TOP 200 Swedish Names For Boys And Girls: Origin, Meaning, Variations And Pronunciation

Swedish Names

Swedish names are as rich and varied as Sweden itself. There are about 340,000 names and in their beautiful sounds you can almost hear traditional Scandinavian ballads and the song of the northerly winds. 

From time immemorial in Sweden parents have given a child two names instead of one. For instance, the Swedish Prime Minister’s name is Chell Stefan Leuven, where the first two words are first names and the last is his surname. Those close to him refer to him only as Chell, that is, by his first name.

In ancient times, the Swedes believed that if a baby gets very sick, you could deceive fate by addressing the child in a different way. While the priests considered this practice devilish and opposed it in every possible way, they were unsuccessful – the custom is still alive today. Now, the middle name is most often given in honor of grandparents.

In the list below you will find the most common and interesting Swedish names for your baby.

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Top 100 Swedish Names For Boys

Swedish Names For Boys

Firstly, we’re going to show you our favorite Swedish names for boys and their meanings so that you can make the best choice for your baby boy.

Traditional Swedish Names For Boys

Fortunately, thanks to origins in Old Norse, Viking mythology, and more, there are plenty of great titles to choose from. Here are traditional and popular Swedish male names.

1.  Arvid

How to pronounce: AR-veed
Origin: Old Norse Arnviðr
Meaning:Eagle and forest
Alternative spelling: Arnvid, Arved
Interesting Facts:Should be interpreted as a poetic designation of man, warrior.
Famous Persons: Arvid Lagercrantz was a Swedish radioman and author. 

2.  Alfred

How to pronounce: AL’-fred
Origin: Olg English Ælfræd
Meaning:Extraordinary adviser
Female version of the name:Alfreda
Alternative spelling: Al, Alf, Alfie, Fred
Famous Persons: Alfred Lif was a Swedish cross-country skier.

3.  Bjorn

How to pronounce: BYORN
Origin: Scandinavian
Meaning:A bear
Alternative spelling: Biörn
Variations in other languages:Bjørn (Danish)
Interesting Facts:This is a first name and a surname, known since the Viking Age.
Famous Persons: Björn Borg is a famous Swedish tennis player.

4.  Bertil

How to pronounce: ber-TEEL’
Origin: Old German Bertilo, diminutive form of Bertold
Meaning:Bright, Shiny
Female version of the name:Bertila
Alternative spelling: Bert, Bertel
Interesting Facts:The name was fashionable in the 20s and 30s, inspired by Prince Bertil (born 1912).
Famous Persons: Bertil Antonsson was a Swedish heavyweight wrestler.

5.  Didrik

How to pronounce: DYH-dreek
Origin: Old German Theoderich
Meaning:Rich, powerful, leader
Female version of the name:Didrika
Variations in other languages:Dietrich (German), Derek (English)
Interesting Facts:This name probably spread through the story of Didrik av Bern [1].
Famous Persons: Didrik Bildt was a Swedish art collector and patron.

6.  Edvin 

How to pronounce: EH-dween
Origin: Old English Eadwine
Meaning:Wealthy friend
Alternative spelling: Edwin
Interesting Facts:This name has been found in Sweden since the late 18th century.
Famous Persons: Edvin Öhrström was a Swedish sculptor and glass artist.

7.  Eskil

How to pronounce: es-KEEL
Origin: Nordic Ásketill
Meaning:God and helmet
Variations in other languages:Esko (Finnish), Áskell (Danish)
Interesting Facts:In traditional Swedish agriculture, Eskilsdagen was a landmark day for sowing turnips.
Famous Persons: Eskil Sundahl was a Swedish architect. 

8.  Evald

How to pronounce: eh-VALD
Origin: Old German Ewawald
Meaning:Eternity, power
Alternative spelling: Ewald
Interesting Facts:The name has been used in Sweden since the 16th century.
Famous Persons: Ewald Stomberg was a Swedish journalist. 

9.  Flemming

How to pronounce: FLEM-meeng
Origin: Old Scandinavian Flæmingr
Meaning:A person from Flanders
Alternative spelling: Fleming
Interesting Facts:This name was initially a surname in the Middle Ages which then became a first name. It was first used in Sweden in the mid-19th century [2].
Famous Persons: Flemming Quist Møller is a Danish director, cartoonist, children’s author, drummer, screenwriter, and actor.

10.  Gustav

How to pronounce: gus-TAV
Origin: Old Scandinavian Gautr+stafr
Meaning:Support, leader
Alternative spelling: Gustaf
Variations in other languages:Gustave (French), Gustavo (Spanish, Italian), Kustaa/ Kusti (Finnish)
Interesting Facts:Another theory about the origin is that the name comes from the Northwest Slavic Gostislav of Indo-European word ‘ghosti’ (‘friend’) and a word meaning ‘honor, reputation’.
Famous Persons: Gustaf Åkerhielm was a famous Swedish politician.

11.  Gosta

How to pronounce: GYOS-ta
Origin: Old Scandinavian Gautr+stafr
Meaning:Support, leader
Interesting Facts:Gösta is an old spoken language form (also used as a nickname) of the Old Swedish name Gustav. The oldest evidence for the name in Sweden is from 1482.
Famous Persons: Gösta Gahm was a Swedish astronomer.  

12.  Gunnar

How to pronounce: GUN-nar
Origin: Old Nordic Gunnr and Haria
Interesting Facts:The name was also popular in Old Norse times such as the character Gunnar på Lidarände, an Icelandic big farmer and poet in Njál’s saga, and Gunnar Keldugnupsfånen, the main character in an Icelandic Cinderella story from the 15th century.
Famous Persons: Gunnar Nordahl was a Swedish football player.

13.  Hakan

How to pronounce: kho-KYAN
Origin: Old Norse
Alternative spelling: Hakon, Hakun
Interesting Facts:Oldest evidence of this name in Sweden is a runic inscription from the 1000s on a stone in Nöbbele.
Famous Persons: Håkan Juholt is a Swedish journalist and politician.

14.  Herman

How to pronounce: HER-man
Origin: Old German Heriman
Meaning:Army, warrior
Alternative spelling: Hermann, Harman, Arman
Interesting Facts:Herman is also related to the Persian ‘Armin’ (ارمین).
Famous Persons: Herman Kristoffersson was a Swedish equestrian.

15.  Ingvar

How to pronounce: EEN-var
Origin: Old Norse 
Meaning:Ing’s warrior
Alternative spelling: Yngvar
Variations in other languages:Igor (Russian)
Interesting Facts:Ing is possibly the name of an Old Norse god.
Famous Persons: Ingvar Carlsson is a Swedish politician who twice served as Prime Minister of Sweden.

16.  Ingemar

How to pronounce: EEN-geh-mar
Origin: Old Norse
Meaning:Famous, glorious
Alternative spelling: Ingmar
Interesting Facts:The oldest evidence of this name in Sweden is a runic inscription from the 11th century.
Famous Persons: Ingemar Odlander was a famous Swedish journalist. 

17.  Kjell

How to pronounce: KSHEL’
Origin: Old Norse
Female version of the name:Kjella
Interesting Facts:Kjell is a modern form of the Old Norse male name Kettil.
Famous Persons: Kjell Wigren was a Swedish guitar player.

18.  Konrad

How to pronounce: KON-rad
Origin: Old German Kuoni and Rat
Meaning:Bold and adviser
Alternative spelling: Conrad, Kurt
Interesting Facts:The earliest evidence of this name in Sweden is from 1293.
Famous Persons: Konrad Marc-Wogau was a Swedish philosopher. 

19.  Lennart

How to pronounce: LEN-nart
Origin: Old German Levon and Hardu
Meaning:The lion and the brave
Variations in other languages:Leonardo (Spain)
Interesting Facts:It is a Low German form of the nameLeonard and shares its meaning.
Famous Persons: Lennart Risberg was a Swedish boxer.

20.  Ludvig

How to pronounce: LYUD-weeg
Origin: Old German Hludwig
Meaning:Famous warrior
Alternative spelling: Ludde, Lubbe
Interesting Facts:The oldest evidence of a version of this name in Sweden (Ludowicus) is from the year 1232.
Famous Persons: Ludwig Göransson is a Swedish composer.

21.  Orvar

How to pronounce: OR-var
Origin: Old Norse Örvarr
Interesting Facts:This name was first found with the fairytale hero Ǫrvar‑Odd.
Famous Persons: Orvar Säfström is a Swedish musician and writer, and former film reviewer and video game journalist.

22.  Oyvind

How to pronounce: ey-VEEND
Origin: Old Norse Eyvindr
Meaning:Happiness, luck 
Alternative spelling: Öjvind, Eivind, Eyvind, Ejvind, Önder
Famous Persons: Öyvind Fahlström is a Swedish painter.

23.  Roland

How to pronounce: ROH-land
Origin: Old German Hroudland
Meaning:Honor and land
Alternative spelling: Rolle
Variations in other languages:Orlando (Italian, Spanish), Rowland (English), Roel (Dutch)
Interesting Facts:This name appeared in Sweden as early as the 14th century.
Famous Persons: Roland Pöntinen is a Swedish pianist and composer.

24.  Robert

How to pronounce: ROH-bert
Origin: Old German Hrodebert
Meaning:Glory and light
Female version of the name:Roberta
Alternative spelling: Rubert, Rupert
Variations in other languages:Roberto (Spanish)
Interesting Facts:In Sweden, the name spread via immigrants from Scotland in the 17th century.
Famous Persons: Robert Noack is a Swedish actor. 

