TOP 200 Ukrainian Names For Boys And Girls: Origin, Meaning, Variations And Pronunciation.

Ukrainian Names

A name accompanies a person all their life. It could even go as far as shaping their life or determining their personality. Therefore, parents often want to pick the perfect name for their child to highlight their unique personality.

In Ukraine, as in many other countries and cultures, an infant’s name is given to them by their parents, family, or caregivers. Names come from two sources: Catholic church custom, which is of Latin origins; and Orthodox church convention of Greek origin. Slavic names are also associated with Ukraine [1].

In this article, we have provided a collection of Ukrainian names. Whether you would like a name that is modern, traditional, trendy, popular, religious, easy to pronounce, or short, this collection should aid you in making the right choice!

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The following Ukrainian boy names have been presented alphabetically. Their meanings have also been included, and the names have been filtered into various themes. 

Popular Ukrainian Boy Names

Giving your baby boy the right name can make such a different in their life. Below, we have provided a list of popular Ukrainian boy names for you to consider when deciding on the best name for your child.

1.  Andriy

How to pronounce: ahn-DRIY
Origin: Ancient Greek Ἀνδρέας
Meaning:Man, warrior, brave
Alternative spelling: Andriyko
Variations in the other languages:Andrei (Russian), Andrew/Andy/ Drew (English), Andrzej (Polish), André (French), Andrés (Spanish)
Interesting facts:The name ‘Andriy’ is one of the top ten names in Ukraine [2].
Famous persons: Andriy Shevchenko is a Ukrainian football coach and former football player. 

2.  Artem

How to pronounce: AHR-tem
Origin: Ancient Greek Ἀρτεμής
Meaning:Healthy, unhurt
Female version of the name:Artemiya, Artemida
Alternative spelling: Tyoma, Artemko
Variations in the other languages:Artemio (Spanish, Italian)
Interesting facts:Some believe that the name ‘Artem’ is dedicated to Artemis.
Famous persons: Artem Bobuch is a football player in Ukraine.

3.  Arkady

How to pronounce: ahr-KAH-diy
Origin: Ancient Greek Ἀρκάς
Meaning:Resident of Arcadia
Alternative spelling: Arkasha
Variations in the other languages:Arcadio (Italian, Spanish), Arkadiusz (Polish)
Interesting facts:“Arcadians” are ancient festivals dedicated to the ancient Greek goddess Demeter whose cult name is Arcadia.
Famous persons: Arkady Voytyuk is a famous singer in Ukraine.

4.  Anatoly

How to pronounce: a-na-TOH-liy
Origin: Ancient Greek Ἀνατολικός
Female version of the name:Anatoliya
Alternative spelling: Tolik, Tolya
Variations in the other languages:Anatolio (Spanish, Italian), Anatol (German, Polish), Anatole (French)
Interesting facts:‘Anatoly’ refers to a resident of Anatolia.
Famous persons: Anatoly Kostyuk is a famous artist in Ukraine.

5.  Anton

How to pronounce: ahn-TON
Origin: Latin Antonius
Meaning:Entering the battle, opposing
Female version of the name:Antonina
Variations in the other languages:Anthony/Tony (English), Antonio (Spanish, Italian), Antoniusz (Polish)
Interesting facts:Some believe that ‘Anton’ means ‘flower, color’.
Famous persons: A significant education theorist in the Soviet Union, Anton Makarenko was also a social worker and writer.

6.  Artur

How to pronounce: ahr-TOOR
Origin: Celtic
Meaning:Man-bear, a bear
Variations in the other languages:Arthur (English, French), Arturo (Spanish, Italian)
Interesting facts:Due to his popularity, legendary King Arthur is the main image conjured by this name. 
Famous persons: Artur Rubinstein is an influential Polish-American pianist.

7.  Arseniy

How to pronounce: ahr-SEN
Origin: Ancient Greek Αρσένιος
Meaning:Virile, strong
Alternative spelling: Arsen
Variations in the other languages:Arsenio (Portugal, Spanish), Arsène (French)
Interesting facts:Originating from the Polish language, this name is ubiquitous in Ukraine.
Famous persons: Arseniy Yatsenyuk is a significant politician from Ukraine.

8.  Danylo

How to pronounce: dah-NYH-loh
Origin: Ancient Hebrew דניאל 
Meaning:God my judge
Female version of the name:Daniela
Alternative spelling: Danya, Danik
Variations in the other languages:Daniel/Dan/Danny (English), Dani/Danis (French), Daniele (Italian)
Famous persons: The son of Hetman Pavlo Skoropadsky, Danylo Skoropadskyi was a Ukrainian politician as well as the leader of the Ukrainian monarchist movement.

9.  Denys

How to pronounce: de-NYS
Origin: Ancient Greek Διονύσιος
Meaning:Dedicated to Dionysus
Alternative spelling: Denysko
Variations in the other languages:Dénes (Hungarian), Denis (French)
Interesting facts:Dionysus is the Greek god of festivities, wine, winemaking, insanity, and vegetation.
Famous persons: Denys Berinchyk is a professional boxer from Ukraine.

10. Dmytro

How to pronounce: dmyh-TROH
Origin: Old Greek Δημήτριος
Meaning:Dedicated to the goddess Demeter
Alternative spelling: Dmytryk, Dima
Variations in the other languages:Demetriusz/ Demetrius/ Dymitr (Polish), Demetrio (Spanish, Italian)
Interesting facts:In Greek mythology, Demeter is the goddess of the harvest. 
Famous persons: Dmytro Bortniansky is a Russian and Ukrainian conductor, composer, and harpsichordist.

11. Evgen

How to pronounce: yev-GEN
Origin: Ancient Greek εὐγενής
Female version of the name:Evgeniya
Alternative spelling: Zhenya, Evgesha, Evgeniy, Jewhen
Variations in the other languages:Eugen (German), Eugeniusz (Polish), Eugène (French), Eugene (English)
Famous persons: Evgen Hrebinka was a Russian and Ukrainian poet and philanthropist. 

12. Fedir

How to pronounce: FEH-deer
Origin: Ancient Greek Θεόδωρος
Meaning:Gift of God
Female version of the name:Feodora
Alternative spelling: Fedya
Variations in the other languages:Theodore/ Theo/ Ted/ Teddy (English), Teodoro (Spanish, Italian)
Interesting facts:After the baptism of the state, this name became quite popular in Kievan Rus.
Famous persons: Fedir Vovk was an anthropologist-archaeologist from Ukraine as well as the curator of the Alexander III Museum in St. Petersburg.

13. Grygoriy

How to pronounce: gry-GOH-reey
Origin: Ancient Greek Γρηγόριος
Meaning:Attentive, focused, collected
Female version of the name:Grygoriya
Alternative spelling: Grysha, Gryshko, Grycko
Variations in the other languages:Gregory/Greg (English), Grégoire (French), Gregorio (Spanish, Portugalian, Italian), Gregor (German)
Famous persons: Grygoriy Tyutyunnyk was a writer and poet from Ukraine.

14. Kyrylo

How to pronounce: kyh-RY-loh
Origin: Ancient Greek Κύριλλος
Meaning:Master, lord, ruler 
Alternative spelling: Kyryl
Variations in the other languages:Cyril/ Cy (English), Cirillo (Italian), Kirill (Russian)
Famous persons: Kyrylo Fesenko is a professional basketball player from Ukraine who plays the center position.

15. Kostiantyn

How to pronounce: kos-tian-TYN
Origin: Latin Constantius
Meaning:Permanent, persistent
Alternative spelling: Kostia
Variations in the other languages:Constantino (Spanish, Italian)
Interesting facts:Used mainly by princes, this name appeared around the XII in Kievan Rus.
Famous persons: Kostiantyn Voytenko is a Ukrainian actor known for his performances in ‘Synevir’ (2013), ’Otrechenie’ (2020), and ‘Noch svyatogo Valentina’ (2016).

16. Leonid

How to pronounce: leh-o-NEED
Origin: Ancient Greek Λεωνίδας
Meaning:A descendant of Leo
Alternative spelling: Lyonia
Variations in the other languages:Léonide (French), Leonidas/ Leo (Spain)
Interesting facts:In ancient history, the name became widespread due to the glorious legacy of Spartan king Leonidas I.
Famous persons: A former politician, Leonid Kravchuk is the name of the first President of Independente Ukraine.

17. Marko

How to pronounce: mar-KOH
Origin: Latin Marcus
Alternative spelling: Markiyan, Mark
Variations in the other languages:Marcos (Spain), Marek (Polish)
Interesting facts:Some believe that this name comes from Mars, the Roman god of war.
Famous persons: A priest of the Ukranian Greek-Catholic Church, Markiyan Shashkevych was also a translator, a poet, and the leader of the literary revival in Right Bank Ukraine.

18. Maksym

How to pronounce: mak-SYM
Origin: Latin Maximus
Meaning:The great, the greatest
Alternative spelling: Maks
Variations in the other languages:Maxim/Max (English), Massimo (Italian), Máximo (Spanish), Maxime (French)
Interesting facts:This name was very popular in ancient Rome, which is why this name was given to the protagonist in the movie “Gladiator”.
Famous persons: Maksym Rylsky was a translator, community activist, and poet in Ukraine.

19. Mykola

How to pronounce: my-KOH-lah
Origin: Ancient Greek Νῑκόλαος
Meaning:The winner of the people
Female version of the name:Nicol’
Alternative spelling: Mykolay, Kolya, Mykula
Variations in the other languages:Nicholas/ Nick/ Collin/ Col/ Klaus (English), Nicola/ Nicolo (Italian)
Interesting facts:In Western Christian Culture, Saint Mykolay/Klaus brings gifts to people on Christmas eve.
Famous persons: Known for composing “Shchedryk” [3] (‘Carol of the Bells’ in English), Mykola Leontovich was a renowned Ukrainian composer.

