TOP 275 Italian Names For Boys And Girls: Origin, Meaning, Variations And Pronunciation

Italian Names

Italy is a state of Southern Europe, located in the center of the Mediterranean and occupying the Apennine Peninsula, the Balkan Peninsula (a small part), the Padana Plain, the southern slopes of the Alps, the islands of Sicily, Sardinia, and a number of small islands. This is a country that, along with France and Spain, is the center of international tourism, with more than 50 million people visiting its cities and resorts every year.

Having amazing culture and art, a complex history, a warm climate, tasty and authentic cuisine, and some of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe, Italy is one of the most unique countries in the world. 

In terms of population, Italy ranks fourth in the European Union. Over 90% of the population are Italians. Large diasporas: Romanians, immigrants from North Africa, Albanians. The official language is Italian. German is also spoken in Bolzano and South Tyrol, Slovenian in Trieste, and French in Aosta.

Most Italian names appeared in the era of Ancient Rome, and their meanings contained the distinctive features of a person. For example, Flavio in Latin means “blonde”, and Luca means “who came from Lucania”. Some names were borrowed from the myths of Hellas (Elena, Ippolito), others came from the titles of their masters: Marquis, Tessa (countess), Regina (queen). The expansion of the Roman Empire enriched the name books with the names of the Franks and Normans, which were pronounced in the usual way: Arduino, Ruggiero, Teobaldo. 

In the era of early Christianity, Jewish and Arabic names were also quite common.

The heyday of the Inquisition led to the fact that “barbarian” names were banned. Children began to be named according to strictly established traditions. Firstly, the names were chosen only from the Catholic calendar. Secondly, there was a whole “hierarchy” of names. The first son received the name of his paternal grandfather, the second received the maternal grandfather’s name, the third received the name of his father, and the fourth received the name of his paternal great-grandfather. Names were also inherited through the female line. Moreover, if the first-born was called not by the name of the grandfather, but by the saint, then the second “out of turn” was given the name of the father. This tradition has been preserved in many Italian families to this day.

It is clear that, with such a naming system, the same names will be repeated from generation to generation. To avoid confusion and to indicate the individuality of the bearer of the name, numerous derived names appeared. Antonio – Antonello and Antonino, Antonella and Antonina. Katerina – Katrinella. Giovanna – Giovanella, Ianella and Gianella etc. Short forms of names became independent: Cola (Nicola), Toro (Salvatore), Minico (Domenico).

The above information is why Italian names have so many variations.

Obviously, many modern Italians still adhere to the Catholic faith, and the procedure of baptism is of great importance. The Catholic Church advises giving a Christian nickname to the baby. That is, the name that is in the holy calendar. If a young family wishes to name a child with a name that is not in the Catholic calendar, then the name of a saint can be added to it. For example: Giada Macdalena, Aida Maria. Unlike the laws in force in the country, church rules allow you to name the child any number of names and each of them will be indicated in the certificate that is issued after baptism. However, a maximum of 3 names are allowed on the birth document. Therefore it is common that, when in the family circle, a person is called not by the nickname indicated in the passport, but by the name given at baptism.

However, despite the traditions, it is difficult for expressive Italians to stay within these strict limits. Modern parents increasingly prefer to call their children names taken from the culture of other peoples: Kelvin, Danilo, Martina, Anwar, Miriam.

Now it is also fashionable to name children in the Italian manner. And we love this trend too, because these names are so beautiful! But, when giving a child a name, one should not forget about its semantic load and history. Let’s try to help you today!

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Top 150 Italian Names For Boys

Italian Boy

It is interesting that, in the past, in Italy the first son used to be named after his grandfather on his father’s side. The second was also given the name of the grandfather, but on the mother’s side. Then each next son was named after his father or another close male relative. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that the family tree of one family often includes ten Paolos, eight Francescos, and twelve Marcellos.

But, the selection of names is really big to choose from, so you can definitely find something original!

Italian Boy Names With Greek And Latin Origins

In this list, you will see how many Italian names have Antiq roots, connections with Greek and Roman culture and history. 

Names With Greek Origins

1. Achille

How to pronounce: a-KEEL-leh
Origin: Ancient Greek Ἀχιλλεύς
Female version of the name:Achillina
Alternative spelling: Achilluccio, Achillino, Achilletto, Linuccio, Lino
Interesting Facts:This is the name of one of the main characters of Homer’s Iliad, an ancient Greek epic.
Famous Persons: Achille Castiglioni was a designer and architect from Italy.

2. Agenore

How to pronounce: a-ge-NO-re
Origin: Ancient Greek Ἀγήνωρ
Meaning:Very manly, heroic
Alternative spelling: Agenorino, Agenoruccio, Age, Gegè
Interesting Facts:Agenor was a mythological Greek figure who was a son of Poseidon and King of Tyre.
Famous Persons: Agenore Incrocci (“Age”) was an Italian screenwriter.

3. Alessandro

How to pronounce: a-lehs-SAN-dro 
Origin: Ancient Greek Ἀλέξανδρος
Meaning:Man’s defender
Female version of the name:Alessandra
Alternative spelling: Alessandruccia, Alessandrella, Alessandrina, Sandra, Sandrina, Sandrinella, Sandrinuccia, Sandretta, Sandrella, Sandruccia, Lalla, Ale, Alè
Variations in other languages:Oleksandr (Ukrainian), Aleksandr (Russian), Alexandr (German), Alejandro (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:This is the Spanish version of the name Alexander. In Greek mythology, this was one of Paris’ other names, and this name is also shared by several characters in the New Testament. However, as most people know, the most famous bearer of this name was Alexander the Great who was the king of Macedon who built an empire out of Greece, Egypt, Persia, and parts of India in the 4th century. 
Famous Persons: Alessandro Bega is a former tennis player.

4. Alessio

How to pronounce: a-LEHS-syo 
Origin: Ancient Greek Ἀλέξιος
Female version of the name:Alessia
Alternative spelling: Alesio, Alessino, Alessiuccio, Ale, Alè
Variations in other languages:Aleksey (Russian), Alexis (English), Alejo (Spanish)
Famous Persons: Alessio di Giovanni was an Italian playwright, novelist, and poet.

5. Angelino

How to pronounce: ang-jeh-LEE-no
Origin: Ancient Greek ἄγγελος
Female version of the name:Angelina
Alternative spelling: Angiolino, Agnolino, Lino, Linuccio, Angelinetto, Angelinuccio, Lello, Lillo, Lillino, Gino, Ginino, Ginetto, Gi, Gigi
Variations in other languages:Anđelko (Serbian)
Famous Persons: Angelino Alfano is a former Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs.

6. Ascanio

How to pronounce: as-KA-nee-oh
Origin: Ancient Greek Ἀσκάνιος 
Female version of the name:Ascania
Interesting Facts:Ascanius was the son of Aeneas in both Greek and Roman mythology.
Famous Persons: Ascanio Sobrero was a chemist from Italy.

7. Basilio

How to pronounce: ba-ZEE-lyo
Origin: Ancient Greek Βασίλειος
Alternative spelling: Basiliuccio, Basilietto
Variations in other languages:Basil (english), Vasiliy (Russian)
Interesting Facts:Saint Basil the Great was a 4th-century bishop of Caesarea. He was also one of the fathers of the early Christian church.
Famous Persons: Basilio Basili was an Italian composer and tenor.

8. Cirillo

How to pronounce: chee-REEL-lo 
Origin: Ancient Greek Κύριλλος
Female version of the name:Cirilla
Variations in other languages:Kirill (Russian), Kyrylo (Ukrainian), Cyril (English), Cirilo (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:The Greek word from which this name is derived is used in the Bible frequently to refer to God and Jesus.
Famous Persons: Cirillo Manicardi was an Italian oil and watercolor painter.

9. Damiano

How to pronounce: da-MYA-no 
Origin: Ancient Greek δαμάζω 
Meaning:To tame
Female version of the name:Damiana
Alternative spelling: Damianuccio, Nuccio, Damianetto, Damianino, Nino, Ninetto, Ninuccio, Dami, Damy, Dodo
Variations in other languages:Demyan (Russian), Damian (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:In the early 4th century, Saint Damiano (Damian) was martyred along with his twin brother Cosmas in Syria. They are the patron saints of physicians.
Famous Persons: Damiano David is the frontman of the rock band Måneskin.

10. Demetrio

How to pronounce: deh-MEH-tryo
Origin: Ancient Greek Δημήτριος
Meaning:Dedicated to Demeter goddess
Female version of the name:Demetria
Alternative spelling: Mimmo, Mimmino, Mimì, Demy, Demi
Variations in other languages:Dmitriy (russian), Dmytro (Ukrainian)
Interesting Facts:In Greek mythology, Demeter, the daughter of Cronus, the sister of Zeus, and the mother of Persephone, was the goddess of agriculture and one of the original 12 Olympians. 
Famous Persons: Demetrio Albertini, a former Italian footballer, is now a sports manager.

11. Disma

How to pronounce: DEES-ma
Origin: Ancient Greek Δυσμάς
Interesting Facts:This was the name of the repentant thief who was crucified beside Jesus.
Famous Persons: Disma Fumagalli was an Italian music teacher and composer.

12. Egisto

How to pronounce: eh-GEES-to
Origin: Ancient Greek Αίγισθος
Meaning:Raised on goat’s milk
Alternative spelling: Gisto, Egistino, Egistuccio
Interesting Facts:In Greek mythology, Egisto (Aegisthus), the son of Thyestes and Pelopia, was Clytemnestra’s lover.
Famous Persons: Egisto Pandolfini was a footballer from Italy who played in the midfield position.

13. Ercole

How to pronounce: EHR-ko-leh 
Origin: Ancient Greek Ἡρακλῆς
Meaning:Dedicated to the Hera goddess
Alternative spelling: Ercoluccio, Ercolino, Lino, Linuccio, Lillo, Lillino
Interesting Facts:This is an Italian form of Hercules. In Greek and Roman mythology, Hercules was the son of Zeus and the mortal woman Alcmene. After being driven insane by Hera and killing his own wife and children, he had to perform twelve labors to atone for his crime and become immortal.
Famous Persons: Ercole Gallegati was a wrestler who later became a wrestling coach. 

14. Ettore

How to pronounce: EHT-to-reh  
Origin: Ancient Greek κτωρ
Meaning:Holding fast
Female version of the name:Ettora
Alternative spelling: Ettorino, Ettoruccio, Rinello, Rino, Rinuccio, Rinetto
Interesting Facts:This is an Italian version of Hector. In Greek myth, Hector was one of the Trojans who fought against the Greeks in the Trojan War. After he killed Patroclus, Achilles’ dear friend, in battle, Achilles brutally killed him before tying his body to a chariot and dragging it around the city. In Arthurian legends, this name is borne by King Arthur’s foster father.
Famous Persons: Ettore Bassi is a television presenter and actor.

15. Eugenio

How to pronounce: ew-JEH-nyo
Origin: Ancient Greek Εὐγένιος
Female version of the name:Eugenia
Alternative spelling: Eugeniuccio, Eugenietto, Genio, Gegio, Gegè, Gegi, Gegy, Eu
Variations in other languages:Eugen (English), Eugène (French), Evgeniy (Russian), Evgen (Ukrainian)
Interesting Facts:This name became widely used due to Prince Eugene of Savoy (1663-1736), a French-born general who served in the Austrian Empire. 
Famous Persons: Eugenio Montale was a recipient of the 1975 Nobel Prize in Literature [1].

16. Filippo

How to pronounce: fee-LEEP-po 
Origin: Ancient Greek Φίλιππος
Meaning:Fond of Horses
Female version of the name:Filippa
Alternative spelling: Filippello, Filippino, Filippetto, Filippuccio, Puccio, Lippo, Pippo, Pippi, Filo, Fili, Fily, Filì, Pino, Pinetto, Pinuccio, Pinello
Variations in other languages:Philip (English), Felipe (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:In the New Testament, Filippo (Philip) was an apostle of Jesus.
Famous Persons: Filippo Nigro is an actor from Italy.

17. Geronimo

How to pronounce: je-RO-nee-mo
Origin: Ancient Greek Ἱερώνυμος
Meaning:Sacred name
Female version of the name:Geronima
Alternative spelling: Gerolamo, Girolamo, Geromino, Geronimino, Geronimuccio, Geronimetto, Gerolamino, Girolamino, Girolamuccio, Girolametto, Momo, Gero, Gerò, Mino, Minuccio, Minetto, Minino, Mimmo, Mimmino
Variations in other languages:Jerome (English), Jeronimo (Spanish)
Famous Persons: Geronimo Meynier was a film actor from Italy who was active in the 50s and 60s.

18. Giorgio

How to pronounce: JOR-jo  
Origin: Ancient Greek Γεώργιος
Female version of the name:Giorgia
Alternative spelling: Giorgino, Giorgetto, Giorgettino, Giorginetto, Giorginuccio, Giorgione, Gino, Ginino, Ginetto, Gi, Gigi, Giò, Giogiò, Giorgi , Giorgy
Variations in other languages:George (English), Georgiy (Russian), Djordje (Serbian), Jorge (Spanish)
Famous Persons: Giorgio Armani is a fashion designer [2].

19. Imerio

How to pronounce: ee-ME-ree-o
Origin: Ancient Greek Ἱμέριος
Meaning:Love burning, unleashed desir
Female version of the name:Imeria
Alternative spelling: Imerino
Interesting Facts:This is an Italian variation of ‘Himeros’. Himeros was one of Aphrodite and Ares’ sons. 
Famous Persons: Imerio Cima is a cyclist from Italy.

20. Leandro

How to pronounce: leh-AN-dro
Origin: Ancient Greek Λέανδρο
Meaning:Lion and man
Female version of the name:Leandra
Alternative spelling: Leandrino, Leandruccio, Leo
Variations in other languages:Léandre (French)
Interesting Facts:This is an Italian variation of ‘Leander’. According to Greek myth, Leander was Hero’s lover who swam across the Hellespont every night to see her. On one tragic night, a storm arose and he drowned and, when Hero saw he was dead, she threw herself in the water and drowned too.
Famous Persons: Leandro Verì was a carabiniere from Italy.

21. Nicola

How to pronounce: nee-KAW-la 
Origin: Ancient Greek Νικόλαος
Meaning:Victory of the people
Female version of the name:Nicoletta
Alternative spelling: Niccolino, Nicolino, Lino, Linuccio, Nicoletto, Niccoletto, Nicoluccio, Niccoluccio, Nico, Nicco, Niclo, Cola, Coletto, Colino, Colucci
Variations in other languages:Nikolay (Russian), Mykola (Ukrainian), Niklas (Swedish), Nicolas (Spanish)
Famous Persons: Nicola Legrottaglie is a retired footballer who used to be a central defender.

22. Omero

How to pronounce: o-MEH-ro 
Origin: Ancient Greek Ὅμηρος
Meaning:Hostage, pledge
Alternative spelling: Omeruccio, Omerino 
Interesting Facts:This is an Italian variation of ‘Homer’.  Homer, a Greek epic poet, wrote the Iliad and the Odyssey.
Famous Persons: Omero Bonoli was an artistic gymnast from Italy.

23. Oreste

How to pronounce: o-REHS-teh 
Origin: Ancient Greek Ὀρέστης
Female version of the name:Oresta
Alternative spelling: Orestino, Tino, Tinuccio, Titino, Orestuccio
Variations in other languages:Orest (Ukrainian)
Interesting Facts:In Greek myth, Orestes was Agamemnon and Clytemnestra’s son. After they killed his father, he killed his mother and her lover Aegisthus.
Famous Persons: Oreste Lionello was the most famous dubbing artist in Italy.

