TOP 200 Polish Names For Boys And Girls: Origin, Meaning, Variations And Pronunciation.

Polish Names

The birth of a child is the greatest joy in the life of every family. As soon as future parents find out the happy news, they are faced with the question: how to name their future son or daughter? 

Books with names, web pages, advice from family and friends, and, of course, personal preferences are used. When choosing a name, some are guided by its popularity, and some, on the contrary, want to call their child a unique name.

There is one important and interesting feature associated with Polish names. 

In Poland, it is customary to celebrate not only the birthday, but also the name day [1]. 

Poles are most often Catholics, and the name day is the day of remembrance of the saint in whose honor the person is named at birth. Sometimes one name can have several name days in a year. In our list of names in the Name Day column you can see an example.

All Polish names [2] can be viewed alphabetically with their meanings and can be further filtered with various options.

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Top 100 Polish Names For Boys

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Polish baby boy names give parents a huge variety of choice. By examining our table, you will be able to make the best decision!

Traditional Polish Names For Boys

Modern Poles are descendants of West Slavic tribes, and the original Polish names were Slavic [3]. Most often, these were two-part names: with the root -slav (-sław) or -mir (-mir), for example, Jarosław. It was believed that glory and power awaited the owner of such a name. 

Only a few original Slavic names have survived to this day, primarily Kazimierz, Stanisław, and Wojciech, i.e. names of Slavic saints.

The following baby names are traditional Polish names.

1.  Bogdan

How to pronounce: BOG-dan
Origin: Old Slavic
Female version
of the name:
Alternative spelling: Bodek, Bodzio, Bodziu
Variations in other languages:Bozhidar (Bulgarian)
Interesting Facts:The name Bogdan can also be considered the Slavic equivalent of the Greek name Theodore and the Latin Deusdedit, all having the same meaning.
Famous Persons: Bogdan Gajda is a famous Polish former boxer. 
Name Day:February 6, March 19, July 17

2.  Bogumil

How to pronounce: bo-GU-meow
Origin: Old Slavic
Meaning:Dear to Gog 
Female version
of the name:
Alternative spelling: Bogu, Bogumiłek, Boguś, Miłek
Interesting Facts:Some believe that earlier this name earlier could have meant “the one who favors fate”.
Famous Persons: Bogumił Andrzejewski was a Polish and British linguist and poet.
Name Day:June 10, January 13, 18

3.  Boguslaw

How to pronounce:bo-GUS-owaw
Origin:Old Slavic
Meaning:The one who glorifies God
Female version
of the name:
Boguś, Bogusławek, Sław, Sławek
Interesting Facts:It is one of the few Slavic names that is known in all Slavic languages.
Famous Persons:Bogusław Kaczyński was a famous Polish journalist and music critic. 
Name Day:April 29, December 18

4.  Boleslaw

How to pronounce:bo-LEH-sowaw
Origin:Old Slavic
Meaning:The one who gets more fame
Female version
of the name:
Bolesława, Bosława
Alternative spelling:Bolech, Boleczek, Bolek, Bosław
Variations in
other languages:
Boleslao (Spanish, Italian)
Famous Persons:Bolesław Leśmian was a Polish poet.
Name Day:June 12, 28, July 23

5.  Borys

How to pronounce: BOH-rys
Origin: Old Slavic
Meaning:Glorious in the fight
Alternative spelling: Borek
Variations in other languages:Boris (Russian), Barış (Turkish)
Interesting Facts:In Proto-Bulgarian language the name meant, according to some publications, ‘wolf’, ‘snow leopard’, and according to others ‘small’, ‘short’, or ‘brave’ [4].
Famous Persons: Borys Szyc is a famous Polish actor. 
Name Day:May 2, July 24, August 10

6.  Bronislaw

How to pronounce: bro-NEE-sowaw
Origin: Ancient Slavic
Meaning:One who defends fame
Female version
of the name:
Alternative spelling: Broneczek, Bronek
Interesting Facts:This name was proudly worn by Slavic medieval knights.
Famous Persons: Bronisław Malinowski was a Polish and British social and economic anthropologist. 
Name Day:June 12, August 18, September 1

7.  Czeslaw

How to pronounce: CHE-sowaw
Origin: Old Slavic
Meaning:The one who is to honor fame
Female version of the name:Czesława, Czasława
Alternative spelling: Czasław, Czesiek, Czesio, Czesiu
Famous Persons: Czesław Tański is considered the father of Polish aviation. He was an artist, inventor, painter, and aviation instructor who popularized aviation in Poland and was a pioneer of gliding.
Name Day:July 13, 15, 17, September 2

8.  Jaroslaw

How to pronounce: yah-ROH-slav
Origin: Ancient Slavic
Meaning:Bright Glory 
Female version
of the name:
Jarosława, Jerosława
Alternative spelling: Jarcio, Jareczek, Jarek
Variations in
other languages:
Yaroslav (Ukrainian, Russian)
Interesting Facts:The Latin equivalent of the name Jaroslaw is Jerome.
Famous Persons: Jarosław Kret is a famous Polish TV presenter. 
Name Day:February 25, June 7, April 25

9.  Kazimierz

How to pronounce: kah-ZEEH-myezh
Origin: Old Slavic 
Meaning:A man who destroys the peace or fame of his enemies
Female version
of the name:
Alternative spelling: Kazek, Kaziczek, Kazik
Famous Persons: Kazimierz Kamiński was a famous Polish actor and theatre director.
Name Day:March 4, June 12, August 21

10.  Lech

How to pronounce: LEH
Origin: Old Polish
Meaning:Clever, able to deceive others
Alternative spelling: Lesio, Lesiu, Leszek
Interesting Facts:Lech was the name of the legendary founder of the Polish state, brother of Czech and Rus, founder of Gniezno
Famous Persons: Lech Kaczyński was the president of the Polish Republic.
Name Day:August 12

11.  Miechyslaw

How to pronounce: mye-CHYS-owaw
Origin: Old Slavic
Meaning:The one who is famous by the sword
Female version
of the name:
Alternative spelling: Miecio, Mieciu, Mieciuś, Mietek
Interesting Facts:The patron of this name is St. Mieczysław Bohatkiewicz, one of 108 blessed martyrs of World War II.
Famous Persons: Mieczysław Waśkowski was a Polish actor and film director. 
Name Day:January 1

12.  Milosh

How to pronounce: MEEH-owosh
Origin: Old Slavic
Alternative spelling: Miłek, Miłko, Miłoszek
Famous Persons: Miłosz Magin was a Polish composer. 
Name Day:January 25

13.  Miroslaw

How to pronounce: meeh-ROS-owaw
Origin: Ancient Slavic
Meaning:Peaceful glory
Female version of the name:Mirosława
Alternative spelling: Mirek, Mirko, Miruś
Variations in other languages:Myroslav (Ukrainian)
Famous Persons: Mirosław Baka is a Polish actor.
Name Day:February 26, March 26, July 2

14.  Przemyslaw

How to pronounce: pzhe-MYH-sowaw
Origin: Old Slavic
Meaning:A man who is clever and thoughtful
Female version of the name:Przemysława
Alternative spelling: Przemek, Przemko
Interesting Facts:In Poland, this name was first recorded in 1212 as Premizlaus.
Famous Persons: Przemysław Mazur is a Polish rally pilot.
Name Day:April 13, September 4

15.  Radoslaw

How to pronounce: rah-DOH-sowaw
Origin: Ancient Slavic
Meaning:Rejoice in glory
Female version of the name:Radosława, Redosława
Alternative spelling: Radek, Raduś
Famous Persons: Radosław Pazura is a famous Polish actor. 
Name Day:March 2

16.  Stanislaw

How to pronounce: stah-NEE-sowaw
Origin: Ancient Slavic
Meaning:Who became glorious
Female version of the name:Stanisława
Alternative spelling: Staszek, Staszko, Staśko
Variations in other languages:Estanislao (Spanish), Stanislas (French)
Famous Persons: Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz was a Polish painter, writer, and photographer. 
Name Day:May 8, August 5, November 18

17.  Wojciech

How to pronounce: WOY-cheh
Origin: Old Slavic
Meaning:Soldier bringing consolation
Female version of the name:Woiciecha
Alternative spelling: Wojtek, Wojteczek
Famous Persons: Wojciech Fortuna is a Polish ski jumper.
Name Day:April 23, June 12, July 24

18.  Zbigniew

Popular Polish Boys Names

The following baby names are very popular in Poland [5]. These comprise names with all kinds of great meanings, giving you a lot of good options for your child.

19.  Antoni

How to pronounce: an-TOH-nee
Origin: Latin Antonius
Meaning:One who is ready to fight
Alternative spelling: Anteczek, Antek
Variations in other languages:Anthony/Tony (English), Anton (Russian), Antonio (Italian)
Interesting Facts:In Ancient Rome the nomen gens Antonia was one of the most important and famous families.
Famous Persons: Antoni Pawlicki is a famous Polish actor.
Name Day:June 13, October 31, November 7

20.  Andrzej

How to pronounce: ahn-ZHEJ
Origin: Ancient Greek Ἀνδρέας
Meaning:Brave, manly
Female version of the name:Andrzeja, Ondrzeja
Alternative spelling: Andrzejek
Variations in other languages:Andrew/Andy/Drew (English), Andrés (Spanish), Andrei (Russian)
Interesting Facts:This man’s name is one of the most popular in Poland.
Famous Persons: Andrzej Sapkowski is a famous Polish fantasy writer. He is the author of the book series The Witcher.
Name Day:November 30, December 10, February 4

21.  Aleksander

How to pronounce: ah-lek-SAN-der
Origin: Ancient Greek  Ἀλέξανδρος
Meaning:Men’s defender
Female version of the name:Aleksandra
Alternative spelling: Alek, Olek, Oleś
Variations in other languages:Alessandro (Italy), Alejandro (Spain), Oleksandr (Ukraine), Iskander (Turkey)
Famous Persons: Aleksander Fredro was a Polish comedian writer and poet [6].
Name Day:February 26, March 28, August 11

22.  Artur

How to pronounce: AR-toor
Origin: Celtic
Meaning:Man-bear, a bear
Alternative spelling: Artek, Artko
Variations in other languages:Arthur (English, French), Arturo (Spanish, Italian)
Interesting Facts:The name may also derive from the Celtic word ard, which means high, noble.
Famous Persons: Artur Krajewski is a Polish artist.
Name Day:December 11, January 7, 8

23.  Blazej

How to pronounce: BUA-zhey
Origin: Ancient Greek Βλάσιος
Meaning:Simple, rough, brute
Female version of the name:Błażeja
Alternative spelling: Błażejek, Błażejko, Błażko
Variations in other languages:Blaze/Blaise (English), Vlas (Russian), Blas (Spanish), Biagio (Italian), Blaise (French)
Famous Persons: Błażej Telichowski is a Polish football player. 
Name Day:February 3, July 15, November 29