20. Mykhailo

How to pronounce: my-HAI-loh
Origin: Ancient Hebrew ‏מִיכָאֵל
Meaning:Who is like God?
Female version of the name:Mykhailyna
Alternative spelling: Mykhailyk, Misha
Variations in the other languages:Michael (English), Miguel (Spanish), Michele (Italian), Michał (Polish), Mikhail (Russian)
Interesting facts:Some theologians believe it is unacceptable to name people after angels. Therefore, Muslims calling their children by this name is controversial.
Famous persons: Mykhailo Kotsiubynsky was considered one of Ukraine’s most talented modernist and impressionist writers.

21. Mykyta

How to pronounce: my-KYH-tah
Origin: Ancient Greek Νικήτας 
Alternative spelling: Mykytko
Variations in the other languages:Nikita (Russian)
Interesting facts:Mykyta Kozhumiaka refers to the Ukrainian hero-snake-fighter from the heroic-fantastic fairy tale disseminated in Ukraine since the times of Kievan Rus.
Famous persons: Mykyta Korzh, an author of oral stories and autobiography, was a Ukrainian Zaporozhian Cossack.

22. Nazar

How to pronounce: nah-ZAHR
Origin: Ancient Hebrew נָזַר
Meaning:Dedicated to God
Alternative spelling: Nazarko, Nazariy
Variations in the other languages:Nazario (Spanish, Italian), Nazaire (French)
Interesting facts:In Azerbaijani and Turkish, “Nazar” means “watchful eye” and also refers to a traditional amulet which protects against the evil eye.
Famous persons: Nazariy Yaremchuk was a renowned Soviet Ukrainian singer [4].

23. Oleksandr

How to pronounce: oh-leyk-SAHNDR
Origin: Ancient Greek  Ἀλέξανδρος
Meaning:Men’s defender
Female version of the name:Oleksandra
Alternative spelling: Sasha, Sashko
Variations in the other languages:Alexander (USA, Great Britain, Germany), Alessandro (Italy), Alejandro (Spain), Iskander (Turkey)
Interesting facts:This name became ubiquitous due to Alexander the Great.
Famous persons: Oleksandr Oles was a prominent poet and writer from Ukraine.

24. Oleksiy

How to pronounce: oh-lek-SEEY
Origin: Ancient Greek Ἀλέξιος
Meaning:Defender or warrior
Alternative spelling: Lyosha
Variations in the other languages:Alexis (English), Alessio (Spanish), Alexius (German)
Famous persons: Oleksiy Shovkunenko was a teacher and painter from Ukraine.

25. Petro

How to pronounce: pe-TRO
Origin: Ancient Greek Πέτρος
Meaning:Stone, rock
Alternative spelling: Petryk
Variations in the other languages:Peter/ Pete (English), Pierre (French), Pedro (Spanish), Pietro (Italian), Petr (Russian)
Famous persons: Petro Poroshenko is a businessman and politician from Ukraine. He was the President of Ukraine from 2014 to 2019.

26. Pavlo

How to pronounce: pav-LOH
Origin: Latin Paulus
Meaning:Cute, small
Female version of the name:Pavla
Alternative spelling: Pashko, Pasha
Variations in the other languages:Paul (English), Pavlo (Ukrainian), Pablo (Spanish), Paolo (Italy), Pavel (Russian)
Interesting facts:In Ancient Rome, men were named after their fathers, adding the prefix paulus which means “younger”.
Famous persons: Pavlo Tychyna was a significant Ukrainian statesman, poet, publicist, public activist, translator, and academician.

27. Roman 

How to pronounce: roh-MAHN
Origin: Latin Romanus
Meaning:Roman, piligrim to Rome
Female version of the name:Romana
Alternative spelling: Romchyk
Variations in the other languages:Romanos (Spanish), Romario/ Romeo (Italian), Romain (French)
Famous persons: Roman Shukhevych was a famous nationalist and politician from Ukraine. 

28. Ruslan 

How to pronounce: roos-LAHN
Origin: Turkic Arslan
Female version of the name:Ruslana
Variations in the other languages:Aryslan (Tatarian)
Interesting facts:The name originates from the heroic Iranian epic about Rustam son of Zalazar. The Turkic people eventually co-opted this image, and Rustam Zalazar became Arslan Zalzar.
Famous persons: Ruslan Ponomariov is a chess grandmaster from Ukraine.

29. Serhiy

How to pronounce: ser-GEEY
Origin: Latin Sergius
Meaning:Highly respected
Alternative spelling: Serhiyko
Variations in the other languages:Serge (French), Sergio (Spanish, Italian), Sergiusz (Polish)
Interesting facts:It is believed by some that this name could originate from the Latin servi dei which means “Servant of God”.
Famous persons: Sergiy Bubka is a Ukrainian and Soviet former pole vaulter.

30. Stepan 

How to pronounce: ste-PAHN
Origin: Ancient Greek Στέφανος
Meaning:A wreath, a crown, a tiara
Female version of the name:Stefaniya
Alternative spelling: Stetsko, Stefko
Variations in the other languages:Steven/ Stephen/ Stephan/ Steve (English), Stefano (Italian), Étienne (French), Szczepan/ Stefan (Polish)
Interesting facts:This name is associated with the patronage of the goddess Hera as, in Ancient Greek mythology, the wreath (or diadem) is an attribute of this goddess. 
Famous persons: Stepan Rudnytsky was an ethnographer, geographer, and cartographer from Ukraine.

31. Taras

How to pronounce: tah-RAHS
Origin: Ancient Greek Τάρας
Meaning:Restless, rebellious, rebel;To confuse, to disturb.
Alternative spelling: Tarasko, Tasik
Interesting facts:Some believe that this name originates from the Latin word “taurus”, which means “bull”, “ox”, and this is why the constellation Taurus was given its name.
Famous persons: Taras Shevchenko is a renowned writer, poet, and artist from Ukraine [5].

32. Valentyn

How to pronounce: vah-len-TYN
Origin: Latin Valentis
Meaning:Healthy, strong, calm
Female version of the name:Valentyna
Alternative spelling: Valik, Valya
Variations in the other languages:Valentino (Italian), Valentine (English)
Interesting facts:Saint Valentine’s Day is a popular worldwide holiday for lovers.
Famous persons: Valentyn Silvestrov is a composer and pianist of contemporary classical music from Ukraine.

33. Valeriy

How to pronounce: vah-LEH-reey
Origin: Latin Valerius
Meaning:Be strong, be healthy
Female version of the name:Valeriya
Alternative spelling: Valera, Valerko
Variations in the other languages:Valerio (Italian), Waleriusz (Polish), Valére/ Valéry (French
Interesting facts:This name is an epithet of Mars, the god of war, in Ancient Roman mythology. 
Famous persons: Valeriy Borzov is a former Ukrainian and soviet sprinter.

34. Vasyl

How to pronounce: vah-SYL’
Origin: Ancient Greek Βασίλειος
Female version of the name:Vasylyna
Alternative spelling: Vasya, Vas’ko
Variations in the other languages:Basil (English), Basilio (Italian, Spanish), Basile (French)
Interesting facts:This name has been used since the Persian Wars. In the beginning, it meant: “Persian king, prince”.
Famous persons: Vasyl Stus, an active member of the Ukrainian dissident movement, was a Ukrainian translator, poet, literary critic, and journalist [6]. 

35. Viktor

How to pronounce: VEEK-tohr
Origin: Latin Victor
Meaning:Winner, champion
Female version of the name:Viktoriya
Alternative spelling: Vitya
Variations in the other languages:Vittorio (Italian), Wyktor (Polish)
Interesting facts:In ancient Roman mythology, this name was the epithet of the gods Jupiter and Mars.
Famous persons: Viktor Yushchenko is a Ukrainian politician. He was the third President of Ukraine from 2005 to 2010.

36. Vitaliy

How to pronounce: vee-TAH-leey
Origin: Latin Vitalis
Meaning:Life, living, long living
Female version of the name:Vitalina
Alternative spelling: Vitalik
Variations in the other languages:Vitale/ Vitalio (Italian), Vidal (Spanish), Witalis (Polish)
Famous persons: Vitaly Klitschko is a former Ukrainian professional boxer. He is now a politician.

Traditional Ukrainian Names For Boys

In the list below, we have put together some Ukrainian names that are traditional Slavic names. These names are popular in Ukraine as well as other Slavic countries such as Russia, Belarus, Bulgaria, and Poland.

In Ancient Rus’, these names were used by aristocracy, princes, and rulers. 

37. Bohdan

How to pronounce: boh-DAHN
Origin: Old Slavic
Female version of the name:Bohdana
Alternative spelling: Bodya
Variations in the other languages:Bozhidar (Bulgarian)
Interesting facts:The name came about as an analog of the ancient Greek name Theodotus, which means ‘given by the gods’. Therefore, the meaning of the name Bogdan is equal to the names Theodor in English and German, and Dieudonné in French.
Famous persons: Bohdan Khmelnytsky was a Ukrainian Hetman of the Zaporozhian Host, then in the Polish Crown of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth (now part of Ukraine) [7].

38. Borys

How to pronounce: boh-REES
Origin: Old Slavic
Meaning:Glorious in the fight 
Alternative spelling: Borya, Boriska
Variations in the other languages:Boris (Russian), Barış (Turkish)
Interesting facts:Borys I Hlib was the first saint canonized in Kievan Rus’ after the Christianization of the country.
Famous persons: Borys Tarasyuk is a Ukrainian politician who served as the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine on two occasions.

39. Bohuslav

How to pronounce: boh-guh-SLAV
Origin: Old Slavic
Meaning:One who glorifies God
Female version of the name:Bohuslava
Alternative spelling: Slava
Variations in the other languages:Bogusław (Polish)
Famous persons: Bohuslav Linda is a famous Polish actor and film director.

40. Boyan

How to pronounce: boh-YAN
Origin: Ancient Slavic
Meaning:Singer, narrator
Female version of the name:Boyana
Interesting facts:The name comes from the Slavic word “bayati” meaning to tell.
Famous persons: Boyan Petrov was a Bulgarian zoologist and mountaineer.

41. Lyubomyr

How to pronounce: lyuh-boh-MYR
Origin: Ancient Slavic
Meaning:Love and peace
Female version of the name:Lyubomyra
Alternative spelling: Lyubchik, Lyubko
Famous persons: Lyubomyr Melnyk is a famous composer and pianist of Ukrainian origin.

