5 Best Goat Milk Formulas For Babies And Toddlers

Goat Milk Formula
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     Our Pick For 5 Best Goat Milk Formulas

  • Best Overall Goat Milk Formula: LOULOUKA
    • Dutch company. European Organic Certified. Organic swiss-made formula with whole goat milk and lactose as the main carbohydrate.
  • Best Ingredients Goat Milk Formula: KENDAMIL
    • British company. British Soil Association and EU-certified. Formulas are made in the UK with whole A2 goat milk and lactose as the main carbohydrate.
  • Best Organic Standards Goat Milk Formula:HOLLE
    • Swiss company. Organic, Biodynamic, Demeter certified. German and EU-made formula with Organic Goat Milk. 
  • Best Goat Milk Formula For Healthy Fats: NANNYcare
    • British company. Formulas are made in New Zealand with premium whole goat milk and lactose as the main carbohydrate.
  • Best Goat Milk Formula Available In The USA Stores:KABRITA USA
    • Dutch company. The certified glyphosate-free formula in the US. Made in the Netherlands with nonfat dry goat milk and lactose as the main carbohydrate.

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Finding the right formula for your little one is a very important but not easy process! 

There are dozens of baby formula brands and a huge variety of different types: they can be cow milk-based, goat milk-based, soy-based and etc. 

As a parent you need to find not only the baby formula with the best ingredients and of the highest quality, but also the most suitable formula for your baby’s needs. Not easy… 

In our article, we will share with you the most important information you need to know about goat milk-based formulas! Why are they much healthier than cow-based formulas? How will your baby benefit from it? And what brands of goat milk-formula have the cleanest ingredient lists? 

Choose The Baby Formula That Will Make Your Little One Healthier!

There are 3 main points to consider while making your choice of the best formula for your little one. 

1. Choose the baby formula brand that cares about giving your baby the most nutritionally complete formula over profit and follows organic farming standards. These two qualities will make the formula of premium quality!

We believe that the best baby formula brands are European. Why? Because they are without a doubt healthier and better than American alternatives! If you would like proof, check this special article: The difference between American and European baby formula: ingredients, quality, and regulations.

To help you feel confident in your choice, we did some thorough research for you! By reading the article, you will get an understanding of the differences in food quality and regulations in the USA and EU, what ingredients to seek or avoid in baby formulas, and the harms heavy metals in baby food cause. You will have the resources to choose the best and healthiest formula for your baby efficiently!

2. Pay close attention to the ingredients and their quality in the baby formula!

It is important to ensure that your baby consumes safe and healthy food, especially from the first days of life. 

Compared to adults, infants are incredibly vulnerable to harmful chemicals, heavy metals, GMOs, and toxins, so if you can’t breastfeed your child, you need to make sure to give them safe baby formula.

When making this decision please keep in mind one very important fact: what we feed our children from childhood will have a huge impact on their health in the future!  

3. Based on your family history of allergies, try to choose the formula that will be less allergenic and more easily digestible for your baby.

Without a doubt, cow milk formulas have a more pleasant taste and are more available on the market! But nowadays, more and more parents are looking for an alternative formula for their kids, as more babies are sensitive to cow’s milk. 

Goat milk-based formulas are good to try because they are indeed a healthier choice! 

Why Goat Milk?

Three Goats

If you want a healthy alternative to cow’s milk, you can’t beat goat’s milk! 

Easy to digest, full of healthy vitamins and minerals, and suitable for people with milk sensitivity and lactose intolerant, goat’s milk is a great alternative to cow’s milk. 

To add to its list of amazing benefits, goat’s milk is actually more similar to breast milk than cow’s milk! 

Below, we have listed some important differences between cow’s and goat’s milk.

Goat’s Milk vs. Cow’s Milk

Different Protein [1

Children can digest goat milk more easily than cow milk because the proteins in it form a softer curd in the stomach. This different protein can go through the digestive system more rapidly and therefore might be a better option for children and infants who have problems regurgitating cow milk. 

