5 Best Non-Toxic Crib Mattresses For Babies

non toxic crib mattress
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Our Pick For 5 Best Non-Toxic Crib Mattresses

  • Best Overall Crib Mattress: Naturepedic Organic Crib Mattresses
    • All Naturepedic crib organic mattresses are entirely certified to be totally safe and non-toxic. Crib mattresses are GOTS, MADE SAFE and UL/GREENGUARD Certified.
  • Best Organic Crib Mattress: Avocado Organic Crib Mattress
    • All Avocado Crib mattresses are GREENGUARD Gold Certified, MADE SAFE Certified, 100% GOLS Certified (latex) and 100% GOTS Certified (wool and cotton) to ensure parents that they are totally safe for babies and will not harm their health.
  • Best Eco-Friendly Crib Mattress: Emily Organic Crib Mattress by My Green Mattress
    • Emily Organic Crib Mattress is GREENGUARD Gold Certified, GOLS certified and GOTS certified. All materials that the mattress is made of are non-toxic and safe for infants.
  • Best Oval Crib Mattress: OMI Organic Oval Crib Mattresses
    • OMI crib mattress is GOLS, GOTS, and GREENGUARD Gold Certified. It is made with natural and organic materials that are totally safe for babies.
  • Best Innerspring Crib Mattress: Green Cradle Organic Crib Innerspring Mattress
    • Green Cradle Crib Mattress is made only with natural and organic materials that do not contain toxins, chemicals, or allergens. Its organic cotton and wool are 100% GOTS certified. 

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There’s nothing more exciting than outfitting your little one’s new nursery with all the essentials when you’re expecting. 

While many parents pay special attention to the crib they choose, the mattress that goes along with it often gets overlooked. However, a baby’s mattress can be just as important for a healthy sleep cycle—if not more so.

Your baby spends as long as 16 to 17 hours a day resting on their mattress. Not only should it be comfortable to sleep on, but it should also be safe.

With the wrong mattress, you may be inadvertently exposing your little one to harmful toxins such as chlorine or formaldehyde. Due to their small size and immature immune systems, babies are much more vulnerable to chemicals like these than older children and adults.

Fortunately, there are plenty of safe, non-toxic crib mattress options available on the market today. By knowing what chemicals to look out for, you can avoid exposing your baby to the harmful toxins used in production and manufacturing processes.

Here, you’ll find all of the research you need to buy the best mattress for your baby. We believe that every child deserves a comfortable, safe, and healthy space to sleep. 

Why Should You Choose A Non-Toxic Crib Mattress?

Your baby will spend the majority of their time in the nursery during their first year. Therefore, it’s important to provide a safe, clean, and healthy environment where your little one can grow and develop.

Cheap, low-quality furniture and fixtures may look nice in your nursery, but they can lead to potentially serious health complications. Conventional crib mattresses often contain volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, that can get onto your baby’s skin and into their lungs.

Because babies are still developing, they tend to be more vulnerable to harmful chemicals than adults. Considering their small size, it only takes a low concentration of these harmful chemicals or toxins to make a significant impact. Some toxins can even penetrate a baby’s skin more easily than an adult’s [1].

Common chemicals found in mattresses can lead to a whole host of health issues in a developing infant, ranging from hormone disruption to immune disorders [2].

One of the best ways to keep your baby healthy is by choosing non-toxic furniture for your nursery. Picking the right mattress for your nursery will ensure that you do your part to limit your baby’s exposure to toxins and chemicals that may impact their development. 

Can Cribs Mattresses Cause SIDS?

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or SIDS, is a sudden and fatal condition that impacts as many as 3,400 babies under the age of one each year [3]. 

While there is usually no immediately apparent cause of death, there are claims that toxic gasses from crib mattresses can be a contributing factor. However, research on the issue is sparse, and so there’s some controversy as to how big a role crib toxins play in SIDS [4].

That being said, campaigns to reduce crib mattress toxins have been overwhelmingly successful at preventing SIDS. 