42. Myroslav 

How to pronounce: myh-roh-SLAV
Origin: Ancient Slavic
Meaning:Peaceful glory
Female version of the name:Myroslava
Alternative spelling: Myryk
Variations in the other languages:Mirosław (Polish)
Famous persons: Myroslav Skoryk was a famous Ukrainian composer.

43. Ostap

How to pronounce: os-TAP
Origin: Ukrainian
Meaning:Solid, stable
Interesting facts:This name is a folk form of three canonical names of Greek origin: Eustace, Eustace and Stachys.
Famous persons: Ostap Vyshnya (‘Pavlo Hubenko’) was a Ukrainian writer, humorist, satirist, and medical official (feldsher).

44. Oles

How to pronounce: oh-LES’
Origin: Ukrainian
Meaning:Men’s defender
Female version of the name:Olesya
Interesting facts:This is a popular form of the long name Alexander which has become an independent name.
Famous persons: Oles Honchar was a Soviet and Ukrainian writer and public figure. 

45. Radomyr

How to pronounce: rah-doh-MYR
Origin: Ancient Slavic
Meaning:The joy of peace
Female version of the name:Radomyra
Alternative spelling: Radyk, Radmyr, Radylo
Variations in the other languages:Radomir (Russian)
Interesting facts:Radomir is also the name of a mountain on the border between Bulgaria and Greece.
Famous persons: Radomyr Vasylevsky was a Soviet and Ukrainian actor, cameraman, and film director.

46. Radoslav 

How to pronounce: rah-doh-SLAV/ rah-DOH-slav
Origin: Ancient Slavic
Meaning:Rejoice in glory
Female version of the name:Radoslava
Famous persons: The author of projects for Ukrainian churches in the United States and Canada, Radoslav Zhuk is a Ukrainian architect, architectural theorist, and teacher.

47. Rostyslav

How to pronounce: ros-tys-LAHV
Origin: Ancient Slavic
Meaning:Increasing fame
Female version of the name:Rostyslava
Alternative spelling: Rostyk
Variations in the other languages:Rościsław (Polish)
Interesting facts:This name was a family name of the Rurik dynasty in Kievan Rus’.

48. Stanislav

How to pronounce: stah-nee-SLAHV
Origin: Ancient Slavic
Meaning:Who became glorious
Female version of the name:Stanislava
Alternative spelling: Stas, Stanyslav
Variations in the other languages:Estanislao (Spanish), Stanislas (French) 
Famous persons: Stanyslav Lyudkevich was a Ukrainian composer, theorist, teacher, and musical activist.

49. Svyatoslav

How to pronounce: svyah-toh-SLAV
Origin: Ancient Slavic
Meaning:Saint and glory
Alternative spelling: Svyat, Svyatko
Interesting facts:The first person reliably recorded to have this name was the Grand Duke (Knyaz’) of Kiev, Svyatoslav Igorevich.
Famous persons: The lead vocalist of the Ukrainian Rock Band, Okean Elzy, Svyatoslav Vakarchuk is a well-known Ukrainian musician, politician and public activist. 

50. Vadym

How to pronounce: vah-DYM
Origin: Old Slavic
Meaning:Having attractiveness
Alternative spelling: Vadyk
Variations in the other languages:Wadzim (Belorusian), Wadym (Polish)
Interesting facts:Some believe this name originates from the Persian name “Bedeme”. In the IV century, a Christian martyr was called Vadym Persky, and people believe this name spread from Byzantium in Russia. 
Famous persons: Vadym Modzalevsky was a famous archivist, historian, archeographer, and genealogist from Ukraine.

51. Vladyslav

How to pronounce: vlah-dy-SLAHV
Origin: Ancient Slavic
Meaning:Own the glory
Female version of the name:Vladyslava
Alternative spelling: Vlad
Variations in the other languages:Ladislao (Spanish), Władysław (Polish)
Interesting facts:It is believed that this name originates from the German   “Waldemar”, which is derived from the “waltan” (“reign, rule”) and “mari” (“glorious, significant”).

52. Volodymyr

How to pronounce: voh-loh-DY-meer
Origin: Ancient Slavic
Meaning:Owning the world
Alternative spelling: Vova, Vovka
Variations in the other languages:Włodzimierz (Polish), Vladimir (Russian)
Interesting facts:For many years, this name was only given to the princes of Kievan Rus’. 
Famous persons: Volodymyr Zelensky is a politician and comedian who is the current president of Ukraine.

53. Viacheslav

How to pronounce: v’ia-chye-SLAHV
Origin: Ancient Slavic
Meaning:More glorious
Female version of the name:Vyacheslava
Alternative spelling: Slava, Slavko
Variations in the other languages:Wieńczysław (Polish), Wenzel (German)
Famous persons: Viacheslav Chornovil was a well-known politician from Ukraine.

54. Yaroslav

How to pronounce: yah-roh-SLAHV
Origin: Ancient Slavic
Meaning:Bright Glory
Female version of the name:Yaroslava
Alternative spelling: Yaryk
Variations in the other languages:Jarosław (Polish)
Interesting facts:The Latin version of the name is “Jerome”.
Famous persons: Yaroslav the Wise (Yaroslav I) was the Grand Prince of Kiev and the Prince of Novgorod on three occasions [8].

55. Yan 

How to pronounce: YAN
Origin: Ancient Slavic
Meaning:God had mercy
Female version of the name:Yana
Variations in the other languages:Jan (English)
Interesting facts:Many think this name is the Slavic version of the Hebrew name “John”.

56. Zoryan

How to pronounce: zoh-RIAN
Origin: Ancient Slavic
Meaning:Happy, glorifying the dawn
Female version of the name:Zoriana
Alternative spelling: Zorianko, Zor’ko
Interesting facts:This name is a shorter version of the name “Zoreslav”.
Famous persons: Zoryan Shkiryak was a public figure and politician from Ukraine.

Short Ukrainian Male Names

In the following list, we have provided Ukrainian boy’s names that are short, easy to pronounce, and popular. 

57. Adam 

How to pronounce: ah-DAM
Origin: Ancient Hebrew אָדָם‎
Meaning:Made of red clay
Interesting facts:Adam, in the Bible, was the first person to be created by God from red clay [9].
Famous persons: Adam Mickiewicz was a political activist, poet, dramatist, essayist, publicist, translator from Poland.

58. Glib

How to pronounce: GLEEB
Origin: Ancient Scandinavian Guðleifr
Meaning:Favorite of the gods, God’s descendant
Alternative spelling: Hlib
Variations in the other languages:Hleb (Polish), Gleb (Russian)
Interesting facts:Some believe that this name is Slavic in origin.
Famous persons: Glib Lozyno-Lozynskiy was a Soviet-Ukrainian designer of fighter jets, reusable space systems, aircraft and space engines.

59. Gnat

How to pronounce: GNAT
Origin: latin Ignis
Meaning:Fire, fiery
Alternative spelling: Ignatiy, Ignatko
Variations in the other languages:Ignazio (Italian), Ignacio (Spanish)
Famous persons: Gnat Hotkevich, trained as a professional engineer, was a Ukrainian Soviet writer, musician, historian, art critic, teacher, theatre person, and socio-political figure. 

60. Ihor

How to pronounce: EE-gohr
Origin: Ancient Scandinavian Ingvarr
Meaning:A man protected by God
Alternative spelling: Ihorka, Igor
Variations in the other languages:Igar (Belarusian)
Interesting facts:Some believe that this name was brought to Scandinavia by the Vikings in the IX century. 
Famous persons: Ihor Kondratyuk is a well-known Ukrainian producer and TV presenter. 

61. Ivan 

How to pronounce: ee-VAHN
Origin: ‏‏יוחנן Ancient Hebrew  
Meaning:The grace of God
Female version of the name:Ivanna
Alternative spelling: Ioan, Vanya
Variations in the other languages:John/Shawn/Sean/Shaun (English), Juan (Spanish), Giovanni (Italian), Jan/Janusz (Polish)
Famous persons: Ivan Franko was an author, scholar, political activist, and journalist from Ukraine [10].

62. Illia

How to pronounce: il’-LIA
Origin: Ancient Hebrew אליהו
Meaning:God is my Lord 
Alternative spelling: Ilya, Il’ko
Variations in the other languages:Elias/ Eli/ Ellis (German), Illia (Ukrainian), Elijah (English), Eliasz (Polish)
Famous persons: Illia Kovtun is an artistic gymnast from Ukraine.

63. Lev

How to pronounce: LEV
Origin: Ancient Greek Λέων
Alternative spelling: Levko
Variations in the other languages:Leo (English, German, French)
Interesting facts:This name was given to the son of the Halych-Volyn’s leader.
Famous persons: Levko Revutsky was a teacher, activist, and composer from Ukraine.

64. Oleh

How to pronounce: oh-LEH
Origin: Ancient Scandinavian Hélgi
Meaning:Holy, Saint
Female version of the name:Olga
Alternative spelling: Olezhko
Variations in the other languages:Helge (Swedish, Dutch)
Interesting facts:It is believed that this name is completely Slavic in origin, and that it means “the one who liberates” and “free”. 
Famous persons: Oleh Skrypka is a famous Ukrainian musician, vocalist, composer, and leader of the group Vopli Vidoplyasova.

65. Yuriy

How to pronounce: YOO-reey
Origin: Ancient Greek Γεώργιος
Alternative spelling: Yura, Yurko, Yurchyk
Interesting facts:This name is a version of the Greek name “George”. Whilst George was a baptismal name, “Yuriy” was considered its secular form.
Famous persons: Formerly a Ukrainian football goalkeeper, Yuriy Virt is now the head coach of Veres. 

Rare Ukrainian Boy Names

The following names may be rarer, but choosing a rare name can help emphasize your child’s individuality. Plus, having a particularly cool or interesting name will help your son create a positive and distinct self-image.

66. Albert

How to pronounce: al’-BERT
Origin: Old German Adalbert
Meaning:Noble, brilliant
Female version of the name:Alberta, Albertina
Alternative spelling: Bert
Variations in the other languages:Alberto (Spanish, Italian)
Famous persons: Albert Einstein is a well-known theoretical physicist and scientist from Germany.

