5 Best Non-Toxic Car Seats Without Flame Retardants For Infants

Non-Toxic Car Seat
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Our Pick For 5 Best Non-Toxic Infant Car Seats

  • Best Overall Infant Car Seat: Nuna PIPA lite lx Infant Car Seat
    • GREENGUARD GOLD Certified. Made with Merino Wool and TENCEL blend. The most lightweight rear-facing infant car seat on the market. Exceeds American safety standards for infant car seats. 
  • Best Modular Infant Car Seat:Maxi-Cosi Coral XP Infant Car Seat in PureCosi
    • It is the world’s first modular infant car seat designed to give parents an extra hand. Made of high-quality fabrics. Meets and exceeds all government safety standards. Can be used without a base. 

Article Content:

When choosing the best car seat for your baby, you need to find the safest one that will save your baby’s life in case of a car accident, but also will not harm your baby’s health when using it on a daily basis. Let us explain what we mean.

The most important reason why you must use car seats for your children is to provide vital protection that can greatly reduce the risk of a potentially fatal injury during car accidents. This is called physical safety

But what about the chemical safety of infant car seats? Should your baby’s car seat contain toxins, carcinogens, and hormone disruptors to protect them in the event of a collision or fire? Not at all! 

Now we’re going to get into the answers to the most important and relevant questions on this topic.

Choose The Safest Infant Car Seat Without Toxins!

Your child may spend a lot of time in their car seat. As a parent, you should always prioritize the physical safety of your child’s car seat. But nowadays, you can also take chemical safety into account by choosing a car seat that is made from the safest, non-toxic (FR-free) materials that will not harm your baby’s health on a daily basis.

In the USA, the majority of the car seats are still filled with toxic chemical flame-retardants. Only a few companies currently manufacture baby car seats without these chemicals and we will provide you with Our Full List Of Non-Toxic Infant Car Seats available today on the market. 

Why Is It Important To Choose A Non-Toxic Car Seat For Your Baby?

Young children and infants are particularly susceptible and sensitive to toxins when compared to adults.

This is due to the reasons below [1]:

  • on a pound-for-pound basis, children eat, drink and breathe more than adults;
  • children have more surface area on the skin that toxins can penetrate;
  • children’s organs and bodies are still developing, making them more vulnerable;
  • compared with adults, children are less able to detoxify their bodies.

Environmental Working Group (EWG), in the first nationwide investigation of chemical fire retardants in parents and their children, has discovered that pre-schoolers and toddlers had three times more of the neurotoxic compounds in their blood than their mothers [8].

Therefore, we need to limit children’s exposure to chemicals that can negatively impact their health now and in the future. Of course, we can’t protect the child from all the toxins in the world, but we can drastically decrease the exposure of some toxins by choosing the healthiest baby products.

What Makes A Car Seat Potentially Toxic?

Let’s take a closer look at what toxins exactly are present in infant car seats, how babies are exposed to them, and how they can lead to adverse health effects on your baby.

1. Flame Retardants

To adhere to the flammability requirements outlined in Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 302, most children’s car seats’ foam and fabrics are treated with dangerous flame retardants.

Flame retardants are chemicals that are added to materials to prevent the start of a fire or to slow its growth [2]. 

Companies often use flame retardants in a lot of baby products in an attempt to make them “safer” for your child, but in reality, these products become more dangerous for your baby’s health.

Types Of Flame Retardants

There are many different flame retardants. They are grouped into categories based on their properties and chemical structures. They are also grouped based on whether or not the flame retardant has bromine, phosphorus, nitrogen, metals, boron, or chlorine in it. 

