Germany.

85.  Bodo

How to pronounce: BOH-doh
Origin: Old German Boto
Alternative spelling: Botho
Interesting Facts:Some believe that this name’s origins are in Old Saxon from the word ‘bodo’, meaning master.
Famous Persons: Bodo Wartke is a highly famous German musician and comedian.

86.  Dirk

How to pronounce: DEERK
Origin: Old German Theoderic
Meaning:Famous ruler, famous people
Interesting Facts:This name is an independent short form of Dietrich.
Famous Persons: Dirk Nowitzki is the most famous German basketball player [5].

87.  Egon

How to pronounce: EE-gon
Origin: Old German Egga
Meaning:Edge of a sword 
Alternative spelling: Egino, Egi, Egonche
Interesting Facts:This name’s Name Day is on the 15th of July.
Famous Persons: Egon Eiermann was a prominent post-war architect from Germany.

88.  Emil

How to pronounce: EE-meel’
Origin: Latin Aemilius
Female version of the name:Emilia 
Alternative spelling: Emilchen, Milchen
Variations in other languages:Eemil (Finnish), Emilio (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:This name gained popularity following the success of the educational novel Emile ou de L’éducation by Jean Jacques Rousseau, which was spread all over Europe.
Famous Persons: Emil Ludwig was a German-Swiss journalist and biographer.

89.  Finn

How to pronounce: FEEN
Origin: Old Norse Finnr
Meaning:Person from Finland
Alternative spelling: Fion, Fin
Interesting Facts:Finn MacCool was an extremely important hero in Irish mythology.
Famous Persons: Finn Lemke is a handball player from Germany.

90.  Franz

How to pronounce: FRANS
Origin: Latin Franciscus
Female version of the name:Franziska
Alternative spelling: Franziskus, Franzi
Variations in other languages:Francis (English)
Interesting Facts:This name was popular in the late 18th century in Bavaria and Austria due to confrontations with Napoleon. It remained highly popular in Austria for centuries after this.
Famous Persons: Franz Kurowski was a German fiction and non-fiction author.

91.  Hugo

How to pronounce: HOO-goh
Origin: Old German Hugu
Variations in other languages:Hugh (English), Ugo (Italian)
Interesting Facts:This name’s popularity can be traced back to its use by Frank nobility from the Middle Ages.
Famous Persons: Hugo Wilhelm Ludwig Kaun was a German conductor, music teacher, and composer.

92.  Isak

How to pronounce: EE-sak
Origin: Ancient Hebrew יִצְחָק
Meaning:He will laugh
Alternative spelling: Isaak, Isaac
Variations in other languages:Ishak (Turkish)
Interesting Facts:Isaac was the father of Jacob and son of Abraham in the Bible.
Famous Persons: Isak Schlockow was a forensic pathologist and physician from Germany.

93.  Karl

How to pronounce: KARL
Origin: Old German Karal
Meaning:Free man
Female version of the name:Karla
Alternative spelling: Carl, Kalli, Calli, Karlchen, Carlchen
Variations in other languages:Charles (English), Carlo (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:Versions of this name may have Old West Norse origins. 
Famous Persons: Karl May was an author from Germany who gained worldwide popularity.

94.  Knut

How to pronounce: KNOOT
Origin: Old Norse Knútr
Alternative spelling: Knud
Variations in other languages:Nuutti (Finnish) 
Interesting Facts:Some believe the name can be found in the Flateyjarbók version of the Jómsvíkinga saga. It depicts a king who adopts an abandoned child, for whom a knotted valuable cloth is tied to his head. 
Famous Persons: Knut Terjung is a journalist from Germany.

95.  Kurt

How to pronounce: KOORT
Origin: Old German Kuonrât
Meaning:The good adviser
Alternative spelling: Curt, Kurti, Curti
Interesting Facts:This name is an independent short form of the name Konrad.
Famous Persons: Kurt Edler was a Green Party politician.

96.  Levi

How to pronounce: LEH-vee
Origin: Ancient Hebrew לוי
Meaning:To be connected
Interesting Facts:This name can be a short form of a Hungarian name, Levente.
Famous Persons: Levi Strauss was the founder of the Levi-Strauss jean company.

97.  Lars

How to pronounce: LARS
Origin: Latin Laurentius
Meaning:From the city of Laurentum
Alternative spelling: Larsi
Variations in other languages:Lawrence (English)
Interesting Facts:The place-name from which this first name is derived may come from the Latin word laurus, meaning laurel.
Famous Persons: Lars Windhorst is an entrepreneur from Germany.

98.  Max

How to pronounce: MAKS
Origin: Latin Maximus
Meaning:The greatest
Alternative spelling: Maximilian, Maxi
Variations in other languages:Maksim (Russian), Maksym (Ukrainian)
Interesting Facts:This name had significant popularity in the early modern period in the region of Danube. It is an independent form of the name Maximillian.
Famous Persons: Max Ernst was a German graphic artist, poet, painter, and sculptor.

99.  Otto

How to pronounce: OT-toh
Origin: Old German Odo
Alternative spelling: Odo, Oddo, Ottchen, Otti
Interesting Facts:This name is a short form of names from Old High German which contain ‘Ot’, meaning heritage or possession. It became an independent name in the Middle Ages, along with other short forms such as Hugo and Bodo.
Famous Persons: Otto Gerhard Waalkes is a musician, actor, and comedian from Germany.

100. Paul

How to pronounce: POL’
Origin: Latin Paulus
Meaning:Modest, small
Female version of the name:Paula
Alternative spelling: Paulus, Paulchen, Pauli
Variations in other languages:Pavel (Russian), Pablo (Spanish), Pavlo (Ukrainian)
Interesting Facts:From the start of the 21st century, this name has been immensely popular across Germany.
Famous Persons: Paul Ehrlich was a German physician, scientist, and Nobel Prize winner.

Top 100 German Names For Girls

Girl Holding German Flag

It can be difficult to decide on the perfect name for your little girl. Fortunately, we have a list of 100 suggestions for you. We hope our list helps and inspires you.

