TOP 200 Portuguese Names For Boys And Girls: Origin, Meaning, Variations And Pronunciation

Portuguese names

Portuguese is one of the most beautiful languages ​​in the world. This language is used in Portugal, Brazil, and other Portuguese-speaking areas.

Map of the distribution of the Portuguese language in the world.

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Therefore, the concept of “Portuguese” includes the European and Brazilian languages. This significantly affects the pronunciation of many names. So the same name in Portugal and Brazil can be heard in completely different ways. 

Today we will try to consider the Portuguese names from Portugal itself. And, in one of the following articles, we will definitely talk about Brazil.

Portugal, an amazing country with low mountain ranges, rolling plains, and a beautiful coastline dotted with sandy beaches and rocky cliffs, is located on the Iberian Peninsula of Southwestern Europe and faces the Atlantic. 

Portugal, a nation which emerged from the ancient Iberian tribe of the Lusitans, is one of the oldest European nations. The Lusitans tribe eventually entered the Roman Empire, which led to the romanization of the country. In addition, 8th-13th century Arab domination also had a significant impact on this country. 

The Portuguese are ardent Catholics. Despite the fact that the church is now separated from the state, it remains a very influential spiritual force.

The Portuguese language is close to Spanish, but they are far from the same. This is not difficult to verify, even just by listening to Portuguese speech. 

The names of the Portuguese of ancient Germanic origins appeared in the language due to the residence of the Germanic tribes of the Vandals and Visigoths in the area.

Since the Portuguese adhere to Catholic traditions often when choosing a name, they try to focus on church calendars (Maria, Ana, Mariana).

There are many names in Portugal that come from Greek and Latin words. This is explained by the popularity of ancient monuments of literature and architecture in medieval Europe. Thanks to reading, theatrical performances, and the study of deities, the Portuguese adopted a huge number of names (Aureliano Diana).

Another group is Spanish borrowings. Presumably, they appeared during the period of Portugal’s dependence on Spain between 1580 – 1640 (Pilar).

Traditional Portuguese names and surnames used to indicate some feature of a particular person. It could be the color of the skin, or a character trait that distinguishes its property (Imaculada, Branca).

Portuguese names are very strictly viewed at the state level. This is perhaps one of the few countries where it is important for the government that its inhabitants have normal names. The country also has two lists of female and male names allowed and prohibited, with the second list getting bigger every year.

Here is a large list of male and female Portuguese names. Perhaps in this list you will find a suitable name for your baby!

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Top 100 Portuguese Names For Boys

Portuguese Boy

Choosing a baby name is hard.  But there are so many Portuguese names to choose from! The following are some of the most popular, beautiful, and interesting names from Portugal. Let’s get onto the names you are allowed to call your baby.

Portuguese Boy Names With Greek And Latin Origins

The Antique period of Rome and Greece influenced the cultures of many countries, including Portugal. There are many Portuguese names with Greek and Latin roots. 

Names With Greek Origins

1.  Alexandre

How to pronounce: u-li-SHUNN-dri
Origin: Ancient Greek Ἀλέξανδρος
Meaning:Man’s defender
Female version of the name:Alexandra
Alternative spelling: Alex, Alê, Xano, Xande, Xando, Xandinho, Xaninho, Xandão, Xanxan, Xanxo, Leko
Variations in other languages:Oleksandr (Ukrainian), Aleksandr (Russian), Alexandr (German), Alejandro (Spanish)
Famous Persons: Alexandre Herculano de Carvalho e Araújo was a Portuguese historian and novelist [1].

2.  Andre

How to pronounce: un-DREH
Origin: Ancient Greek Ἀνδρέας
Female version of the name:Andresa
Alternative spelling: Andresinho, Andrezinho, An, Dedé, Dê, Déco, Dezão, Dézinho
Variations in other languages:Andrew (English), Andrey (Russian), Anders (Swedish), Andrés (Spanish)
Famous Persons: André de Gouveia was a humanist and Renaissance pedagogue.

3.  Angelo

How to pronounce: UN-zhi-loo
Origin: Ancient Greek ἄγγελος
Meaning:Angel, the messenger
Female version of the name:Ângela
Alternative spelling: Angelinho, Anjinho, Gelo, Gé, Gelinho
Variations in other languages:Angel (Spanish)
Famous Persons: Ângelo Matos Mendes Veloso was a politician from Portugal.

4.  Arsenio

How to pronounce: ur-SEH-nyoo 
Origin: Ancient Greek Ἀρσένιος
Female version of the name:Arsênia
Variations in other languages:Arsen (Armenian), Arsène (French)
Interesting Facts:This is the name of the 5th-century saint and tutor of Arcadius and Honorius, the two sons of Theodosius the Roman emperor.
Famous Persons: Arsénio Martins Lafuente Nunes is a footballer from Portugal.

5.  Basilio

How to pronounce: ba-SEE-lee-o
Origin: Ancient Greek Βασίλειος
Variations in other languages:Vasiliy (Russian), Basil (English)
Interesting Facts:Saint Basil the Great, a 4th-century bishop from Caesarea, was a father of the early Christian church.
Famous Persons: Basílio da Gama was a poet from Portugal.

6.  Diogo

How to pronounce: dee-O-goo
Origin: Ancient Greek διδαχή 
Alternative spelling: Dioguinho, Dioguito, Di, Didi, Diguinho
Variations in other languages:Diego (Spanish)
Famous Persons: Diogo Cão was a navigator from Portugal who is remembered for his exploits during the ‘Age of Discovery’ in the 15th century.

7.  Dinis

How to pronounce: dee-NEESH
Origin: Ancient Greek Διονύσιος
Meaning:Dedicated to the god Dionysus
Female version of the name:Denisa
Alternative spelling: Dionísio, Dio, Didi, Dinisinho
Interesting Facts:Dionysus, from which this name is derived, is the Greek god presiding over wine, pleasure, frenzy, grapes, and vegetation.
Famous Persons: Dinis Martins Vital was a goalkeeper from Portugal.

8.  Estevao

How to pronounce: SHTE-vo
Origin: Ancient Greek Στέφανος
Alternative spelling: Estevãozinho, Tevão 
Variations in other languages:Stephen (English), Stepan (Russian)
Famous Persons: Estêvão Cacella was a Jesuit missionary from Portugal.

9.  Eugenio

How to pronounce: e-oo-ZHE-nee-o
Origin: Ancient Greek Εὐγένιος
Female version of the name:Eugénia
Alternative spelling: Geninho, Ninho
Variations in other languages:Evgeniy (Russian), Evgen (Ukrainian)
Famous Persons: Eugénio André Calesso das Neves is a football player from Portugal.

10.  Gregorio

How to pronounce: gre-GO-ree-oo
Origin: Ancient Greek Γρηγόριος
Meaning:Watchful, alert
Female version of the name:Gregória
Alternative spelling: Grego, Greguinho, Grê
Variations in other languages:Grigoriy (Russian)
Interesting Facts:This name has been common all throughout the Christian world since the Middle Ages due to the renown of several saints named Gregory and and its variants.
Famous Persons: Gregório Lopes was a highly renowned Portuguese Renaissance painter.

11.  Jorge

How to pronounce: ZHAWR-zhi
Origin: Ancient Greek Γεώργιος
Female version of the name:Jorgina
Alternative spelling: Jorgim, Jorginho, Jô, Joca, Jorjão, Dodinho
Variations in other languages:George (English), Georgiy (Russian), Djordje (Serbian)
Interesting Facts:This name is a Portuguese variation of ‘George’.
Famous Persons: Jorge Gabriel Mendes Fialho is a television presenter from Portugal..

12.  Julio

How to pronounce: ZHOO-lyoo
Origin: Ancient Greek  ἴουλος 
Female version of the name:Júlia
Alternative spelling: Julico, Ju, Juca, Jujuco, Julinho
Variations in other languages:Juliusz (Polish), Giuliano (Italian)
Famous Persons: Júlio José de Pinho Isidro do Carmo is a television and radio presenter from Portugal.

13.  Lino

How to pronounce: LEE-no
Origin: Ancient Greek Λῖνος
Female version of the name:Lina
Variations in other languages:Linus (Swedish)
Interesting Facts:This is the name of one of the sons of Apollo in Greek mythology. He is accidentally killed by his father in a contest.
Famous Persons: Lino António da Conceição was a Portuguese modernist painter and artist.

14.  Narciso

How to pronounce: nar-THEE-so
Origin: Ancient Greek νάρκη 
Meaning:Sleep, numbness
Female version of the name:Narcisa
Alternative spelling: Ciso
Variations in other languages:Narcisse (French)
Interesting Facts:This is the name of a Greek mythological figure who was so enamored by his own reflection that he eventually died gazing at it and transformed into a Narcissus flower.
Famous Persons: Narciso Ferreira was an entrepreneur from Portugal.

15.  Nestor

How to pronounce: NESH-tor 
Origin: Ancient Greek Νέστωρ
Meaning:To return
Variations in other languages:Nestori (Finnish)
Interesting Facts:This is the name of the King of Pylos in Homer’s Iliad. He is an elder and acts as a counselor to the soldiers.
Famous Persons: Nestor Paiva was an actor from America.

16.  Nicolau

How to pronounce: nee-koo-LOW
Origin: Ancient Greek Νικόλαος
Meaning:Victory of the people
Female version of the name:Nicoleta
Alternative spelling: Nico, Lalau
Variations in other languages:Nikolay (Russian), Mykola (Ukrainian), Niklas (Swedish)
Famous Persons: Nicolau Breyner, one of the most famous figures in Portuguese cinema and television, was a Portuguese director, producer, actor, screenwriter, and television host [2].

17.  Pedro

How to pronounce: PEH-droo
Origin: Ancient Greek Πέτρος
Female version of the name:Pedrina
Alternative spelling: Pedrinho, Pedrito, Peu, Pê, Pepê, Pedrico
Variations in other languages:Peter (English)
Interesting Facts:This name and its variants have been popular throughout the Christian world for a long time due to the renown of the apostle.
Famous Persons: Pedro Álvares Cabral was a Portuguese explorer, navigator, military commander, and nobleman.

Names With Latin Origins

18.  Adriano

How to pronounce: a-dree-A-no
Origin: Latin Hadrianus
Female version of the name:Adriana
Alternative spelling: Adri, Aninho, Dri, Draco, Adrico, Didi
Variations in other languages:Adorjan (Hungarian), Jadran (Serbian)
Interesting Facts:This name comes from the Latin ‘Hadrian’ and is often interpreted to refer to Adria, the port city.
Famous Persons: Adriano José Alves Moreira is a lawyer, politician, and professor of international relations and political science.