25.  Robin

How to pronounce: ROH-been
Origin: English
Meaning:The glorious 
Alternative spelling: Robbin, Robyn
Interesting Facts:The name is used both as a male name and a female name. In Sweden it is most common as a male name, but in the USA, for example, the name is three times as common as a girl’s name than as a boy’s name.
Famous Persons: Robin Paulsson is a Swedish stand-up comedian, screenwriter, and television presenter.

26.  Rikard

How to pronounce: ree-KARD
Origin: Old German Richart
Meaning:Hard ruler
Alternative spelling: Richard, Rickard
Variations in other languages:Ricardo (Spanish)
Famous Persons: Rickard Ericsson is a Swedish entrepreneur, known as the founder of an early social networking website, LunarStorm.

27.  Roger

How to pronounce: ROH-ger
Origin: Old Norse Hróðgeirr
Meaning:Honor and spear
Alternative spelling: Rogert, Rutger, Rotkar
Interesting Facts:The name appeared in Sweden at the end of the 18th century.
Famous Persons: Roger Storm is a Swedish actor. 

28.  Torbjorn

How to pronounce: TOR-byorn
Origin: Old Norse Þórbjörn
Meaning:God Thor and bear
Alternative spelling: Torbern, Torben 
Interesting Facts:Before it was introduced in the almanac in 1901, in memory of the chemist Torbern Bergman, the name was not very common and appeared almost exclusively in the western parts of Sweden.
Famous Persons: Torbjörn Iwan Lundquist as a Swedish composer.

29.  Ulrik

How to pronounce: OOL’-reek
Origin: Old German Ulrich
Meaning:Heirloom and powerful 
Female version of the name:Ulrika
Alternative spelling: Ulric, Ulle
Interesting Facts:While not an especially common name, Ulrik had some popularity in Sweden in the ‘60s and ‘70s.
Famous Persons: Ulrik Samuelson is a Swedish sculptor. 

30.  Verner

How to pronounce: VER-ner
Origin: Old German Werinheri
Alternative spelling: Werner, Värner
Interesting Facts:According to some people, the meaning is roughly ‘protective’.
Famous Persons: Verner Oakland was a Swedish actor. 

31.  Valdemar

How to pronounce: VAL’-de-mar
Origin: Old Norse Valdimárr
Meaning:Glorious ruler
Female version of the name:Valdine
Alternative spelling: Waldemar, Valde
Variations in other languages:Vladimir (Russian)
Interesting Facts:Valdemar is an old Nordic name related to the Slavic name Vladimir.
Famous Persons: Waldemar Åhlén was a Swedish organist and composer. 

32.  Yngve

How to pronounce: EEN-ve
Origin: Old Norse Yngvi
Meaning:Unclear identity
Alternative spelling: Yngwe
Interesting Facts:This name could be an alternative title for the Scandinavian god Frej.
Famous Persons: Yngve Larsson was a Swedish politician.

Short Swedish Male Names

The following Swedish baby names are short. If you’re looking for a name that is popular in the country or one that has a distinctly Swedish sound to it, you’ve come to the right place.

33.  Adam

How to pronounce: oh-DAM
Origin: Ancient Hebrew אָדָם‎
Meaning:Made of red clay
Interesting Facts:According to Abrahamic religious texts, Adam was the first man.
Famous Persons: Adam Tensta is a famous Swedish rapper.

34.  Arne

How to pronounce: Ah-neh
Origin: Old Norse Ǫrn
Female version of the name:Arna
Interesting Facts:The oldest evidence of this name in Sweden is a runic inscription from the 11th century on a stone by Nora lake.
Famous Persons: Arne Fredga was a Swedish chemist. 

35.  Ake

How to pronounce: Oh-keh
Origin: Varying (Nordic, German)
Alternative spelling: Aage, Åge
Interesting Facts:This name has been used in the southern parts of Sweden especially, and is one of the names mentioned on runic stones.
Famous Persons: Åke Ohberg was a Swedish actor and film director.

36.  Axel 

How to pronounce: ah-KSEL’
Origin: Ancient Hebrew אַבְשָלוֹם
Meaning:‘Father is peace’
Alternative spelling: Aksel
Interesting Facts:Axel is a Danish form of the Hebrew name ‘Absalom’. The oldest evidence of this name in Sweden is from the year 1371.
Famous Persons: Axel Key was a Swedish pathologist, member of parliament, writer, and rector at Karolinska Institutet.

37.  Bo

How to pronounce: BOO
Origin: Old Norse
Interesting Facts:The oldest evidence of this name in Sweden is a runic inscription from the 11th century, then in the form Boe.
Famous Persons: Bo Bergman was a Swedish writer, poet, and playwright.

38.  Carl

How to pronounce: KARL
Origin: Old German
Meaning:Free man
Female version of the name:Karla, Carla
Alternative spelling: Karl
Variations in other languages:Charles (English, French), 
Interesting Facts:Many royalty have borne the name Karl and its counterparts, including many Swedish kings and princes. Karl is also one of the most common Swedish names.
Famous Persons: Carl Bildt is a Swedish politician. 

39.  Erik

How to pronounce: eh-REEK
Origin: Old Norse Airikr
Meaning:Eternal lord, great, powerfull
Female version of the name:Erika
Alternative spelling: Eric
Interesting Facts:The name is the second most common male name in Sweden (after Karl) and is one of the few that has been common throughout time.
Famous Persons: Erik Wästberg was a Swedish journalist.

40.  Emil

How to pronounce: YE-meel’
Origin: Latin Aemilius
Meaning:Rival, diligent
Female version of the name:Emilia
Alternative spelling: Emile
Interesting Facts:This name became popular after film adaptations were made in the 1970s of Astrid Lindgren’s books about Emil in Lonneberga. Since the ‘90s it has increased further in popularity [3].
Famous Persons: Emil Forsberg is a Swedish football player.

41.  Elof

How to pronounce: EH-lof
Origin: Old Norse  
Meaning:Lone heir
Alternative spelling: Elov
Interesting Facts:Elof was a common name in the early 20th century but has been relatively uncommon during the rest of the 20th century.
Famous Persons: Elov Persson was a Swedish comedian.

42.  Finn

How to pronounce: FEEN
Origin: Nordic
Interesting Facts:The name has been used as a baptismal name in Sweden since the end of the 19th century.
Famous Persons: Finn Zetterholm is a Swedish troubadour and author.

43.  Hugo 

How to pronounce: HYU-goo
Origin: Old German 
Meaning:Mind and light
Interesting Facts:The Swedish name Hugo is a short form of the German name Hubert. 
Famous Persons: Hugo Lindh was a Swedish composer.

44.  Isak

How to pronounce: ee-SAK
Origin: Ancient Hebrew יצחק 
Meaning:The one who will laugh
Alternative spelling: Isac
Variations in other languages:Isaac (English)
Interesting Facts:In the Bible, Isak was the second of the patriarchs of Israel, the miraculously born son of Abraham and Sarah.
Famous Persons: Isak Gustaf Clason was a Swedish architect. 

45.  Joar

How to pronounce: JUH-ar
Origin: Old Norse 
Meaning:Horse warrior
Interesting Facts:The name was previously very unusual, but has increased in popularity over the past decade.
Famous Persons: Joar Tiberg is a Swedish poet and journalist. 

46.  Joel

How to pronounce: YUH-el’
Origin: Ancient Hebrew יואל
Meaning:Yahweh is God
Variations in other languages:Joël (French)
Interesting Facts:Both a Biblical prophet and a book of the Old Testament share this name.
Famous Persons: Joel Alme is a Swedish musician.

47.  Knut

How to pronounce: KNOOT
Origin: Nordic
Meaning:The brave, the bold
Variations in other languages:Knud (Danish), Knútur (Icelandic)
Interesting Facts:The name has appeared as a royal name in both Sweden and Denmark.
Famous Persons: Knut Petersson was a Swedish politician.

48.  Leif

How to pronounce: LEEF
Origin: Nordic Leifr
Alternative spelling: Leffe
Interesting Facts:This name has been used in Sweden since the mid-19th century.
Famous Persons: Leif Forsberg is a Swedish former football player.

49.  Mats

How to pronounce: MATS
Origin: Ancient Hebrew מַתִּתְיָהוּ
Meaning:Yahweh’s gift
Alternative spelling: Matts, Matz
Variations in other languages:Mads (Danish)
Interesting Facts:It is a Swedish short form of the original older name Mattias. Over time, the short form became independent.
Famous Persons: Mats Ek is a Swedish ballet dancer and choreographer. 

50.  Nils

How to pronounce: NEEL
Origin: Ancient Greek Νικόλαος
Meaning:The winner of the people
Alternative spelling: Niels, Nisse
Variations in other languages:Nicholas/Nick/ Collin/Col/ Klaus (English), Nicola/Nicolo (Italian), Mykola (Ukrainian)
Interesting Facts:This is a short form of the name Niklas. Over time, the short form became independent.
Famous Persons: Nils Dardel was a 20th-century Swedish Post-Impressionist painter, grandson to famous Swedish painter Fritz von Dardel.