Traditional German Names For Girls 

German is a beautiful language with many special options for girls’ names. Have a look at the following traditional German names, which have a variety of interesting origins such as Norse, Old German, and Celtic. 

1.  Alina

How to pronounce: ah-LEE-nah
Origin: Old German Adelheid 
Alternative spelling: Aline, Alinchen, Lina , Line , Linchen , Ina , Ini, Inchen
Interesting Facts:This is a short form of the name Adelina, which then became an independent name.
Famous Persons: Alina Sokar is a film and television actress from Germany.

2.  Alberta

How to pronounce: al’-BER-tah
Origin: Old German Adalberht
Meaning:Noble and bright
Male version of the name:Albert
Alternative spelling: Ali, Berta, Berti, Bertachen, Bertchen, Albertine
Famous Persons: Alberta von Puttkamer was a German poet, playwrite, and journalist.

3.  Alice

How to pronounce: ah-LEE-sah
Origin: Old German Adalheid
Alternative spelling: Alix, Alise
Variations in other languages:Alisa (Russian)
Interesting Facts:This name became widespread largely due to the publication of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland in 1865 [6]. 
Famous Persons: Alice Sophie Schwarzer is a feminist, journalist, publisher of feminist journal EMMA, and columnist from Germany.

4.  Brigitte

How to pronounce: bree-GEE-teh
Origin: Celtic Brígh
Alternative spelling: Brigitta, Brigit, Brigittchen, Brigittachen, Brit, Brita, Britta, Brittchen, Brittachen, Britti, Gitte, Gitta, Gittchen
Variations in other languages:Pirkko (Swedish) 
Interesting Facts:It was only from the mid-1920s that this name began to become more popular in Germany.
Famous Persons: Brigitte Helm was a silent and talking picture film actress from Germany.

5.  Charlotte

How to pronounce: shar-LO-tah
Origin: Old German 
Meaning:Free man
Male version of the name:Charles
Alternative spelling: Charlotta, Charlottchen, Charlottachen, Lotte, Lotta, Lotti, Lo, Lottchen, Charli, Charly
Interesting Facts:This name is a French variation of the name Karla (or Karl in the masculine).
Famous Persons: Charlotte Salomon was an artist of Jewish and German descent.

6.  Erika

How to pronounce: EH-ree-kah
Origin: Old Norse 
Meaning:Eternal ruler
Male version of the name:Erik
Alternative spelling: Erica, Eka, Eri, Rika, Rica, Riki
Variations in other languages:Eerika (Finnish)
Famous Persons: Erika Cremer was a professor and physical chemist.

7.  Gerda

How to pronounce: GER-dah
Origin: Old German
Meaning:Protective fence
Alternative spelling: Gerde, Gerta, Gerdachen, Gerdchen, Gerdi, Gerdie, Gerti
Interesting Facts:This name is inaccurately considered an abbreviation of the name Gertrude from the fairytale The Snow Queen. In Germany, it appeared in the 19th century.
Famous Persons: Gerda Steiner-Paltzer is an actress from Germany.

8.  Gertrud

How to pronounce: GER-trood
Origin: Old German
Meaning:A spear and beloved
Alternative spelling: Gertrude, Gertraud, Gertraude, Trudchen, Trudi, Trude, Trud, Traudchen, Traudi, Traude, Traud
Variations in other languages:Kerttu (Finnish), Geltrude (Italian)
Famous Persons: Gertrud Käthe Chodziesner was a Jewish and German writer and lyric poet.

9.  Gesine

How to pronounce: geh-SEEN
Origin: Old German
Meaning:Spear of strength
Alternative spelling: Gesina, Gesinchen, Gesi, Gesa, Sine, Sina, Sinchen
Interesting Facts:This name is an abbreviated form of the name Gertrud, now used as an independent name.
Famous Persons: Gesine Schwan is a professor of political science from Germany.

10.  Helga

How to pronounce: HEL;-gah
Origin: Old Norse 
Meaning:Sacred, holy
Alternative spelling: Hella, Hela
Variations in other languages:Olga (Russian)
Interesting Facts:Helga was one of the most popular names for girls in Germany in the early 20th century. 
Famous Persons: Helga Grebing was a German university professor and historian, who worked on the history of labor movements.

11.  Heike

How to pronounce: HAY-keh
Origin: Old German Heimerich
Meaning:Home ruler
Male version of the name:Heiko
Alternative spelling: Haike, Hejke, Heyke
Interesting Facts:From the beginning of the 20th century, this name grew rapidly in popularity. By the mid-20th century, Heike was one of the most common first names for girls. It is a short form of the name Henrike.
Famous Persons: Heike Makatsch is a German singer, actress, and voice actress.

12.  Helma

How to pronounce: HEL’-mah
Origin: Old German Helm
Meaning:Helmet, protection
Alternative spelling: Hemma
Interesting Facts:This name is also a last name in Czech.
Famous Persons: Helma Seitz was a film and television actress from Germany.

13.  Hilde

How to pronounce: HEEL’-de
Origin: Old German Hild
Male version of the name:Hildebert
Alternative spelling: Hilde, Hildchen, Hildachen, Hildi
Interesting Facts:Hilde was a legendary figure of the Kudrun, the wife of the King of Hegelingen [7].
Famous Persons: Hilde Spier was a German journalist and scholar.

14.  Ingrid

How to pronounce: EEN-dreed
Origin: Old Norse Ingriðr
Meaning:Consecrated to the the god Ingwio, beloved
Alternative spelling: Inge, Inga, Ina, Ingi
Variations in other languages:Inker (Finnish), Ingrida (Slovak) 
Interesting Facts:This name became more popular after the very beginning of the 20th century in Germany.
Famous Persons: Ingrid van Bergen is a film actress from Germany.

15.  Jennifer

How to pronounce: JEH-nee-fer
Origin: Celtic or Welsh Gwenhwyfar 
Meaning:One who is fair, white, blessed, or soft
Alternative spelling: Jenifer
Interesting Facts:This name is a version of the Welsh name Gwenhwfar. A different version of this name, Guinevere, is borne by King Arthur’s wife.
Famous Persons: Jennifer Teege is a memoirist from Germany.