In New Zealand, an intervention program introduced in 1994 encouraged parents to wrap their baby’s mattress in a specialized cover that blocks toxic gasses. In the years following this campaign, New Zealand has not reported a single case of SIDS with an adequately wrapped mattress [5].

There is also evidence to suggest that placing a baby on their back to sleep is safer than on their side or stomach [6]. Not only are young babies less likely to suffocate this way, but they may be inhaling fewer toxic fumes when their face is off the mattress.

While there’s no consensus on the link between mattress toxins and SIDS, it’s always best to err on the side of caution. 

A non-toxic crib mattress is always the best way to keep your baby safe as they sleep. 

The Most Common Toxins In Crib Mattresses

According to federal regulations, manufacturers don’t have any formal requirement to list the chemicals they use in a mattress. It’s up to you to ensure that a particular product doesn’t contain any compounds that may be harmful to your baby.

It’s best to avoid mattress brands that are shy about disclosing which chemicals they use. Reputable companies will often list all of the materials present in a mattress. Even so, there may be ingredients on the list to watch out for when shopping.

Read on to learn more about the most common crib mattress toxins and why you should avoid them. 

1. VOCs

If a mattress contains volatile chemicals, our body heat can cause them to release into the air, potentially entering our lungs. VOCs such as formaldehyde, benzene, ethylene glycol, and more often get used during mattress production. 

Volatile compounds often remain in polyurethane foam, soy foam, or memory foam products once they hit the shelves. They can lead to health issues ranging from eye and throat irritation to organ damage [7].

2. Flame Retardants

Federal law in the US states that all mattresses must meet specific flammability standards. These testing standards help protect sleeping individuals in the event that their bedroom catches on fire. 

Unfortunately, studies have linked popular flame retardants such as bromine, chlorine, and phosphorus to cancer and other harmful health effects. It’s better to opt for a mattress that uses safe, naturally flame-retardant fibers.

3. Dangerous Plastics

Microplastics have recently been making the news because of a significant health concern,  namely their ability to penetrate the brain [8]. Developing babies, in particular, are vulnerable to the effects of microplastics.

Polyvinyl chloride, more commonly known as PVC or vinyl, is a particularly toxic plastic. You can find vinyl in many conventional mattress designs as a waterproof covering. It’s best to avoid vinyl in your baby’s mattress and instead opt for naturally sourced polyethylene.

4. Polyurethane Foam

In most conventional mattress designs, you can find polyurethane foam derived from petroleum. Not only is this material unsustainable, but it can also be dangerous.

Because polyurethane is highly flammable, many companies will douse mattresses in flame retardants to meet federal fire safety standards. Often, this includes VOCs such as formaldehyde.

The polyurethane foam itself also releases dangerous chemicals called isocyanates into the air [9]. These compounds can irritate the lungs and lead to asthma in vulnerable children.

5. Soybean Foam

While soybean foam might sound safe and eco-friendly, it’s often just as harmful to young lungs as polyurethane. 

Soybean foam mattresses can also release VOCs such as isocyanates that can damage a baby’s airways. 

What To Look For In A Non-Toxic Mattress

Baby in a Crib

When buying a mattress for your crib, there are several things that you should keep in mind to ensure you pick the safest option for your baby.

Avoid Chemical Flame Retardants

Common flame retardants such as chlorine or bromine can be dangerous for your baby if they make contact with the skin or get into the airways. Instead, opt for mattresses made of naturally flame-resistant fibers.

Avoid Polyurethane Foam 

Many mattresses are filled with this foam. This foam is made from petroleum, which may contain harmful chemicals dangerous for your baby to breathe in, such as benzene, toluene, formaldehyde, etc. 

Don’t Use Vinyl Covers

Many conventional mattresses boast a waterproof vinyl cover around the outside. PVC can be highly toxic to babies, and you should always avoid it when purchasing toys or furniture. If you want a waterproof mattress, instead opt for one with a safer and non-toxic food-grade polyethylene cover.