51.  Olof

How to pronounce: oh-LOF
Origin: Old Norse Áleifr
Alternative spelling: Olov, Olaf, Olle, Olli
Variations in other languages:Ólafur (Icelandic)
Interesting Facts:In Norway, Olav is a traditional royal name.
Famous Persons: Olof Thunberg was a Swedish actor, voice actor, and director.

52.  Ove

How to pronounce: uh-WEH
Origin: Danish
Meaning:The meaning of the name is disputed. 
Alternative spelling: Owe
Variations in other languages:Uwe (German)
Interesting Facts:In Sweden it is usually claimed that it has its origin in the Old Norse ‘Agh’ meaning egg, but it could also have its origin in the word ‘agioro’, meaning fear.
Famous Persons: Ove Engström is a Swedish musician.

53.  Olle

How to pronounce: uh-LLE
Origin: Latin Ull/Uller
Meaning:Honor, splendor, glory
Interesting Facts:Olle was used as a short form of the name Ollerus. Over time, the short form became an independent popular name.
Famous Persons: Olle Widestrand was a Swedish parish musician, teacher, and composer. 

54.  Otto

How to pronounce: OOH-to
Origin: Old German Otho
Female version of the name:Ottilia
Alternative spelling: Odo
Interesting Facts:In Sweden, the name was perceived in ancient times as a variant of the number eight, and it was common as the name of the eighth child in a sibling group.
Famous Persons: Otto Nordenskiöld was a Finnish and Swedish geologist, geographer, and polar explorer.

55.  Rolf

How to pronounce: ROL’F
Origin: Old Norse Hrodulf
Meaning:Honor and wolf
Alternative spelling: Roffe
Interesting Facts:The name Rolf is a short form of the Old Norse name Rodhulf. It has been known since Viking times through Gånge-Rolf who conquered Normandy in 911 and became its first duke.
Famous Persons: Rolf Billberg was a Swedish alto saxophone player active during the 1950s and 1960s.

56.  Rune

How to pronounce: ryuh-NEH
Origin: Old Norse Rúni
Meaning:Secret wisdom
Female version of the name:Runa
Interesting Facts:Both Rune and its feminine form Runa are formed by the word ‘runa’ which means  ‘letter’.
Famous Persons: Rune Pär Olofsson was a Swedish writer, journalist, and priest.

57.  Sven

How to pronounce: SVEN
Origin: Old Norse Sveinn
Meaning:Young man, youth
Alternative spelling: Swen
Variations in other languages:Svein (Norwegian), Svend (Danish), Swain (English) 
Interesting Facts:Sven is one of the most common male names in Sweden.
Famous Persons: Sven Lindberg was a Swedish actor.

58.  Stig

How to pronounce: STEEG
Origin: Old Norse Stígr
Alternative spelling: Stieg, Stickan, Sigge, Stigge, Stisse
Interesting Facts:It has been used as a baptismal name in Scania since the 12th century but only became common in the rest of the country in the 19th century.
Famous Persons: Stig Strand is a Swedish former alpine skier and a sports commentator on alpine skiing.

59.  Tage

How to pronounce: tah-GEH
Origin: Danish Taki
Meaning:To take
Alternative spelling: Thage
Interesting Facts:Another theory on its origin says the meaning is “sustainable”.
Famous Persons: Tage William-Olsson was a Swedish architect and chief town planning architect of Gothenburg.

60.  Ulf

How to pronounce: OOL’F
Origin: Old Norse Úlfr
Alternative spelling: Uffe, Ulv
Interesting Facts:The oldest evidence of this name in Sweden is a runic inscription from the 1000s, on the stone in Källby halls, Västergötland.
Famous Persons: Ulf Ekberg is a Swedish singer-songwriter and musician, best known as a founding member of the pop group Ace of Base.

Swedish Boy Names With Greek And Latin Origins

There are also beautiful Swedish names for boys with Ancient Greek and Latin origins.  

61.  Anders

How to pronounce: an-DESH
Origin: Ancient Greek Ανδρέα
Alternative spelling: Andreas
Variations in other languages:Andrew (English), Andrei (Russian), André (French), Andrés (Spanish), Andriy (Ukrainian)
Interesting Facts:Anders also means “different” in German.
Famous Persons: Anders Berglund is a famous Swedish musician, composer, and pianist. 

62.  Alexandr

How to pronounce: alek-SANDR
Origin: Ancient Greek  Ἀλέξανδρος [4]
Meaning:Men’s defender
Female version of the name:Alexandra
Alternative spelling: Ale, Alle
Variations in other languages:Alessandro (Italy), Alejandro (Spain), Oleksandr (Ukraine), Iskander (Turkey)
Famous Persons: Alexander Milošević is a Sweden football player.

63.  Albin 

How to pronounce: AL’-been
Origin: Latin Albus
Interesting Facts:Albin is among the 25 most common names for newborn boys in Sweden, and it was almost as popular at the turn of the century in 1900 as it is now.
Famous Persons: Albin Johnsen is a famous Swedish musician.

64.  Anton

How to pronounce: AN-ton
Origin: Latin Antonius
Alternative spelling: Tony
Variations in other languages:Anthony/Tony (English), Antonio (Spanish, Italian), Antoniusz (Polish)
Interesting Facts:The name has existed in Sweden since the beginning of the 17th century.
Famous Persons: Anton Bolinder was a Swedish high jumper.

65.  August 

How to pronounce: OH-gost
Origin: Latin Augustus 
Meaning:The venerable
Interesting Facts:It was originally an honorary name dedicated to the Emperor Augustus and was later used as a title by several Roman emperors.
Famous Persons: August Stålberg was a Swedish businessman.

66.  Bengt 

How to pronounce: BENGT
Origin: Latin Benedictus
Meaning:The blessed
Female version of the name:Bengta
Alternative spelling: Bent
Variations in other languages:Benito (Spanish), Benneit (Scottish)
Interesting Facts:The name has existed in Sweden at least since the 12th century.
Famous Persons: Bengt Blomgren was a famous Swedish actor.

67.  Casper

How to pronounce: kas-PER
Origin: Old Persian (or Greek)
Alternative spelling: Kasper, Kaspar 
Variations in other languages:Jasper (English)
Interesting Facts:Kaspar (Caspar) was, according to Christian historians along with Melker and Baltsar, one of the three wise men who courted Jesus at his birth.
Famous Persons: Casper Janebrink is a Swedish musician and frontman in the dance band Arvingarna.

68.  Christoffer

How to pronounce: krees-toh-FER
Origin: Ancient Greek Χριστόφορος 
Alternative spelling: Kristoffer, Chris
Variations in other languages:Christopher (English)
Interesting Facts:The name is considered to have the meaning ‘Christ-bearer’. A legend tells that a man who once carried the baby Jesus over a ford then got the name. Later, this Saint Christoffer (Latin Sanctus Christóphorus) became the patron saint of the wayfarers.
Famous Persons: Christoffer Hiding is a Swedish singer.

69.  Christer

How to pronounce: KREES-ter
Origin: Latin Christianus
Meaning:ChristianThe big, the strong
Alternative spelling: Krister
Interesting Facts:This name is a Nordic variant of the name Christian.
Famous Persons: Christer Fuglesang is a Swedish physicist and the first Swedish astronaut.

70.  Christian

How to pronounce: KREES-tee-an
Origin: Latin Christianus
Meaning:The christian
Female version of the name:Christiana, Kristiana
Alternative spelling: Kristian
Interesting Facts:It was a common name among Nordic (Danish) kings from the 15th to the 20th century.
Famous Persons: Kristian Luuk is a Swedish TV presenter and comic.

71.  Claes

How to pronounce: KLAH-es
Origin: Ancient Greek Νῑκόλαος
Meaning:The winner of the peoples
Alternative spelling: Klas, Clas
Variations in other languages:Nicholas/Nick/ Collin/Col/ Klaus (English), Nicola/Nicolo (Italian), Mykola (Ukrainian)
Interesting Facts:In Germany, Denmark, and Norway the spelling “Klaus” is more common; this is a more direct translation from “Nicholaus” to “Klaus”.
Famous Persons: Claes Eriksson is a Swedish director, screenwriter, revue artist, comedian, actor, and composer.

72.  Frank

How to pronounce: FRANK 
Origin: Latin Franciscus
Meaning:French, frankish
Female version of the name:Franka
Alternative spelling: Frans
Variations in other languages:Franz (German), Francis (English)
Interesting Facts:Frank is a name used both as a first name and as a last name.
Famous Persons: Frank Andersson was a Swedish amateur wrestler and entertainer. 

73.  Goran

How to pronounce: GYOH-ran
Origin: Ancient Greek Γεώργιος
Alternative spelling: Jöran
Variations in other languages:George (English), Jorge (Spanish), Giorgio (Italian), Erzy (Polish)
Interesting Facts:A women’s network for women in careers, founded in 1999, took the name Göran because in Sweden there were more CEOs with the name Göran than women in the same position.
Famous Persons: Göran Rudbo is a Swedish musician. 

74.  Jorgen

How to pronounce: YOR-gen
Origin: Ancient Greek Γεώργιος
Alternative spelling: Jörn, Görgen
Variations in other languages:George (English), Jorge (Spanish), Giorgio (Italian), Erzy (Polish)
Interesting Facts:This name is a variation of the name Georg, which in turn comes from the Greek.
Famous Persons: Jörgen Mårtensson is one of the most successful Swedish orienteers of all time.