16.  Karla

How to pronounce: KAR-lah
Origin: Old German 
Meaning:Free woman
Male version of the name:Karl
Alternative spelling: Carla, Karola, Carola, Karli, Carli, Karlchen , Carlchen, Karo, Caro, Rola, Rölchen, Karolchen, Carolchen, Karölchen, Carölchen, Lola, Loli, Löllchen 
Famous Persons: Karla Borger is an athlete in beach volleyball.

17.  Linda

How to pronounce: LEEN-da
Origin: Old German
Meaning:Soft, gentle, flexible
Alternative spelling: Linde, Lindis Lindchen, Lindi
Interesting Facts:This name can be a short form of any German name which contains ‘lind’, such as Belinda.
Famous Persons: Linda Hesse is a singer from Germany.

18.  Luise

How to pronounce: LOO-ee-sah
Origin: Old German Chlodovech
Meaning:Famous warrior
Male version of the name:Louis
Alternative spelling: Louise, Luisa, Louisa, Luischen, Louischen, Lu, Lulu, Ise, Isa
Interesting Facts:This name is a feminine variation of the name Ludowika, or Ludwig.
Famous Persons: Luise Rainer was a film actress from Germany (who also had British and American citizenship).

19.  Ortrud

How to pronounce: OR-trood
Origin: Old German Orttrūt
Meaning:Favourite weapon
Alternative spelling: Ortraud, Otti, Trudchen, Trudi, Trude, Traudchen, Traudi, Traude
Famous Persons: Ortrud Sturm is a sculptor and abstract artist from Germany.

20.  Selma

How to pronounce: SEL’-mah
Origin: Celtic Shelma
Meaning:Beautiful view
Male version of the name:Anselm
Alternative spelling: Zelma
Interesting Facts:This is an independent short form of the name Anselma. It may have its origins in the Arabic word ‘salma’ meaning harmony or peace.
Famous Persons: Selma Baldursson is an Icelandic and German mostly-freelance theater actress.

21.  Trude

How to pronounce: TROO-de
Origin: Old German
Alternative spelling: Traude, Traute, Trudchen, Trudi, Traudchen, Traudi
Interesting Facts:This name can be used as a short form of any name which contains ‘trude’ or ‘trud’, such as Gertrud.
Famous Persons: Trude Herr was a singer, film actress, and theater-owner from Germany.

German Girl Names With Greek And Latin Origins

If you want a Greek or Roman inspired name for your little girl, have a look at our list and see if they inspire you.

22.  Andrea

How to pronounce: an-DRE-ah
Origin: Ancient Greek Ἀνδρέας
Meaning:The brave, manly
Male version of the name:Andreas
Alternative spelling: Andi, Andy, Drea, Dea
Interesting Facts:Since the 18th century, this name has been in German-speaking countries.
Famous Persons: Andrea Elisabeth Maria Jürgens was a popular child star and singer.

23.  Angelika

How to pronounce: an-GEH-lee-kah
Origin: Ancient Greek ἄγγελος
Alternative spelling: Angi, Angie, Angel, Angeli, Geli
Interesting Facts:This was one of the most highly popular girls’ names in the 40s and 50s, having been only moderately popular earlier.
Famous Persons: Angelika Schrobsdorff was an actress and novelist.

24.  Alexandra

How to pronounce: ah-lek-SAN-drah
Origin: Ancient Greek Ἀλέξανδρος
Meaning:Man’s defender
Male version of the name:Alexander
Alternative spelling: Alex, Alexa, Ali, Lexi, Lexa, Xandra, Sandra
Variations in other languages:Alejandra (Spanish), Alessandra (Italian), Oleksandra (Ukrainian)
Interesting Facts:This is the name of a goddess of protection to whom inscriptions can be found in Amyklai.
Famous Persons: Alexandra Kamp is an actress from Germany.

25.  Angela

How to pronounce: an-GE-lah
Origin: Ancient Greek ἄγγελος
Meaning:Angel, messenger
Male version of the name:Angelus
Alternative spelling: Angi, Angie, Angel , Angeli, Gel
Variations in other languages:Anzhela (Russian)
Interesting Facts:This name is also etymologically related to the old Persian word for riding courier, ‘angaros’.
Famous Persons: Angela Dorothea Merkel is a German scientist and former chancellor of Germany (2005 – 2021) [8].

26.  Barbara

How to pronounce: BAR-ba-rah
Origin: Ancient Greek Βαρβάρα
Alternative spelling: Barbe, Berbe, Bab, Babe, Bärb, Bärbchen, Bärber, Babs, Babsi, Barbie
Variations in other languages:Varvara (Russian)
Interesting Facts:In Germany, this name was only moderately popular in the 19th century, but it has increased in popularity throughout the first half of the 20th century.
Famous Persons: Barbara Meier is a German actress, model, and winner of Germany’s Next Top Model.

27.  Beate

How to pronounce: be-AH-teh
Origin: Latin Beatus
Male version of the name:Beat
Alternative spelling: Beata, Beatchen, Bea
Interesting Facts:Beate’s name day is the 8th of April. This date relates to the death of the daughter of Duke Heinrich II, a beloved abbess.
Famous Persons: Beate Auguste Klarsfeld is a Franco-German journalist who gained notoriety for her investigation into Nazi war criminals. 

28.  Beatrix

How to pronounce: be-ah-TREEKS
Origin: Latin Viatrix
Alternative spelling: Bea, Trix, Trixi, Trixie
Famous Persons: Beatrix Amelie Ehrengard Eilika von Storch is a German member of parliament.

29.  Camilla

How to pronounce: kah-MEE-lah
Origin: Latin Camillus
Meaning:The honorable one
Male version of the name:Camil
Alternative spelling: Kamilla, Camillchen, Camillachen, Cami, Cammi, Cam, Milli, Milly, Milla 
Variations in other languages:Kamilka (Slovak) 
Interesting Facts:This name gained popularity due to the publication of The Lady of the Camellias in 1852.
Famous Persons: Camilla Rothe is a German specialist in tropical medicine and physician.