4 main types of Flame Retardants [3]: 

  1. Brominated (BFRs) and chlorinated flame retardants (CFRs). They are commonly used in the plastic casings of electronic components.
  1. Phosphorus flame retardants (PFRs). These flame retardants are inserted into polyurethane foams to make fire-resistant mattresses, furniture, and insulation materials.
  1. Nitrogen-based flame retardants (NFRs). These are used in fire-resistant wallpapers, paints, and textiles, as well as in polyurethane foams, nylons, and polyolefins.
  1. Inorganic flame retardants and mineral compounds. These are used in plastics, foams, wood products, and textiles. 

Health Impacts Of Flame Retardants

Research suggests that flame retardants can negatively impact the health of humans and animals [2]. Such negative health effects include:

  • Endocrine and thyroid disruption;
  • Immune system problems;
  • Reproductive toxicity;
  • Adverse effects on fetal and child development;
  • Neurologic function;
  • Cancer.

So, as you can see, flame retardants are highly toxic and have indeed harmful effects on human health. 

The most interesting fact is that recent studies suggest that the retardants may not even be effective in making treated products fire-resistant. So these chemicals are also ineffective!

How Are Infants Exposed To Flame Retardants In Their Car Seats?

Flame retardants are added to the foam and fabric in car seats, which is often in direct contact with your baby’s skin. 

Babies can be exposed to these flame retardants through direct skin contact, ingestion (by chewing on the car seat or ingesting the dust which accumulates inside the car), or inhalation (breathing in the bad chemicals that leach into the air from treated fabrics and foam). 

The longer your baby is in contact with the car seat, the higher the chance they will be negatively affected by these chemicals.

Are Flame Retardant-Free Car Seats Safe In Case Of Fire?

Yes, because all car seats on the market (toxic or non-toxic) must be approved by law to meet federal flammability regulations. 

The brands we recommend in our article adhere to federal flammability requirements, using materials that are flame-resistant without using dangerous flame retardants.

Instead of using harmful chemicals in their car seats most manufacturers start using the natural well-known fabric – wool – to pass federal rules. Wool is a flame-resistant fabric with a high ignition temperature of 570-600°C.

In addition to wool, manufacturers can use the new technology to design fabrics that are inherently fire-resistant.

2. PFAS 

Another commonly found chemical in a baby’s car seat is PFAS (Perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances). It refers to a group of human-made chemicals that includes PFOA, PFOS, GenX, and many others [4]. 

These chemicals are used for waterproofing the car seats because they are water and oil-resistant. 

Health Impacts Of PFAS

There is evidence suggesting that exposure to PFAS can cause adverse health outcomes, especially in children. PFAS are absorbed easily and can build up in the body.

Research on laboratory animals has shown that PFOA and PFOS (most-studied PFAS chemicals) are associated with these health issues [5]:

  • Effects reproductive system;
  • Developmental effects;
  • Effects liver and kidneys;
  • Immunological effects;
  • Tumors.

Research also has found that people exposed to PFAS have increased levels of cholesterol, with less findings showing:

  • effects on infant birth weights;
  • effects on the immune system; 
  • cancer (for PFOA);
  • thyroid hormone disruption (for PFOS).

How Are Infants Exposed To PFAS In Their Car Seats?

One of the reasons why companies add PFAS to their car seats is to make their fabric waterproof. With direct skin contact, PFAS chemicals move from the fabric into sweat. A peer-reviewed study shows this happening when fabric samples are exposed to synthetic sweat. 

The study also found that sunlight exposure highly increased the level of PFAS chemicals in the car seat fabrics. This is very concerning because these fabrics may often be exposed to sunlight in cars.

What Does GreenGuard Gold Certifications Mean For Infant Car Seats?

GreenGuard Gold Certification helps to identify healthier baby products!

You might have heard about other concerning toxins in car seats, including phthalates, PVCs, heavy metals, formaldehyde, and more. Fortunately, you can look for GREENGUARD Gold Certification on the infant car seats that will ensure that they have been tested for it, and they are safer for your baby.

GreenGuard vs GreenGuard Gold Certifications

GreenGuard is a third-party certifying body which aims to reduce people’s exposure to chemicals and pollutants, and improve indoor air quality [6].