67. Adriyan

How to pronounce: ahr-dree-YAHN
Origin: Latin Hadrianus
Meaning:One who comes from Adriatic (or from the city of Adria)
Female version of the name:Adriana
Alternative spelling: Adrian, Andriyan
Variations in the other languages:Adriano (Italian), Hadrian (German)
Interesting facts:This name has often been used by Roman popes.
Famous persons: Adriyan Kashenko was a Ukrainian writer.

68. Davyd

How to pronounce: dah-VYD
Origin: Ancient Hebrew ‏דָּוִד
Meaning:Beloved, loved
Alternative spelling: David
Variations in the other languages:Dave/Davi (English)
Interesting facts:There is a variant of the name in Muslim countries, where it is widely known as Daoud.
Famous persons: Davyd Steblyuk is a Ukrainian singer.

69. Georgiy

How to pronounce: geh-ORH-geey
Origin: Ancient Greek Γεώργιος
Female version of the name:Georgina
Alternative spelling: Gosha, Zhora, Georg
Variations in the other languages:George (English), Jorge (Spanish), Giorgio (Italian), Erzy (Polish)
Interesting facts:Georgos is one of the epithets (synonyms) of Zeus in Greek mythology, who was considered the main patron of agriculture.
Famous persons: Georgiy Narbut was a Ukrainian graphic artist and illustrator.

70. Kornyliy

How to pronounce: kohr-NY-leey
Origin: Latin Cornelius
Meaning:1) Horn;2) Dogwood berries.
Alternative spelling: Korniy, Kornyl
Variations in the other languages:Corrie/Corry/Cornie (English), Cornelio (Spanish)
Famous persons: Korney Chukovsky is a famous  Russian-language Soviet children’s poet. 

71. Matviy

How to pronounce: maht-VEEY
Origin: Ancient Hebrew מתתיהו 
Alternative spelling: Matviyka
Variations in the other languages:Matthew/Matt (English), Matteo (Italian), Mateusz (Polish), Matvei (Russian)
Famous persons: Matviy Safyan was a metallurgist and scientist in the field of rolling production from Ukraine. 

72. Orest

How to pronounce: OH-rest
Origin: Ancient Greek  Ὀρέστης
Meaning:The one who is standing on the mountain, the one who conquers the peaks
Alternative spelling: Orestyk
Variations in the other languages:Oreste (Italian)
Interesting facts:Orest is commonly used in western Ukraine specifically but is now becoming popular throughout Ukraine.
Famous persons: Orest Levytsky was a Ukrainian historian, ethnographer, and writer. 

73. Pylyp

How to pronounce: pyh-LYP
Origin: Ancient Greek Φίλιππος
Meaning:He who loves horses, a fan of horse riding
Alternative spelling: Pylypko
Variations in the other languages:Felipe (Spanish), Filipp (Russian), Philip (Many European Languages)
Interesting facts:Horse ownership was considered a symbol of high status and nobility in ancient Greek, so the name can be interpreted as having a noble connotation.
Famous persons: Pylyp Orlyk was a Zaporozhian Cossack starshyna, a Hetman of Ukraine in exile, as well as a diplomat, secretary and close associate of Hetman Ivan Mazepa [11].

74. Rodion

How to pronounce: roh-dee-OHN
Origin: Ancient Greek Ρόδιον
Meaning:A resident of the island of Rhodes
Alternative spelling: Rodya
Variations in the other languages:Radzivon (Belorusian)
Interesting facts:This name may have derived from the Greek word for pink. There is also the possibility that it is a variation on the name Herod.
Famous persons: Efimenko Rodion was a Soviet Ukrainian theater director.

75. Semen

How to pronounce: seh-MEN
Origin: Ancient hebrew ‏שִׁמְעוֹן
Meaning:God has heard
Alternative spelling: Semenko, Semko
Variations in the other languages:Simon (English), Simone (Italian), Semyon (English), Szemen (Polish) 
Interesting facts:Originally, the biblical apostle Peter had the name Simon, a variant of this name.
Famous persons: Semen Hulak-Artemovsky was a Ukrainian opera composer, singer (baritone), actor, and dramatist.

76. Tymofiy

How to pronounce: tн-moh-FEEY
Origin: Ancient Greek Τιμόθεος
Meaning:Worshipping God
Alternative spelling: Tymko, Tymish
Variations in the other languages:Timothy (English), Timoteo (Spanish, Italian)
Interesting facts:There is a female form of this name in some countries: Timoteya.
Famous persons: Tymofiy Levchuk was a Ukrainian film director.

77. Tymur

How to pronounce: ty-MOOR
Origin: Turks and Mongolian Tümür or Demir
Meaning:Iron, ferrum
Alternative spelling: Tymko
Variations in the other languages:Demir (Turkish), Timur (Russian)
Famous persons: Lytovchenko Tymur is a science fiction writer from Ukraine.

78. Yulian

How to pronounce: yoo-lee-AHN
Origin: Latin Julianus
Meaning:From the Julian family
Female version of the name:Yuliya
Alternative spelling: Yuliy, Yulyk
Variations in the other languages:Julian (English), Giuliano (Italian), Julien (French)
Interesting facts:The Roman family name Julius/Iulius was held by many Roman consuls, tribunes, and the emperor Gaius Julius Caesar.
Famous persons: Yulian Bachynsky was a Ukrainian political and public figure, publicist.

79. Yakiv 

How to pronounce: YA-keev
Origin: Ancient Hebrew יעקב
Meaning:Follows on the heels for someone
Alternative spelling: Yatsko, Yashko
Variations in the other languages:Jacob (English), Giacobbe/Giacomo/Jacopo (Italian), Santiago, Yago, Diego, Jacobo (Spanish), Yakov (Russian)
Interesting facts:The meaning of the name comes from Biblical history. In the Old Testament, Jacob was Esau’s twin, who, at birth, held Esau’s heel [12].
Famous persons: Yakov Smirnoff is a Jewish Ukrainian-American comedian, actor and writer.

80. Zahar

How to pronounce: zakh-HAR
Origin: Ancient Hebrew זְכַרְיָה‏‎
Meaning:Remembering the Lord
Alternative spelling: Zahariya
Variations in the other languages:Zachary (English), Zaccaria (Italian)
Famous persons: Zahar Kulaga was the Hetman of Ukraine in 1585 and1589 years.

Unique Ukrainian Names For Boys

The following names are a bit rarer and more unique. This is the list for you if you appreciate the Ukrainian language and want to find the perfect name for your son.

81. Askold 

How to pronounce: as-KOL’D
Origin: Ancient Scandinavian Haskuldr, Höskuldr
Meaning:Golden voice
Alternative spelling: Oskold
Interesting facts:Askold was a prince of Kyiv who founded the first Vikings’ state in the Dnieper along with Dir [13].
Famous persons: Askold Zapashny is a Ukrainian-born Russian circus artist and representative of the Zapashny circus dynasty in the fourth generation.

82. Afanasy

How to pronounce: ah-fah-NAH-siy
Origin: Ancient Greek  Ἀθανάσιος
Meaning:Immortal, immortality
Alternative spelling: Panas, Opanas, Atanas
Interesting facts:Nowadays this name is used rarely, however in ancient times it was extremely popular.
Famous persons: Panas Myrny was a famous Ukrainian prose writer and playwright.

83. Demyan

How to pronounce: dem-YAHN
Origin: Latin Damianus
Meaning:Dedicated to Damia
Variations in the other languages:Damian/Damien (English), Damiano/Damio (Italian)
Interesting facts:Damia is an ancient Greek goddess of fertility and abundance.
Famous persons: In the Left Bank of Ukraine, Demyan Mnogogrishny was a Hetman of the Zaporozhian Army.

84. Gavrylo

How to pronounce: gah-VRY-loh
Origin: Ancient Hebrew גבריאל
Meaning:My power is God, the power of God
Alternative spelling: Gavryil
Variations in the other languages:Gabriel (English), Gabriele (Italian)
Famous persons: Gordienko Gavrylo was a Ukrainian journalist and memoirist.

85. Gordiy

How to pronounce: gohr-DEEY
Origin: Ancient Greek Γορδίας
Meaning:My Lord, the King
Alternative spelling: Gordiyko
Interesting facts:Gordiy (Gordian) is the mythical king of Phrygia, who was named after the father of Midas, founder of the city of Gordion and creator of the Gordian knot.
Famous persons: Barsyuk Gordiy was a Ukrainian prose writer and screenwriter of the “shot revival” era.

86. Hrystyan

How to pronounce: hry-sty-IAHN
Origin: Ancient Greek Χριστιαηος
Meaning:a Christian, one who belongs to Christ
Female version of the name:Hrystyna
Alternative spelling: Kristian
Variations in the other languages:Christian (English), Christiano (Spain)
Famous persons: Hrystyian Rakovsky was a Bulgarian-born socialist revolutionary, a Bolshevik politician, and Soviet diplomat and statesman.

87. Josyp/Yosyp

How to pronounce: yo-SYP
Origin: Ancient Hebrew יוֹסֵף
Meaning:God will reward you
Alternative spelling: Osyp, Yosyf
Variations in the other languages:Joseph/Joe (English), Iosif (Russian), Giuseppe (Italian), José (Spanish) 
Famous persons: Josyp Shor, the prototype of the literary hero Ostap Bender, was a famous swindler and criminal investigation inspector from Odessa.

88. Kuzma

How to pronounce: kooz’-MAH
Origin: Ancient Greek Κοσμᾶς
Meaning:Harmony, order
Alternative spelling: Kos’ma
Interesting facts:This name is not just a first name, it can also be a surname.
Famous persons: Kuzma Skryabin (real name ‘Andriy’) was a well-known Ukrainian singer [14]. 

89. Lavrin

How to pronounce: lah-VREEN
Origin: Latin Laurens
Meaning:A resident of the town Lavrent
Alternative spelling: Lavrentiy
Variations in the other languages:Lawrence/ Laurence (English), Lorenzo (Spanish, Italian), Laurent (French)
Interesting facts:Lavren is a name that became independent in Ukraine, previously a folk variant of the name Lavrentiy.
Famous persons: Lavrin Kapusta was a Cossack military figure, assistant to Bohdan Khmelnytsky.