19.  Agnelo

How to pronounce: ag-NE-lo
Origin: Latin Agnellus
Female version of the name:Agnela
Alternative spelling: Nelo, Nelinho , Agnelinho
Interesting Facts:This name is used as both a nickname and a personal name. As a nickname it refers to a person who is mild or meek in character, and is popular as a first name due to the lamb being a symbol of Christ.
Famous Persons: Agnelo Ornelas do Rego was a Portuguese politician, lawyer, and registry clerk.

20.  Albano

How to pronounce: al-BA-no
Origin: Latin Albanus
Meaning:From Alba
Female version of the name:Albana
Alternative spelling: Albaninho, Baninho
Variations in other languages:Alban (French)
Interesting Facts:Alba referred to various places throughout the Roman Empire. Alba Longa was a particularly well-known city in Central Italy.
Famous Persons: Albano Narciso Pereira was a football player from Portugal.

21.  Albino

How to pronounce: al-BEE-no
Origin: Latin Albus
Female version of the name:Albina
Alternative spelling: Albininho, Bino, Bininho
Variations in other languages:Albin (French)
Famous Persons: Albino Aroso Ramos was a politician and doctor, known as the “father of family planning in Portugal” [3].

22.  Antonio

How to pronounce: un-TAW-nyoo 
Origin: Latin Antonius
Meaning:From the family of the Antonias
Female version of the name:Antónia
Alternative spelling: Tonho, Tuca, Torrim, Toni, Tó, Tony, Toninho, Tim, Tonico, Tom, Toinho, Titu, Tito, Tico, Noinho
Variations in other languages:Anton (Russian)
Interesting Facts:This was a family name of a well-renowned family in the Roman empire that has since become a personal name.
Famous Persons: Father António Vieira was an Afro-Portuguese member of the Royal Council to the King of Portugal, priest, orator, diplomat, writer, philosopher, and Jesuit priest.

23.  Augusto

How to pronounce: ow-GOOSH-too
Origin: Latin Augustus
Meaning:Exalted, venerable
Female version of the name:Augusta
Alternative spelling: Gugu, Gus, Gustinho, Guto, Tuta
Variations in other languages:August (Polish)
Interesting Facts:Augustus was the title chosen by the first emperor of Rome, Octavian.
Famous Persons: Augusto César de Almeida de Vasconcelos Correia was the 57th Prime Minister of Portugal, a diplomat, and a surgeon.

24.  Camilo

How to pronounce: ka-MEE-lo
Origin: Latin Camillus
Meaning:A youth employed in religious services
Female version of the name:Camila
Alternative spelling: Mimilo, Milo, Camilinho, Cá, Cacá
Variations in other languages:Kamil (Czech), Camillo (Italian)
Famous Persons: Camilo Castelo Branco was a prolific 19th-century writer [4].

25.  Cesar

How to pronounce: SEH-zur
Origin: Latin Caesaries
Female version of the name:Cesária
Alternative spelling: Césaro, Cesário, Cé, Cesinho, Cecel
Variations in other languages:Cesare (Italian), Cezary (Polish)
Interesting Facts:Julius Caesar and his adopted son Julius Caesar Octavianus (later Emperor Augustus) ruled the Roman empire in succession during the 1st century BCE.
Famous Persons: César Magarreiro is a writer from Portugal.

26.  Cristiano

How to pronounce: kreesh-TYU-noo
Origin: krees-TYAN 
Meaning:Latin Christianus
Female version of the name:Cristiana
Alternative spelling: Cristian, Cris, Cri, Titi
Variations in other languages:Christian (English), Krisztián (Hungarian), Krystian (Polish)
Interesting Facts:This name appears in the Acts of the Apostles as a general name referring to Christians and spreads as a nickname before becoming a personal name with many variants.
Famous Persons: Cristiano Ronaldo is a football player in the forward position who is regarded as one of the greatest players in the world [5]. 

27.  Domingos

How to pronounce: do-MEEN-gos
Origin: Latin Dominicus
Meaning:Of the Lord
Female version of the name:Domingas
Alternative spelling: Dodó, Dó, Dominguinhos
Variations in other languages:Domenico (Italian), Dominik (Polish)
Famous Persons: Domingos António de Sequeira was a famous painter from Portugal.

28.  Emilio

How to pronounce: eh-MEE-lyo 
Origin: Latin Aemulus
Female version of the name:Emília
Alternative spelling: Emilinho, Milo, Milinho
Variations in other languages:Émile (French)
Famous Persons: Emílio Vitalino Santiago was a singer from Brazil.

29.  Fabio

How to pronounce: FA-byoo  
Origin: Latin Faba
Female version of the name:Fábia
Alternative spelling: Fabinho, Fabí, Fá, Fafá, Bi, Bibi, Binho
Interesting Facts:Quintus Fabius Maximus was a 3rd-century Roman general who halted the invasion of Hannibal.
Famous Persons: Fábio Alexandre da Silva Coentrão is a retired football player from Portugal.

30.  Fausto

How to pronounce: FOWS-to
Origin: Latin Faustus
Female version of the name:Fausta
Alternative spelling: Fau, Fafau
Variations in other languages:Fausti (Italian)
Famous Persons: Fausto, the artistic name of Carlos Fausto Bordalo Gomes Dias, is a singer and composer from Portugal.

31.  Januario

How to pronounce: zha-nu-AH-riu
Origin: Latin Januarius
Female version of the name:Januária
Variations in other languages:Gennaro (Italian), Jenaro (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:The name of the month January is ultimately derived from the Roman god Janus.
Famous Persons: Januário Lourenço is a jurist from Portugal.

32.  Lauro

How to pronounce: LOW-ro  
Origin: Latin Laurus
Female version of the name:Laura
Alternative spelling: Lau, Laurinho
Interesting Facts:Laurel leaves were used in victors’ garlands by the ancient Romans, giving this name a positive connotation.
Famous Persons: Lauro António de Carvalho Torres Corado was a filmmaker from Portugal.

33.  Leonel

How to pronounce: leh-o-NEHL
Origin: Latin Leo
Female version of the name:Leonela
Alternative spelling: Leo, Léo
Variations in other languages:Lionel (French)
Famous Persons: Leonel Vieira is a Portuguese producer and film director.

34.  Lourenco

How to pronounce: lo-REHN-soo
Origin: Latin Laurus
Female version of the name:Lourença
Alternative spelling: Loló, Lourençinho
Variations in other languages:Laurence (English)
Interesting Facts:This name also has associations with Laurentum, the ancient Italian city.
Famous Persons: Lourenço Osório de Aragão Ortigão Pinto is an actor from Portugal.

35.  Luciano

How to pronounce: loo-SYU-noo
Origin: Latin Lux
Female version of the name:Luciana
Alternative spelling: Lu, Luci, Lulú
Variations in other languages:Lukyan (Russian)
Famous Persons: Luciano Martins Freire was a painter from Portugal [6].

36.  Marcal

How to pronounce: mar-SAL
Origin: Latin Marcus
Meaning:Dedicated to the god Mars, warlike
Female version of the name:Marcela
Alternative spelling: Marçalinho, Maro, Mar
Interesting Facts:Mars was the god of war in Roman mythology, often considered analogous to the Greek god Ares.
Famous Persons: Marçal de Azevedo Pacheco was a politician from Portugal.

37.  Marcos

How to pronounce: MAR-koosh
Origin: Latin Marcus
Meaning:Dedicated to god Mars, to be warlike
Alternative spelling: Marcão, Marquinhos, Marquito, Maquim, Maquito, Má, Quiquim, Quiquito, Quito, Caco
Variations in other languages:Mark (English), Marko (Ukrainian)
Interesting Facts:This is a Portuguese variation of ‘Mark’. Mark is considered to be the author of the Second Gospel in the Bible.
Famous Persons: Marcos António da Fonseca Portugal was a classical composer from Portugal.

38.  Mario

How to pronounce: MA-ree-o
Origin: Latin Maris
Alternative spelling: Má, Marinho, Marito
Interesting Facts:This is associated with the Roman family name ‘Marius’, itself associated with Mars, the Roman god of war.
Famous Persons: Mário Soares is a politician from Portugal.

39.  Martim

How to pronounce: mar-TEEN
Origin: Latin Martis
Meaning:Dedicated to god Mars
Female version of the name:Martina
Alternative spelling: Martin, Mar, Tin, Martininho 
Variations in other languages:Martin (English), Martyn (Ukrainian)
Interesting Facts:This is a Portuguese variation of ‘Martin’.
Famous Persons: Martim Eduardo Corte-Real de Albuquerque was a historian from Portugal.

40.  Mauro

How to pronounce: MOW-ro
Origin: Latin Maurus
Meaning:North African, mooris
Female version of the name:Maura
Alternative spelling: Ma, Maurinho
Famous Persons: Mauro Oscar Coelho da Silva is a Portuguese former football player.

41.  Octavio

How to pronounce: ok-TA-vee-o
Origin: Latin Octavus
Female version of the name:Octávia
Alternative spelling: Otávio
Interesting Facts:This name is a variation of the original name of the first Roman emperor, Augustus (Gaius Octavius).
Famous Persons: Octávio Floriano Rodrigues Pato was a communist leader from Portugal.

42.  Otavio

How to pronounce: o-TA-vee-o
Origin: Latin Octavus
Female version of the name:Otávia
Alternative spelling: Octávio, Távio, Tavinho, Otavinho, Tato, Tata, Tatá
Famous Persons: Otávio Edmilson da Silva Monteiro is a professional football player from Portugal.

43.  Paulo

How to pronounce: PA-oo-lo
Origin: Latin Paulus
Meaning:Small, humble
Female version of the name:Paula
Alternative spelling: Paulinho, Paulito, Pau, Paulão, Lô
Variations in other languages:Pavel (Russian), Pavlo (Ukrainian), Paul (English), Pablo (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:This is the Portuguese version of ‘Paul’. When he converted to Christianity, ‘Paul’ was the name given to Saul of Tarsus. Paul wrote epistles that form books of the New Testament.
Famous Persons: Paulo Manuel Carvalho Sousa is a former football player and current football coach.

44.  Renato

How to pronounce: ri-NA-too
Origin: Latin Renatus
Meaning:Born again
Female version of the name:Renata
Alternative spelling: Renatinho, Nato, Natinho, Rê, Tato, Tinho
Variations in other languages:Renat (Russian), René (French)
Famous Persons: Renato Júnior Luz Sanches is a football player from Portugal.

45.  Salvador

How to pronounce: sal-va-DHOR
Origin: Latin Salvator
Variations in other languages:Salvatore (Italian)
Interesting Facts:This name originally referred to Jesus.
Famous Persons: Salvador Thiam Vilar Braamcamp Sobral is a singer from Portugal.