A GreenGuard certified product has been scientifically proven to have low chemical emissions, and products designed for children all have to meet even stricter standards [7].

GreenGuard GOLD certified products have even lower chemical emissions – formaldehyde especially – and stricter standards compared to just GreenGuard Certified products. Therefore they are ideal products for more vulnerable individuals like the elderly and, of course, children.

It is a HUGE PLUS for flame retardant-free car seats if they are also GreenGuard GOLD Certified.

Why An Infant Car Seat? 

We do recommend starting your baby journey with infant car seats because they are made specifically for infants and use a special five-point harness system to keep your child safe and comfortable when traveling.

These seats, which always face the rear of the car, can be used with newborns until your child reaches the maximum height or weight limit. This is usually around 35 lbs or 16 kg, but varies depending on the car seat.

Benefits Of Using An Infant Car Seat

It might seem like a convertible car seat is the most efficient choice, but using an infant car seat has several advantages:

  1. With a travel system, your baby can stay asleep during the transfer from car to stroller.
  1. Infant car seats have a snap-on base which lets you easily secure your baby in the seat before placing it in the car. In the dark or during bad weather this may be especially helpful compared to buckles and belts.
  1. Additional bases can be installed across multiple vehicles, so if you have grandparents or other caregivers traveling with your baby it is easier to switch between them.

Infant Car Seat Drawbacks

All babies eventually exceed the height and weight limits of infant car seats, so a convertible car seat must be purchased later. 

What To Look For When Deciding On A Non-Toxic Car Seat?

There are some factors you want to consider when searching for the best non-toxic car seat for your little one:

1. Car Seat Safety 

The most important part of choosing a car seat is safety! All car seats on the market go through strict testing and must follow all safety regulations. All of them are considered safe since safety is inherent to car seats. 

However, some car seats perform better in crash tests, and some companies may include added safety features to their car seats that are not required by law, which you might want to think about when you make your choice. 

Pay attention to the safety features of any car seat that you are considering buying.

2. Materials Used

Always pay attention to the materials your car seat is made of. It is important to avoid infant car seats that have fabric treated with flame retardants and PFAS chemicals. In our opinion, the best fabric in car seats is wool which is naturally flame resistant. 

Being on the lookout for GreenGuard Gold Certification is a great idea. This certificate will ensure you that your car seat was made with the safest materials.

3. Size

Try to choose a car seat that will easily fit into your car. This recommendation is relevant for small car owners. 

4. Car Seat Cost

Some car seats are less expensive than others. They are cheaper not because they are unsafe, but because they may be made without any extras or additional safety features not required by law, whereas more expensive car seats have eco-friendly fabrics or a stability leg for extra support in the event of a crash. 

Fortunately, today you can select less expensive, but non-toxic and high quality, car seats —-  thanks to the increasing number of companies that have started to manufacture car seats without flame retardants.  

5. Car Seat And Stroller Compatibility

A “travel system” is when your car seat and stroller fit together. This makes traveling with your baby easier, so it is something to consider. 

It is best to have a stroller and a car seat of the same brand, but if this is impossible you’ll need to buy separate adapters. 

Our Full List Of Non-Toxic Car Seats For Infants

We did an in-depth research for you and we found 13 infant car seats from 5 manufacturers that are made without flame retardants and other chemicals.

The car seats from our list are rear-facing and recommended to use for infants until their height or weight exceeds the maximum for each car seat model.