24. Pietro

How to pronounce: PYEH-tro 
Origin: Ancient Greek Πέτρος
Female version of the name:Pietra
Alternative spelling: Piero, Pietrino, Petroccio, Pietruccio, Pieretto, Pierino, Pieruccio, Pierone, Pierozzo, Pieruzzo, Pieraccino, Pietruccio, Perino, Perotto, Peruzzo, Perone
Variations in other languages:Peter (English), Pedro (Spanish), Pyotr (Russian)
Famous Persons: Pietro Lombardi was an architect.

25. Stefano

How to pronounce: STEH-fa-no
Origin: Ancient Greek Στέφανος
Meaning:Crown, wreath
Female version of the name:Stefania
Alternative spelling: Stefanino, Stefanuccio, Stefanello, Stenio, Steno, Nino, Ninetto, Ninuccio, Nuccio, Teno, Teto, Stefi, Stefy, Ste, Stè, Fano, Fanetto
Variations in other languages:Stepan (Russian), Stephen (English)
Interesting Facts:Saint Stefano (Stephen) was a deacon who was stoned to death, as told in Acts in the New Testament. He is regarded as the first Christian martyr. 
Famous Persons: Stefano Pilati is an Italian fashion designer.

26. Timoteo

How to pronounce: tee-MAW-teh-o
Origin: Ancient Greek Τιμόθεος
Meaning:Honouring God
Female version of the name:Timotea 
Alternative spelling: Timò, Timo, Teo
Variations in other languages:Timothy (English), Timofey (Russian)
Famous Persons: Timoteo Riboli was an Italian doctor and poet.

Names With Latin Origins

27. Adriano

How to pronounce: a-dree-A-no
Origin: Latin Hadrianus
Female version of the name:Adriana
Alternative spelling: Nano, Adrianino, Adrianello, Adrianetto, Adrianuccio
Variations in other languages:Adorjan (Hungarian), Jadran (Serbian)
Interesting Facts:This comes from the Latin ‘Hadrian’. It is sometimes interpreted as meaning a man from Adria.
Famous Persons: Adriano Celentano is a famous singer, musician, actor, and filmmaker from Italy [3].

28. Agostino

How to pronounce: a-go-STEE-no
Origin: Latin Augustus
Meaning:Exalted, venerable
Female version of the name:Agostina
Alternative spelling: Ago, Augustino, Agostinino, Agostinuccio, Agostinetto, Agostinello, Tino, Tinuccio, Titino
Variations in other languages:Ágoston (Hungarian), Agustin (Spanish), Agostinho (Portuguese)
Interesting Facts:The first Roman emperor, Octavian, took the title of ‘Augustus’
Famous Persons: Agostino Di Bartolomei was a footballer.

29. Albano

How to pronounce: al-BA-no
Origin: Latin Albanus
Meaning:From Alba
Female version of the name:Albana
Alternative spelling: Albanino, Albanuccio
Variations in other languages:Alban (French)
Interesting Facts:Various places within the Roman Empire were called ‘Alba’. 
Famous Persons: Albano Antonio Carrisi (also known as Al Bano) is a songwriter, actor and winemaker from Italy.

30. Antonio

How to pronounce: an-TO-nyo
Origin: Latin Antonius
Meaning:From the family of the Antonias
Female version of the name:Antonia
Alternative spelling: Antonino, Antoniuccio, Antonello, Antonuccio, Antonietto, Antonetto, Antonellino, Antonelluccio, Antò, Tonio, Tonello, Tonino, Toni, Tony, Tonuccio, Nino, Ninetto, Ninuccio, Nuccio, Nello, Nellino, Nelluccio, Lello
Interesting Facts:In Roman history, it was the name of a famous family. 
Famous Persons: Antonio Carluccio, based in London, was a chef, restaurateur and food expert from Italy with a career of more than 50 years.

31. Benito

How to pronounce: beh-NEE-to 
Origin: Latin Benedictus
Meaning:The bless
Alternative spelling: Benedetto, Benetto, Benedettino, Betto, Bettino, Bettuccio, Tino, Tinuccio, Titino, Benè, Bene, Benni, Benny, Bino
Variations in other languages:Benedek (Hungarian)
Interesting Facts:This is the Spanish form of ‘Benedict’. 
Famous Persons: Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini, an Italian journalist and politician, founded and led the National Fascist Party [4]. 

32. Camillo

How to pronounce: ka-MEEL-lo
Origin: Latin Camillus
Meaning:A youth employed in religious services
Female version of the name:Camilla
Alternative spelling: Lillo, Lillino, Millo, Millino, Camilletto, Camillino, Camilluccio, Camì
Variations in other languages:Kamil (Czech), Camilo (Spanish)
Famous Persons: Camillo Rusconi, from Italy, was a sculptor of the late Baroque in Rome.

33. Celestino

How to pronounce: cheh-leh-STEE-no
Origin: Latin Caelestinus
Female version of the name:Celestina
Alternative spelling: Celino, Cele, Celé, Celeste, Tino, Tinuccio, Titino
Variations in other languages:Celestine (English), Célestin (French)
Famous Persons: Celestino Cavedoni was an ecclesiastic, archeologist, and numismatist from Italy.

34. Cesare

How to pronounce: CHEH-za-reh
Origin: Latin Caesaries
Female version of the name:Cesara
Alternative spelling: Cecè, Cesario, Cesarino, Rino, Rinuccio, Rinetto, Rinello, Cesaruccio
Variations in other languages:Cesar (Spanish), Cezary (Polish)
Interesting Facts:This name was shared by Julius Caesar and his adopted son Julius Caesar Octavianus (who later changed his name to ‘Augustus’). They were both rulers of the Roman Empire in the 1st century BC. 
Famous Persons: Cesare Salvi acted as Minister of Labor and Social Security in Italy.

35. Claudio

How to pronounce: KLOW-dyo
Origin: Latin Claudus
Meaning:Lame, crippled
Female version of the name:Claudia
Alternative spelling: Claudino, Dino, Dinetto, Dinuccio, Dinello, Claudietto, Claudiuccio, Cla, Clau
Variations in other languages:Klaudijs (Latvian), Klaudiusz (Polish)
Interesting Facts:A Roman patrician family has this name.
Famous Persons: Claudio Magris is a scholar, translator and writer from Italy.

36. Costantino

How to pronounce: kos-tan-TEE-no
Origin: Latin Constans
Meaning:Constant, steadfast
Female version of the name:Costantina
Alternative spelling: Tino, Tinuccio, Titino
Variations in other languages:Konstantin (Russian), Kostyantyn (Ukrainian)
Interesting Facts:Costantino (Constantine) the Great was the first emperor of Rome to adopt Christianity.
Famous Persons: Costantino Rocca is a golfer.

37. Cristiano

How to pronounce: kree-STYA-no
Origin: Latin Christianus
Meaning:The Christian
Female version of the name:Cristiana
Alternative spelling: Cristano, Christian, Cristian, Cristianuccio, Cris 
Variations in other languages:Christian (English), Krisztián (Hungarian), Krystian (Polish)
Interesting Facts:This name appears after the Acts of the Apostles in Antioch as a general name for Christian.
Famous Persons: Cristiano Lucarelli is a football manager and former player.

38. Curzio

How to pronounce: koor-TSEE-oo
Origin: Latin Curtus
Female version of the name:Curzia
Famous Persons: Curzio Malaparte was an Italian diplomat, writer, filmmaker, and war correspondent. 

39. Decio

How to pronounce: DE-see-o
Origin: Latin Decius
Famous Persons: Decio Vinciguerra was an Italian ichthyologist who was Director of the Aquarium of Rome.

40. Domenico

How to pronounce: do-MEH-nee-ko 
Origin: Latin Dominicus
Meaning:Of the Lord
Female version of the name:Domenica
Alternative spelling: Domenichino, Domenicuccio, Domenichetto, Domenichello, Becco, Beco, Bechi, Menico, Menicuccio, Mechino, Menghino, Menichino, Michino, Memmo, Mimmo, Mimmino, Mimo, Mimino, Meno, Mino, Minuccio, Minetto, Minino, Mimì, Micuccio, Nico, Nicuccio
Variations in other languages:Dominic (English)
Interesting Facts:Traditionally, this name was given to someone born on Sunday.
Famous Persons: Domenico Starnone is a journalist and screenwriter from Italy.

41. Elvio

How to pronounce: EL-vee-o
Origin: Latin Helvius
Meaning:Honey-yellow, blond
Female version of the name:Elvia
Alternative spelling: Elvino, Elviuccio, Elvi
Famous Persons: Elvio Banchero was a football player from Italy.

42. Emilio

How to pronounce: eh-MEE-lyo 
Origin: Latin Aemulus
Female version of the name:Emilia
Alternative spelling: Emilietto, Emiliuccio, Mimì, Mimmo, Mimmino, Milio, Milo, Millo
Variations in other languages:Émile (French)
Famous Persons: Emilio Salgari was a writer from Italy known for his science fiction and swashbucklers.

43. Ennio

How to pronounce: EHN-nyo  
Origin: Latin Ennius
Alternative spelling: Enniuccio, Ennino, Nino, Ninetto, Ninuccio
Famous Persons: Ennio Morricone was an Italian musician who wrote a diverse range of music [5].

44. Fabiano

How to pronounce: fa-BYA-no
Origin: Latin Faba
Female version of the name:Fabiana
Alternative spelling: Fabianuccio, Fabianino, Fabianetto, Fabi, Faby
Variations in other languages:Fabian (English)
Famous Persons: Fabiano Luigi Caruana is an Italian-American chess player who was a chess prodigy and became a grandmaster at just 14 years of age.

45. Fabrizio

How to pronounce: fa-BREET-tsyo 
Origin: Latin Faber
Female version of the name:Fabrizia
Alternative spelling: Brizio, Bizio, Biccio, Fabri, Fabi, Faby, Fabrizino, Zino, Zinetto, Zinino, Zinuccio
Variations in other languages:Fabrício (Portuguese)
Famous Persons: Fabrizio Cristiano De André was a singer-songwriter from Italy.

46. Fausto

How to pronounce: FOWS-to
Origin: Latin Faustus
Female version of the name:Fausta
Alternative spelling: Faustuccio, Faustino, Titino, Tino, Tinuccio
Famous Persons: Fausto Cercignani is a poet, scholar, and essayist from Italy.

47. Felice

How to pronounce: feh-LEE-cheh
Origin: Latin Felicianus
Meaning:Lucky, successful 
Female version of the name:Felicia
Alternative spelling: Felicio, Felicetto, Felicino, Cino
Variations in other languages:Feliciano (Spanish)
Famous Persons: Felice Piccolo is a former Italian footballer.

48. Flavio

How to pronounce: FLA-vyo
Origin: Latin Flavus
Meaning:Gold, yellow
Female version of the name:Flavia
Alternative spelling: Flaviuccio, Flavietto, Flavi, Flavy
Interesting Facts:Flavius was the family name of Vespasian, Titus and Domitian, who were Roman emperors from the 1st century.
Famous Persons: Flavio Briatore is a businessman from Italy. 

49. Fosco

How to pronounce: FO-sko 
Origin: Latin Fuscus
Female version of the name:Fosca
Alternative spelling: Fusco, Foscolo, Foscaro
Famous Persons: Fosco Maraini was an Italian photographer, anthropologist, academic, writer, and mountaineer.

50. Francesco

How to pronounce: fran-CHEHS-ko 
Origin: Latin Franciscus
Meaning:Frankish, French
Female version of the name:Francesca
Alternative spelling: Franceschino, Fra, Franceschetto, Francescuccio, Franco, Franci, Francy, Francè, Cesco, Cecco, Cecchino, Checco, Checchino, Chicco, Chicchino, Chino, Cuccio, Cino
Variations in other languages:Franz (German),  Franciszek (Polish), Francisco (Spanish)
Famous Persons: Francesco Totti is an Italian former professional footballer who played for Roma and Italy.

51. Fulvio

How to pronounce: FOOL-vyo 
Origin: Latin Fulvus
Meaning:Yellow, tawny
Female version of the name:Fulvia
Alternative spelling: Fulviuccio, Fulvietto, Fulvino 
Famous Persons: Fulvio Caccia is a poet, novelist, and essayist from Italy.

52. Gavino

How to pronounce: ga-VEE-no  
Origin: Latin Gabinus
Meaning:Resident of Gabia
Female version of the name:Gavina
Alternative spelling: Gavinuccio, Gavi, Gavy
Variations in other languages:Gabin (French), Gabino (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:Gabia was an ancient city in central Italy. 
Famous Persons: Gavino Ledda, an author, is a scholar of the Italian language and Sardinian.

53. Gennaro

How to pronounce: jehn-NA-ro 
Origin: Latin Januarius
Female version of the name:Gennara
Alternative spelling: Gianuario, Genuario, Gennarino, Rino, Rinuccio, Rinetto, Rinello, Gennaruccio, Gennarello
Variations in other languages:Jenaro (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:‘January’ (the month) originates from ‘Janus’, the name of the Roman god of beginnings.
Famous Persons: Gennaro Contaldo is a chef from Italy.

54. Ignazio

How to pronounce: een-NYAT-tsyo 
Origin: Latin Ignis
Female version of the name:Ignazia
Alternative spelling: Ignazino, Zino, Zinetto, Zinino, Zinuccio
Variations in other languages:Ignacy (Polish), Ignác (Czech), Ignacio (Spanish)
Famous Persons: Ignazio Boschetto, a member of II Volo, is a famous singer from Italy.

55. Lauro

How to pronounce: LOW-ro  
Origin: Latin Laurus
Female version of the name:Laura
Alternative spelling: Lauretto, Laurello, Laurino, Rino, Rinuccio, Rinetto, Rinello, Lallo
Interesting Facts:This name had a positive meaning since in ancient Rome victors’ garlands were created using the leaves of laurel trees.
Famous Persons: Lauro De Marinis (‘Achille Lauro’) is a famous rapper, songwriter, and singer.

56. Libero

How to pronounce: LEE-bay-ro
Origin: Latin Liber
Female version of the name:Libera
Alternative spelling: Liberio
Famous Persons: Libero Liberati was a motorcycle racer from Italy.

57. Lorenzo

How to pronounce: lo-REHN-tso
Origin: Latin Laurus
Female version of the name:Lorenza
Alternative spelling: Lorenzino, Lorenzetto, Lorè, Lori, Lory, Lò, Lollo, Lollò, Renzo, Rienzo, Rienzi, Renzino, Enzo, Enzino, Zino, Zinetto, Zinino, Zinuccio
Variations in other languages:Lourenço (Portuguese)
Famous Persons: Lorenzo Caccialanza is an Italian-born American actor and former football goalkeeper.

58. Manlio

How to pronounce: MAN-lyo 
Origin: Latin Mane 
Alternative spelling: Manlietto, Manlino
Famous Persons: Manlio Rho was a painter from Italy.

59. Marcello

How to pronounce: mar-CHEHL-lo 
Origin: Latin Marcus
Meaning:Dedicated to god Mars, to be warlike
Female version of the name:Marcella
Alternative spelling: Marcellino, Lello, Cellino, Celino, Marcè, Marci, Cello
Variations in other languages:Marcel (French)
Interesting Facts:This is the Italian variation of ‘Mark’. Mark is believed to be the author of the Second Gospel.
Famous Persons: Marcello Vincenzo Domenico Mastroianni was one of Italy’s most well-regarded film actors of the 20th century [6].

60. Mario

How to pronounce: MA-ryo
Origin: Latin Mas
Alternative spelling: Marietto, Mariettino, Mariolino, Lino, Linuccio, Mariello, Mariotto, Mariuccio
Interesting Facts:This name could be derived from the name of the Roman god Mars.
Famous Persons: Mario Balotelli Barwuah is a professional footballer from Italy who plays as a striker.