Goat milk is also less allergenic than cow milk because it contains only tiny amounts of alpha-S1 allergenic casein protein. The casein in goat milk is more similar to natural breast milk, however it still contains the beta-lactoglobulin (other allergenic protein).

Less Lactose (Milk Sugar)

Compared to cow’s milk, goat’s milk contains slightly less lactose. This may make it more digestible for people with lactose intolerance.

There’s a Difference In Fat Molecule Size

Smaller in molecule size than the fats in cow’s milk, the fats in goat milk are easy to digest and contain many healthy fatty acids. Compared to cow’s milk, which has many long-chain fatty acids, there are more short- and medium-chain fatty acids in goat’s milk. 

Different Minerals

Compared to cow’s milk, goat’s milk contains 25% more vitamin B-6, 47% more vitamin A, 134% more potassium, 13% more calcium, 27% more of the antioxidant selenium, and three times more niacin. 

However, cow milk and goat milk formulas aren’t that different since formulas are fortified with extra vitamins and minerals to mimic human milk as much as possible and give your baby the exact nutrients they need no matter what the base of the formula is.

Goat Milk Is Easy On The Environment 

Using goat milk could be better for the environment. This is because dairy goats use less water per gallon of milk compared to other livestock used for dairy, and, per kilogram of body weight, emit nearly 20 times less methane than dairy cows. 

Is Goat Milk Less Allergenic Than Cow Milk?

Yes! Compared to cow’s milk, goat’s milk is LESS allergenic. 

In toddlers and young children under three years in the United States, the most common food allergy is to cow’s milk because of the high levels of the protein allergen in milk called Alpha S1 Casein. Mild to moderate side effects can include rashes, vomiting, and diarrhea, while serious side effects can include anaphylactic shock!

Compared to cow’s milk, goat’s milk contains 89% less Alpha S1 Casein. This makes it a far less allergenic food (although the allergen is still present, so people who are severely allergic to it shouldn’t drink goat’s milk). Some proteins in goat milk are similar to those found in cow milk, and thus might cause cross-reactivity. Therefore, goat’s milk formula shouldn’t be given to babies who have been diagnosed with a cow’s milk allergy!

However, most children diagnosed with cow’s milk sensitivity can drink goat’s milk without any problems!

How Can Babies Benefit From Goat Milk-Based Formula?

Boy Drinking Goat Milk Formula

1. More Digestible

Goat’s milk has been proven to help babies’ digestion. There are a few different reasons for this:

  • Compared to cow’s milk, the fatty acids in goat’s milk are shorter. The longer fatty acids – the harder they are to digest. However, this doesn’t mean that goat’s milk has less fat – it just means that the fats present in the milk are easier to digest.
  • When goat’s milk interacts with stomach acid, it forms softer curds than cow’s milk, which can make digestion easier for babies. The curd formed is light, with plenty of space for digestive enzymes to get in, which can also help babies deal with acid reflux.
  • Compared to cow milk, goat milk has more oligosaccharides (non-digestible carbohydrates). The levels of these carbohydrates are similar to the levels found in breast milk and, in the gut, they might serve as prebiotics to help preserve the health of the gut, gut microbiome, and digestive tract by facilitating the growth of good gut bacteria [2]. They also have anti-inflammatory properties. This might help your kids digest food more easily.

2. Less Lactose 

Goat’s milk has less lactose than cow’s milk [3]. People with mild lactose intolerance seem to tolerate goat milk, meaning that goat’s milk can be a good alternative to cow milk. 

If we are talking about goat milk formulas, almost all of the Baby Formula Brands have added additional lactose (as a carbohydrate) into their ingredient list. Only Holle Organic Goat Milk Formula has lower lactose content. Holle adds maltodextrin (a carbohydrate (a hydrolyzed starch) derived from organically grown plants such as corn, rice, or potatoes to balance the sweetness) almost in the same proportion as lactose, so their lactose content is lower compared to others’ formulas. 

We are not happy about maltodextrin in baby formula (the best source of carbohydrates in baby formulas is still LACTOSE, which is naturally found in breast milk), but for children with lactose intolerance, maltodextrin may be a good solution.