24.  Cyryl

How to pronounce: TSY-ryl
Origin: Ancient Greek Κύριλλος
Meaning:Master, lord, ruler
Female version of the name:Cyryla
Alternative spelling: Cyranek, Cyreczek
Variations in other languages:Cyril/Cy (English), Cirillo (Italian), Kirill (Russian)
Famous Persons: Cyryl Ratajski was a Polish politician. 
Name Day:March 18, 28, February 14

25.  Daniel

How to pronounce: DA-nee-el’
Origin: Ancient Hebrew דניאל
Meaning:God is my judge
Female version of the name:Daniela
Alternative spelling: Danek, Daneczek, Danielek
Variations in other languages:Daniel/Dan/Danny (English), Dani/Danis (French), Daniele (Italian), Danylo (Ukrainian)
Famous Persons: Daniel Pliński is a Polish former volleyball player.
Name Day:July 15, 21, December 10, 18

26.  Dominik

How to pronounce: doh-MEE-neek
Origin: Latin Dominicus
Meaning:Belonging to God
Female version of the name:Dominika
Alternative spelling: Domcio, Domeczek, Domek
Variations in other languages:Dominique (French), Domingo (Spanish). Domenico (Italian)
Famous Persons: Dominik Tarczyński is a Polish politician. 
Name Day:August 8, 27, September 5, 14

27.  Emil

How to pronounce: EH-meel
Origin: Latin Aemilius
Meaning:The one who competes
Female version of the name:Emilia
Alternative spelling: Emilek, Milek
Variations in other languages:Emilio (Spanish, Italian)
Famous Persons: Emil Młynarski was a Polish conductor and composer. 
Name Day:February 1, September 15

28.  Eugeniush

How to pronounce: eh-oo-GEH-nee-ush
Origin: Ancient Greek εὐγενής
Female version of the name:Eugenia
Alternative spelling: Eugeniuszek, Geniu, Gienek
Variations in other languages:Eugen (German), Eugène (French), Eugene (English), Evgen (Ukrainian), Evgeny (Russian)
Famous Persons: Eugeniusz Morawski was a Polish composer.
Name Day:June 2, July 13, November 13

29.  Feliks

How to pronounce: FEH-leeks
Origin: Latin Felix
Meaning:A happy, prosperous, lucky guy
Female version of the name:Feliksa, Felicja
Alternative spelling: Felciu, Felek, Feliczek
Variations in other languages:Felice/ Felicio (Italian)
Interesting Facts:In the past, a Polish variation, Szczęsny was also a popular name.
Famous Persons: Feliks Falk is a Polish director and screenwriter. 
Name Day:January 14, March 1, May 30

30.  Filip

How to pronounce: FEE-leep
Origin: Ancient Greek Φίλιππος
Meaning:He loves horses, a fan of horse riding
Female version of the name:Filipina, Filipa
Alternative spelling: Filek, Filipek
Variations in other languages:Felipe (Spanish), Pylyp (Ukrainian) , Philip (English)
Interesting Facts:In ancient Greece, horse ownership was considered a symbol of high status and nobility, so the name can also be interpreted as meaning noble.
Famous Persons: Filip Łobodziński is a Polish journalist and translator. 
Name Day:January 23, May 6, November 18

31.  Grzegorz

How to pronounce: GZHE-gozh
Origin: Ancient Greek Γρηγόριος
Meaning:Attentive, focused, collected
Alternative spelling: Grzech, Grzesiek, Grzesio
Variations in other languages:Gregory/Greg (English), Grégoire (French), Gregorio (Spanish, Portugalian, Italian), Gregor (German)
Interesting Facts:This name was used in Latin for the first time by Pope Gregory I, a doctor of the church.
Famous Persons: Grzegorz Ciechowski was a Polish composer.
Name Day:January 2, March 12

32.  Henryk

How to pronounce: HEN-ryk
Origin: Old German Heim and Richi
Meaning:Owner of a rich house
Female version of the name:Henrtyka
Alternative spelling: Heniek, Henio, Heniu
Variations in other languages:Enrique (Spanish), Henry (English), Enrico (Italian)
Famous Persons: Henryk Sienkiewicz was a famous Polish writer.
Name Day:January 19, December 5

33.  Jacek

How to pronounce: YA-tsek
Origin: Ancient Greek Ὑάκινθος
Alternative spelling: Jacuś
Variations in other languages:Jacinto (Spanish), Giacinto (Italian)
Interesting Facts:According to mythology, this name was borne by Spartan prince Hyacinth (Hyakintos), son of Amykas and Diomede. A jealous Zephyrus directed the disc thrown by Apollo, who was Hyacinth’s favorite. In the place that was sprinkled with Hyacinth’s blood, flowers grew, which were named after him.
Famous Persons: Jacek Wójcicki is a Polish actor, singer (tenor), and musician.
Name Day:February 10, March 16, August 17

34.  Jakub

How to pronounce: YA-kub
Origin: Ancient Hebrew יעקב
Meaning:Follows on the heels of someone
Female version of the name:Jakubina
Alternative spelling: Jakubek, Jakusz, Kuba, Kubuś
Variations in other languages:Jacob (English), Giacobbe/Giacomo/Jacopo (Italian), Santiago, Yago, Diego, Jacobo (Spanish), Yakov (Russian)
Interesting Facts:The meaning of the name is associated with Biblical history. In the Old Testament, Jacob was Esau’s twin. At birth, Jacob held Esau’s heel.
Famous Persons: Jakub Sienkiewicz is a Polish rock musician. 
Name Day:July 25, August 6

35.  Janusz

How to pronounce: YA-nush
Origin: Ancient Hebrew יוחנן
Meaning:God had mercy
Female version of the name:Janina
Alternative spelling: Jachu, Jancio, Janek
Interesting Facts:The name Janusz was derived from the diminutive of the name Jan. It quickly gained popularity in Poland and began to function independently. Some researchers consider the name Janusz to also be a Czech and Hungarian variation of the name Jan. Another theory is that the name Janusz comes from the name of the god Janus, worshiped in ancient Rome, the patron of cities and gates.
Famous Persons: Janusz Kusociński was a famous Polish athlete. 
Name Day:June 24, August 29, November 21

36.  Jozef

Original:Józef [7]
How to pronounce: JU-zef
Origin: Ancient Hebrew יוֹסֵף 
Meaning:God will reward you
Female version of the name:Józefa, Józefina
Alternative spelling: Józio, Józiu, Józuś
Variations in other languages:Joseph/Joe (English), Iosif (Russian), Giuseppe (Italian), José (Spanish), Josyp (Ukrainian)
Interesting Facts:This name comes from the biblical Joseph, son of Jacob and Rachel.
Famous Persons: Józef Piłsudski was a Polish social and independence activist, soldier, and politician.
Name Day:January 29, March 19, April 17

37.  Julian

How to pronounce: juh-LYAN
Origin: Latin Julianus
Meaning:From the Julian family
Female version of the name:Julianna 
Alternative spelling: Julciu, Juleczek, Julek
Variations in other languages:Giuliano (Italian), Julien (French), Yulian (Ukrainian)
Interesting Facts:The Roman family named Julius/Iulius contained Roman consuls, tribunes, and the emperor Gaius Julius Caesar.
Famous Persons: Julian Jończyk was a Polish avant-garde artist.
Name Day:May 27, March 8, September 2

38.  Kacper

How to pronounce: KATS-per
Origin: Persian 
Alternative spelling: Kacio, Kacpercio, Kacpereczek
Variations in other languages:Jasper (English), Gaspare (Italian), Gaspard (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:According to tradition, this name is one of the three wise men (kings, magicians) from the New Testament.
Famous Persons: Kacper Kuszewski is a famous Polish actor. 
Name Day:January 6, June 12, September 26

39.  Kamil

How to pronounce: KAH-meel’
Origin: Latin Camillus
Female version of the name:Kamila
Alternative spelling: Kamilek, Milek
Variations in other languages:Camille (French)
Interesting Facts:The origin of this name is from the famous Roman family of Camilla.
Famous Persons: Kamil Sipowicz is a Polish philosopher. 
Name Day:July 14, August 16, 25

40.  Karol

How to pronounce: KAH-rol’
Origin: Old German Charal, Carl
Female version of the name:Karolina, Karola
Alternative spelling: Karlik, Karolek
Variations in other languages:Charles (English), Carlos (Spanish), Karl (Russian)
Interesting Facts:This name was carried by the famous king of the Franks, Charlemagne, from whom the Slavic words for the words ruler and king are derived – król in Polish.
Famous Persons: Karol Olszewski was a famous Polish physicist and chemist.
Name Day:November 3, May 9, August 5

41.  Krystian

How to pronounce: KRYS-tee-an
Origin: Ancient Greek Χριστιαηος
Meaning:A Christian, one who belongs to Christ
Female version of the name:Krystiana
Alternative spelling: Kris, Krisek
Variations in other languages:Christian (English), Christiano (Spain), Hrystyan (Ukrainian)
Famous Persons: Krystian Bąk is a Polish field hockey player.
Name Day:July 26, November 12, December 4

42.  Lukash

How to pronounce: OW-kash
Origin: Latin Lucius
Meaning:The one who gets up at dawn
Alternative spelling: Łukaszek, Łukaniu
Variations in other languages:Luca (Italian), Luke (English)
Interesting Facts:This name is a variation of the name Lukjan which became independent.
Famous Persons: Łukasz Golec is a Polish singer, trumpeter, and pop and jazz musician.