46.  Sebastiao

How to pronounce: se-ba-STIA-no
Origin: Latin Sebastianus
Meaning:From Sebaste
Female version of the name:Sebastiana
Alternative spelling: Sebastiãozinho, Tião, Bastião, Basto, Bastinho, Bastim
Variations in other languages:Seppo (Finnish)
Interesting Facts:There was a town in Asia Minor called Sebaste, from which this name is derived.
Famous Persons: Sebastião Alba was a poet from Portugal.

47.  Sergio

How to pronounce: SEHR-zhyoo
Origin: Latin Sergius
Alternative spelling: Serginho, Sergito
Variations in other languages:Sergey (Russian), Sergiusz (Polish)
Interesting Facts:This was a Roman family name which may have had the meaning of “servant”.
Famous Persons: Sérgio de Barros Godinho is a Portuguese poet, composer, actor, singer, and songwriter.

48.  Silvestre

How to pronounce: seel-BEHS-treh
Origin: Latin Silvester
Female version of the name:Silvestra
Alternative spelling: Vero, Silvinho
Variations in other languages:Sylwester (Polish)
Famous Persons: Silvestre João Freitas Pinheiro is a footballer from Portugal.

49.  Silvio

How to pronounce: SEEL-vyo
Origin: Latin Silva
Female version of the name:Sílvia
Alternative spelling: Silvinho
Interesting Facts:Several legendary kings in Alba Longa bore this name as a family name.
Famous Persons: Sílvio Manuel de Azevedo Ferreira Sá Pereira is a football player from Portugal.

50.  Tulio

How to pronounce: TOO-lee-o
Origin: Latin Tullius
Female version of the name:Túlia
Alternative spelling: Tulinho
Famous Persons: Túlio Alberto da Rocha Espanca was an art historian from Portugal..

51.  Urbano

How to pronounce: oor-BA-no
Origin: Latin Urbanus
Meaning:City dweller
Variations in other languages:Urbain (French), Orbán (Hungarian)
Interesting Facts:This name is briefly mentioned in the Bible in one of the epistles of Paul.
Famous Persons: Urbano da Palma Rodrigues was a Portuguese novelist and playwright.

52.  Vitor

How to pronounce: VEE-tawr
Origin: Latin
Female version of the name:Vitória
Alternative spelling: Vic, Victor, Victório, Tito, Vitinho, Viví, Ví, Vitu
Variations in other languages:Vittorio (Italian), Viktor (Russian)
Famous Persons: Vítor Manuel Martins Baía is a retired football player from Portugal.

Portuguese Names For Boys With Hebrew Origin

Portuguese names of Hebrew and Biblical origin are also very popular. Take a look at our list below – maybe this is the type of name you are looking for.

53.  Abel

How to pronounce: a-BEHL
Origin: Ancient Hebrew הֶבֶל
Variations in other languages:Aapeli (Finnish)
Interesting Facts:This is the name of Adam and Eve’s second son in the Old Testament who is murdered by his brother Cain.
Famous Persons: Abel Jorge Pereira da Silva is a former football player from Portugal.

54.  Baltasar

How to pronounce: bal-ta-SHAR
Origin: Akkadian Bēl-šarra-uṣur
Meaning:Bel, protect the King(Bel – patron god of the city of Babylon)
Alternative spelling: Baltazar 
Variations in other languages:Balthazar (English), Baldassare (Italian)
Interesting Facts:Baltasar was the last king of the Neo-Babylonian Empire.
Famous Persons: Baltazar Leite Rebelo de Sousa was a doctor, professor, and politician.

55.  Barnabe

How to pronounce: BAHR-na-be
Origin: Ancient Hebrew בּר נביא
Meaning:Son of the prophet
Alternative spelling: Bebé, Bebê
Variations in other languages:Bernabé (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:In Acts in the New Testament, the name Barnabas was given to a Jew from Cyprus called ‘Joseph’ who accompanied Paul on his missionary journeys.
Famous Persons: Barnabé de Figueiredo Mascarenhas was a soldier from Portugal.

56.  Benjamim

How to pronounce: be-JA-meen
Origin: Ancient Hebrew בנימין‏
Meaning:Happy son, son of the right hand
Variations in other languages:Bünyamin (Turkish)
Interesting Facts:This was the name of the youngest of Jacob’s twelve sons in the Old Testament.
Famous Persons: Benjamim Pereira was a Portuguese ethnologist, museologist, and anthropologist.

57.  Daniel

How to pronounce: du-nee-EHL
Origin: Ancient Hebrew דָּנִיֵּאל‎ 
Meaning:God is my Judge 
Female version of the name:Daniela
Alternative spelling: Danielzinho, Danielinho, Daninho, Dá, Dadazinho, Dani, Dan, Dandan, Danico, Dodó
Variations in other languages:Daniil (Russian), Danylo (Ukrainian)
Interesting Facts:In The Book of Daniel, which takes place during the Babylonian captivity of the Jews, Daniel works in the court of King Nebuchadnezzar interpreting his dreams. After being thrown into a den of lions, an angel saved him. 
Famous Persons: Daniel do Rêgo Boaventura is a Brazilian musician, actor, voice actor, and singer.

58.  Eliseu

How to pronounce: EE-lee-seo
Origin: Ancient Hebrew אֱלִישָׁע
Meaning:God is salvation
Alternative spelling: Seseu, Liseu
Variations in other languages:Eliseo (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:This is derived from Elijah (or Elisha) of the Old Testament, said to be a miracle worker and prophet.
Famous Persons: Eliseu Pereira dos Santos, known simply as Eliseu, is a former football player from Portugal.

59.  Emanuel

How to pronounce: eh-mu-noo-EHL
Origin: Ancient Hebrew עִמָּנוּאֵל
Meaning:God with us
Female version of the name:Emanuela
Alternative spelling: Manuel
Interesting Facts:In the Old Testament, this is the foretold name of the Messiah.
Famous Persons: Emanuel Jesus Bonfim Evaristo is a Portuguese football player.

60.  Gaspar

How to pronounce: gas-PAR
Origin: Ancient Hebrew גִּזְבָּר 
Alternative spelling: Gasparinho
Variations in other languages:Jasper (English)
Interesting Facts:One of the wise men of the New Testament is often assigned this name.
Famous Persons: Gaspar de Lemos, a Portuguese explorer, captained the supply ship of Pedro Álvares Cabral’s fleet.

61.  Joaquim

How to pronounce: zhoo-u-KEEN
Origin: Ancient Hebrew יְהוֹיָקִים
Meaning:Raised by Yahweh
Female version of the name:Joaquina
Alternative spelling: Quim, Kim, Joca, Jaquim, Quinzinho
Variations in other languages:Gioacchino (Italian), Joaquín (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:Saint Joachim, according to the Gospel of James, was Saint Anne’s husband and the Virgin Mary’s father.
Famous Persons: Joaquim António Portugal Baptista de Almeida is an actor from Portugal.

62.  Josue

How to pronounce: zhoo-zoo-EH
Origin: Ancient Hebrew יְהוֹשׁ֫וּעַ
Meaning:Yahweh is salvation
Female version of the name:Josiana
Alternative spelling: Jô, Jozinho
Variations in other languages:Joshua (English)
Interesting Facts:According to the Old Testament, Joshua was a friend of Moses. He became the leader of the Israelites and led the conquest of Canaan after the death of Moses.
Famous Persons: Josué Filipe Soares Pesqueira is a football player from Portugal.

63.  Joel

How to pronounce: zhoo-EHL
Origin: Ancient Hebrew יוֹאֵל
Meaning:Yahweh is God
Female version of the name:Joela
Alternative spelling: Jô, Joelinho
Variations in other languages:Joël (Dutch)
Interesting Facts:This is the name of one of the minor prophets of the Bible. The Book of Joel describes a locust plague.. 
Famous Persons: Joel Ferreira Figueiredo, better known as Joel Fausto, is a musician, composer, songwriter, and record producer.

64.  Jose

How to pronounce: zhoo-ZEH
Origin: Ancient Hebrew יוֹסֵף
Meaning:He will add, taken away or praise, fame taken away
Female version of the name:Josefa
Alternative spelling: Zé, Zeca, Zézé, Zezinho, Zezim, Zico, Zezito, Sito, Jô, Juca, Jozinho
Variations in other languages:Joseph (English)
Interesting Facts:This is a Portuguese variation of ‘Joseph’. Joseph is the name of the husband of Mary, Jesus’ mother, in the New Testament.
Famous Persons: José Mário Branco is a famous singer and songwriter from Portugal.

65.  Mateus

How to pronounce: ma-TE-oosh
Origin: Ancient Hebrew מַתִּתְיָהוּ
Meaning:Gift of God
Alternative spelling: Matheus, Mate, Seseu, Teteu, Teus, Theus
Variations in other languages:Matthew (English), Matvey (Russian), Mateusz (Polish), Mateo (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:This is the Portuguese version of ‘Matthew’. In the Bible, Matthew was a tax collector who became an apostle. He is believed to be the author of the first gospel.
Famous Persons: Mateus Borges da Fonseca is a football player from Portugal.

66.  Miguel

How to pronounce: mee-GEHL
Origin: Ancient Hebrew מי כאל
Meaning:Who is like God?
Female version of the name:Miguela
Alternative spelling: Miguelinho, Miguelito, Micas, Mico
Variations in other languages:Michael (English), Mikhail (Russian), Michel (French)
Interesting Facts:This is the Portuguese version of ‘Michael’. In the Book of Daniel in the Old Testament, Archangel Michael appears. In the Book of Revelation in the New Testament, he is the leader of the  heavenly army.
Famous Persons: Miguel de Sacadura Cabral Portas was a politician from Portugal.

67.  Moises

How to pronounce: moi-SEHS
Origin: Ancient Hebrew משה
Meaning:Delivered from the water
Alternative spelling: Sesinho
Variations in other languages:Moses (English)
Interesting Facts:In the Old Testament, Moses was found as a baby in the bulrushes. When he grew up, he led the Israelites out of Egyptian bondage. 
Famous Persons: Moisés Espírito Santo is a Portuguese sociologist and ethnologist.

68.  Rafael

How to pronounce: ra-fa-EHL
Origin: Ancient Hebrew רְפָאֵל
Meaning:God heals
Female version of the name:Rafaela
Alternative spelling: Ráfa, Rafinho, Fafá, Fefo, Rafaelinho
Variations in other languages:Raphael (English)
Interesting Facts:Raphael is the name of one of the archangels in the Hebrew tradition.
Famous Persons: Rafael Perestrello was an explorer from Portugal.

69.  Samuel

How to pronounce: sa-MWEHL
Origin: Ancient Hebrew שְׁמוּאֵל
Meaning:God has heard
Alternative spelling: Muel, Samu, Mumu, Samuca
Interesting Facts:Samuel was the last of the ruling judges. During a period of domination, he led the Israelites who were ultimately defeated at Mizpah in battle
Famous Persons: Samuel Nunez was a physician from Portugal.