90. Martyn

How to pronounce: mahr-TYN
Origin: Latin Martius
Meaning:Dedicated to the god Mars
Female version of the name:Martyna
Variations in the other languages:Martino (Italian), Martin (English, French, German)
Interesting facts:The summer of St. Martin, also known as ‘grandmother’s summer’ is a time of year associated with remembering Martin of Tours, celebrated by Catholics on November 11.

91. Maryan

How to pronounce: mar’-YAN
Origin: Latin Marianus
Meaning:Belonging to the genus Mary
Female version of the name:Maryana
Interesting facts:Often associated as a male form with the name Maria.
Famous persons: Maryan Panchyshyn was a Ukrainian doctor and public figure.

92. Myron

How to pronounce: my-ROHN
Origin: Ancient Greek μύρον
Meaning:Incense, fragrant
Alternative spelling: Myroha, Miron
Interesting facts:One possible origin of this name is that it comes from the word myrrh, a fragranced oil, which is used in Christian church rites.
Famous persons: Myron Zarytsky was a Ukrainian scientist-mathematician and teacher.

93. Nestor

How to pronounce: NE-stor
Origin: Ancient Greek Νέστωρ
Meaning:The returned home
Interesting facts:In ancient mythology, Nestor was an outstanding hero who played an important role in the Iliad.
Famous persons: In Ukraine, Nestor Makhno was an anarchist revolutionary as well as the commander of an independent anarchist army. 

94. Ohrim

How to pronounce: oh-REEM
Origin: Ancient Hebrew אֶפְרַיִם
Variations in the other languages:Efrem (Russian)
Interesting facts:The biblical name Ephraim is a variant of this name.
Famous persons: Ohrim Sudomora was a Ukrainian Soviet graphic artist, poster artist.

95. Panteleimon

How to pronounce: pan-tye-ley-MOHN
Origin: Ancient Greek Παντελεήμων
Meaning:Perfection, excellence
Variations in the other languages:Pantaleone/Pantaleo (Italian), Pantaleón (Spanish)
Interesting facts:This name could also be translated as merciful.
Famous persons: Panteleimon Kulish is a famous Ukrainian writer, critic, poet, folklorist and translator.

96. Potap

How to pronounce: poh-TAP
Origin: Ancient Greek Πατάπιος
Alternative spelling: Potapko
Interesting facts:A potential origin for a variant of this name is that it relates to the Latin ‘potiens’ meaning ‘one who masters’ or ‘one who has the ability’.
Famous persons: Potap is a famous Ukrainian performer and producer.

97. Severyn 

How to pronounce: seh-veh-RYN
Origin: Latin Severus
Meaning:Strict, strong
Female version of the name:Severyna
Variations in the other languages:Severin (Russian)
Famous persons: Severyn Levytsky was an important military person from Ukraine.

98. Tyhin

How to pronounce: ty-HEEN
Origin: Ancient Greek Τύχων
Meaning:Lucky, successful 
Alternative spelling: Tyhon
Variations in the other languages:Tico (Spanish)
Interesting facts:This name is associated with Tihe, the ancient Greek goddess of fortune.
Famous persons: Tyhin Strokun was a Ukrainian bandura player, bandura master, teacher, writer and public figure.

99. Varfolomiy

How to pronounce: var-foh-loh-MEEY
Origin: Ancient Hebrew בר־תלמי
Meaning:Son of Tolma
Alternative spelling: Bartolomiy
Variations in the other languages:Bartholomew (English), Bartolomeo (Italian)
Interesting facts:This name was the name of one of the 12 apostles – also known as Nathanael – and so it came into popularity amongst Christians in honor of him.
Famous persons: Varfolomiy Kurylenko was a Ukrainian poet and translator.

100. Yuhym

How to pronounce: yu-HYM
Origin: Ancient Greek Εὐθύμιος
Alternative spelling: Evfymiy, Etymiy
Interesting facts:This name is a folk variant of the church name Euthymius.
Famous persons: Yuhym Gavrylyuk was a Ukrainian ceramic sculptor and porcelain artist.
Ukrainian Girl

100 Ukrainian Names For Girls

Popular Ukrainian Girl Names

There are many interesting options among Ukrainian girl names to consider for your child. Here is a list of some of the most popular.

1.  Alina

How to pronounce: ah-LEE-nah
Origin: Ancient German Adelheid 
Alternative spelling: Alinka, Alya
Interesting facts:This name has variants which includes one which means “other” or “alien” in Latin.
Famous persons: Alina Grosu is a famous Ukrainian singer.

2.  Alisa

How to pronounce: ah-LEE-sah
Origin: Old French Alais (Adelais)
Meaning:Noble girl (woman)
Variations in the other languages:Alice (English), Alisja (Polish), Alicia (Spain)
Interesting facts:After the release of Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ this name became extremely popular throughout the whole world.
Famous persons: Alisa Pyshnyak is a Ukrainian athlete (ski race).

3.  Anastasiya

How to pronounce: ah-nah-stah-SEE-ya
Origin: Ancient Greek Ἀναστασία
Meaning:Rebirth, return to life, resurrection
Male version of the name:Anastasy, Anastas
Alternative spelling: Nastya
Variations in the other languages:Stacy (English), Anastazja (Polish)
Famous persons: Anastasiya Pryhodko is a famous singer from Ukraine.

4.  Antonina

How to pronounce: ahn-tah-NEE-nah
Origin: Latin Antoninus
Meaning:Owned by Antony
Male version of the name:Anton
Alternative spelling: Tonya, Tosya
Variations in the other languages:Antoinette (French)
Interesting facts:This name derives from Antonius which is itself derived from the Roman dynasty of Antony. ‘Antao’ means “rivalry” or “to fight”.
Famous persons: Antonina Matvienko is a Ukrainian singer.

5.  Anhelina

How to pronounce: an-he-LEE-nah
Origin: Ancient Greek Ἀγγελίνα
Meaning:Messenger, angel
Alternative spelling: Lina, Gelya
Interesting facts:This name’s origins include the mythological term ‘Angelos’ which refers to the unity between Artemis and Zeus in ancient Greek mythology.
Famous persons: Anhelina Kalinina is a Ukrainian tennis player.

6.  Anzhelika

How to pronounce: ahn-zhe-LEE-kah
Origin: Latin Angelicus
Alternative spelling: Lika
Variations in the other languages:Angelica (English), Angélique (French)
Interesting facts:This name may be a variation of the name Angelina which has become a separate name in itself.
Famous persons: Anzhelika Rudnytska is a Ukrainian singer, artist and TV presenter.

7.  Anzhela

How to pronounce: ahn-ZHE-lah
Origin: Ancient Greek ἄγγελος
Meaning:Messenger, angel
Interesting facts:This name came into the Ukrainian language from Bulgaria, and is one variant of the name Angelina.

8.  Anna

How to pronounce: AHN-na
Origin: Ancient Hebrew ‏חַנָּה
Meaning:Supportive, good 
Alternative spelling: Hanna, Anya
Variations in the other languages:Ann/Anne/Hanna (English)
Interesting facts:This name is incredibly popular not just in Ukrainian but throughout Europe.
Famous persons: Anna Yaroslavna (Anne of Kyiv) was the daughter of Yaroslav the Wise, a princess who became queen of France [14].

9.  Elizaveta

How to pronounce: yeh-lee-za-VYE-tah
Origin: Ancient Hebrew ‏אלישבע‏‎
Meaning:God is my Oath
Alternative spelling: Liza
Variations in the other languages:Elizabeth/Elisa (English), Elisabetta/Bettina/Babetta (Italian), Isabelle (French), Isabel (Spanish)
Interesting facts:This is a popular name among Christians as it is shared by St. John the Baptist’s mother.
Famous persons: Elizaveta Chavdar was a Ukrainian Soviet opera singer.

10.  Evgeniya

How to pronounce: yehv-GYEH-nee-ya
Origin: Ancient Greek εὐγενής
Meaning:A noble
Male version of the name:Evgen
Alternative spelling: Zhenya
Variations in the other languages:Eugenia (English, Spain, Italian), Eugénie (French)
Interesting facts:This variation of the name Yevha used to be widespread.
Famous persons: Yevha Kuznetsova, from Ukraine, was a public figure member of the Sixtiers.

11.  Galyna

How to pronounce: gah-LY-nah
Origin: Ancient Greek γαλήνη
Meaning:Calmness, silence, serenity
Alternative spelling: Galya, Halyna
Variations in the other languages:Galina (Russian)
Interesting facts:Galena (or Galene) was an ancient Greek mythological sea nymph, or nereid, who personified calm seas. 
Famous persons: Galyna Malyk is a Ukrainian writer.

12.  Hrystyna 

How to pronounce: hrys-TY-nah
Origin: Ancient Greek Χριστός
Meaning:Christian, dedicated to Christ
Male version of the name:Hrystyan
Alternative spelling: Khrystyna
Variations in the other languages:Christina/Kristina/Christiana (English), Cristina (Italian, Spanish), Kristina (Russian)
Famous persons: Hrystyna Soloviy is a famous Ukrainian singer.

13.  Iryna

How to pronounce: ee-RY-nah
Origin: Ancient Greek Εἰρήνη
Meaning:Peace, tranquility
Alternative spelling: Ira, Yaryna
Variations in the other languages:Irene (English), Irène (French)
Interesting facts:In ancient Greek mythology, Eirena is a goddess who personifies peace.
Famous persons: Iryna Zaretska is a Ukrainian and Azerbaijani karateka.

14.  Ilona 

How to pronounce: eeh-LOH-nah
Origin: Ancient Greek Ἑλένη
Male version of the name:Ilon
Interesting facts:This name is the Hungarian version of the Greek name Olena.
Famous persons: Ilona Dovgan is a Ukrainian journalist, TV presenter and public figure.

15.  Karyna

How to pronounce: kah-REE-nah
Origin: Latin Carus
Alternative spelling: Karynka
Variations in the other languages:Karen (English)
Interesting facts:Karim is the Arabic variation of this name which means ”generous’’, “noble’’.
Famous persons: Karina Smirnoff is a famous Soviet-born American ballroom dancer.