43.  Marcin

How to pronounce: MAR-cheen
Origin: Latin Martius
Meaning:Dedicated to the god Mars
Female version of the name:Marcina, Marta, Martyna
Alternative spelling: Marcinek, Marcisz
Variations in other languages:Martino (Italian), Martin (English, French, German), Martyn (Ukrainian)
Famous Persons: Marcin Daniec is a famous Polish satirist, cabaret artist and comedian.
Name Day:November 11, January 30, March 6

44.  Marek

How to pronounce: MAH-rek
Origin: Latin Mārs
Meaning:Belonging to god Mars
Female version of the name:Marka
Alternative spelling: Mareczek, Markusz, Maruś
Variations in other languages:Marcos (Spain), Mark (Russian), Marko/Markiyan (Ukrainian)
Interesting Facts:This name belongs to a group of the oldest Roman names.
Famous Persons: Marek Kotański was a Polish psychologist, therapist.
Name Day:April 25, August 31, January 11

45.  Mariusz

How to pronounce: MAH-ree-ush
Origin: Latin Marius
Meaning:Dedicated to the god Mars
Alternative spelling: Mariuszek, Marius, Mario
Interesting Facts:This name derives from the name of the Roman family of Marius.
Famous Persons: Mariusz Czerkawski is a Polish former hockey player.
Name Day:January 19, August 22, September 21

46.  Mateusz

How to pronounce: mah-TEH-ush
Origin: Ancient Hebrew מַתָּן
Meaning:A gift from God
Alternative spelling: Maciaszek, Matek
Variations in other languages:Matthew (English), Mateo (Spanish), Matvey (Russian)
Interesting Facts:Until the 16th century, the names Maciej and Mateusz were not distinguished in Polish.
Famous Persons: Mateusz Sawrymowicz is a Polish swimmer. 
Name Day:September 21, December 27, April 8

47.  Michal

How to pronounce: MEE-haw
Origin: Ancient Hebrew ‏מִיכָאֵל
Meaning:Like God
Female version of the name:Michalina
Alternative spelling: Michałek, Michałko, Michaś
Variations in other languages:Michael (English), Miguel (Spanish), Michele (Italian), Mikhail (Russian)
Interesting Facts:The Archangel Michael first appears in the Old Testament in the Book of Daniel, then in the New Testament in the Book of Revelation as the leader of the heavenly army. 
Famous Persons: Michał Piróg is a famous Polish dancer, choreographer, and dance teacher.
Name Day:September 29, October 19, August 30

48.  Mikolaj

How to pronounce: meeh-KOH-owaj
Origin: Ancient Greek Νῑκόλαος
Meaning:The winner of the peoples
Alternative spelling: Mikołaś, Mikołka, Mikoś
Variations in other languages:Nicholas/Nick/Collin/Col/Klaus (English), Nicola/Nicolo (Italian), Nikolay (Russian), Mykolay (Ukrainian)
Interesting Facts:Saint Mykołaj/Klaus is a legendary character in Western Christian culture who brings gifts on Christmas Eve.
Famous Persons: Mikołaj Kopernik was a famous Polish and German astronomer.
Name Day:December 6, March 21, October 13

49.  Pawel

How to pronounce: PAH-weow
Origin: Latin Paulus
Meaning:Cute, small
Female version of the name:Paula, Paulina
Alternative spelling: Pawcio, Pawełek
Variations in other languages:Paul (English), Pavlo (Ukrainian), Pablo (Spanish), Paolo (Italy), Pavel (Russian)
Interesting Facts:The ancient Romans called their sons by their father’s name, adding the prefix paulus, meaning “younger.”
Famous Persons: Paweł Skrzecz is a Polish boxer. 
Name Day:June 29, October 19, December 14

50.  Roman

How to pronounce: ROH-man
Origin: Latin Romanus
Meaning:Roman, pilgrim to Rome
Female version of the name:Romana
Alternative spelling: Romanek, Romcio
Variations in other languages:Romanos (Spanish), Romario/Romeo (Italian), Romain (French)
Famous Persons: Roman Kosecki is a famous Polish football player and football activist.
Name Day:February 28, May 1, August 9

51.  Stefan

How to pronounce: STEH-fan
Origin: Ancient Greek Στέφανος
Meaning:Wreath, crown, royalty
Female version of the name:Stefania
Alternative spelling: Stefanuś, Stefcio
Variations in other languages:Steven (English), Stefano (Italian), Stepan (Ukrainian, Russian)
Interesting Facts:Saint Stephen was Christianity’s first martyr. In the New Testament he was stoned to death.
Famous Persons: Stefan Żeromski was a Polish writer.
Name Day:August 20, November 28, December 11

52.  Szymon

How to pronounce: SHYH-mon
Origin: שִׁמְעוֹן Ancient Hebrew   
Meaning:Listen, He heard
Female version of the name:Szymona, Ksymena
Alternative spelling: Szymcio, Szymek
Variations in other languages:Simon (English), Semen (Ukrainian)
Famous Persons: Szymon Askenazy was a Polish historian and politician. 
Name Day:October 28, January 5, September 3

53.  Tomasz

How to pronounce: TOH-mash
Origin: Ancient Hebrew תאומא
Meaning:Twin, alike-looking man
Alternative spelling: Tom, Tomaszek, Tomcio
Variations in other languages:Thomas/Tom (English), Tomasso (Italian)
Interesting Facts:In the New Testament, Thomas was one of the twelve apostles. He doubted that Jesus had risen from the dead and required proof when Jesus appeared.
Famous Persons: Tomasz Lis is a Polish journalist. 
Name Day:July 3, September 22, November 18

54.  Wiktor

How to pronounce: WEEK-tor
Origin: Latin Victor
Meaning:Winner, champion
Female version of the name:Wiktoria
Alternative spelling: Wiktoruś, Witek
Variations in other languages:Vittorio (Italian), Viktor (Russian)
Interesting Facts:In ancient Roman mythology, this name was the epithet of the gods Jupiter and Mars.
Famous Persons: Wiktor Zin was a Polish architect. 
Name Day:July 28, September 1, November 2

Short Polish Male Names

The following Polish baby names are short plus they have interesting meanings. So parents can choose good names with the best meanings easily from this list.

55.  Adam

How to pronounce: Ah-dam
Origin: Ancient Hebrew אָדָם‎
Meaning:Made of red clay
Female version of the name:Adamina
Alternative spelling: Adamek, Adaś
Interesting Facts:Adam was the Biblical father of mankind.
Famous Persons: Adam Mickiewicz was a famous Polish poet and political activist. 
Name Day:December 24, April 6, May 16

56.  Eryk

How to pronounce: EH-ryk
Origin: Ancient Scandinavian Airikʀ
Meaning:The one for whom honor is the most important thing
Female version of the name:Eryka
Alternative spelling: Eryczek
Variations in other languages:Erich (German), Eric (English)
Interesting Facts:Awarded to many Swedish and Danish jarls and kings.
Famous Persons: Eryk Lipiński was a Polish graphic artist. 
Name Day:May 18, August 18, December 24

57.  Igor

How to pronounce: EE-gor
Origin: Ancient Scandinavian Ingvarr
Meaning:A man protected by God
Alternative spelling: Igorek, Igoruń
Variations in other languages:Igar (Belarusian)
Interesting Facts:This name may also have a Slavic origin from the words igo (yoke, bondage) and gore (burns) – this means a person who is burned, destroyed and tormented by captivity.
Famous Persons: Igor Wójcik is a Polish artist and local government activist.
Name Day:June 5, October 1

58.  Leon

How to pronounce: LEH-on
Origin: Ancient Greek λεων
Female version of the name:Leona
Alternative spelling: Leo, Leoncik, Leonek
Variations in other languages:Leo (English, German, French), Lev (Russian, Ukrainian)
Famous Persons: Leon Kruczkowski was a Polish writer and playwright. 
Name Day:November 10, February 20, April 22

59.  Olaf

How to pronounce: OH-laf
Origin: Scandinavian Aslaf
Meaning:Beloved by God
Alternative spelling: Olafuś, Olek
Variations in other languages:Olave (English)
Interesting Facts:An alternative version of the etymology says that the name means “son of the old man”.
Famous Persons: Olaf Lubaszenko is a Polish film and theater director. 
Name Day:July 29

60.  Piotr

How to pronounce: PYOTR
Origin: Ancient Greek Πέτρος
Meaning:Stone, rock
Female version of the name:Piotra
Alternative spelling: Piotrek, Piotruś
Variations in other languages:Peter/Pete (English), Pierre (French), Pedro (Spanish), Pietro (Italian), Petr (Russian)
Interesting Facts:Peter the Apostle of the New Testament was a leader of the early Church and one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ.
Famous Persons: Piotr Michałowski was a famous Polish painter. 
Name Day:June 29, January 3, August 1

Polish Boy Names With Greek And Latin Origin

There are also beautiful Polish names with Ancient Greek and Latin origins.  

61.  Adrian

How to pronounce: AH-dree-an
Origin: Latin Hadrianus
Meaning:One who comes from Adriatic
Female version of the name:Adrianna, Adriana
Alternative spelling: Hadrian, Adrianek
Variations in other languages:Adriano (Italian), Adriyan (Ukrainian)
Famous Persons: Adrian Krzhizhanovsky (Krzyżanowski) was a Polish mathematician.  
Name Day:September 8, December 2, January 9

62.  Aleksy

How to pronounce: ah-LEK-sy
Origin: Ancient Greek Ἀλέξιος
Meaning:Defender, warrior
Female version of the name:Aleksja
Alternative spelling: Alek, Aleś 
Variations in other languages:Alexis (English), Alessio (Spanish), Alexius (German), Oleksiy (Ukrainian)
Famous Persons: Aleksy Antkiewicz was a famous Polish boxer.
Name Day:July 17, August 28, September 6

63.  Amadeusz

How to pronounce: ah-mah-DE-ush
Origin: Latin Amadeus
Meaning:Loving God
Female version of the name:Amadea
Alternative spelling: Amadek
Variations in other languages:Amadeo (Spanish, Italian)
Interesting Facts:This name has a similar meaning to the old Slavic name Bogumil.
Famous Persons: Amadeusz Wróbel is a Polish graphic and motion designer.
Name Day:March 30, January 28, August 10 

64.  Arkadiusz

How to pronounce: ar-KAH-dee-ush
Origin: Ancient Greek Ἀρκάς
Meaning:Resident of Arcadia, shepherd
Female version of the name:Arkadia
Alternative spelling: Arek, Areczek
Variations in other languages:Arkady (Russian), Arcadio (Italian)
Famous Persons: Arkadiusz Milk is a famous Polish football player.
Name Day:January 12, March 4, August 1

65.  Benedykt

How to pronounce: be-NE-dykt
Origin: Latin Benedictus
Alternative spelling: Benek, Benedyktek
Variations in other languages:Venedikt (Italian, Spanish)
Famous Persons: Benedykt Zientara was a famous Polish medieval historian. 
Name Day:July 11, November 13

66.  Cezary

How to pronounce: ce-ZAH-ry
Origin: Latin Caesar
Meaning:Lush hair, somebody that has a lot of hair
Female version of the name:Cezaryna, Cezaria
Alternative spelling: Czarek, Czaruś
Variations in other languages:Cesare/Cesario (Italian), Caesar (English) 
Interesting Facts:Possibly also origininatng from the word caedere , which was supposed to mean: cut from the mother’s womb (hence the term “caesarean section”)
Famous Persons: Cezary Harasimowicz is a Polish screenwriter. 
Name Day:August 26, 27, May 15

67.  Cyprian 

How to pronounce: TSY-pree-yan
Origin: Ancient Greek Κυπριανός
Meaning:Resident of Cyprus
Alternative spelling: Cyprianek, Cypek, Cypryś
Variations in other languages:Kupriyan (Russian)
Interesting Facts:In ancient Greek mythology, “Cypris” is one of the epithets of the goddess Aphrodite, who, according to one of the legends, was born from seafoam in Cyprus.
Famous Persons: Cyprian Norwid was a Polish poet and artist. 
Name Day:September 16, 26

68.  Damian

How to pronounce: DAM’-yan
Origin: Latin Damianus
Meaning:Dedicated to Damia
Female version of the name:Damiana
Alternative spelling: Damianek, Danek
Variations in other languages:Damian/Damien (English), Damiano/Damio (Italian), Demyan (Ukrainian)
Interesting Facts:Damia is an ancient Greek goddess of fertility and abundance.
Famous Persons: Damian Damięcki is a Polish actor.
Name Day:September 26, 27, November 14