Look for Warrantied Products

A product warranty means more than just getting your money back if you’re unsatisfied. It means that a company has confidence in its product. Crib mattresses with a guarantee of 20 years or more will often prove to be a quality choice for your nursery.

Crib Mattress Certifications

When buying a crib mattress, you’re likely to see one or more certification labels slapped on the box. However, not all certification stickers are entirely trustworthy. 

Certain labels such as “organic,” “natural,” and “sustainable” tend to be poorly regulated. Instead, it’s always best to look for mattresses that meet strict health and safety standards.

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)

The GOTS is perhaps one of the best certifications to look for on a crib mattress [10]. This set of international standards guarantees that companies use no harmful chemicals at any stage of the manufacturing process. 

The certification includes everything from spinning, knitting, and weaving to dyeing and manufacturing. It also covers illegal practices such as child labor.

GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard)

The GOLS is similar to the GOTS certification and is just as valuable in searching for a safe, non-toxic crib mattress. It specifically covers any type of latex used in manufacturing and production [11]. 

Cheap, synthetic latex often contains harmful chemicals. On the other hand, strictly organic latex is most often safe for babies.

The GOLS ensures that all latex in a mattress design is safe, sustainable, and harvested ethically. It also ensures that the rubber trees used were grown without pesticides or harmful toxins.

Other Certifications

While GOTS and GOLS offer the highest level of safety standards, you can also find other, less reliable certifications. While these might meet certain testing criteria, they are not quite as strict as GOTS or GOLS certifications.

Made Safe

The Made Safe certification lets you know that your mattress contains no harmful toxins known to cause reproductive, hormonal, behavioral, or neural issues. This list includes pesticides, insecticides, heavy metals, flame retardants, and VOCs. However, a Made Safe certification doesn’t verify that a mattress is organic.

USDA Organic

The USDA Organic label lets you know that all the raw materials that go into your mattress were grown and harvested organically. However, this certification doesn’t cover the manufacturing process and doesn’t ensure that a crib mattress is free of toxins. 


This voluntary certification shows that a company has independently tested its products for a wide variety of harmful chemicals. This list includes pesticides, metals, and VOCs that may be harmful to a developing baby. However, keep in mind that this certification is not the most reliable as it’s self-reported.


This certification specifically covers VOC emissions that may be harmful to your child’s airways and lungs. Mattresses get tested for the presence of various toxins in a vacuum chamber. However, this certification doesn’t cover other potentially dangerous chemicals such as heavy metals or insecticides.

Crib Mattress Safety Recalls

If testing shows that a mattress isn’t safe after it hits the shelves, the company will issue a recall notice to prevent any further accidents or injuries due to its product.

Whether you’re buying a new crib mattress or a second-hand product, it’s always a good idea to check for any safety recalls. According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, the most recent recalls for baby mattresses and mattress pads include: Dream On Me—foam mattress for cribs/toddlers, IKEA—foam crib SULTAN mattresses, IKEA—foam crib VYSSA mattresses, Stork Craft—foam crib/toddler mattresses, Simba—hybrid cot bed mattress.

Often, crib mattress recalls are issued due to fire safety concerns. If a mattress fails to meet the federal open flame standard for mattresses, it may potentially pose a danger if there’s a fire nearby.

Some crib mattresses get recalled due to inappropriate size or design. If a mattress is uneven or creates a gap, babies could get trapped and suffocate. 

You should always check the safety of any new product before adding it to your child’s nursery, whether you’re looking at furniture, toys, or decor. It’s a good rule of thumb to check any new purchase against the US Consumer Product Safety Commission recall report [13].

TOP 5 Non-Toxic Cribs Mattresses

The manufacturers that we recommend here are some of the best on the market nowadays. Their crib mattresses are indeed eco-friendly and safe for babies.

1. Naturepedic Organic Crib Mattresses

Best Overall Crib Mattress

Naturepedic Mattress

All Naturepedic crib mattresses are truly non-toxic, comfortable, and high-quality products. We have seen this directly.