30.  Claudia

How to pronounce: KLAH-oo-dee-yah
Origin: Latin Claudus
Male version of the name:Claudius
Alternative spelling: Klaudia, Claudi, Klaudi
Variations in other languages:Klavdiya (Russian), Claudine (French) 
Interesting Facts:This name, previously not highly popular, has increased in popularity a lot since the mid-20th century.
Famous Persons: Claudia Maria Schiffer is a German actress, fashion designer, and supermodel of the 90s.

31.  Diane

How to pronounce: DEE-ah-nah
Origin: Ancient Greek Διός
Meaning:Shining, bright
Alternative spelling: Diane, Dianchen, Dianachen, Didi, Di
Interesting Facts:In Roman mythology, Diana is the name of a goddess whose domain is the moon, the hunt, childbirth, and the protection of girls and women.
Famous Persons: Diane Kruger is a German former fashion model and actress.

32.  Daphne

How to pronounce: DAF-neh
Origin: Ancient Greek Δάφνη
Alternative spelling: Dafne, Dafni
Interesting Facts:Daphne is a figure in Greek mythology who came to personify the laurel, a plant strongly associated with Apollo, god of prophecy.
Famous Persons: Daphne Berdahl was primarily known for anthropological work related to post-socialist Europe and Eastern Germany in particular.

33.  Dorothea

How to pronounce: do-ro-TE-ah
Origin: Ancient Greek Δωροθέα
Meaning:God’s gift
Male version of the name:Dorotheos
Alternative spelling: Dorothee, Dorit, Doritt, Dorte, Dorthe, Dora, Dore, Doro, Dorchen, Dodo, Thea, Tea
Variations in other languages:Terhi (Finnish), Dorette (French)
Interesting Facts:This name is a variation of the name Theodora.
Famous Persons: Dorothea Christiane Erxleben was the first woman in the world who was officially licensed to practice medicine.

34.  Emily

How to pronounce: EH-mee-lee
Origin: Latin Aemilius
Male version of the name:Emil
Alternative spelling: Emilia, Emilie, Milli, Mili, Mile, Emilchen, Milchen, Emi, Emmi, Emmy
Interesting Facts:The root of this name was also the name of an ancient Roman suburb.
Famous Persons: Emily Margarethe Haber is a diplomat from Germany.

35.  Franziska

How to pronounce: fran-TSYS-kah
Origin: Latin Franciscus
Male version of the name:Franz
Alternative spelling: Franzi, Fränze, Ziska, Cissi, Cissy, Zissi, Zissy
Variations in other languages:Françoise (French), Franceska (Italian), Franciszka (Polish)
Interesting Facts:The word which is the root of this name also has the meaning of ‘free’.
Famous Persons: Franziska Walser is a German prolific film actress. 

36.  Helene

How to pronounce: he-LEN
Origin: Ancient Greek Ἑλένη
Alternative spelling: Elena, Helene, Helenchen, Lenchen, Lena, Lene, Leni, Lenel, Heli, Helika, Hella, Nell, Nelli, Nelly
Interesting Facts:Helen is the name of a legendary figure in Greek mythology who was the wife of King Menelaus, famed for being the most beautiful woman in the world.
Famous Persons: Helene Fischer is a German television presenter, entertainer, actress, dancer, and singer.

37.  Irene

How to pronounce: ee-REH-neh
Origin: Ancient Greek Εἰρήνη
Meaning:Peace, calmness 
Alternative spelling: Irenchen, Reni, Renchen, Rene, Nene
Variations in other languages:Irina (Russian), Iryna (Ukrainian)
Interesting Facts:This name comes from the name of the Greek goddess of spring and of peace.
Famous Persons: Irene Dölling is a German professor of Women’s Studies and sociologist.

38.  Kirsten

How to pronounce: KEER-sten
Origin: Latin Christianus
Meaning:The christian 
Male version of the name:Kersten
Alternative spelling: Kerstin
Variations in other languages:Kristina (Russian), Hrystyna (Ukrainian) 
Interesting Facts:This is a Scandinavian name which is a different form of the name Christina.
Famous Persons: Kirsten Caroline Dunst is an American and German actress.

39.  Karina

How to pronounce: kah-REE-nah
Origin: Latin Carus
Meaning:Dear, honey
Alternative spelling: Carina, Karin, Carin, Karinachen, Carinachen, Karinchen, Carinchen, Kari, Cari, Rina, Rinchen, Kiki
Interesting Facts:This name may also be derived from a variant of Catherine, Ekaterina, which means ‘pure’.
Famous Persons: Karina Jäger-von Stülpnagel is a German choreographer, dance teacher, and ballet dancer.

40.  Katharina

How to pronounce: kah-tah-REE-nah
Origin: Ancient Greek καθαρός
Meaning:Pure, chaste
Alternative spelling: Katarina, Catharina, Catarina, Katherina, Catherina, Cathrin, Catrin, Kathrin, Katrin, Catrina, Katrina
Variations in other languages:Ekaterina (Russian), Kateryna (Ukrainian)
Interesting Facts:Some believe that the origin of this name lies in the Greek goddess of magic, Hecate.
Famous Persons: Katharina Thalbach is a German voice actress and actress, who voices audiobooks and radio plays.

41.  Klara

How to pronounce: KLAH-rah
Origin: Latin Clarus
Meaning:Bright, clear, brilliant
Alternative spelling: Clara, Klarachen, Clarachen, Klarchen, Clarchen, Klärchen, Clärchen
Variations in other languages:Chiara (Italian), Claire (English)
Interesting Facts:At the end of the 19th century, this was one of the most popular names for girls in Germany.
Famous Persons: Klara Gabriele Bühl is a German athlete who plays football.