70.  Uriel

How to pronounce: OO-ree-el
Origin: Ancient Hebrew אוּרִיאֵל
Meaning:God is my light
Interesting Facts:In Hebrew tradition, Uriel is an archangel. He warns Noah of the flood in the Book of Enoch.
Famous Persons: Uriel da Costa was a philosopher from Portugal.

Portuguese Boys Names With Different Roots

In the list of the following Portuguese names, you will find names of various origins: German, Celtic, English, Norse, and others. We hope you are sure to find something suitable for you here!

71.  Ademar

How to pronounce: a-de-MAR
Origin: Old German Adalmar
Meaning:Noble and famous
Alternative spelling: Aldemar, Adê, Dedé
Variations in other languages:Ademaro (Italian)
Famous Persons: Ademar Marques is a football player from Portugal.

72.  Alan

How to pronounce: A-lan
Origin: Breton
Alternative spelling: Alão, Alano, Alanzinho, Alãozinho
Variations in other languages:Alen (Slovene)
Interesting Facts:Some believe that this name comes from the Alans, a group of Iranians who migrated to Europe during the 4th and 5th centuries.
Famous Persons: Alan Cavalcanti is a beach soccer player from Portugal.

73.  Alfredo

How to pronounce: al-FREH-dho
Origin: Old English Ælfræd
Meaning:Elf counsel
Female version of the name:Alfreda
Alternative spelling: Fredo, Fredão, Alê, Alfredinho, Fredinho
Variations in other languages:Alfred (English)
Interesting Facts:At the end of the Middle Ages, this was a rare name. However, it experienced a revival during the 18th century.
Famous Persons: Alfredo Cristiano Keil was a romantic composer from Portugal.

74.  Alvaro

How to pronounce: AL-va-ro
Origin: Old German Albheri
Meaning:Elf and warrior
Female version of the name:Alvarina
Alternative spelling: Alvário, Al, Alvarinho, Alvinho, Varo, Varinho, Vivinho
Interesting Facts:This name was used in the 1862 opera The Force of Destiny [7].
Famous Persons: Álvaro de Campos was a Portuguese poet and heteronym of Fernando Pessoa [8].

75.  Armando

How to pronounce: AH-man-do
Origin: Old German Hardman
Meaning:Army man
Female version of the name:Armanda
Alternative spelling: Armandinho, Mando, Mandinh
Variations in other languages:Armand (French)
Interesting Facts:This is a Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish variation of ‘Herman’.
Famous Persons: Armando António Capelo Diniz da Gama is a Portuguese baritone singer and songwriter.

76.  Anselmo

How to pronounce: an-SEHL-mo
Origin: Old German Ansehelm
Meaning:God and helmet
Female version of the name:Anselma
Alternative spelling: Anselminho, Selmo, Celminho
Variations in other languages:Anselme (French)
Famous Persons: Anselmo Cardoso, known as just Anselmo, is a football player from Portugal.

77.  Arnaldo

How to pronounce: ar-NAL-do
Origin: Old German Arnold
Meaning:Eagle and power
Alternative spelling: Naldo, Arnaldinho, Naldinho
Variations in other languages:Arnold (English), Arnt (Norwegian)
Famous Persons: Arnaldo José da Silva was a Portuguese attacking midfielder.

78.  Artur

How to pronounce: ur-TOOR
Origin: Celtic Arto
Alternative spelling: Arthur, Tur, Arthuzinho, Atuchinho, Tú, Turi, Tutinho, Tutu, Tutuca, Tuzinho, Thuzão, Tuca, Tuco, Tucão, Ticão
Variations in other languages:Arturo (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:According to legend, King Arthur coordinated the defense of Britain against Saxon invaders in the late 5th and early 6th centuries [9]. 
Famous Persons: Artur Bordalo, also known as Bordalo, is a sculptural artist.

79.  Bernardo

How to pronounce: behr-NAR-dho
Origin: Old German Bernhard
Meaning:Strong bear
Female version of the name:Bernarda
Alternative spelling: Be, Bê, Bebê, Nardo, Nado, Dodô
Variations in other languages:Bernard (English), Bernát (Hungarian)
Famous Persons: Bernardo Silva, or simply Bernardo, is a football player from Portugal [10]. 

80.  Bruno

How to pronounce: BROO-noo
Origin: Old German Brun
Female version of the name:Bruna
Alternative spelling: Bebê, Bru, Bruneto, Bruninho, Bu, Buba, Bubu, Buninho, Ninho, Bruneco, Neco
Famous Persons: Bruno Miguel Borges Fernandes is a professional football player from Portugal.

81.  Carlos

How to pronounce: KAR-loosh
Origin: Old German Karl
Meaning:Free man
Female version of the name:Carla
Alternative spelling: Carlinhos, Carlitos, Litos, Carlito, Lito, Carlão, Cacá, Lolô
Variations in other languages:Charles (English)
Interesting Facts:This is a Portuguese variation of ‘Charles’.
Famous Persons: Carlos Manuel de Ascenção do Carmo de Almeida was a fado singer from Portugal.

82.  Duarte

How to pronounce: doo-AR-ti
Origin: Old English Eadweard
Meaning:Rich guard
Female version of the name:Duartina
Alternative spelling: Eduardo
Variations in other languages:Edward (English)
Interesting Facts:This is a Portuguese variation of ‘Edward’. A 15th-century Portuguese king of Portugal bore this name, named for his English ancestor Edward III.
Famous Persons: Duarte Barbosa was a writer from Portugal.

83.  Edgar

How to pronounce: ED-gar
Origin: Old English Eadgar
Meaning:Wealth and spear
Alternative spelling: Di, Ed, Dega
Variations in other languages:Edgard (French)
Famous Persons: Edgar Henrique Clemente Pêra is a filmmaker from Portugal.

84.  Ernesto

How to pronounce: ehr-NEHS-to
Origin: Old German Ernust
Female version of the name:Ernesta
Alternative spelling: Ernestinho, Nestinho
Variations in other languages:Ern/ Ernie (English), Ernst (German)
Famous Persons: Ernesto de Figueiredo Cordeiro is a Portuguese retired striker.

85.  Fernando

How to pronounce: fehr-NAN-do
Origin: Old German Ferdinand
Meaning:Journey and brave
Female version of the name:Fernanda
Alternative spelling: Ferdinando, Fernão Fernandinho, Fê, Fefê, Fer, Nano, Nandinho, Nando, Dinho
Variations in other languages:Veeti (Finnish)
Interesting Facts:This name came to the Iberian Peninsula via the Visigoths. It then became a name common within the Spanish and Portuguese royal families.
Famous Persons: Fernando António Nogueira Pessoa was a Portuguese writer, critic, translator, poet, philosopher, and publisher [11].

86.  Frederico

How to pronounce: fri-di-REE-koo
Origin: Old German Frideric
Meaning:Peaceful ruler
Female version of the name:Frederica
Alternative spelling: Frê, Riquinho, Fredynho, Quico
Variations in other languages:Frederick (English)
Famous Persons: Frederico Nobre Rosa, known simply as Frederico, was a Portuguese central defender.

87.  Geraldo

How to pronounce: kheh-RAL-do
Origin: Old German Gerwald
Meaning:Rule of the spear
Alternative spelling: Gege, Geraldinho, Gera
Variations in other languages:Gerald (English)
Interesting Facts:This name died out during the Middle Ages in England, though remained in use in Ireland. It experienced a revival in the English-speaking world during the 19th century.
Famous Persons: Geraldo Geraldes, or Gerald the Fearless, was a Portuguese folk hero and warrior.

88.  Gustavo

How to pronounce: goos-TA-vo
Origin: Old Norse Gautrstaff
Meaning:Support and Goth
Interesting Facts:The meaning and origins of this name are uncertain due to the root name not being well-attested during the Old Norse period.
Famous Persons: Gustavo Pereira Ribeiro is a skateboarder from Portugal.

89.  Henrique

How to pronounce: ehn-REE-ki
Origin: Old German Heimerich
Meaning:Home ruler
Female version of the name:Henriqueta
Alternative spelling: Rique, Riquinho, Riki, Quique, Ique, Kiko, Quico
Variations in other languages:Henry (English), Heinrich (German), Enrique (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:This is a Portuguese variation of ‘Henry’.
Famous Persons: Henrique César de Araújo Pousão was a painter from Portugal.

90.  Herberto

How to pronounce: ehr-BEHR-to
Origin: Old German Heriberht
Meaning:Bright army
Alternative spelling: Heriberto, Berto, Beto, Betinho
Variations in other languages:Herbert (English)
Interesting Facts:Though this name became rare during the Middle Ages, it gained popularity in the 19th century.
Famous Persons: Herberto Helder de Oliveira was a poet from Portugal.

91.  Humberto

How to pronounce: oon-BEHR-too
Origin: Old German Humbert
Meaning:Bright warrior
Alternative spelling: Berto, Beto, Betinho
Variations in other languages:Umberto (Italian)
Famous Persons: Humberto da Silva Delgado was a diplomat, politician, and air force general.

92.  Ivo

How to pronounce: EE-voo
Origin: Old German
Interesting Facts:Some believe that the origin of this name lies in a Celtic name element instead.
Famous Persons: Ivo Daniel Ferreira Mendonça Pinto is a professional football player from Portugal.

93.  Luis

How to pronounce: loo-EESH
Origin: Old German Chlodovech
Meaning:Fame war
Female version of the name:Luísa
Alternative spelling: Luisinho,  Lula, Luisito, Luizim, Luisão , Luizão
Variations in other languages:Louis (French)
Interesting Facts:This is a Portuguese variation of ‘Ludwig’.
Famous Persons: Luís Vaz de Camões, author of the epic poem Os Lusíadas, was a Portuguese national poet.

94.  Ludgero

How to pronounce: lud-GE-ro
Origin: Old German Leutger
Meaning:People and spear
Interesting Facts:This was the name borne by an 8th-century saint and Frisian Benedictine bishop. Saint Ludger founded a monastery in Munster.
Famous Persons: Ludgero Viegas Pinto was an artist from Portugal.

95.  Norberto

How to pronounce: nor-BEHR-to
Origin: Old German Nordbert
Meaning:North and bright
Female version of the name:Norberta
Alternative spelling: Berto, Beto, Betinho
Variations in other languages:Norbert (English)
Famous Persons: Norberto de Araújo was a Portuguese writer, translator, and journalist.

96.  Oscar

How to pronounce: OS-kar
Origin: Old Irish Osscarae
Meaning:Deer friend
Alternative spelling: Oca, Oscarinho
Variations in other languages:Oskari (Finnish)
Interesting Facts:The Scottish poet James Macpherson popularized this name in Europe in the 18th century.
Famous Persons: Óscar Luso de Freitas Lopes was a Portuguese professor and congressman.