3. Less Inflammation

Goat’s milk causes less inflammation than cow’s milk. Therefore, if your baby is suffering from gas, constipation, diarrhea, or bowel inflammation, goat’s milk formula could help. 

4. Improves Symptoms Associated With Atopic Dermatitis 

Children who suffer health problems because of milk, such as atopic dermatitis, regurgitation, and loose stools, may feel better if their formula is substituted with goat’s milk formula [4].

5. Enhances Nutrient Absorption 

According to a 2002 study [5], goat’s milk (as opposed to cow’s milk) can aid the metabolism of copper and iron. It can also help people with anemia replenish their iron. It also reduces the inhibitory effect of calcium on iron absorption. Therefore, goat’s milk can aid in the absorption of nutrients.

6. May Boost Immune System

Selenium is essential for the function of the immune system. While cow’s milk may have some of it, goat’s milk has lots of it. Therefore, feeding goat’s milk formula to your baby may help them fight off infections and prevent illness.

7. Less Toxic

Goat’s milk is less toxic than cow’s milk. While cow’s milk is more widely and readily available, goat’s milk contains fewer growth hormones (used to increase milk production), antibiotics, and genetic modification (because goat’s milk isn’t as widely produced). Therefore, if your baby drinks goat milk, they are only being fed the best nutrients and ingredients and nothing toxic or bad for their health. 

What Does Goat Milk Taste Like? 

We know that taste is as important as nutrients for your little one. Even if you spend hours researching the healthiest product for your baby, if your baby doesn’t like the taste, then they won’t drink the formula. Therefore, the taste is a very important factor to consider when buying formula.

Goat’s milk tastes different to cow’s milk, and some people don’t like the taste of it. However, if properly handled and produced, fresh goat’s milk can taste amazing!

The taste of goat milk is affected by many factors. These include:

  • the food the goat eats;
  • freshness;
  • the goat’s environment;
  • how the milk is handled after milking.

Taking into account the above factors, always read up about how the company (Baby Formula Brand) treats their goats, such as where and how they are fed and raised. These factors are very important not only for the taste of the milk but also will impact its nutritional value (e.g., vitamins, minerals).

We strongly recommend choosing organic goat milk, or at least non-GMO milk, from animals that are pastured so goat milk products don’t contain any harmful substances like growth hormones or antibiotics.

What To Avoid In Goat Milk Formulas?

Always carefully check the list of ingredients to make sure that the formula doesn’t contain the following nasty stuff:

  1. Processed refined sugars, such as corn syrup, corn syrup solids, glucose syrup, and other added sugars, which are used by manufacturers as they are cheaper than lactose.
  2. GMO ingredients.
  3. Hexane-extracted oils (DHA, ARA).
  4. Carrageenan – this emulsifier/thickener can be inflammatory in your baby’s system.
  5. Soy (oil or lecithin).
  6. Synthetic nutrients (including taurine, lycopene, lutein, nucleotides, l-carnitine and l-methionine) are included in US formulas but are unnecessary.
  7. Artificial synthetic flavors or colorings cause hypersensitivity and behavioral problems.

What To Look For In Goat Milk Formula?

Before making your decision on what goat milk-based formula to try with your kid, read our advice on it.

1. Organic High-Quality Product

It is important when choosing a goat milk formula to select a product you know is high quality, from a respected brand, and meets biodynamic farming standards. These standards ensure that the raw ingredients are safe and the animals involved receive a high level of care.

Our recommendation is to choose a formula which is ideally ORGANIC and contains no GMO ingredients. Note: Goat Milk Formulas from Holle and Loulouka Brands are the only ones that are officially organic. 

In Europe, the European Commission regulates formulas, maintaining stricter standards than the FDA in the USA. To find out more about the differences in regulations and quality standards across Europe, read our special article: The difference between American and European baby formula: ingredients, quality, and regulations

This is why our 5 recommended Brands of Goat Milk Based Formulas are from Europe.

2. Ingredients To Look For In Goat Milk Formula

Here is the list of ingredients to look for in goat milk formula:

  • Creamy Whole Goat Milk

This type of formulation is superior to any vegetable oil and is sure to meet your baby’s needs as a formula that is made mostly with whole milk is a great, natural fat source [6].