75.  Lukas

How to pronounce: LYU-kas
Origin: Ancient Greek Λουκᾶς
Alternative spelling: Lucas
Variations in other languages:Luke (English), Luka (Russian)
Interesting Facts:This name appears in the almanac to honor the evangelist Luke.
Famous Persons: Lukas Moodysson is a Swedish novelist, short story writer, and film director.

76.  Linus

How to pronounce: LEE-nus
Origin: Ancient Greek Λῖνος
Meaning:Linen, the linen hair
Alternative spelling: Lin
Interesting Facts:In the Swedish almanac, the name is found in memory of Linus, a saint who succeeded Peter as bishop of Rome during the church’s older days.
Famous Persons: Linus Klasen is a Swedish hockey player.

77.  Magnus

How to pronounce: MAN-nus
Origin: Latin
Meaning:The great
Female version of the name:Magna
Alternative spelling: Måns
Variations in other languages:Mauno (Finnish)
Interesting Facts:The oldest evidence for this name in Sweden is from the 12th century through carved runes on the wall  of the Bringetofta church.
Famous Persons: Magnus Norman is a Swedish tennis player and coach.

78.  Martin

How to pronounce: MAR-teen
Origin: Latin Martinus
Meaning:Belonging to Mars
Female version of the name:Martina
Alternative spelling: Mårten
Variations in other languages:Martyn (Russian)
Interesting Facts:Mars is the Roman god of war.
Famous Persons: Martin Lidberg is a Swedish former professional wrestler.

79.  Markus

How to pronounce: MAR-kus
Origin: Latin MarcusLatin Martius 
Meaning:HammerBorn in March
Alternative spelling: Marcus, Mark
Variations in other languages:Marcos (Spain), Marek (Polish), Marko/ Markiyan (Ukrainian)
Interesting Facts:Some believe that the name Mark comes from the name of the Roman god of war, Mars.
Famous Persons: Marcus Birro is a famous Swedish-Italian poet, author, columnist, and former frontman of cult punk band The Christer Petterssons.

80.  Niklas

How to pronounce: neek-LAS
Origin: Ancient Greek Νικόλαος
Meaning:The winner of the peoples
Alternative spelling: Nils, Nisse
Variations in other languages:Nicholas/Nick/ Collin/Col/Klaus (English), Nicola/Nicolo (Italian), Mykola (Ukrainian)
Interesting Facts:Saint Niklas/Klaus is a legendary character in Western Christian culture who brings gifts on Christmas Eve.
Famous Persons: Niklas Andersson is a Swedish hockey player.

81.  Peter

How to pronounce: PYE-ter
Origin: Ancient Greek Πέτρος
Meaning:Stone, rock
Female version of the name:Petra
Alternative spelling: Pelle, Pehr, Pär
Variations in other languages:Pyotr (Russian), Pierre (French), Pedro (Spanish), Pietro (Italian), Petro (Ukrainian)
Interesting Facts:Petros comes from the ancient Aramaic name Kepa or Kepha, also meaning ‘rock’.
Famous Persons: Peter Forsberg is a Swedish former professional ice hockey player and was for a time the assistant general manager of Modo Hockey.

82.  Patrik

How to pronounce: PAT-reek
Origin: Latin Patricius
Female version of the name:Patricia
Alternative spelling: Patric, Patrick
Interesting Facts:Patrik came to Sweden in the 17th century through immigrant Scottish families.
Famous Persons: Patrik Järbyn is a Swedish former World Cup alpine ski racer.

83.  Sebastian

How to pronounce: seh-BAS-tee-an
Origin: Latin Sebastianus
Meaning:Man from Sebastia
Alternative spelling: Baste, Bastian, Sebbe
Interesting Facts:Today, the city Sebastia is called Sivas and is located in Turkey.
Famous Persons: Sebastian Fronda is a Swedish hip-hop artist.

84.  Staffan

How to pronounce: STAF-fan
Origin: Ancient Greek Στέφανος
Meaning:Crowned, wreath
Female version of the name:Stefania
Alternative spelling: Stefan, Steffen
Variations in other languages:Stepan (Russian), Steven (English), Stefano (Italian)
Interesting Facts:This name is common in almost all European countries.
Famous Persons: Stefan Parkman is a Swedish conductor.

85.  Urban 

How to pronounce: oor-BAN
Origin: Latin Urbanus
Meaning:From the city
Alternative spelling: Ubbe
Interesting Facts:Urbanus was a common name for popes.
Famous Persons: Urban Torhamn was a Swedish author and artist.

86.  Viktor

How to pronounce: VEEK-tor
Origin: Latin Victor
Female version of the name:Viktoria, Victoria
Alternative spelling: Victor, Vigge, Vicke
Variations in other languages:Vittorio (Italian)
Interesting Facts:Viktor was one of the most fashionable names among newborn boys in the 1990s.
Famous Persons: Victor Hasselblad was a Swedish inventor and photographer, known for inventing the Hasselblad 6×6 cm medium format camera.

87.  Vincent

How to pronounce: VEEN-cent
Origin: Latin Vincentius
Alternative spelling: Vincentz
Interesting Facts:This name has been used in Sweden since the 15th century.
Famous Persons: Vincent Pontare is a Swedish songwriter, producer, and singer. 

Swedish Names For Boys With Hebrew Origin

The following Swedish  names have Hebrew origins and sound really beautiful!

88.  Benjamin

How to pronounce: been-jah-meen
Origin: Ancient Hebrew ‏בנימין‏
Meaning:Happy son, son of the right hand
Alternative spelling: Ben, Benji
Variations in other languages:Veniamin (Russian), 
Interesting Facts:In the Bible, Benjamin was the youngest of the 12 sons of Jacob, being a full brother to Joseph (by Rachel) and half brother to the others.
Famous Persons: Benjamin Ingrosso is a Swedish artist, songwriter, and music producer. 

89.  Daniel

How to pronounce: DAH-nee-el’
Origin: Ancient hebrew דניאל
Meaning:God my judge
Female version of the name:Daniela
Alternative spelling: Danny
Variations in other languages:Danylo (Ukrainian),  Dani/ Danis (French), Daniele (Italian), Daniil (Russian)
Interesting Facts:Daniel has been used as a baptismal name in Sweden since the 13th century but only became common after the Reformation.
Famous Persons: Daniel Ståhl is a Swedish athlete specialising in the discus throw. 

90.  David

How to pronounce: DAH-veed
Origin: Ancient Hebrew ‏דָּוִד
Meaning:Friend, beloved, loved, favourite
Alternative spelling: Dawid
Variations in other languages:Davud/Davut (in Islamic tradition)
Famous Persons: David Hall was a Swedish politician.

91.  Elias

How to pronounce: eh-lee-YAS
Origin: Ancient Hebrew אליהו
Meaning:My God
Alternative spelling: Elia
Variations in other languages:Elijah (English)
Interesting Facts:At the same time, in Greece, the male name Helios (Ἥλιος) was used, meaning “sun”, or more precisely “the sun god”. A thousand years later, Christianity spread to Greece, where Elijah became Hellenized to Helias (Ηλίας), and eventually forced out the pagan name Helios. The Romans in turn translated Ηλίας into Elijah.
Famous Persons: Elias Martin was a famous Swedish painter. 

92.  Emanuel

How to pronounce: eh-MAH-nuh-el’
Origin: Ancient Hebrew עִמָּנוּאֵל
Meaning:God is with us
Female version of the name:Emanuela
Alternative spelling: Manne, Imanuel
Interesting Facts:This name, which was the predicted name of the Messiah in the Old Testament, has been used as a baptismal name in Sweden since the 17th century.
Famous Persons: Emanuel Swedenborg was a Swedish scientist (mainly in natural sciences), philosopher, Bible interpreter, theosophist, Christian mystic freemason, and theologian. 

93.  Johan

How to pronounce: yu-HAN
Origin: Ancient Hebrew
Meaning:God have mercy
Female version of the name:Johanna
Variations in other languages:John (English), Ivan (Russian), Giovanni (Italian)
Interesting Facts:Sweden has had three kings who bore the name Johan.
Famous Persons: Johan Glans is a Swedish comic and actor. 

94.  Josef

How to pronounce: yuh-SEF
Origin: Ancient Hebrew יוֹסֵף
Meaning:The Lord multiplies
Alternative spelling: Joseph
Variations in other languages:Iosif (Russian), Giuseppe (Italian)
Interesting Facts:Josef, like several other biblical names, has increased in popularity in Sweden since the mid-1980s.
Famous Persons: Josef Herou was a Swedish opera singer. 

95.  Mattias

How to pronounce: mah-TEE-yas
Origin: Ancient Hebrew מַתִּתְיָהוּ
Meaning:Yahweh’s gift
Alternative spelling: Mattis, Mathias, Mats
Variations in other languages:Matthew (English), Mateo (Spanish), Matvey (Russian)
Interesting Facts:The name has been found in Sweden since the 13th century.
Famous Persons: Mattias Asper is a Swedish football player.

96.  Mikael

How to pronounce: mee-kah-EL’
Origin: Ancient Hebrew ‏מִיכָאֵל
Meaning:Who is like God? 
Female version of the name:Mikaela
Alternative spelling: Micael, Michael
Variations in other languages:Michael (English), Miguel (Spanish), Michele (Italian), Michał (Polish), Mykhaylo (Ukrainian), Mikkel (Danish)
Interesting Facts:In the Christian tradition, Michael is an archangel and one of the three named angels, along with Gabriel and Raphael.
Famous Persons: Michael “Roddarn” Andersson is a famous Swedish former road cyclist.