61. Martino

How to pronounce: mar-TEE-no
Origin: Latin Martis
Meaning:Dedicated to the god Mars
Female version of the name:Martina
Alternative spelling: Tino, Tinuccio, Titino, Martinino, Martinetto, Martinuccio, Martinello, Nello, Nellino, Nelluccio, Marti, Mart
Variations in other languages:Martín (Spanish),  Martyn (Ukrainian)
Interesting Facts:Saint Martin of Tours, a 4th-century bishop, was the patron saint of France. According to legend, in the middle of winter, he ripped his cloak in two and gave half of it to a cold beggar.
Famous Persons: Martino Gamper, based in London, is an Italian designer.

62. Massimo

How to pronounce: MAS-see-mo 
Origin: Latin Maximus
Meaning:The greatest
Female version of the name:Massima
Alternative spelling: Massimino, Mino, Minuccio, Minetto, Minino, Massimetto, Massimuccio, Max, Mamo, Momo, Massi, Massy
Variations in other languages:Maksim (Russian), Maksym (Ukrainian)
Famous Persons: Massimo Cacciari is a philosopher and politician from Italy.

63. Mauro

How to pronounce: MOW-ro
Origin: Latin Maurus
Meaning:Dark-skinned, Moorish
Female version of the name:Maura
Alternative spelling: Mauretto, Maurino, Mau
Famous Persons: Mauro Pagani is a musician and singer.

64. Nazario

How to pronounce: nat-TSA-ryo
Origin: Latin Nazarius
Meaning:From Nazareth
Alternative spelling: mee-KEH-leh
Variations in other languages:Nazar (Russian)
Interesting Facts:Jesus lived in the town in Galilee where Jesus lived. 
Famous Persons: Nazario Sauro was an Austrian-born Italian sailor.

65. Paolo

How to pronounce: PA-o-lo  
Origin: Latin Paulus
Meaning:Small, humble
Female version of the name:Paola
Alternative spelling: Paoletto, Paolotto, Paolino, Paoluccio, Lillo, Lino, Linuccio, Paolotto, Lotto, Lottino
Variations in other languages:Pavel (Russian), Pavlo (Ukrainian), Paul (English), Pablo (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:The name is the Italian form of Paul. Paul was the name given to Saul of Tarsus, who wrote many of the epistles that form books of the New Testament, when he converted to Christianity. 
Famous Persons: Paolo Carosone is a painter and multimedia artist from Italy.

66. Patrizio

How to pronounce: pa-TREET-tsyo
Origin: Latin Patricius 
Female version of the name:Patrizia
Alternative spelling: Patrizino, Patrizietto
Variations in other languages:Patrick (English), Patricio (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:This name is the Italian variation of ‘Patrick’.
Famous Persons: Patrizio Franco Buanne is an Italian-Austrian baritone singer and producer.

67. Romano

How to pronounce: ro-MA-no 
Origin: Latin Romanus
Female version of the name:Romana
Alternative spelling: Romanello, Romanino, Romanuccio
Variations in other languages:Roman (Russian)
Famous Persons: Romano Vio was a sculptor from Italy.

68. Salvatore

How to pronounce: sal-va-TO-reh 
Origin: Latin Salvator
Female version of the name:Salvatora
Alternative spelling: Salvadore, Salvatorino, Salvatoruccio, Salvo, Sasà, Salvio, Salvino, Salvuccio, Tato, Totò, Toti, Totino, Totuccio, Tuccio, Tatore, Torello, Tore, Torino, Toruccio, Rino, Rinuccio, Rinetto, Rinello
Variations in other languages:Salvador (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:This name refers to Jesus.
Famous Persons: Salvatore Amitrano is a rower from Italy.

69. Sebastiano

How to pronounce: se-ba-STIA-no
Origin: Latin Sebastianus
Meaning:From Sebaste
Female version of the name:Sebastiana
Alternative spelling: Sebastianino, Sebastianuccio, Sebastianello, Seba, Sebi, Seby, Bastiano, Bastianino, Bastianuccio, Bastianello, Nino, Ninetto, Ninuccio, Nello, Nellino, Nelluccio, Nuccio
Variations in other languages:Seppo (Finnish), Sebastian (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:Asia Minor had a town called ‘Sebaste’.
Famous Persons: Sebastiano Serafini is a singer, actor, and model from Italy.

70. Sergio

How to pronounce: SEHR-jo
Origin: Latin Sergius
Alternative spelling: Sergino, Gino, Ginino, Ginetto, Gi, Gigi, Se
Variations in other languages:Sergey (Russian), Sergiusz (Polish)
Interesting Facts:This was a Roman name which may have had the meaning of ‘servant’.
Famous Persons: Sergio Leone was an Italian screenwriter, director, and producer.

71. Silvestro

How to pronounce: seel-VEH-stro 
Origin: Latin Silvestris
Meaning:Of the forest
Female version of the name:Silvestra
Alternative spelling: Silvestruccio, Silvestrino, Silvè
Variations in other languages:Sylwester (Polish)
Famous Persons: Silvestro Valeri was an educator and painter from Italy.

72. Silvio

How to pronounce: SEEL-vyo
Origin: Latin Silva
Female version of the name:Silvia
Alternative spelling: Silvino, Silvietto, Silviuccio
Interesting Facts:Several legendary kings of Alba Longa bore this name as a family name.
Famous Persons: Silvio Berlusconi is a former Prime Minister of Italy and media tycoon [7].

73. Tiziano

How to pronounce: teet-TSYA-no 
Origin: Latin Titianus
Meaning:Title of honor
Female version of the name:Tiziana
Alternative spelling: Tizianino, Tizianuccio, Tizianetto, Tizi, Ziano, Titti
Famous Persons: Tiziano Ferro is an Italian author, singer-songwriter, and producer.

74. Vittorio

How to pronounce: veet-TAW-ryo 
Origin: Latin
Female version of the name:Vittoria, Vittoriuccio, Vittoriello, Vittorello, Vittorietto, Vittoretto, Vittorino, Vittò, Vitto, Tottò, Tott, Rino, Rinuccio, Rinetto, Rinello
Alternative spelling: Vittore
Variations in other languages:Viktor (Russian)
Famous Persons: Vittorio Brambilla  was a Formula One racing driver from Italy.

Italian Names For Boys With Hebrew Origins

Many male Italian names have Hebrew or Biblical origins. You will find their meanings in this list below.

75. Abele

How to pronounce: ah-BE-le
Origin: Ancient Hebrew הֶבֶל
Alternative spelling: Abelino, Abeluccio, Lino, Linuccio
Variations in other languages:Ábel (Hungarian), Abel (Portuguese)
Interesting Facts:A variant of this name is borne by an important early figure of the Old Testament. A child of Adam and Eve, Abel is murdered by Cain, his brother, out of envy.
Famous Persons: Abele Damiani was a politician from Italy.

76. Abramo

How to pronounce: a-BRA-mo
Origin: Ancient Hebrew אַבְרָם
Meaning:Father of many
Alternative spelling: Abram, Abramio, Abrahamo, Abraham, Bramo, Abramino, Abramuccio, Abramello, Abrametto
Variations in other languages:Abraham (English)
Famous Persons: Abramo Ferraresi was an Italian patriot, Zionist intellectual, and writer [8].

77. Adamo

How to pronounce: a-DA-mo 
Origin: Ancient Hebrew אָדָם
Alternative spelling: Adamello, Adamino, Mino, Minuccio, Minetto, Minino, Damo, Damino, Adamuzzo, Adamuccio, Adametto
Variations in other languages:Adam (English)
Interesting Facts:This name may be derived from the Hebrew word אדם meaning “to be red”, which refers to the ruddy color of human skin, or from the Akkadian word Adamu which means “to make”.
Famous Persons: Adamo Bozzani was a gymnast from Italy.

78. Barnaba

How to pronounce: bar-NA-ba
Origin: Aramaic בּר נביא
Meaning:Son of the prophet
Alternative spelling: Barnabo, Bernabò, Barnabino, Bobo, Babà, Barna, Berna
Variations in other languages:Barnabé (French)
Interesting Facts:It is claimed in the Bible that the meaning of this name is actually ‘sons of encouragement’.
Famous Persons: Barnaba Tortolini  was a mathematician and priest important to 19th-century Italian unification.

79. Bartolomeo

How to pronounce: bar-to-lo-MEH-o 
Origin: Ancient Hebrew בַּר־תַּלְמַי
Meaning:Son of Talmai
Female version of the name:Bartolomea
Alternative spelling: Bartolommeo, Bartolomeino, Meo, Meuccio, Meino, Bartolommeino, Bartolomeuccio, Bartolommeuccio, Bartolo, Bartolino, Bartoluccio, Bartoletto, Bortolo, Bortolino, Bacciomeo, Baccio, Baccino, Bartoloccio, Bartolozzo
Variations in other languages:Bartholomew (English), Bartolome (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:In the New Testament, Bartolomeo was one of the 12 apostles.
Famous Persons: Bartolomeo Avanzini was a Baroque architect from Italy.

80. Beniamino

How to pronounce: beh-nya-MEE-no 
Origin: Ancient Hebrew בנימין‏
Meaning:Happy son, son of the right-hand
Alternative spelling: Mino, Benni, Benny, Bino, Minuccio, Minetto, Minino, Mimmo, Mimmino, Mimo, Mimino, Nino, Ninetto, Ninuccio
Variations in other languages:Bünyamin (Turkish), Benjamin (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:This was the name of the youngest of Jacob’s twelve sons in the Bible.
Famous Persons: Beniamino Gigli was a tenor opera singer from Italy [9].

81. Daniele

How to pronounce: da-NYEH-leh 
Origin: Ancient Hebrew דָּנִיֵּאל‎ 
Meaning:God is my Judge 
Female version of the name:Daniela
Alternative spelling: Danilo, Daniello, Nilo, Nilio, Dani, Dany, Danino, Danio, Lello, Lele, Ele, Danieletto, Danielino, Danieluccio
Variations in other languages:Daniil (Russian), Danylo (Ukrainian), Daniel (English)
Interesting Facts:In The Book of Daniel, which takes place during the Babylonian captivity of the Jews, Daniel worked in the court of King Nebuchadnezzar and interpreted his dreams.
Famous Persons: Daniele Giorgini is a tennis player from Italy.

82. Dario

How to pronounce: DA-ryo
Origin: Persian Dārayavahush 
Meaning:Possessing goodness
Female version of the name:Daria
Alternative spelling: Dariuccio, Darietto, Dariello, Dà
Variations in other languages:Dariusz (Polish), Dariy (Russian)
Interesting Facts:This name was borne by three different kings in ancient Persia, including Darius the Great.
Famous Persons: Dario Cecchini is a famous Italian butcher from Panzano.

83. Davide

How to pronounce: DA-vee-deh 
Origin: Ancient Hebrew דָּוִיד
Alternative spelling: Davidino, Dino, Dinetto, Dinuccio, Dinello, Daviduccio, Duccio, Dado, Dade
Variations in other languages:David (English), Davut (Turkish)
Interesting Facts:David was the greatest king of Israel, ruling in the 10th century BC. There are many stories about him in the New and old Testament, and it is believed that Jesus descended from him.
Famous Persons: Davide Ancilotto was a basketball player from Italy.

84. Elia

How to pronounce: eh-LEE-a  
Origin: Ancient Hebrew  ‏אֵלִיָּהוּ‏‎ 
Meaning:My God is Yahweh
Variations in other languages:Elijah (English), Ilya (Russian), Elias (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:This was the name of one of the main Old Testament prophets. He is said to have been brought to heaven on a chariot of fire instead of dying. In the New Testament he appears, along with Moses, to Jesus.
Famous Persons: Elia Frosio was an Italian professional cyclist.

85. Emanuele

How to pronounce: eh-ma-noo-EH-leh
Origin: Ancient Hebrew עִמָּנוּאֵל
Meaning:God with us
Female version of the name:Emanuela
Alternative spelling: Manuele, Emi, Emy, Emmanuele, Lello, Lele, Uele, Emanuelino, Emmanuelino, Manuelino, Emanueluccio, Manueluccio, Lino, Linuccio, Manu
Variations in other languages:Emanuel (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:In the Old Testament, this is foretold as the name of the Messiah.
Famous Persons: Emanuele Nicosia was a designer of automobiles.

86. Gabriele

How to pronounce: ga-bree-EH-leh
Origin: Ancient Hebrew גַבְרִיאֵל
Meaning:God is my strength
Female version of the name:Gabriela
Alternative spelling: Gabrielino , Gabriellino, Gabrieluccio, Gabrielluccio, Gabrieletto, Gabrielletto, Gabri, Gabry, Gabi, Gaby, Gabrio, Bibi, Lele, Lello , Lallo
Variations in other languages:Gavriil (Russian), Havrylo (Ukrainian), Gabriel (English)
Interesting Facts:This is the name of an archangel who appears throughout the Bible as a messenger.
Famous Persons: Gabriele Santini was a conductor from Italy.

87. Giacomo

How to pronounce: JA-ko-mo
Origin: Ancient Hebrew יַעֲקֹב
Meaning:Supplanter, seizing by the heel
Female version of the name:Giacoma
Alternative spelling: Jacopo, Iacopo, Giacobbe
Variations in other languages:Jacob (English), Yakov (Russian), Jaime (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:This is an Italian variation of ‘Jacob’.
Famous Persons: Giacomo Sagripanti is a conductor from Italy.

88. Giovanni

How to pronounce: jo-VAN-nee 
Origin: Ancient Hebrew יוֹחָנָן
Meaning:Yahweh is gracious
Female version of the name:Giovanna
Alternative spelling: Giovannino, Giovannuccio,Vannichino, Nannoccio, Giovannello, Gianni, Giannetto, Giannino, Giannello, Giannuccio, Gianno, Nanni , Nannino, Nannetto, Nannuccio, Nannone, Vanni, Vannetto, Vannino, Vannuccio, Nino, Ninetto, Ninuccio, Ninuzzo, Giovi, Giovà, Giò, Giannozzo, Giannozzino, Giovannozzo, Vannozzo, Nozzo, Giano
Variations in other languages:John (English), Ivan (Russian), Juan (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:This name, an Italian variation of ‘John’, has been popular across Italy since the Middle Ages.
Famous Persons: Giovanni Bottesini was a Romantic double bass player, conductor, and composer.

89. Giuseppe

How to pronounce: joo-ZEHP-peh 
Origin: Ancient Hebrew יוֹסֵף
Meaning:He will add
Female version of the name:Giuseppa
Alternative spelling: Giuseppino, Pepo, Pepone, Giuseppuccio, Giuseppetto, Giuseppinetto, Giuseppinello, Giuseppinuccio, Giusè, Giusi, Giusy, Giù, Beppe, Beppo, Beppino, Peppe, Peppo, Peppino, Peppinetto, Peppuccio, Pino, Pinello, Pinuccio, Pinetto, Nuccio, Peppone, Pippo, Geppo, Geppino, Geppetto, Nino, Ninetto, Ninucci, Geppo, Gheppo
Variations in other languages:Joseph (English), Yosyp (Ukrainian), Jose (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:This is an Italian variation of ‘Joseph’.
Famous Persons: Giuseppe Bergomi is a former football player from Italy.

90. Matteo

How to pronounce: mat-TEH-o 
Origin: Ancient Hebrew מַתִּתְיָהוּ
Meaning:Gift of God
Female version of the name:Mattea
Alternative spelling: Matteuccio, Teo, Feo, Maffeuccio, Matteuzzo, Matteino, Maffeino, Matte, Mattè, Matti, Matty
Variations in other languages:Matthew (English), Matvey (Russian), Mateusz (Polish)
Interesting Facts:This is a variation of ‘Matthew’. Matthew was a biblical apostle and tax collector who is said to be the author of the first gospel.
Famous Persons: Matteo Stefanini is an Italian rower.