 We bought the Organic Classic Innerspring 2-Stage Crib Mattress for our daughter and NEVER regret buying it. Our daughter believes that her bed is a trampoline and jumps on it a lot! And this mattress is still in perfect condition even after 4 years! HIGHLY recommend it!


  • Naturepedic is an organic and non-toxic mattress manufacturer that was founded in 2003 by Barry Cik when he couldn’t find a safe crib mattress for his first grandchild.
  • Nowadays, Naturepedic has a large network of retail outlets across the country and abroad. They have launched many new high-quality and non-toxic mattresses and bedding not only for babies but also for older kids and adults. Their products can be found in hospitals across the U.S.
  • Its mission is to provide safe, healthy sleep in an economically competitive and environmentally responsible way.
  • The company is proud of its certifications: Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS), Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), MADE SAFE Certification, OCS100 Certification, UL/GREENGUARD Gold Certification as well as the UL formaldehyde-free standard.
  • Naturepedic company supports U.S. jobs and industry as their mattresses are proudly made in the USA with domestic and imported fabric and components by skilled Amish craftspeople who do their jobs very well.

What We Love About Naturepedic Organic Classic Baby Crib Mattress (Innerspring 2-Stage)

  • All Naturepedic crib organic mattresses are certified to be totally safe and non-toxic. Crib mattresses that are GOTS, MADE SAFE and UL/GREENGUARD Certified do not contain harmful ingredients that could impact human health.
  • All Naturepedic crib mattresses are free of polyurethane foam, including memory foam. You will never find any flame retardant chemicals, vinyl/PVC, phthalates, formaldehyde, perfluorinated compounds (PFCs), glues/adhesives, biocides or other toxins that are commonly found in conventional crib mattresses in their mattresses.
  • The waterproof surface is made from pure non-GMO sugarcane that actually meets food contact standards and easily wipes clean. 
  • Naturepedic mattresses feature a two-stage design for both infants and toddlers with premium innersprings for maximum comfort and proper support.
  • They offer 3 lines of standard crib mattresses (fits standard size cribs and toddler beds): CLASSIC, BREATHABLE, and BREATHABLE ULTRA. Also, they offer OVAL (fits Stokke Sleepi crib) and MINI CRIB (fits standard size mini cribs) mattresses
  • Free shipping, free returns, lifetime limited warranty and 30 days money-back guarantee. 

Where To Buy

2. Avocado Organic Crib Mattress

Best Organic Crib Mattress

Avocado Mattress

The other great organic and non-toxic crib mattress is made by Avocado Company.

An Avocado Organic Crib Mattress is made with premium and natural materials — 100% organic certified latex, cotton, and wool — while being free of nasty chemicals and common toxins. 

About Avocado Green Mattress Brand

  • Avocado Green Mattress is a part of Avocado Green Brands. The company was founded in 2016 with headquarters in Hoboken, NJ. All their products are designed in Hoboken and handmade in California in their own factory with the finest natural, certified organic and non-toxic materials.
  • Avocado offers a wide range of organic mattresses, protectors, toppers, pillows, bedding and bath products as well as beds and furniture. 
  • To help protect the planet, their main goal is to become the most respected ethical, environmentally-friendly, affordable provider of organic and natural mattresses, bedding, and pillows.
  • As a member of 1% for the Planet, the Avocado company donates 1% of its revenues to vetted nonprofits in an effort to address the interrelated issues of climate change, land management, healthy food systems, water resources, pollution, and wildlife diversity. 
  • Its factories are approaching zero waste and are powered by renewable energy. They care for 200,000 sheep and grow and produce natural latex from their own farms.
  • Avocado Organic Crib Mattresses are made in its GOTS certified factory in Los Angeles. They offer 2 crib mattresses: Regular Organic Crib Mattress and Luxury Organic Crib Mattress (which is much more expensive compared to the regular one).