List Of Non-Toxic Infant Car Seats in 2022

Company Name
About Fabric
Models of Non-Toxic Infant Car Seats
NunaAn entire line of Nuna car seats are made of flame retardant-free materials from fabric to foam and beyond.
They use premium materials, including merino wool in their products. All car seats listed here meet the standards for GREENGUARD GOLD Certification.
1. Nuna PIPA Infant Car Seat$$
2. Nuna PIPA rx Infant Car Seat$$$
3. Nuna PIPA lite Infant Car Seat$$
4. Nuna PIPA lite lx Infant Car Seat
(Best Overall Infant Car Seat)
5. Nuna PIPA lite rx Infant Car Seat$$$$
6. Nuna PIPA lite r Infant Car Seat$$$
ClekTheir Mammoth Collection is made with an environmentally-friendly blend of biodegradable Merino wool + TENCEL which is free of any added flame retardants.7. CLEK Liing Infant car seat
(only mammoth collection)
(Best Infant Car Seat with More Safety Features)
UPPAbabyOnly the HENRY and JORDAN MESA fashions are made with chemical-free and fire retardant-free material - Merino wool.
Certified by the JPMA.
8. UPPAbaby MESA Infant Car Seat only Jordan (charcoal mélange color) and Henry (blue marl color) options
(Best Rated Infant Car Seat)
ChiccoChicco ClearTex products use fabrics (plus foam and labels) made without any added chemical treatments. Their car seats are produced with materials that are inherently fire-resistant.
Chicco car seats from our list are GREENGUARD GOLD Certified.
9. Chicco KeyFit 35 ClearTex Infant Car Seat
(Best Affordable Infant Car Seat)
10. Chicco KeyFit 35 Zip ClearTex Infant Car Seat$
Maxi-CosiPureCosi by Maxi-Cosi is a new line of fabrics for car seats that no longer require the addition of nasty chemicals. Car seats from our list are made with high-quality 100% polyester materials that are flame retardant-free.11. Maxi-Cosi Mico XP Max Infant Car Seat$
12. Maxi-Cosi Mico 30 Infant Car Seat$
13. Maxi-Cosi Coral XP Infant Car Seat
(Best Modular Infant Car Seat)

Top 5 Best Non-Toxic Car Seats

We selected the car seat models of each brand from our list above that we like the most! Read on for the details of each infant car seat and choose the car seat that fits your needs and requirements the best.

1. Nuna PIPA lite lx Infant Car Seat

Best Overall Infant Car Seat

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Nuna’s luxurious car seats are engineered to be light, safe, smart, stylish, and totally non-toxic!

Nuna is the only brand that makes their entire car seat line with CLEAN FABRICS and without using PFAs or any waterproofing materials. 

It is important to highlight that all Nuna products have met the standards for GREENGUARD GOLD Certification!

This is our favorite rear-facing only infant car seat because some years ago we chose a Nuna car seat for our babies!  With each day we became more and more convinced of the correctness of our choice! Very easy to use, with the highest safety standards, lightweight, and made of the best quality materials – this car seat definitely deserves to be recommended.

About NUNA Company

  • Nuna is a Dutch Brand that was founded in 2007.
  • Eco-friendly and responsible design is a part of Nuna’s company culture.
  • The company specializes in manufacturing eco-friendly, high-performance, and high-quality baby gear (car seats, strollers, travel, and in-home gear). Their materials comply with the most current US federal and European chemical safety standards.
  • Nuna’s baby gear is tested extensively with advanced methods and equipment, and is even tested regularly at accredited, independent labs. This means they go above and beyond when it comes to safety compliance and ensuring high quality.
  • Nuna’s products are manufactured in an ISO-14001 Certified factory in China, meaning they work to reduce waste created from manufacturing processes by implementing the use of solar power, recycling and exhaust water treatment programs.