42.  Kreszentia

How to pronounce: kres-CEN-tee-yah
Origin: Latin Crescens
Meaning:Growing, increasing
Alternative spelling: Crescentia, Kreszenz, Crescenz, Krescens, Senta, Centa, Zenta, Zenzi, Zenz, Kre
Interesting Facts:In Bavaria, there is a short form of this name, Zenzi.
Famous Persons: Kreszentia Flauger is a left-wing politician from Germany.

43.  Laura

How to pronounce: LAH-oo-rah
Origin: Latin Laurus
Male version of the name:Laurence
Alternative spelling: Lauri, Lala, Lalli
Variations in other languages:Lauren (English), Lauretta (Italian)
Interesting Facts:This name has enjoyed immense popularity in part due to the post Francesco Petrarca, who, in the Middle Ages, wrote love poetry about an unattainable lover named Laura which enjoyed lasting popularity throughout Europe.
Famous Persons: Laura Berlin (born 1990) is an actress and model from Germany.

44.  Leona

How to pronounce: LEH-oh-nah
Origin: Ancient Greek Λέων
Male version of the name:Leon
Alternative spelling: Leo, Loni
Famous Persons: Leona Stahlmann is a German novelist, screenwriter, and award-winning journalist.

45.  Leonie

How to pronounce: LEH-oh-nee
Origin: Ancient Greek Λέων
Male version of the name:Leon
Alternative spelling: Leoni, Leo, Loni, Lone
Interesting Facts:This is an independent variation of the name Leona.
Famous Persons: Leonie Hanne is a German social media fashion influencer, blogger, and model.

46.  Lilia

How to pronounce: LEE-lee-yah
Origin: Latin Lilium
Male version of the name:Lili, Lily, Lilli, Lilly
Alternative spelling: Liliya (Russian)
Famous Persons: Lilia Lehner is a film and television actress from Germany.

47.  Magdalena

How to pronounce: mag-dah-LEH-nah
Origin: Ancient Greek Μαγδαληνή
Meaning:Woman from Magdala
Alternative spelling: Magda, Magdalene, Magdalenchen, Magda, Made, Madel, Madi, Mädi
Interesting Facts:The root of this name, the village Magdala, is located on the west bank of the Sea of Galilee.
Famous Persons: Magdalena Neuner is a retired Olympic medal-winning biathlete.

48.  Margarete

How to pronounce: mar-gah-REE-teh
Origin: Ancient Greek μαργαρίτης
Meaning:The pearl
Alternative spelling: Margo, Margot, Margarethe, Margareta
Variations in other languages:Margarita (Russian)
Interesting Facts:This was one of the most highly popular names in the Christian world until the end of the 19th century.
Famous Persons: Margarete Schön was a prolific film and stage actress from Germany.

49.  Marlene

How to pronounce: mar-LEN
Alternative spelling: Marlen, Marleen, Marlenchen, Marla, Marli, Marle, Malli, Malle, Lene, Lena, Leni, Lenel, Lenchen
Interesting Facts:This name is made up of the components of the names Helene and Maria.
Famous Persons: Marlene Dietrich was a German-born American singer and silent film and stage actress [9]. 

50.  Melanie

How to pronounce: meh-LA-nee
Origin: Ancient Greek Μέλαινα
Meaning:Black, dark
Alternative spelling: Mel, Mella, Melli, Mellie
Interesting Facts:This name gained a sudden surge of popularity in Germany during the 1960s.
Famous Persons: Melanie Huml is a German physician and politician.

51.  Melina

How to pronounce: meh-LEE-na
Origin: Ancient Greek Μελίνα
Alternative spelling: Melinchen, Mel, Mella, Melli, Mellie
Interesting Facts:This name’s name day is September 16, the same as the name day for the name Melitini from which this name is derived.
Famous Persons: Melina Hennen is a film actress from Germany.

52.  Natalie

How to pronounce: na-tah-LEE
Origin: Latin Natalis
Meaning:One born on Christmas
Alternative spelling: Natalia, Nate, Nati, Nata, Nana
Variations in other languages:Natalja (Serbian)
Interesting Facts:Natalie has two name days: December 1st and July 27th.
Famous Persons: Natalie Grams-Nobmann is an author and physician.

53.  Nicole

How to pronounce: nee-KOL’
Origin: Ancient Greek Νικόλαος
Meaning:People’s victory
Male version of the name:Niklas
Alternative spelling: Nikole, Nicoletta, Nicolette, Niki, Nicki, Nicky, Niko, Nico
Interesting Facts:This name has become increasingly popular since the mid-20th century.
Famous Persons: Nicole Seibert is a singer-songwriter and producer from Germany, known simply as Nicole.

54.  Olivia

How to pronounce: oh-LEE-vee-yah
Origin: Latin Oliva
Meaning:Olive tree
Male version of the name:Oliver
Alternative spelling: Oli, Olli, Olly, Olla, Livi, Livy, Liv
Interesting Facts:This name originates from the Shakespearean comedy As You Like It. 
Famous Persons: Olivia Powell is a German-American voice actress, producer, and presenter.

55.  Pamela

How to pronounce: pa-ME-lah
Origin: Greek παν and μελι
Meaning:All, honey
Alternative spelling: Pamelchen, Pam, Pami, Pamy, Päm, Pämi, Ela
Interesting Facts:Sir Philip Sidney invented this name in the 16th century. 
Famous Persons: Pamela Großer is a German actress and television presenter.

56.  Patricia

How to pronounce: pat-REE-cee-yah
Origin: Latin Patricius
Meaning:Noble, patrician
Male version of the name:Patric
Alternative spelling: Patrizia Pat, Pati, Patzi, Patze, Triz
Variations in other languages:Patrisha (Swiss)
Interesting Facts:This name came to Germany in the 20th century due to popularity in the Anglosphere.
Famous Persons: Patricia Riekel is a German tabloid journalist and former editor-in-chief at multiple significant publications.

57.  Paula

How to pronounce: PAH-oo-lah
Origin: Latin Paulus
Male version of the name:Paul
Alternative spelling: Paulchen, Paulachen, Pauli
Famous Persons: Paula Modersohn-Becker was a significant German expressionist painter.