69.  Dariush

How to pronounce: DAH-ree-ush
Origin: Ancient Persian Dãrayavahuš
Meaning:Possessing goodness
Female version of the name:Daria
Alternative spelling: Darek, Dareczek, Daruś
Variations in other languages:Dario (Spanish), Dariy (Ukrainian)
Interesting Facts:This was the name of several Persian kings.
Famous Persons: Dariusz Szpakowski is a Polish journalist and sports commentator. 
Name Day:April 2, October 25, December 19

70.  Fabian

How to pronounce: FAH-bee-an
Origin: Latin Fabianus
Meaning:A man from the Fabious family
Alternative spelling: Fabcio, Fabciuś, Fabek
Interesting Facts:The Latin word faba can also mean “beans”.
Famous Persons: Fabian Drzyzga is a Polish volleyball player.
Name Day:January 20

71.  Ignacy

How to pronounce: eeg-NAH-tsy
Origin: Latin Ignis
Meaning:Fire, fiery
Female version of the name:Ignacja
Alternative spelling: Ignac, Ignacek
Variations in other languages:Ignazio (Italian), Ignacio (Spanish), Gnat (Ukrainian)
Interesting Facts:It is also hypothesized that this name has Etruscan origins.
Famous Persons: Ignacy Paderewski was a famous Polish pianist and composer.
Name Day:February 1, October 17

72.  Ireneusz

How to pronounce: ee-re-NEH-ush
Origin: Ancient Greek Εἰρηναῖος
Female version of the name:Irena
Alternative spelling: Irek, Ireneuszek, Iruś
Variations in other languages:Irénée (French), Ireneo (Italian)
Interesting Facts:In ancient Greek mythology “Irineos” is one of the epithets of Zeus.
Famous Persons: Ireneusz Dudek is a Polish composer, singer, harmonica player, and songwriter.
Name Day:March 25, June 28, December 15

73.  Kajetan

How to pronounce: kah-YEH-tan
Origin: Latin Caietanus
Meaning:A person from the city of Cajety north of Naples
Alternative spelling: Kajetanek, Kajetanko, Kajetanuś, Kajtek
Variations in other languages:Gaétan (French), Gaetano (Italian)
Famous Persons: Kajetan Sosnowski was a Polish abstract painter. 
Name Day:August 7

74.  Klaudiusz

How to pronounce: KLAU-dee-ush
Origin: Latin Clausus
Meaning:Belonging to the Klaudiusz family (famous Ancient Roman dynasty)
Female version of the name:Klaudia
Alternative spelling: Klaudek, Klaudi, Klaudio
Variations in other languages:Claude (French), Klavdiy (Russian)
Famous Persons: Klaudiusz Urban is a Polish chess player.
Name Day:November 8, October 30, September 8

75.  Krzysztof

How to pronounce: KSHYSH-tof
Origin: Ancient Greek Χριστος and φερω 
Meaning:Confessing Christ
Female version of the name:Krzysztofa
Alternative spelling: Krzych, Krzysiek
Variations in other languages:Christopher (English)
Interesting Facts:This name was first used in Poland in the 14th century, initially only by the aristocracy. In Greek territories in early Christianity this name meant a convert who was especially zealous. 
Famous Persons: Krzysztof Włodarczyk is a famous Polish boxer. 
Name Day:July 25, August 20, September 25

76.  Lucjan

How to pronounce: LUH-tsyan
Origin: Latin Lucianus
Meaning:Bright, luminous, born at dawn
Female version of the name:Lucjana
Alternative spelling: Lucek, Lucio, Lucjanek
Variations in other languages:Luciano (Spanish, Italian), Lucien (French)
Interesting Facts:The patron of the name is St. Lucjan. His merit was the cleansing of the text of the Holy Scriptures and the literal interpretation of the Bible.
Famous Persons: Lucjan Błaszczyk is a Polish tennis player. 
Name Day:April 7, February 11, May 27

77.  Maksymilian

How to pronounce: mah-KSY-meeh-lyan
Origin: Latin Maximus
Meaning:The great, the greatest
Female version of the name:Maksymiliana
Alternative spelling: Maks, Maksek
Variations in other languages:Maxim/Max (English), Massimo (Italian), Máximo (Spanish), Maxime (French)
Famous Persons: Maksymilian Gierymski was a famous Polish artist. 
Name Day:March 12, May 29, October 12

78.  Marceli 

How to pronounce: mar-TSE-lee
Origin: Latin Marcellus
Female version of the name:Marcela, Marcelina
Alternative spelling: Marcel, Marcelek
Variations in other languages:Marcel (French), Marcelo (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:It is derived from the name of one of the branches of the Roman family of Claudius, Marcella.
Famous Persons: Marcel Gromadowski is a Polish volleyball player.
Name Day:January 16, December 29, September 4

79.  Marian

How to pronounce: MAH-ryan
Origin: Latin Marianus
Meaning:Belongs to the genus Mary
Female version of the name:Mariana, Marianna
Alternative spelling: Maniek, Maniutek, Maniuś
Interesting Facts:Often thought of in relation to the name Maria as a male form.
Famous Persons: Marian Opania is a Polish actor and singer.
Name Day:February 9, April 30, July 1

80.  Nikodem

How to pronounce: nee-KOH-dem
Origin: Ancient Greek Νικόδημος
Meaning:Victory of the people
Female version of the name:Nikodema
Alternative spelling: Nikodemuś, Nikuś
Interesting Facts:The name of Mikołaj has the same meaning.
Famous Persons: Nikodem Biernacki was a Polish violinist and composer
Name Day:August 3, June 1, September 15

81.  Seweryn

How to pronounce: seh-VEH-ryn
Origin: Latin Severus
Meaning:Strict, strong
Female version of the name:Seweryna
Alternative spelling: Sewa, Sewcio
Variations in other languages:Severin (Russian)
Famous Persons: Seweryn Barbag was a Polish composer and musicologist. 
Name Day:January 8, February 1, October 23

82.  Sylwester

How to pronounce: syl’-VEH-ster
Origin: Latin Silvestris
Meaning:A man living in the forest, wild
Female version of the name:Sylwestra
Alternative spelling: Sylwcio, Sylwek
Famous Persons: Sylwester Chęciński is a Polish screenwriter and film director. 
Name Day:December 31, January 2, October 26

Unique Polish Names For Boys

For those of you looking for a more unique or unusual name for your baby boy, here is a list of some beautiful unique Polish boys’ names.

83.  Arnold

How to pronounce: AR-nol’d
Origin: Old Frankish Arnulf
Meaning:Strong as an eagle.
Alternative spelling: Arnek, Arni
Variations in other languages:Arnaud (French), Arnaldo (Spanish, Italian)
Famous Persons: Arnold Mostowicz was a Polish doctor and writer.
Name Day:February 19, January 15, June 30

84.  Bartlomej

How to pronounce: bart-LOH-myey
Origin: Ancient Hebrew בר־תלמי
Meaning:Son of Tolma
Female version of the name:Bartłomieja 
Alternative spelling: Barcik, Barcio, Bartek, Bartosz
Variations in other languages:Bartholomew (English), Bartolomeo (Italian)
Interesting Facts:The short form of the name, Bartosz (Bartosh in English), can also be an independent name. 
Famous Persons: Bartłomiej Kominek is a Polish pianist. 
Name Day:August 24, September 3, 4

85.  Beniamin

How to pronounce: be-NIA-meen
Origin: Ancient Hebrew ‏בנימין‏
Meaning:Happy son
Alternative spelling: Benek, Beneczek
Variations in other languages:Benjamin/Ben/Benny/Benji (English), Beniamino (Italian), Veniamin (Russian)
Interesting Facts:The name Benjamin is synonymous with the word “youngest” because in the Bible Benjamin was the last child of Jacob.
Famous Persons: Beniamin Muszyński is a Polish writer. 
Name Day:March 31, 9, November 30

86.  Dawid

How to pronounce: DAH-weed
Origin: Ancient Hebrew ‏דָּוִד
Meaning:Beloved, loved
Female version of the name:Dawida
Alternative spelling: Dawcio, Dawciu, Dawideczek
Variations in other languages:Dave/Davi (English)
Interesting Facts:In Muslim countries, the name is widely known as Daoud.
Famous Persons: Dawid Kwiatkowski is a Polish singer.
Name Day:December 29, 30, January 24

87.  Donald

How to pronounce: DOH-nald
Origin: Celtic Domnhall
Meaning:The ruler of the world
Alternative spelling: Don, Donaldzik, Donek
Famous Persons: Donald Tusk is a famous Polish politician. 
Name Day:July 7 and 15

88.  Edward

How to pronounce: ED-ward
Origin: Ancient English (Old German) Ēadweard
Meaning:Guardian of wealth
Female version of the name:Edwarda
Alternative spelling: Ed, Edek
Variations in other languages:Eduardo (Spanish), Edoardo (Italian), Eduard (Russian)
Famous Persons: Edward Linde-Lubaszenko is a Polish actor.
Name Day:January 5, March 18, October 13

89.  Emanuel

How to pronounce: eh-MAH-nu-el’
Origin: Ancient Hebrew עִמָּנוּאֵל
Meaning:God is with us 
Female version of the name:Emanuela
Alternative spelling: Emcio, Emek
Variations in other languages:Immanuel (English), Manuel (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:In the Old Treatment, this is the name given to the promised Messiah in the prophecy of Isaiah.
Famous Persons: Emanuel Szafarczyk was a Polish political activist. 
Name Day:January 25, March 26, July 10, October 11

90.  Ferdynand

How to pronounce: fer-DYH-nand
Origin: Old German Winand
Meaning:Brave, daring
Alternative spelling: Ferdek, Ferdi
Variations in other languages:Fernando (Spanish), Ferdinando (Italian)
Famous Persons: Ferdynand Baraniecki is a Polish actor and dancer. 
Name Day:May 30, June 3, 5, July 15

91.  Franciszek

How to pronounce: fran-CHEE-shek
Origin: Old German Frank
Meaning:A free man, from the tribe of the Franks
Female version of the name:Franciszka
Alternative spelling: Franek
Variations in other languages:Frank (English), Franz (German), François (French)
Interesting Facts:This name was first held by St. Francis of Assisi. His mother was French and called her son Francesco which in Italian means French.
Famous Persons: Franciszek Zabłocki was a Polish comedian, writer, and poet.
Name Day:October 4, January 15, 24

92.  Fryderyk

How to pronounce: fry-DEH-ryk
Origin: Old German Fridu and Richi
Meaning:Mighty, rich, powerful 
Female version of the name:Fryderyka
Alternative spelling: Frycek, Frycuś
Variations in other languages:Frédéric (French), Federico (Spanish, Italian)
Famous Persons: Fryderyk Chopin was a famous Polish composer and pianist.
Name Day:August 4, July 18, September 30