97.  Raul

How to pronounce: ru-OOL
Origin: Old German Radulf
Meaning:Advise and wolf
Alternative spelling: Raulinho
Variations in other languages:Ralph (English)
Interesting Facts:This is a Portuguese variation of ‘Ralph’.
Famous Persons: Raul Augusto de Almeida Solnado was a Portuguese actor, comedian, and television presenter.

98.  Reinaldo

How to pronounce: ray-NAL-do
Origin: Old German Raginald
Meaning:Advise and power
Alternative spelling: Ronaldo
Variations in other languages:Reynold (English), Ragnvald (Swedish)
Famous Persons: Reinaldo Almeida Lopes da Silva is a former footballer from Portugal.

99.  Ricardo

How to pronounce: ree-KAR-dho
Origin: Old German Richard
Meaning:Brave ruler
Female version of the name:Ricarda
Alternative spelling: Ricardinho, Ric, Riki, Ri, Rica, Cardo
Variations in other languages:Richard (English)
Interesting Facts:This is a Portuguese variation of ‘Richard’.
Famous Persons: Ricardo Andrade Quaresma Bernardo is a football player from Portugal.

100.  Tristao

How to pronounce: tree-STAO
Origin: Celtic
Variations in other languages:Tristan (French)
Interesting Facts:According to legend, Tristan was sent to Ireland by his uncle King Mark of Cornwall to retrieve the woman who was supposed to be the king’s bride, Iseult. On the journey back, Tristan and Iseult accidentally drank a love potion that made them fall in love with each other. 
Famous Persons: Tristão da Cunha was a Portuguese naval commander and explorer.

Top 100 Portuguese Names For Girls

Portuguese Girl

Steeped in tradition and musicality, Portuguese names for girls make excellent choices for babies born in and out of the diaspora. We’re guessing that you’re looking for the prettiest name for your baby girl? You may just find it in our list below!

Portuguese Girl Names With Greek And Latin Origin

Here you will find a large list of female Portuguese names with Greek and Latin roots. 

Names With Greek Origin 

1.  Alexandra

How to pronounce: u-li-SHUNN-dru
Origin: Ancient Greek Ἀλέξανδρος
Meaning:Man’s defender
Male version of the name:Alexandre
Alternative spelling: Alex, Xanda, Xandinha, Xaninha,  Xandroca, Alê, Lelê
Variations in other languages:Alessandra (Italian), Oleksandra (Ukrainian), Aleksandra (Russian), Alejandra (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:This is an epithet for the goddess Hera in Greek mythology. It is also an alternate name for the Greek mythological figure Cassandra.
Famous Persons: Alexandra Lencastre is an actress from Portugal.

2.  Angela

How to pronounce: UN-zhi-lu
Origin: Ancient Greek ἄγγελος
Meaning:Angel, the messenger
Male version of the name:Ângelo
Alternative spelling: Angelinha, Lela, Gé, Anjinha
Variations in other languages:Anzhela (Russian)
Famous Persons: Ângela Pinto was an extremely popular Portuguese actor [12].

3.  Barbara

How to pronounce: BAR-ba-ra
Origin: Ancient Greek Βαρβάρα
Alternative spelling: Bá, Ba, Babi, Baba, Babinha, Binha
Variations in other languages:Varvara (Russian)
Interesting Facts:According to legend, Saint Barbara, the patron of architects, geologists, stonemasons, and artillerymen, was killed by her father Dioscorus, who was then struck and killed by a bolt of lightning. 
Famous Persons: Bárbara of Portugal was a princess, daughter of King John V.

4.  Catarina

How to pronounce: ku-tu-REE-nu
Origin: Ancient Greek καθαρός
Meaning:Pure, chaste
Alternative spelling: Ca, Cá, Cata, Rina, Tari, Catita, Ina, Kiki
Variations in other languages:Ekaterina (Russian), Kateryna (Ukrainian). Katharina (German), Catalina (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:Some believe this name derives from a variation of Hecate, the Greek goddess of magic.
Famous Persons: Catarina Cardoso Garcia da Fonseca Furtado is a Portuguese actress and television presenter.

5.  Diana

How to pronounce: dee-U-nu
Origin: Ancient Greek Διός
Meaning:Shining, bright
Alternative spelling: Din, Dindinha, Di, Didi
Variations in other languages:Diane (German)
Interesting Facts:In Roman mythology, Diana is a goddess who presides over the hunt, the moon, childbirth, and is a protector of women and young girls.
Famous Persons: Diana Patrícia Silveira da Piedade is a Portuguese songwriter and rock singer.

6.  Doroteia

How to pronounce: do-ro-TE-ya
Origin: Ancient Greek Δωρόθεος
Meaning:Gift of God
Male version of the name:Doroteo
Variations in other languages:Dorothea (English)
Interesting Facts:This name is a feminine reversal of the name elements of the name Theodore.
Famous Persons: Dorotéia de Almeida Furtado was a Portuguese-Spanish miniaturist, painter, and portraitist [13].

7.  Eugenia

How to pronounce: ew-KHEH-nya
Origin: Ancient Greek Εὐφράσιος
Male version of the name:Eugénia
Alternative spelling: Geninha, Ninha
Variations in other languages:Evgeniya (Russian)
Famous Persons: Eugénia Cândida da Fonseca da Silva Mendes was a baroness from Portugal.

8.  Helena

How to pronounce: i-LEH-nu
Origin: Ancient Greek Ἑλένη
Alternative spelling: Lena, Leninha, Leni, Lenocas, Helé, Lelé
Variations in other languages:Helene (German), Elena (Russian)
Interesting Facts:This name is associated with Beautiful Helena who was married to King Menelaus of Sparta.
Famous Persons: Helena Almeida was a Portuguese performance and multimedia artist.

9.  Idalia

How to pronounce: ee-DA-lee-ya
Origin: Ancient Greek Ιδάλιον
Meaning:Labour, work
Alternative spelling: Idalinha
Interesting Facts:This was an epithet of the Greek goddess Aphrodite.
Famous Persons: Idália Serrão is a politician from Portugal.

10.  Ines

How to pronounce: ee-NESH
Origin: Ancient Greek Ἄγνη
Alternative spelling: Inesinha, Nê, Nênê
Variations in other languages:Inessa (Ukrainian)
Interesting Facts:This is a Portuguese variation of the name ‘Agnes’.
Famous Persons: Inês Sousa Real is a Portuguese deputy and jurist.

11.  Irene

How to pronounce: ee-REH-neh
Origin: Ancient Greek Εἰρήνη
Meaning:Peace, calmness 
Alternative spelling: Ireninha, Nênê, Rerê, Ir, Nini
Variations in other languages:Irina (Russian), Iryna (Ukrainian)
Interesting Facts:This name is derived from the name of the Greek goddess who presides over peace and the season of spring.
Famous Persons: Irene do Céu Vieira Lisboa was a Portuguese writer, poet, and essayist [14].

12.  Leandra

How to pronounce: leh-AN-dra
Origin: Ancient Greek Λέανδρος 
Meaning:Lion and man
Male version of the name:Leandro
Alternative spelling: Lelê, Lê, Leandrinha
Famous Persons: Leandra Rodrigues Leal Braz e Silva is a Brazilian singer, actress, author, director, and producer.

13.  Melania

How to pronounce: meh-LA-nya
Origin: Ancient Greek Μέλαινα
Meaning:Dark, black
Alternative spelling: Mel
Variations in other languages:Melany (English)
Interesting Facts:A 5th-century Roman saint bore this name, also shared with her grandmother.
Famous Persons: Melânia Gomes is a renowned actress from Portugal.

14.  Monica

How to pronounce: MO-nee-ka
Origin: Ancient Greek μόνη
Meaning:The only one
Alternative spelling: Moniquinha, Mona, Nini, Môca
Variations in other languages:Monique (French), Monika (Polish)
Interesting Facts:This name may derive from the Latin word ‘moneo’ instead, which means to ‘inspire, call, remind, predict’.
Famous Persons: Mónica Ferraz is a Portuguese songwriter and singer.

15.  Ofelia

How to pronounce: o-FE-lee-ya
Origin: Ancient Greek ὄφελος
Variations in other languages:Ophelia (English)
Interesting Facts:Originally a rare ancient Greek name, this name was revived by the 15th-century poet Jacopo Sannazaro who created a character with this name in his poem Arcadia.
Famous Persons: Ofélia Marques was a Portuguese illustrator, painter, and caricaturist.

16.  Penelope

How to pronounce: pə-NE-loop
Origin: Ancient Greek Πηνελόπη
Meaning:Type of duck
Variations in other languages:Pinelopi (Greek)
Interesting Facts:Some suggest this name could be from πήνη (pene) meaning “threads, weft” and ὄψ (ops) meaning “face, eye”. 
Famous Persons: Penélope Cotrim Nova is a television presenter from Brazil.

17.  Sofia

How to pronounce: soo-FEE-u
Origin: Ancient Greek Σοφία
Alternative spelling: Sofi, Sô, Su, Fifi
Variations in other languages:Sophia (English)
Interesting Facts:Sophia is the Greek goddess of spiritual wisdom. Once part of the Judeo-Christian heritage of the west, she has been largely forgotten about.
Famous Persons: Sofia Alexandra Cepa Escobar Ferreira da Silva is a Portuguese actress and soprano singer.

18.  Teresa

How to pronounce: teh-REH-sa
Origin: Ancient Greek θέρος
Alternative spelling: Teresinha, Terezinha, Zizinha, Té, Tété, Tetê, Teta, Têca, Tequinha, Tera
Variations in other languages:Theresa (English)
Interesting Facts:During the Middle Ages, this name was rarely found outside of Portugal and Spain.
Famous Persons: Teresa Salgueiro is a singer from Portugal.

Names With Latin Origin

19.  Adriana

How to pronounce: a-DHRYA-na
Origin: Latin Hadrianus
Meaning:From Hadria
Male version of the name:Adriano
Alternative spelling: Ana, Adri, Adrica, Daninha, Dí, Dica, Draca, Drica, Didi , Dri, Driana, Drina, Drininha, Nana, Naninha, Tidi, Dreca
Variations in other languages:Adrianna (English)
Interesting Facts:Two Roman settlements were called ‘Hadria’, the first being an important Estruscan port town in northern Italy. A second settlement in central Italy, as well as the Adriatic sea, was also named after the northern town. 
Famous Persons: Adriana Lima is a Brazilian actress and model [15].

20.  Albina

How to pronounce: al-BEE-na
Origin: Latin Albus
Male version of the name:Albino
Alternative spelling: Albininha, Bina, Bininha
Variations in other languages:Albine (French)
Famous Persons: Albina Fernandes was an active Communist Party member and a political prisoner.