What We Love About Avocado Organic Crib Mattresses

  • Avocado Organic Crib Mattress is made only with safe, healthy, and non-toxic materials:  coconut husk fiber pad, certified organic cotton, wool, and latex. Each material is sustainably harvested in India exclusively for Avocado company without pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. They do not use blended or synthetic latex. 
  • You will not find petroleum-based polyurethane foams, formaldehyde, chemical adhesives, vinyl waterproofing, polyethylene, or flame retardant chemicals in this mattress.
  • All mattresses are GREENGUARD Gold Certified, MADE SAFE Certified, 100% GOLS Certified (latex) and 100% GOTS Certified (wool and cotton) which ensures that they are totally safe for babies and will not harm their health.
  • Crib Mattress is designed with two levels of firmness: one side is specifically made for infants (more firm), and the other for toddlers (slightly more plush). That means your child will have the mattress they need to support their growth for years.
  • Avocado recommends pairing their mattress with an organic cotton mattress pad that is made without a waterproof plastic or polyurethane layer. Their pad, instead, is made of 100% GOTS organic certified cotton and is moisture-resistant, and stays snugly in place with four elastic corner straps.
  • Free shipping, returns, and  25-Year Limited Warranty.

Something To Keep In Mind

  • Heavy. Its weight is 28 lbs when the Naturepedic mattresses weigh up to 19 lbs.

Where To Buy

3. Emily Organic Crib Mattress by My Green Mattress

Best Eco-Friendly Crib Mattress

My Green Mattress

Another eco-friendly and totally non-toxic mattress on our list is Emily Organic Crib Mattress.

 It is GREENGUARD Gold certified and is handcrafted with the best organic and all-natural materials of the highest quality to keep your baby safe while sleeping.

About My Green Mattress Company

  • My Green Mattress was established in 2007 by a father (Tim Masters) who wanted to create an organic crib mattress with the healthiest and most honest materials to help his infant daughter that suffered with eczema and environmental allergies.
  • My Green Mattress makes their mattresses in their family-owned, organic-certified factory that is GOTS and GOLS Certified from Control Union. 
  • All its mattresses are made in the USA, Illinois. 

What We Love About Emily Organic Crib Mattress

  • Emily Organic Crib Mattress is GREENGUARD Gold Certified. It is made with GOLS certified organic coconut coir that is blended with GOLS certified organic latex, GOTS certified organic cotton & wool, and 150 coils innerspring. All materials are non-toxic and safe for infants.
  • This mattress is free of dangerous flame retardants, polyurethane foam, and common chemicals that can be found in conventional mattresses.
  • Lightweight (the mattress weight is only 15 lbs 6 oz) and has the right level of firmness.
  • This mattress comes with a 120 Night Sleep Trial and a 10-year warranty.

Something To Keep In Mind

Where To Buy

4. OMI Organic Oval Crib Mattresses

Best Oval Crib Mattress 

Omi Mattress

OMI (Organic Mattresses, Inc.) offers 2 types of safe and non-toxic baby crib mattresses: Certified Organic Quilted Innerspring and Certified Organic Natural Rubber.

Our favorite extra-firm Oval Organic Crib Mattresses (designed to fit a popular oval crib – Stokke Sleepi) are available in organic latex and are GOLS, GOTS, & GREENGUARD Gold certified.

About Organic Mattresses, Inc. (OMI) Company

  • Organic Mattresses, Inc. was founded in 2003. It offers luxury and certified organic mattresses & bedding that are proudly handcrafted in California and Colorado with the highest quality sustainable raw materials. 
  • OMI, by swapping synthetic materials with organic, natural alternatives, was the first company in America to have their mattresses be certified organic.
  • All their mattresses are GREENGUARD Gold Certified. 

The fabrics (cotton and wool fibers) used in their mattresses are certified organic to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). 

The latex cores are certified organic to the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS).

What We Love About OMI Organic Oval Crib Mattresses

  • This mattress is made with natural and organic materials that are totally safe for babies. Its rubber sap (latex) core is natural, free from synthetic “fillers”, and GOLS certified. Its GOTS-certified organic cotton and organic wool are free of common chemicals and toxins.
  • All OMI mattresses are GREENGUARD Gold Certified. It means their mattresses meet the highest standard for low emissions, VOCs, and pollutants, and thus will not harm the indoor air quality.
  • The OMI crib mattresses are available in standard and oval sizes. Along with the shape of the mattress, you can choose its core support: Natural Rubber or Innerspring.
  • Free shipping, 20 years warranty.