93.  Gabriel

How to pronounce: GAB-ree-el’
Origin: Ancient Hebrew גבריאל
Meaning:My power is God, the power of God
Female version of the name:Gabriela
Alternative spelling: Gabiś, Gabrielek
Variations in other languages:Gabriele (Italian), Gavrylo (Ukrainian) 
Interesting Facts:Gabriel appears in both the Old and New Testaments as an archangel who was sent with messages from God to Daniel, Zechariah, and Mary. Gabriel – or Jibril – according to Islam dictated the Quran to Prophet Muhammad.
Famous Persons: Gabriel Narutowicz was the first president of the Second Polish Republic.
Name Day:September 29, March 16

94.  Gerard

How to pronounce: GEH-rard
Origin: Old German Gerhart
Meaning:Strong, brave
Alternative spelling: Gerardek, Gararduś
Variations in other languages:Garret (English), Gerhard (German)
Famous Persons: Gerard Zalewski was a Polish film director. 
Name Day:September 24, January 13

95.  Gustaw

How to pronounce: GUS-tav
Origin: Old German Gundstab
Meaning:The one who exercises power during war
Female version of the name:Gustawa
Alternative spelling: Gucio, Gusiek, Gustawek
Variations in other languages:Gustavo (Spanish, Italian)
Famous Persons: Gustaw Morcinek was a Polish writer.
Name Day:August 2, November 27 

96.  Herbert

How to pronounce: HER-bert
Origin: Old German Heri and Beraht
Meaning:The one who stands out in the army or among the people
Alternative spelling: Herbertek, Bercik, Berciś, Bertek
Variations in other languages:Hebert (English)
Famous Persons: Herbert Bednorz was a Polish Catholic priest. 
Name Day:March 16, October 1, 2

97.  Hubert

How to pronounce: HOO-bert
Origin: Old German Hugu and Beracht
Meaning:A person who has a sharp mind and sense of humor
Female version of the name:Huberta
Alternative spelling: Bercik, Bertuś, Hubercik
Variations in other languages:Huberto (Spanish), Uberto (Italian)
Famous Persons: Hubert Skrzypczak is a Polish boxer.
Name Day:November 3

98.  Joachim 

How to pronounce: joh-AH-keem
Origin: Ancient Hebrew ‏יהוֹיָקִים‏‎
Meaning:Yahweh will comfort, refresh, exalt
Female version of the name:Joachima
Alternative spelling: Chimek, Chimcio
Variations in other languages:Gioachino/Gioacchino (Italian)
Famous Persons: Joachim Lelewel was a Polish historian, bibliographer, Slavist, numismatist, and polyglot.
Name Day:July 26, August 16

99.  Konrad

How to pronounce: KON-rad
Origin: Old German Kuoni and Rad
Meaning:Courageous, willing to advise others
Alternative spelling: Konio, Konradek
Variations in other languages:Conrad (English)
Interesting Facts:This name of knights and princes came to Poland in the Middle Ages from Germany.
Famous Persons: Konrad Piasecki is a famous Polish journalist. 
Name Day:November 26, October 4, June 1

100.  Maciej

How to pronounce: MAH-chey
Origin: Ancient Hebrew מתתיהו
Meaning:A gift from God
Female version of the name:Macieja
Alternative spelling: Mach, Maciek, Maciuś
Variations in other languages:Mattias (English), Mattia (Italian)
Interesting Facts:The name Maciej was most likely a shortened form of the name Mateusz.
Famous Persons: Maciej Kuroń was a famous Polish television cook and culinary journalist.
Name Day:May 14, December 17, November 11

Top 100 Polish Names For Girls

Three Polish Girls

We know that the most beautiful baby girl names come in many variations! There are many options, so it will not be easy to choose the right one! How do you approach this topic and not go crazy with the multitude of suggestions? 

Let’s divide the list of Polish names for girls into subcategories and on this basis we will look for the best position for your baby girl! Below is a list of baby names broken down into categories.

Traditional Polish Names for Girls

The following girls’ names are traditional Polish and Slavic names. These are interesting names with beautiful meanings.

1.  Boguslawa

How to pronounce: boh-gus-OWAW-ah
Origin: Old Slavic
Meaning:One who glorifies God
Male version of the name:Bogusław
Alternative spelling: Bogunia, Bogusia
Famous Persons: Bogusława Latawiec is a Polish writer
Name Day:April 19, July 1

2.  Bozhena

How to pronounce: boh-ZHE-nah
Origin: Old Slavic
Meaning:Given from God
Alternative spelling: Bożenka, Bożana
Famous Persons: Bożena Krzywobłocka was a Polish art historian.
Name Day:March 13

3.  Czeslawa

How to pronounce: ches-OWAW-vah
Origin: Old Slavic
Meaning:The one who is to honor fame
Male version of the name:Czesław
Alternative spelling: Czesia, Czeszka
Famous Persons: Czesława Noworyta was a Polish table tennis player.
Name Day:January 12, April 19, May 20

4.  Kazimiera

How to pronounce: ka-zi-MYE-rah
Origin: Old Slavic 
Meaning:A woman who destroys the peace or fame of her enemies
Male version of the name:Kazimier
Alternative spelling: Kazeczka, Kazia
Famous Persons: Kazimiera Szczuka is a Polish literary critic, literary historian, academic teacher, journalist, TV presenter, feminist, and political activist.
Name Day:March 4

5.  Ludmila

How to pronounce: liud-MEE-owa
Origin: Ancient Slavic
Meaning:Sweet to people
Alternative spelling: Ludminia, Ludminka
Famous Persons: Ludmiła Marjańska was a Polish poet and translator.
Name Day:September 16, October 26, March 20

6.  Milena

How to pronounce: mee-LE-nah
Origin: Ancient Slavic
Male version of the name:Milan
Alternative spelling: Mila, Milcia, Milana
Variations in other languages:Miley (English), Mylene (French)
Famous Persons: Milena Wójtowicz is a Polish writer.
Name Day:May 24

7.  Miroslawa

Popular Polish Girls Names

The following names for girls are popular in Poland. Why not choose from some of the best-known Polish baby names for girls?

8.  Adrianna

How to pronounce: ah-dree-AN-nah
Origin: Latin Hadrianus
Meaning:One who comes from Adriatic
Male version of the name:Adrian
Alternative spelling: Adi, Adri, Adria
Variations in other languages:Adrienne (French)
Famous Persons: Adrianna Szymańska is a Polish poet.
Name Day:September 8, March 4, January 9

9.  Agata

How to pronounce: ah-GA_tah
Origin: Ancient Greek Ἀγαθή
Meaning:Good, kind
Alternative spelling: Aga, Agatka
Variations in other languages:Agueda (Spanish), Agathe (French)
Interesting Facts:This name has been used in Poland since the 13th century.
Famous Persons: Agata Konarska is a famous Polish journalist and TV presenter.
Name Day:February 5, 15, May 14

10.  Agnieszka

How to pronounce: ah-GNIE-shka
Origin: Ancient Greek Αγνή
Alternative spelling: Aga, Agna, Agnes
Variations in other languages:Ines (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:This is one of the most popular names in Poland.
Famous Persons: Agnieszka Duczmal is a Polish conductor.
Name Day:January 21, 28, February 28

11.  Aleksandra

How to pronounce: ah-leh-KSAN-drah
Origin: Ancient Greek  Ἀλέξανδρος
Meaning:Men’s defender
Male version of the name:Aleksandr
Alternative spelling: Ala, Aleksa
Variations in other languages:Alex/Sandy/Sandra (English),  Alejandrina (Spanish), Oleksandra (Ukrainian), Alexandrine (French)
Interesting Facts:In ancient Greek mythology, the name Kassandra is synonymous with the name of Alexander.
Famous Persons: Aleksandra Kwaśniewska is a Polish journalist and TV presenter.
Name Day:February 26, March 28, August 11

12.  Alicja

How to pronounce: ah-LEE-sya
Origin: Old French Alais (Adelais)
Meaning:Noble girl (woman)
Alternative spelling: Ala, Aleczka
Variations in other languages:Alice (English), Alisa (Russian), Alicia (Spain)
Interesting Facts:After the publication of Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, this name became popular around the globe.
Famous Persons: Alicja Pęczak is a Polish former swimmer. 
Name Day:June 12, 21, September 1

13.  Alina

How to pronounce: ah-LEE-na
Origin: Ancient German Adelheid
Alternative spelling: Ala, Alcia, Aleczka
Interesting Facts:There is a belief that in Scotland this name was used as a paired name with Alistair.
Famous Persons: Alina Janowska was a famous Polish actor.
Name Day:June 16, 17, July 28

14.  Beata

How to pronounce: beh-AH-tah
Origin: Latin Beatus
Male version of the name:Beat
Alternative spelling: Beacia, Beatka
Famous Persons: Beata Maksymow is a Polish judoka.
Name Day:March 8, 22, May 9

15.  Blanka

How to pronounce: BLAN-kah
Origin: Old Germany Blankus
Alternative spelling: Blaneczka, Bianka
Variations in other languages:Blanche (French)
Interesting Facts:The form Bianka is probably the Polish translation of the Italian name Bianca, which comes from the French Blanche and means white, fair-haired, or innocent.
Famous Persons: Blanka Iselonis is a Polish snowboarder.
Name Day:July 26, December 2

16.  Daria

How to pronounce: DAH-rya
Origin: Ancient Persian 𐎭𐎠𐎼𐎹𐎺𐎢𐏁(Modern Persian داریوش)
Meaning:The one who sustains good
Male version of the name:Dariusz
Alternative spelling: Darcia, Dareczka, Dareńka
Variations in other languages:Odarka/Daryna (Ukrainian)
Interesting Facts:In antiquity, the name Darius was associated with three powerful rulers of Persia (Darius I, II and III). Initially it was only a male name. It is the female version however that is widespread in Russia.
Famous Persons: Daria Paszek is a Polish volleyball player.
Name Day:October 25, September 21, 22

17.  Diana

How to pronounce: dee-AH-na
Origin: Latin Deus
Alternative spelling: Diancia, Dianeczka
Interesting Facts:In ancient Roman mythology, Diana was the goddess of the moon and the hunt. The name is widespread and popular in many countries of Europe and the East.
Famous Persons: Diana Rudnik is a Polish journalist.
Name Day:June 10, July 11, 13

18.  Dominika

How to pronounce: doh-mee-NEE-kah
Origin: Latin Dominicus
Meaning:Belonging to God
Male version of the name:Dominik
Alternative spelling: Nika, Niczka, Dominisia
Interesting Facts:The Latin dominicus comes from the phrase dies dominicus, which means “the day of God”, that is, Sunday (for Catholics). Therefore, the name can still be interpreted as “born on Sunday”.
Famous Persons: Dominika Ostałowska is a famous Polish actress.
Name Day:July 6, August 6, 8