16.  Kateryna 

How to pronounce: kah-tee-RY-nah
Origin: Ancient Greek Αἰκατερίνη
Meaning:Pure, immaculate
Alternative spelling: Katya, Katrusya
Variations in the other languages:Catherine/Katharine/Katherine, Katrina (English), Catalina/ Catarina (Spanish), Caterina (Italian), Katarzyna (Polish), Ekaterina (Russian)
Interesting facts:This name has connections with the ancient Greek goddess of magic and spells, Hecate.
Famous persons: Kateryna Bilokur was a famous Ukrainian folk artist.

17.  Larysa

How to pronounce: lah-RY-sah
Origin: Ancient Greek Λάρισα
Alternative spelling: Lara
Interesting facts:Larissa was an ancient Greek mythological nymph and descendant of the god Poseidon
Famous persons: Larysa Galadza is a Canadian diplomat and ambassador of Canada to Ukraine [14].

18.  Lidiya

How to pronounce: LEE-dee-yah
Origin: Ancient Greek Λυδία
Meaning:A resident of Lydia
Alternative spelling: Lida
Interesting facts:Lydia was an ancient Iron Age country in Asia Minor, from which the cult of Zeus was spread.
Famous persons: Lidiya Taran is a Ukrainian TV presenter.

19.  Liliya

How to pronounce: LEE-lee-ya
Origin: Latin Lilium
Meaning:The name of the flower, who translates as pure and innocent
Alternative spelling: Lilia. Liliana
Variations in the other languages:Lily (English, Spain), Lili (French) 
Interesting facts:It is the opinion of some researchers that the name Liliya is a variation of the Hebrew name Lilith, which translates from Hebrew as “night silence” or “night”.
Famous persons: Liliya Rebryk is a Ukrainian actress and TV presenter.

20.  Margaryta

How to pronounce: mahr-gah-RY-tah
Origin: Ancient Greek μαργαρίτης
Alternative spelling: Margo
Variations in the other languages:Margaret/Maggie (English), Margherita (Italian),  Marguerite/ Margot/Margaux (French), Margarita (Russian)
Interesting facts:In ancient Greek mythology, ‘margaritos’ is one of the epithets of the goddess Aphrodite. As well as being the goddess of love and beauty, she was the patroness of seafarers, with sanctuaries being made to honor her across many islands on the Mediterranean Sea.
Famous persons: Margaryta Shubina is a Soviet, Russian, and Ukrainian actress and film director.

21.  Marta

How to pronounce: MAHR-tah
Origin: Ancient Hebrew מרתה
Alternative spelling: Marfa
Variations in the other languages:Martha (English)
Famous persons: Marta Kostyuk professional Ukrainian tennis player.

22.  Maryna

How to pronounce: mah-RY-nah
Origin: Latin Marinus
Alternative spelling: Marina, Marynka, Marisha
Interesting facts:The name Maryna originated in the cult of the Roman goddess Venus. The word “marina” was one of Venus’ epithets (Venus Marina).
Famous persons: Maryna Bech is a Ukrainian athlete performing in the long jump.

23.  Maria

How to pronounce: mah-REE-yah
Origin: Ancient Hebrew מרים
Meaning:Be bitter
Alternative spelling: Masha, Marichka, Marusya, Mariya
Variations in the other languages:Mary/Marie/Maria/Mariah (English)
Interesting facts:There is a suggested history that the name comes from another Hebrew name, Miriam, which means beloved or desired.
Famous persons: Maria Prymachenko was a Ukrainian village folk art painter, representative of naïve art.

24.  Natalia

How to pronounce: nah-TAH-lia
Origin: Latin Natalia
Meaning:Native, born
Alternative spelling: Natalka, Natasha
Variations in the other languages:Nataly (English), Natalia (Spanish)
Interesting facts:This name was made popular by the great master of Ukrainian literature Ivan Kotlyarevsky, thanks to his lyrical play “Natalka Poltavka” [15]. Previously, this name was not used frequently.
Famous persons: Natalia Mogylevska is a famous Ukrainian singer.

25.  Oleksandra

How to pronounce: oh-leek-SAHN-drah
Origin: Ancient Greek ἀλέξω
Meaning:Protect, prevent
Male version of the name:Oleksandr
Alternative spelling: Sasha
Variations in the other languages:Alex/ Sandy/Sandra (English),  Alejandrina (Spanish), Alexandrine (French)
Famous persons: Oleksandra Tymoshenko is a Ukrainian gymnast, Olympic champion.

26.  Olena

How to pronounce: oh-LYE-nah
Origin: Ancient Greek Ἑλένη
Meaning:Chosen, bright 
Alternative spelling: Alyona, Olenka
Variations in the other languages:Helen/Elen/ Ellen/Helena (English)
Interesting facts:Some believe that the origin of the name is connected to the Greek endonym ‘Hellenes’.
Famous persons: Olena Pchilka was a Ukrainian publisher, writer, ethnographer, interpreter, and civil activist.

27.  Polina

How to pronounce: pah-LEE-nah
Origin: Latin Paulus
Meaning:A little
Alternative spelling: Polya
Variations in the other languages:Paulina (Spain), Pauline (French)
Interesting facts:It is believed that the name Pauline could have been a colloquial version of the name Appolinarius, which then became an independent name.
Famous persons: Polina Astahova was a famous Ukrainian gymnast.

28. Taisia

How to pronounce: tah-EE-see-yah
Origin: Ancient Egyptian Tȝ-Is.t
Meaning:Owned by the goddess Isis
Alternative spelling: Taya
Interesting facts:This name traveled from Egypt to Greece and then to Kievan Rus’.
Famous persons: Taisia Povaly is a famous Ukrainian singer.

29.  Tamara

How to pronounce: tah-MAH-rah
Origin: Ancient Hebrew ‏תַמַר
Meaning:Date palm
Male version of the name:Tomer
Alternative spelling: Toma
Famous persons: Tamara Shcherbatyuk was a Ukrainian TV presenter.

30.  Tetyana

How to pronounce: the-TIAH-nah
Origin: Latin Tatius
Meaning:Mistress from the Tatia clan
Alternative spelling: Tanya
Interesting facts:Tatiana is a derivative of the name of the Sabine king Titus Tatia. Women of the family were called Tatyanos (mistress from the Tatia clan).
Famous persons: Tetyana Pesyk is a Ukrainian comedian and actress.

31.  Uliana

How to pronounce: oo-LIAH-nah
Origin: Latin Julianus
Meaning:Belonging to July
Male version of the name:Ulian
Alternative spelling: Ulya
Interesting facts:The name Ulyana is related to the name Julia.
Famous persons: Uliana Suprun is a Ukrainian politician.

32.  Valeriya

How to pronounce: vah-LEH-ree-yah
Origin: Latin Valere
Meaning:Be strong, healthy
Male version of the name:Valeriy
Alternative spelling: Lera
Variations in the other languages:Valérie (French)
Famous persons: Zaruzhko Valeriya is a Ukrainian politician.

33.  Veronika

How to pronounce: ve-rah-NEE-kah
Origin: Ancient Greek Βερονίκη
Alternative spelling: Nika
Variations in the other languages:Veronica (English)
Interesting facts:It is believed that the original form of this name was “Ferenica”.
Famous persons: Veronika Jeanvie is a Ukrainian fashion designer.

34.  Valentyna

How to pronounce: vah-leen-TY-nah
Origin: Latin Valens
Meaning:Strong, healthy
Male version of the name:Valentyn
Alternative spelling: Valya
Variations in the other languages:Valentine (French)
Famous persons: Pereyaslavec Valentyna is a former ballerina, choreographer, and teacher.

35.  Viktoriya

How to pronounce: veek-TO-ree-ya
Origin: Latin Victoria
Male version of the name:Viktor
Alternative spelling: Vika
Variations in the other languages:Vittoria (Italian)
Interesting facts:In Roman mythology, Victoria is the goddess of victory, equivalent to the Greek goddess Nike.
Famous persons: Viktoriya Zubreychuk is a Ukrainian actress and TV presenter.

36.  Yuliya

How to pronounce: YOO-lee-yah
Origin: Latin Julianus
Meaning:Belonging to July
Male version of the name:Yulian
Alternative spelling: Yulia
Variations in the other languages:Julia (English), Julie (French)
Interesting facts:The ancient Roman name Julii is believed to be associated with the mythical Yul.
Famous persons: Yuliya is a famous Ukrainian politician.

37.  Zinaida

How to pronounce: zeeh-nah-YEE-dah
Origin: Ancient Greek Ζηναΐς
Meaning:Daughter of Zeus
Alternative spelling: Zina
Famous persons: Zinaida Tulub was a Ukrainian writer.

Traditional Ukrainian Names for Girls

Nowadays, it is increasingly popular to name a girl a beautiful, traditional name – which has a beautiful meaning too. The following names are folk Ukrainian or Slavic. 

38.  Bozhena

How to pronounce: boh-ZHEH-nah
Origin: Ancient Slavic
Meaning:Blessed, endowed by God
Male version of the name:Bazhen
Alternative spelling: Bazhena, Bozhana
Famous persons: Bozhena Rynska is a famous Russian journalist.

39.  Bohdana

How to pronounce: boh-DAH-nah
Origin: Ancient Slavic
Male version of the name:Bohdan
Alternative spelling: Dana
Famous persons: Bohdana Filtz is a Ukrainian composer and musicologist.

40.  Daryna

How to pronounce: dah-RYH-nah
Origin: Ancient Slavic
Meaning:Given by God
Alternative spelling: Dara, Dasha, Odarka, Darya
Interesting facts:This name is a form of the Christian name Darya and is often used in Ukraine. 
Famous persons: Daryna Kyrychenko is a Ukrainian snowboarder.

41.  Lada

How to pronounce: LAH-dah
Origin: Ancient Slavic
Meaning:Spouse, wife
Interesting facts:Lada can be an independent name but is often used as a diminutive or affectionate form of other names: Vlada, Vladislava, Vladlena.
Famous persons: Lada Luzina is a Ukrainian writer, journalist, and theater critic.