  • Lactose As The Only Carbohydrate

The kind of sugar that is already naturally occurring in breast milk is clearly the best for your baby – that is, lactose! Because it is naturally within breast milk, your baby’s physiology is designed to digest it, making this milk sugar the ideal carbohydrate for baby formula.

  • Healthy Fats Without Palm Oil

Increasingly, Brands no longer use palm oil in their formulas and substitute it with coconut oil instead. This is because using palm oil may make absorbing calcium more difficult for your baby. 

  • Hexane-Free DHA & ARA

Hexane is a solvent and gasoline byproduct which has been shown to be toxic and disruptive to brain development, cognitive function, and the nervous system. It is crucial to choose a formula which does not use hexane to extract DHA and ARA.

  • The presence of GOS (a milk-based prebiotic oligosaccharide)

Galactooligosaccharides, or GOS, is a type of prebiotic. GOS is beneficial to bowel function. It helps stimulate the activity and growth of good bacteria in the gut, and can prevent constipation in babies and children by increasing defecation frequency.

  • The presence of HMOs

Human Milk Oligosaccharides, or HMOs, are complex sugars which are found in high proportions in breast milk. HMOs help to support the immune system and intestinal development, and also have antibacterial and antiviral properties. 

  • Whey/Casein Ratio Close To Breast Milk

Casein and whey are proteins. In breast milk, the whey/casein ratio shifts dynamically over the course of lactation. At the start of the lactation process, there is a higher presence of whey than casein (80:20). After a while, whey levels decrease, eventually becoming a ratio of 60:40 [7].

To reach that ratio in baby formulas, some brands (such as Kendamil and Kabrita) add goat whey powder from milk, as originally and naturally goat milk has a whey/casein ratio of 20:80.

Stages In European Goat Milk-Based Baby Formula

All European goat milk-based formulas (except Kabrita USA) are divided into Stages. 

American baby formula brands are usually separated by children’s ages, whereas European formula is separated into Stages.

Newborns have significantly different nutritional needs than older infants. The structure of Stages in European goat milk-based baby formula ensures that each formula has the balance of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and vitamins which are the best at every stage of development. 

In the later baby formula Stages, there is also an increased amount of filling ingredients – such as starches – and iron to help your baby when weaning off formula and introducing solid foods.

Let’s look at the main three stages to gain more understanding of them.

Stage 1: 0 to 6 months 

Stage 1 formulas are the most gentle and closest in composition to natural breast milk. Although this stage encompasses ages from birth to six months, many people choose to use Stage 1 formula until their baby is a year old.

Stage 2: 6 months and older

Stages 2 formulas are suitable for babies of 6 months or older and may be more satisfying for your baby, although you can choose to use Stage 1 formula for as long as you want. These formulas contain more iron to help support your baby’s blood supply and can also be used for as long as you use formula. 

Stage 3: 10 months and older

Stage 3 formulas are suitable for older infants who are at least 10 months of age. If your baby is not satiated by Stage 2 formula, you may switch to Stage 3 formulas which contain higher amounts of carbohydrates and therefore help meet your infant’s caloric requirements as they grow. 

How Did We Choose These Goat Milk-Based Formulas?

Before making our choice on what baby formula to recommend for you, we reviewed nutritional guidelines and FDA and EC standards (click here to read the differences) and tried these formulas ourselves. Also, we read reviews from parents and have shared some of them with you. 

All the formulas we recommend here are manufactured in Europe. Goat milk formulas can be harder to find in grocery stores, so you will need to order them from a trusted retailer online.

TOP 5 Best Goat Milk Formulas

Here we have gathered all the most important information that you need to know about these formulas: from details about its company to reviews by parents.

1. Loulouka Goat Milk Organic Formula

Best Overall Goat Milk Formula

Loulouka Goat Milk Formula

Loulouka is always our top choice because it has the highest standards and quality, and its ingredient lists are the cleanest!

Loulouka Goat Milk Formula is the most healthy available alternative to natural breast milk and is made from organic goat milk sourced in Switzerland.