19.  Dorota

How to pronounce: doh-ROH-ta
Origin: Ancient Greek Δωροθέα
Meaning:Gift from God
Alternative spelling: Dora, Dorcia, Dorka
Variations in other languages:Dorothy (English), Dorothée (French)
Interesting Facts:In Poland, this name was recorded for the first time in 1385.
Famous Persons: Dorota Kamińska is a Polish actor.
Name Day:February 6, June 6, 25

20.  Edyta

How to pronounce: eh-DY-tah
Origin: Old English Ēadgȳð
Meaning:Fighting for wealth
Alternative spelling: Edda, Edycia, Edytka
Famous Persons: Edyta Bartosiewicz is a Polish singer and composer.
Name Day:January 9, September 16

21.  Elzhbeta

How to pronounce: el’zh-BIE-tah
Origin: Ancient Hebrew אֱלִישֶׁבַע
Meaning:God is my oath
Alternative spelling: Ela, Eliza, Elka
Variations in other languages:Elizabeth/Elisa (English), Elisabetta/Bettina/ Babetta (Italian), Isabelle (French), Isabel (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:In the New Testament, Elizabeth is the mother of John the Baptist.
Famous Persons: Elżbieta Dzikowska is a Polish journalist, TV presenter, and art historian.
Name Day:November 5, 14, December 13

22.  Emilia

How to pronounce: eh-MEE-lee-ya
Origin: Latin Aemilius
Meaning:The one who competes
Male version of the name:Emil
Alternative spelling: Emilcia, Emilka, Mila
Variations in other languages:Emily (English)
Famous Persons: Emilia Krakowska is a Polish actress. 
Name Day:August 22, 24, September 19

23.  Ewelina 

How to pronounce: eh-veh-LEE-nah
Origin: Celtic Éibhleann
Meaning:Joy, light
Alternative spelling: Ewelinka, Ewela
Interesting Facts:Possibly derived from the Hebrew name Eve.
Famous Persons: Ewelina Januszewska is a Polish chess player.
Name Day:December 24

24.  Helena

How to pronounce: he-LEH-nah
Origin: Ancient Greek Ἑλένη
Meaning:Chosen, bright 
Alternative spelling: Hela, Helcia, Helenka
Variations in other languages:Elena (Russian), Olena (Ukrainian), Helen/Elen/Ellen (English)
Interesting Facts:The origin of this name may be connected with how the Greeks called themselves Hellenes.
Famous Persons: Helena Majdaniec was a Polish singer.
Name Day:August 13, 18, September 23

25.  Ilona

How to pronounce: ee-LO-nah
Origin: Ancient Greek Ἑλένη
Alternative spelling: Ilonka
Interesting Facts:This name is the Hungarian form of the Greek name Olena.
Famous Persons: Ilona Łepkowska is a Polish screenwriter.
Name Day:August 18, 19, October 27

26.  Iwona

How to pronounce: ee-WO-nah
Origin: Old German Iwa
Meaning:Yew tree
Male version of the name:Iwo, Iwon
Alternative spelling: Iwa
Famous Persons: Iwona Petry is a Polish model and actress.
Name Day:May 19, 23, October 27

27.  Jowita

How to pronounce: yo-WEE-tah
Origin: Latin Iovita
Meaning:Dedicated to god Jowisz (Jupiter) 
Male version of the name:Jow
Alternative spelling: Jowcia, Jowi
Variations in other languages:Giovita (Italian)
Interesting Facts:This name arose from the name of the god Jupiter – the supreme god of the Roman pantheon and the patron saint of the state.
Famous Persons: Jowita Miondlikowska is a Polish actress.
Name Day:February 15

28.  Judyta

How to pronounce: yuh-DY-tah
Origin: Ancient Hebrew יְהוּדִית
Meaning:From Judea
Alternative spelling: Judi, Judka
Variations in other languages:Judith/Judy (English)
Interesting Facts:Judith is the heroine of the Book of Judith, which is included in the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Old Testament, but not in the Protestant Bible. She is a daring widow who infiltrates the camp of Assyrian general Holofernes and decapitates him, saving Israel.
Name Day:June 29, November 14, December 10

29.  Julia

How to pronounce: YOO-lee-yah
Origin: Latin Julianus
Meaning:Belonging to July
Male version of the name:Juliusz
Alternative spelling: Jula, Julcia
Variations in other languages:Julie (French), Yulia (Russian)
Interesting Facts:The ancient Roman nomen Julii is believed to be associated with the mythical Yul.
Famous Persons: Julia Kamińska is a famous Polish actress.
Name Day:May 22, June 12, 19

30.  Justyna

How to pronounce: yus-TY-nah
Origin: Latin Iustus
Male version of the name:Justyn
Alternative spelling: Justa, Justynka
Variations in other languages:Justine (French)
Famous Persons: Justyna Steczkowska is a Polish singer.
Name Day:October 5, 7, November 30

31.  Joanna

How to pronounce: yoh-AN-nah
Origin: Ancient Hebrew יחנ
Meaning:God is kind
Male version of the name:Jan
Alternative spelling: Jasia, Joasia, Joaśka
Variations in other languages:Joan/Jane (English), Jeanne (English)
Famous Persons: Joanna Chmielewska was a Polish writer.
Name Day:May 24, 30, July 23

32.  Kamila

How to pronounce: kah-MEE-lah
Origin: Latin Camillus
Male version of the name:Kamil
Alternative spelling: Kamilcia, Kamilka
Variations in other languages:Camilla (English)
Interesting Facts:It has been present in Poland since the 18th century.
Famous Persons: Kamila Chudzik is a Polish athlete.
Name Day:September 16, March 3, 21

33.  Karolina

How to pronounce: kah-ro-LEE-nah
Origin: Old German Charal, Carl
Meaning:Faithful to the spouse
Male version of the name:Karol
Alternative spelling: Karolcia, Karolinka
Variations in other languages:Caroline (English)
Famous Persons: Karolina Wajda is a Polish actress. 
Name Day:November 4, 18, January 18

34.  Katarzyna

How to pronounce: ka-ta-ZHY-nah
Origin: Ancient Greek Αἰκατερίνη
Meaning:Pure, immaculate
Alternative spelling: Kacha, Kachna, Kasia
Variations in other languages:Catherine/Katharine/Katherine Katrina (English), Catalina/Catarina (Spanish), Caterina (Italian), Ekaterina (Russian)
Interesting Facts:Some believe that this name is connected with the name of the ancient Greek goddess Hecate.
Famous Persons: Katarzyna Dowbor is a Polish TV presenter.
Name Day:April 29, 30, May 9

35.  Krystyna

How to pronounce: krys-TY-nah
Origin: Ancient Greek Χριστιαηος
Meaning:A Christian, one who belongs to Christ
Male version of the name:Krystian
Alternative spelling: Krychna, Krysia, Krysieńka
Variations in other languages:Christina/Kristina/Christiana (English), Cristina (Italian, Spanish), Kristina (Russian)
Famous Persons: The first woman to sail around the world on her own, Krystyna Chojnowska-Liskiewicz was a shipbuilding engineer and yacht captain of great shipping from Poland.
Name Day:July 24, October 7, November 13

36.  Magdalena

How to pronounce: mag-dah-LEH-nah
Origin: Ancient Hebrew מגדל
Meaning:Woman from Magdala
Alternative spelling: Madzia, Magda
Variations in other languages:Madeline (English), Maddalena (Italian)
Interesting Facts:On the Sea of Galilee’s shore, Magdala was an ancient city.
Famous Persons: Magdalena Gessler is a renowned restaurateur and TV presenter from Poland. 
Name Day:May 27, 29, July 22

37.  Malgorzata

How to pronounce: maow-go-ZHA-tah
Origin: Ancient Greek μαργαρίτης
Alternative spelling: Gocha, Gosia, Małgosia, Małgoś
Variations in other languages:Margaret/Maggie (English), Margherita (Italian),  Marguerite/Margot/Margaux (French), Margaryta (Ukrainian), Margarita (Russian)
Interesting Facts:In ancient Greek mythology, Margaritos is one of the epithets of the goddess Aphrodite.
Famous Persons: Małgorzata Markiewicz is a Polish academic singer and flautist.
Name Day:October 17, 25, November 16

38.  Maria

How to pronounce: mah-REE-ah
Origin: Ancient Hebrew מרים
Meaning:Inspire joy
Alternative spelling: Mania, Maniusia
Variations in other languages:Mary/Marie/Maria/Mariah (English)
Interesting Facts:The original Hebrew version of the name Miriam was transformed into Mariam, hence eventually the name Maria.
Famous Persons: Marie Curie was a Polish and French chemist and physicist. 
Name Day:January 1, February 2, March 25

39.  Marta

How to pronounce: MAHR-tah
Origin: Ancient Hebrew מַרְתָּא
Meaning:The mistress, the lady
Alternative spelling: Marcia, Marteczka
Variations in other languages:Martha (English)
Interesting Facts:In the New Testament, Martha and her sister, Mary, hosted Jesus at their home in Bethany. She kept busy cooking and cleaning while Mary sat and was taught by Jesus. That’s why St. Marta is Patron of housewives, hoteliers, and cooks.
Famous Persons: Marta Lipińska is a Polish actress.
Name Day:July 27, 29, September 23

40.  Marlena

How to pronounce: mar-LE-nah
Origin: Combination of the names Maria and Magdalena (or Maria and Helena)
Alternative spelling: Marlencia, Marlenia
Variations in other languages:Marleen (German)
Interesting Facts:The actress Marlena Dietrich formed her pseudonym from this combination of names.
Famous Persons: Marlena Drozdowska is a Polish singer.
Name Day:July 16, September 12, October 23

41.  Marzena

How to pronounce: ma-ZHE-nah
Origin: This was created most probably as the diminutive of Małgorzata or Marjana
Alternative spelling: Marzenka
Famous Persons: Marzena Broda is a Polish writer and poet.
Name Day:April 26

42.  Patrycja

How to pronounce: pa-TRY-cya
Origin: Latin Patricius
Meaning:Nobly born
Male version of the name:Patrycjusz, Patryk
Alternative spelling: Pati, Patrysia
Famous Persons: Patrycja Markowska is a Polish singer.
Name Day:August 25, 28, March 13

43.  Paulina

How to pronounce: pah-oo-LEE-nah
Origin: Latin Paulus
Meaning:Cute, small 
Male version of the name:Pawel, Paulin
Alternative spelling: Paula, Paulincia, Paulinka
Variations in other languages:Pauline (English)
Famous Persons: Paulina Smaszcz is a Polish journalist and TV presenter.
Name Day:June 6, 22, July 21

44.  Stefania

How to pronounce: ste-FA-nee-yah
Origin: Ancient Greek Στέφανος
Meaning:Wreath, crown, royalty
Male version of the name:Stefan
Alternative spelling: Stefa, Stefcia
Variations in other languages:Stephanie (English)
Famous Persons: Stefania Woytowicz was a Polish opera singer [9]
Name Day:September 18