58.  Petra

How to pronounce: PET-rah
Origin: Ancient Greek Πέτρος
Male version of the name:Peter
Alternative spelling: Peti, Pezi, Petzi, Pedi, Petti, Peddi, Pitti
Variations in other languages:Pietra (Italian)
Interesting Facts:This name has been widespread throughout Germany since the mid-20th century.
Famous Persons: Petra Karin Kelly was an ecofeminist and founder of the German Green Party.

59.  Regina

How to pronounce: re-GEE-na
Origin: Latin
Alternative spelling: Regine, Reginachen, Reginchen, Regi, Regel, Rega, Gina, Ina , Ini, Inchen
Interesting Facts:This name may be used to express a parent’s desire for their child (to be like a queen, happy, rich etc.) or it may refer to Mary or the Queen of Heaven.
Famous Persons: Regina Halmich is a highly influential German boxer.

60.  Sylvia

How to pronounce: SYL-vee-yah
Origin: Latin Silva
Male version of the name:Silvius
Alternative spelling: Sylvia, Silvi, Sili, Sily, Silli, Silly, Sil
Variations in other languages:Sylwia (Polish)
Interesting Facts:This name may also have connections to sylphs, air spirits in Greek mythology. 
Famous Persons: Sylvia von Harden, also called Sylvia von Halle, was a German poet and journalist, famously depicted by painter Otto Dix.

61.  Sophia

How to pronounce: soh-FEE-yah
Origin: Ancient Greek Σοφία
Alternative spelling: Sophia, Sophie, Soffi, Sophiechen, Söphchen, Soph, Soso, Sos, Sosi, Sofa, Phia, Fia, Phie, Fhie, Fif, Fifi, Phiechen, Fiechen, Fiene, Fine, Fienchen, Finchen
Variations in other languages:Zofia (Polish)
Interesting Facts:In Greek mythology, Sophia is a goddess of wisdom, as well as being a forgotten aspect of Western Christian tradition. 
Famous Persons: Sophia Thomalla is an actress, television presenter, and model from Germany.

62.  Stefanie

How to pronounce: SHTEH-fah-nee
Origin: Ancient Greek Στέφανος
Meaning:The crown
Male version of the name:Stephan
Alternative spelling: Stefanie, Ste, Stef, Steff, Stefchen, Steffchen, Steffi, Steffie, Fani, Fanny, Fanni
Interesting Facts:The male variant of this name relates to St Stephen, highly significant in Christian culture (considered the first martyr). As such, the female variant is significant to Christians too.
Famous Persons: Stefanie Anhalt is a popular radio presenter and journalist from Germany.

63.  Theresa

How to pronounce: teh-REH-sah
Origin: Ancient Greek θέρος
Alternative spelling: Therese, Theresia, Theres, Teres, Thereschen, Tereschen, Threschen, Treschen, Reschen, Tete, Thea, Tea, Tessa
Interesting Facts:This name can be traced back as far as the 4th century to the wife of Paulinus von Nola, named Therasia or Tarasia.
Famous Persons: Theresa Underberg is a German radio play actress and film actress.

64.  Ursula

How to pronounce: OOR-soo-lah
Origin: Latin Ursa
Meaning:Little bear
Alternative spelling: Ulla, Ulli, Ursi, Ursel, Urselchen
Interesting Facts:Ursula was a saint who was martyred in the 4th century by the Huns.
Famous Persons: Ursula Gertrud von der Leyen is the president of the European Commission, as well as being a politician and physician.

65.  Verena

How to pronounce: veh-REH-nah
Origin: Latin Vera
Alternative spelling: Veri, Vera, Verenchen, Vreni , Reni, Rena, Neni, Nena, Ena
Interesting Facts:Some believe that the origin of this name is actually Celtic (Belena, meaning ‘the shining’ or ‘the bright’)
Famous Persons: Verena Sailer is a 100m sprinter from Germany.

66.  Viktoria

How to pronounce: veek-TOH-ree-yah
Origin: Latin
Male version of the name:Viktor
Alternative spelling: Victoria, Vicki, Vicky, Viki
Interesting Facts:Victoria is the name of the Roman goddess of victory, who is herself a personification of victory.
Famous Persons: Viktoria Como is a German athlete and trainer in handball.

German Names For Girls With Hebrew Origins

These women’s names with Hebrew origins are also extremely inspiring and popular in Germany.

67.  Annika

How to pronounce: AH-nee-kah
Origin: Ancient Hebrew חַנָּה
Meaning:Mercy, grace
Alternative spelling: Annica , Anika
Interesting Facts:The popularity of this name, a diminutive of Anna, could be due to the Pippi Longstocking films released in the 1970s which include a character who bears this name.
Famous Persons: Annika Zeyen is an athlete in wheelchair racing and basketball.

68.  Ariela

How to pronounce: ah-ree-EH-lah
Origin: Ancient Hebrew אֲרִיאֵל
Meaning:God’s lion
Male version of the name:Ariel
Alternative spelling: Ariella, Ari
Famous Persons: Ariela Bogenberger is a producer, director of cabaret, screenwriter, and journalist.

69.  Daniela

How to pronounce: dah-nee-EH-lah
Origin: Ancient Hebrew דָנִיֵּאל
Meaning:God is my judge 
Male version of the name:Daniel
Alternative spelling: Danielchen, Dana, Dani, Danni, Dannie, Danny, Ela, Nela, Nella
Interesting Facts:This name has the same name day as the name Daniel (21st of July) which is also the commemoration day of the prophet Daniel from the Bible.
Famous Persons: Daniela Ziegler is a singer and actress from Germany.

70.  Deborah

How to pronounce: DEH-boh-rah
Origin: Ancient Hebrew דְּבוֹרָה
Alternative spelling: Debora, Debo, Deby, Debby
Interesting Facts:Deborah was an Old Testament judge and prophetess who helped lead the Israelites in a significant victory.
Famous Persons: Deborah Feldman is an American-born German writer.