About The Loulouka Company

  • Loulouka is a Dutch company (registered in the Netherlands) [9].

  • More than a decade of experience in the industry.

  • Known in the field of organic food for its high-quality products.

  • Contributes to environmental sustainability.

Loulouka Goat Infant Formula Stages

What We Love About Loulouka Goat Milk Formula

  • Made using only the best ingredients and organic goat milk from Switzerland. It is designed for a baby’s complex nutritional needs.

  • Loulouka infant formulas are suitable for use from birth for both cases: for children that are not breastfed or in combination with breastfeeding.

  • Goats’ milk in baby formula makes it gentle for the stomach, easy to digest and is a decent alternative for babies who have cow milk sensitivity.

  • Meets not only EC regulations but also more strict Swiss quality standards for organic farming

  • European Organic Certified (by independent agencies)

  • Free of added sugars, GMO ingredients, synthetic nutrients, preservatives, artificial colors, aromas, and flavors.

  • Free from palm oil, starch, and soy.

  • Simple but very healthy ingredients list. No unwanted and harmful ingredients.

  • Made from WHOLE goat milk.

  • Lactose is the main carbohydrate. No maltodextrin!

  • The Loulouka goat infant formula mixes and dissolves easily without clumping.

Parents Say About Goat Milk Loulouka Formula

Because the formula is brand new on the market, there are no reviews about how children tolerate it. The only reviews are about how parents are happy that Loulouka finally started to produce goat milk-based baby formulas and that they are ready to try it!

Where To Buy:

2. Kendamil Goat Milk Formula

Best Ingredients Goat Milk Formula 

Kendamil Goat Milk Formula

Kendamil is a family-run company from Great Britain which has almost six decades of experience in infant nutrition.

Kendamil Goat Milk-Based Formulas are not Certified Organic (unlike cow milk-based formulas that are Organic), but their formulas are made from premium high-quality ingredients that the company sources locally.

The uniqueness of Kendamil goat milk formulas is that they use A2 whole goat milk!

About the Kendamil Company

  • Founded in Great Britain [10]. 

  • 58 years of experience. 

  • Certified by the British Soil Association and the European Union.

  • Environmentally friendly company.

  • In 2021 Kendamil won Gold at the Mother and Baby Awards for best product for bottle feeding.

Kendamil Goat Milk Formula Stages

What We Love About Kendamil Goat Milk Formula

  • The goat milk they use in their formula is from dairy farms accredited by Red-Tractor [11]. Red Tractor is an internationally renowned food safety system which acts in accordance with the high regulation standards of British food & drink.

  • Made with whole A2 goat milk (not skim milk), total cream nutrients from grass-fed goats. 

  • They have a whey/casein ratio of 60:40 and add demineralised goat milk whey powder to their formulas to simulate breast milk.

  • Lactose is the main carbohydrate. No maltodextrin! 

  • Contains selenium (which helps support the developing immune system), GOS (a milk-based prebiotic oligosaccharide).

  • Uses only natural and healthy fats. No palm oil and fish oil!

  • They don’t use soy. Instead, they use whole milk to give your baby the nutrients they need from natural proteins. 

  • They don’t use fish products, and instead use plant-based DHA, which helps reduce the presence of allergens while protecting our oceans. 

  • Vegetarian-friendly.

Something To Keep In Mind

  • Although it’s not certified organic, their goats are treated incredibly well and their products meet EU non-GMO standards.
  • Kendamil goat milk formulas are very hard to find in the USA. Very often it is OUT OF STOCK. So, if you choose this formula for your baby, get in touch with the retailer and if possible buy in advance.

Parents Say About Kendamil Formula

“My 5-month-old baby girl had very bad constipation. After 2 weeks of being on the Kendamil goats formula the constipation has completely gone.”

“My 1-month-old absolutely loves this formula! His fussiness decreased significantly and he seems to really enjoy it. Would highly recommend it, especially for babies with sensitive tummies.”

“My son needed formula to supplement and I needed to make sure it had the best ingredients and it was the closest to breastmilk. After a lot of research I got the formula and it is amazing.”