42.  Lyubov

How to pronounce: LYOO-bov
Origin: Ancient Slavic
Alternative spelling: Liuba
Interesting facts:This name is a version of the ancient Greek name Ἀγάπη (Agape), referring to unconditional love.
Famous persons: Lyubov Yanovska was a Ukrainian writer, and a public and political figure.

43.  Ludmyla

How to pronounce: lyud-MY-lah
Origin: Ancient Slavic
Meaning:Sweet to people
Alternative spelling: Lyuda
Interesting facts:Pushkin’s poem “Ruslan and Lyudmila” caused this name to become more popular during the Romantic era.
Famous persons: Semykina Lyudmyla is a Ukrainian painter and master of decorative arts.

44.  Myroslava

How to pronounce: my-ro-SLAH-vah
Origin: Ancient Slavic
Meaning:Peace, glory
Male version of the name:Myroslav
Alternative spelling: Mira
Variations in the other languages:Mirosława (Polish) 
Famous persons: Myroslava Kotorovych is a Ukrainian violinist.

45.  Milana

How to pronounce: mee-LAH-nah
Origin: Ancient Slavic
Male version of the name:Milan
Alternative spelling: Mylana
Interesting facts:Though this name sounds similar to the Italian city– Milano, don’t confuse them. The Slavic names Milana and Milan are unrelated to the city.
Famous persons: Milana Terloeva is a Chechen journalist and writer.

46.  Maryana

How to pronounce: mar’-YA-nah
Meaning:Beloved and grace
Male version of the name:Maryan
Alternative spelling: Maryanka
Interesting facts:This unusual female name is a composite of two common names: Maria and Anna. Therefore, it has meanings encompassing both names. 
Famous persons: Maryana Bezuglaya is a Ukrainian politician.

47.  Nadia

How to pronounce: na-DEE-ia
Origin: Old Slavic
Alternative spelling: Nadiya, Nadya
Variations in the other languages:Nadezhda (Russian)
Interesting facts:This name is an analog for the ancient Greek name Ελπίς (Ellis).
Famous persons: Nadia Granovska is a famous Ukrainian singer.

48.  Oksana

How to pronounce: ok-SAH-nah
Origin: Ukraınıan form of name Kseniya
Meaning:A traveler, a foreigner, a stranger
Alternative spelling: Oksanka, Ksyusha
Famous persons: Vikul Oksana was a Ukrainian ballerina.

49.  Olesya

How to pronounce: ah-LEH-sya
Origin: Ancıent Slavıc
Meaning:Forest, a girl from the forest
Male version of the name:Oles
Alternative spelling: Alesya, Lesya
Interesting facts:An earlier version of the name, Alesya, was a colloquial (folk) form of the name Alexander, which became an independent name.
Famous persons: Olesya Avramenko is a Ukrainian art critic and curator.

50.  Rada

How to pronounce: RAH-dah
Origin: Old Slavic
Meaning:Joy, cheerful
Alternative spelling: Radka
Famous persons: Rada Ray is a Russian singer.

51.  Snizhana

How to pronounce: snee-ZHAH-nah
Origin: Ancient Slavic
Alternative spelling: Snezha
Variations in the other languages:Śnieżka (Polish)
Interesting facts:The name derives from a word for snow.
Famous persons: Snezhana Egorova is a famous Ukrainian TV presenter and actress. 

52.  Svitlana

How to pronounce: sveeht-LAH-na
Origin: Russian
Meaning:To bright
Alternative spelling: Sveta
Interesting facts:This name was originally an early 19th-century literary name, but it became more common a century later. 
Famous persons: Svitlana Loboda is a famous Ukrainian singer.

53.  Vira

How to pronounce: VEEH-rah
Origin: Old Slavic
Interesting facts:This name is synonymous with the ancient Greek name Πίστις (Pistis).
Famous persons: Vera Brezhneva is a famous Ukrainian and Russian singer.

54.  Vladlena

How to pronounce: vlahd-LEH-nah
Origin: USSR
Meaning:Vladimir Lenin
Male version of the name:Vladlen
Alternative spelling: Vlada
Interesting facts:“Vladimir” is an homage to the main revolutionary of the USSR. “Vlad” is a common short version of the name. 
Famous persons: Vladlena Bobrovnikova is a handball player from Russia.

55.  Vladislava

How to pronounce: vlah-dee-SLAH-vah
Origin: Ancient Slavic
Meaning:Has fame
Male version of the name:Vladislav
Alternative spelling: Vlada

56.  Yaroslava 

How to pronounce: yah-rah-SLAH-vah
Origin: Ancient Slavic
Meaning:Fierce glory
Male version of the name:Yaroslav
Alternative spelling: Yara
Variations in the other languages:Jarosława (Polish)
Famous persons: Yaroslava Muzyka was a Ukrainian painter.

57.  Zoriana

How to pronounce: zoh-RIAH-nah
Origin: Ancient Slavic
Meaning:Stellar, dawn
Male version of the name:Zorian
Alternative spelling: Zoria
Interesting facts:Similar meaning to the name Aurora.
Famous persons: Zoriana Hladka was a Ukrainian poet.

Short Ukrainian Female Names

The following are some good choices for short Ukrainian baby names for girls, which have interesting meanings and might be useful to you. 

58.  Alla

How to pronounce: AHL-la
Origin: Ancient Greek Αλλη
Interesting facts:The Orthodox Church associates “Alla” with Saint Alla, the widow of a 4th Century Gothic leader.
Famous persons: Alla Horska was a Ukrainian activist and Monumentalist painter.

59.  Dina

How to pronounce: DEE-nah
Origin: Ancient Hebrew  ‏דינה
Meaning:Justice, retribution, judge
Alternative spelling: Madina
Interesting facts:Some believe this name could have come to Ukraine from the Arabic language, and that it means “faith, religion”.
Famous persons: Dina Rubina is one of the most famous Russian-language Israeli writers.

60.  Diana

How to pronounce: dee-AH-na
Origin: Latin Deus
Alternative spelling: Dianka
Interesting facts:Popular in many European and Eastern countries, this name refers to Diana, the goddess of the moon and the hunt in Ancient Roman mythology.
Famous persons: Diana Dorozhkina is a Ukrainian TV presenter and fashion designer.

61.  Eva

How to pronounce: YEH-vah
Origin: Ancient Hebrew ‏חוה
Meaning:Giving life
Variations in the other languages:Eve/Ava (English), Ewa (Polish) 
Interesting facts:In Abrahamic religions, Eva was the first woman on Earth and the Mother of all people.
Famous persons: Eva Polna is a Russian songwriter, singer, and composer.

62.  Inna

How to pronounce: EEN-nah
Origin: Latin Inno
Meaning:Rough stream
Interesting facts:This name might be quite old in origin. From early Sumerian mythology, the name of “Inanna”, the mistress of heaven, the morning star, and sunrise has a similar sound and meaning. 
Famous persons: Inna Kapinos is a Ukrainian actress of theater and cinema, known for Melancholic Waltz (1990), Vyshnevi nochi (1992), and Secrets (2019).

63.  Kira

How to pronounce: KEE-rah
Origin: Ancient Greek  κύριοςAncient Persian 
Meaning:Lord Sun
Male version of the name:Kir
Alternative spelling: Kyra
Variations in the other languages:Kirah/Kyra (English), Cira/Ciretta (Italian) 
Interesting facts:This name may be derived from the name “Kiran”, an Indian gender-neutral name.
Famous persons: Kira Muratova was a Russian and Ukrainian film director, actress, and screenwriter of Jewish/Romanian descent.

64. Lina

How to pronounce: LEE-nah
Origin: Ancient Greek Λῖνος
Interesting facts:This name can be a shortened form of the following names: Evelina, Angelina, Karolina and Polina.
Famous persons: Lina Kostenko is a famous modern poet and writer from Ukraine [16].

65. Nina

How to pronounce: NEE-nah
Origin: Sumerian
Interesting facts:Many believe that this name originates from the legacy of King Ninos, who was the founder of the city of Nineveh and the New Assyrian State.
Famous persons: Nina Matvienko is a singer from Ukraine [17].

66. Nelya

How to pronounce: NEH-lya
Origin: Old English, the form of name Eleonor
Meaning:Mercy, compassion
Variations in the other languages:Nelly (English)
Famous persons: Nelya Shtepa is a politician in Ukraine.

67. Olga

How to pronounce: OL’-gah
Origin: Ancıent Scandinavian heilagr
Meaning:Holy, sacred
Male version of the name:Oleg
Alternative spelling: Olia
Variations in the other languages:Helga (German)
Famous persons: Olga Poliakova is a Ukrainian comedian and singer.

68. Rymma

How to pronounce: RYH-mah
Origin: Ancient Greek Ριμμᾶς
Alternative spelling: Rima
Interesting facts:Some believe the name originates from the Bulgarian name “Rimen”, which is the Slavic form of the name “Roman”.
Famous persons: Rymma Ziubina is a famous actress from Ukraine.

69. Raisa

How to pronounce: rah-YI-sah
Origin: Ancient Greek Ραΐς
Meaning:The hero’s daughters, heroine
Alternative spelling: Raya
Interesting facts:The name “Raisa” is a shortened version of the name “Iraida”.
Famous persons: Okipna Raisa was a renowned Soviet and Ukrainian actress.

70. Sofia 

How to pronounce: soh-FEE-yah
Origin: Ancient Greek σοφία
Meaning:Wise, the science
Alternative spelling: Sofa, Sonya
Variations in the other languages:Sophie (English, French), Zofia (Polish)
Famous persons: Sofia Rotaru is a famous Soviet and Ukrainian singer [18].

71. Tina

How to pronounce: TEE-nah
Origin: It is a shortened form of the names Valentina, Christina, and Martina, which became an independent name.
Interesting facts:The origin of this name may be an Arabic word meaning “figs”.
Famous persons: Tina Karol is a famous Ukrainian TV presenter, actress, singer.