91. Michele

How to pronounce: mee-KEH-leh
Origin: Ancient Hebrew מי כאל
Meaning:Who is like God?
Female version of the name:Michela
Alternative spelling: Michi, Michè, Mimi, Mimì, Mimmi, Michelino, Lino, Linuccio, Micheletto, Micheluccio, Chele, Chelino, Cheluccio, Lele
Variations in other languages:Michael (English), Mikhail (Russian), Michel (French), Miguel (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:This is an Italian variation of ‘Michael’. Michael is a biblical archangel.
Famous Persons: Michele Bravi is a pop singer from Italy.

92. Raffaele

How to pronounce: raf-fa-EH-leh
Origin: Ancient Hebrew רְפָאֵל
Meaning:God heals
Female version of the name:Rafaela
Alternative spelling: Rafael, Raffaello, Raffaelo, Raffaelino, Raffaellino, Raffaeluccio, Raffaelluccio, Raffaeletto, Raffaelletto, Raffa, Lello, Lele, Fele
Variations in other languages:Raphael (English)
Interesting Facts:This is the name of an archangel in the Old Testament.
Famous Persons: Raffaele di Paco was a racing cyclist from Italy.

93. Simone

How to pronounce: see-MO-neh
Origin: Ancient Hebrew שִׁמְעוֹן
Meaning:God has heard
Female version of the name:Simona
Alternative spelling: Simonello, Simo, Simonetto, Simonino, Simonuccio, Simoncino, Simoncetto, Simoncello, Simmi, Simi
Variations in other languages:Jimeno (Spanish), Semyon (Russian), Semen (Ukrainian)
Famous Persons: Simone Anzani is a volleyball player from Italy.

94. Tommaso

How to pronounce: tom-MA-zo
Origin: Ancient Hebrew תאום
Female version of the name:Tommasa
Alternative spelling: Tommassino, Tommasuccio, Tomaso, Tomasso, Tommasino, Tomasino, Tomasuccio, Tommasetto, Tomasetto, Masuccio, Maso, Masino, Massino, Masetto
Variations in other languages:Thomas (English), Tomasz (Polish)
Famous Persons: Tommaso Bisagno was a politician and academic from Italy.

Italian Boys Names With Different Roots

In the following list of names, you will find names of various origins: Italian, Celtic, German, English and Norse. We believe you are sure to find something special here!

95. Abelardo

How to pronounce: ah-be-LAR-doh
Origin: Old German Adalhard
Meaning:Noble and brave
Female version of the name:Abelarda
Alternative spelling: Abelarduccio
Famous Persons: Abelardo Olivier was a fencer from Italy.

96. Accursio

How to pronounce: ak-KOOR-syo 
Origin: Italian
Meaning:Good and come to the rescue 
Female version of the name:Accursia
Alternative spelling: Accurso, Accorsio, Accorso, Corso
Interesting Facts:This is an independent shortened variation of ‘Bonaccursio’.
Famous Persons: Accursio Bentivegna is a football player from Italy.

97. Adalberto

How to pronounce: a-dal-BEHR-to
Origin: Old German 
Meaning:Noble and bright
Female version of the name:Adalberta
Alternative spelling: Adelberto, Berto, Bertino, Bertuccio
Variations in other languages:Albertas (Lithuanian)
Famous Persons: Adalberto Libera is an important Italian Modern architect.

98. Adalgiso

How to pronounce: a-dal-GEE-so
Origin: Old German Adalgisil
Meaning:Noble and arrow
Female version of the name:Adalgisa
Alternative spelling: Adalgisio, Algiso, Adalciso, Adelch, Dalciso, Dalcisio, Delciso, Algisio, Alghisio
Famous Persons: Adalgiso Ferraris was a British composer and pianist born in Italy.

99. Adelmo

How to pronounce: a-DEL-mo
Origin: Old German Adalhelm
Meaning:Noble and helmet
Female version of the name:Adelma
Alternative spelling: Adelmuccio, Adelmio, Delmo, Adelmino, Delmino, Mino, Minuccio, Minetto, Minino, Ade, Memmo, Memo, Elmo
Famous Persons: Adelmo Fornaciari is a musician, singer, and songwriter from Italy.

100. Alarico

How to pronounce: a-la-REE-ko
Origin: Old German Alarich
Meaning:Rich, strong ruler
Variations in other languages:Alaric (English)
Interesting Facts:This is the name of a 5th-century Visigoth king.
Famous Persons: Alarico Gattia is a cartoonist from Italy.

101. Alberto

How to pronounce: al-BEHR-to
Origin: Old German Adalberht
Meaning:Noble and bright
Female version of the name:Alberta
Alternative spelling: Albi, Alby, Albertino, Tino, Tinuccio, Titino, Albertuccio, Tuccio, Albertinuccio, Albè, Albertello, Albertinello, Bertuccio, Berto, Bertino
Variations in other languages:Albert (English)
Famous Persons: Alberto Mondi, who lives and works in South Korea, is an Italian television personality and businessman.

102. Alfonso

How to pronounce: al-FAWN-so
Origin: Old German Adalfuns
Meaning:Noble and ready
Female version of the name:Alfonsa
Alternative spelling: Alfonsuccio, Alfonsetto, Alfonsino, Fonso, Fonsino
Variations in other languages:Alonso (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:Some believe the first element of the name comes from hadu or hild, meaning “battle”. 
Famous Persons: Alfonso Gatto was a writer from Italy. 

103. Alfredo

How to pronounce: al-FREH-do
Origin: Old English Ælfræd
Meaning:Elf and advise
Female version of the name:Alfreda
Alternative spelling: Alfredino, Duccio, Dino, Dinetto, Dinuccio, Dinello, Fredo, Fredino, Alfreduccio
Variations in other languages:Alfred (English), Alfredas (Lithuanian)
Famous Persons: Alfredo Aglietti, a former football player from Italy who played as an attacker, is a football coach.

104. Altero

How to pronounce: al-TE-ro
Origin: Old German Altheri
Meaning:Old and army
Alternative spelling: Altiero, Altieruccio, Altierino
Famous Persons: Altero Matteoli was a politician from Italy.

105. Anselmo

How to pronounce: an-SEHL-mo
Origin: Old German Ansehelm
Meaning:God and helmet
Female version of the name:Anselma
Alternative spelling: Elmo, Anselmino, Anselmuccio, Anselmetto, Selmo, Selmino, Mino, Memmo, Memo
Variations in other languages:Anselme (French)
Famous Persons: Anselmo Bucci was a painter and printmaker from Italy.

106. Ardito

How to pronounce: ar-DEE-to
Origin: Italian
Famous Persons: Ardito Desio was an Italian geologist, academic, and explorer.

107. Armando

How to pronounce: ar-MAN-do
Origin: Old German Hardman
Meaning:Strong man
Female version of the name:Armanda
Alternative spelling: Ermanno, Ermannino, Ermannuccio,  Manno, Mando, Armandino, Dino, Dinetto, Dinuccio, Dinello , Armanduccio, Duccio, Dudù, Nando, Nandino
Interesting Facts:This name is an Italian and Spanish variation of ‘Herman’. 
Famous Persons: Armando Gallo is a publisher, journalist, and photographer from Italy.

108. Arnaldo

How to pronounce: ar-NAL-do
Origin: Old German Arnold
Meaning:Eagle, power
Female version of the name:Arnalda
Alternative spelling: Arnoldo, Arnalduccio, Arnaldinо, Naldo, Naldino, Arnoldino, Arnolduccio, Dino, Dinetto, Dinuccio, Dinello, Noddo, Naddo
Variations in other languages:Arnt (Norwegian),  Arnold (Polish)
Famous Persons: Arnaldo Pomodoro is a sculptor from Italy.

109. Arturo

How to pronounce: ar-TOO-ro  
Origin: Celtic Arto
Alternative spelling: Arturino, Arturuccio, Artù, Turo, Toto, Rino, Rinuccio, Rinetto, Rinello
Variations in other languages:Arthur/Artur (German)
Interesting Facts:According to legend, King Arthur led Britain’s defense against Saxon invaders in the late 5th and early 6th centuries [10].
Famous Persons: Arturo Toscanini was a conductor from Italy [11].

110. Benvenuto

How to pronounce: behn-veh-NOO-to 
Origin: Italian
Female version of the name:Benvenuta
Alternative spelling: Benevento, Bencivenne, Bencivenni, Boncenn, Venuto, Nutino, Nuto, Benci, Bencino, Benciotto, Cenni , Cenne, Cennino
Famous Persons: Benvenuto Cellini, known for Cellini Salt Cellar, was an Italian Renaissance sculptor and goldsmith.

111. Bernardo

How to pronounce: behr-NAR-do
Origin: Old German Bernhard
Meaning:Strong bear
Female version of the name:Bernarda
Alternative spelling: Bennardo, Bernardino, Berardo, Bernardinuccio, Bernarduccio, Bernadetto, Bernardello, Dinetto, Dino, Dinuccio, Dinello, Nardo, Nardino, Narduccio, Duccio, Bino, Berni, Berny, Bardo, Bardino, Barduccio, Duccio, Duccino
Variations in other languages:Bernard (English), Bernát (Hungarian)
Famous Persons: Bernardo Bertolucci, known for Last Tango in Paris (1972), was a film director and screenwriter from Italy.

112. Brenno

How to pronounce: BREN-noh
Origin: Latin form of the Celtic name
Meaning:King, prince
Interesting Facts:This is the Italian version of ‘Brennus’. In the 4th century BC, Brennus was a Gallic leader who attacked and sacked Rome.
Famous Persons: Brenno Fiumali was a cartoonist from Italy.

113. Bruno

How to pronounce: BROO-no
Origin: Old German Brun
Female version of the name:Bruna
Alternative spelling: Brunello, Brunelluccio, Nello, Nellino, Nelluccio, Brunellino, Brunetto, Brunettino, Brunino, Brunucci
Famous Persons: Bruno Magli is a shoe designer from Italy.

114. Carlo

How to pronounce: KAR-lo
Origin: Old German Karl
Meaning:Free man
Female version of the name:Carla
Alternative spelling: Carletto, Carlino , Carluccio, Carlotto
Variations in other languages:Karl (German), Charles (English), Carlos (Spanish)
Famous Persons: Carlo Buccirosso is an actor, playwright, and theater director from Italy.

115. Cataldo

How to pronounce: ka-TAL-do
Origin: Uncertain
Female version of the name:Catalda
Alternative spelling: Cataldino, Aldo, Dino, Dinetto, Dinuccio, Dinello, Catalduccio
Interesting Facts:Some think this name might be an Italian version of the Irish ‘Cathal’ and ‘Cathlarm’. Others think it might have German origins. 
Famous Persons: Cataldo Cozza is an Italian-German football player who plays as a defender.

116. Corrado

How to pronounce: kor-RA-do
Origin: Old German Conrad
Meaning:Brave and advise
Female version of the name:Corrada
Alternative spelling: Corradino, Dino, Dinetto, Dinuccio, Dinello, Corraduccio, Duccio, Rado, Radino
Interesting Facts:This name is an Italian variation of ‘Conrad’.
Famous Persons: Corrado Alvaro was an Italian novelist and writer whose works had strong political and social themes. 

117. Edoardo

How to pronounce: eh-do-AR-do 
Origin: Old English Eadweard
Meaning:Rich guard
Female version of the name:Edosrda
Alternative spelling: Eduardo, Edoarduccio, Edoardino, Eduarduccio, Eduardino, Odoardo, Odoarduccio, Odoardino, Edi, Edy, Eddi, Eddy, Edo, Odo, Dado, Dodo, Dino, Dinetto, Dinuccio, Dinello
Variations in other languages:Edward (English), Duarte (Portuguese), Eduardo (Spanish)
Famous Persons: Edoardo Bennato is a singer-songwriter from Italy.

118. Enrico

How to pronounce: ehn-REE-ko 
Origin: Old German Heimerich
Meaning:Home ruler
Female version of the name:Enrica
Alternative spelling: Arrigo, Enri, Enry, Erri, Erry, Errico, Enrichetto, Enrichino, Enricuccio, Errichetto, Errichino, Erricuccio, Chicco, Chico, Rico, Richetto, Richino, Ricuccio, Ico, Arrighetto, Arrighino, Arriguccio, Rigo, Righetto, Righino, Riguccio, Ghigo
Variations in other languages:Henry (English), Heinrich (German), Enrique (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:This name is the Italian variation of ‘Henry’.
Famous Persons: Enrico Brizzi is a writer from Italy. 

119. Erico

How to pronounce: EH-ree-ko
Origin: Old Norse Eiríkr
Meaning:Eternal ruler
Female version of the name:Erika 
Variations in other languages:Erich (German), Eric (English)
Famous Persons: Erico Menczer was a cinematographer from Italy.

120. Erminio

How to pronounce: er-MEE-nee-oh
Origin: Old German 
Meaning:Huge, comprehensive
Female version of the name:Erminia
Alternative spelling: Ermino, Mino, Mimmo, Mimmino, Minuccio, Minetto, Minino
Interesting Facts:This name could have originated from the god Hermes. Additionally, it could have originated from a companion of Aeneas in Roman legend.
Famous Persons: Erminio Spalla was a professional heavyweight boxer, singer, and film actor from Italy.

121. Ernesto

How to pronounce: ehr-NEHS-to
Origin: Old German Ernust
Female version of the name:Ernesta
Alternative spelling: Ernestino, Nesto, Nenè, Tino, Tinuccio, Titino, Titti, Ernestuccio, Erno, Ernè, Erni, Erny
Variations in other languages:Ern/Ernie (English), Ernst (German)
Famous Persons: Ernesto Nathan Rogers was an architect, educator, and writer from Italy.

122. Federico

How to pronounce: feh-deh-REE-ko
Origin: Old German Frideric
Meaning:Peaceful ruler
Female version of the name:Federica
Alternative spelling: Federigo, Federighino, Federichino, Federichetto, Federighetto, Federicuccio, Federigucco, Fede, Fedè, Fedi, Federì, Fe, Fè, Fefè, Fefe, Dede, Chico, Chicco, Rico, Richetto, Ico, Ghigo
Variations in other languages:Frīdrihs (Latvian), Fredrik (Norwegian), Fryderyk (Polish)
Interesting Facts:This is an Italian version of ‘Frederick’.
Famous Persons: Federico Fellini, Cavaliere di Gran Croce was a film director and screenwriter from Italy [12].

123. Ferdinando

How to pronounce: fehr-dee-NAN-do
Origin: Old German Ferdinand
Meaning:Journey and brave
Female version of the name:Ferdinanda
Alternative spelling: Ferdinandino, Fernandino, Ferrantino, Ferrandino, Ferdinanduccio, Fernanduccio, Ferranduccio, Ferdinandello, Fernandello, Dinetto, Dino, Nando, Nandino, Nanduccio, Ferdi, Ferd
Variations in other languages:Fernando (Spanish), Veeti (Finnish)
Famous Persons: Ferdinando Russo was a Neapolitan journalist, poet, and song lyric writer.

124. Galvano

How to pronounce: gal-VA-no
Origin: Welsh Gawain
Meaning:White falcon
Alternative spelling: Galgano, Galvanuccio, Galvanino, Galvanetto, Galganino, Galganuccio, Galganetto, Gano
Interesting Facts:This is an Italian variation of ‘Gawain’. One of the Knights of the Round Table had this name.
Famous Persons: Galvano Della Volpe was a Marxist theorist and professor of philosophy.

125. Gerardo

How to pronounce: jeh-RAR-do
Origin: Old German Gerhard
Meaning:Spear and brave
Female version of the name:Gerarda
Alternative spelling: Gherardo, Girardo, Gerardello, Gerardino, Gerarduccio, Girardino, Girardello, Girarduccio, Gherardino, Gherardello, Gherarducci
Variations in other languages:Gerrard (English), Geert (Dutch)
Famous Persons: Gerardo Dottori was a Futurist painter. 