97.  Melker

How to pronounce: MEL-ker
Origin: Ancient Hebrew מֶ֫לֶך
Meaning:Light king
Alternative spelling: Melchior
Interesting Facts:According to Christian historians, Melchior, along with Kasper and Baltsar, was one of the three wise men who courted Jesus at his birth.
Famous Persons: Melker Svärd Jacobsson is a Swedish pole vaulter. 

98.  Simon

How to pronounce: SEE-mon
Origin: Ancient Hebrew שִׁמְעוֹן‏‎ 
Meaning:God heard
Female version of the name:Simona, Simone
Variations in other languages:Semyon (Russian), Szymon (Polish)
Interesting Facts:Oldest evidence for this name  in Sweden is from the year 1208.
Famous Persons: Simon Tibbling is a Swedish football player.

99.  Thomas 

How to pronounce: tooh-MAS
Origin: Ancient Hebrew תאום
Alternative spelling: Tomas 
Interesting Facts:Oldest evidence for this name in Sweden comes from a runic inscription from the 1000s.
Famous Persons: Thomas Enqvist is a Swedish tennis player.

100.  Tobias 

How to pronounce: tooh-BEE-as
Origin: Ancient Hebrew טוֹבִיָּהוּ
Meaning:God is good
Alternative spelling: Thobias, Tobbe, Tobi
Interesting Facts:Tobias appears as the main character in an apocryphal book of the Bible, the book of Tobit.
Famous Persons: Tobias Ringborg is a Swedish conductor and violinist.

Top 100 Swedish Names For Girls

If you have a baby girl on the way, we’re hoping that this list of beautiful Swedish girl names will inspire and help you make the perfect choice.

Traditional And Popular Swedish Names For Girls

The following girl names are traditional and popular in Sweden. These are interesting names with beautiful meanings. 

You’ll notice many of the top Swedish names for women are both beautiful-sounding and packed with meaning.

1.  Alice

How to pronounce: AH-lees
Origin: Old German Adelheid
Meaning:Noble, light
Alternative spelling: Alis, Alise, Alicia , Alisia
Variations in other languages:Alisa (Russian)
Interesting Facts:The oldest evidence of the name in Sweden is from the year 1841 and it quickly became fashionable. Lewis Carroll’s famous children’s book Alice in Wonderland was published in 1865 and contributed to the spread of the name.
Famous Persons: Alice Babs was a famous Swedish actress and singer.

2.  Astrid

How to pronounce: AH-streed
Origin: Old Norse Ásfriðr
Meaning:God and beautiful
Alternative spelling: Asta , Sassa, Assi, Atti
Variations in other languages:Astri (Norwegian)
Interesting Facts:One of the oldest pieces of evidence in Sweden for the name Astrid is an inscription from the 1000s on a runestone in Aspa, Södermanland.
Famous Persons: A famous writer from Sweden, Astrid Lindgren is renowned for several children’s book series, featuring Karlsson-on-the-Roof. Pippi Longstocking, and Emil of Lönneberga. 

3.  Amelia

How to pronounce: ah-MEH-lee-ya
Origin: Old German
Alternative spelling: Amalia
Interesting Facts:This  name may also have arisen through a mixture of the names Emilia and Amalia.
Famous Persons: Amelia Adamo is a Swedish editor-in-chief.

4.  Brigitta

How to pronounce: bree-gee-TAH
Origin: Celtic
Meaning:High, exalted
Alternative spelling: Birgit, Birgitta, Britta, Git, Gitta
Interesting Facts:The name has existed in Sweden since the middle of the 13th century. It is one  of the more common female names [5].
Famous Persons: Princess Birgitta of Sweden.

5.  Berit

How to pronounce: BEE-reet
Origin: Celtic
Meaning:High, exalted
Alternative spelling: Britta, Git, Gitta
Interesting Facts:Berit is a Swedish dialectal form of the female name Birgitta. Over time it has become an independent name. 
Famous Persons: Berit Carlberg was a Swedish stage actress.

6.  Borhild 

How to pronounce: boor-HEEL’D
Origin: Old Norse Borghildr
Meaning:‘Protection’ and ‘battle’
Interesting Facts:The oldest evidence of this name in Sweden dates back to the 11th century. It is unusual in Sweden.
Famous Persons: Borghild Arnér was a Swedish composer.

7.  Charlotta

How to pronounce: shar-loh-TAH
Origin: French Charlotte
Meaning:Free man
Male version of the name:Charles
Alternative spelling: Carlotta, Lotta
Interesting Facts:Charlotta is a French feminine form of the male name Charles. Charles is a French and English form of the Nordic name Karl.
Famous Persons: Charlotta Djurström was a Swedish stage actress.

8.  Edith

How to pronounce: EH-deet
Origin: Old English Eadgyð
Meaning:Wealth and battle
Alternative spelling: Edit
Interesting Facts:This name has existed in Sweden since the 19th century.
Famous Persons: Edith Wallén was a Swedish actress.

9.  Elvira

How to pronounce: el’-vee-RAH
Origin: Old German Allovera
Meaning:Alert, reliable
Alternative spelling: Alvira
Interesting Facts:Some believe the name has Spanish origins which may ultimately come from Arabic and probably means “the white”.
Famous Persons: Elvira Öberg is a Swedish biathlete.

10.  Ellinor

How to pronounce: el-lee-NOR
Origin: Old French Alienor
Alternative spelling: Elinor, Ellika, Nora
Interesting Facts:The oldest evidence of this name in Sweden is from 1858.
Famous Persons: Ellinor Persson is a Swedish TV presenter and journalist.

11.  Erika

How to pronounce: eh-REE-kah
Origin: Old Norse Eiríkr
Meaning:Rich ruler
Male version of the name:Erik
Alternative spelling: Eric
Interesting Facts:The scientific name for a genus of flowers is also called Erica.
Famous Persons: Erica Sjöström is a Swedish female singer and saxophonist.

12.  Freja

How to pronounce: fre-YAH
Origin: Icelandic Frauja
Meaning:Wife, mistress
Alternative spelling: Freia, Freyja, Fröja 
Interesting Facts:Freja is the fertility goddess and sister of Frej in Norse mythology.
Famous Persons: Freja Lindström is a Swedish actress.

13.  Gunilla

How to pronounce: goo-neel-LAH
Origin: Old Norse Gunnhildr
Interesting Facts:The name became widely known when the young noblewoman Gunilla Bielke became Johan III’s second queen in 1585.
Famous Persons: Gunilla Bergström was a Swedish author, journalist, and illustrator.

14.  Hilma

How to pronounce: heel’-MAH
Origin: Old German Himil
Interesting Facts:It can also be the feminine equivalent of the male name Hilmer.
Famous Persons: Hilma af Klint was a Swedish artist and mystic whose paintings were considered among the first abstract works known in Western art history.

15.  Hilda

How to pronounce: heel’-DAH
Origin: Old Norse Hild
Male version of the name:Hilde
Alternative spelling: Hild
Interesting Facts:This name comes from the name Hild, which was one of Odin’s valkyries.
Famous Persons: Hilda Borgström was a Swedish actress.

16.  Hedvig

How to pronounce: HED-veeg
Origin: Old German Hathuwic
Meaning:Battle, fight
Alternative spelling: Hedwig, Hedda
Famous Persons: Hedvig Wigert was a Swedish opera singer.

17.  Ingrid

How to pronounce: EEN-greed
Origin: Old Norse Ingriðr
Meaning:Beautiful, beloved
Alternative spelling: Ingri, Inger
Interesting Facts:This name has existed in Sweden at least since the 11th century and appears on runic stones, including a stone at Karlberga in Uppland.
Famous Persons: Ingrid Bergman was a famous Swedish actress who starred in a variety of European and American films.

18.  Inger

How to pronounce: een-GEER
Origin: Old Norse Ingegerd
Meaning:The god’s name ‘Ing’ and word ‘gerd’ – ‘protected’
Interesting Facts:It also occurs as a male name and a surname.
Famous Persons: Inger Alfvén is a Swedish author and socionom.

19.  Ingegerd

How to pronounce: in-geh-GERD
Origin: Old Norse Ingigerðr
Meaning:The god’s name Ing and word gerd – protected
Alternative spelling: Ingegärd, Ingerd, Ingerth, Ingert, Inger, Ingar
Interesting Facts:The name has been used in Sweden at least since the 11th century and occurs on runic stones, e.g. on a stone at Tjuvstigen in Södermanland.
Famous Persons: Ingegerd Snis was a Swedish architect. 

20.  Joline

How to pronounce: joh-LEEN
Origin: French Joli
Meaning:Beautiful, cute, good looking
Interesting Facts:During the early 2000s, more and more girls in Sweden were christened Joline.
Famous Persons: Joline Höstman is a Swedish swimmer. 

21.  Karolina

How to pronounce: kah-roh-lee-NAH
Origin: Old Swedish Karl
Meaning:Free man
Male version of the name:Karl
Alternative spelling: Karoline, Carolina, Caroline, Karolin, Karna
Interesting Facts:This name has been used in Sweden since the end of the 17th century.
Famous Persons: Caroline Winberg is a Swedish model.