71.  Elisabeth

How to pronounce: eh-LEE-sah-beth
Origin: Ancient Hebrew אֱלִישֶׁבַע
Meaning:My God is an oath
Alternative spelling: Elsbeth, Lisbeth, Elisa, Elise, Elsa, Else, Ilse, Liesa, Lisa, Liese, Lise, Lies, Lischen, Lieschen, Liesel, Elisachen, Elischen, Elsachen, Elschen, Lili, Lily, Lilli, Lilly, Ella, Elli, Betti, Bettina, Bettine, Bettinachen, Bettinchen, Tine, Tina, Tinchen, Tini
Variations in other languages:Elizaveta (Russian)
Interesting Facts:In the early 20th century, this was one of the most popular names for girls in Germany.
Famous Persons: Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann was a political scientist from Germany.

72.  Gabriele

How to pronounce: gab-ree-EL’
Origin: Ancient Hebrew גַּבְרִיאֵל
Meaning:God’s warrior
Male version of the name:Gabriel
Alternative spelling: Gabriela, Gabrielchen, Gabi , Gaby , Gabri, Jelle, Jele, Bele, Ela
Interesting Facts:In the Book of Daniel in the Bible, Gabriel is one of the archangels.
Famous Persons: Gabriele Elise Karoline Alexandrine Reuter was a popular German author.

73.  Hannah

How to pronounce: HAN-nah
Origin: Ancient Hebrew חַנָּה
Alternative spelling: Anne, Anna, Hanna, Hanne, Ännchen, Annie, Anni, Hannchen, Hanni, Hansi
Interesting Facts:In Orthodox and Catholic Christian tradition, the grandmother of Jesus Christ is called Hannah.
Famous Persons: Hannah Arendt was a political philosopher and Holocaust survivor most known for her theory of the banality of evil.

74.  Johanna

How to pronounce: yo-HAN-nah
Origin: Ancient Hebrew יוֹחָנָן
Meaning:God is mercy
Male version of the name:Johann 
Alternative spelling: Johanne, Hanna, Hanne, Hannchen, Hanni, Hansi, Hanneli, Jojo
Interesting Facts:From the late 19th century to the early 20th century, this was one of the most popular female names in Germany.
Famous Persons: Johanna Schopenhauer was a German author and mother of philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer.

75.  Jessica

How to pronounce: JEH-see-ka
Origin: Ancient Hebrew יִסְכָּה
Meaning:God watches over you
Alternative spelling: Jessie
Interesting Facts:The current popular variation of this name has its origins in the Shakespearean comedy The Merchant of Venice [10].
Famous Persons: Jessica Schwarz is a television and film actress from Germany.

76.  Maria

How to pronounce: mah-REE-yah
Origin: Ancient Hebrew מִרְיָם
Alternative spelling: Marie, Mariechen , Marichen, Mimi, Mimmi, Mia, Ria, Maja, Maya
Variations in other languages:Mary (English)
Interesting Facts:This was an extremely popular name in the German-speaking world by the end of the 19th century.
Famous Persons: Maria Schrader is a German screenwriter, actress, and award-winning director.

77.  Marta

How to pronounce: MAHR-tah
Origin: Ancient Hebrew מַרְתָּא
Alternative spelling: Marthe, Marthchen, Marthachen, Marti, Martl, Martha
Interesting Facts:Marta is a New Testament figure who witnesses her brother Lazarus be restored to life by Jesus Christ.
Famous Persons: Marta Fuchs was a German operatic soprano and concert singer.

78.  Michaela

How to pronounce: mee-cha-EH-lah
Origin: Ancient Hebrew מִיכָאֵל
Meaning:Who’s like God?
Male version of the name:Michael
Alternative spelling: Michi , Micha, Ela, Elli , Elly
Famous Persons: Michaela Haas, author, consultant, TV host and reporter.

79.  Mirjam

How to pronounce: MEE-ryam
Origin: Ancient Hebrew מִרְיָם
Alternative spelling: Miriam, Miri, Mirichen, Mirchen, Mimi
Interesting Facts:This name is a variation of the name Maria. It is the name of one of Moses’ sisters in the Bible.
Famous Persons: Mirjam Strunk is a German theater director and author.

80.  Sarah

How to pronounce: SAH-rah
Origin: Ancient Hebrew שָׂרָה
Meaning:Princess, noblewoman, lady
Alternative spelling: Sarah, Sarachen, Sarchen, Sari, Sassi, Sasa
Interesting Facts:Sarah is the matriarch of the Jewish people. In the Old Testament, she is the wife of Abraham.
Famous Persons: Sarah Connor is a singer-songwriter from Germany.

81.  Susanne

How to pronounce: syu-SAN-nah
Origin: Ancient Hebrew שׁוֹשַׁנָּה 
Meaning:Water lily
Alternative spelling: Susanna, Susann, Suse, Susi, Susa, Susannchen, Sanne, Sanna, Sanni, Sanchen, Suschen
Variations in other languages:Suzanne (French)
Interesting Facts:This name has the same meaning as an ancient city called Susa.
Famous Persons: Susanne Riesch is a skier from Germany.

Short German Female Names

The following short German names for girls have interesting meanings and various origins.

82.  Ada

How to pronounce: AAH-dah
Origin: Old German Adalheid
Meaning:Noble genus
Alternative spelling: Adi, Adchen 
Interesting Facts:Ada is the name of a biblical figure who was one of the wives of Esau and the wife of Lamech. It is a short form of the name Adelheid.
Famous Persons: Ada Mee is a German artist across many mediums such as lithography and painting.

83.  Alma

How to pronounce: AL’-mah
Origin: Latin 
Meaning:Beneficent, life-giving 
Interesting Facts:In Portuguese and Spanish, this name has the meaning of ‘spirit’, ‘mind’, and ‘soul’.
Famous Persons: Alma Luise Florentine Elisabeth von Stockhausen was a German philosopher who founded the Gustav Siewerth Academy.