45.  Teresa

How to pronounce: teh-REH-sah
Origin: Ancient Greek θερος
Meaning:Hunting, prey
Alternative spelling: Terenia, Tereska, Terka
Variations in other languages:Theresa/Tess (English)
Famous Persons: Teresa Budzisz-Krzyżanowska is a Polish actress.
Name Day:October 13, 15, January 9

46.  Weronika

How to pronounce: veh-ROH-nee-ka
Origin: Ancient Greek Βερονίκη
Alternative spelling: Weronisia, Weronka
Variations in other languages:Veronica (English)
Interesting Facts:In Italy, the name was rethought from its origins and began to be interpreted as meaning a resident of Verona.
Famous Persons: Weronika Wedler is a Polish sprint athlete. 
Name Day:February 4, May 17, July 9

47.  Wiktoria

How to pronounce: veek-TO-ree-ya
Origin: Latin Victoria
Male version of the name:Wiktor
Alternative spelling: Wichta, Wika, Wicia
Variations in other languages:Vittoria (Italian)
Interesting Facts:In Roman mythology, Victoria is the goddess of victory.
Famous Persons: Wiktoria Kawecka was a Polish opera singer.
Name Day:December 23, January 18, February 1

48.  Wioletta

How to pronounce: wee-oh-LET-tah
Origin: Latin Viola
Meaning:Violet flower
Alternative spelling: Wiola, Wiolcia, Wiolka
Variations in other languages:Violet (English), Violette (French)
Interesting Facts:In Poland, Wioletta is a newer name that first appeared in the 19th century in Polish literature.
Famous Persons: Wioletta Piasecka is a Polish children’s writer.
Name Day:October 29, May 25

Short Polish Female Names

The following Polish baby names for girls are short, but also beautiful and have interesting meanings. You can choose any name you like. 

49.  Ada

How to pronounce: AH-dah
Origin: Ancient Hebrew עָדָה
Meaning:Noble, nobility
Alternative spelling: Adeczka, Adek
Interesting Facts:In the Old Testament, Ada was a wife of Esau.
Famous Persons: Ada Rusowicz was a Polish singer.
Name Day:February 5, April 6, 19

50.  Ewa

How to pronounce: EH-wah
Origin: Ancient Hebrew ‏חוה
Meaning:Giving life
Alternative spelling: Ewcia, Ewka, Ewunia
Variations in other languages:Eve/Ava (English)
Interesting Facts:Eva is the first woman on Earth in Abrahamic religions, the mother of all people.
Famous Persons: Ewa Demarczyk was a Polish singer.
Name Day:December 24, March 14, April 23

51.  Hanna

How to pronounce: HAN-nah
Origin: Ancient Hebrew ‏חַנָּה
Meaning:Supportive, good
Alternative spelling: Anna, Haneczka, Hania
Variations in other languages:Ann/Anne (English)
Interesting Facts:In the Gospel of Luke in the New Testament, Hanna was a prophetess in the Temple who preached to everyone there that the child Jesus will redeem Jerusalem.
Famous Persons: Hanna Rudzka-Cybisowa was a Polish painter.
Name Day:July 16, 26, October 6

52.  Laura

How to pronounce: lah-OO-rah
Origin: Latin Laur
Alternative spelling: Laurka
Variations in other languages:Lauren (English), Laure (French)
Famous Persons: Laura Łącz is a Polish actress.
Name Day:June 17, September 3, October 8

53.  Lidia

How to pronounce: LEE-dee-yah
Origin: Ancient Greek Λυδία
Meaning:A resident of Lydia
Alternative spelling: Lideczka, Lideńka, Lidka
Interesting Facts:Lydia was an ancient country in Asia Minor, where the cult of Zeus was spread.
Famous Persons: Lidia Książkiewicz is a Polish pianist and organist.
Name Day:August 3, March 27, July 13

54.  Maja

How to pronounce: MAI-yah
Origin: Ancient Greek Μαϊα
Alternative spelling: Majcia, Majeczka
Variations in other languages:Maya (Russian)
Interesting Facts:In Greek and Roman mythology, Maya is the goddess and daughter of the titan Atlanta. The month of May was named in her honor.
Famous Persons: Maja Ostaszewska is a Polish actress.
Name Day:April 9, May 1, September 12

55.  Olga

How to pronounce: OL’-gah
Origin: Ancıent Scandınavıan Heilagr
Meaning:Holy, sacred
Alternative spelling: Ola, Olgunia
Variations in other languages:Helga (German)
Famous Persons: Olga Boznańska was a Polish painter.
Name Day:July 11

56.  Sara

How to pronounce: SAH-rah
Origin: Ancient Hebrew שרה
Meaning:Princess, noble woman, lady
Alternative spelling: Sarcia, Sareczka
Variations in other languages:Sarah (English)
Famous Persons: Sara May is a Polish singer.
Name Day:February 15

57.  Zofia

How to pronounce: ZOF-ya
Origin: Ancient Greek σοφία
Meaning:Wise, the science
Alternative spelling: Zocha, Zochna, Zofka
Variations in other languages:Sophie (English, French), Sofia (English)
Famous Persons: Zofia Kossak-Szczucka was a Polish writer.
Name Day:May 15, 24, September 18

58.  Zyta

How to pronounce: ZYH-tah
Origin: Latin Zita
Meaning:The girl
Alternative spelling: Zysia, Zyteczka
Famous Persons: Zyta Gilowska was a Polish politician.
Name Day:April 27

Polish Girl Names With Greek And Latin Origin

The following baby names for girls have Ancient Greek or Latin origins. These names are useful in Poland and often in other countries too. 

59.  Antonina

How to pronounce: an-toh-NEE-na
Origin: Latin Antoninus
Meaning:Owned by Antony
Alternative spelling: Tosia, Tosieńka, Tośka
Variations in other languages:Antoinette (French)
Interesting Facts:There is a belief that the name comes from the Greek word ἄνθος, which means flower.
Famous Persons: Antonina Barczewska was a theatre and film actress. 
Name Day:May 4, 10, June 12, 13

60.  Barbara

How to pronounce: bar-BAH-ra
Origin: Ancient Greek βάρβαρος
Alternative spelling: Bacha, Basia
Variations in other languages:Varvara (Russian)
Interesting Facts:The name Barbie is an abbreviated version of the name Barbara.
Famous Persons: Barbara Bitnerówna was a Polish ballet dancer. 
Name Day:December 4, April 18, July 20

61.  Cecylia

How to pronounce: tse-TSY-lee-yah
Origin: Latin Caecus
Male version of the name:Cecyliusz
Alternative spelling: Cechna, Ceceylia
Variations in other languages:Cecily (English)
Interesting Facts:This name comes from the name of the ancient Roman Cecilius family.
Famous Persons: Cecylia Grabowska was a Polish painter.
Name Day:November 22

62.  Celina

How to pronounce: ceh-LEE-nah
Origin: Latin Caelum
Meaning:The sky
Alternative spelling: Celinka, Celka
Variations in other languages:Celine (French, English)
Famous Persons: Celina Szymanowska was the wife of the writer Adam Mickiewicz.
Name Day:October 21, December 15

63.  Danuta

How to pronounce: dah-NOO-tah
Origin: Latin Donata
Meaning:Gifted by God
Alternative spelling: Danka, Daniś, Danna
Variations in other languages:Dany (French)
Interesting Facts:It is also possible that this name comes from the South Slavic names of Dana, Danka, Danica.
Famous Persons: Danuta Błażejczyk is a Polish singer.
Name Day:June 24, September 28, October 1

64.  Eugenia

How to pronounce: eh-uh-GEH-nee-ya
Origin: Ancient Greek εὐγενής
Male version of the name:Eugeniusz
Alternative spelling: Gienia, Gieniusia, Gienka
Variations in other languages:Eugenia (English, Spain, Italian), Eugénie (French)
Famous Persons: Eugenia Umińska was a famous Polish violinist.
Name Day:December 25, September 13, 16

65.  Felicja

How to pronounce: feh-LEE-cya
Origin: Latin Felix
Male version of the name:Feliks
Alternative spelling: Felcia, Felusia
Variations in other languages:Felice (English)
Famous Persons: Felicja Kruszewska was a Polish poet and playwright. 
Name Day:April 27, January 24

66.  Halina

How to pronounce: ha-LEE-na
Origin: Ancient Greek γαλήνη
Meaning:Calmness, silence, serenity
Alternative spelling: Hala, Halinka, Halka
Variations in other languages:Galyna (Ukrainian)
Interesting Facts:In ancient Greek mythology, the nereid Galena was the patroness of the calm sea.
Famous Persons: Halina Poświatowska was a Polish poet. 
Name Day:July 1

67.  Irena

How to pronounce: ee-RE-nah
Origin: Ancient Greek Εἰρήνη
Meaning:Peace, tranquility
Male version of the name:Ireneusz
Alternative spelling: Ircia, Ireczka, Irencia
Variations in other languages:Irina (Russian), Iryna (Ukrainian), Irene (English), Irène (French)
Interesting Facts:In ancient Greek mythology, Eirena is the goddess of peace and peaceful living.
Famous Persons: Irena Pfeiffer was a Polish conductor and composer.
Name Day:August 9, 14, September 18, 20

68.  Jolanta

How to pronounce: yo-LAN-tah
Origin: Ancient Greek Ἰόλη
Meaning:Violet (flower)
Alternative spelling: Jola, Jolancia, Jolcia
Famous Persons: Jolanta Fajkowska is a Polish journalist and TV presenter.
Name Day:June 15, 17, July 4

69.  Karina

How to pronounce: kah-REE-nah
Origin: Latin Carus
Alternative spelling: Karinka, Karińcia
Variations in other languages:Karen (English)
Interesting Facts:There is also a belief that this name is a form of the name Katarzyna.
Famous Persons: Karina Lipiarska is a Polish archer.
Name Day:August 7, November 2

70.  Klaudia

How to pronounce: KLA-oo-dee-a
Origin: Latin Claudia
Male version of the name:Klaudiusz
Alternative spelling: Klaudusia, Klaudzia
Variations in other languages:Claudia (English)
Interesting Facts:This name comes from the name of the Roman family of Claudius
Famous Persons: Klaudia Pasternak is a Polish modern composer.
Name Day:May 18, August 7, October 30

71.  Kornelia

How to pronounce: kor-NEH-lee-ya
Origin: Latin Cornelius
Meaning:From the house of Cornelius
Male version of the name:Korneliusz, Kornel
Alternative spelling: Kornela, Kornelcia
Famous Persons: Kornelia Dobkiewiczowa was a Polish writer.
Name Day:March 31