22.  Linnea

How to pronounce: leen-nee-YAH
Origin: From the name of the flower linnæa boralis
Alternative spelling: Linnéa, Linn, Nea, Nean
Interesting Facts:The flower that this name derives from  was named after the great Swedish botanist Carl von Linnés.
Famous Persons: Linnéa Claeson is a human rights activist.

23.  Lovisa

How to pronounce: loh-vee-SAH
Origin: French Louise
Meaning:Hero, famous fighter
Male version of the name:Lovis
Alternative spelling: Lovis, Lova, Lou, Lu, Lissi, Lissie, Lissy
Interesting Facts:This name has been used as a baptismal name in Sweden since the 17th century.
Famous Persons: Lova Drevstam, known as Lovad, is a Swedish singer and songwriter.

24.  Linda

How to pronounce: LEEN-dah
Origin: Old German Linden
Meaning:Soft, mild
Interesting Facts:Linda is an independent name, but it is also a short form of names that end in -lind, -linda or -linde. For example: Belinda, Rosalinda, Melinda, Herolinda or Sieglinde, which in most cases have English-language and originally German origins. 
Famous Persons: Linda Pritchard is a professional dancer and singer from Sweden.

25.  Majken

How to pronounce: MAy-ken
Origin: Low German Mariken. Diminutive form of Maria
Meaning:Beloved, desired
Variations in other languages:Maiken (Danish, Norwegian)
Interesting Facts:The original spelling of this name in 16th century Sweden was Moiken.
Famous Persons: Majken Åberg  was a Swedish discus thrower.

26.  Malvina

How to pronounce: mal’-vee-nah
Alternative spelling: Malwina, Malva, Malla
Interesting Facts:This name could have been the creation of poet James Macpherson. However, some believe it has Old German origins and means ‘justice’.
Famous Persons: Malvina Bråkenhielm was a Swedish writer. 

27.  Matilda

How to pronounce: ma-TEEL’-dah
Origin: Old German Mechthild[
Meaning:Power and battle
Alternative spelling: Mathilda, Tilda, Thilda, Tilla 
Interesting Facts:The song Waltzing Matilda is considered Australia’s unofficial national anthem.
Famous Persons: Mathilda Gelhaar was a Swedish stage actress and opera singer. 

28.  Selma

How to pronounce: sel’-MAH
Origin: Celtic
Meaning:Beautiful view
Male version of the name:Anselm
Interesting Facts:Selma can also be a short form of the German name Anselma, the feminine form of Anselm.
Famous Persons: Selma Lagerlöf was a teacher and author who was the first woman to win the Nobel Prize in Literature, in 1909. 

29.  Signe

How to pronounce: SEEN-neh
Origin: Old Norse Signý
Meaning:New victory
Alternative spelling: Signy
Interesting Facts:This name was mostly used in Scania until the 19th century when it began to spread throughout the country.
Famous Persons: Signe Björnberg was a Swedish writer. 

30.  Sigrid

How to pronounce: SEE-greed
Origin: Old Norse Sigríðr
Meaning:Beautiful victory
Alternative spelling: Siri, Segrid, Segri 
Interesting Facts:The oldest evidence of this name in Sweden is a runic inscription from the 1000s on Mervallastenen.
Famous Persons: Sigrid Kruse was a Swedish educator, children’s writer, and suffragist.

31.  Ulrika

How to pronounce: ool’-ree-KAH
Origin: Old German Ulrich
Meaning:Powerful ruler
Male version of the name:Ulrik
Alternative spelling: Ulrica, Ulla, Ulle, Ulli 
Interesting Facts:The name Ulrika became popular in Sweden when Ulrika Eleonora of Denmark married Charles XI in the late 17th century.
Famous Persons: Ulrika Pasch  was a Swedish rococo painter and miniaturist, and a first woman member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Arts.

32.  Vilma

How to pronounce: veel’-MAH
Origin: Old German Willihelm
Meaning:The will and helmet
Male version of the name:Vilhelm
Alternative spelling: Wilma
Interesting Facts:This is a short form of Vilhelmina. The name has been used in Sweden since the middle of the 19th century.
Famous Persons: Wilma Lindhé was a Swedish writer. 

33.  Vibeke

How to pronounce: WEE-beh-keh
Origin: Old German Wigberht
Meaning:Struggle, battle
Alternative spelling: Viveka
Interesting Facts:This name is unusual in Sweden. Only a single girl each year gets the name as a given name.
Famous Persons: Vibeke Olsson is a Swedish writer. 

34.  Yvonne

How to pronounce: ee-VON
Origin: Old German Ivo
Meaning:Yew tree 
Male version of the name:Yvon
Alternative spelling: Yvonn, Ivonne 
Interesting Facts:This name was first used in Sweden in the late 19th  century and increased in popularity in the first half of the 20th century.
Famous Persons: Yvonne Hirdman is a Swedish historian. 

Short Swedish Female Names

The next  Swedish baby names for girls are short. Go through these names and note down the ones you like.

35.  Alma

How to pronounce: AL’-mah
Origin: Latin Almus
Meaning:Mild, hollow
Interesting Facts:This name is also used as a male name. Its origin could be from the Spanish word  ‘alma’ meaning soul.
Famous Persons: Alma Söderhjelm was a Swedish-speaking Finnish historian and the first female professor in Finland.

36.  Alva

How to pronounce: AL’-va
Origin: Old Norse Alfarr
Meaning:Female warrior
Male version of the name:Alvar, Alf
Interesting Facts:The oldest known evidence of Alva in Sweden is from the year 1845.
Famous Persons: Alva Myrdal was a Swedish sociologist, diplomat, and politician.

37.  Anna

How to pronounce: AN-nah
Origin: Ancient Hebrew חַנָּה
Alternative spelling: Ann, Anne, Hanna, Annicka, Hanni, Hanny, Nanna, Nana
Interesting Facts:The oldest evidence of this name in Sweden is from 1291. After the recognition of the cult of Saint Anna at a church meeting in the 15th century, the name became widespread throughout the Nordic countries.
Famous Persons: Anna Lindberg is a Swedish diver. 

38.  Asa

How to pronounce: OH-sah
Origin: Old Norse Ása
Alternative spelling: Åse, Aase
Interesting Facts:This name appears, among other things, on a runestone in Bogesund.
Famous Persons: Åsa Moberg is a Swedish journalist.

39.  Daga

How to pronounce: DOH-ge
Origin: Old Norse Dagr
Male version of the name:Dag
Interesting Facts:The name has existed in Sweden since the middle of the 19th century. It can also be a short form of the name Dagny.
Famous Persons: Daga Wennerström is a Swedish painter.

40.  Ella

How to pronounce: EL-lah
Origin: Ancient Greek Ἑλένη
Interesting Facts:Ella is an English short form of the Greek name Helena, but also can be short form of names such as Gabriella, Eleonora and Elisabet. The oldest evidence for this name in Sweden is from the year 1502.
Famous Persons: Ella Bohlin is a Christian Democratic politician in Sweden.

41.  Ebba

How to pronounce: EB-bah
Origin: Old German
Male version of the name:Ebbe
Interesting Facts:This name is probably a feminine short form of Eberhard.
Famous Persons: Ebba Bernadotte was a Swedish noble, lady-in-waiting, and a titular princess, the spouse of Prince Oscar Bernadotte.

42.  Emma

How to pronounce: EM-mah
Origin: Old German
Meaning:Big, huge
Interesting Facts:Emma can also be a short form of the name Emerentia that means worthy. The oldest evidence of this name in Sweden is from the year 1766.
Famous Persons: Emma Johansson is a Swedish retired professional racing cyclist.

43.  Eva

How to pronounce: eh-VAH
Origin: Ancient Hebrew חַוָּה
Meaning:The giver of life
Alternative spelling: Evie, Evi, Evy
Interesting Facts:In Christian mythology, Eve is the ancestor of the human race.The oldest evidence of this name in Sweden is from the year 1472 [6].
Famous Persons: Eva Röse is a Swedish actress and TV presenter.

44.  Gun

How to pronounce: GOON
Origin: Old Norse Gunnr
Male version of the name:Gunnar
Alternative spelling: Gunn
Interesting Facts:In Norse mythology, Gun was one of the Valkyries mentioned.
Famous Persons: Gun Hägglund was a Swedish TV presenter and translator. 

45.  Hedda

How to pronounce: hed-DAH
Origin: Old German Hedewig 
Meaning:Strife, war
Interesting Facts:The oldest evidence of this name in Sweden is from the year 1730.
Famous Persons: Hedda Hjortsberg was a Swedish ballet dancer.

46.  Ines

How to pronounce: Een-nes
Origin: Ancient Greek Ἄγνη
Alternative spelling: Inez
Interesting Facts:Ines is a Spanish form of the name Agnes. The oldest evidence of this name in Sweden is from the year 1842.
Famous Persons: Inez Svensson was a Swedish influential designer and textile artist.

47.  Iris

How to pronounce: EEH-rees
Origin: Ancient Greek Ἶρις
Interesting Facts:In Greek mythology, Iris is the goddess of the rainbow. The name has existed in Sweden since the 19th century.
Famous Persons: Iris Valerius was a Swedish dancer.

48.  Ida

How to pronounce: EEH-dah
Origin: Old German Id
Interesting Facts:Ida became a fashionable name in the 1970s when the films and TV series about Emil in Lönneberga were shown in Sweden [7].
Famous Persons: Ida Börjel is a Swedish poet.