72. Yana

How to pronounce: YAH-nah
Origin: Ancient Hebrew יוחנה
Meaning:Grace of God
Male version of the name:Yan
Variations in the other languages:Jean/ Joan (English), Giovanna (Italian)
Interesting facts:This is a variant of the name “Ivanna”.
Famous persons: Yana Klochkova, a five-time Olympic medal winner, is a renowned swimmer from Ukraine.

73. Zoya

How to pronounce: ZO-yah
Origin: Ancient Greek Ζωή
Alternative spelling: Zosya
Interesting facts:Some believe that this name is the Greek version of the Hebrew name “Eve”.
Famous persons: Zoya Kozanzhy is a journalist from Ukraine. 

Rare Ukrainian Girl Names 

The following Ukrainian names for girls are not that popular or ubiquitous but they are incredibly meaningful and beautiful. By choosing a name from this list, you can give your daughter a unique name that highlights her beauty!

74. Albina

How to pronounce: ahl’-BEE-nah
Origin: Latin Albus
Alternative spelling: Alya
Variations in the other languages:Albi (French), Albino (Czech)
Famous persons: Albina Deryugina is a rhythmic gymnastics coach from Ukraine who was made Hero of Ukraine in 2002.

75. Agata

How to pronounce: ah-GAH-ta
Origin: Latin Agatha
Variations in the other languages:Agathe (French)
Famous persons: Agata Turchynska was a novelist, poet, and writer from Ukraine.

76. Dominika

How to pronounce: doh-mee-NEE-kah
Origin: Latin Dominicus
Meaning:Belonging to God
Male version of the name:Dominik
Variations in the other languages:Domingo (Spanish), Domenico (Italian), Dominique (French)
Interesting facts:“Dominicus” comes from the phrase “dies Dominicus” meaning “the day of God” for Catholics. Therefore, an interpretation of the name is “born on Sunday”.
Famous persons: Dominika Cibulkova is a renowned Slovak former professional tennis player known for winning eight WTA Tour singles titles and two on the ITF Circuit. 

77. Erika

How to pronounce: eh-REEH-kah
Origin: Ancient Scandinavian Airikʀ
Meaning:The most powerful
Male version of the name:Erik
Interesting facts:Some believe that this name has German origins and was made by combining “ehre” (“honor”) and “rik” (“wealth, power”).
Famous persons: Erika Herceg is a famous model and singer from Ukraine.

78. Emiliya

How to pronounce: eh-MEE-lee-yah
Origin: Latin Aemilia
Male version of the name:Emil
Alternative spelling: Mila
Variations in the other languages:Emily (English)
Interesting facts:Some believe that this name originates from the Greek word αἱμύλιος, meaning “crafty, insinuatingly affectionate.”
Famous persons: Emiliya Illenko was a famous Ukrainian and Soviet film director.

79. Ivanna 

How to pronounce: ee-VAH-nah
Origin: Ancient Hebrew יוֹחָנָה‎
Meaning:God is merciful
Male version of the name:Ivan
Alternative spelling: Ivanka
Variations in the other languages:Joan (English), Giovanna (Italian)
Interesting facts:Ivanna is a female version of the name Ivan.
Famous persons: Ivanka Trump, the daughter of former US President Donald Trump, is an American businesswoman.

80. Karolina

How to pronounce: kah-ro-LEE-nah
Origin: Old German
Male version of the name:Karl
Variations in the other languages:Carolina (English), Caroline (French)
Interesting facts:This name is the feminine version of the name “Karl”, which means “man”. After the reign of Charlemagne, the name came to mean “King”.
Famous persons: Karolina Ashion is a Ukrainian producer, actress, and TV presenter.

81. Klara

How to pronounce: KLAH-rah
Origin: Latin Clara
Meaning:Light, clean, transparent
Variations in the other languages:Claire (English, French)
Famous persons: Klara Luchko was a famous Soviet, Ukrainian, and Russian actress recognized for her roles in Soviet cinema. 

82. Kamila

How to pronounce: kah-MEE-lah
Origin: Latin Camillus
Meaning:Of impeccable origin
Variations in the other languages:Camilla (English)
Interesting facts:In Ancient Rome, “Kamilla” (Camillie) referred to the servants in the temples at the sacrifices. Whereas the boys were called “Camillus”, the girls were called “Camilla”. These people were respected and later became a part of the Roman elite society.
Famous persons: Kamila Konotop is a weightlifter from Ukraine.

83. Regina

How to pronounce: reh-GEE-nah
Origin: Latin Regina
Meaning:The Queen, the ruler
Famous persons: Regina Todorenko is a Russian and Ukrainian pop singer and TV presenter.

84. Renata

How to pronounce: reh-NAH-tah
Origin: Latin Renatus
Meaning:Reborn, born again
Male version of the name:Renat
Alternative spelling: Renatka
Famous persons: Renata Bohdanska was a Ukrainian and Polish singer, theater, and film actress.

85. Ruslana

How to pronounce: rooh-SLAH-nah
Origin: Turkic Arslan
Male version of the name:Ruslan
Alternative spelling: Lana
Famous persons: Ruslana (Lyzhychko) is a singer and former MP from Ukraine.

86. Romana

How to pronounce: roh-MAH-nah
Origin: Ancient Greek Ρωμαϊκός
Meaning:Roman woman
Male version of the name:Roman
Alternative spelling: Roma

87. Solomiya

How to pronounce: soh-loh-MEE-ya
Origin: Ancient Hebrew שָׁלוֹם
Male version of the name:Solomon
Alternative spelling: Solomeya, Soloha
Famous persons: Thought to be one of the brightest and best opera singers of the first half of the 20th century, Solomiya Krushelnytska was a Ukrainian soprano.

88. Stefania

How to pronounce: ste-FAH-nee-ya
Origin: Ancient Greek Στέφανος
Male version of name:Stefan, Stepan
Alternative spelling: Stefa
Famous persons: Stefania Lysovska was a pianist, composer, and musicologist from Ukraine.

89. Varvara

How to pronounce: vahr-VAHR-rah
Origin: Ancient Greek βάρβαρος
Alternative spelling: Varya
Variations in the other languages:Barbara (English)
Famous persons: Varvara Khanenko was a renowned philanthropist and Kyiv collector.

90. Zlata

How to pronounce: ZLAH-tah
Origin: Ancient Hebrew ‏זלאַטע
Male version of the name:Zlat
Interesting facts:There is a character named Zlatovlaska in Slavic folklore. Among the Slavs, Zlatotsveta is a common female name.
Famous persons: Zlata Ognevich is a Ukrainian singer and former politician.

Unique Ukrainian Names for Girls

The following list contains Ukrainian names that are antiquated or rare, but they could be interesting choices for your baby girl.

91. Agnesa 

How to pronounce: ag-NEH-sah
Origin: Latin Agnes
Meaning:Pure, holy
Alternative spelling: Agnes
Variations in the other languages:Ines (French, Spanish)
Interesting facts:This is popular in Christian countries due to St. Agnes, the patron saint of young girls and those seeking purity.
Famous persons: Agnesa Hamburg was a physician from Ukraine.

92. Evdokiya

How to pronounce: yehv-doh-KEEH-yah
Origin: Ancient Greek Εὐδοκία
Alternative spelling: Avdotya, Dusya, Dunya 
Variations in the other languages:Eudossia (Italian)
Famous persons: Evdokiya Kolesnyk is an opera singer (soprano) from Ukraine.

93. Ilariya

How to pronounce: ee-LAH-ree-yah
Origin: Latin Hilaria
Meaning:Cheerful, joyful
Male version of the name:Ilariy
Alternative spelling: Ilarka, Lara, Illariya
Variations in the other languages:Hilary (English)
Famous persons: Ilariya is a composer, singer, and poet from Ukraine.

94. Klavdiya

How to pronounce: KLAHV-dee-ya
Origin: Latin Claudius
Male version of the name:Klavdiy
Alternative spelling: Klava
Variations in the other languages:Claudia (English)
Interesting facts:This name was one of the epithets of Vulcan, the Roman god of fire, metalworking, and the forge. When he was born, his mother, Juno, was so horrified that she threw him off Mount Olympus. After falling for a day and a night, he hit the sea and broke his leg, becoming permanently disabled.
Famous persons: Klavdiya Shulzhenko was a Soviet Ukrainian singer.

95. Paraskeva

How to pronounce: pa-rah-SKE-vah
Origin: Ancient Greek Παρασκευάς
Meaning:Holiday eve 
Alternative spelling: Paraska, Paraskoviya
Variations in the other languages:Praskovya (Russian)

96. Teklya

How to pronounce: te-KLIA
Origin: Ancient Greek Θέκλα
Meaning:Glory of God
Alternative spelling: Vekla
Variations in the other languages:Thecla (English), Tecla (Spanish, Italian), Thècle (French), Fyokla (English)
Interesting facts:This name was popular among peasant women in Ukraine in the XX century.
Famous persons: Teklya Biletska was a writer from Ukraine.

97. Ursula

How to pronounce: oohr-SOO-lah
Origin: Latin Ursula
Variations in the other languages:Urszula (Polish)
Interesting facts:This name became popular in the Middle Ages due to the veneration of St. Ursula.
Famous persons: Ursula le Guin is a renowned American writer known for her works of speculative fiction.

98. Vasylyna

How to pronounce: vah-sy-LY-nah
Origin: Ancient Greek Βασίλισσα
Male version of the name:Vasily
Alternative spelling: Vasya
Variations in the other languages:Vasilisa (Russian)
Famous persons: Vasylyna Starosynetska is an opera singer from Ukraine.

99. Yustyna

How to pronounce: yuh-STY-nah
Origin: Latin Justus
Male version of the name:Yustyn
Alternative spelling: Ustyna
Famous persons: Yustyna Kovalchyk is a cross-country skier from Poland.

100. Yadviga

How to pronounce: ya-DVEE-ha
Origin: Old German Hedwig
Meaning:The one who fights
Variations in the other languages:Hadwiga (Polish)
Famous persons: Yadviga Poplavska is a Soviet and Belarusian singer.

Bottom Line

Ukrainian names are truly beautiful. They are imbued with meaning and significance. In this article, we presented 200 of the most popular, traditional, and unique Ukrainian names for boys and girls. We hope that you find the perfect name for your child! 

©️ By Marina Kaverina