21.  Aurelia

How to pronounce: AW-oo-reh-lee-aw
Origin: Latin Aureus
Male version of the name:Aurélio
Alternative spelling: Aurelinha, Lela, Lelinha, Relinha
Variations in other languages:Aurélie (French)
Famous Persons: Aurélia Martins de Sousa was a painter from Portugal.

22.  Beatriz

How to pronounce: beh-a-TREES
Origin: Latin Viatrix
Alternative spelling: Bia, Tricinha, Triz, Trize, Bi, Bibi
Variations in other languages:Beatrix (English)
Interesting Facts:This name was popular with early Christians. Over time, the spelling was changed because it came to be associated with the Latin word ‘beatus’, which means ‘blessed’ or ‘happy’.
Famous Persons: Beatriz Gomes is a Portuguese marathon and sprint canoeist.

23.  Candida

How to pronounce: KUN-dee-du
Origin: Latin Candidus
Male version of the name:Cândido
Alternative spelling: Dida, Didi, Candinha
Variations in other languages:Candide (French)
Famous Persons: Cândida Branca Flor, known as Cândida Maria Coelho Soares, was a singer from Portugal.

24.  Carina

How to pronounce: ka-REE-na
Origin: Latin Carus
Meaning:Cute, beloved
Alternative spelling: Cá, Caca, Cacá, Cari,  Carininha, Rina, Rininha, Casinha
Variations in other languages:Karina (Russian)
Interesting Facts:This is the name of a constellation in the southern sky. In this case, however, it means “keel” in Latin, which refers to a part of Jason’s ship the Argo. 
Famous Persons: Carina Patrícia de Barros Freitas is a Portuguese singer-songwriter and psychiatrist.

25.  Cecilia

How to pronounce: TSEH-tsee-lee-aw
Origin: Latin Caecilius
Male version of the name:Cecilio
Alternative spelling: Cilinha, Cila, Cissa, Ciça, Cecê, Cici, Cecí, Lia
Variations in other languages:Cecilija (Slovene)
Interesting Facts:Saint Cecilia, the patron saint of music and musicians, was a 2nd- or 3rd-century martyr sentenced to die because she refused to worship the Roman gods.
Famous Persons: Cecília Supico Pinto, popularly known as Cilinha was a foundational member and president of the National Women’s Movement in Portugal.

26.  Celeste

How to pronounce: theh-LEHS-teh
Origin: Latin Caelestis
Meaning:Of the sky
Male version of the name:Celestino
Alternative spelling: Celé, Celinha, Leleca, Léstinha, Léste
Famous Persons: Celeste Martins Caeiro, also known as Celeste dos cravos (“Celeste of the carnations”), is an important Portuguese pacifist and worker [16].

27.  Celia

How to pronounce: SEH-lyu
Origin: Latin Caelum
Male version of the name:Célio
Alternative spelling: Cecé, Ceci, Celi, Céu, Cé, Celinha
Interesting Facts:This name can be used as a short form of ‘Cecilia’.
Famous Persons: Célia de Sousa Ferreira was an actress from Portugal.

28.  Claudia

How to pronounce: KLOW-dyu
Origin: Latin Claudus
Male version of the name:Cláudia
Alternative spelling: Cacá, Cláu, Claudinha, Coca, Dinha, Didinha
Variations in other languages:Klavdiya (Russian)
Famous Persons: Cláudia Rafaela Teixeira Pascoal is a singer from Portugal.

29.  Cristina

How to pronounce: kreesh-TEE-nu
Origin: Latin Christianus
Meaning:The christian 
Male version of the name:Cristiano, Cristian
Alternative spelling: Cris, Cristininha, Cristinha, Crica, Criste, Cri, Tina, Titi, Tinha, Tininha, Crisinha
Variations in other languages:Kirsten (German), Kristina (Russian), Hrystyna (Ukrainian) . Christine (English)
Interesting Facts:An early, most likely legendary, saint bore this name. She is said to have been tormented by her father, a heretic.
Famous Persons: Cristina Maria Jorge Ferreira, Director of Entertainment and Fiction at TVI, is also a television presenter and businesswoman from Portugal.

30.  Dulce

How to pronounce: DOOL-theh
Origin: Latin Dulcis
Interesting Facts:This name is highly popular throughout Portugal and Spain. It refers to “dulce nombre de Maria” – the sweet name of the Virgin Mary. 
Famous Persons: Dulce José Silva Pontes is a Portuguese singer and songwriter.. 

31.  Emilia

How to pronounce: i-MEE-lyu
Origin: Latin Aemilius
Male version of the name:Emílio
Alternative spelling: Emilinha, Mila, Milinha, Milita
Variations in other languages:Emily (English)
Famous Persons: Emília das Neves was an important early Portuguese dramatic actress.

32.  Francisca

How to pronounce: frun-SEESH-ku
Origin: Latin 
Meaning:French, frankish
Male version of the name:Francisco
Alternative spelling: Francisquinha, Chica, Chiquinha, Quica, Kika, Fran, Cisca, Tisca, Chirica, Quiquinha, Quita
Variations in other languages:Francesca (Italian), Franciszka (Polish)
Famous Persons: Francisca Eugénia da Silva Dias Van Dunem is a politician, jurist, and former Minister of Internal Administration of Portugal.

33.  Isaura

How to pronounce: ee-SOW-ra
Origin: Latin Isaurus
Meaning:From Isauria
Male version of the name:Isauro
Alternative spelling: Isa, Isaurinha
Variations in other languages:Isaure (French)
Interesting Facts:This name comes from a region in Asia Minor.
Famous Persons: Isaura Assunção da Silva Borges Coelho was a Portuguese activist and nurse.

34.  Laura

How to pronounce: LOW-ru
Origin: Latin Laurus
Male version of the name:Lauro
Alternative spelling: Laurinha, Lau, Laurita, Lalau
Variations in other languages:Loreen (English)
Interesting Facts:This name is considered to have a highly positive meaning as, in ancient Rome, they used laurel leaves in victors’ garlands. 
Famous Persons: Laura Alves  was a Portuguese radio, stage, and film actress.

35.  Mariana

How to pronounce: mu-ree-U-nu
Origin: Latin Marianus
Meaning:Dedicated to the god Mars
Male version of the name:Mariano
Alternative spelling: Má, Mamá, Mana, Mari, Marianita, Marianinha, Nã, Nana, Naninha, Riana, Ana
Interesting Facts:This name is used as a variation of the name Mariamne in Portuguese.
Famous Persons: Mariana Alcoforado was a Portuguese nun who is said to have potentially authored the Letters of a Portuguese Nun.

36.  Natalia

How to pronounce: NAW-ta-lee-aw
Origin: Latin Natale Domini
Meaning:Christmas day
Male version of the name:Natálio
Alternative spelling: Náti, Nati, Natu, Naná, Nana, Tatá, Táli
Variations in other languages:Natalie (English), Nataliya (Russian), Natalya (Ukrainian)
Famous Persons: Natália de Oliveira Correia was a Portuguese poet, intellectual, and social activist [17].

37.  Olivia

How to pronounce: O-lee-vee-aw
Origin: Latin
Meaning:Olive tree
Alternative spelling: Li, Lívia, Oli, Olivinha, Vi, Vinha
Variations in other languages:Oliwia (Polish), Olívia (Portuguese)
Famous Persons: Olívia Torres is an actress from Brazil.

38.  Patricia

How to pronounce: pa-TREE-syu
Origin: Latin Patricius
Male version of the name:Patrício
Alternative spelling: Pati, Pat, Patricinha ,  Ticha, Tita, Trícia, Tricinha, Titinha
Variations in other languages:Patricie (Czech), Patrycja (Polish)
Famous Persons: Patrícia Mouzinho is a painter from Portugal.

39.  Paula

How to pronounce: POW-lu
Origin: Latin Paulus
Meaning:Small, humble
Male version of the name:Paulo
Alternative spelling: Paulinha
Variations in other languages:Paule (French)
Famous Persons: Paula Rego is a British and Portuguese visual artist.

40.  Priscila

How to pronounce: prees-THEE-la
Origin: Latin Priscus
Alternative spelling: Cila, Cilinha, Lila, Pri, Priscilinha
Variations in other languages:Priska (German), Priscilla (Italian)
Interesting Facts:This name is present in the New Testament. There it refers to a wife of Aquila.
Famous Persons: Priscila Fantin de Freitas is an actress from Brazil.

41.  Publia

How to pronounce: POOB-lee-ya
Origin: Latin
Male version of the name:Públio
Interesting Facts:This name was borne as a title by many Romans, such as Virgil the poet and the emperor Hadrian.
Famous Persons: Públia Hortênsia de Castro was an important figure in Portuguese humanism [18].

42.  Regina

How to pronounce: reh-KHEE-na
Origin: Latin
Alternative spelling: Gina, Rê, Rerrê
Variations in other languages:Regine (German)
Interesting Facts:This name was borne by a saint in the second century and was popular among early Christians.
Famous Persons: Regina Paula Volpato Rennó is a Brazilian presenter and journalist.

43.  Renata

How to pronounce: reh-NA-ta
Origin: Latin Renatus
Meaning:Born again
Male version of the name:Renato
Alternative spelling: Renatinha, Nata, Natinha, Tata, Tatinha, Rê
Famous Persons: Renata Sorrah is an actress from Brazil.

44.  Romana

How to pronounce: ro-MA-na
Origin: Latin Romanus
Male version of the name:Romão
Variations in other languages:Romaine (French)
Famous Persons: Romana de Sousa Marques was a supercentenarian from Portugal.

45.  Sabrina

How to pronounce: sa-BREE-na
Origin: Latin Habren
Meaning:River Severn
Alternative spelling: Sasá, Bibi
Interesting Facts:This name comes from the original Welsh name for the River Severn; its Latinized form.
Famous Persons: Sabrina (Maria Teresa Villa-Lobos) is a singer from Portugal.

46.  Silvia

How to pronounce: SEEL-vya
Origin: Latin Silva
Male version of the name:Sílvio
Alternative spelling: Silvinha
Variations in other languages:Sylvia (German)
Interesting Facts:Some believe that this name is etymologically related to the Greek word for air spirits – referred to as ‘sylphs’.
Famous Persons: Sílvia Alberto is a presenter from Portugal.

47.  Valentina

How to pronounce: va-lehn-TEE-na
Origin: Latin Valens
Male version of the name:Valentim
Alternative spelling: Lelé, Val, Valzinha, Tina
Variations in other languages:Valentyna (Ukrainian)
Famous Persons: Valentina Herszage is an actress from Brazil.