49.  Inga

How to pronounce: in-NAH
Origin: Old Swedish
Alternative spelling: Inge
Interesting Facts:Inga is an Old Swedish short form of name that begins with the god name Ing, which is another name for the fertility god Frö.
Famous Persons: Inga Landgré is a Swedish actress.

50.  Leah

How to pronounce: lee-AH
Origin: Ancient Hebrew לֵאָה
Alternative spelling: Lea
Interesting Facts:In the Bible, Leah is the wife of Jacob and the sister of Rachel.
Famous Persons: Lea Ahlborn was a famous Swedish artist and medallist.

51.  Maja

How to pronounce: may-YAH
Origin: Ancient Greek Μαϊα 
Meaning:Born in May
Alternative spelling: Maya, Maia
Interesting Facts:This name is also a Swedish short form of Maria, which has been used since the 14th century.
Famous Persons: Maja Gullstrand is a Swedish singer. 

52.  Meja

How to pronounce: meh-YAH
Origin: Old Swedish mäghin
Meaning:Power, strength
Interesting Facts:This old name has been documented in Sweden since the Middle Ages.
Famous Persons: Meja is a famous Swedish composer, singer, and artist. 

53.  Mona

How to pronounce: moh-NAH
Origin: Ancient Greek μόνη
Meaning:The only one
Interesting Facts:This name exists worldwide and has disputed origins. It may be a short form  of Monika.
Famous Persons: Mona Åstrand was a Swedish actress.

54.  Nelly

How to pronounce: NE’L-lee
Origin: Ancient Greek  Ἑλένη
Alternative spelling: Nellie
Interesting Facts:This used to be a diminutive of various names such as Eleonora, Ellen, and Helena which became an independent name.
Famous Persons: Nelly Sachs was a German-Swedish poet and playwright.

55.  Nora

How to pronounce: noo-RAH
Origin: Old French Alienor
Interesting Facts:This name may be an abbreviation of Eleonora.
Famous Persons: Nora Strandberg is a Swedish sport journalist. 

56.  Pia

How to pronounce: pee-AH
Origin: Latin Pius
Meaning:Pious, virtuous
Interesting Facts:Oldest evidence for this name in Sweden is from 1848.
Famous Persons: Pia Hultgren is a Swedish meteorologist. 

57.  Rut

How to pronounce: ROOT
Origin: Ancient Hebrew רוּת
Alternative spelling: Ruth
Interesting Facts:Oldest evidence for this name in Sweden is from 1621.
Famous Persons: Ruth Milles was a Swedish sculptor and writer. 

58.  Saga

How to pronounce: SOH-gah
Origin: Old Norse 
Meaning:She who sees
Interesting Facts:In modern times, the name has also been incorrectly associated with the word saga in the sense of ‘legend’, ‘folk tale’ or ‘story’.
Famous Persons: Saga Walli was a Swedish painter. 

59.  Sara

How to pronounce: SAH-rah
Origin: Ancient Hebrew שָׂרָה
Meaning:Famous woman, mistress
Alternative spelling: Sarah, Zara, Zarah
Interesting Facts:In the Old Testament, Sarah was Abraham’s wife and bore him a son, Isaac, at the age of 90.
Famous Persons: Sara Key is a Swedish actress. 

60.  Svea

How to pronounce: swee-AH
Origin: Old Swedish
Meaning:Сollective name of the population of Sweden
Interesting Facts:Svea is a female name of Swedish origin and since the end of the 17th century, in the form of Mother Svea, has been used as a symbol for the country Sweden.
Famous Persons: Svea Holst was a Swedish actress. 

61.  Siv

How to pronounce: SEEV
Origin: Old Norse Sif
Meaning:The bride, the wife
Alternative spelling: Sif, Siw
Interesting Facts:The wife of the god Asa Thor was named Siv.
Famous Persons: Siv-Britt Allvar was a Swedish painter, illustrator, and sculptor. 

62.  Tyra

How to pronounce: tyh-RAH
Origin: Old Norse Þyríðr
Meaning:Consecrated to the god Tyr
Alternative spelling: Thyra
Interesting Facts:Tyra became very popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
Famous Persons: Tyra Fischer was a Swedish actress. 

63.  Tuva

How to pronounce: too-VAH
Origin: Old Norse 
Alternative spelling: Tove, Towe
Interesting Facts:A short form of various names that start with Tor- (Torfrid, Torve).
Famous Persons: Tuva Novotny is a Swedish actress. 

Swedish Girl Names With Greek And Latin Origins

The following girl names have Ancient Greek or Latin origins. If you’re trying to find the right Swedish name for your baby girl, here are some options with interesting origins and meanings.

64.  Agnes

How to pronounce: AN-nes
Origin: Ancient Greek Ἄγνη
Alternative spelling: Agnis, Agneta, Netta
Interesting Facts:This name has been used in Sweden since the end of the 13th century.
Famous Persons: Agnes Carlsson is a Swedish singer.

65.  Amanda

How to pronounce: ah-MAN-da
Origin: Latin Amandus
Male version of the name:Amandus
Alternative spelling: Manda, Nanna, Nana
Interesting Facts:The oldest evidence for Amanda in Sweden is from the year 1735.
Famous Persons: Amanda Jenssen is a Swedish singer-songwriter from Sweden.

66.  Alexandra

How to pronounce: alek-SAN-drah
Origin: Ancient Greek Ἀλέξανδρος
Male version of the name:Alexander
Alternative spelling: Alex, Sassa, Sandra
Variations in other languages:Alejandra (Spanish), Oleksandra (Ukrainian)
Interesting Facts:The oldest evidence for this name in Sweden is from the year 1667. However, it wasn’t used frequently until the late 18th century.
Famous Persons: Alexandra Rapaport is a Swedish actress.

67.  Barbro

How to pronounce: BAR-broh
Origin: Ancient Greek Βαρβάρα
Meaning:One who speaks an incomprehensible language
Alternative spelling: Barba, Babba, Babs, Babsan
Variations in other languages:Varvara (Russian), Barbra (English)
Interesting Facts:This name has existed in Sweden since the 14th century.
Famous Persons: Barbro Hiort af Ornäs was a Swedish film and theatre actress.

68.  Carina

How to pronounce: ka-ree-NAH
Origin: Latin Carinus
Alternative spelling: Karina, Carin
Variations in other languages:Kaarina (Finnish), Karine (Norwegian)
Interesting Facts:The name Carina could also be a variant of Karin which is a Swedish form of the saint name Katarina.
Famous Persons: Carina Berg is a Swedish actress and TV presenter.

69.  Cornelia

How to pronounce: kor-NEH-lee-ya
Origin: Latin Cornelius
Male version of the name:Cornelius
Alternative spelling: Kornelia, Conni, Connie, Nelli
Interesting Facts:This name is derived from the Roman aristocratic surname. 
Famous Persons: Cornelia Dahlgren is a Swedish singer. 

70.  Cecilia

How to pronounce: seh-SEE-lee-ya
Origin: Latin Caecus
Alternative spelling: Cilla, Silla, Cissa, Sissa, Cissi, Silja
Interesting Facts:This name has existed in Sweden since the 12th century.
Famous Persons: Cecilia Torudd is a Swedish cartoonist.

71.  Filippa

How to pronounce: fee-leep-PAH
Origin: Ancient Greek Φίλιππος
Meaning:Horse and friend
Male version of the name:Filip
Alternative spelling: Philippa
Interesting Facts:This name has existed in Sweden since the 15th century.
Famous Persons: Filippa Reinfeldt is a Swedish politician.

72.  Felicia

How to pronounce: fe-LEE-cee-ya
Origin: Latin Felicius
Male version of the name:Felix
Alternative spelling: Felice
Interesting Facts:From being very unusual, the name became increasingly popular in Sweden during the 1990s.
Famous Persons: Felicia Olsson is a Swedish singer.

73.  Helena

How to pronounce: he-LEE-nah
Origin: Ancient Greek Ἑλένη
Alternative spelling: Helen, Ellen, Lena
Variations in other languages:Elena (Russian), Olena (Ukrainian)
Interesting Facts:The earliest figure associated with the name is Beautiful Helena who was married to King Menelaus of Sparta.
Famous Persons: Helena Bergström is a Swedish actress.

74.  Irene

How to pronounce: ee-REN
Origin: Ancient Greek Ειρηνη
Alternative spelling: Iren
Variations in other languages:Irina (Russian)
Interesting Facts:In Greek mythology, Eirene was the goddess of peace.
Famous Persons: Irene Oskarsson is a Swedish politician

75.  Julia

How to pronounce: JOOH-lee-ya
Origin: Ancient Greek ιουλος
Male version of the name:Julian
Alternative spelling: Juli
Variations in other languages:Yulia (Russian)
Interesting Facts:The name can also mean youthful.
Famous Persons: Julia Dufvenius is a Swedish actress.

76.  Klara

How to pronounce: klah-RAH
Origin: Latin Clarus
Meaning:Bright, clear, brilliant
Alternative spelling: Clara
Interesting Facts:‘Klara’ is found in the almanac dedicated to the memory of Saint Clara, who founded a Franciscan order of nuns and was alive in the 13th century. In addition, Klarissornas kloster in Stockholm has dedicated its name to the district Klara. 
Famous Persons: Klara Johanson was a Swedish literary critic and essayist.