Where To Buy:

3. Holle Goat Milk Organic Baby Formula

Best Organic Standards Goat Milk Formula

Holle Goat Milk formula

Holle is an internationally respected brand that offers the safest organic baby formulas.

About The Holle Company

  • Founded in Switzerland. Holle has production lines in Germany and within the EU [12].

  • 85 years of experience. 

  • Biodynamic.

  • It was one of the first certified Demeter companies and is now one of the most respected Demeter-certified baby formula brands.

  • Social responsibility and sustainable management are some of this brand’s core values. 

  • Strictly adhere to EU organic regulations and international Demeter regulations.

Holle’s Goat Milk Formula Stages

What We Love About Holle Goat Milk Formula

  • Since 2009, all their formulas have been Demeter-certified. Their milk is procured from Demeter-certified fields in the south of Germany.

  • All Holle Formulas follow strict EU organic regulations to ensure premium quality.

  • All ingredients in their formulas are organic and safe. They don’t use any bad chemicals, GMOs, artificial flavorings, colors or preservatives, and they also do not use any chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

  • Their formulas are suitable to feed newborns either through exclusive or combination feeding. 

  • They only use a few ingredients, making it easy to trust that your baby is getting exactly what they need and nothing else.

  • Hypoallergenic and suitable for babies with lactose intolerance due to the low presence of lactose.

  • Made with creamy whole goat milk, it will give your baby more protein and vitamins. 

  • No palm oil in the new version of goat formula.

  • Contains hexane-free DHA. DHA Derived From Vegan Source.

  • It tastes so good!

  • It is easy to mix, creating no foam when mixing and dissolving easily.

Something To Keep In Mind

  • Contains maltodextrin in all stages. The reduced lactose content may help babies who are struggling to digest a large amount of lactose. But if your baby doesn’t have any problems with lactose, try to avoid maltodextrin.
  • Stage 1 and Stage 2 of goat milk formula contain added starch. In the older Stages, some manufacturers add starch into their formula. Starch is a carbohydrate that makes baby formula thicker (it is odorless and tasteless so that it does not add extra sweetness). Also, starch will make your baby full (not hungry) for a longer time. But some babies can struggle to digest starch and eliminating starches from the early Stages can make digestion easier. 

  • Doesn’t contain prebiotics or probiotics, so parents will need to add supplement probiotics by themselves if they so prefer.

Parents Say About Holle Goat Milk Formula

“My son didn’t tolerate cow-based milk formula and I tried Holle Goat Milk formula with him. Right now he is doing fantastic! Fewer tummy upsets and more healthy gaining weight.”

“Baby loved this formula! He has a sensitive tummy so this goat milk has been a great option when 100% breastmilk just wasn’t possible anymore.”

“After weeks of researching and trying different formulas due to my baby’s CMPA. I decided to try Holle Goat Stage 1 for my 5-month-old. It’s made a huge difference. No more rashes and crying like before, when I tried to give him the other formula brands.”

Where To Buy:

4. NANNYcare Goat Milk Formula

Best Goat Milk Formula For Healthy Fats

Nannycare Goat Milk

NANNYcare only produces Goat Milk Formulas because they think goat milk is the best base for baby formula [13].

While NANNYcare is not labeled “organic”, the milk they use is procured from a New Zealand farm co-op that minimizes the use of chemicals, therefore believing in the methods of organic farming.

About The NANNYcare Company

  • Founded in Great Britain in 1992 as Vitacare company and renamed to NANNYcare Ltd close to 2014 year [14]. It is UK company that made their formulas in New Zealand.
  • Their company helped to find some of the groundbreaking research on the safety of goat milk formulas, spending decades investing in this research and changing UK and EU legislation. Even now, they continue to invest in goat milk formula research [15]. 
  •  It is a family-owned business with a caring team.
  •  Over 25 years of research and experience went into perfecting their formulas. 

NANNYcare Goat Milk Formula Stages

What We Love About NANNYcare Goat Milk Formula

  • Their manufacturers started making goat milk formula in New Zealand over three decades ago. 