48.  Vanessa

How to pronounce: va-NEH-sa
Alternative spelling: Nessa, Van
Variations in other languages:Vanessza (Hungarian), Wanessa (Polish)
Interesting Facts:This name was invented by Jonathan Swift in his 1726 poem Cadenus and Vanessa. To create this name, he reorganized the initial syllables of the first name and surname of Esther Vanhomrigh, his friend.
Famous Persons: Vanessa Silva is a Portuguese actress, singer, and songwriter.

49.  Victoria

How to pronounce: vee-TAW-ryu 
Origin: Latin
Male version of the name:Victor
Alternative spelling: Vitória
Famous Persons: Victoria Deborah Lark Guerra is a Portuguese model and actress.

50.  Violeta

How to pronounce: vee-o-LEH-ta
Origin: Latin 
Alternative spelling: Viví, Ví
Variations in other languages:Violette (French), Violet (English)
Famous Persons: Violeta Santos Moura (Vila Real) is a photojournalist from Portugal.

51.  Virginia

How to pronounce: veer-JEE-nya
Origin: Latin Virgo
Meaning:Maid, virgin
Male version of the name:Virgínio
Alternative spelling: Viví, Ví, Virgí, Gigi, Gina
Interesting Facts:This is the name of a legendary Roman woman who is said to have been killed by her father to save her from being murdered by an official.
Famous Persons: Virgínia Sofia Guerra Quaresma was the first professional female journalist in Portugal [19].

Portuguese Names For Girls With Hebrew Origin

These Portuguese women’s names with Hebrew and Biblical origins are popular. Maybe you are looking for names exactly like in the list below. 

52.  Ana

How to pronounce: A-na
Origin: Ancient Hebrew חַנָּה
Alternative spelling: Aninha, Aninhas, Anita, Anocas, Nita, Ninha, Nana, Naná, Nani, Nanita, Tata
Variations in other languages:Hanna (English), Anna (Russian)
Interesting Facts:According to the Gospel of Luke in the New Testament, Anna is a prophetess who tells everyone that Jesus will redeem Jerusalem.
Famous Persons: Ana Gomes Ferreira is a musician, songwriter, singer, and performer.

53.  Daniela

How to pronounce: da-NYEH-la
Origin: Ancient Hebrew דָּנִאֵל
Meaning:God is my judge
Male version of the name:Daniel
Alternative spelling: Dani, Da, Dadá, Danielinha, Danielzinha, Daninha, Danzinha,  Nini, Nininha, Nani, Naninha, Ela
Variations in other languages:Danièle (French), Danielle (English)
Famous Persons: Daniela Melchior is an actress from Portugal.

54.  Debora

How to pronounce: DEH-bo-ra
Origin: Ancient Hebrew דְּבוֹרָה
Alternative spelling: Dé, Debi
Variations in other languages:Deborah (English)
Interesting Facts:Deborah is the name of an Old Testament prophetess who heroically helps to form an army to defeat the Canaanites.
Famous Persons: Débora Lima Falabella is an actress from Brazil.

55.  Dina

How to pronounce: DEE-na
Origin: Ancient Hebrew דִּינָה
Alternative spelling: Din, Dindinha, Di, Didi
Variations in other languages:Dinah (Engish)
Interesting Facts:In the Old Testament, Dinah was Jacob and Leah’s daughter who was abducted by Shechem.
Famous Persons: Dina was a famous pop singer from Portugal.

56.  Elisabete

How to pronounce: i-lee-za-BEH-ti
Origin: Ancient Hebrew אֱלִישֶׁבַע
Meaning:My God is an oath
Alternative spelling: Bete, Elisa, Bé, Betinha, Beta
Variations in other languages:Elizaveta (Russian), Elisabeth (English)
Interesting Facts:This is a more recent variation which is currently used alongside the traditional Portuguese variation of this name: Isabel.
Famous Persons: Elisabete Matos is an opera singer from Portugal.

57.  Ester

How to pronounce: ehs-TEHR
Origin: Ancient Hebrew אסתר
Alternative spelling: Esther, Esterzinha, Térzinha, Tezinha, Tetê
Interesting Facts:Queen Esther of Persia has a book of the Old Testament dedicated to and named after her. The annual feast of Purum is commemorates how she saved the Jews in Persia from being slaughtered.
Famous Persons: Ester de Lemos is a professor, writer, and translator.

58.  Evelina

How to pronounce: eh-veh-LEE-na
Origin: Ancient Hebrew חַוָּה
Alternative spelling: Eva, Evinha, Evita, Lina
Variations in other languages:Ewelina (Polish)
Famous Persons: Evelina Pereira is a Portuguese actress in film, television, and stage, as well as a singer and model [20].

59.  Gabriela

How to pronounce: ga-BRYEH-la
Origin: Ancient Hebrew גַּבְרִיאֵל
Meaning:God’s warrior
Male version of the name:Gabriel
Alternative spelling: Gabi, Gabri, Bibi
Variations in other languages:Gabriele (German), Gabrijela (Croatian)
Famous Persons: Gabriela Duarte Franco is an actress from Brazil.

60.  Joana

How to pronounce: zhoo-U-nu
Origin: Ancient Hebrew יוֹחָנָן
Meaning:God is Mercy 
Male version of the name:João
Alternative spelling: Joaninha, Ju, Jô, Juju, Jana, Jojozinha
Variations in other languages:Joanna (English)
Famous Persons: Joana Vasconcelos is a designer from Portugal.

61.  Josefa

How to pronounce: kho-SEH-fa
Origin: Ancient Hebrew יוֹסֵף
Meaning:God will add
Male version of the name:José
Alternative spelling: Jô, Josi, Josefinha, Josinha, Jojô, Jojozinha
Variations in other languages:Giuseppa (Italian)
Famous Persons: Josefa de Óbidos was a Portuguese painter born in Spain.

62.  Judite

How to pronounce: zhoo-DEE-tə
Origin: Ancient Hebrew יְהוּדִית
Meaning:From Judea
Alternative spelling: Ju, Juju, Jujuba, Jujubinha, Dite, Didi
Variations in other languages:Judyta (Polish), Judith (English)
Interesting Facts:Judite, the widow who decapitated the Assyrian general Holofernes to save Israel, is the heroine of the Book of Judith.
Famous Persons: Judite Teixeira was a writer from Portugal.

63.  Madalena

How to pronounce: mu-du-LEH-nu  
Origin: Ancient Hebrew מגדל
Meaning:Of Magdala
Alternative spelling: Lena, Madá
Variations in other languages:Magdalen (English), Matleena (Finnish)
Interesting Facts:In the New Testament, Mary Magdalene is so named because she came from Magdala, the place on the coast of the sea of Galilee from which this name is derived.
Famous Persons: Madalena Almeida is an actress from Portugal.

64.  Manuela

How to pronounce: ma-NWEH-la
Origin: Ancient Hebrew עִמָּנוּאֵל
Meaning:God with us
Male version of the name:Manuel
Alternative spelling: Manela, Manu, Mané, Nelinha
Variations in other languages:Emmanuelle (French)
Famous Persons: Manuela Ferreira Leite is a Portuguese politician and economist.

65.  Marta

How to pronounce: MAR-ta
Origin: Ancient Hebrew מַרְתָּא
Meaning:The mistress, the lady
Alternative spelling: Martinha, Martita, Tatá, Tinha, Tita
Variations in other languages:Martha (English)
Interesting Facts:Marta is a New Testament woman who hosts Jesus in her home in Bethany along with her sister Maria.
Famous Persons: Marta Raquel Leite de Castro Alves is a Portuguese television presenter and actress.

66.  Noemia

How to pronounce: no-EH-mee-ya
Origin: Ancient Hebrew נָעֳמִי
Alternative spelling: Noêmi, No, Noe, Noé, Mimi, Noeminh
Variations in other languages:Naomi (English)
Interesting Facts:This name is used in the Old Testament to refer to Ruth’s mother-in-law.
Famous Persons: Noémia Maria dos Santos Costa is a Portuguese fado singer and actress.

67.  Rafaela

How to pronounce: ra-fa-EH-la
Origin: Ancient Hebrew רְפָאֵל
Meaning:God heals
Male version of the name:Rafael
Alternative spelling: Rafa, Rafaelinha, Rafinha, Faela, Fafá, Fá, Fafinha
Variations in other languages:Raphaëlle (French)
Famous Persons: Rafaela Lopes Silva is a judoka from Brazil.

68.  Raquel

How to pronounce: ra-KEHL
Origin: Ancient Hebrew רָחֵל
Alternative spelling: Quel, Quelzinha
Variations in other languages:Rachel (English)
Interesting Facts:This name is used in the Old Testament to refer to the preferred wife of Jacob.
Famous Persons: Raquel Filipa Tavares is a fado singer from Portugal.

69.  Rebeca

How to pronounce: reh-BEH-ka
Origin: Ancient Hebrew רִבְקָה
Meaning:To tie, to bind
Alternative spelling: Beca, Bequinha, Rê, Rerrê
Variations in other languages:Rebecca (English)
Interesting Facts:Rebeca is an Old Testament figure who is the mother of Jacob and Esau and the wife of Issac.
Famous Persons: Rebeca Rodrigues de Andrade is an artistic gymnast.

70.  Salome

How to pronounce: sə-loo-MEH
Origin: Ancient Hebrew שלומית
Variations in other languages:Salomea (Polish)
Interesting Facts:This was allegedly the name of tHerodias’ daughter (the consort of Herod Antipas, the tetrarch of Galilee). In the New Testament, a daughter of Herodias danced for Herod and was given the head of John the Baptist.
Famous Persons: Salomé Paulo Afonso Afonso is an athlete from Portugal.

71.  Sara

How to pronounce: SA-ra
Origin: Ancient Hebrew שָׂרָה
Alternative spelling: Sarinha
Variations in other languages:Sarah (English)
Interesting Facts:This name is used in the Old Testament. Sara is Abraham’s wife and she is considered to be the Jewish matriarch.
Famous Persons: Sara Pinto Sampaio is a supermodel from Portugal [21].

72.  Simone

How to pronounce: see-MO-ne
Origin: Ancient Hebrew שִׁמְעוֹן
Meaning:God has heard
Male version of the name:Simeão
Alternative spelling: Simona, Mone, Mona, Sisí, Sí
Variations in other languages:Jimena (Spanish), Simonne (French)
Famous Persons: Simone de Oliveira is a Portuguese actress and singer.

73.  Susana

How to pronounce: soo-SA-na
Origin: Ancient Hebrew שושנה
Meaning:Lily, anemone
Alternative spelling: Susaninha, Su, Susi
Variations in other languages:Zuzanna (Polish)
Interesting Facts:This name is used in the New Testament. It refers to a woman associated with Jesus’ ministry.
Famous Persons: Susana Félix is a Portuguese musician, singer, songwriter, producer, and actress.

Portuguese Girls Names With Different Roots 

The following Portuguese girl names will surprise and delight you with their variety. Among them are traditional names, as well as names of German, Norse, French, and other origins.