72.  Liliana

How to pronounce: LEE-lee-ya
Origin: Latin Lilium
Meaning:The name of the flower, which translates as pure and innocent
Alternative spelling: Lila, Lili
Variations in other languages:Lily (English, Spain), Lili (French), Liliya (Russian)
Interesting Facts:Some researchers believe that the name Liliya is a form of the Hebrew name Lilith, which translates from Hebrew as “night silence”, “night”.
Famous Persons: Liliana Leszner is a Polish chess player. 
Name Day:July 8, 27, September 4

73.  Lucyna

How to pronounce: lyu-TSY-nah
Origin: Latin Lucina
Meaning:Bringing light
Male version of the name:Lucjan
Alternative spelling: Lucia, Lucynka
Interesting Facts:A related name could be the Germanic name Lucinda.
Famous Persons: Lucyna Ćwierczakiewiczowa was a Polish writer and author of the first Polish cookbooks.
Name Day:June 30, October 17, 26

74.  Marcelina

How to pronounce: mar-tse-LEE-nah
Origin: Latin Marcellus
Male version of the name:Marceli
Alternative spelling: Marcelinka, Marcela
Interesting Facts:This name has Roman lineage.
Famous Persons: Marcelina Kulikowska was a Polish playwright and poet, feminist and teacher, naturalist, and reporter.
Name Day:July 17, January 9, 30

75.  Martyna

How to pronounce: mar-TY-mah
Origin: Latin Martius
Meaning:Dedicated to the god Mars
Male version of the name:Marcin
Alternative spelling: Martynka, Martysia
Variations in other languages:Martine (French)
Famous Persons: Martyna Jakubowicz is a Polish singer and guitar player.
Name Day:January 30

76.  Marianna

How to pronounce: ma-RYAN-nah
Origin: Latin Marianus
Meaning:Belongs to the genus Mary
Male version of the name:Marian
Alternative spelling: Mania, Maniusia
Interesting Facts:Often considered a form with the name Maria.
Famous Persons: Marianna Wróblewska is a Polish jazz singer.
Name Day:May 26, June 2, September 8

77.  Melania

How to pronounce: meh-LAH-nee-yah
Origin: Ancient Greek Μέλαινα
Meaning:Black, dark
Male version of the name:Melaniusz
Alternative spelling: Mel, Mela, Melanka
Variations in other languages:Mélanie (French)
Famous Persons: Melania Burzyńska was a Polish poet and writer.
Name Day:December 31

78.  Monika

How to pronounce: mo-NEE-ka
Origin: Ancient Greek Μόνικα
Meaning:The only one
Alternative spelling: Monia, Moniczka
Variations in other languages:Monica (English)
Interesting Facts:A potential alternative origin of this name is that it is from the Greek monache, meaning secluded or lonely.
Famous Persons: Monika Brodka is a famous Polish singer.
Name Day:May 4, 21, July 27

79.  Natalia

How to pronounce: nah-TAH-lya
Origin: Latin Natalis
Meaning:Native, born
Male version of the name:Natal
Alternative spelling: Nacia, Nastusia, Natalcia
Variations in other languages:Nataly (English)
Famous Persons: Natalia Kukulska is a Polish singer.
Name Day:January 26, September 8, November 10

80.  Regina

How to pronounce: reh-GEE-nah
Origin: Latin Regina
Meaning:The Queen, the ruler
Alternative spelling: Reginka, Regunia, Regusia
Interesting Facts:This name refers to the name Regina Coeli, which is used to refer to the Mother of God, the Queen of Heaven.
Famous Persons: Regina Smendzianka was a Polish pianist.
Name Day:September 7, January 18

81.  Renata

How to pronounce: reh-NAH-tah
Origin: Latin Renatus
Meaning:Reborn, born again
Male version of the name:Renat
Alternative spelling: Rena, Renia, Renatka
Famous Persons: Renata Mauer is a Polish sport shooter.
Name Day:November 12, February 1, March 28

82.  Sabina

How to pronounce: sa-BEE-nah
Origin: Latin Sabinów
Meaning:Originally from the Sabines
Male version of the name:Sabin
Alternative spelling: Saba, Sabcia
Interesting Facts:The Sabines were a tribe living in central Italy in ancient times.
Famous Persons: Sabina Sebyłowa was a Polish writer.
Name Day:August 20, 29, October 27

83.  Sylwia

How to pronounce: SYL’-wee-ya
Origin: Latin Silvius
Meaning:Forest, wild
Alternative spelling: Sylwa, Sylwunia
Interesting Facts:This name may also originate from the Roman family of Sylvius.
Famous Persons: Sylwia Gruchała is a Polish rapier fencer. 
Name Day:November 3, 5, February 7

84.  Urszula

How to pronounce: ur-SHOO-lah
Origin: Latin Ursula
Alternative spelling: Urszulka, Usia, Uśka
Variations in other languages:Ursula (English)
Famous Persons: Urszula Dudziak is a Polish jazz singer.
Name Day:October 21, November 21, May 29

Unique Polish Names For Girls 

The following names are not as popular but are beautiful and creative. If you choose the name from this list, your child will stand out from the crowd.

85.  Adela

How to pronounce: ah-DEH-la
Origin: Old German Adal
Alternative spelling: Adelina, Ada, Adelcia, Adelek
Interesting Facts:Abbreviated form of two-membered Germanic names such as Adalberg, Adalgunda, Adelaide, Adelinda.
Famous Persons: Adela Dankowska is a former Polish airplane pilot. 
Name Day:November 23, December 24

86.  Aldona

How to pronounce: al’-DOH-nah
Origin: Old Prussian Aldegut
Meaning:Good fame
Alternative spelling: Aldoncia, Aldoncik
Interesting Facts:This name is a transformed version of the Greek name Eudokia.
Famous Persons: Aldona Dąbrowska is a Polish singer.
Name Day:September 9, 10, October 10

87.  Bernadeta

How to pronounce: ber-nah-DEH-tah
Origin: Old German Bern and Hart
Meaning:Strong bear
Male version of the name:Bernard
Alternative spelling: Bernadetka, Betka
Variations in other languages:Bernadette (French)
Famous Persons: Bernadetta Machała-Krzemińska is a Polish actress.
Name Day:January 16, 19, Febryary 7

88.  Dagmara

How to pronounce: dag-MAH-rah
Origin: Scandinavian 
Meaning:Famous day
Male version of the name:Dagmar
Alternative spelling: Dagma
Famous Persons: Dagmara Matuszak
Name Day:December 12, 20, May 24

89.  Elwira

How to pronounce: el’-VEE-rah
Origin: Old German
Meaning:Associated with the noun “elves” – mythological spirits.
Alternative spelling: Elwircia, Elwirka, Elwiruś
Interesting Facts:This may be derived from the Moorish word El-mira which means ‘duchess’ or ‘honorable lady’.
Famous Persons: Elwira Żmudzka is a Polish climatologist.
Name Day:July 16

90.  Franciszka

How to pronounce: fran-CHEE-shka
Origin: Italian 
Male version of the name:Franciszek
Alternative spelling: Franeczka, Frani, Frania
Variations in other languages:Frances (English), Franca/Franceska (Italian)
Famous Persons: Franciszka Cegielska was a Polish politician.
Name Day:March 9, August 21, September 17

91.  Gabriela

How to pronounce: gab-ree-EH-lah
Origin: Ancient Hebrew גבריאל
Meaning:My power is God, the power of God
Male version of the name:Gabriel
Alternative spelling: Gabcia, Gabi, Gabruś
Variations in other languages:Gabrielle (English)
Famous Persons: Gabriela Kownacka was a Polish actress. 
Name Day:October 17, December 19, 27

92.  Grazyna

How to pronounce: gra-ZHY-nah
Origin: Lithuanian Grażus
Alternative spelling: Grazia, Grażka
Interesting Facts:Invented by Adam Mickiewicz for the title character of his poem from 1823.
Famous Persons: Grażyna Torbicka is a Polish journalist.
Name Day:April 1, July 26

93.  Irmina

How to pronounce: eer-MEE-nah
Origin: Old German Irmen
Meaning:Honored, respected
Alternative spelling: Imcia, Imka
Famous Persons: Irmina Popławska was a famous Polish tennis player.
Name Day:December 24, September 18

94.  Jadwiga

How to pronounce: ya-DWEE-gah
Origin: Old German Hadu and Wig
Meaning:A brave woman
Alternative spelling: Jadwiśka, Jadzia, Jadzienka
Variations in other languages:Hedviga (English)
Interesting Facts:In Poland, this name was recorded for the first time in 1208.
Famous Persons: Jadwiga Wołoszyńsk was a Polish botanist and hydrobiologist.
Name Day:October 15, 16, April 14

95.  Janina

How to pronounce: yah-NEE-nah
Origin: Ancient Hebrew יוחנן
Meaning:God had mercy
Male version of the name:Jan, Janusz
Alternative spelling: Jana, Joanna
Variations in other languages:Jeanne (French), Yana (Russian), Giovanna (Italian)
Famous Persons: Janina Szreniawa was a theatre actress. 
Name Day:June 22, 24, November 4

96.  Leokadia

How to pronounce: leh-oh-KAH-dee-ya
Origin: Ancient Greek λευκος
Meaning:Caring for the people
Male version of the name:Leokadiusz
Alternative spelling: Leosia, Loda
Famous Persons: Leokadia Halama was a Polish dancer and choreographer. 
Name Day:December 9

97.  Malwina

How to pronounce: mahl-VEE-nah
Origin: Old German mahal and wini
Meaning:A law-abiding friend
Male version of the name:Malwin
Alternative spelling: Malwincia, Malwineczka
Variations in other languages:Malvie (English), Malwiene (German)
Famous Persons: Malwina Zielińska is a Polish model.
Name Day:July 4

98.  Matylda

How to pronounce: ma-TYL’-dah
Origin: Old German Macht and Hiltia
Meaning:A strong and brave woman
Alternative spelling: Matylka, Matysia
Variations in other languages:Mathilda (English)
Famous Persons: Matylda Baczyńska is a Polish actress.
Name Day:March 14, May 31

99.  Tamara

How to pronounce: tah-MAH-rah
Origin: Ancient Hebrew ‏תַמַר
Meaning:Date palm 
Alternative spelling: Tamarcia, Tamareczka
Famous Persons: Tamara Sorbian was a Polish director and screenwriter.
Name Day:June 3

100.  Zuzanna

How to pronounce: zu-ZAN-nah
Origin: Ancient Hebrew שושנה
Meaning:Lily, anemone
Alternative spelling: Zuza, Zuzanka, Zuzi
Variations in other languages:Susan (English)
Interesting Facts:This name has been present in Poland since the 13th century.
Famous Persons: Zuzanna Rabska was a Polish poet and writer.
Name Day:August 11, September 20, October 11

Bottom Line

Polish names are really interesting and beautiful. Many Polish names have great depth and meaning to them. If you want to give your child a Polish name, we believe it is a great choice! We wish you all the best on your way!

©️ By Marina Kaverina