126. Gilberto

How to pronounce: jeel-BEHR-to
Origin: Old German Giselbert
Meaning:Pledge and bright
Female version of the name:Gilberta
Alternative spelling: Gilbertuccio, Gilbertino, Gilo, Gillo, Gil, Gigi, Gilbi, Gilby, Berto, Bertino, Bertuccio
Variations in other languages:Gilbert (English)
Famous Persons: Gilberto Zorio is an artist from Italy.

127. Guido

How to pronounce: GWEE-do
Origin: Old German Wido
Female version of the name:Guida
Alternative spelling: Guidone, Guittone, Guiduccio, Guidino, Duccio, Guidetto, Guidotto, Guidaccio, Guidalotto, Lottino, Lotto, Guittoncino, Cino, Cinozzo, Cinello, Cinatto 
Variations in other languages:Vid (Hungarian) 
Interesting Facts:This name has often been confused with the Latin name ‘Vitus’.
Famous Persons: Guido Migliozzi is a professional golfer from Italy.

128. Gustavo

How to pronounce: goo-STA-vo
Origin: Old Norse Gautrstaff
Meaning:Support and Goth
Female version of the name:Gustava
Alternative spelling: Gusto, Gustavino, Gustavuccio
Variations in other languages:Gustav (German)
Interesting Facts:However, the root name Gautstafr is not well supported in the Old Norse period. So it is not clear what the name means.
Famous Persons: Gustavo Simoni was a painter and art teacher from Italy. 

129. Lando

How to pronounce: LAN-do
Origin: Old German Lant
Female version of the name:Landa
Alternative spelling: Dino, Dinetto, Dinuccio, Dinello, Landino, Landuccio
Variations in other languages:Lance (English)
Interesting Facts:In the Middle Ages, this name became associated with the Old French word lance which means “spear, lance”. 
Famous Persons: Lando Bartolini is a tenor from Italy.

130. Leonardo

How to pronounce: leh-o-NAR-do
Origin: Old German Leonhard
Meaning:Brave lion
Female version of the name:Leonarda
Alternative spelling: Leo, Leuccio, Leonardino, Leonarduccio, Leonarduzzo, Dino, Dinetto, Dinuccio, Dinello, Nardo, Nardino, Narduccio, Duccio
Variations in other languages:Lénárd (Hungarian)
Famous Persons: Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci was Renaissance painter, sculptor, architect, engineer, scientist, and draftsman. He is considered to be one of the best artists of all time [13]. 

131. Luigi

How to pronounce: loo-EE-jee 
Origin: Old German Chlodovech
Meaning:Famous battle
Female version of the name:Luigia
Alternative spelling: Luigino, Gigio, Gigi, Gigetto, Gigino, Gino, Ginino, Ginetto, Gi, Lu
Variations in other languages:Lewis (English), Lodewijk (Dutch)
Interesting Facts:This is an Italian variation of ‘Louis’.
Famous Persons: Luigi Scotti is a former magistrate, politician and jurist from Italy.

132. Oscar

How to pronounce: AWS-kar
Origin: Old Irish
Meaning:Deer friend
Alternative spelling: Oscare, Oscher, Oscarre, Oscardo, Oscarino, Oscherino, Oscaretto, Oscaruccio
Variations in other languages:Oskari (Finnish)
Interesting Facts:This name may come from the Old English name ‘Osgar’ or its Old Norse cognate ‘Ásgeirr’, which could have been brought by Viking invaders and settlers to Ireland. 
Famous Persons: Oscar Luigi Scalfaro was the former president of Italy.

133. Raimondo

How to pronounce: rie-MON-do 
Origin: Old German Raginmund
Meaning:Law and protect
Female version of the name:Raimonda
Alternative spelling: Raimondino, Raimondetto, Raimonduccio, Dino, Dinetto, Dinuccio, Dinello, Raimo, Mondo, Mondino, Monduccio
Variations in other languages:Raymond (English), Rajmund (Hungarian) , Raimundo (Spanish)
Famous Persons: Raimondo D’Inzeo was a show jumping rider from Italy. During his career, he became an Olympic champion and double world champion.

134. Raoul

How to pronounce: ra-OOL
Origin: Old Norse Ráðúlfr 
Meaning:Advise and wolf
Alternative spelling: Raulo, Raul
Variations in other languages:Ralph (English)
Famous Persons: Raoul Bova is an actor from Italy. 

135. Riccardo

How to pronounce: reek-KAR-do
Origin: Old German Richard
Meaning:Brave ruler
Female version of the name:Riccarda
Alternative spelling: Ricciardo, Riccardino, Ricardo, Dino, Dinetto, Dinuccio, Dinello, Riccardetto, Riccarduccio, Ricco, Riccà, Richi, Riki, Riky
Variations in other languages:Richard (English)
Interesting Facts:This is the Italian variation of ‘Richard’.
Famous Persons: Riccardo Brengola was a violinist and professor from Italy.

136. Roberto

How to pronounce: ro-BEHR-to
Origin: Old German Hrodebert
Meaning:Bright fame
Female version of the name:Roberta
Alternative spelling: Robertino, Robè, Robi, Tino, Tinuccio, Titino, Robertuccio, Tuccio, Berto, Bertino, Bertuccio
Famous Persons: Roberto Remigio Benigni Cavaliere di Gran Croce is an actor, director, comedian, and screenwriter from Italy.

137. Sabatino

How to pronounce: sah-bah-TEE-no 
Origin: Italian
Female version of the name:Sabatina
Alternative spelling: Sabato, Sabbatino, Tino, Tinuccio, Titino
Famous Persons: Sabatino Moscati was an archaeologist and linguist from Italy.

Short Italian Male Names

The following Italian names are short, but also have different origins and beautiful meanings.  

138. Aldo

How to pronounce: AL-do
Origin: Old German Ald
Female version of the name:Alda
Alternative spelling: Aldino, Alduccio, Dino, Dinetto, Dinuccio, Dinello, Duccio
Famous Persons: Aldo Gucci, an Italian personality, was the chairman of Gucci from 1953 to 1986.

139. Ciro

How to pronounce: CHEE-ro
Origin: Ancient Greek Κύρος
Female version of the name:Cira
Alternative spelling: Cirino, Ciretto, Ciruccio, Ciruzzo, Cì
Famous Persons: Ciro Liguori is a rower from Italy.

140. Dino

How to pronounce: DEE-no
Alternative spelling: Dinetto, Dinuccio, Dinello
Interesting Facts:This is an independent variation of names that end in -tino or -dino (e.g. Bernardino).
Famous Persons: Dino Baggio is a former professional football player from Italy.

141. Elio

How to pronounce: EH-lyo 
Origin: Ancient Greek ἥλιος
Meaning:The sun
Alternative spelling: Eliuccio, Elietto 
Interesting Facts:This name was borne by the Greek sun god called Helios who rode across the sky each day in a chariot pulled by four horses.
Famous Persons: Elio Carletti was an impressionist artist from Italy.

142. Enzo

How to pronounce: EHN-tso 
Origin: Old German 
Female version of the name:Enza
Alternative spelling: Enzio, Enzino, Zinetto, Zino, Zinino, Zinuccio
Interesting Facts:In contemporary times, this is also used as a short version of names ending in enzo, including Vincenzo or Lorenzo.
Famous Persons: Enzo Benedetto was a painter from Italy.

143. Febo

How to pronounce: FE-bo
Origin: Ancient Greek Φοῖβος
Meaning:Clear, bright
Famous Persons: Febo Conti was a radio and television host from Italy.

144. Ivo

How to pronounce: EE-vo
Origin: Old German 
Female version of the name:Iwa
Alternative spelling: Ivetto
Interesting Facts:Some suggest this name may originate from a cognate Celtic element. 
Famous Persons: Ivo Pannaggi was a painter from Italy.

145. Luca

How to pronounce: LOO-ka
Origin: Latin Lux
Female version of the name:Luce
Alternative spelling: Lu, Luchino, Luchetto
Variations in other languages:Luke (English) 
Interesting Facts:Luca, a doctor, traveled with the apostle Paul. It is believed that he was the author of the third gospel and Acts in the New Testament.
Famous Persons: Luca Romagnoli is a politician from Italy.

146. Orso

How to pronounce: OR-so
Origin: Latin Ursus
Female version of the name:Orsetta
Alternative spelling: Orsetto, Orsino, Orsuccio
Famous Persons: Orso Maria Guerrini is a stage, film, voice, and television actor from Italy.

147. Pino

How to pronounce: PEE-no
Female version of the name:Pina
Alternative spelling: Pinuccio, Pinetto, Pinello
Interesting Facts:This is an independent and shortened form of names ending  in pino (Filippino, Jacoppino).
Famous Persons: Pino Daniele was a singer-songwriter and guitarist from Italy.

148. Rino

How to pronounce: REE-no
Female version of the name:Rina
Alternative spelling: Rinuccio, Rinello, Rinetto, Rinuccino
Interesting Facts:Independent and shortened version of names ending in rino (Gennarino, Prosperino).
Famous Persons: Rino Genovese was a film actor from Italy.

149. Rocco

How to pronounce: RAWK-ko
Origin: Old German Hrok
Alternative spelling: Rocchino, Rocchetto
Famous Persons: Rocco Granata is an Italian-Belgian singer and accordionist.

150. Tito

How to pronounce: TEE-to
Origin: Latin Titus
Meaning:Title of honor
Alternative spelling: Tituccio, Titino
Interesting Facts:As this name was borne by the legendary Sabine king Titus Tatius, it likely has Oscan origins.
Famous Persons: Tito Gobbi was an operatic baritone from Italy.

Top 125 Italian Names For Girls

Italian Girl

In earlier times, when naming a newborn baby, they followed strict rules. The main rules were as follows: the first child inherits the name of a grandfather or grandmother, and all subsequent ones are named after great-grandmothers and uncles and aunts. Thus, the Italians sought to preserve the memory of their ancestors in each clan, and expressed their respect for family ties.

Let’s try to understand this custom a bit better. So, the first daughter receives the name of her paternal grandmother. The second one gets the name of the grandmother’s mother. The third daughter is named after her mother, and the fourth is named after her father’s grandmother. The fifth daughter gets the name of her aunt or great-aunt. The custom continues to this day.

Although the above reveals interesting facts about Italian culture, it’s good that we don’t have to follow tradition. We can simply be inspired by beautiful Italy and choose the best name for our child.

Italian Girl Names With Greek And Latin Origin

Ancient Greece and Roman history and mythology inspired many beautiful female names in Italy. In the list below, you will find many Greek- and Latin-inspired baby names for girls.

Names With Greek Origin

1. Agata

How to pronounce: a-GA-ta
Origin: Ancient Greek Ἀγάθη
Meaning:Good, kind
Alternative spelling: Agatella, Agatina, Agatuccia, Tina, Tinuccia, Titina, Tinella, Titt
Variations in other languages:Agueda (Spanish),  Ágota (Hungarian), Agatha (English)
Interesting Facts:Saint Agatha was a 3rd-century martyr from Sicily who was widely revered in the Middle Ages. She was tortured and killed after rejecting a Roman official’s advances.
Famous Persons: Agata Balsamo is a former long-distance runner from Italy.

2. Agnese

How to pronounce: an-NYEH-zeh
Origin: Ancient Greek Ἄγνη
Alternative spelling: Agnesina, Agné, Agnesuccia, Agnesella, Agnesetta
Variations in other languages:Agnes (English),  Inés (Spanish)
Famous Persons: Agnese Allegrini is an Italian badminton player.

3. Alessandra

How to pronounce: a-lehs-SAN-dra  
Origin: Ancient Greek Ἀλέξανδρος
Meaning:Man’s defender
Male version of the name:Alessandro
Alternative spelling: Alessandrina,  Alessandrella, Alessandruccia, Sandra, Sandrina, Sandrinella, Sandrinuccia, Sandretta, Sandrella, Sandruccia, Lalla, Ale, Alè
Variations in other languages:Alejandra (Spanish), Oleksandra (Ukrainian), Aleksandra (Russian)
Interesting Facts:This name was an epithet of the goddess Hera, and an alternate name of Cassandra, in Greek mythology. 
Famous Persons: Alessandra Carina Mastronardi is an actress from Italy.

4. Angela

How to pronounce: ANG-jeh-la
Origin: Ancient Greek ἄγγελος
Meaning:Angel, the messenger
Male version of the name:Angelo
Alternative spelling: Angiola, Angelina, Angola, Angiolina, Lina, Linetta, Linuccia, Angeluccia, Angioluccia, Angioletta, Angiolettina, Angelinetta, Angiolinetta, Angelinuccia, Angelilla, Angiolilla, Lella, Lalla, Lilla, Lilli, Lillina, Gina, Ginetta, Ginina
Variations in other languages:Anzhela (Russian)
Famous Persons: Angela Baraldi is an actress and rock singer from Italy.

5. Argia

How to pronounce: AR-gee-ia
Origin: Ancient Greek Ἀργεία
Meaning:Bright, shining
Alternative spelling: Argea
Interesting Facts:In Greek mythology, this name was borne by several characters. It was also an epithet of Hera.
Famous Persons: Argia Valeria Albanese is a politician from Italy.

6. Arianna

How to pronounce: a-RYAN-na
Origin: Ancient Greek Ἀριάδνη
Meaning:Most holy
Alternative spelling: Ariannetta, Ariannina, Ariannuccia, Ari, Ary
Variations in other languages:Ariadna (Polish), Ariane (French)
Interesting Facts:This was the name of the daughter of King Minos in Greek mythology. She helped the hero Theseus escape the labyrinth.
Famous Persons: Arianna Martina Bergamaschi (known as ‘Arianna’) is a singer, stage actress and television presenter from Italy.

7. Barbara

How to pronounce: BAR-ba-ra
Origin: Ancient Greek Βαρβάρα
Male version of the name:Barbaro
Alternative spelling: Barbarella, Barberina, Barbarina, Barbaruccia, Barbi, Babi, Ba
Variations in other languages:Varvara (Russian)
Interesting Facts:Saint Barbara is the patron of architects, stonemasons, geologists, and artillerymen. According to legend, she was murdered by her father Dioscorus, who was then struck and killed by a bolt of lightning.
Famous Persons: Barbara Frittoli is an operatic soprano from Italy.

8. Cassandra

How to pronounce: ka-SAN-dra
Origin: Ancient Greek Κασσάνδρα
Meaning:To excel, to shine
Interesting Facts:In Greek mythology, Cassandra, the daughter of Priam and Hecuba, was a Trojan princess who was granted the gift of prophecy by Apollo. However, when she rejected him, he cursed her so nobody would believe her prophecies.
Famous Persons: Cassandra Raffaele is a singer-songwriter from Italy.

9. Cinzia

How to pronounce: SEEN-zee-a
Origin: Ancient Greek Κυνθία
Meaning:Woman from Kynthos
Alternative spelling: Cinzina, Cinziella, Cinzietta, Ci
Variations in other languages:Cynthia (English)
Interesting Facts:This was an epithet of Artemis, the Greek goddess of the moon.
Famous Persons: Cinzia Giorgio is a writer from Italy.

10. Damiana

How to pronounce: da-MYA-na
Origin: Ancient Greek Δαμιανός
Meaning:Humble, subdue
Male version of the name:Damiano
Alternative spelling: Dami, Damy, Damianuccia, Damianina
Variations in other languages:Damjana (Serbian)
Famous Persons: Damiana Deiana is a former football player from Italy.