84.  Asta

How to pronounce: AS-tah
Origin: Old Norse Ásfriðr
Meaning:The divinely beautiful
Alternative spelling: Assi, Atti
Variations in other languages:Astri (Norwegian)
Interesting Facts:Asta is a shortened form of the name Astrid which became an independent name.
Famous Persons: Asta Gröting is a contemporary mixed-media artist.

85.  Berta

How to pronounce: BER-tah
Origin: Old German Bert
Male version of the name:Bert
Alternative spelling: Bertha, Berthi, Berti , Bertachen, Bertchen
Variations in other languages:Bertille (French)
Interesting Facts:This was an extremely common name in Germany at the end of the 19th century.
Famous Persons: Berta Geissmar was the business manager and secretary of some orchestral conductors.

86.  Dina

How to pronounce: DEE-nah
Origin: Ancient Hebrew דִּינָה
Alternative spelling: Dinchen, Din
Interesting Facts:Dina is the only named daughter of Lea and Jacob in the Old Testament of the Bible.
Famous Persons: Dina Gralla was a film actress from Germany.

87.  Emma

How to pronounce: EM-mah
Origin: Old German
Meaning:Big, huge
Alternative spelling: Hemma
Variations in other languages:Emmy (English)
Interesting Facts:In the 2000s and 2010s this has been an immensely popular name choice. In 2014, it was the most popular of all.
Famous Persons: Emma Lauter, or Emma Lauter-Richter, was a 19th century German writer.

88.  Ella

How to pronounce: EL-lah
Origin: Ancient Greek Ἑλένη
Alternative spelling: Elli, Elly, Ellachen, Ellchen
Interesting Facts:This name can be a short form for various names, such as the Greek Helena from which it is derived. But it can also be a short form of names like Eleonora and Gabriella. 
Famous Persons: Ella Mensch was a German editor, writer, and educator.

89.  Eva

How to pronounce: EH-vah
Origin: Ancient Hebrew חַוָּה
Meaning:The giver of life
Alternative spelling: Eve, Ev, Evi, Evy, Evchen
Interesting Facts:This name is a variation on the name Eve, the name of the first woman in the biblical story of genesis. She is mentioned by name only a couple of times.
Famous Persons: Eva Demski is an award-winning writer from Germany.

90.  Elke

How to pronounce: EL’-keh
Origin: Old German Adelheid
Meaning:Noble genus
Alternative spelling: Elka, Alke
Interesting Facts:This is an unusual-seeming short form of the name Adelheid which became an independent name.
Famous Persons: Elke Sommer is a German entertainer, actress, model, and singer.

91.  Ida

How to pronounce: EE-dah
Origin: Old German It
Alternative spelling: Idchen, Idachen, Iddi
Interesting Facts:This name achieved a surge in popularity due to romantic poetry after becoming more rare after the Middle Ages.
Famous Persons: Ida Dehmel was a noted lyric poet, feminist, and muse.

92.  Kora

How to pronounce: KOH-rah
Origin: Ancient Greek Κόρη
Meaning:Girl, virgin
Alternative spelling: Cora
Interesting Facts:This name, in Greek mythology, is a common epithet for the underworld goddess Persephone.
Famous Persons: Kora Knühmann is a former karate athlete and WKF world champion.

93.  Lea

How to pronounce: LEE-ah
Origin: Ancient Hebrew לֵאָה
Alternative spelling: Leah
Interesting Facts:Leah is a biblical figure who is the sister of Rachel and the wife of Jacob.
Famous Persons: Lea-Marie Becker, is a German keyboardist and singer-songwriter, known as Lea.

94.  Lina

How to pronounce: LEE-nah
Origin: Ancient Greek Λῖνος
Male version of the name:Linus
Alternative spelling: Line, Linchen, Ina, Ini, Inchen
Interesting Facts:Lina is an abbreviated form of various names ending in -lina, such as Karolina or Evelina.
Famous Persons: Lina Hausicke is a footballer from Germany.

95.  Lena

How to pronounce: LE-nah
Origin: Ancient Greek Ἑλένη
Interesting Facts:This name can be a short form of various other names, such as Helena, Elena, and Magdalena.
Famous Persons: Lena Johanna Therese Meyer-Landrut is a singer-songwriter from Germany who goes by the mononym Lena.

96.  Mia

How to pronounce: MEE-ah
Origin: Ancient Hebrew מִרְיָם
Interesting Facts:This name is a shortened independent variation of the name Maria.
Famous Persons: Mia Florentine Weiss is an artist who does conceptual and performance art.

97.  Nora

How to pronounce: NO-rah
Origin: Ancient Greek ἔλεος
Meaning:Mercy, compassion, sympathy
Alternative spelling: Nori, Nono, Noni, Norchen, Nörchen
Variations in other languages:This is a short form of the name Eleonora which has become an independent name.
Famous Persons: Nora Marie Tschirner is a former radio and television presenter, and current actress and musician.

98.  Pia

How to pronounce: PEE-yah
Origin: Latin Pius
Meaning:Pious, virtuous
Male version of the name:Pius
Famous Persons: Pia Malo is a pop singer and daughter of Olaf Malolepski.

99.  Ruth

How to pronounce: ROOT
Origin: Ancient Hebrew רוּת
Alternative spelling: Rut, Ruthi
Interesting Facts:ֹRuth is a significant Old Testament figure whose story is told in the Book of Ruth.
Famous Persons: Ruth Leuwerik was a popular German film actress, highly famous in the ‘50s.

100.  Zoe

How to pronounce: ZOH-ee
Origin: Ancient Greek Ζωή
Alternative spelling: Zozo, Zouzou
Variations in other languages:Zoya (Russian)
Interesting Facts:The term ‘zoe’ can refer to life which goes beyond just preserving the species.
Famous Persons: Zoe Wees is a German songwriter and singer.

Bottom Line

There are so many possibilities for naming your little boy or girl. If you like the name you choose for your darling then it is perfect. We hope our list of German baby names has helped you!

©️ By Marina Kaverina