What We Love About Nuna PIPA lite lx Infant Car Seat

  • Nuna PIPA lite lx contains no added fire-retardant chemicals – from fabric to foam and beyond. But at the same time it is flame-resistant and complies with safety standards.
  • Made of Merino Wool and Tencel blend. This fabric is soft, naturally controls moisture, and is environmentally friendly.
  • Includes infant insert that is made from GOTS certified organic cotton fabric. The removable fabric set is machine-washable.
  • GREENGUARD Gold Certified, so you know it has been tested for over 10,000 VOCs and chemicals.
  • With a weight of 5.70 pounds, Nuna PIPA lite lx is the most lightweight rear-facing infant car seat on the market.
  • Goes above legally required safety standards in the US.
  • Integrated 5-point harness holders help when buckling baby safely in place.
  • Protects your baby from side impacts for improved safety. Buying a car seat with side-impact protection is very important, as statistics show that during a side-impact collision children may get the worst injuries.
  • It has a crumple zone within the stability leg that absorbs impact in the event of a crash.
  • When used with the base it is FAA Certified for aircraft.
  • This infant car seat is compatible with all Nuna strollers.
  • Adapters required for some Stokke, Baby Jogger, Bugaboo, Babyzen, Mountain Buggy, Inglesina, Joolz, Silvercross, and Veer strollers.

Something To Keep In Mind

  • These car seats should be used only with a base. Some parents found this uncomfortable. 
  • Some parent’s reviews claim that this car seat does not work in cars that have very deep seats because the stability bar does not stand straight. 

Where To Buy

2. CLEK Liing Infant Car Seat
(Only Mammoth Collection)

Best Infant Car Seat With More Safety Features

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B09DTG1Q4K&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=greenbabyworl 20&language=en US

Clek is a Canadian brand that specializes in manufacturing only high-quality children’s safety seats for cars. 

Clek came from a highly diversified and globally important automotive supplier. That is why their safety features are well-engineered and with advanced technology in the case of a crash.

About CLEK Company

  • Clek is an environmentally friendly, sustainable, and responsible car seat manufacturer that designs and engineers all of their car seats in Canada and assembles them in North America, where they can manage quality control.
  • Clek boasts the only recycling program for car seats in North America, so you can be sure that your old car seat won’t end up in a landfill.

What We Love About CLEK Liing Infant Car Seat (Only Mammoth Collection)

  • Car seat fabric ONLY from Mammoth Collection is made from Flame Retardant-free, environmentally-friendly blend of sustainably sourced, biodegradable Merino wool and Tencel. Merino wool is a naturally hypoallergenic and temperature-controlling material which will keep your baby cozy and warm when it’s cold out, and nice and cool when it’s hot out.
  • All other components (foam, harnesses, plastics) are also tested and proven to be free of any flame-retardants, but they still meet legally mandated fire safety standards.
  • Clek’s Liing infant car seat has safety features which don’t just meet but exceed the required standards. It includes side-impact protection, an energy absorbing metal load leg, and rigid-LATCH base.
  • Clek car seats are recommended for preemies and multiples, they also offer 7 reclined positions and a body support system for newborns.
  • Clek Liing infant car seat models may be installed without the base if needed, using the vehicle seat belt.
  • These seats can also be used on airplanes so you can always keep your child secure when traveling.
  • Clek car seats expire nine years from their date of manufacture. 
  • Clek’s Liing infant car seats are compatible with a huge list of well-loved stroller brands which only continues to grow.
  • Check HERE for the full list of strollers Brands and adapters models you will need to use the Clek Liing car seat with them.

Something To Keep In Mind

  • Pricey. This is the most expensive car seat from our list.

Where To Buy

3. UPPAbaby MESA Infant Car Seat (Only Jordan & Henry Options)

Best Rated Infant Car Seat

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B077JR43YY&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=greenbabyworl 20&language=en US

The UPPAbaby MESA infant car seat is one of the most popular infant car seats in the US and is also highly rated by many parents for its safety and quality standards.

Only HENRY and JORDAN MESA fashions are made without the use of fire-retardant chemicals and PFAs. The fabric of these car seats is naturally fire resistant through innovative use of Merino wool.

About UPPAbaby Company

  • Founded in 2006, UPPAbaby is an American company that specializes in making high-quality baby products (car seats and strollers).
  • Their products are manufactured in China with strict quality control measures.
  • All UPPAbaby products meet the strictest standards in the industry as required by the CPSC and JPMA.