11. Diana

How to pronounce: DYA-na
Origin: Ancient Greek Διός
Meaning:Shining, bright
Alternative spelling: Dianuccia, Dianella, Dianetta, Dì, Didi, Didy, Diddi, Diddy, Dià, Dina
Variations in other languages:Diane (German)
Interesting Facts:In Roman mythology, Diana is the goddess of the hunt, the moon and childbirth, and is the protector of women.
Famous Persons: Diana Bracco de Silva is an entrepreneur and business executive from Italy. 

12. Elena

How to pronounce: eh-LEH-na
Origin: Ancient Greek Ἑλένη
Alternative spelling: Lella, Lalla, Lena, Lela, Lele, Lenuccia, Lenù, Leni, Lenni, Ele, Eli, Ely, Elli, Elly, Ela, Nena, Elenetta, Elenuccia, Elenina, Nina, Ninetta, Ninuccia, Ninnina
Variations in other languages:Helene (German), Helena (English)
Interesting Facts:King Melanaus of Sparta was married to Helen of Troy.
Famous Persons: Elena Ferrante is a pseudonymous writer from Italy. 

13. Eugenia

How to pronounce: ew-JEH-nya
Origin: Ancient Greek Εὐφράσιος
Male version of the name:Eugenio
Alternative spelling: Eugenietta, Eugeniuccia, Genia, Gegia, Gegè, Gegi, Gegy, Genni, Genny, Nini, Eu
Variations in other languages:Evgeniya (Russian)
Famous Persons: Eugenia Maria Roccella is a politician and journalist from Italy.

14. Filippa

How to pronounce: fee-LEEP-pa
Origin: Ancient Greek Φίλιππος
Meaning:Fond of horses
Male version of the name:Filippo
Alternative spelling: Filippina, Filippuccia, Filippella, Filippetta, Puccia, Lippa, Pippa, Pippi, Fili, Fily, Filì, Pina, Pinetta, Pinuccia, Pinella
Variations in other languages:Philippine (French)
Famous Persons: Filippa Giordano is a Mexican crossover singer who was born in Italy.

15. Giorgia

How to pronounce: JOR-ja  
Origin: Ancient Greek Γεώργιος
Male version of the name:Giorgio
Alternative spelling: Giorgietta, Giorgina, Giorgiettina, Giorginetta, Giorginuccia, Gina, Ginetta, Ginina, Gigia, Giò, Giogiò, Giorgi, Giorg
Variations in other languages:Jurgita (Lithuanian)
Famous Persons: Giorgia Palmas is an Italian model, actress, and television personality. 

16. Giulia

How to pronounce: JOO-lya 
Origin: Ancient Greek ἴουλος 
Male version of the name:Giulio
Alternative spelling: Giulina, Giuliettina, Giulietta, Giuliettuccia, Giuliuccia, Giuli, Giuly, Giù, Giugi, Giugy, Giugia, Lia, Lietta
Variations in other languages:Yuliya (Russian), Julija (Slovene)
Famous Persons: Giulia Di Nunno is a mathematician from Italy.

17. Irene

How to pronounce: ee-REH-neh
Origin: Ancient Greek Εἰρήνη
Meaning:Peace, calmness 
Alternative spelling: Nene, Irenina, Irenuccia, Irè, Iri, Iry
Variations in other languages:Irina (Russian), Iryna (Ukrainian)
Interesting Facts:This name derives from Eirene, the Greek goddess of peace and Spring.
Famous Persons: Irene Brin was an art dealer, fashion journalist, and writer from Italy.

18. Lidia

How to pronounce: LEE-dya
Origin: Ancient Greek Λυδία
Meaning:From Lydia
Alternative spelling: Lidija (Slovene)
Variations in other languages:Lidina, Lidietta, Liduccia, Lili, Lily, Lilli, Lilly
Interesting Facts:‘Lydia’ is the name of a place on Asia Minor’s west coast, which was said to be named after King Lydos.
Famous Persons: Lidia Giuliana Matticchio Bastianich is an Italian-American author, television host, restaurateur and chef.

19. Maddalena

How to pronounce: mad-da-LEH-na 
Origin: Ancient Greek Μαγδαληνή
Meaning:From Magdala 
Alternative spelling: Maddalenuccia, Madda, Maddina, Leni, Lena, Lenuccia
Variations in other languages:Madeleine (French)
Interesting Facts:Magdala is the name of a village on the shores of Lake Galilee. 
Famous Persons: Maddalena Cerasuolo was a patriot and anti-fascist from Italy [14].  

20. Margherita

How to pronounce: mar-geh-REE-ta  
Origin: Ancient Greek μαργαρίτης
Alternative spelling: Rita, Ghita, Ghituccia, Ghitina, Margherituccia, Margheritina, Rituccia, Ritina
Variations in other languages:Margarete (German), Margarita (Russian)
Interesting Facts:In Spanish, this word means ‘daisy flower’.
Famous Persons: Margherita Vicario is a singer-songwriter and actress from Italy.

21. Melania

How to pronounce: meh-LA-nya
Origin: Ancient Greek Μέλαινα
Meaning:Dark, black
Alternative spelling: Melanietta, Melaniuccia, Meli, Mely, Mela, Melina
Variations in other languages:Melany (English)
Interesting Facts:A Roman saint who donated her wealth to charity in the 5th century bore this name.
Famous Persons: Melania Gaia Mazzucco is a writer from Italy.

22. Monica

How to pronounce: MO-nee-ka
Origin: Ancient Greek μόνη
Meaning:The only one
Alternative spelling: Monichina, Monicuccia, Monichetta, Momo, Mo, Moni 
Variations in other languages:Monique (French), Monika (Polish)
Interesting Facts:This name could have roots in the Latin word moneo which means “remind, call, inspire, predict”.
Famous Persons: Monica Anna Maria Bellucci is an actress and model from Italy [15].

23. Nicoletta

How to pronounce: nee-ko-LE-ta
Origin: Ancient Greek Νικόλαος
Meaning:Victory of the people
Male version of the name:Nicola
Alternative spelling: Nica, Nicla, Nico, Coletta
Variations in other languages:Nicole (English)
Famous Persons: Nicoletta Panni was a lyric soprano from Italy.

24. Ofelia

How to pronounce: o-FEH-lya 
Origin: Ancient Greek ὄφελος
Alternative spelling: Felia
Interesting Facts:Previously a rare ancient Greek name, this name was used by  the 15th-century poet Jacopo Sannazaro in his poem called Arcadia. 
Famous Persons: Ofelia Mazzoni was a poet, writer, and theater actress from Italy.

25. Pamela

How to pronounce: pa-ME-lah
Origin: Greek πᾶν+μέλος
Meaning:All sweetness 
Alternative spelling: Pami, Pamelina, Pameluccia
Interesting Facts:In the late-16th century, Sir Philip Sidney invented this name to use in his poem Arcadia. 
Famous Persons: Pamela Prati is an actress, model, television hostess, singer, and showgirl from Italy.

26. Pietra

How to pronounce: PYEH-tra 
Origin: Ancient Greek Πέτρος
Male version of the name:Pietro
Alternative spelling: Piera, Pietrina, Pietruccia, Pieruccia, Pieretta, Pierina
Variations in other languages:Petra (Finnish)
Famous Persons: Pietra Montecorvino is a singer and actress from Italy.

27. Sofia

How to pronounce: so-FEE-a 
Origin: Ancient Greek Σοφία
Alternative spelling: Sofi, Sofy, Sò, Sofiuccia
Variations in other languages:Sophia (English), Zofia (Polish)
Interesting Facts:Sophia is the Greek goddess of spiritual wisdom. Once part of the Judeo-Christian heritage of the west, she has been largely forgotten about.
Famous Persons: Sofia Costanza Brigida Villani Scicolone (known as “Sophia Loren”) is an actress from Italy.

28. Teresa

How to pronounce: teh-REH-za
Origin: Ancient Greek 
Male version of the name:Tereso
Alternative spelling: Teresina, Teresella, Teresuccia, Terè, Titti, Sina, Sisina, Zina, Zinettа, Zinina, Zinuccia
Interesting Facts:Although the name’s meaning is uncertain, it could have roots in the Greek θέρος (theros) which means “summer”, θερίζω (therizo) which means “to harvest”, or in the Greek island of Therasia.
Famous Persons: Teresa Saponangelo is an actress from Italy.

Names With Latin Origins

29. Adriana

How to pronounce: a-dree-A-na
Origin: Latin Hadrianus
Meaning:From Hadria
Male version of the name:Adriano
Alternative spelling: Adrianina, Adrianuccia, Adrianella, Adrianetta, Nana 
Variations in other languages:Adrianna (English)
Interesting Facts:Two Roman settlements were called ‘Hadria’, one being an important Estruscan port town in northern Italy. A second settlement in central Italy, as well as the Adriatic sea, was also named after the northern town. 
Famous Persons: Adriana Bisi Fabbri was a painter from Italy [16].

30. Agostina

How to pronounce: a-go-STEE-na 
Origin: Latin Augustus
Meaning:Exalted, venerable
Male version of the name:Agostino
Alternative spelling: Augustina, Agostinina, Agostinetta, Agostinuccia, Agostinella, Tina, Tinuccia, Titina, Tinell
Variations in other languages:Augustine (French), Augustyna (Polish)
Famous Persons: Agostina Belli is a model and actress.

31. Arabella

How to pronounce: ar-ə-BEHL-ə  
Origin: Latin Orabilis
Meaning:Invokable, yielding to prayer
Alternative spelling: Arabellina, Arabelluccia, Ara
Interesting Facts:This name could be a variation of ‘Annabel’.  
Famous Persons: Arabella Lennox-Boyd is an English garden designer born in Italy.

32. Beatrice

How to pronounce: beh-a-TREE-cheh
Origin: Latin Viatrix
Alternative spelling: Bice, Bicetta, Bea, Bebe, Bebba, Beba, Cettina, Trice, Tricina
Variations in other languages:Beatrix (English), Beatriz (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:This name was commonly used by early Christians. 
Famous Persons: Beatrice Lanza is a triathlete from Italy.

33. Camilla

How to pronounce: ka-MEEL-la
Origin: Latin Camillus
Meaning:A youth employed in religious services
Male version of the name:Camillo
Alternative spelling: Camila, Camì, Lilla, Lilletta, Lillina, Milla, Milli, Millina, Camilletta, Camillina, Camilluccia
Variations in other languages:Kamilė (Lithuanian)
Famous Persons: Camila Giorgi, currently the Italian No. 1, is a professional tennis player from Italy.

34. Carina

How to pronounce: ka-REE-na
Origin: Latin Carino
Meaning:Dear, beloved
Male version of the name:Carino
Alternative spelling: Rina, Rinella, Rinuccia, Rinetta
Variations in other languages:Carine (French)
Interesting Facts:This name means “keel” in Latin, which is referring to a section of Jason’s ship the Argo. Additionally, it is the name of a constellation in the southern sky.
Famous Persons: Carina Susana Vitulano is a former football referee from Italy.

35. Cecilia

How to pronounce: cheh-CHEE-lya
Origin: Latin Caecilius
Male version of the name:Cecilio
Alternative spelling: Ceci, Cecia, Cecilietta, Cecilina, Ceciliuccia, Lia, Lietta
Variations in other languages:Cecilija (Slovene)
Interesting Facts:Saint Cecilia was the patron saint of music and musicians. Because she refused to worship Roman gods, she was sentenced to die.
Famous Persons: Cecilia Bartoli is a recitalist and coloratura mezzo-soprano opera singer from Italy.

36. Celestina

How to pronounce: cheh-leh-STEE-na
Origin: Latin Caelestinus
Meaning:Of the sky, heavenly
Male version of the name:Celestino
Alternative spelling: Celina, Celeste, Cele, Celé, Tina, Tinuccia, Titina, Tinella
Variations in other languages:Célestine (French), Celestyna (Polish)
Famous Persons: Celestina Boninsegna was an operatic soprano from Italy [17].

37. Chiara

How to pronounce: KYA-ra  
Origin: Latin Clarus
Meaning:Bright, clear, brilliant
Male version of the name:Chiaro
Alternative spelling: Chiarina, Chiaretta, Chiarella, Chiaruccia, Chià, Chiari, Chicca, Chichi, Claretta, Claruccia
Variations in other languages:Claire (English), Clara (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:This is an Italian variation of ‘Clara’. 
Famous Persons: Chiara R. Nappi is a physicist from Italy. 

38. Claudia

How to pronounce: KLOW-dee-a
Origin: Latin Claudus
Meaning:Lame, crippled
Male version of the name:Claudio
Alternative spelling: Claudina, Dina, Dinetta, Dinuccia, Dinella, Claudietta, Claudiuccia, Cla, Clau
Variations in other languages:Klavdiya (Russian)
Interesting Facts:Although mentioned in the new Testament, this name (as a Christian name) was rare until the 16th century.
Famous Persons: Claudia Koll is an actress from Italy.

39. Costanza

How to pronounce: ko-STAN-tsa 
Origin: Latin Constans
Meaning:Constant, steadfast
Male version of the name:Costanzo
Alternative spelling: Costanzina, Zinettа, Zinina, Zina, Zinuccia, Costanzuccia, Tanza, Cocò, Costa, Costi, Costy, Conni, Conn
Variations in other languages:Constance (French)
Famous Persons: Costanza Fiorentini is a synchronized swimmer from Italy.

40. Crescenza

How to pronounce: kres-CHEN-sa
Origin: Latin Crescens
Meaning:Growing, rising
Male version of the name:Crescenzo
Alternative spelling: Crescenzia, Crecsenzina, Enzia, Enza, Enzina, Zina, Zinettа, Zinina, Zinuccia
Variations in other languages:Crescencia (Spanish)
Famous Persons: Crescenza Guarnieri is an actress from Italy.

41. Cristina

How to pronounce: kree-STEE-na
Origin: Latin Christianus
Meaning:The christian 
Male version of the name:Cristiano
Alternative spelling: Cristiana, Cristinuccia, Cristinetta, Cristinina, Cris, Cri, Chicca, Tina, Tinuccia, Titina, Tinella, Titt
Variations in other languages:Kirsten (German), Kristina (Russian), Hrystyna (Ukrainian), Christine (English)
Famous Persons: Cristina Marocco is an actress and singer from Italy.

42. Dacia

How to pronounce: DAT-sha
Origin: Latin 
Meaning:Name of region 
Male version of the name:Dacio
Interesting Facts:Dacia was a region of the Roman empire now serving as Romania and Moldova.
Famous Persons: Dacia Paola Maraini is an essayist, poet, and writer from Italy.

43. Donatella

How to pronounce: do-na-TEHL-la
Origin: Latin Donatus
Male version of the name:Donatello
Alternative spelling: Donata, Dona, Lella, Lela, Lele, Tella, Tellina
Famous Persons: Donatella Francesca Versace is a model, businesswoman, socialite, and fashion designer from Italy [18]. 

44. Fabia

How to pronounce: FA-bya
Origin: Latin Faba
Male version of the name:Fabio
Alternative spelling: Fab, Fabiuccia, Fabietta, Fabi
Variations in other languages:Fabienne (French)
Famous Persons: Fabia Trabaldo is a former middle distance runner from Italy. She specialized in the 800 and 1500 meters.

45. Franca

How to pronounce: FRANG-ka 
Origin: Latin 
Meaning:French, frankish
Male version of the name:Franco
Alternative spelling: Franchina, Franchetta, Francuccia
Variations in other languages:Franciszka (Polish)
Interesting Facts:This name is an independent and contracted variation of Francesca.
Famous Persons: Franca Sozzani, an Italian journalist, was the editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia from 1988 until 2016, when she died.