  • Their formulas are made from the finest goat milk from New Zealand. NANNYcare’s farmers are good to their goats and meet the compositional standards set by the EU.

  • Their First infant milk formula is suitable for newborn babies. It is a nutritionally complete substitute for breast milk that can be used either on its own or in combination with breastfeeding. 

  • All of their formulas are 100% natural and made with premium whole goat milk. Their formulas contain essential nutrients (as required by formula regulations), and there is no whey or skimmed milk in any of their formulas. 

  • Lactose is the only added carbohydrate.

  • No palm oil and hexane-extracted DHA and ARA. As required by legislation, it contains DHA (Omega 3 LCPs).

Something To Keep In Mind

  • Unsuitable for vegetarians. 

  • NANNYcare doesn’t have any non-GMO or organic certifications.

  • No prebiotics/probiotics.

  • NANNYcare Goat Milk Formulas could still potentially cause constipation. 

What Parents Say About NANNYcare Formula

“I could not breastfeed. We tried this and immediately saw a difference.”

“This is the best milk for a baby after breast milk.”

“My second child only wants a bottle! Because he has a cow milk sensitivity I looked for a goat milk formula. We tried Holle Goat milk first, then NANNYcare Stage 1. Our baby loves the Nanny Care formula and is growing and developing wonderfully.”

Where To Buy:

5. KABRITA USA Goat Milk Formula

Best Goat Milk Formula Available In The USA Stores

Kabrita Goat Organic Formula

Kabrita is a Dutch company which operates in the USA, so you might find some of their products in your local stores.

Proudly made with no GMOs, this formula is easier to digest than cow milk formula. It is also dense with nutrients and very tasty.

About The KABRITA Brand

  • This brand is a division of the Ausnutria group. This group is a Dutch company with more than 100 years of experience.

  • This company is sustainable, reducing the impact of the environment when buying raw materials and using optimal working methods [16]. 

  • Produced in the Netherlands, where the regulations protect animal welfare and restrict the use of hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, their formula is Non-GMO according to European standards.

KABRITA USA Goat Milk Formula Range

The only currently available formula by Kabrita USA is for toddlers from 12-24 months. However, this formula technically meets the nutritional requirements for infants, so it may be suitable for your child. If you’re unsure, the best thing to do is to consult with your pediatrician. 

What We Love About KABRITA USA Formula

  • Kabrita is the only certified glyphosate-free formula in the US. In addition, it is pesticide-free, contains no antibiotics or hormones, and is non-GMO. 
  • Lactose is the primary carbohydrate which helps calcium absorption and gut microbiome.
  • Whey/Casein ratio: 50/50. Kabrita has a whey/casein ratio similar to breast milk due to the extra goat milk whey they add to the formula.
  • Contains high levels of GOS (gut-supportive oligosaccharide prebiotics).
  • Contains hexane-free ARA and DHA. These are fatty acids which are essential for vision and brain health.
  • Their latest formulation does not contain carnitine or taurine (two synthetic nutrients present in most baby formulas).

  • No glucose syrup solids, no sugar added, no maltodextrin.

Something To Keep In Mind

  • Not certified organic, but their goats are treated well, and it does meet EU non-GMO standards.

  • Their Formula does include soybean oil.

What Parents Say About KABRITA USA Formula

“My daughter suffers from chronic constipation. And this is the only formula she is able to digest.”

“Many formulas are stuffed full of terrible ingredients, the first one being corn syrup. After researching I found Kabrita. He is doing well as a supplement to my breastmilk.”

“I had issues breastfeeding my little one. I had to find a formula to supplement for a few months until her first birthday. After a lot of research, I decided on a goat’s milk formula. My little one transitioned onto it no problem.”

Where To Buy

Comparative Table Of Ingredients For The Top 5 Goat Milk Formula Brands 

After the above important info, we have compared the major ingredients in the 5 best European Goat Milk Formula Brands for quick reference, so you can easily compare their ingredients with each other and find the best formula that will fit your baby.