74.  Adelaide

How to pronounce: a-di-LIE-di
Origin: Old German Adalheid
Meaning:Noble type
Alternative spelling: Adê, Dedé, Deda, Delaide, Lala, Lalita, Laíde, Idinha, Alaidinha, Idizinha, Ide
Variations in other languages:Adelajda (Polish)
Interesting Facts:Saint Adelaide was the wife of Otto the Great, a 10th-century emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.
Famous Persons: Adelaide Cabete was a Portuguese republican and feminist.

75.  Alda

How to pronounce: AL-da
Origin: Old German Ald
Male version of the name:Aldo
Alternative spelling: Aldinha
Famous Persons: Alda Ferreira Pires Barreto de Lara Albuquerque was an Angolan and Portuguese poet.

76.  Alina

How to pronounce: a-LEE-na
Origin: Old German Adal
Alternative spelling: Aline, Alininha, Lina, Line, Lininha, Li, Lica, Lila, Lili, Lilica, Lin, Liloca, Linoca, Ninha, Nini
Famous Persons: Alina de Moura Guerreiro Vaz, better known as Alina Vaz, is an actress from Portugal.

77.  Amalia

How to pronounce: AW-ma-lee-aw
Origin: Old German Amal
Alternative spelling: Amélia, Amelinha, Amelita, Melha, Melita, Mel, Mezinha, Melinha, Lia, Mé, Amalinha
Variations in other languages:Amalie (German), Amalija (Slovene)
Famous Persons: Amália da Piedade Rebordão Rodrigues, better known as Amália Rodrigues or Amália, was a Portuguese actress and fado singer.

78.  Anabela

How to pronounce: a-na-BE-la
Origin: Combination of two names Anna+Isabel
Alternative spelling: Bela, Belinha
Variations in other languages:Annabel (English)
Interesting Facts:It appears that this name was first used during the Middle Ages in Scotland.
Famous Persons: Anabela Braz Pires is a Portuguese musical theater actress and singer.

79.  Berta

How to pronounce: BEHR-taw
Origin: Old German Beraht
Male version of the name:Berto
Alternative spelling: Beta, Betinha
Variations in other languages:Bertha (English), Berthe (French)
Interesting Facts:In Germanic legend, this name – usually spelled Berchta or Perchta – is borne by the goddess of weaving and animals.
Famous Persons: Berta Maria Correia de Almeida de Melo Cabral is a politician from Portugal.

80.  Bruna

How to pronounce: BROO-na
Origin: Old German Brun
Male version of the name:Bruno
Alternative spelling: Bebê, Bru, Bruni, Bruninha, Bu, Buba, Bubinha, Bubu, Bubuca, Bruneca, Neca 
Variations in other languages:Brunella (Italian)
Famous Persons: Bruna Reis Maia, is an actress from Brazil.

81.  Carla

How to pronounce: KAR-la
Origin: Old German Karl
Male version of the name:Carlos
Alternative spelling: Carlinha, Cacá, Calu, Carlota, Carlita, Lala
Variations in other languages:Carley (English)
Interesting Facts:Some believe that this name derives from the Germanic name element ‘hari’ which means ‘warrior’ or ‘army’.
Famous Persons: Carla Matadinho is a model from Portugal.

82.  Carolina

How to pronounce: ka-roo-LEE-nu
Origin: Old German Karl
Alternative spelling: Carolininha, Carô, Carolzinha, Carol, Caroca, Cacá, Cacau, Caline, Cá, Calica, Coca, Caquinha, Rol, Lina, Lili, Lol, Loli, Loló, Ló, Lolita, Lininha, Naná
Variations in other languages:Karola (Polish)
Famous Persons: Carolina Deslandes is a singer and songwriter from Portugal.

83.  Clara

How to pronounce: KLA-ra
Origin: Latin Clarus
Meaning:Bright, clear, brilliant
Male version of the name:Claro
Alternative spelling: Clarinha, Clarita, Cacá, Clá, Clacla
Variations in other languages:Chiara (Italian), Claire (English)
Interesting Facts:The feminine form of this name was made popular by the 13th-century Saint Clare of Assisi (called Chiara in Italian). She was the friend and follower of Saint Francis, and she left her wealthy family to found the order of nuns known as the Poor Clares. 
Famous Persons: Clara de Sousa is a journalist from Portugal.

84.  Clotilde

How to pronounce: klo-TEEL-de
Origin: Old German Chlotichhilda
Meaning:Fame battle
Alternative spelling: Clô, Tilde, Clozinha, Cloa, Cloclô, Coló
Variations in other languages:Clothilde (French)
Interesting Facts:This is the name of a saint who married King Clovis of the Franks and converted him to Christianity.
Famous Persons: Clotilde Rosa, was a Portuguese pedagogue, composer, and harpist.

85.  Dores

How to pronounce: DAW-rehs
Origin: Portuguese
Variations in other languages:Dolores (English)
Interesting Facts:This name comes from the Spanish title for the Virgin Mary María de los Dolores which means “Mary of Sorrows”. 
Famous Persons: Dores Aço was an actress from Portugal who was the first wife of actor José Ricardo and sister of actress Teresa Aço.

86.  Edite

How to pronounce: e-DEE-te
Origin: Old English Eadgyth
Meaning:Wealth and war
Alternative spelling: Dita
Variations in other languages:Edith (English)
Interesting Facts:After the 15th century, this name became rare, but it experienced a revival during the 19th century.
Famous Persons: Edite Castro Soeiro was a notable journalist from Portugal.

87.  Eduarda

How to pronounce: e-du-AR-ta
Origin: Old English Eadweard
Meaning:Wealth and guard
Male version of the name:Eduardo
Alternative spelling: Dú, Dudu, Duda, Dudinha, Dudoca, Duduinha, Duarda, Duca, Eduzinha, Edudinha, Eduda
Famous Persons: Eduarda Maio is a journalist from Portugal.

88.  Elvira

How to pronounce: ehl-VEE-ra
Origin: Old German Alawer
Meaning:All true
Alternative spelling: Vivi, Vira, Elvirinha
Famous Persons: Elvira Maria Correia Fortunato is a scientist who is also the Portuguese Minister of Science and Technology.

89.  Ema

How to pronounce: EH-ma
Origin: Old German
Meaning:Whole, universal
Alternative spelling: Emita, Eminha
Variations in other languages:Emma (English)
Famous Persons: Ema Berta was a painter from Portugal.

90.  Erica

How to pronounce: EH-ree-ka
Origin: Old Norse Eiríkr
Meaning:Eternal ruler
Male version of the name:Érico
Alternative spelling: Eriquinha, Quinha
Variations in other languages:Eerika (Finnish)
Interesting Facts:This name happens to be the same as the Latin word meaning “heather”.
Famous Persons: Érica Boaventura is a popular Portuguese artist.

91.  Gisela

How to pronounce: khee-SEH-la
Origin: Old German Gisil
Meaning:Hostage, pledge
Alternative spelling: Gigi, Gi
Variations in other languages:Giselle (French)
Interesting Facts:Originally, this name may have just been used as a descriptive nickname for children given as pledges to foreign courts.
Famous Persons: Gisela João Gomes Remelho is a fado singer from Portugal.

92.  Linda

How to pronounce: LEEN-da
Origin: Old German Lind
Meaning:Soft, flexible 
Alternative spelling: Lindinha
Interesting Facts:This name happens to be the same as the Spanish and Portuguese words for “beautiful”, giving it a favorable meaning in Portugal.
Famous Persons: Linda de Suza is a Portuguese, Lusophone, and Francophone author, singer, and actress.

93.  Lorena

How to pronounce: lo-REH-na
Origin: French Lorraine 
Meaning:Kingdom of Lothar (From the name of a region in France)
Alternative spelling: Lore, Ló, Loló, Lola, Lena, Lorinha, Nena, Neninha
Variations in other languages:Lorraine (English)
Interesting Facts:This has been utilized in the English-speaking world as a given since the late 19th century. It became popular after World War I.
Famous Persons: Lorena Comparato is an actress from Portugal.

94.  Leonor

How to pronounce: leh-oo-NOR
Origin: Old French Alienòr
Alternative spelling: Eleonora
Interesting Facts:This name is the Portuguese and Spanish version of ‘Eleanor’. An early bearer of the name was Eleanor of Aquitaine (12th century), the queen of Louis VII, the king of France, and  Henry II, the king of England. 
Famous Persons: Leonor Poeiras is a television presenter from Portugal.

95.  Luisa

How to pronounce: loo-EE-zu  
Origin: Old German Chlodovech
Meaning:Famous war
Male version of the name:Luís
Alternative spelling: Luiza, Luísinha, Lula, Luisita, Lu, Lulú
Famous Persons: Luísa Rosa de Aguiar Todi was a popular mezzo-soprano singer from Portugal.

96.  Marisa

How to pronounce: ma-REE-sa
Origin: The name is an Italian, Spanish and Portuguese combination of the names Maria and Luisa.
Alternative spelling: Má, Mári, Isa, Risa, Risinha, Marisinha
Variations in other languages:Marissa (English)
Famous Persons: Marisa dos Reis Nunes is a fado singer from Portugal.

97.  Matilde

How to pronounce: mu-TEEL-di
Origin: Old German Mahthildis
Meaning:Strength in the battle
Alternative spelling: Mafalda, Mafaldinha, Mafuca, Fuca, Tilde, Tilda
Variations in other languages:Matylda (Polish)
Interesting Facts:The Australian folk song Waltzing Matilda has popularized this name.
Famous Persons: Matilde Rosa Lopes de Araújo was a children’s literature writer from Portugal.

98.  Pilar

How to pronounce: pee-LAR 
Origin: Spanish
Alternative spelling: Pilarzinha, Pilarinha
Interesting Facts:This name comes from the title of the Virgin Mary, María del Pilar, meaning “Mary of the Pillar”. It is said that the Virgin Mary appeared to Saint James the Greater on a pillar.
Famous Persons: Pilar Homem de Melo is an important Portuguese singer, songwriter, and musical artist significant to the Portuguese movement of New Pop Music.

99.  Rubina

How to pronounce: roo-BEE-na
Origin: Portuguese Rubi
Interesting Facts:This name’s meaning may also be related to the Latin word ‘ruber’ which means “red”.
Famous Persons: Rubina Everlien Berardo is a Portuguese and Madeiran politician.

100.  Selma

How to pronounce: SEL-ma
Origin: Old German
Meaning:God and helmet
Alternative spelling: Zelma, Selminha, Zelminha
Variations in other languages:Zelma (English)
Famous Persons: Selma Reis was a singer and actress from Brazil.

Bottom Line

We hope our list with Portuguese names for boys and girls helped you on your way. Good luck with making your choice!

©️ By Marina Kaverina