46. Francesca

How to pronounce: fran-CHEHS-ka
Origin: Latin 
Meaning:French, frankish
Male version of the name:Francesco
Alternative spelling: Franceschina, Francescuccia, Franceschetta, Franca, Franci , Francy, Francè, Fra, Cesca, Cecca, Cecchina, Checca , Checchina, Chicca, Chicchina
Variations in other languages:Franciszka (Polish), Francisca (Spanish)
Famous Persons: Francesca Lubiani is an Italian former professional tennis player.

47. Gloria

How to pronounce: GLAW-rya
Origin: Latin
Alternative spelling: Glorietta, Gloriuccia, Glò, Glori, Glory
Interesting Facts:This name comes from the Spanish and Portuguese names of the Virgin Mary Maria da Glória.
Famous Persons: Gloria Guida is a model and actress from Italy.

48. Grazia

How to pronounce: GRAT-tsya 
Origin: Latin Gratia
Alternative spelling: Graziella, Lella, Graziellina, Gra, Grazi, Grazy, Grazielluccia, Grazina, Grazietta, Graziuccia
Variations in other languages:Graciela (Spanish)
Famous Persons: Grazia Maria Cosima Damiana Deledda, from Italy, was the recipient of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1926.

49. Ilaria

How to pronounce: ee-LA-ree-a
Origin: Latin Hilaris
Male version of the name:Ilario
Alternative spelling: Ilarina, Ilarietta, Ila, Rina, Rinuccia, Rinetta, Rinella
Variations in other languages:Hilary (English)
Famous Persons: Ilaria Graziano is a singer from Italy.

50. Jolanda

How to pronounce: yo-LAN-da
Origin: Latin
Alternative spelling: Iolanda, Iolandina, Ioli, Dina, Dinetta, Dinuccia, Dinella , Iolandetta, Iolanduccia
Variations in other languages:Yolanda (Spanish)
Famous Persons: Jolanda Plank is a retired alpine skier from Italy.

51. Laura

How to pronounce: LOW-ra
Origin: Latin Laurus
Male version of the name:Lauro
Alternative spelling: Lauretta, Laurina, Laurella, Lalla, Rina, Rinuccia, Rinetta, Rinella
Variations in other languages:Loreen (English)
Interesting Facts:The meaning of this name was positive, as the leaves of laurel trees were used in the creation of victors’ garlands in Ancient Rome.
Famous Persons: Laura Pausini is a singer from Italy.

52. Lelia

How to pronounce: LE-lee-a
Origin: Latin Laelius
Male version of the name:Lelio
Alternative spelling: Lélia, Lella
Interesting Facts:An orchid that can be found in Central America and Mexico also goes by this name.
Famous Persons: Lélia Abramo was an Italian-Brazilian political activist and actress.

53. Letizia

How to pronounce: leh-TEET-tsya
Origin: Latin Laetitia
Meaning:Joy, happiness
Alternative spelling: Letizina, Leti, Lety, Lele, Tizia
Variations in other languages:Leticia (Spanish)
Famous Persons: Letizia Paternoster is a track and road cyclist from Italy.

54. Livia

How to pronounce: LEE-vya
Origin: Latin Liveo
Meaning:To envy
Male version of the name:Liveo
Alternative spelling: Livina, Livietta, Lilla
Interesting Facts:The Roman emperor Augustus’ wife had this name.
Famous Persons: Livia Turco is a politician from Italy.

55. Lorenza

How to pronounce: lo-REHN-tsa
Origin: Latin Laurentius
Meaning:From Laurentum
Male version of the name:Lorenzo
Alternative spelling: Lorenzina, Lorenzetta, Renzina, Renza, Enza, Enzina, Lora, Lorè, Lori, Lory, Lò, Lollo, Zina, Zinettа, Zinina, Zinuccia
Variations in other languages:Lauren (English)
Interesting Facts:Laurentum was an ancient Italian city.
Famous Persons: Lorenza Mazzetti was a painter, novelist, photographer, and film director from Italy.

56. Lucia

How to pronounce: loo-CHEE-a
Origin: Latin Lux
Male version of the name:Lucio
Alternative spelling: Lucietta, Lucetta, Cia, Luci, Lu, Lulù
Interesting Facts:Saint Lucia, the patron saint of the blind as she was said to have had her eyes gouged out, was a 4th-century martyr from Syracuse. 
Famous Persons: Lucia Galeazzi Galvani was a scientist from Italy.

57. Marcella

How to pronounce: mar-CHEHL-la
Origin: Latin Marcus
Meaning:Dedicated to god Mars, to be warlike
Male version of the name:Marcello
Alternative spelling: Lella, Marcellina, Cellina, Celina, Marcè, Marci, Cella
Variations in other languages:Marcela (Spanish)
Famous Persons: Marcella Silvestri is an Italian comedian and voice actress.

58. Marina

How to pronounce: ma-REE-na
Origin: Latin Marinus
Meaning:Of the sea
Male version of the name:Marino
Alternative spelling: Marinella, Marinuccia, Marinetta, Mari, Marì, Rina, Rinuccia, Rinetta, Rinella
Variations in other languages:Marine (French), Maryna (Ukrainian)
Famous Persons: Marina Massironi is an actress from Italy.

59. Martina

How to pronounce: mar-TEE-na
Origin: Latin Martinus
Meaning:Dedicated to the god Mars
Male version of the name:Martino
Alternative spelling: Martinetta, Martinuccia, Martinina, Martinella, Nella, Nellina, Nelluccia, Ninetta, Nina, Ninuccia, Ninnina, Ninì, Ninni, Marti, Martì, Tina, Tinuccia, Titina, Tinella, Titti
Interesting Facts:Saint Martina, a patron saint of Rome, was a 3rd-century martyr.
Famous Persons: Martina Rosucci is a football player from Italy.

60. Maura

How to pronounce: MOW-ra
Origin: Latin Maurus
Meaning:Dark-skinned, Moorish
Male version of the name:Mauro
Alternative spelling: Maurella, Mauretta, Maurina, Mau
Famous Persons: Maura Tombelli is an amateur astronomer.

61. Oriana

How to pronounce: o-RYA-na 
Origin: Latin Aurum
Male version of the name:Orio
Alternative spelling: Oria, Orianina, Orianetta, Orianuccia, Ori, Ory
Interesting Facts:This is the name of the daughter of a legendary medieval king of England.
Famous Persons: Oriana Fallaci was an Italian writer, activist, and journalist.

62. Paola

How to pronounce: PA-o-la  
Origin: Latin Paulus
Meaning:Small, humble
Male version of the name:Paolo
Alternative spelling: Paoletta, Paolina, Paoluccia, Linetta, Lina, Linuccia
Variations in other languages:Paule (French), Paula (Spanish)
Famous Persons: Paola Turci is an Italian author, singer-songwriter, and performer.

63. Patrizia

How to pronounce: pa-TREET-tsya 
Origin: Latin Patricius
Male version of the name:Patrizio
Alternative spelling: Patrizina, Patrizietta, Patti, Titti
Variations in other languages:Patricie (Czech), Patrycja (Polish)
Famous Persons: Patrizia Paterlini-Bréchot is a professor of oncology and cell biology.

64. Regina

How to pronounce: reh-JEE-na
Origin: Latin
Alternative spelling: Reginella, Reginetta, Gina
Variations in other languages:Regine (German)
Interesting Facts:This has been a Christian name for a long time, borne by a saint in the 2nd century.
Famous Persons: Regina Bianchi was an actress from Italy.

65. Sabina

How to pronounce: sa-BEE-na
Origin: Latin Sabinus
Meaning:A Sabine
Male version of the name:Sabino
Alternative spelling: Savina, Sabinuccia, Sabinetta, Sabinina, Bina, Savinetta, Savinina, Savinucci
Interesting Facts:The Sabines, an ancient people, lived in Italy until their lands were eventually taken by the Romans. Some Sabine women who were abducted were eventually able to make peace between the two groups. 
Famous Persons: Sabina Guzzanti is an Italian actress, producer, writer, and satirist.

66. Sabrina

How to pronounce: sa-BREE-na
Origin: Latin Habren
Meaning:River Severn
Alternative spelling: Sabrinetta, Sabrinuccia, Sabri, Sabry, Sa, Brina, Rina, Rinuccia, Rinetta, Rinella
Interesting Facts:This is the Latinized variation of the Welsh name of the River Severn. 
Famous Persons: Sabrina Debora Salerno, known as ‘Sabrina’, is a singer-songwriter, model, television presenter, actress and record producer from Italy. 

67. Silvia

How to pronounce: SEEL-vya
Origin: Latin Silva
Male version of the name:Silvio
Alternative spelling: Silvina, Silvietta, Silviuccia, Silvi, Silvy
Interesting Facts:In Roman mythology, Rhea Silvia was the name of legendary founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus. 
Famous Persons: Silvia Baraldini is an archivist from Italy.

68. Valentina

How to pronounce: va-lehn-TEE-na
Origin: Latin Valens
Male version of the name:Valentino
Alternative spelling: Valentinuccia, Valentinella, Valentinina, Tina, Tinuccia, Titina, Tinella, Titti, Vale, Valè
Variations in other languages:Valentyna (Ukrainian)
Famous Persons: Valentina Carretta is a racing cyclist from Italy.

69. Valeria

How to pronounce: va-LEH-rya
Origin: Latin Valere
Meaning:To be strong
Male version of the name:Valerio
Alternative spelling: Valeriuccia, Valerina, Vale, Valè
Famous Persons: Valeria Marini is an actress from Italy.

70. Vittoria

How to pronounce: veet-TAW-rya 
Origin: Latin
Male version of the name:Vittorio
Alternative spelling: Vittoriuccia, Vittorina, Vittoriella, Vittorietta, Rina, Rinuccia, Rinetta, Rinella, Vittò, Vitto, Tottò, Totto
Variations in other languages:Viktoriya (Russian), Victoria (English)
Famous Persons: Vittoria Piisimi was an Italian musician, singer, dancer, theater director, and actress.

Italian Names For Girls With Hebrew Origins

These female names with Hebrew and Biblical origins are inspiring and popular in Italy. Maybe you have been looking for a name just like one of these!

71. Daniela

How to pronounce: da-NYEH-la
Origin: Ancient Hebrew דָּנִאֵל
Meaning:God is my judge
Male version of the name:Daniele
Alternative spelling: Daniella, Dana, Dani, Dany, Dania, Danila, Lella, Lela, Ela, Danieletta, Danielina, Danieluccia, Niela, Nila
Variations in other languages:Danièle (French), Danielle (English)
Famous Persons: Daniela Bianchi is an actress from Italy.

72. Debora

How to pronounce: DEH-bo-ra
Origin: Ancient Hebrew דְּבוֹרָה
Alternative spelling: Deborina, Deboruccia, Debi, Deby 
Variations in other languages:Deborah (English)
Interesting Facts:Debora is an Old Testament figure who assists in defeating the Canaanites.
Famous Persons: Debora Compagnoni is a renowned skier.

73. Elisa

How to pronounce: eh-LEE-za
Origin: Ancient Hebrew אֱלִישֶׁבַע
Meaning:My God is oath
Alternative spelling: Elisetta, Elisuccia, Elisina, Eli, Ely, Lelisa, Lisa, Lisella, Lisetta, Lisina, Lisuccia, Isa
Variations in other languages:Elisabeth (English), Elizaveta (Russian)
Interesting Facts:This is an Italian variation of ‘Elisabeth’.
Famous Persons: Elisa Toffoli is a songwriter and singer from Italy.

74. Emanuela

How to pronounce: eh-ma-noo-EH-la
Origin: Ancient Hebrew עִמָּנוּאֵל
Meaning:God with us
Male version of the name:Emanuele
Alternative spelling: Manuelina, Manuela, Manu, Lella, Lela, Lele, Uela, Emanuelina, Emmanuelina, Lina, Linuccia, Linetta, Emi, Emy
Variations in other languages:Emmanuelle (French)
Famous Persons: Emanuela Folliero is a former model and current television presenter and actress.

75. Ester

How to pronounce: es-TEHR
Origin: Ancient Hebrew אסתר
Alternative spelling: Esterina, Esteruccia, Rina, Rinuccia, Rinetta, Rinella, Esti, Esty
Variations in other languages:Esther (Danish) 
Interesting Facts:Esther is an important biblical figure. Her story is told in the Old Testament Book of Esther.
Famous Persons: Ester Pantano is an actress from Italy.

76. Evelina

How to pronounce: eh-veh-LEE-na
Origin: Ancient Hebrew חַוָּה
Alternative spelling: Evelinuccia, Eva, Lina, Linuccia, Linetta,
Variations in other languages:Evelien (Dutch)
Interesting Facts:This name is a lengthened independent form of ‘Eva’.
Famous Persons: Evelina Borea is an Italian author, curator, and art historian.

77. Gabriella

How to pronounce: ga-bree-EHL-la
Origin: Ancient Hebrew גַּבְרִיאֵל
Meaning:God’s warrior
Male version of the name:Gabriele
Alternative spelling: Gabriela, Gabriellina, Gabrielluccia, Gabrielina, Gabrieluccia, Gabrielletta, Gabrieletta, Gabri, Gabry, Gabi, Gaby, Gabria, Bibi, Lella, Lela, Lele, Lalla
Variations in other languages:Gabrijela (Croatian)
Famous Persons: Gabriella Tucci was an opera singer from Italy.

78. Maria

How to pronounce: ma-REE-a
Origin: Ancient Hebrew מִרְיָם
Alternative spelling: Marietta, Mariuccina, Mariettina, Mariettuccia, Mariella, Mariellina, Marielluccia, Mariuccia
Variations in other languages:Mary (English)
Interesting Facts:This name is used as a masculine middle name in some countries (e.g. Germany, Italy, and Poland).
Famous Persons: Maria Montessori is an important educationalist who created the Montessori method of teaching.

79. Marta

How to pronounce: MAR-ta
Origin: Ancient Hebrew מַרְתָּא
Meaning:The mistress, the lady
Alternative spelling: Martuccia
Variations in other languages:Martha (English)
Interesting Facts:In the New Testament, Marta hosted Jesus at her and her sisters’ home in Bethany. 
Famous Persons: Marta Antonia Fascina is a politician.

80. Michela

How to pronounce: mee-KEH-la 
Origin: Ancient Hebrew מִיכָאֵל
Meaning:Who is like God?
Male version of the name:Michele
Alternative spelling: Michelina, Micheluccia, Micheletta, Michè, Michi, Mimi, Mimì , Mimmi, Chela , Chelina, Cheluccia, Lina, Lel, Linuccia, Linetta
Variations in other languages:Michalina (Polish), Micaela (Portuguese)
Famous Persons: Michela Giraud is a comedian and actress from Italy.

81. Rafaella

How to pronounce: ra-fa-EH-la
Origin: Ancient Hebrew רְפָאֵל 
Meaning:God has healed 
Male version of the name:Raffaele
Alternative spelling: Lella, Rafaela, Raffa, Raffaelina, Raffaellina, Raffaeluccia, Raffaelluccia, Raffaeletta, Raffaelletta, Raf
Famous Persons: Raffaella Maria Roberta Pelloni was an Italian television presenter, actress, dancer, model, and singer.

Italian Girls Names With Different Roots 

The following Italian girl names have complex, diverse, and beautiful meanings. Among them are traditional Italian names, as well as names of German, Norse, French and other origins.

82. Adalgisa

How to pronounce: a-dal-GEE-sa
Origin: Old German Adalgisil
Meaning:Noble and arrow
Male version of the name:Adalgiso
Alternative spelling: Adelcisa, Dalcisa, Dalgisa, Delcisa, Algisa, Adalgisina, Gisa, Gisina
Interesting Facts:The name could be a shortened version of gisel, which means “hostage” or “pledge”.
Famous Persons: Adalgisa Gabbi was an international Italian operatic soprano.