Type of milk
Added Whey Powder
Whey/Casein ratio
1. Loulouka Goat Milk Organic Formula:
- Stage 1 Loulouka Goat Milk FormulaWhole goat milknone added20/80Lactose 100%Goat Cream, Sunflower oil, Rapeseed oilDHA from algae
- Stage 2 Loulouka Goat Milk FormulaWhole goat milknone added20/80Lactose 100%Goat Cream, Sunflower oil, Rapeseed oilDHA from algae
2. Kendamil Goat Milk Formula:
- Stage 1 Kendamil Goat First Infant MilkWhole A2 goat milkDemineralised Goat Whey Powder (from Milk)60/40Lactose 100%Goat Cream, Sunflower oil, Coconut oil, Rapeseed oilGOS (prebiotic); HMOs;
DHA from algae
- Stage 2 Kendamil Goat Follow On MilkWhole A2 goat milkDemineralised Goat Whey Powder (from Milk)60/40Lactose 100%Goat Cream, Sunflower oil, Coconut oil, Rapeseed oilGOS (prebiotic); HMOs;
DHA from algae
- Stage 3 Kendamil Goat Toddler MilkWhole A2 goat milkDemineralised Goat Whey Powder (from Milk)60/40Lactose 100%Goat Cream, Sunflower oil, Coconut oil, Rapeseed oilGOS (prebiotic); HMOs;
DHA from algae
3. Holle Goat Milk Organic Formula
- Stage 1 Holle Goat Milk Organic FormulaOrganic Goat Milk Powdernone added20/8051% Maltodextrin + 49% LactoseGoat Cream, Organic Rapeseed Oil, Organic Sunflower Oilhexane-free DHA
- Stage 2 Holle Goat Milk Organic FormulaOrganic Goat Milk Powdernone added20/8046% Maltodextrin + 45% Lactose + 9% StarchGoat Cream, Organic Rapeseed Oil, Organic Sunflower Oilhexane-free DHA
- Stage 3 Holle Goat Milk Organic FormulaOrganic Goat Milk Powdernone added20/8044% Maltodextrin + 42% Lactose + 14% StarchGoat Cream, Organic Rapeseed Oil, Organic Sunflower Oilhexane-free DHA
4. NANNYcare Goat Milk Formula
- Stage 1 Nannycare Infant Goat Milk FormulaWhole goat milknone added20/80Lactose 100%Goat Cream, High oleic sunflower oil, Rapeseed oil, Sunflower oilDHA (Omega 3 LCPs)
- Stage 2 Nannycare Follow on Goat Milk FormulaWhole goat milknone added20/80Lactose 100%Goat Cream, High oleic sunflower oil, Rapeseed oil, Sunflower oilDHA (Omega 3 LCPs)
- Stage 3 Nannycare Growing Up Goat Milk FormulaWhole goat milknone added20/80Lactose 100%Goat Cream, High oleic sunflower oil, Rapeseed oil, Sunflower oilDHA (Omega 3 LCPs)
- Kabrita Goat Milk based Toddler FormulaNonfat dry goat milkGoat Whey Protein Concentrate Powder (milk)50/50Lactose 100%High sn-2 Palmitic Acid Oil, Soybean oil, Palm kernel oil, Sunflower oilGOS (prebiotic);
hexane-free DHA & ARA

Text in the table which is GREEN means that we really very pleased that the formula has this ingredient! And we believe that this is your best choice!

Is Switching to Goat Milk Formula Worth It? 

It is good to try an easier-to-digest and less allergenic formula if your baby has difficulty eating enough, has trouble digesting food, or is experiencing any kind of pain. Having these issues on their current formula is not normal, so talk to your pediatrician about that! 

How can you make the switch easily? Here, we have attached a full guide by KABRITA USA: Making the Switch to Goat Milk Formula.

Bottom Line

If you want a formula that will be easy for your baby to digest, goat milk formula might be your best shot. In addition to being easily digestible, it is also less allergenic, with fewer hormones and lots of healthy fats.

Getting high-quality baby formula is the best way to safeguard your baby’s healthy future. Following our recommendations, you will definitely find the goat milk formula that is the best quality and has the best ingredients!

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