77.  Kristina

How to pronounce: krees-tee-NAH
Origin: Latin Christianus
Meaning:The christian 
Male version of the name:Kristian
Alternative spelling: Christina
Interesting Facts:This has been  the name of several Swedish queens.
Famous Persons: Kristina “Keyyo” Petrushina is a famous Swedish comedian and TV presenter. 

78.  Katarina 

How to pronounce: kah-tah-ree-NAH
Origin: Ancient Greek καθαρός
Meaning:Pure, chaste
Alternative spelling: Catarina, Katharina, Katrin, Kajsa, Kattis
Variations in other languages:Ekaterina (Russian)
Interesting Facts:Despite the name’s history in Greek Christian culture, it was present in Nordic countries already during the Viking Age. 
Famous Persons: Katarina Cohen is a Swedish actress.

79.  Kamilla

How to pronounce: ka-meel-LAH
Origin: Latin 
Meaning:Sacrificial maid
Alternative spelling: Camilla
Interesting Facts:The oldest evidence of this name in Sweden is from 1817. 
Famous Persons: Camilla Läckberg is a Swedish writer. 

80.  Margareta

How to pronounce: mar-gah-REH-tah
Origin: Ancient Greek μαργαρίτης
Alternative spelling: Margreta, Marit, Marita, Maritha, Maritta, Märit, Merit, Maret, Märet, Märta
Variations in other languages:Margarita (Russian), Marguerite (French)
Interesting Facts:This name has been used in Sweden since at least the 11th century when the daughter of King Inge the Elder was named Margareta.
Famous Persons: Margareta Pålsson is a Swedish politician. 

81.  Monika

How to pronounce: MOH-nee-kah
Origin: Ancient Greek μόνη
Meaning:Alone, the only one
Alternative spelling: Monica
Interesting Facts:This name may have Latin origins in the word moneo, meaning to invoke. Inspire, predict, or remind.
Famous Persons: Monica Elfvin is a Swedish gymnast.

82.  Magdalena

How to pronounce: mag-dah-leh-NAH
Origin: Ancient Greek Μαγδαληνή
Meaning:Female from Magdala
Alternative spelling: Magda, Malin, Malena
Variations in other languages:Madeleine (French)
Interesting Facts:This name has been used in Sweden since the 15th century.
Famous Persons: Magdalena Graaf is a Swedish model and singer. 

83.  Natalie

How to pronounce: nah-tah-LEE
Origin: Latin Natalis
Meaning:The birthday
Alternative spelling: Nathalie, Natalia
Interesting Facts:In Christian Europe, the name was also associated with the Latin title of Christmas – Natalis Domini.
Famous Persons: Natalie Minnevik is a Swedish actress.

84.  Olivia

How to pronounce: oh-LEE-vee-yah
Origin: Latin Oliva
Meaning:Olive tree
Male version of the name:Oliver
Interesting Facts:This name has been used in Sweden since the 18th century.
Famous Persons: Olivia Stevens is a Swedish actress and singer. 

85.  Paulina

How to pronounce: pah-ooh-LEEN
Origin: Latin Paulus
Male version of the name:Pål, Paul
Alternative spelling: Paula, Pauline
Interesting Facts:This name has been used in Sweden since the 18th century.
Famous Persons: Pauline Brunius was a film and theatre director, a screenwriter, and film and stage actress from Sweden.

86.  Stella

How to pronounce: STEH-lah
Origin: Latin Stella
Alternative spelling: Estelle 
Interesting Facts:This name entered the Swedish almanac in 1901.
Famous Persons: Stella Bondesson is a Swedish musician. 

87.  Sofia

How to pronounce: soh-fee-YAH
Origin: Ancient Greek Σοφία
Meaning:The wise, wisdom
Alternative spelling: Sophie, Sofie, Fia
Interesting Facts:In 2001, the name Sofia/Sophia was voted as Sweden’s most beautiful girl name by Aftonbladet’s readers.
Famous Persons: Sophie Hansson was a Swedish swimmer. 

88.  Stina

How to pronounce: stee-NAH
Origin: Latin Christianus
Meaning:The christian
Variations in other languages:Stine (Danish, Norwegian)
Interesting Facts:This name is a short form of the name Kristina. It is widely used as a standalone name.
Famous Persons: Stina Blackstenius is a Swedish football player.  

89.  Viktoria

How to pronounce: veek-TOH-ree-ah
Origin: Latin Victoria
Male version of the name:Viktor
Alternative spelling: Victoria, Vicki, Wiktoria 
Interesting Facts:This name is one of the most fashionable names of the 1980s.
Famous Persons: Victoria Borisova-Ollas is a Russian-Swedish composer. 

90.  Viola

How to pronounce: vee-oh-LAH
Origin: Latin Viola
Alternative spelling: Wiola
Interesting Facts:This name has been used as a baptismal name in Sweden since the middle of the 19th century when it began to replace the longer form Violetta that has existed since the 17th century.
Famous Persons: Viola Wahlstedt was a Swedish illustrator, sculptor, and graphic artist. 

Swedish Names For Girls With Hebrew And Persian Origin

The following baby names for girls have Hebrew and Persian origin. These names are also useful in Sweden and other countries. 

91.  Daniela

How to pronounce: da-nee-EL-lah
Origin: Ancient Hebrew דָּנִאֵל
Meaning:God is my judge
Male version of the name:Daniel
Alternative spelling: Dana, Danni, Dannie, Daniella
Interesting Facts:Daniela has been a baptismal name in Sweden since the 19th century.
Famous Persons: Daniela Lincoln Saavedra is a Swedish long jumper.

92.  Elisabet

How to pronounce: eh-lee-sah-BET
Origin: Ancient Hebrew אֱלִישֶׁבַע
Meaning:God is perfection
Alternative spelling: Elizabeth, Lisbeth, Eliza, Bet, Lis, Elsa, Betty
Variations in other languages:Elizaveta (Russian), Isabelle (French), Isabel (Italian, Spanish)
Interesting Facts:This name is one of the most common in Sweden, currently in second place after Maria.
Famous Persons: Elisabeth Söderström was a Swedish singer (soprano). 

93.  Ester

How to pronounce: EH-ster
Origin: Ancient Hebrew אֶסְתֵּר
Meaning:A star
Alternative spelling: Esther
Interesting Facts:Another interpretation of the origins is that the name comes from Ishtar, the Babylonian goddess of love. This name has been found in Sweden since the 13th century.
Famous Persons: Ester Blenda Nordström was a Swedish journalist, author and explorer.

94.  Hanna

How to pronounce: han-NAH
Origin: Ancient Hebrew חַנָּה
Meaning:Grace, beauty
Alternative spelling: Ann, Anne, Annika
Interesting Facts:Hanna is sometimes also used as a short form of Johanna.
Famous Persons: Hanna Hedlund is a Swedish singer.

95.  Jasmine

How to pronounce: jas-MEEN
Origin: Persian یاسمن
Meaning:Jasmine flower
Alternative spelling: Jasmina
Interesting Facts:Since the 1990s, the name has become more popular.
Famous Persons: Jasmine Heikura is a Swedish actress.

96.  Maria

How to pronounce: mah-ree-YAH
Origin: Ancient Hebrew מִרְיָם
Meaning:Beloved, desired
Alternative spelling: Marie, Mari, Mary
Variations in other languages:Marja (Finnish)
Interesting Facts:In Sweden before the Reformation, no girls were given the name Maria for religious reasons. After that, it became more common, and the name today is one of the most common female names in Sweden. It is, in all its forms, the most common female name in the Christian world.
Famous Persons: Maria Rooth is a Swedish ice hockey player. 

97.  Naomi

How to pronounce: nah-OH-mee
Origin: Ancient Hebrew נָעֳמִי
Alternative spelling: Noomi, Noemi, Naemi, Naima
Interesting Facts:In the Old Testament, Naomi is the name of Ruth’s mother-in-law.
Famous Persons: Noomi Rapace is a Swedish actress. 

98.  Rebecka

How to pronounce: reh-BEK-kah
Origin: Ancient Hebrew רִבְקָה
Meaning:Bound, to tie, captivating
Alternative spelling: Rebecca, Bekka, Becka, Becca
Interesting Facts:In the Old Testament, Rebecca was Isaac’s wife.
Famous Persons: Rebecca Ferguson is a Swedish actress. 

99.  Susanne

How to pronounce: syu-SAN
Origin: Ancient Hebrew שׁוֹשַׁנָּה
Meaning:Water lily
Alternative spelling: Susanna, Sanna, Sanne, Sanni, Sussi
Interesting Facts:This name began to be used in Sweden at the end of the 19th century.
Famous Persons: Susanne Rydén is a Swedish opera singer (soprano). 

100.  Terese

How to pronounce: teh-REAS
Origin: Ancient Greek θηράω
Meaning:To hunter
Alternative spelling: Teresa, Theresa, Therese, Tessa, Tea
Interesting Facts:The name has also been interpreted as meaning ‘woman from Thera’.
Famous Persons: Therese Torgersson is a Swedish competitive sailor and Olympic medalist.

Bottom Line

Swedish names are popular right now if you’re looking for an interesting and beautiful-sounding name for your son or daughter. We hope our guide to Swedish baby names has been helpful to all of you parents looking to name your baby something Nordic and we wish you the best of luck!

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