83. Adele

How to pronounce: a-DEH-leh
Origin: Old German Adala
Alternative spelling: Ada, Adè, Ade, Adeluccia, Adeletta, Dele, Lele, Lella, Dedé, Dede, Adelina, Delina, Lina, Linuccia, Linetta
Variations in other languages:Adela (Spanish)
Famous Persons: Adele Cambria was a journalist, actress, and writer from Italy.

84. Adelina

How to pronounce: a-deh-LEE-na
Origin: Old German Adal
Alternative spelling: Adelinuccia, Adele, Lillina, Delia, Dedé, Dede, Delina,  Linuccia, Linetta, Lilli, Lilly, Lina
Famous Persons: Adelina Tattilo was a publisher from Italy.

85. Alberta

How to pronounce: al-BEHR-ta
Origin: Old German Adalberht
Meaning:Noble and bright
Male version of the name:Alberto
Alternative spelling: Albertuccia, Albè, Berta, Bertuccia, Bertina, Albertina, Albertinella, Albertinuccia, Tina, Tinuccia, Titina, Tinella, Titti, Albi, Alby
Interesting Facts:A Canadian province has this name, named after a daughter of Queen Victoria.
Famous Persons: Alberta Ferretti is a stylist from Italy.

86. Alice

How to pronounce: a-LEE-cheh
Origin: Old German Adalheid
Alternative spelling: Ali, Aly, Cice
Variations in other languages:Alisa (Russian), Alicia (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:This name became widespread partly due to Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland [19].
Famous Persons: Alice Bellagamba is a dancer and actress from Italy.

87. Allegra

How to pronounce: al-LEH-gra
Origin: Italian
Meaning:Lively, cheerful 
Male version of the name:Allegro
Alternative spelling: Allè, Alli, Ally, Allegrina, Allegretta
Famous Persons: Allegra Versace Beck is an Italian entrepreneur.

88. Amalia

How to pronounce: a-MA-lya
Origin: Old German Amal
Alternative spelling: Amelia, Amalietta, Amaliuccia, Malia, Maliuccia, Malietta, Malina, Ameliuccia, Amelietta, Melia, Melina, Memè, Memi, Lia, Liett
Variations in other languages:Amalie (Danish)
Famous Persons: Amalia Ferraris was a dancer from Italy.

89. Ambra

How to pronounce: AM-bra
Origin: Italian
Alternative spelling: Ambretta, Ambruccia, Ambrina
Variations in other languages:Amber (English), Ambre (French)
Famous Persons: Ambra Angiolini is an actress, singer, and TV host from Italy.

90. Armanda

How to pronounce: ar-MAN-da
Origin: Old German Hardman
Meaning:Strong man
Male version of the name:Armando
Alternative spelling: Ermanna, Armandina, Armanduccia, Dina, Dinetta, Dinuccia, Dinella, Nanda, Nandina, Nuccia, Ermannina, Ermannuccia
Famous Persons: Armanda Guiducci was a literary critic, writer, and philosopher from Italy.

91. Azzurra

How to pronounce: ad-DZOOR-ra  
Origin: Italian
Meaning:Azure, sky blue
Alternative spelling: Azzurrina, Azzurretta, Azzurruccia, Azzù
Famous Persons: Azzurra Pia Maria Cancelleri is a politician from Italy.

92. Bianca

How to pronounce: BYANG-ka
Origin: Italian
Alternative spelling: Bianchina, Biancuccia, Bianchetta, Bibi, Bià
Variations in other languages:Bianka (Polish)
Interesting Facts:This is an Italian variation of the French name Blanche. 
Famous Persons: Bianca Guaccero is a singer, television presenter, and actress from Italy.

93. Brigida

How to pronounce: bree-GEE-da
Origin: Celtic Brigantī
Meaning:The exalted one
Alternative spelling: Brigitta, Brigidina, Brigiduccia, Brigidella, Bri, Dina, Dinetta, Dinuccia, Dinella
Variations in other languages:Bridget (English)
Famous Persons: Brigida Bianchi, also known as ‘Aurelia’, was an actress from Italy.

94. Carla

How to pronounce: KAR-la
Origin: Old German Karl
Meaning:Free man
Male version of the name:Carlo
Alternative spelling: Carola, Carlotta , Carolina , Carlina , Carluccia, Carletta, Carlottina
Variations in other languages:Carley (English)
Famous Persons: Carla Fracci was an Italian ballet dancer.

95. Carolina

How to pronounce: ka-ro-LEE-na
Origin: Old German Karl
Meaning:Free man 
Alternative spelling: Caro, Carolinuccia, Carolinetta, Carolinina, Lina, Linuccia, Linetta, Nina, Ninetta, Ninuccia, Ninnina, Ninì, Ninn
Variations in other languages:Caroline (English)
Interesting Facts:Some suggest this name could come from the Germanic element hari meaning “army, warrior”.
Famous Persons: Carolina Crescentini is a model and actress from Italy.

96. Eleonora

How to pronounce: eh-leh-o-NAW-ra
Origin: Old French Alienòr
Male version of the name:Eleonoro
Alternative spelling: Leonora, Dianora, Dinora, Eleonorina, Eleonoruccia, Eleonoretta, Leonoruccia, Leonorina, Leonoretta, Nora, Norina, Noretta, Noruccia, Nori, Nory
Famous Persons: Eleonora Giulia Amalia Duse was an actress from Italy.

97. Elvira

How to pronounce: ehl-VEE-ra
Origin: Old German Alawer
Meaning:All true
Alternative spelling: Ervira, Alvìire, Vira, Viretta, Viruccia, Viv, Elvirina, Elviruccia, Elviretta, Elvi, Elvy
Famous Persons: Elvira Betrone was an Italian television, film, radio, and stage actress.

98. Enrica

How to pronounce: ehn-REE-ka  
Origin: Old German Heimerich
Meaning:Home ruler
Male version of the name:Enrico
Alternative spelling: Errica, Arriga, Enrichetta, Enricuccia, Enrichina, Errichetta, Errichina, Erricuccia, Chicca , Chica, Chichi, Richetta, Rica, Ricuccia, Richina, Richi, Riri, Rirì, Ica, Enri, Enry, Erri, Erry, Arrighetta, Arrighina, Arriguccia
Variations in other languages:Enriqueta (Spanish)
Famous Persons: Enrica Guidi is a martial artist, dancer, and actress from Italy.

99. Erica

How to pronounce: EH-ree-ka
Origin: Old Norse Eiríkr
Meaning:Eternal ruler
Male version of the name:Erico
Alternative spelling: Erika, Ericuccia, Erikuccia, Erikina, Erichina, Erichetta, Eriketta, Eri, Ery, Rica, Chicca, Ica
Variations in other languages:Eerika (Finnish)
Famous Persons: Erica Marchetti is a sprinter from Italy.

100. Federica

How to pronounce: feh-deh-REE-ka 
Origin: Old German Friderich
Meaning:Peaceful ruler
Male version of the name:Federico
Alternative spelling: Federiga, Federichina, Federighina, Federicuccia, Federichetta, Federiguccia, Fede, Fedè, Fedi, Federì, Fe, Fè, Fefè, Feda, Fefe, Dede, Chica, Chicca, Rica, Ica
Variations in other languages:Friðrika (Icelandic), Fryderyka (Polish)
Famous Persons: Federica Pellegrini is a NationalSwimmer from Italy.

101. Fernanda

How to pronounce: fehr-NAN-da
Origin: Old German 
Meaning:Journey and brave
Male version of the name:Fernando
Alternative spelling: Ferdinanda, Ferdinandina, Ferranda, Fernandina, Fernanduccia, Nanda, Nandina, Nanduccia, Nanà, Nani, Ferdi, Ferdy, Dina, Dinetta, Dinuccia, Dinella
Famous Persons: Fernanda Gattinoni was a fashion designer from Italy.

102. Fiamma

How to pronounce: FYAHM-mah 
Origin: Italian
Meaning:Flame, fire
Alternative spelling: Fiammetta, Fiammella, Fiammina
Interesting Facts:Although this has been used since the Middle Ages, it has been mostly used since the 19th century.
Famous Persons: Fiamma Izzo is a voice actress from Italy.

103. Giada

How to pronounce: JA-da  
Origin: Italian
Meaning:Jade (green ornamental stone)
Alternative spelling: Giadina, Giaduccia, Giady, Già, Giadi
Variations in other languages:Jada (English)
Famous Persons: Giada Pamela De Laurentiis is an Italian-American television personality, writer, and chef.

104. Matilde

How to pronounce: ma-TEEL-deh
Origin: Old German Mahthildis
Meaning:Strength in the battle
Alternative spelling: Mafalda, Mati, Falda, Tilli, Mafi, Matildina, Mafaldina, Matilduccia, Mafalduccia, Tilde, Tildina, Tilduccia
Variations in other languages:Matylda (Polish)
Interesting Facts:This name shows up in the 1985 Australian folk song Waltzing Matilda.
Famous Persons: Matilde Gioli is an actress from Italy. 

105. Morena

How to pronounce: mo-REH-na
Origin: Spanish
Male version of the name:Moreno
Alternative spelling: Morenina, Morenuccia, Morè, Mori, Mory, Mo
Famous Persons: Morena Gallizio is an alpine skier from Italy.

106. Perla

How to pronounce: PER-la
Origin: Italian
Alternative spelling: Perlina
Famous Persons: Perla Liberatori is a dialogue writer, actress, and dubbing director from Italy.

107. Roberta

How to pronounce: ro-BER-ta
Origin: Old German Hrodebert
Meaning:Fame and bright
Male version of the name:Roberto
Alternative spelling: Robè, Robi, Robertina, Robertuccia, Berta, Bertina, Bertuccia, Tina, Tinuccia, Titina, Tinella, Titti
Variations in other languages:Roberte (French)
Famous Persons: Roberta Sparta is a renowned actress and model from Italy.

Short Italian Female Names

The next names for girls are short, have different origins and also have interesting meanings.

108. Ada

How to pronounce: A-dha
Origin: Old German Adal
Alternative spelling: Adina, Aduccia
Variations in other languages:Aada (Finnish)
Famous Persons: Ada Buffulini was an anti-Fascist campaigner and doctor from Italy.

109. Aida

How to pronounce: ah-EE-dah
Origin: Arabic
Meaning:Returning, visitor
Alternative spelling: Aiduccia, Aidina, Ida, Idina, Iduccia
Variations in other languages:Ajda (Turkish)
Interesting Facts:In Turkey, this name is connected with ay, meaning “moon”.
Famous Persons: Aida Turturro, of Italian descent, is an American actress.

110. Alba

How to pronounce: AL-ba
Origin: Italian
Alternative spelling: Albina , Albuccia, Albetta
Famous Persons: Alba Parietti is an actress, TV presenter, showgirl, and commentator from Italy.

111. Alda

How to pronounce: AL-da
Origin: Old German Ald
Male version of the name:Aldo
Alternative spelling: Aldina, Alduccia, Dina, Dinetta, Dinuccia, Dinella
Famous Persons: Alda Merini was a writer and poet from Italy.

112. Anna

How to pronounce: AN-na
Origin: Ancient Hebrew חַנָּה
Alternative spelling: Annina, Nannina, Nina, Ninuccia,  Ninetta, Ninnina, Ninì, Ninni, Annuccia, Nuccia, Annetta, Netta, Annella, Annettina, Annettuccia, Nannetta, Nella
Variations in other languages:Ana (Spanish), Hanna (English)
Interesting Facts:In the New Testament, Ana is a prophetess in the Temple who tells everyone Jesus will redeem Jerusalem.
Famous Persons: Anna Maria Magnani was an actress from Italy.

113. Aura

How to pronounce: OW-ra
Origin: Ancient Greek αὔρα 
Alternative spelling: Auretta, Aurina, Auruccia
Variations in other languages:Avra (Greek)
Famous Persons: Aura Rolenzetti is a model and actress from Italy.

114. Cloe

How to pronounce: KLO-eh
Origin: Ancient Greek Χλόη
Meaning:Green shoot
Alternative spelling: Cloë
Variations in other languages:Chloe (English)
Interesting Facts:This was a title of  Demeter, the Greek goddess of agriculture.
Famous Persons: Cloë Elmo, who was associated with the Italian repertory, was an operatic mezzo-soprano from Italy.

115. Dina

How to pronounce: DEE-na
Origin: Ancient Hebrew דִּינָה
Alternative spelling: Dinetta, Dinuccia, Dinella
Variations in other languages:Dinah (English)
Interesting Facts:The daughter of Jacob and Leah, called Dina, was abducted by the Shechem.
Famous Persons: Dina Barberini was a soprano and teacher from Italy.

116. Edda

How to pronounce: EHD-da  
Origin: Old German 
Meaning:Battle and war
Alternative spelling: Edduccia, Eddina, Edi, Edy, Eddi, Eddy
Variations in other languages:Hedda (Swedish)
Famous Persons: Edda Bresciani was an Egyptologist from Italy.

117. Eva

How to pronounce: E-va
Origin: Ancient Hebrew חַוָּה
Alternative spelling: Evuccia, Evi, Evy
Variations in other languages:Eve (English)
Interesting Facts:Eve is the first female name referred to in the Bible as she was the first woman. 
Famous Persons: Eva Riccobono is a television presenter, actress, and model from Italy.

118. Ida

How to pronounce: EE-da
Origin: Old German It
Meaning:Diligent, industrious
Alternative spelling: Idina, Iducci
Variations in other languages:Iida (Finnish)
Famous Persons: Ida Di Benedetto is an Italian film producer and actress.

119. Irma

How to pronounce: EER-ma
Origin: Old German Ermen
Meaning:Whole, universal
Alternative spelling: Irmina, Irmuccia
Interesting Facts:This name came into common use during the 19th century in the English-speaking world.
Famous Persons: Irma Capece Minutolo is a former operatic singer.

120. Iva

How to pronounce: EE-va
Origin: Old German 
Male version of the name:Ivo
Alternative spelling: Ivetta
Famous Persons: Iva Zanicchi is a politician and pop singer from Italy.

121. Lea

How to pronounce: LE-a
Origin: Ancient Hebrew לָאָה
Alternative spelling: Lia, Lietta
Variations in other languages:Leah (English)
Interesting Facts:Lea is a biblical figure who was the first wife of Jacob. Of her children, six of her sons came to be leaders of the 12 tribes of Israel.
Famous Persons: Lea Pericoli is a former tennis player and current journalist and television presenter.

122. Nilla

How to pronounce: NIL-la
Alternative spelling: Nillina, Nilluccia
Interesting Facts:This is an independent form of the nicknames used for names that end in -nilla, such asPetronilla.
Famous Persons: Nilla Pizzi was an Italian actress and singer.

123. Pia

How to pronounce: PEE-a
Origin: Latin Pius
Meaning:Pious, dutiful
Male version of the name:Pio
Famous Persons: Pia Pera was an Italian essayist, translator, and novelist.

124. Pina

How to pronounce: PEE-na
Male version of the name:Pino
Alternative spelling: Pinuccia, Pinella, Pinetta
Interesting Facts:This name is an independent form of the nicknames used for various female names that end in pina.
Famous Persons: Pina Renzi was a film actress from Italy.

125. Sara

How to pronounce: SA-ra
Origin: Ancient Hebrew שָׂרָה
Alternative spelling: Sarina, Saretta, Saruccia
Variations in other languages:Sarah (English)
Interesting Facts:In the Old Testament, ‘Sara’ was the name of Abraham’s wife. She is believed to be the matriarch of the Jewish people.
Famous Persons: Sara Simeoni is a former high jumper from Italy.

Bottom Line

What makes Italian names so unique? We believe it’s the fact that almost all Italian names end in a vowel, making them sound pleasing to the ear, or the fact that they all have unique origins which all capture a particular essence of Italy. 

©️ By Marina Kaverina