What We Love About UPPAbaby MESA Infant Car Seat

  • The Jordan and Henry MESA fabrics pass mandated flammability standards while using no flame retardants whatsoever, instead they are using a naturally flame-resistant OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified Merino wool.
  • All the material used throughout the harness covers, headrest, and insert is breathable, soft, and has temperature and moisture-controlling properties.
  • UPPAbaby MESA car seats exceed all Federal crash testing guidelines.
  • This car seat model has safety features such side impact protection foam and LATCH straps.
  • Can be easily and securely installed even when not using the base.
  • Connects directly to the UPPAbaby VISTA or CRUZ stroller, no adapters needed. 
  • Can also be compatible with the MINU stroller with the use of adapters.

Something To Keep In Mind

  • Not all MESA model car seats have the natural and non-toxic fabric.
  • Heavier than other car seats in our list.

Where To Buy

4. Chicco KeyFit 35 ClearTex Infant Car Seat

Best Affordable Infant Car Seat

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B08RZ6NY87&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=greenbabyworl 20&language=en US

From textiles to tags, Chicco ClearTex infant car seats contain no harmful chemicals and most importantly they are GREENGUARD Gold Certified!

 This car seat is a great deal for parents who are looking for a non-toxic car seat at an affordable price.

About Chicco Brand

  • Chicco is an Italian baby products manufacturer. It is owned by Artsana, active in over 120 countries and has been in business for six decades.
  • Chicco actively participates in the development of future quality and safety regulatory standards, encouraging responsible innovation.
  • Chicco car seats are manufactured in China.

What We Love About the Chicco KeyFit 35 ClearTex Infant Car Seat

  • This car seat is made with ClearTex fabrics (inherently flame-resistant) and foam without any added chemical treatments that still complies with federal car safety flammability standards.
  • GREENGUARD Gold Certified for low chemical emissions.
  • Includes 5-position harness as standard protective feature.
  • An integrated anti-rebound bar provides added stability to every ride, and extended leg room aids in preventing whiplash if there is a frontal collision.
  • Has removable newborn positioner.
  • Can be installed without base, using a seat belt.
  • FAA-approved for use on aircraft.
  • Compatible with all Chicco strollers for the travel system. 

Something To Keep In Mind

  • The base may not install well in cars with hard seatbacks.
  • Heavy and bulky.

Where To Buy

5. Maxi-Cosi Coral XP Infant Car Seat in PureCosi

Best Modular Infant Car Seat

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B092S8QMGN&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=greenbabyworl 20&language=en US

The Coral XP model of infant car seats is unique because of its modularity and non-toxic (only in PureCosi fabrics) materials. 

This car seat is the first integrated car seat and carrier nesting system. It is designed to give parents a helping hand, so they can pull out a lightweight carrier, throw its strap over their shoulder, and walk around with freedom and ease. 

About Maxi-Cosi Company

  • Maxi-Cosi, a brand of Dorel Juvenile, is one of the largest baby gear manufacturers in the world, based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 
  • It was founded in 1984 in the Netherlands, where they created the first infant car seat on the European market with high-quality safety features.
  • Nowadays Maxi-Cosi is the leading brand globally for child car safety.

What We Love About Maxi-Cosi Coral XP Infant Car Seat in PureCosi


  • With the introduction of PureCosi, Maxi-Cosi car seats no longer need flame-retardant chemicals added.
  • The car seat is made with a high-quality 100% polyester, wool-free fabrics that are removable and washable. 
  • Inner carrier (a piece of modular nesting system that is designed for Handle Carry and Cross-Body Carry) weighs only 5lb. 
  • The Coral XP goes above and beyond legally required safety standards.
  • Can be used without a base for easy rides in cabs.
  • Compatible with the Maxi-Cosi Tayla Stroller and Lila Stroller.
  • You will need a compatible car seat adapter for the following strollers: UPPAbaby Vista, Bugaboo: Donkey, Bee, Fox, Chameleon; Stokke: Xplory, Trailz; Baby Jogger City Select.