Something To Keep In Mind

  • Their mattresses are pricier than those of their competitors.

Where To Buy

5. Green Cradle Organic Crib Innerspring Mattress

Best Innerspring Crib Mattress

Green Cradle Organic Crib Innerspring Mattress

Green Cradle, which creates all its products without toxins, chemicals, or allergens, is one of the favorite baby furniture brands of eco-minded parents.

They also manufacture safe and non-toxic crib mattresses (Innerspring or Latex) that are made only with natural and organic materials and provide superior body posture support for growing children’s bodies.

About Green Cradle Company

  • This company was founded in 1996 after the owner realized that the chemicals, carcinogens, and allergens in children’s products were harmful to their family’s health. 
  • Nowadays, the company specializes in manufacturing non-toxic solid wood nursery furniture, organic mattresses, organic bedding, and bodycare.
  • Green Cradle’s mattresses are made in the USA, California, from the best-sourced Certified Organic components from all over the world.

What We Love About Green Cradle Organic Crib Innerspring Mattress

  • An Organic Crib Innerspring Mattress is made with 260 firm coils innerspring core that is wrapped with 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, then wrapped again with 100% GOTS certified organic wool. 
  • It is free of flame retardants, formaldehyde, heavy metal dyes, and other common chemicals that can be found in conventional crib mattresses. Its organic cotton has no pesticides or defoliants.
  • A Green Cradle Mattress is firm enough to make your baby’s sleep environment safe and healthy.

Something To Keep In Mind

  • Green Cradle mattresses are not GreenGuard Certified. 
  • This mattress is not waterproof so you will need to also buy a mattress pad to protect it.
  • The mattress comes with only 1-Year Limited Warranty.
  • All mattresses and bedding usually ship out within 2-3 weeks. 
  • Pricey. 

Where To Buy

The Difference Between Our Top 5 Non-Toxic Crib Mattresses

To summarize all the information above, we have compared the 5 Best Non-Toxic Crib Mattresses so you can easily compare the materials they are made of, presence of GreenGuard Gold Certification, cost, and other parameters. This will help you to make a decision about the best mattress for your baby. 

5 Best Non-Toxic Crib MattressesCertificationsMattress WeightWarrantyMade inCost
Naturepedic Organic Classic Baby Crib Mattress (Innerspring 2-Stage)UL/GREENGUARD Certified and additionally certified as formaldehyde-free, MADE SAFE Certified, GOTS Certified (cotton)19 lbsLifetime Limited WarrantyUSA$$
Avocado Organic Crib MattressGREENGUARD Gold Certified, MADE SAFE Certified, 100% GOLS Certified (latex) and 100% GOTS Certified (wool and cotton)28 lbs25-Year Limited WarrantyLos Angeles, USA$$
Emily Organic Crib Mattress by My Green MattressGREENGUARD Gold Certified, GOLS Certified (coconut coir and latex) and GOTS Certified (wool and cotton)15 lbs 6 oz10-Year Limited WarrantyIllinois, USA$$
OMI Organic Oval Crib MattressGREENGUARD Gold Certified, GOLS Certified (latex) and GOTS Certified (wool and cotton)16 lbs20-Year Limited WarrantyUSA$$$
Green Cradle Organic Crib Innerspring MattressGOTS Certified (wool and cotton)25 lbs1-Year Limited WarrantyCalifornia, USA$$$$

The Bottom Line

The furniture you put in your nursery can significantly impact your baby’s future health.

Armed with all the knowledge of what chemicals to avoid, it should be easy to find a safe, non-toxic crib mattress for your little one.

Nowadays, there are plenty of healthy options when it comes to non-toxic baby furniture. Any of the mattresses that we’ve covered here would make a safe, comfortable choice for your baby!

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