Something To Keep In Mind

  • Some parents found that the nesting system is not comfortable for the shoulders and neck.

Where To Buy

The Difference Between Our Top 5 Non-Toxic Car Seats

To summarize all the above information, we have compared the 5 Best Non-Toxic Infant Car Seats for quick reference, so you can easily compare their fabric, presence of GreenGuard Gold Certification, carrier weight, and cost. This will help you to make a decision on the best car seat for your child. 

5 Best Non-Toxic Infant Car Seats Without Flame RetardantsSeat MaterialGREENGUARD GOLD CertifiedCarrier weight:Can it be used without Base?Made inCost
Best Overall Infant Car Seat:
Nuna PIPA lite lx Infant Car Seat
Merino Wool + TENCELYes5.70 lbs (not including insert or canopy)NOChina$$$
Best Infant Car Seat With More Safety Features:
CLEK Liing Infant car seat (only Mammoth collection)
Merino Wool + TENCELNo9 lbs (with infant padding in and canopy on)YESCanada$$$$
Best Rated Infant Car Seat:
UPPAbaby MESA Infant Car Seat only Jordan and Henry fashions
Merino WoolNo9.9 lbsYESChina$$
Best Affordable Infant Car Seat:
Chicco KeyFit 35 ClearTex Infant Car Seat
Inherently fire-resistant fabricYes10 lbsYESChina$
Best Modular Infant Car Seat:
Maxi-Cosi Coral XP Infant Car Seat in PureCosi
Wool-free 100% PolyesterNo12.5 lbs;
inner carrier is about 5 lbs

What if Your Current Car Seat Is Treated with Flame Retardants?

If you find out that your car seat has chemicals in it – don’t panic! Just think about what you can do to fix this issue.

Consider replacing the old toxic car seat with a new non-toxic one. If your budget allows you to do this, this is the best decision!

But what if you cannot fit a new car seat into your budget?

If you cannot replace your current car seat, then regularly vacuum and make wet cleaning to remove the dust inside your car. This doesn’t stop exposure to toxic chemicals, but might help to reduce it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the merino wool fabric have any protection against stains or moisture?

Merino wool naturally contains keratin and lanolin, making it resistant to water and stains.

2. Are there any differences between flame-resistant and flame-retardant fabric in car seats?

Many people confuse “flame-resistant” and “flame-retardant”.

Flame-retardant fabric in infant car seats is designed to slow down ignition or combustion so that there is time to escape a fire. “Retardant” is determined as a material that has been chemically treated to self-extinguish.

Flame-resistant fabric is designed to self-extinguish. In other words, “resistant” is defined as material that is inherently resistant to catching fire (self-extinguishing) which neither melts nor drips when exposed directly to extreme heat.

3. Why do manufacturers add flame retardants into their car seats?

Flame-retardants are added to meet flammability safety standards, to slow down or prevent fire spreading.

4. How long should my baby remain rear-facing in their seat?

Rear-facing seats protect your child’s head, neck, and spine. This gives your child the best possible protection in a crash. Your child should use a rear-facing seat until they exceed the height or weight limit of your car seat. This is usually around 35lbs or 16kg, but varies depending on the car seat.

5. Should I continue using my seat if it’s involved in a collision?

Any kind of collision may cause damage to your child’s car seat that you cannot see. We always recommend following the manual of your car seat, which will emphasize the necessity of discontinuing the use of and replacing a seat involved in any accident. 

Bottom Line

More and more companies have started to produce non-toxic car seats without flame retardants due to their understanding of their toxicity and sense of responsibility towards the next generation. 

Today we have a long list of non-toxic infant car seats to fit any budget, so you definitely can choose the best one that fits all safety requirements without exposing your child to toxins.

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